(DOLCH) (DE)  "An den Mond" -7" 8.00EUR
"Doom/Black/Postpunk. Atmospheric and sustained music for the heart, soul and brain."

A.I.D.S. (US)  "Syndrome of the End Approaching" -LP 14.00EUR
(2006-Serpens Caput Prod.-HOLOCAUST006)
"AIDS is a new entity into the extreme metal scene. The music style can be compared with the Ross Bay of bands such as Conqueror and Blasphemy or USA ones like Black Witchery or Thornspawn but in a more evolved way, showing a great songwriting variety, alternating fast killer pieces like "Mourning of Hadadrimmon" and "Necrovore" with more slow and stabbing anthems like "Paranoia and Fevers in Sodom" and "Calling of Hounds". This holocaust is performed in a very old style way, harsh vocals, skilled drumming and razor guitars, everything marked with ugly and dirty sounds. Pure hate in music. "Syndrome of the End Approaching” features the fullenght + the old songs closing the disc."

A.M.S.G./Svolder/Hostium/Arrogance  "Split" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)
Black Metal. Exclusive tracks. Limited to 300 copies.

Ab Imo Pectore (PT)  "The Dissociative Path" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2013-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"Experimental Occult Black Metal."

Abigor (CH)  "Fractal Possession" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2007-End All Life Productions)
"“Fractal Possession” is probably the most technical record of the band, blessed by a production of chirurgical precision (courtesy of TT himself) and their new vocalist, AR, delivers a performance of feverish intensity."

Abigor/Blacklodge  "Split" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2010-End All Life)
Black Metal. A conceptual split release with one album from each band.

Abominator (AU)  "Nuctemeron Descent" -LP 12.00EUR
(2003-Osmose Productions-OPLP145)
"Satanic death metal outfit Abominator´s another savage death metal extravaganza." Special price.

Absolutus (BE)  "Nihil Mali Non Inest" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Melas Khole)
Black Metal. 500 copies in heavy black vinyl. Three tracks. This EP can be regarded as an appetizer for the new album which will be released sometime during 2008.

Absum (US)  "Purgatoire" -mLP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Final Agony)
"Funeral Doom belonging to Rhinocervs label and now mastered."

Abusus/Funeral Procession (DE)  "Split" -7" 16.00EUR
Black Metal. Two exclusive tracks. 3 panel gatefold jacket, silver print on black rough carton, inlay with cd listening copy, special outer packaging sealed with wax, limited edition.

Abysmal Grief (IT)  "The Samhain Feast" -7" 8.00EUR
(2009-Horror Records)
"After the split 7" EP w/Denial Of God, Abysmal Grief return again with a new 7" EP containing the two exclusive tracks "The Samhain Feast" and "Grimorium Verum"! Still horrifying in an occult and gothic way - and probably heavier than ever - Abysmal Grief remains as unique and original as ever! Comes in heavy luxurious gatefold sleeve!"

Abyssic Hate (AU)  "A Decade of Hate" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2006-No Colours-NC102)
Suicidal Black Metal. The "Cleansing of an ancient race" Demo + "Eternal Damnation" Mini + 1 Bonustrack on one album. GF jacket.

Abyssion (FI)  "The Best of "Karhun Lähde"/"Siniaaltoja Ja Singulariteetteja"" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2015-Night in Terrors)
"Hard Psychedelic Progressive Music. A compilation of sold-out demos/albums "Karhun Lähde" and "Siniaaltoja ja Singulariteetteja". Ltd. to 300 copies."

Abyssous (DE)  "...Smouldering" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Iron Bonehead)
"Old school German death metal."

Acherontas/Nåstrond  "Chthonic Libations" -LP 17.00EUR
"Acherontas & Nastrond joined forces and created a deep esoteric work, dedicated and influenced in all forms by the Ancient Greek Mysteries and Teachings."

Acherontas/Slidhr  "Split" -LP 17.00EUR

Acid King (US)  "III" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2007-Kreation Records-KR-03)
"This is how it’s done. Acid King’s III is a testament to the heavy. They’re among the leaders of psychedelic stoner metal. Less spacey than label mates Sons of Otis, more jam-oriented than doom outfits like Ufomammut and Electric Wizard, Acid King exist in a thunderous low-end that shakes foundations even at the lowest volume."

Acrimonious (GR)  "Broken Bonds of Balance" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2007-Nuclear Winter Records-NWR015)
Black metal. One of sleeve´s corners is slightly creased.

Across Tundras (US)  "Dark Songs of the Prairie" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Kreation Records-KR-18)
"Heavy and majestic riffs carved out of a massive syrup of riffage and spacious melodies. It´s almost like hearing some mysterious 70´s country rock outfit thawed out and refitted with mighty amplification, sludgecore tempos, and shoegazey shimmer that conjures up visions of the wide open prairies and looming mountains of the band´s home terrirtory of Colorado. Across Tundras create a range of emotion and musical stylings from Neil Young to Neurosis and unleash a powerful new statement of rustic, crushing Americana."

Adorior/Terrorama  "Split" -mLP 14.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now!)
"While Terrorama has been affiliated with NWN! for many years now, this split LP release pairs them with the highly regarded Adorior - a pairing which suits both bands particularly well. Both Adorior and Terrorama, arguably equally underrated, deliver genre-defying metal that cuts across the boundaries of black, death, and thrash." Includes insert, two patches & brown vinyl.

Adversarial (CA)  "All Idols Fall Before the Hammer" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Blood Harvest)
"´All Idols Fall Before the Hammer´ is an aural assault which blasts the listener through eight songs in over 36 minutes of blackened metal of death."

Aggressa (AU)  "Nuclear Death + Demo" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Iron Bonehead)
"Featuring the "Nuclear Death" recordings 87/88, "demo I" 86/87 and one unreleased track from 87. Sloth of SADISTIK EXEKUTION hammering the drums."

Aggressor (SP)  "Brutal Aggression" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Black Mass Records)
Side A contains “Brutal Aggression”, recorded during the last days of 1987 at Distorsión Hasta la Locura Studios and released in 1988 as their first official work in the form of a demo-tape, being way ahead of its time and still unmatched today in many ways. Shred like lightning solos, harsh and shrieking vocals, fast drumming... Simply, guts and talent that overcome and go beyond every production aspect. It´s dark, violent, oppressive. On side B, there is the unreleased 1985 rehearsal. Comprising six songs (of which complete songs and some parts ended as full new songs for “Brutal Aggression”), these are far from fillers. There´s an undeniable dark and violent vibe."

Agonized (FI)  "Gods..." -7" 6.00EUR
"Obscure Finnish death metal from 1991."

Agrath (US)  "Thy Kingdom Come" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)
Black metal with Negative Plane members.

Aigro Mucifelam (FR)  "Lost Sounds Depraved" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Insidious Poisoning Records-IPR006)
"First album from this obscure French project led as sole member by Maleficum Orgia’s drummer/vocalist. Harsh, relentless and addictive Black Metal. Inexorable pounding and grazed screams for a hallucinatory march. An endless dreadful fall into the deepest darkness. A depraved journey for lost souls."

Akitsa/Satanic Warmaster  "Split" -7" 10.50EUR
(***-2004-Tour de Garde)

Alghazanth (FI)  "Vinum Intus" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2011-Woodcut Records)
Symphonic Black Metal. Gatefold 2LP limited to 500.

Alghazanth (FI)  "Wreath of Thevetat" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Woodcut Records)
Symphonic Black Metal. Gatefold LP limited to 500.

Aluk Todolo (FR)  "Occult Rock" -DLP 22.00EUR
"Consisting of eight hypnotic tracks of timeless and unclassifiable instrumental music, this quintessential double album summarizes and transcends all preceding aspects of the band´s discography and offers new insight into the fundamental principles and formulas of Aluk Todolo, permeating through other forms and resulting in an ultimate entheogenic ceremony. The production takes the side of fidelity in the transcription of the power trio´s live energy and osmosis, revealing the individuality and roughness of each instrument and emphasizing the inter-penetration of all the components of an organic and tetanizing trance ritual. This opus recounts the alchemical transformation of the primordial vibration into matter, through all its elemental phases, leading to the sonic manifestation of the forces of the universe into the octagonal prism of Occult Rock."

Ambevilence (DE)  "S/T" -10"+cd 15.00EUR
(***-2015-Sepulchral Voice)
"Abyssic, boundless & unique Metal of the blackest Death in form of two abundant compositions."

Anael (DE)  "On Wings of Mercury" -LP+7" 15.00EUR
(2006-Iron Tyrant-ITR08LP)
"Old-school Black Metal. This second album clearly documents the vast step ANAEL made towards their own identity. "

Anal Blasphemy (FI)  "Profane Fornication Ejaculation" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Hammer of Hate)
"The second Anal Blasphemy full-length in luxurious vinyl format! Gatefold sleeve with poster included, heavy 180g vinyl. Includes also an exclusive bonus track "Profane Fornication Manifest". The audial filth is also partially remixed and completely remastered for this vinyl so expect pure desecration of your soul!"

Anal Blasphemy (FI)  "Sermons of a Sodomite" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Hammer of Hate)
"A theme EP release from ANAL BLASPHEMY featuring 2 songs + one instrumental outro. The strongest and most solid AB release so far presenting the new style of AB with mid-tempo crushing and fast blasting Black Metal accompanied with blasphemous vocal outbursts of violent mockery. The theme of the EP is a true story about a transsexual vicar in Finland, ridiculing his perversion of faith and the work against the creation of his god!"

Anal Blasphemy/Necroslut (FI)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Hammer of Hate)
"Recorded in 2006 and earlier released only as a limited to 150 copies tape this gathering of foulness is finally released on CD and LP format! ANAL BLASPHEMY and NECROSLUT represent the ugly side of Finnish Black Metal full of in-your-face Satanic blasphemy accompanied with primitive bestial cumdripping desecration Black Metal! Full-lenght, full-filth!"

Anal Blasphemy/Pure Evil (FI)  "Pure Blasphemy" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Hammer of Hate-HOH034)
"Crushing Satanic Black Death Metal, pure blasphemy assault! ANAL BLASPHEMY´s deathish Black Metal meets PURE EVIL´s blackish Death Metal on this unholy splitEP! Filthy and hateful, recommended to all Satanists, blasphemers and sexual whores who like their metal served evil and dirty! Limited to 666 copies."

Anhedonist (US)  "The Dread" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-Parasitic Records)
"U.S.doom/death. Their 2010 demo on 180 gram vinyl, with matte sleeve w/ silver print. Limited to 500 copies."

Annihilation 666/Bliss of Flesh  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2008-World Terror Comittee Prod.)
"Black Metal. Two Songs from German A666 and one long song from french Bliss of Flesh."

Antaeus (FR)  "Condemnation" -LP 17.00EUR
Violent black metal.

Antediluvian (CA)  "Revelations in Excrement" -mLP 14.00EUR
(2011-Bird of the Ill Omen)
"In the past few years, Canada’s Antediluvian have generated much interest among those who dwell in the underground. They did this not by proselytizing and self-promoting via internet sites and message boards, but, rather, by maintaining an admirably anonymous presence and simply executing a steady series of exceptionally good demos. Over the course of these demo releases, Antediluvian have proven to be among those rare bands that seems to perpetually ascend to new levels with their music. With “Revelations in Excrement” Antediluvian move ever deeper into the darkness they have summoned. The three tracks presented here surpass anything the band has done before and arguably place them in the top tier of active death and black metal bands."

Antediluvian (US)  "The Watcher´s Reign" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2013-Iron Bonehead)
"Black/Death Metal. Includes the following demo releases: Primeval Cyclical Catastrophism, Serpent´s Malignancy, Prehistorik Khaos & Morbid Rehearsals: Total Blasphemic Mayhem (never before released)."

Antediluvian (CA)  "Through the Cervix of Hawaah" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"Abhorred blasphemous death metal from the very depths, ANTEDILUVIAN create a bizarre conjuration of raw cavernous progressive atmospheric death metal that envelopes a miasma-like fury that summons the inevitable chaos and destruction. Special hardcover gatefold jacket."

Aosoth/Kommandant  "Split" -7" 8.50EUR
Each band presents an exclusive track.

Arkha Sva (JP)  "Mikama Isaro Mada" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Aphelion Productions)
"Excellent Black Metal from Japan in the old Black Legions spirit! Limited 500 copies."

Arkona (PL)  "Lunaris" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2017-Debemur Morti)
Pagan black metal.

Armagedda (SE)  "I Am" -mLP+booklet 15.00EUR
"Very classy 12 " vinyl edition of the previously released MCD from the now defunct Swedish Black Metal entity. Cutt on 45rpm for maximum volume - in total fucking darkness. Featured here is a lost recording from somewhere back in 2001 - 2002. 4 never before published songs. One of the most elaborate vinyls done till now, this edition comes with the following packaging: all-new & lots of exclusive artwork and pictures, thick reverse board printed jacket, LP sized booklet printed on thick uncoated paper."

Armatus (DE)  "Blutvolk" -7" 9.50EUR
(***-2016-Final Agony Records)
"Raw satanic Black Metal. 1998 demo remastered from the original master tape Limited to 300 copies."

Armon Kuilu (FI)  "" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2016-Totuuden Sarvi)
"Finnish progressive experimental music, completely unique material. Dark, creative, oppressive, spiritual, surreal journey to atmosphere created with mix of acoustic instruments, vocals, electronics..."

Armour (FI)  "Can´t Resist Your Spell" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2009-Primitive Reaction)
One copy found from the boxes.

Armour (FI)  "Death Threat/No Heaven" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2014-NWN Prod.)
"Drawing on influences ranging from NWOBHM (i.e. Di’Anno era-Iron Maiden, Holocaust, etc.) to early 80′s U.S. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal (i.e. early W.A.S.P. and early Mötley Crüe), Armour’s music is every bit as inspired and primal as the sources of inspiration from which Armour derives its sound."

Armour (FI)  "Live Crime" -7" 6.00EUR
"Armour returns with great sounding 45rpm live single. True heavy metal assault!"

Armour (FI)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Primitive Reaction)
"After rollin´ out several successful EPs, the heavy metal hammer of ARMOUR strikes hard n´ heavy with their highly anticipated debut full-lengther featuring all new high voltage hits. This is no lame retro-joke playing pub tribute nights; these accomplished Finn´s boast the best elements from the great heavy metal 80´s with style n´ class. Expect no melodic glam, ARMOUR are heavy as Hades delivering it fast n´ loud... a real jammer guaranteed to rock your socks off! Cover painting by Joe "Motorhead" Petagno. This noble LP version comes in gatefold covers with fat spine and the vinyls are heavy weight, 180 grams."

Arphaxat (FR)  "Loudun la Maudite" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSLP032)
"The long awaited full-length album from the mighty ARPHAXAT now awaits! Truly Necro & Morbid Blasphemous hymns, NOT for open-minded idiots who have no idea what true primitive Black Metal is about! Consists of Shaxul (ex-HIRILORN, ex-founding DEATHSPELL OMEGA member, SABBAT (Jpn) session member, etc). and DRAKEN (ex-Putrefactor). "Loudun la Maudite" forges even more holocaustic and obscurity, inspired by their majestic and mysterious myths of Pictavia. Those possessed by their 2003 demo tape easily know what to expect from this obscure album."

Astrofaes (UA)  "Shu Nun" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Fog of the Apocalypse)
"Fast, icy Pagan Black Metal from Ukraine without compromises. Astrofaes delivers two tracks in the most true sense in the honour of their land."

Asubha/Attralia  "Invectives" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2014-Final Agony)
"Ancient Spirits of European Black Metal in an uncompromising homage to heritage and death. Limited to 150 copies."

Asymmetry  "A Gift from Heaven" -LP 16.00EUR
"Mystical black metal."

Asymmetry (FI)  "To Blossom in Ether" -7" 7.50EUR
Black metal.

Ataraxy (SP)  "Curse Of The Requiem Mass" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2011-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"If their demo "Rotten Shit" helped them out to being put on the map and showed some intentional and potential stuff worth of being checked out, this mini album consolidates them as an outfit with many things to say, despite of their clear influences, heavily rooted on deities like and Morgoth, Autopsy, the Swedish scene and, specially, Asphyx. A release which is by decree death certificate by itself, but which has gained a certain plus of uniqueness thanks to the production of Javier Felez at his Moontower Studios, whom has teamed up, fitted and got the very best out of these promising putrid gang."

Atlantean Kodex (DE)  "The White Goddess" -DLP 28.00EUR
"Many bands and labels lay claim to the word “epic” to describe a particular band’s sound but on “The White Goddess”, Atlantean Kodex become synonymous with the term in a way very bands ever manage. Comes with a 12" sized booklet with 24 pages."

Atomizer (AU)  "Death, Mutation, Disease, Annihilation" -PICLP 16.00EUR
(Hell´s Headbangers)
"ATOMIZER´s second album released as PICTURE DISC LP with a bonus track cover song of VENOM´s "Black Metal". Comes with a custom outer die-cut cover and heavy-stock insert with lyrics and band photos. Eleven tracks with remastered sound of Evil Fuckin, Hell Rockin, Black Ritual Slayin, Metal from down under!"

Aura Noir (NO)  "Dreams Like Desert" -LP 22.00EUR
Incl. bonus tracks.

Aura Noir (NO)  "Hades Rise" -LP 22.00EUR

Aura Noir (NO)  "Out To Die" -LP 20.50EUR
(2012-Back on Black)

Austere/Isolation  "Bleak..." -DLP 22.00EUR
"The Vinyl has a re-arranged layout and a very nice package, and to top all, the Isolation vocals have been new recorded and improved, specifically for this new pressing under analogue platter! Triple gatefold sleeve made of special black & structured cardboard, finished with golden printings."

Autopsy (US)  "Macabre Eternal" -DLP 29.00EUR

Autopsy Torment (SE)  "Graveyard Creatures" -LP 14.00EUR
(2005-Die Todesrune Records-DTM012)
Old school Death/Black Metal, with Pagan Rites frontman.

Ave Maria (DE)  "Chapter I" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-Kult of Nihilow)
"Chapter I - a riotously swaying, inward spinning spiral - is a trippy journey making its outer spheres reach the banishing of the oath, locking the mind and moaning in lust and holy treachery. The smell of brimstone lingers in the air whilst the inner circles of the vortex glisten in the source of light. The contact is lost inside a devouring whirl of confrontation while the form is collapsing and the spiral reaches the never-seen. Psyched-out yet focused Black Metal. Debut album. Vinyl version with different artwork & really thick gatefold covers.

Averse Sefira (US)  "Advent Parallax" -DLP 22.00EUR
(2009-Ajna Offensive)
"180 gram black and white splatter vinyl. Exclusive gatefold artwork and printed inserts."

Averse Sefira (US)  "Tetragrammatical Astygmata" -2x10" 22.00EUR
(2006-End All Life Productions)
"Third album of this Extreme Black Metal band from America. AVERSE SEFIRA is one of the oldest and most expressive American band in the Black Metal genre." Luxurious 2x10" packing.

Axeslaughter/Sunface (FI)  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(2012-Against Audio)
"Split EP of Finnish Death Metal/Sludge lunacy."

Aytnachr/Sacellum Luciferi (FI)  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
Crude black metal.

Azaxul (DE)  "The Fleshly Tomb" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-Misanthrophia Discos)
Black Metal. Recommended!

Azelsgard (PO)  "Slavonic Horned Evil" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-2012-Breath of Pestilence)
"The "Slavonic Horned Evil" demo pressed on black 12” vinyl with unreleased "Luciferian Supreme Darkness" demo on side-B. True hateful Black Metal from the depths of horned Podlachian shadows. Azelsgard brings forth the glorious spirit of old Polish Black Metal in the vein of Legion, Mysteries... Barbaric and evil like it was meant to be! 300 copies, comes with insert."

Azrael Rising (FI)  "Anti-Gravity" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2014-Primitive Reaction)
"Deep, spiritual, physical, psychotic, clear, cleansing, depraved, violent, melancholic, vengeful black metal."

B.son (DE)  "Black Shape of Nexus" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Vendetta Records)
"3 songs ( about 45 minutes ) of massive doom. Think Khanate meeting Corrupted. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN."

Babylon Whores (FI)  "Pride of the Damned" -BOX 77.00EUR
"A carefully curated box set containing all the available Babylon Whores material ranging from obscure demos and compilation appearances to the three-full length albums on six slabs of brilliance. Completing the box is a 100-page book with many rare photographs including unused promo shots, interviews, and an in-depth band history by Mikko Mattila of Isten ‘zine documenting the entirety of the unusual and rather colourful career of the band all the way to their legendary ‘secret’ gigs in later years."

Bael (FR)  "Néant" -7" 6.00EUR
"All that is Dead will never Die! New EP strictly limited to 500 copies. Two tracks of harsh Black Metal. No repress."

Baptism (FI)  "As the Darkness Enters" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)
"Baptism has continued their firm path of esoteric satanism and evading surrounding trends of genre. Not only remaining faithful to bands spirit but perfecting it´s musical representation. "As The Darkness Enters" (NH 2012) is logical step higher where every element of band has gained strength. From writing of riffs to composition and balance of sound. 2012 Baptism radiates the confidence of its mastermind to combine freezing melancholy, cold razor sharp fierce aggression, traditions of heavy black metal and atmospheric dark melodies. Blend it together in ways only Baptism can, therefore making it constantly harder and harder to point references to other bands. Comes in jewelbox. with 12 pages booklet including all the lyrics."

Baptism (FI)  "The Beherial Midnight" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Northern Heritage)

Baptism (FI)  "Wisdom & Hate" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-Northern Heritage)

Barathrum (FI)  "Devilry" -PICLP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Saturnal Records)

Bathory (SE)  "Blood, Fire, Death" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2010-Black Mark-BMLP666-4)

Bathory (SE)  "Hammerheart" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-Black Mark-BMLP666-5)

Bathory (SE)  "Nordland I & II" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-Black Mark-BMLP666-21)

Bathory (SE)  "S/T" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2010-Black Mark-BMLP666-1)

Bathory (SE)  "The Return..." -LP 17.50EUR
(***-1985-Black Mark-BMLP666-2)

Bathory (SE)  "Twilight of the Gods" -DLP 15.00EUR DISCOUNTED ITEM
(***-Black Mark-BMLP666-6)
Minor creases on two of sleeve´s corners, thus the discounted price.

Bathory (SE)  "Under the Sign of Black Mark" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-1987-Black Mark-BMLP666-3)

Baxter Stockman (FI)  "Punter" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2013-Kult of Nihilow)
"PUNTER takes it’s place in the continuum of abrasive music, starting from the destruction and rebuilding of punk rock, progressing toward american noise-rock and finally ending up in the Finnish underground. While BAXTER STOCKMAN respects it’s predecessors, it takes a thorny path of it’s own."

Baxter Stockman (FI)  "Romance" -7" 8.00EUR
(2012-Kult of Nihilow)

Bedemon (US)  "Symphony of Shadows" -DLP 24.00EUR
"Nine bone-crushingly heavy slices of pure 70s-flavored doom metal."

Behemoth (PO)  "Ezkaton" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Regain Records)

Behemoth (PO)  "The Return of the Northern Moon" -LP 17.00EUR
(2011-Witching Hour)
"Reissue of the second classical demo of BEHEMOTH. Printed inner sleeves and packaging inside a gatefold jacket with a silver embossed print. Limited to 333 pieces."

Behexen (FI)  "The Poisonous Path" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2016-Debemur Morti)

Bekhira (FR)  "Demo 1996" -10" 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Belzebuth (AU)  "Viohenarv" -7" 10.00EUR
(2009-Zinarthan Productions-ZIN001)
"Black Metal in the vein of Strid & Xasthur. DIY style 7" with two tracks. Limited to 150 copies only."

Bestial Holocaust (BO)  "Temple of Damnation" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Crush Until Madness)
"Bonebreaking black thrashing madness from the Bolivian pits of hell. "Temple of Damnation" is their highly anticipated second album and totally crushes their debut offering with much more haunting and hasher audio violence backed by witchburning shrieks of sacrifice. Fanatics of the South American spirit and bestial slaying black thrash must join the alcoholocaust! Includes a bonus track."

Bestial Holocaust/Nuclear Desecration  "Marching Towards the Nuclear Holocaust" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Crush Until Madness-CUM011)
"A bestial desecration made directly in Hell! No need to introduce BESTIAL HOLOCAUST from Bolivia who is more Black Thrash than ever and louder than Hell with one track written back in 2000 and recorded late 2007. Now time to flip the record over... A newer band NUCLEAR DESECRATION right after their debut album continues to remind us what NUCLEAR means! Nothing new here, expect a pure war black/ death track as it should be ! Get ready for the nuclear holocaust! Comes with an insert on half / half red and black record."

Bestial Mockery (SE)  "Slaying the Life" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Sweden´s BESTIAL MOCKERY stands for the ultimate downfall of humanity in all its forms, the mockery of everything sacred and holy. Un-political and purely satanic, evil is everywhere and Black Metal is Satan"s hand."

Bestial Mockery/Karnarium (SE)  "Hail Occult Masters" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2008-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSEP028)
"From their ritual chambers the occult magus´s of the KARNARIUM sect emerge to join forces with BESTIAL MOCKERY for this stark raving mad and morbid covens last stand. New songs from both bands, this is pure cult underground pride and raw sounds of death!!!! Jacket with embossed logos & killer artwork drawn by a dead fucking witch and a mad self-desecrating prophet. Comes with a heavy-stock insert featuring band photos & lyrics."

Bestial Summoning (NL)  "Live in Venray ´92" -7" 7.00EUR
(2012-New Era Prod.)
"Limited edition 2012 re-issue to celebrate the release of this cult 7" over twenty years ago. As indentical in sound and lay-out to the original as possible."

Bestial Summoning (NL)  "The Dark War Has Begun" -LP 16.00EUR
(2012-Heidens Hart)
"20 years after its original release, finally availabe on vinyl again. Limited edition of 666 handnumbered copies. In order to retain the spirit of the early 90´s, this release reflects the orginal as much as possible, and therefore has no modern sellout gimmicks."

Bethlehem/Joyless  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
"Depressive Rock vs Black Metal. Printed innersleeves."

Beyond (DE)  "Enter Transcendence" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2012-Iron Bonehead)
Vicious death metal.

Bilskirnir (GER)  "Atavismus des Glaubens" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Perverted Taste)

Bilskirnir (DE)  "Totenheer/Dem Feind entgegen" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Bilskirnir (DE)  "Wotan Redivivus" -LP 18.00EUR
"Fourth full-length album of True Teutonic Black Metal."

Bilskirnir/Front Beast (DE)  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2015-Darker Than Black)

Black Crucifixion (FI)  "Satanic Zeitgeist" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2009-Soulseller Records-SSR021)
"23th of August 1991 wasn´t just an ordinary Friday in Oulu, Finland. That was the date of the Day of Darkness festival where Black Crucifixion, Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Amorphis, Sentenced, Demigod and Belial shared the same stage for the only time in history. The performance of Black Crucifixion was recorded professionally and now for the first time ever it can be heard. "Satanic Zeitgeist" features three previously unheard Black Crucifixion tracks, the only live version of their title track "Black Crucifixion" and two cover versions of Venom and Sarcofago. This is the only recording of the original Black Crucifixion line-up featuring Beherit members Wennström and Sodomatic Slaughter on bass and drums. Heavy/strong sleeve with luxury black/gold printing. 5 mm spine sleeve. 500 copies."

Black Feast (FI)  "Larenuf Jubileum" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2015-Iron Bonehead)
"Larenuf Jubileum compiles Black Feast’s “Worship of Darkness” demo from 2010, the “Abominations of Darkness” tracks from the 2011 split cassette, and five previously-unreleased tracks from three separate promo/advance tapes from 2010 and 2011."

Black Flame (IT)  "Conquering Purity" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Worship Him Records-WORSHIP005)
"8 Tracks forming a Concept Album regarding the misteries and the boudaries of Death. Everything is presented through a violent and merciless Black Death metal, which reflects the Satanic and Violent aura expressed by the lyrics. The Track "Totalitarian Satanic Monolith" has been written by Peter K. from Abigor / Hellbound / St.Lucifer."

Black Grail (CL)  "Misticismo Regresivo" -LP 24.00EUR
(***-2016-Final Agony Records)
"A phantasmagoric allegory reflecting the premises of a philosophic-spiritual perspective that you should discover. Miraculous and terrible, captivating and violent, brilliantly dark and sad debut album. Embarking an atmosphere which turns explosive before becoming ethereal, finally fading away just to be experienced again." Recommended!

Black Priest of Satan/Crucifixion Wounds  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
"Raw and unpolished Black/Doom from BPOS. The other side comes with 3 short tracks of total PROFANATICA worship from CRUCIFIXION WOUNDS. Limited to 300 copies."

Black Pyramid (US)  "Stormbringer" -8" 15.50EUR
(2011-Hydro-Phonic Rec.)
"First class US DOOM! Pressed on custom cut 8” yellow wax (die-cut down from a standard 10” record)! Packaged in a special hand assembled Die-cut cover that interacts with the vinyl itself. Limited to only 300 copies."

Black Pyramid/Tenspeed Warlock (US)  "Suffering Is the Inheritance of Man" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Parasitic Records)
"US Doom. Exclusive tracks from both bands. 500 copies, black vinyl."

Black Serpent (AU)  "Nightside Cosmology" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2008-Forgotten Wisdom Productions-FWP049)
"Black Serpent´s music is described as Occult Black Death Metal in the bestial vein. Devoted with the dark spirit of Black Metal...pure Occult Metal reflecting bestial, dark metal charisma of its own. Black Serpent reminds of old Greek acts like Varathron, or riffing wise even of the old tracks of Grand Belial´s Key. Limited to 300 copies."

Black Sun/Throat  "Split" -7" 7.50EUR
(2012-Hell Comes Home)

Black Witchery (US)  "Upheaval of Satanic Might" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-Osmose Productions)

Blackdeath (RU)  "Gift" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2016-Heidens Hart)
"On Gift the band continues in their own style of disturbed and intense apocalyptic black metal."

Blackdeath (FI)  "Phobos" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2015-Northern Heritage)
"Always improving, original and great black metal from Russia. Northern Heritage has long history with the band, and c. 10 years after Bottomless Armageddon was released among NH "licensed vinyls" series co-released with Faustian Prod, now "Phobos" LP is published in co-operation with Heidens Hart. Includes great giant A2 size poster."

Blackdeath (RU)  "Vortex" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2009-Northern Heritage)
"Latest album of the Russian Blackdeath, with new artwork and bonus track! Only 250 copies pressed! Raw black metal hell! NH´s licensed vinyl series."

Blasphemic Cruelty (US)  "Devil´s Mayhem" -LP 16.50EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"At last comes the vinyl release of the highly anticipated debut entitled “Devil’s Mayhem” by Blasphemic Cruelty. Consisting of Gene Palubicki (Angelcorpse, Apocalypse Command), Alex Blume (Ares Kingdom, Nepenthe) and Gina Ambrosio, Blasphemic Cruelty play blackened and sadistic Deathrash. This album demonstrates that even at this late date, there is still hallowed ground within this genre left to be desecrated. The band positions itself at the point of the birth of Death metal in the late 1980’s while also embracing the earliest emanations of the first wave of Black Metal. The importance of the work lay not in the path the band has chosen, however, but in the degree of dedication to that path. In this recording one hears the distinct blackened crackle of burning flesh submerged in the molten pits of the underworld.The howling winds of evil permeate every note of this nuanced recording as they blow, spreading with them the contagion of the virulent plagues of the apocalypse. It is a force of destruction to which all will ultimately be forced to submit."

Blasphemophagher (IT)  "...for Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation..." -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Finally unveiled after much anticipation is "...For Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation...", the first masterpiece of Bestial Black/Death of 2010 by a band that may convincingly be described as one of the last truly great pioneers of the subgenre. The landscape of this area of metal has become increasingly crowded, and most bands wading in this sordid muck of mediocrity fail to establish any personality in their music. This is not true of Italy’s Blasphemophagher. Blasphemophagher have consistently been refining their sound and pushing the boundaries of their work, and the new album is certainly no exception. Even more versatile in its assault than their debut, "...For Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation..." presents a focused approach that is refreshing. Blasphemophagher have largely adopted their style from the Blasphemy’s "Gods of War" era, but display a far more careful approach to their songwriting even than the blueprint from which they derive their style. There is nothing haphazard in their approach. This album delivers the triumphant sound of nuclear bloodshed and leaves in its wake only the most grotesquely mangled abominations of the human form gasping for breath amid the radiation drenched atmosphere."

Blasphemophagher (IT)  "Nuclear Empire of Apocalypse" -PICLP 16.50EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Following several head-splitting demo and split-releases, Italy´s BLASPHEMOPHAGHER have finally emerged to deliver their debut full-length! Summoning forth the unholy spirits of demented legends such as SARCOFAGO, IMPETIGO, ABHORER, BESTIAL WARLUST, BLACK WITCHERYand the mighty BLASPHEMY! The Italians not only manage to achieve the levels of sickness displayed by the aforementioned bands, but also add their own brand of nuclear fueled sickness! Debut album pressed on picture disk with double sided insert."

Blasphemous Noise Torment (IT)  "Ancient Insignias" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Blood Harvest)
"Eight bestial war commands in the vein of Diocletian, Order From Chaos, Blasphemy, Necros Christos and Naked Whipper vomiting forth iconoclastic blasphemies against this modern world praising the way of the Conqueror."

Blessed In Sin/Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis (FR)  "Tu Fui Ego Eris" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Obscure Abhorrence)
French Black Metal.

Blood Ceremony (CA)  "Lord of Misrule" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2016-Rise Above)
"Embracing the psychedelic and progressive in their indelible songcraft, BC has created “a very English album,” despite the band’s very Canadian heritage."

Blood Of Kingu (UA)  "Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon" -LP 17.50EUR
"Ukranian black metal force BLOOD OF KINGU returns with ´Dark Star on the Right Horn of the Crescent Moon´, their first new album in over five years. The band, which includes Ukranian metal luminaries from DRUDKH, DARK AGES, ASTROFAES and more, brings forth a cultish brand of black metal harkening back to the genre´s earlier days. BLOOD OF KINGU´s strain of black metal is fast, grim, and unrelenting."

Blood Red Fog (FI)  "Radiating Desolation" -mLP 12.00EUR
Over 30 minutes long EP. More straight-forward, stripped-down and rawer release than the debut album. Simply raw Black Metal. Nothing more, nothing less. Includes one bonus track.

Blood Red Throne (NO)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2014-Hammerheart Records)

Bloodhammer (FI)  "Kuusi Hymniä Syvyyksistä" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"This new album makes band return with style that is both raw and grim fast paced nordic black metal known from bands past, as well as with epic midpaced songs that echo Bathory or even early pagan metal era of Graveland, but also firmly in traditions of metal. Bloodhammer remains completely unique in Finnish scene, avoiding all the trend, expectations and opportunism."

Bloodhammer (FI)  "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" -DLP 18.00EUR
(2008-Primitive Reaction-PR003)
"This full-lenght studio album contains 10 tracks and 35 minutes of extremely dirty, frantic and raw black metal with old school influences and thrashing vibes. Double LP version comes in noble full coloured gatefold covers with 7 mm spine. Including also one 15 minutes long Abruptum worshipping ritualnoise bonustrack."

Bloodhammer/Korgonthurus (FI)  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
"A split EP of these 2 well known Finnish bands, contributing with one exclusive track each. The EP is limited to 500 copies."

Bloodline (SE)  "Hate Procession" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Blut & Eisen)
"Six years passed since the release of Bloodline’s well received debut album Werewolf Training via Selbstmord Service. Obviously this album was only a hint of what the band would be able to create."

Bloodline (SE)  "Werewolf Training" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Blut & Eisen)

Bloody Panda/Kayo Dot (US)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Holy Roar Records-HRR002V)
"New York´s Bloody Panda contribute two tracks (19 minutes) that combine funeral sludge with female chanting and Eastern influences to create something utterly menacing but at the same time completely enthralling. Boston´s Kayo Dot, with albums on Tzadik and Robotic Empire, cover a vast and mostly indefinable ground, with everything from orchestrated epic jazz to noise and doom thrown into the mix. Their 11 minute track was recorded for, and is excusive to, this release. Comes on marbled vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, with incredible artwork by Toby Driver of Kayo Dot."

Bloody Sign (FR)  "Explosion of Elements" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Blood Harvest)
"The second full length album from these French Death Metal maniacs. Technical yet raw and dark death. A culmination of many influences can be heard on this nine song record and of those the obvious standouts are the unholy trinity that is MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION and IMMOLATION, but BLOODY SIGN has an original touch of their own which you just need to experience. Definitely one of the most interesting bands in Europe right now."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "777 - Sect(s)" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Debemur Morti)
"777 – Sects(s) is an organic, cascading volume of deviant, dark art that exhibits Blut Aus Nord’s natural habitat, a cleansing blade amid transitory moments of non-importance. Hypnotic guitars, discomforting beats and alienating voices clash with the ferocity of aural tectonic plates to produce horrific Black Metal decadence for an anonymous, lost, irrelevant generation."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "Debemur MoRTi" -2x7" 14.00EUR
(***-2014-Debemur Morti)
"Special double celebration to mark the 100th release and ten-year anniversary of Debemur Morti Productions. Three exclusive tracks from ground-breaking, trend-defying, awe-inspiring Black Metal pioneers BLUT AUS NORD. Presented in 2x7” and MCD formats, this landmark memorial captures the band at its vintage best, emitting their inimitable strain of swirling, cascading, spectral sonic (dis)harmony."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "MoRT" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2015-Debemur Morti)
"First issued on CD by Candlelight Records in 2006, Mort is one of the darkest, most forward-thinking, and important releases in the experi-metal genre, while remaining the most misunderstood album by one of the most criminally underrated bands of all time. Remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin and special packaging redesigned for gatefold by David Cragne and Aaron Turner."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "The Desanctification" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2011-Debemur Morti)
Blue vinyl.

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "Thematic Emanation of Archetypal Multiplicity" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Debemur Morti)
"Originally released in 2005, this singular opus is a fascinating and mystical journey through different musical approaches, from Black Metal to Dub and Dark Electro, from Industrial soundscapes to deeply Ambient atmospheres. Different facets but a common feeling that will transport you to another world."

Blut Aus Nord/Ævangelist  "Codex Obscura Nomina" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2016-Debemur Morti)
"BAN: The 4 pieces that comprise Spectral Subsonic Waves spring from the interstices between outsider black metal, noise, dark ambient, electronic psychedelia and 20th Century classical. Æ: In a seamless transition from fevered mind into fever dream, ÆVANGELIST produce possibly the strongest single track of their rapidly burgeoning oeuvre - 20 minutes of sepulchrally intimidating, haunted and horrendous experimental black metal."

Bong (UK)  "We Are, We Were and We Will Have Been" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2015-Ritual Prod.)
"We are, we were and we will have been” continues Bong’s unregulated experiments on tonal prolonging. Solemn in its delivery and frightening in its implications, this latest album signifies a point of no return from the Pied Pipers of mesmeric drone, its two near twenty minute tracks will surely loop and envelop indefinitely, freeing the listener from this increasingly unfamiliar material world and mercifully trapping them in the weightlessness of Bong’s sonic void."

Bong/Pyramido  "Split" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-At War With False Noise)
"Bong´s side of this LP is one long untitled jam, starting off rather innocuously enough, we´re soon into full-on stoner mode. This has a definite "live in the studio" lofi sound that´s characteristic of most Bong recordings, but is more trippy and less "heavy metal" than much of their output. Pyramido take up awhole side with their jam, which is less loose and more circular than the Geordie stoners´; it has a very early Krautrock sound with perhaps more than a nod to the legendary live jam sounds of 13th Floor Elevators, Grateful Dead or perhaps Ozric Tentacles."

Book of Black Earth (US)  "The Feast" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Kreation Records-KR005)
"The Feast is the first full length album for Book of Black Earth. Punishing blackened death metal (or deathened black metal if you prefer) is the order of the day. Subtle and unintrusive keyboard strains give an epic and vast quality to the memorably brutal songs on display. Vocalist TJ Cowgill´s menacing guttaral delivery coupled with the assault of Joe Axeler´s (Skarp) double bass-drum march propel the songs to sit comfortably alongside far more experienced and noteworthy bands in the genre. And unlike most death metal, the Feast is precise and over soon enough to leave you wanting much, much more."

Bound for Glory (US)  "The Final Battle" -PICLP 16.00EUR
Limited to 333 copies.

Burden (DE)  "Man Of No Account" -7" 6.50EUR
"With their new 7", Man of no account, Burden are as feisty as usual, always prepared to demonstrate that the battle for the return of authentic Rock´n´Roll has just begun. Heavy guitars, powerful vocals and a sound to wash your ears clean: what more can you ask for?"

Burzum (NO)  "Belus" -DLP 21.00EUR
(***-2010-Byelobog Productions)

Burzum (NO)  "Burzum/Aske" -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2008-Back on Black-BOBV072)

Burzum (NO)  "Det Som Engang Var" -LP 21.00EUR
(***-2008-Back on Black-BOBV088)

Burzum (NO)  "Fallen" -LP 18.00EUR

Burzum (NO)  "From the Depths of Darkness" -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2011-Back on Black)

Burzum (NO)  "Hvis Lysett Tar Oss" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2008-Back On Black-BOBV087)

Burzum (NO)  "Umskiptar" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2012-Back on Black)

Bölzer (CH)  "Aura" -mLP 14.50EUR
(***-2013-Iron Bonehead)
"On the opposite side of a metaphorical wall of mediocrity lie artists that truly have found their own voice, and stand ready to scale what lies before them in defiance of the easy categorization that burdens those with less ambitious sounds. One such collective of creators are Bölzer, a Swiss band standing brave at the pulpit of Black/Death Metal, preaching a gospel of riffery utterly original in execution and composition."

Bölzer (CH)  "Roman Acupuncture" -mLP 17.00EUR
(***-2015-Iron Bonehead)
"Black/Death Metal. Vinyl version of the sold out demo tape."

Bölzer (CH)  "SOMA" -mLP 15.00EUR
"The follow up to the earth shattering ´Aura´ release has finally arrived. Expanding again on what was built upon with ´Aura´, ´SOMA´ takes the listener on an aural journey of atavistic exploration."

Caedes Cruenta (GR)  "Ereipia Psychon" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Bestial Burst)
"A glorious return to the mighty early 90´s of the traditional Greek sound. Obscure, majestic and abyssic occult Black Metal art deeply influenced by the classic era of Rotting Christ, Varathron, Thou Art Lord, and Zemial. LP is numbered edition of 333."

Caîna (UK)  "The Heart of The Master" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2007-Grief Foundation-GRIEFLP002)
"The concept for ‘The Heart of the Master’ is based on the pamphlet of the same name, written by Aleister Crowley under the pseudonym ‘Khaled Khan’ and originally published by the O.T.O in 1938. Designed to be simultaneously a logical progression and step away from the ideas explored on previous full-length ‘Mourner’, the single 14 minute track ‘Unfashioned Realms’ combines desolate widescreen cinematic textures, pulsating black metal and twisted programmed beats, held together by Caïna’s signature eerie ambience. 1-sided yellow/gold vinyl with rich brown screen print, maize coloured insert with dark brown screen print and plastic flap & strap sleeve."

Cantus Bestiae (FR)  "S/T" -DLP 34.00EUR
"The ultimate canticle from the liturgy of the Beast, 18 hymns to the shades spewed out of Sheol. Ltd. to 250 copies."

Carpathian Forest (NO)  "Bloodlust and Perversion" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"This double LP collects the earliest demo material that the band released, and it is easily among their best output. Despite the fact that they were all released nearly contemporaneously, the two demo recordings and a studio rehearsal on this compilation – Bloodlust and Perversion (1992), Rehearsal (1992), and Journey Through the Cold Moors of Svartjern (1993) – cover a vast spectrum within the Black Metal genre."

Carved Cross/Sump  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2013-Legion Blotan)
"Two bands that should need no introduction to fans of filthy BM. Great pairing of raw Black Metal from Tasmania and UK BM/Punk."

Castle (US)  "Second Coming / Labyrinth of Death" -7" 8.00EUR
"Heavy Doom / Witch Thrash."

Cauldron Black Ram (AU)  "Slubberdegullion" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-Blood Harvest)
"Old school death metal for dirty long-haired death metal pirates! Unique heavy riffs making dark atmosphere. Rough and blasphemous dirty vocals." The remaining copies come with a nominally damaged jackets (5mm crease on one of the corners).

Caverne (FR)  "Aux Frontières du Monde" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"The account of a solitary journey through the mire of a dying land, to forge in soil and blood a Black Metal tainted with bitterness and burning Faith."

Celestia (FR)  "Frigidiis Apotheosia" -DLP 18.00EUR
(2008-Apparitia Recordings)
"Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal. Some of you waited for this album for so long. The Delhÿs–cätess tape was an appetizer, but here you get the real thing. And good news, it´s stronger than before. Now the synths now remains discreet and give their full place to other instruments and the unique voice of Noktu. Then we can fully realize that the band has matured and evolved but not lost its unique touch. Along these eight tracks, one can hear that it´s not simply the old CELESTIA : while the melancholic and morbid spirit is still here, it´s now supported by more ideas, more atmospheres, more variety, more acoustic parts, and more subtlety too. But for sure still in the service of the Black Art."

Celestia (FR)  "Retrospectra" -DLP 15.00EUR
(2009-Drakkar Productions)
"This is a retrospective of Celestia´s musical past with remastered sound. Includes "A Cave Full of Bats" mcd, "The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancee" & "A Dying Out of Ecstacy" demos and more. Gatefold jacket, poster." The corners of the jacket were damaged during the delivery thus the discounted price.

Celestial Bloodshed (NO)  "Omega" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2016-Terratur Possessions)
"The closing of a chapter. 13 years after its formation Celestial Bloodshed is releasing their final opus. This is the final breath of a cursed assembly which have stood their ground and never strained from their path which have taken them deeper and further into the unknown than was ever expected. BLOOD have been shed, the FIRE is still burning and DEATH´s knuckled finger is now pointing towards the tomb. Repress with new poster by K. Lehto/Porta Atra."

Celestial Bloodshed (NO)  "Serpent´s Kiss" -7" 7.00EUR
(2012-Terratur Possessions)
"This recording dates back from 2006 and was originally intended for a split release that never happened, now dug up from the abyss of Hell! The last unreleased track with Steingrim Torson Brissach on vocals. Comes with artwork etched into the B-side and thick, full color fold-over cover."

Cemetery Urn (AU)  "The Conquered Are Burned" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"The 2nd full-length CEMETERY URN album maintains their self-proclaimed style of "AUSTRALIAN BARBARIC DEATH METAL", yet displays a refinement in the bands style & production techniques while steering well clear of the modern overproduced sound of today. Damon Bloodstorm formerly of war metal legends BESTIAL WARLUST leads the assault with undoubtedly the best vokills of his long career. Andrew Gillon lays down a brutal onslaught of guitars with lead work that is at times moody & epic, before launching into the faster almost shredding style displayed on later ABOMINATOR albums. "The Conquered Are Burned" evokes the primacy of early 90´s Death Metal without entirely adhering to the trends of Incantation and Swedish Death Metal worship like the majority of today."

Chaosbaphomet (GR)  "The Black Communion" -7" 6.50EUR
(2012-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Return to the roots of characteristic Greek Black Metal from the 90ties."

Charnel Winds (FI)  "Der Teufelsbund" -LP 18.50EUR
(***-2013-Final Agony)
"A revelation of Luciferian light and unbound artistic spirit. The true sovereign granting the phosphorescent flame is revealed here as Lucifer-Shaitan - the Prince. Black Metal with true devotion, creativity and passion. Limited to 350 copies with insert and pro-covers."

Charon (DE)  "Sulphur Seraph" -LP 15.50EUR
(***-2012-Sepulchral Voice)
"New album - Ancient cult. Blackened deathh metal supreme."

Christian Death (US)  "Ashes" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)
"In 1985, Christian Death extended its shadow over the nascent gothic genre with the release of its third album Ashes. Continuing where the epic Catastrophe Bullet left off, Ashes furthered the band´s burgeoning legacy with its keen sense of romance and dramatic flair. The disturbingly dark and deeply atmospheric songwriting of the two main protagonists, Williams and Kand, remains to this day some of the bands most elegant and incisive."

Christicide (FR)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2007-Of Crawling Shadow Records-OCSR003)
"The first full lenght album of the French Satanist is finally out! 8 songs of obscure and brutal Evil Metal in their unique way. Don´t try to compare them with another band, Christicide plays extreme metal with full dedication to the Devil who is responsible here of all the feeling broadcasted in their music. It is a dark, mysterious, powerful and pernicious offering to a cause which seems to be forgotten since many years now. The glorification of Evil and obscurity in this world."

Christicide (FR)  "Upheaval of the Soul" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Of Crawling Shadows)
Black Metal.

Chronic Decay/Exanthema (SE)  "Split" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2011-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"One of the rarest and most sought-after rarities of the classic Swedish death metal heydays, is finally available again and released on vinyl for the first time ever. A dedicated edition to this split originally unleashed back in 1993 by Studiofrämjandet only on CD. This mini LP shows two different sides of the coin, filling an essential gap to understand and have a complementary perspective of the aforementioned scene by two bands that didn´t reach a high status but which, for sure and independently, enriched the spectrum of the genre and of its native school with their own ideas. An emphatic shared piece of wax, to be served raw, uncut and cold, in the early nineties tradition."

Church of Misery (JP)  "And Then There Were None..." -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2016-Rise Above)
"And Then There Were None, is another blood-soaked trip through homicidal hell, with songs inspired by killers both infamous and obscure."

Cianide (US)  "A Descent Into Hell + Demos" -3LP 50.00EUR
(2012-The Crypt)
"Cianide´s sophomore masterpiece "A Descent into Hell" coupled with their "CIANIDE... KILLS" demo and “Scourging At the Pillar” unreleased track."

Circle of Dawn (FI)  "Northern Savonian Black Metal" -LP 21.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Alttarimyllyt" -LP 16.00EUR
50/50 metal and acoustic melancholy.

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Cast To The Pits" -LP 25.00EUR
(***-2010-Infinite Wisdom)
Limited to 300 copies.

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Final Egg" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2013-Black Bunker)
"The last chapter in the trilogy of ´underwater´ albums from CoO, ´The Final Egg´ completes what ´Eleven Fingers´ and ´Abrahadabra´ started."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Kotiinpaluu" -LP 20.00EUR
Folkish pop / rock.

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Night Radiance" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2014-Final Agony)
"60 minutes of lo-fi melancholic metal. Trilogy was originally released in 2009. Three-sided DLP in a wide spine jacket."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Ruumistähdet" -DLP 22.00EUR
Melancholic dark metal.

Circle of Ouroborus/Drowning the Light  "Moonflares" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-Obscure Abhorrence)
"Brilliant split lp of these Finnish and Australian bands. Comes with noble artwork, 5mm spine, double-sided insert and printed innersleeves. Limited to 500 copies."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Church of Atrocity" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage-NH050)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "City Of Slaughter" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"The most aggressive and ferocious Clandestine Blaze album to this day. Guitars return to early days’ maximum-distortion dirt. Vocals include more force and tone than in the old times. Drums hammer with slightly faster pace, and song structures sometimes break free from traditional templates. Lyrically the work is harsh and hostile, yet with plenty of substance to be discovered."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Deliverers of Faith" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage-NH-039)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Fire Burns In Our Hearts" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Night of the unholy flames" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)

Claws (FI)  "The Funeral Barge" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2009-Doomentia Records-DOOM015)
"Death Metal was meant to be underground and this is what CLAWS is all about...what lies beneath is where Death Metal TRULY lives! Death Metal band highly influenced by the cult Swedish death metal band Crematory from the early 90´s, as well as other rotting and cryptic sounding bands such as Derketa, Nihilist, and Incantation. Full-coloured jacket / 3mm spine / logo stamped by metallic foil / 2-sided coloured insert sheet."

Cloama/Mutant Ape  "Split" -7" 6.50EUR
(***-Turgid Animal)
"Finland´s best kept secret, Cloama meets England´s vilest, Mutant Ape in a Power Electronics show down with lyrics and artwork based on dementia."

Clone  "Play Slow, Die Fast Vol. I" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Blind Date Records-DATE#14)
Salome - Blueprint (Fugazi), The Austrasian Goat - Mask (Bauhaus), Atavist - Mindless (Infest), Coffins - Ebony tears (Cathedral), Monarch - A look at tomorrow(Discharge), La Cuenta - It´s in my Blood ! (Bl´ast), Fistula - Dead in a ditch ( D.R.I), HC Minds - Black Machine (Cirith Ungol). Total mayhem of 41 minutes. All volumes come in a die-cut stamped, embossed and printed coversleeve, plus 9"x9" twelve-paged booklet, plus insert with the mainartwork in 12"x12"."

Clone  "Play Slow, Die Fast Vol. II" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Blind Date Records-DATE#17)
Moloch - lighnting strikes twice (Rorschach), On Pain of Death - troops of doom (Sepultura), Golden Gorilla - Absentee debate (Unbroken), Aguirre - Like weeds (His Hero is Gone), Loss - The fog (Goatlord), Thou - Well fed fuck (Born Against), Shadow of the Torturer - Judgement of the dead (Pagan Altar), Hey Colossus - Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies). Total mayhem of 43:28 minutes. 185g black vinyl. Embossed cover incl. stamped oval diecut, full colored 12" sized inlay, 12-paged 9"-sized booklet, black innersleeve. Artwork: scrawled design.

Cobalt (US)  "War Metal" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2014-Hammerheart Records)
"This album will hit you like a thunder-bolt! Hailing from the United States, Cobalt, a two-member act, plays a very Australian brand of Black "war" Metal. There´s no bass in the album, only an unrelenting drum and a equally vigorous guitar. It´s unique and that´s what makes this album stand out. Re-issued by Hammerheart Records 2014, as close as possible to the original version."

Coffins (JP)  "Mortuary In Darkness" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2012-Osmose Prod.)
Re-release with bonus tracks.

Coffins (JP)  "Sacrifice To Evil Spirit" -DLP 21.00EUR
(***-2012-Osmose Prod.)
Re-release with bonus tracks.

Coffins/Skullhog  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
(2008-No Espace Records-NE029)
"Coffins, Japan´s leading force in old school death-doom serve up 2 cavernously grim tracks of slow motion and mid-paced skullcrushing blasphemy, following on from the colossal legacies left by Winter, Hellhammer and Nihilist and including a cover of Carnage’s ‘The Day Man Lost’! Holland´s most primitive threesome, Skullhog return to the front with 1 crawling and sprawling epic of menacing and knuckle-dragging neanderthal cruelty fusing the plague-ridden dirge of Autopsy with the thuggish, swinging sludge of Iron Monkey and the Hog’s horrific grind roots from years gone by when they committed their grisly deeds under the Bile moniker. This is definitely one of the heaviest and most brutal alliances in recent years, and limited to 500 copies." Expensive Australian import.

Coffins/Stormcrow  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-20 Buck Spin)
"Last year Stormcrow and Coffins laid waste to the West Coast of the United States on a 10 day tour culminating in both bands appearing at the Los Angeles Murderfest. During the tour the mutual admiration both bands already held for one another was permanently forged in steel and a split release was conceived and agreed upon." Some really minor damages on some of the sleeve corners due to the poor packing of the shipment.

Convulse (FI)  "Inner Evil" -mLP 13.00EUR
"The EP features the first CONVULSE studio recordings since the mid-nineties. Inner Evil EP, recorded in full analog in the autumn of 2012, consists two long exclusive tracks. The band features the original vocalist, guitarist and bass player in their ranks, and their brand of classic old school death metal still sounds like it´s 1991."

Cornigr (FI)  "Funereal Harvest" -LP 18.50EUR
(***-2016-Terratur Possessions)
"The music to your funeral, CORNIGR disbands with this three track masterpiece of poisonous, rotten, hypnotizing Black Metal. One door closes, seven gates opens. LP comes with a 20 minute long ambient B-side."

Corpsessed (FI)  "Abysmal Thresholds" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2014-Dark Descent Records)
"The band´s debut full-length, "Abysmal Thresholds" is over 47 minutes of death metal the way you´ve come to expect from this hard-hitting Finnish band. No fluff, no hyperbole..."

Corpsessed (FI)  "S/T" -7" 6.50EUR
(***-2012-Dark Descent Records)
"After pummeling listeners with 2011´s "The Dagger and the Chalice," Finland´s Corpsessed is back with two more tracks to totally annihilate with their weighty brand of death metal."

Corpus Christii (PT)  "Lost Chapters" -10" 12.00EUR
(2007-Obscure Abhorrence)
Fast Black Metal. Incl. unreleased tracks from 2002 & 2004.

Corpus Mortale (DK)  "Seize the Moment of Murder" -7" 6.00EUR
(2006-Nuclear Winter Records-NWR017)
"Classic Death Metal, heavy and brutal, a massive sound to smash your face and vocals beyond any criticism. Features Martin Rosendahl and Mads Haarlov, both ex-members of the mighty INIQUITY (RIP). Inlay with lyrics, thick cardboard cover."

Corrupted (JP)  "Loss" -7" 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Crust War Records)
"Long awaited, the first creation from CORRUPTED in four years centers on the theme of Medusa. This new release ushers in the vocals of Mother SII, whose voice creates a swirling chaos of hatred and malice, only to explode in a what can be called apocalyptic witch doom. In this song, together with CORRUPTED, she creates a never-before-seen, all-encompassing dark energy that devours all it touches."

Cosmic Church (FI)  "Ylistys" -DLP 22.00EUR
Epic & melodic black metal.

Cosmic Church/Blood Red Fog (FI)  "Split" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2015-Deviant Records)
"Black metal. Originally released as a 4-track-CD, the vinyl edition expands the experience by no less than four bonus songs. Whereas each band spawns an exclusive extra track, two additional songs are crafted in cooperation, making this split release a true collaboration in its actual sense."

Countess (NL)  "The gospel of the horned one" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-Heidens Hart)

Countess (NL)  "The return of the horned one" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-New Era)

Cremation (CA)  "Black Death Cult" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH134)
"Pre-Conqueror/Revenge Satanic death metal with J. Read on drums. Contains the Demos “Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Lalpor” 1993, “Hail The Rise of Med Pe Gal” 1994 and “The Flames of An Elite Age” 1995. Heavy vinyl with reverseboard printed jacket, A2 poster, and insert."

Crowbar (US)  "Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-Back on Black)

Crowpath/Submerge  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Tetedemort Records)
"Three songs from the last SUBMERGE recording session and a long and heavy song for CROWPATH. Artwork by Stephane Blanquet.

Crowskin/Black Freighter (DE)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Vendetta Records)
"Two heavy-weight doomcore acts from the empty, hopeless landscapes of Eastern Germany team up for a split LP that holds the balance between brutality and depressive bitterness. Leipzig´s BLACK FREIGHTER who give their vinyl debut on this one, start a slow, but unstoppable steamroller of tuned-to-zero guitars in complex and blurred arrangements. Potdam´s CROWSKIN, known from their split LP with BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS and last year´s "Harmony of death" 7" return rawer and uglier than ever with three painful slugde dirges over which the ferocious vocals by new singer Alexandra spit pure venom and sickness."

Cruciamentum/Vasaeleth  "Eroding Chaos Unto Ascendant Flesh" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Upholding the traditions of old, "Eroding Chaos Unto Ascendant Flesh" is an unholy union of exclusive material from the UKs´ CRUCIAMENTUM and Americas´ VASAELETH. Two important bands evoking some of the darkest and most brutally ambient evil death metal around these days. Think a bastard manifestation of dISEMBOWELMENT, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, BOLT THROWER & DEMIGOD."

Crucified Mortals (US)  "Converted By Decapitation" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Crush Until Madness-CUM004)
"Old school intense thrash metal from Ohio! Pounding drums, solid razor sharp riffing, and strong howling vocals! This is the thrash metal for all headbangers! Bang your head till death!!! 12" LP w/ Bonus Tracks & Insert."

Crucifier (US)  "Stronger than Passing Time" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(2003-Death to Mankind)
Grand Belial´s Key member playing original Death Metal.

Cryptopsy (CA)  "Once Was Not" -LP 13.00EUR
(2005-Century Media)

Cult of Fire (CZ)  "Čtvrtá Symfonie Ohně" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2014-Iron Bonehead)
"Black Metal. This EP is dedicated to the amazing composer Bedrich Smetana and two beautiful rivers: the Czech Vltava and Slovak Váh."

Cultes Des Ghoules (PO)  "Coven" -3LP 40.00EUR
(***-2017-Of Crawling Shadows)

Cultes Des Ghoules (PO)  "Henbane" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Arcane rituals, medieval devil worship, black blood spilling forth, screams from the abyss both nameless and numerous...CULTES DES GHOULES unleash their second full-length spell, Henbane. Both more compositionally advanced and more primitive than all previous, vocals ranging throats both ghoulish and diseased, and still with the most overpowering, bass-driven sound around: CULTES DES GHOULES make their grandest, most garish statement yet with the epic Henbane."

Curse (SE)  "Ad Futuram Rei Memoriam" -10" 15.00EUR
(2012-Blood Harvest)
"Death metal. One of the most obscure and mysterious bands from Sweden."

Dario Mars And The Guillotines  "Banned From" -7" 7.00EUR
"Black Garbage Soul."

Dark Fury (PO)  "Vae Victis!" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2017-DTB Rex)
"Radical black metal. First album on vinyl."

Dark Tribe (DE)  "In jeraspunta - Die Rückkehr der tollwütigen Bestie" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2006-Fog of the Apocalypse-FOTA006)
"Await 9 brainslaughtering tracks of total insane Black Metal, that is dark, morbid, radikal, psychotic and hatefull." Heavy vinyl, heavy weight carton and printed innersleeves.

Darkspace (CH)  "-I" -LP 21.00EUR
(2012-Avantgarde Music)
"We are well used to Darkspace´s minimalist layout artworks combined with the utilization of raw, unembellished cardboards and papers. Their debut on vinyl makes no exception. This first pressing will come in all-black gatefold & embossed cover with inner artworks."

Darkthrone (NO)  "Arctic Thunder" -LP 22.00EUR

Darkthrone (NO)  "Transilvanian Hunger" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(***-2005-Back on Black)

Darkthrone (NO)  "Under a Funeral Moon" -PICLP 16.00EUR
(***-2005-Back on Black)

Darvulia (FR)  "L´Alliance des Venins" -LP 16.00EUR
Bitter black metal. Vinyl version includes a bonus track. Recommended!

Dawn (SE)  "The Eternal Forest - Demo Years 91-93" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Century Media)
"DAWN’s entire demo recordings finally available for the first time on vinyl. Remastered by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Asphyx, Dissection) and done in full cooperation with DAWN’s mastermind Fredrik Söderberg. Essential Swedish death metal that subsequently evolved into masterly executed melodic black metal."

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Promulgation of the Fall" -LP 16.00EUR
"The soundtrack to Total Death."

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Rehearsal 2005" -7" 7.50EUR
"Recorded live on rehearsal sometime in 2005, five tracks of uncompromising Death Metal Darkness with devastating sound."

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Sombre Doom" -mLP 14.50EUR
"14 minutes of DEATH METAL Somberness and Doom."

Dead in the Water (FI)  "Echoes...in the Ruins" -LP 15.00EUR
"Formed in Finland in 2000, Dead In The Water slowly shifted from their early hardcore/crust/punk sound to a more slow doom-paced metal, still laced with their crusty beginnings. Now in 2007, DITW offers a depressive, crushing, oppressive full-length debut, pointing the way for a very heavy future." Limited to 500 copies.

Death in June (UK)  "Occidental Martyr" -PIC 10" 23.00EUR
"Death In June’s Occidental Martyr was originally released in 1995. It features screen actor Max Wearing reading lyrics to Death In June songs over a soundtrack recorded by Douglas P. specially for the album. Max Wearing appeared in Peter Weir’s Gallipoli (1981), and Richard Wolstencroft’s Pearls Before Swine (1999). This picture disc edition is limited to 500 copies, and includes two postcards."

Death Yell (CL)  "Morbid Rites" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2007-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH056)
"Death Yell is cult Chilean black death metal from 1989 and is considered one of the forefathers of the genre world wide. This release compiles their classic demo “Vengeance from Darkness” plus a rare live recording from 1990. Their sound can be compared to that of early Blasphemy (demo era) mixed with early Morbid Angel with a South American twist. Released as double 180 gram heavy vinyl LPs and come housed in high quality gatefold jacket with 24 page 12” x 12” booklet glued to the inside gatefold panel. Also included is a killer 24” x 24” color poster of the front cover artwork."

Deathchurch (JP)  "Unsilent Hate Anthem" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2007-Klaxon Productions-KLX-005)
"The first EP released by this harsh japanese band. Finally released as a collaboration with NWN! prod after delays. Band has now ceased, RIP."

Deathrow (IT)  "Primordial Lifecode" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Fog of the Apocalypse)
"Solo project of Frostmoon Eclipse, Hiems and Macabre Omen Drummer. Raw and primordial old school black metal in the vein of Judas Iscariot, Clandestine Blaze, Graven and Satanic Warmaster. Almost 50 minutes of cold hunger and misanthropy. The first fucking great stuff available on limited LP. 500 copies with printed bothsided innersleeve. True old italian black metal with a Coversong of the mighty Darkthrone."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Drought" -mLP 14.00EUR
"Drought has the sour taste of the inexorable; it is a musical journey through the last moments before disaster hits. This recording displays some of the most lethal song writing ever witnessed from the band while retaining their unmistakable sound."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Manifestations 2002" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2014-End All Life)

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Paracletus" -LP 19.00EUR
"The record closes the circle to the hallucinated sound of dissonant violence and menacing splendour, exploring the depths of abjection and the corruption of the other worlds on high."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Si Monvmentvm Reqvuires, Circvmspice" -DLP 23.00EUR

Deathspell Omega/S.V.E.S.T. (FR)  "Chaining the Katechon /Le Diable est ma Raison" -LP 18.00EUR
"DEATHSPELL OMEGA and S.V.E.S.T. offer two glances right into the primeval fracture, the suppurating wound at the heart of everything, the fissure undermining up to the least attempt at harmony. Summa Divisio, the first of all divisions, the mother of all scissions and the annunciation of woe and affliction to come. The work of both bands can be understood as a variation on a same theme, independent yet complementary."

Decayed (PG)  "Hell-Witch" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Iron Bonehead Records-IBP027)
"A New Seven Inch Assault From This Southern Traditionalists Of Old School Black Metal. 3 Unreleased Versions Of Recordings From 1993, 1999 And 2004. Comes In A Gloosy Folded Cover With Black & White Print. Limited To 500 Copies."

Deer Creek/Rawradarwar (US)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Game Two Records-GT-34)
"This awesome split features Boston’s brutalizing RawRadarWar and the bleak and punishing heaviness of Denver’s Deer Creek. (RawRadarWar is fronted by former Only Living Witness and Milligram vocalist Jonah Jenkins in his most ferocious persona yet). RawRadarWar occupies Side A of the LP with two epic cuts of scathing, rumbling Sludge Doom, plus a track of dark, ambient soundscaping. Side B features four desolate doses of the heavy from Deer Creek."

Degial (SE)  "Death and Darkness Buries All..." -7" 8.00EUR
(2012-Blood Harvest)
Swedish Death Metal. Repress.

Degial (SE)  "Death´s Striking Wings" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Sepulchral Voice)
"Dark, rough, skilled authentic. Expect nothing less than a mass of ancient morbid death metal in the vein of old Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Possessed, old Slayer and Repugnant."

Degial (SE)  "Savage Mutiny" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Sepulchral Voice)
"Eight new compositions that form a vision of the bottomless pit and a celebration of the entities to be spit out from there. From the most brutal thunderdrumming and ripping guitarshredding to trance-like pounding the album crosses bridges between tradition and innovation multiple times."

Deicide (US)  "S/T" -LP 17.00EUR

Deiphago (PH)  "Filipino Antichrist" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"The ultimate annihilation in audio torture is now at hand! In this time of over-saturated bestial metal, Deiphago blaze their own barbaric trail of Satanic Metal with the most punishing, primitive & bestial attack of 2009! With a background of demo tapes throughout the 90´s & their debut full-length endorsed by the Ross Bay Cult, the Filipino Antichrist´s succeed in making this hi-speed attack even more rewarding than before. No wannabe Fallen Angel Of Doom, no wannabe The Oath Of Black Blood, no Angelcunt or even War Cult Supremacy. Just pure uncompromising, unconventional violence: this is bestiality. Deiphago are the true beasts. Fuck off to the false! 666 copies, black vinyl w/: poster, gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve."

Deliquescence/Neige et Noirceur (CA)  "Split" -7" 9.00EUR
(***-2015-Final Agony Records)
"Déliquescence delivers another offering of Antinomian Black Metal, honoring the Horned One on this Samhain night. Neige Et Noirceur offers a twisted ritual, exploring new sounds while staying true to it´s reputation; hymns to a dying aeon, where only true believers arise. 200 on black vinyl."

Demigod (FI)  "Let Chaos Prevail" -LP 17.00EUR
(Animate Records)
"Death Metal. Semi-legendary Finns. Vinyl edition of Demigod´s third album, originally released on CD in 2007. Limited to only 666 copies worldwide!"

Demoncy (US)  "Enthroned Is The Night" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-Forever Plagued Records)
"Joined In Darkness, the time has come yet again for the rise of Demoncy. Stronger than ever they summon the power of darkness. Raising the banner of dark black metal again where so many have forgot and left behind its essence. "Enthroned Is The Night" will bring back the essence of true black metal in 2013"

Denial (MX)  "Catacombs of the Grotesque" -LP 15.00EUR
(Blood Harvest)
"Violent and chaotic Death Metal from the pits of the most darkened abyss. Features members of CENOTAPH and PULVERIZED! A perfect blend of Mexican and Swedish old school death metal style!"

Denial Of God/Abysmal Grief  "Split" -7" 9.00EUR
(***-2009-Horror Records)
"The long awaited split 7" EP of two horror entities: Denial Of God and Abysmal Grief! Denial Of God return with a new horror anthem entitled "Resurrection of the Damned" - still in the vain that only the ghouls can create them! Abysmal Grief deliver a new occult hymn of pure misfortune entitled "Brides of the Goat" and both tracks are exclsusive to this release! Comes in heavy luxurious gatefold sleeve!"

Der Blutharsch (AT)  "When Did Wonderland End?" -LP 18.00EUR
"Finally the all new strike by Der Blutharsch, hereby assisted by members of Inner Glory, Calle della Morte, Terroritmo, Sieben and Varunna, among others, and encompassing a richer instrumention in this new age of the project. "

Der Stürmer (GR)  "Areifatoi" -7" 7.50EUR
(***-2013-Breath of Pestilence)

Der Stürmer (GR)  "The Blood Calls for W.A.R.!" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2014-Lancea Music)
"Classic NSBM, available again on vinyl."

Der Stürmer/Wehrhammer (GR)  "Split" -vinyl 7.50EUR
(***-2013-Breath of Pestilence)

DeRais (DE)  "Of Angel´s Seed and Devil´s Harvest" -LP 19.50EUR
"Apocalyptic blackened funeral doom."

Desaster/Sabbat  "Sabbatical Desastermination" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2010-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records)
This is your chance to get both killer live recordings (really, good sound of both bands) on a nice looking double-lp (350g gatefold cover, glossy paper). Available on vinyl for the first time."

Destruktor (AU)  "Nailed" -LP 17.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Raging for well over a decade in the isolated land of Australia, Destruktor have stood the test of time with a few EPs and a demo under their bullet belts. Now after much anticipation the war beast strikes again with their debut full-length album entitled "Nailed" featuring 10 new tracks of the highest degree accompanied by blasphemous Riddick illustrations. Harnessing the essential elements of fore founding extreme metal troops, Destruktor deliver a dark brutal desecration of exceptional warring bestial black metal of death that easily rivals those in the same battlefield. Destruktor will win the war... with or without your support!"

Deströyer666 (AU)  "Unchain The Wolves" -LP 19.00EUR
Finally a proper vinyl re-release of this classic black thrash record. Mandatory! HHR´s version also available.

Devastator (US)  "The Summoning" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(2009-Necromancer Records)
"Unholy Black Thrashing Heavy Metal. Resurrecting the spirit of the old metal underground. 5ht full length release by these black thrashers from USA. Limited to 300 copies only.

Devourment (SE)  "Shallow Grave" -7" 6.00EUR
(2011-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"Following the demise of old-school Swedish behemoths CARNAGE, vocalist and living Death Metal legend Johan Liiva formed DEVOURMENT. These extremely rare tracks form the only surviving recording documenting the band´s existence; an impossibly dark-sounding rehearsal session featuring two songs of Swedeath, done the ancient way. Also worth noting is that some of the other band members later went on to become Furbowl. A true necrotic feast in its own right, and a slice of musical history craving its place in the collection of every Death Metal enthusiast!"

DHG (NO)  "666 International" -DLP 24.00EUR

DHG (NO)  "Supervillain Outcast" -DLP 30.00EUR

Diaboli (FI)  "Invocation" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2010-Northern Heritage)
"Diaboli is one of the oldest black metal bands of Finland, who have never stopped, never wimped out, never compromised. Only short time obstacles of prison sentences and suicides in the ranks of band has made few moments of silence. Invocation was already recorded couple years back, but NH has kept delaying the release simply to avoid too many releases appear on short period of time. From Kirous and Antichrist albums, Diaboli heads towards darker and more sinister lethal black metal assault. No keyboard intros. Less of the Nordic thin razor guitars. It is still 100% guaranteed Diaboli, now with heavier guitars, deeper bassier sound quality. Nothing is hidden below the layers of distortion. No emo/shoegazer, but simply amazing great punishing riffs one after another. In the Finnish scene, often dominated by melodies and harmonies, the power of ultimate RIFFS is undeniable! Feel the strength of Diaboli’s Invocation!"

Diaboli (FI)  "Kirous" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2008-Northern Heritage-NH-038)
"Finnish Black Metal! Finally first vinyl assaults of Diaboli!! ltd 500!"

Diapsiquir (FR)  "A.N.T.I." -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2011-End All Life)

Die Kunst Der Finsternis (SE)  "Das Geheimnis des Vampirs" -LP 23.00EUR
(***-2013-Triumph of Death)
"Die Kunst der Finsteris was formed in the year MMVII as a solo project of Herr Schattenriss to experiment a macabre vision of artistic boundaries with magic. The texts are strongly related with occult Vampirism and initiatic aspects. Music itself is a devotional letting go of precious energy and the calling for "The Bloodline". Deluxe re-release of the already sold out tape, now on 12" vinyl."

Diocletian (NZ)  "Annihilation Rituals" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2012-Osmose Prod.)

Diocletian (NZ)  "War Of All Against All" -LP 16.00EUR
"The follow up to ´Doom Cult´ sees DIOCLETIAN ramp up the violence, brutality and outright intensity. WOAAA will surely satiate those rabid wolves hungry for bestial and unrelenting, barbaric Death Metal!"

Disgrace (FI)  "Vol. 2" -LP 16.00EUR
"Death metal pioneer Disgrace´s last stab at underground brutality before turning to rock´n´roll was to be their 2nd album "Vol.2", also known as "Black Lizard´s Cry". Fate had other plans, however, and their record label manager at the time decided to vanish, taking the original master tapes with him. Some of these songs later appeared on the subsequent Disgrace release, but as more or less different re-recordings. A year ago the original band members located a couple of well-preserved tape copies they took of the original master at the time, so with the help of modern cutting edge technology an arduous restoration process was to take place."

Disma (US)  "The vault of membros" -LP 15.50EUR
(***-2012-Iron Bonehead)
Death Metal. Demo + bonus track.

Dissipation (US)  "D.S.W." -7" 9.00EUR
(2011-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)

Divine Eve (US)  "Upon These Ashes Scorn the World" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Iron Tyrant)
"Death Metal. Upon These Ashes Scorn the World was originally released on CD by Proscriptor’s Tarot Productions label. Like that CD, this LP compiles everything the first incarnation of this obscure band did during its short existence."

Domains (SP)  "Sinister Ceremonies" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-Sinister Flame)
"In an ocean of hollow and insincere releases it might sometimes be challenging to discern what is real. The long-awaited debut album of Spanish Nine Angles inspired DOMAINS brings you instantly to the abyss of Merciless and Luciferian Black Death Metal. It feels fresh and authentic... because it IS. 43 minutes of ALL the mastery, and ALL the scorn. The abyss has never cried like this."

Domini Inferi/Warhate  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH026)
"Warhate plays heathen war metal the way it was meant to be. Short bursts of angst and hatred to celebrate the wolf in man. Their side of the LP was originally released as a split 7" with Nasum back in 1998. Domini Inferi is pre-Conqueror bestial black death metal project from R. Forster. Their side comes from a promo tape from 1994. Presented in gatefold jacket with printed innersleeve and pressed on 180 gram heavy vinyl. Clocking in at 11 minutes total and cut at 45 RPM for superior audio fidelity. This will be sold for a normal LP price due to its manufacturing costs. "

Doom Throne (DE)  "Skeleton Veiled in Flesh" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2003-Black Goat Productions)
"Two lengthy songs of Doomy, morbid Black metal. The B-side is a cover of German CEMETARY’s (pre-DAWN OF WINTER) “Dancing with the banshee” from 1990. A really cool underground item here, dark, heavy and truly morbid stuff! Limited to 666 hand numbered copies."

Doomed (US)  "Doomed to Death and Damned In Hell" -LP 16.00EUR
"Doomed consisted of Chris and Danny from Autopsy along with the Boogieman on vocals. The LP contains both 7" EP´s they released (for Peaceville collector´s club and Relapse) along with a bonus live track they would often do as an encore at Autopsy shows. All tracks appear on LP for the first time.Fans of Autopsy/Abscess should not miss this great collection of filthy as fuck Death!"

Dopefight/The Fucking Wrath  "Split" -7" 7.50EUR
(2012-Hell Comes Home)

Draug (SE)  "In Glorification of Dark Legions" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2009-Darker Than Black)
Black metal.

Drowned (DE)  "Idola Specus" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2014-Sepulchral Voice)
"Finally Drowned takes up the torch from where they left off with their mini-album "Viscera Terrae" in 2006. The purpose of "Idola Specus is not to present a rehash of times begone, but to add a valid statement to the gospel of Death Metal as it was meant to be played. Emanating an aura of surreal morbidity with hints of doom and prog, "Idola Specus" is as esoteric and introspective as it is dark, heavy, and raw."

Drowning the Light (AU)  "A Pact With Madness" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence)
"A Pact with Madness delves into the morbid world of a leper cast from society, living in the forest, descending into madness through his isolation and curse. Obscure and rotten Black Metal from this Australian cult. Vinyl only release."

Drowning the Light (AU)  "Dead Soul Requiem" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2013-Obscure Abhorrence)

Drowning the Light (AU)  "Lost Kingdoms Of A Dark Age" -10" 12.00EUR
(***-2013-Obscure Abhorrence)

Drowning the Light/Empire of Tharaphita  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence)
"Split LP between Australian Cult & the Finnish hordel Epic, melancholic & hateful Black Metal. Limited to 666 copies."

Drowning the Light/Eternum (AU)  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"2009 split ep featuring two of Australia´s most impressive cults!"

Drudkh (UA)  "Estrangement" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2010-Season of Mist)

Drudkh (UA)  "The Swan Road" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2010-Season of Mist)
Repress including digital download card.

Dråpsnatt (SE)  "Hymner till undergången" -LP 16.00EUR
"Swedish atmospheric Black Metal hailing the sombre nature mysticism and grim aspects of Swedish folklore. Black Metal art entwined with acoustic passages of nocturnal woodland, nordic progressive music and cold cosmic symphonism. Return to the glorious traditions of KVIST "For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike", ARCTURUS "Aspera Hiems Symfonia", OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT "Witchraft", ULVER "Bergtatt" and "Kveldsanger" by listening to Hymner till undergången."

Dwell Within (US)  "Monkshood" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2008-I Hate Records-IHR057)
"Dwell Within aren´t newcomers to the world of doom metal. In fact, it could be seen as Mark III in the progression of a band previously known as Cor and Oversoul, led by Dennis Cornelius, a musician who really knows the ropes of the genre as a one-time member of Revelation and Place of Skulls. Constantly honing their skills and perfecting the craft of adventurous heavy music, Monkshood firmly falls into the conforms of true doom, yet simultaneously contorts beyond regular conventions, all the while preserving a coherent and developed sound that stands out in a world of copycats. Previously available for free download, expect a 12" MLP on white vinyl with insert, strictly limited to 444 copies."

Dödfödd (SE)  "Demo 10" -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2014-Darker Than Black)

Dødheimsgard (NO)  "Monumental Possession" -LP 26.00EUR

Dødsengel (NO)  "Interequinox" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2017-Debemur Morti)
"A monstrous maelstrom of eclectic, theatrical Black Metal mixed with hints of ecstatic horror, psychedelia and pure beauty."

Dødsengel (NO)  "Mirium Occultum" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2014-Terratur Possessions)
"Available again, Dødsengels most praised and sought after release to date. Identical to the first press."

Earth & Pillars (IT)  "Earth I" -LP 18.00EUR
"Marvellous debut album for lovers of Battle Dagorath, Paysage d´Hiver and Darkspace to some extents, or the so called... ´cascadian´ black metal wave. Incl. 16page booklet."

Egypt (US)  "Become the Sun" -DLP 20.00EUR
"With a new guitar player in town yet still with Aaron Esterby on vocals and heavy bass (and it´s HEAVY!), compared to their debut, the first proper full-length dares to tread on a bluesier, heavier path, only to wash it all in psychedelics. Overall, this beast is just damn epic, peaking with its final, 11 minute plus dirge that is “Elk River Fire”, and is mandatory for SLEEP and BLACK SABBATH fans alike."

Einherjer (NO)  "Dragons of the North" -LP 20.00EUR

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Black Masses" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2010-Rise Above Records)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Come My Fanatics..." -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2006-Rise Above-RISELP072)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Let Us Prey" -DLP 24.50EUR
(***-2002-Rise Above-RISELP074)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "S/T" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2011-Rise Above-RISELP071)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "We Live" -DLP 24.50EUR
(***-2004-Rise Above-RISELP48)

Emanation (SP)  "Under Magnetic Sleep" -mLP 13.50EUR
(***-2013-Black Mass Records)
"EMANATION provides a new approach to the phenomena through a concept based on Spiritism and the research of the pioneers such as N. Tesla, Allan Kardec, Attila V. Szalay, K. Raudive, Charles R. Richet, E. Senkowsky, William Crookes... at a metaphysical level. Science and religion. Facts and faith. In early 2013 EMANATION entered the studio to register ´Under Magnetic Sleep´, a one-sided 12´´ for Black Mass Records, focused into the unusual perception developed under artificial inducted sleep as a tool to bridge the great divide that separates the living from the departed."

Embalmed (MX)  "Exalt The Imperial Beast" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"After 17 years of strategically scattered EPs & demos, EMBALMED finally mark their triumphant return with their very first full-length album. Hailing from the darkest abyss of Mexico, EMBALMED leave nothing to subtlety when it comes to their raison d´etre - "Exalt the Imperial Beast"! A ceaselessly violent, gnawing torrent of black/death barbarity and sulfurous ritualism that is equally atrocious and dark but still retains a certain Death Metal character in the songwriting."

Emperor (NO)  "In the Nightside Eclipse" -DLP 21.00EUR
(***-Back on Black-BOBV091)

Emperor (NO)  "S/T" -mLP 14.00EUR
(***-2014-Hammerheart Records)

Emperor (NO)  "Wrath of the Tyrant/Emperor" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2008-Back on Black-BOBV090)

Empire of Hate (AU)  "Visions of a Better Times" -7" 7.00EUR
(2008-Klaxon Productions-KLX-14)
"Australian black metal. Empire of Hate´s first vinyl and first official release since their split cassette released in 2007. The recordings here again illustrate their confident and strong grasp of black metal like all of their other previous material. Empire of Hate´s attention seems dead focused on atmosphere and creating a fluid sound to the instrumentation, but unlike most bands who choose this route, gripping song structure is still intact. They are not a band that flaunts their strength superficially but rather allows it to be felt in the mastery of all the involved elements."

End (GR)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Black Hate Productions-BHPVINYL8)
"Raw sound, minimal artwork, atmosphere and music that will lead you back to years of the true black metal bands with main influences from old Carpathian forest and Darkthrone. One of the best Greek acts. This must be the End of humanity. Embossed front cover."

Enshadowed (GR)  "Magic Chaos Psychedelia" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2014-Aphelion Prod.)
"A combination of orthodox black metal with experimental grotesquery parts. Chaos, ritualism, paranoia - the formulas of how it can be harmonized with the chaos and the utter. Combining sheer power and an epical whirlwind of dark, nihilistic blackened death metal, Magic Chaos Psychedlia stands as proof that genre confines should never be as stark as we seem to make them, and that good songwriting blurs the boundaries to a point of insignificance."

Enslaved (NO)  "The Sleeping Gods" -LP 24.00EUR
(***-2017-By Norse Music)

Enslaved (NO)  "Yggdrasill" -LP 22.00EUR
"´Yggdrasill´ was the band´s second demo (following 1991´s feet-finding ´Nema´), showing a young band with great passion & creativity. The songs were understandably raw & contained some traits of the Norwegian wave of black metal sweeping the region at the time, along with their own individual touch. Although more focused on Viking/Norwegian lore than anything satanic, Enslaved´s signature sound still captured the magic of the genre with long, hypnotic compositions losing the listener within their vast sonic landscapes. This limited black vinyl edition of ´Yggdrasill´ features the bonus track ´Enslaved´ plus new liner notes written by the band."

Entartung (DE)  "Krypteia" -LP 16.00EUR
"Black metal in the 90s fashion. Entartung stands for relentless, uncompromising music void of any notion of commercialism, celebrating the true Luciferian spirit."

Entartung (DE)  "Peccata Mortalia" -LP 16.00EUR
"Peccata Mortalia displays the duo in an even stronger (black)light, the songwriting both more assured and distinctive and the execution more vile and grim. Shadow-draped yet melodic, despite the band´s Teutonic origins, ENTARTUNG forego the mystical/medieval vibe of their country´s usual black metal style and, in fact, slot well alongside Finland´s filthy and emotive idiom of the past decade. By any description, however, Peccata Mortalia is black metal traditionalism par excellence."

Enthroned (BE)  "Pentagrammaton" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Regain Records)
"ENTHRONED from Belgium delivers a blasphemous, blackened storm of blasting beats that cruise along like a launched warhead. Their sinister brand of black metal is powered by a diabolical aura that is truly their own as the group issues a scathing, hate-filled attack to it´s listeners. "Pentagrammaton" is a good example of exactly what a black metal band should be in all contexts."

Envenom (MY)  "Christfukk" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Iron Bonehead-IBP036)
"Black/Thrash from Malaysia!"

Epäkristus/Barathrum (FI)  "Unholy Conspiration" -10" 12.00EUR
(2010-Primitive Reaction)
"Both bands play proudly Finnish black metal! New material from Barathrum after the long break and this is for sure their best release since legendary “Infernal” album. Epäkristus´ first release after four successful demos, absolute elite! Only exclusive material on this 10". Cover artwork by Demonos Sova."

Equimanthorn (AU)  "Rehearsal Demo ´92" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Supremacy Through Intolerance)
"3 Tracks of Putrid and Rotten Black Metal. Repress of the one and only Demo from 1992 by the band that later on became Spear of Longinus on single sided 12" vinyl. Liner notes written by Camazotz especially for the re-release. Limited to 300 copies only."

Eschaton (GR)  "Causa Fortior" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Raging Bloodlust Records)
"Fast Hellenic Black Metal in the tradition of Legion of Doom and Kaiadas. Incl. one bonus track and comes with new artwork."

Essenz (DE)  "Metaphysis" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Amor Fati)
"Be prepared for IV interrelated rituals, which shall provoke the depth of your unknown spirits and lead them to cathartic salvation. Visual illusion by T. of Drowned/Necros Christos. Limited to 500 Copies. Gatefold 12" LP + A2 poster."

Eternity (DE)  "Funeral Mass" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2008-Blut & Eisen)
"Second full-length from this German black metal band. Cold, wicked, dark and massive, Eternity takes some cues from Darkthrone´s earliest black metal material (´92-´94) and creates something of their own."

Evangelivm (RU)  "Nightside of Eden" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Hammer of Hate)
"Nightside of Eden is a result of the cold landscapes of Russia and the devotion of the 2 mystics behind Evangelivm, a channel of theistic gospel of Satan."

Evil Angel/Spawn of Satan  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSEP033)
"After 6 years of silence, SPAWN OF SATAN emerge from beneath the black stairs with 2 brand new tracks of Satanic Thrashing Death with an unrelenting level of aggression rarely seen in today´s Metal bands! Fronted by Jim Sadist of NunSlaughter. Finnish horde EVIL ANGEL launch a blistering attack of Bestial Black Thrash in the vein of SARCOFAGO, BLASPHEMY and countrymates URN. A perfect blend of raw harshness and headbanging old-school catchiness sure to impress diehard Underground Metal fanatics!"

Evil Dead 2013  "Soundtrack" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2013-Unseen Forces)
"The complete motion picture soundtrack from Fede Alvarez’s incendiary 2013 reimagining of cult horror masterpiece the EVIL DEAD. Spanish composer Roque Baños dazzles with a crisp modern orchestral score that bows reverently toward such genre classics as Jerry Goldsmith’s The Omen Suite, Anton Webern and Krzysztof Penderecki’s creepy string movements from The Exorcist and Joseph LoDuca’s beautifully understated atmospherics for Sam Raimi’s original creation that launched the grisly Kandarian franchise and revolutionized the contemporary horror film with its startling velocity."

Evil Incarnate (US)  "Waiting for His Return" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSLP026)
"After over 4 years of silence, EVIL INCARNATE has returned to strike the earth with bloodshed. All out war against christ, his father, the holy spirit and all who worship the Nazarene pig from Jerusalem, born in Bethlehem. Very blasphemous christ hating Death Metal propaganda inspired by infernal legions such as POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, MASSACRE, DEATH, and CELTIC FROST. Embrace the Devil´s music as EVIL INCARNATE lead the people to Satan, lead them to hell and burn them!"

Evil/Abigail  "Raw Black Thrashing Madness" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Genocide Aesthetics)
"One new killer track by each band paying tribute to the thrashing old-school spirit of Black Metal! Released on heavy vinyl and in a gatefold cover with printed cardboard innersleeve. Limited to 400 copies including a poster."

Evil/Lone Suffer  "We Bring The Gallows Of Hope" -LP 25.00EUR
(2011-Infinite Wisdom)
"Split between Brazilian and Japanese Cold Black Metal hordes."

Evoke (UK)  "Forever Breeding Evil" -mLP 14.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH127)
"UK “shed” Death Metal. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl."

Evoke/Mordbrand  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"Unleashed upon mankind some crushing old school death metal. From the UK comes EVOKE, after 16 years there crushing i am my own god -demo 1994 is finally brought to the world on vinyl. This classic features 5 songs of pure death..not to be missed. Mordbrand hail from the darkest wasteland of Sweden and have recorded a masterclass in evil death, which explores the realms of the deadliest of all metal. Featuring Bjorn Larsson (ex - Horned/The Law) and Johan Rudberg (The Law) this new project brings the glory days of Autopsy inspired death, which will rip out your soul."

Ex Inferiis (MX)  "Ngul A Crist" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Mexico City’s dirty streets spawn yet another new black thrash horde by the name EX INFERIIS. This is for those who long for the days when NIFELHEIM played real black metal."

Excoriate (DE)  "On Pestilent Winds..." -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2009-Sepulchral Voice Records-SVRLP02)
Death metal. Recommended!

Excruciate (SE)  "Mutilation of the Past/Hymns of Mortality" -DLP 31.00EUR
(The Crypt)

Exorcism/Rademassaker (DE)  "Split" -7" 5.00EUR
(2007-Deathstrike Records)
"Both bands deliver pure old school death metal. The RADEMASSAKER side includes a cover of KREATOR´s classic "Tormentor", incl. insert. Limited to 666 copies."

Exordium (FI)  "Wrath Principle" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Northern Heritage)
"Finally out after long delays! Completely re-mastered for vinyl record with much more fierce and primitive sound. Now razorsharp guitar work dominating album instead of heavy drum blast. For those who want clean and nice, look for the CD version. Those who was harder and darker, LP is a must. Packaged in full color gatefold sleeve. Fast black metal assault for the strong mind not following the trendy subgenres."

Exterminate (CL)  "Pact" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTIGOTH080)
"This burst of horrifyingly brutal bestial black death emanating from Chile is the new EP by the mighty Exterminate kult. After releasing a demo in 2000 and an EP on Sombre in 2002, Exterminate spent several years lying in wait for the perfect time to strike again. That time has come at last. “Pact” is a harsh and unrelenting battle assault that leaves a path of destruction in its wake. Recorded and produced with a crushing, blown out and chaotic sound, these songs are pure satanic devastation delivered with a demonic mania seldom found in the glut of bestial black metal releases filling the lists of metal distros these days. Furthermore, accompanying this deathly EP is an elaborately designed booklet conveying Exterminate’s unholy imagery and lyrical manifestations of evil. Comes on black vinyl with printed inner sleeve and deluxe pro-printed booklet."

Fear Falls Burning (BE)  "Frenzy of the Absolute" -DLP 18.00EUR
(2008-Conspiracy Records-CORE061LP)
"Over the past two years, Fear Falls Burning has manifested itself as a willful and unique statement amidst the ever-expanding drone genre with numerous limited and exclusive releases on both vinyl and CD. This new album blends drone with slow-building, repetitive drums and additional guitar layers, manifesting a work that is equally as groundbreaking as it is familiar to those in touch with the Fear Falls Burning world."

Feldgrau (US)  "Mechanized Misanthropy" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2010-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
"Industrial Black Death chaos of unmatched heaviness, extremity and violence from Pete Helmkamp. Created by Helmkamp, Bill Taylor from ANGELCORPSE/IMMOLATION and Vhex in 2004, the band created some of the destructive and terrorizing sounds ever heard in underground Extreme Metal. After creating the sole release "Mechanized Misanthropy" in 2005 on cd, the group disbanded and faded into obscurity, until now. This release, also titled "Mechanized Misanthropy" features the tracks from the original cd, along with additional unreleased tracks, with a new track listing and order, completely different artwork, layout and design, and marks this release as the definitive FELDGRAU onslaught. Over 50 minutes of uncompromising, unforgiving elitist chaos... This release is limited to 500 copies. Standard lp jacket, printed inner sleeve and black vinyl."

Fen (UK)  "Ancient Sorrow" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2008-Northern Silence Productions-NSP058)
"Dark, atmospheric Black Metal with some Post Rock and Doom influences."

Fen (UK)  "The Malediction Fields" -DLP 22.00EUR
"Fusing elements of post-rock, ambient soundscapes and gentle acoustic passages alongside raging black metal fury, The Malediction Fields is an expression of loss, isolation and hopelessness, a timeless despair that has resonated throughout the history of human experience. Features two exclusive bonus tracks."

Feretrum (SP)  "From Far Beyond" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Black Mass Records)
"FERETRUM, together with bands like AGGRESSOR or NECROPHILIAC, were among the first of the Spanish bands to display keen interest in creating dark, raw and extreme metal. From Far Beyond was recorded in an 8-track studio and it features eight pieces of dark, dense and intricate death metal. In July 1992, it was released as the "FAR FROM BEYOND" cassette-LP by the studio-affiliated label Kaleta Records. 21 years later, the album has finally been exhumed, remastered and rescued from oblivion."

Fermento (SP)  "Recipe for Cremation" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Die Todesrune Records-DTM026)
"Long awaited new album from this Spanish Death Metal legend. Their best effort up to date, crushing old school Brutal Death metal in its purest form. Available in great looking vinyl format limited to 500 copies!"

Fester (NO)  "Silence" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Iron Bonehead)
"A treasure of sinister Norwegian metal is finally recovered and unleashed on vinyl for the very first time ever. Fester´s second album is a composition of gloomy and mystical but harsh and evil aesthetics at the same time. Get lost in the deep dark nothingness of this special sound (of silence)."

Finnish German Alliance  "Sampler" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-World Terror Comittee Prod.)
"Gatefold covers, thick vinyl. Exclusive songs from the following bands: Verivala, Sargeist, Blood Red Fog, Korgonthurus, Dusken, The true Frost, Darkmoon Warrior and Nihil Nocturne."

Fistula (US)  "Hymns of slumber" -LP 16.00EUR
(2013-Blind Date Records)
"Fistula was born in Litchfield, a little dust speck, with cornfields and nothing around. This is their debut album "Hymns of slumber", originally released in 2001. Now, more than a decade later available on vinyl. Nihilistic, anti-social, primitive SLUDGE. A thick, filthy, blackened crawl, howled demonic vox over caustic riffage and neanderthal drumming."

Fleshpress (FI)  "Acid Mouth Strangulation" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2011-Svart Records)
"Suffocating home-brewed hypnotic sludge rock from the northern swamps. On their fifth full length album Finnish sludge rockers Fleshpress evolve from their days as a rough, gritty metal machine towards the unknown. These three long tracks ebb and flow with an organic pulse, from slowly meditative passages to black swamp-sludge metal. An unsettling but oddly beautiful experience."

Fleshpress (FI)  "Hulluuden Muuri" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Rusty Crowbar Records)
"2017 full length album "Hulluuden Muuri" is a logical continuum of progression as band has taken more ripping, aggressive and fierce approach on the record. Now the songs are more distorted and progressive and not so psychedelic as before. Additionally, "Hulluuden Muuri" is the first album performed completely in Finnish language, increasing the depth and intensity of the vocals."

Fleshpress (FI)  "Pillars" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2007/2-Rusty Crowbar Records)
78 minutes of blackened, nihilistic sludge. Few copies found from the boxes. Act fast!

Fleshpress (FI)  "Tearing Skyholes" -DLP 21.50EUR
(***-2013-Kult of Nihilow)
"Four men dragging behind them a weight equal to the burden of existence. Years and years of constant uphill struggle. slowly rising from sludgy roots towards a plane never walked. witnessed or heard. Parched skin and weary posture may fool the uninitiated. for this troupe will bare their teeth when you least expect it. devouring all like the gaping maw of a sudden storm. All this manifests on Tearing Skyholes. the sixth album by Fleshpress. The years traveled off the beaten path show in the pure vision and determination to deliver the ultimate work of sound thus far. Ironically. the sound now being stripped to bare essentials. the music reveals unprecedented sonic richness and atmosphere. Make no mistake; the teeth are still sharp. the spit remains venomous and the heaviness is still more than you can handle. but something new and far more ominous is brooding inside this beast."

Fluisteraars (NL)  "Luwte" -LP 16.00EUR
"Blending the welcoming, epic affair of their debut album "Dromers", with more harsh and biting effort´s more reminiscent of 90s black metal, Luwte captures the band from a slightly different, yet none less qualitative angle. While the band had already shown their effective vigor with time stretching melodic and edgy grandeur, this second album is very much the more ferocious finished extension to it."

Fluisterwoud (NL)  "Langs Galg En Rad" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP015)
"Playing grim, cavernous, raw and fast black metal is obviously less about technique than emotional impact. But an emerging pattern among bands of this style seems to be not even bothering to sound original, but letting the music find its natural level and relying on gallons of bile. The power of self-belief and each band´s own personal brand of misanthropy paint a subtly different shade of pitch-black every time. And it doesn´t matter a fucking bit as long as, like FLUISTERWOUD, you can present convincing, icy hatred and it´s straight from your cindered heart."

Forgotten Tomb (IT)  "Negative Megalomania" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Obscure Abhorrence)
"The latest album of this suicide/depressive black metal band finally on vinyl. Comes with nice gatefold sleeves."

Forgotten Woods (NO)  "Demos" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(***-No Colours-NC0124)

Foscor/Necrosadist  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
"Almost three years in the making, this long-awaited EP features exclusive material from both acts. "Onslaught of Black Putrefaction" brings together two contrasting and distinct entities that, interestingly enough, complement one another in the fullest. Foscor´s offering is a permeatingly bleak and ominous cacophony, oozing a dark and misty atmosphere from every fold and crevice; probably some of their rawest material ever recorded, yet fitting comfortably within their more avant-garde efforts. Necrosadist´s cut is an eerie and chaotic cut of frenzied militant violence, bleeding hatred and perdition from every self-inflicted wound; this track also marks a significant step forward in terms of evolution of the band, being their first released material since their 2005 demo. The onslaught has begun!"

Freitod (DE)  "Nebel Der Erinnerungen" -LP 15.00EUR
"Dark/Black Metal. The name of the band, euphemistic term for "suicide", tells enough about the album."

Frogskin (FI)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2008-Liekehtivä Vuohi-VUOHI-02)
"Finally the debut album of the Finnish sludgemonster is out! Crawling ballsdeep in mud, Frogskin delivers three songs in forty minutes. While sucking influences from such acts as EyeHateGod and Electric Wizard, they have still managed to create a very unique and filthy soundscape of their own."

Front Beast (DE)  "Black Spells Of The Damned" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers)
"The mighty Front Beast debut 2006 full-length finally receives deluxe vinyl treatment! Well known for tons of 7” EP and demo tape releases since the late 90’s, this one-man band by Evil Avenger (better known for his work in Germany’s NOCTURNAL), is an absolute raw black heavy metal assault inspired by very early BURZUM, DESTRUCTION, MAYHEM, TORMENTOR, GRAND BELIAL´S KEY, INQUISITION, BATHORY, ZEMIAL and HELLHAMMER. Expect an immense raw production and evil atmosphere with crushing off-kilter and filthy guitar riffs backed by harsh, rasping shrieks from the pits of hell."

Front Beast (DE)  "Once Sent From Darkness" -7" 6.50EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Brand new 7" EP with 3 exclusive raw black metal attacks. Well known for tons of 7" EP and demo tape releases since the late 90´s, this one-man band by Evil Avenger (better known for his work in Germany’s NOCTURNAL), is an absolute raw black heavy metal assault inspired by very early BURZUM, DESTRUCTION, MAYHEM, TORMENTOR, GRAND BELIAL´S KEY, INQUISITION, BATHORY, ZEMIAL and HELLHAMMER. Expect an immense raw production and evil atmosphere with crushing off-kilter and filthy guitar riffs backed by harsh, rasping shrieks from the pits of hell."

Frostkrieg (DE)  "Majestätic Eines Kalten Elements" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Art of Propaganda)
"Formed in 1991 they released few demos, splits and one EP, this is the first official full length studio album from the German Black Metal with melodies that burn their sound into your brain. Lyrically focusing on anti-judeo-christianity, darkness and paganism. Gatefold LP, different layout than cd, laminated with printed innersleeve, 2 bonus tracks, handnumbered to 520 copies."

Funeral (SE)  "Forgotten Abominations" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear Winter)
"Formed in 2002 by members of other ‘prestigious’ bands of the Swedish Death Metal Elite (Karnarium, Nominon, Hypnosia) they shook the world in 2004 when they released their first and only recording to this day ‘Forgotten Abominations’. Originally released on Cassette limited to only 50 copies and soon after as a 7”EP on Pentagram Warfare Records, the recording slowly worked its tentacles and penetrated the underground circles, establishing FUNERAL as one of the best Death/Doom bands ever to emerge from Sweden. After being inaccessible for a long time, Nuclear Winter Records brings this gem back in circulation on both CD and vinyl."

Funeral (US)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
"Funeral were formed by Eric Cutler when Autopsy split along with sometimes Autopsy/Death member Steve Digorgio. The CD contains the never released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal from the same year of tracks done after the demo. The material is in a similar vein to "Fiend For Blood" and "Acts Of The Unspeakable" with Eric´s trademark creepy riffs and gloomy atmosphere throughout.This is a truly obscure gem of mid nineties Death Metal that Aphelion are proud to finally bring into the cold light of day and pitch dark of night!"

Funeral Bitch (US)  "The Demos" -7" 7.50EUR
(***-2011-Black Mass Records)
"Includes both demos from ´86 and ´87 remastered from the original 2" reel (2nd one) and tape (1st one). A legendary band with close connections to Master/Deathstrike."

Funeral Mist (SE)  "Devilry" -DLP 19.00EUR

Funeral Mist (SE)  "Maranatha" -DLP 23.50EUR

Funeral Mist (SE)  "Salvation" -DLP 23.50EUR

Funerary Bell (FI)  "Graveyard Séance" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2015-Saturnal Records)
"Relentless occult black metal from Finland with ethos drawn from horror, mysticism and ´90s black metal."

Funerary Pit (AU)  "Winds of Hell" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2006-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTIGOTH077)
"A split release between both Nuclear War Now! and Dissident Records the Funerary Pit ‘Winds of Hell’ 7″ has now seen the dark of night! The band featuring members of Gospel of the Horns, Destruktor and Damaged have licensed their demo release on vinyl of 3 tracks of merciless dark Death Metal. "

Funeratus (BR)  "Vision from Hell" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Blood Harvest Records)
"Funeratus, from Brazil, was formed in 1993. After three full length albums and extensive touring throughout South America the band has developed and perfected their music. These three new songs demonstrate the new musical stage of the band. Technical yet rough and raw Death Metal."

Furbowl (SE)  "Those Shredded Dreams" -3LP 48.00EUR
(2010-The Crypt)
"The Crypt unleashes another dose of classic Swedish death Metal. The legendary cult debut from Furbowl "Those Shredded Dreams" + 18 bonus tracks in a luxurious triple gatefold 3 LP set of the first time ever on vinyl! FURBOWL was formed in 1991 when Johan Liiva left Carnage and hooked up with his old friend Max Thornell on drums (both would form HEARSE in the 90’s). After a few demos, FURBOWL recorded their debut album ‘Those Shredded Dreams’ in 1991. The album was produced by Carnage / Carcass guitar player Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY) who also played some leads on the album. Not surprisingly Michael asked Johan to join Arch Enemy some years later. This triple LP set contains the debut ‘Those Shredded Dreams’, plus 18 bonus tracks the band recorded between 1991 and 1993, many of which have never appeared on any official release until now. To retain the classic, "Old School" feel of the original 1992 release, this 3 LP set is designed after the original CD with attention to detail, even down to the typeface. Also included are lyrics, exclusive band photos and new 2010 liner notes from Max Thornell. Everything comes together beautifully in a 350 gram semi-gloss, deluxe 6-panel triple gatefold jacket."

Gallhammer (JP)  "Ill Innocence" -DLP 22.00EUR

Garden of Worm (FI)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
"From Finland comes this three-piece bringing straight forward doom metal with a progressive touch. Great riffs and very, very good vocals. Gatefold cover with minimalistic art, you love or you hate it."

Gehenna (NO)  "First Spell" -DLP 28.00EUR
(***-2016-Black Sleeves)

Ghostrider (IT)  "Mayhemic destruction + rehearsal ´84" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-FOAD Records)
"Cult ´84 demo with unreleased promo. Evil primordial black metal. Pre-Necrodeath."

Gjendød (NO)  "Nedstigning" -LP 17.00EUR NEW
(***-Darker Than Black)

Glaciation (FR)  "Sur les Falaises de Marbre" -LP 16.00EUR
"Complex French Black Metal, featuring member and ex-member of Diapsiquir, Peste Noire, Alcest, Necroblaspheme etc."

Gloria Diaboli (CA)  "In Nomine Domini Incipit Omne Malum" -7" 7.00EUR
"2 new tracks of raging Canadian satanic black metal. Gatefold sleeve."

Gloria Diaboli (CA)  "Libation unto He Who Dwelleth in the Depth" -10" 13.00EUR
(***-2012-NWN Prod.)
"Here are the 5 tracks originally released as GATE TO SHEOL. These are the actual pre-production tracks recorded on a 4 track machine which are a much better representation of the 5 tracks. This is how it was supposed to sound much faster and more violent. Guitar by Othalaz, vocals by H of Antediluvian, drums by Paulus of Rites of Thy Degringolade."

Gnaw  "This Face" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Conspiracy Records-CORE075LP)
"Gnaw’s debut, This Face, sounds like a computer hate-fucking a rock band. Vocalist Alan Dubin of Khanate fame and drummer Jamie Sykes of Burning Witch have teamed up with shrewd DIY instrumentalist Carter Thornton and award winning sound techs Jun Mizumachi and Brian Beatrice to create the newest signpost in extreme music. Over the course of 50 minutes the quintet aurally accosts the listener with myriad squeaks, squeals, and good old fashioned doom. Gnaw has a strong industrial feel - both dissonant rock and abrasive noise sections trudge mechanically forward like an electric hate golem."

Gnosis (US)  "The Third Eye Gate" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"GNOSIS was born into the esteemed lineage of a highly-regarded tradition in black/death metal. Though the band is clearly anything but a clone of a previously established style or aesthetic, the riffs themselves exude characteristics similar to those that adorn the ancient Greek canon of black metal (VARATHRON, in particular, comes to mind). On the other hand, and further confirming the difficulty in strictly characterizing the band’s output according to a particular sound, the vocals, song structures, and atmosphere are more reminiscent of Goetia-era MYSTIFIER. These elements combine most effectively to produce a singular result that is both unique in and of itself, while at the same time paying homage to the ancestors of two distinct heritages that laid the foundations upon which this temple of wretchedness could be built."

Goat Messiah/Tiburon (CH)  "Alliance Helvetia" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Necromancer Records-NECRO016)
"Two Swiss bands. Tiburon with deathrash and Goatmessiah with sick, morbid thrash metal possessed by Satan & alcohol."

Goat Semen (PE)  "Ego Sum Satana" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2015-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Taking on almost mythical status, GOAT SEMEN´s Ego Sum Sathana has been in the making for literally a decade. Like a veritable travelogue across the history of South American metal barbarity the past three decades, Ego Sum Sathana surges and gnashes with all the hellfire and hatred the continent´s black/death is world renowned for, and yet the quartet imbibe all these traditions and spit them out nastier than ever. Incl. 20-page booklet."

Goat Vomit/Satanic Evil  "Split" -7" 12.50EUR
(***-2011-Desacration of God Productions)
"Different than the first edition with a 3 page Goatvomit interview, Satanic Evil 1 page insert and 2 other inserts. Special orange vinyl limited to 200 copies."

Goatlord (US)  "Demo ’87 / Reh ’88" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"The tracks on Demo ’87, which most obviously reflect the band’s primary influences from the revered likes of entities such as Hellhammer and Sodom, were clearly a necessary stepping stone in the descent towards the black doom death rituals that would later become further explored on subsequent recordings. The “Reh. ’88” recording, which until this point was unavailable to the public, on the other hand is the most primitive document in the band’s archive."

Goatlord (US)  "Sodomize the Goat" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"Following the release of their first demo, aptly titled “Demo ’87,” Goatlord made a conscious effort to modify their musical approach in such a way that would eventually lead to their present-day status as visionaries in the subgenre of black doom metal. By the time they had recorded the “Sodomize the Goat” demo in 1988, the original versions of the songs from the first demo had been altered to a state that convincingly reflected a sort of manic, LSD-induced psychosis. Although the faster, death/thrashier sections of songs like “Possessed Soldiers of War” were still present, the slower, reality-distorting segments of the same songs had been accentuated to a point where the reworked versions of the Demo ’87 tracks had taken on a life of their own. Moreover, the hideous emergence of newer tracks, such as “Twilight Rem” and “Distorted Birth,” upped the ante of this new crossbreed of doomed black/death by pushing song-length boundaries past the nine-minute mark."

Goatlord (US)  "The Last Sodomy of Mary" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH057)
"The last nail in the coffin for Goatlord. The Last Sodom of Mary collects all remaining rehearsals, live recordings and radio show recordings of Goatlord. Many of the songs featured on the release are unreleased and were originally meant to be used on the second album. This is a special treat for the true followers of this cult band and anyone into slow, suffocating black death metal. Incl. 12x12" booklet"

Goatlord Corp. (FR)  "Horns of Resurrection" -7" 6.00EUR
"Brutal Black/Death Metal! The second Assault of this fukking Extreme French Horde." Merrimack, Arkhon Infaustus & Hell Militia members.

Goatmoon (FI)  "Son Of The Northwind" -7" 8.50EUR
(***-2017-Bestial Burst)
"National romantic black metal."

Goatmoon (FI)  "Stella Polaris" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2017-Werewolf Records)

Goatmoon/Dark Fury  "Split" -7" 8.50EUR NEW
(***-Darker Than Black)

Goatpenis (BR)  "Mission Directive: Total Extermination" -mLP 20.00EUR
(2010-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
"This release features 3 re-recorded songs done in 2005 from each of the 3 original demos, 3 brand new experimental guitar instrumentals bordering on Noise/Industrial not far removed from the work of REV. KRISS HADES, a 2008 demo track of the song "The Pugnacious Force..." and the track "Celebrating The Revenge..." with new outro. For the first time, all of these rare and previously extremely limited tracks have been professionally mastered and compiled by for the definitive release these recordings deserved. Amazing sound quality compared to the original rough versions on the limited cd/dvd box set and "J.D.A.M." cassette. Limited to 525 one-sided translucent GREEN 12" Lp´s with jacket and insert."

Goatpenis/Nyogthaeblisz  "Terroristic Onslaught of Humanicidal Chaos" -7" 11.00EUR
(2012-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)

Goatreich666/Mefitic (IT)  "Split" -10" 12.00EUR
(2008-Drakkar Productions-DKMLP002)
"Black Metal. Comes with printed inner sleeve. Limited to 500 copies."

Goddefied (SE)  "Remnants of the Art" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Blood Harvest Records)
"Brand new EP from this old Swedish Cult Death Metal band."

Gold (NL)  "Gone Under | Medicine Man" -7" 7.00EUR
"GOLD is a comtemporary take on when rock music was heavy because of the songs, not the sound. GOLD´s sound is a combination of the soul of the 60´s, the rock of the 70´s and the edge of the 80´s, performed by a band that´s unmistakenly from our time. GOLD are no retro fetishists and are not ashamed to let their love for good ol´ pop music shine through."

Gospel of the Horns (AU)  "Ceremonial Conjuration" -mLP 14.00EUR
(2012-Iron Bonehead)
"It has been 5 long years since the release of ‘Realm of the Damned’ and now Gospel are ready to strike back with ‘Ceremonial Conjuration’, a 5 track mini album of all new material including a cover of ‘The Fog’, originally recorded by Goatlord. Black/Thrashing mania as always!"

Graupel (DE)  "Am Pranger..." -LP 16.00EUR
"German Black Metal, 2nd album. Comes with printed innersleeves with lyrics and picture. Limited edition in black wax."

Grav (SE)  "Fordærvet Djævelskab" -mLP 17.50EUR
(***-2017-DTB Rex)

Grav (SE)  "Projektioner af Död" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2017-DTB Rex)

Grav (SE)  "Tomb of Agony" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-DTB Rex)

Grav (SE)  "Vånda - Demo Compilation" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2017-DTB Rex)

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Endless Pilgrimage" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2016-Sepulchral Voice)
"Consisting of five tracks that culminate in a 35-minute jaunt that depicts the sound of spiritual death throughout the ages, `Endless Pilgrimage´ sees GRAVE MIASMA follow-up their `Odori Sepulcrorum´ milestone album by taking their sound further into darker, more atmospheric and more progressive territory channeling some of their most challenging, aggressive, and most advanced material to date."

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Exalted Emanation" -mLP 16.00EUR
(***-2010-Sepulchral Voice Records)
"The long awaited vinyl release of this 35-minute mini-album! Heavy and obscure occult Death Metal - comes with embossed sleeve, lyric booklet and A3 poster as well."

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Odori Sepulcrorum" -DLP 22.50EUR
(***-2013-Sepulchral Voice)
"Odori Sepulcrorum promises to mark the next stage of the Death Metal evolution. Contained are eight tracks of the heaviest, darkest and most noxious Death Metal in existence. Like vultures feasting on carrion, Odori Sepulcrorum will intuitively infect your veins. The record contains an experimental streak with traditional instrumentation and chants utilised to transport the listener towards an endless void."

Grave Ritual (US)  "Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death" -LP 17.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"Ten new hymns from Alabama´s resident death metal maniacs! Grave Ritual´s full-potential is realized on this murky and oppressive debut album."

Graveborne (FI)  "Astride Over the Grave" -10" 12.00EUR
Finnish Black Metal. With Black Crucifixion member.

Graves at Sea/Asunder (US)  "" -LP 16.00EUR
(2008-20 Buck Spin-SPIN002)
"Upon its original release in 2005, the split LP by doom heavyweights Graves at Sea and Asunder was immediately hailed as the greatest doom split LP of all time. It captures both bands at their pinnacle and in fact turned out to be the swan song for the revered Graves at Sea. The 2008 repress differs from the original in that it is a single jacket instead of gatefold, and does not contain a poster. It does include an insert and a coupon for a download of the tracks."

Graveyard/Deathevokation  "Split" -7" 6.50EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Finally, after their acclaimed MCD “Into the Mausoleum” released back in 2008, spanish Death Metal masters GRAVEYARD are back with brand new stuff!. Waiting for his debut full length, the Spaniards join the Nuclear War Now! Horde and release a Split vinyl together with the amazing german/American Death Metal combo DEATHEVOKATION."

Graveyard/Terrorist  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(2009-Iron Bonehead Prod.)
"Classic Spanish Death Metal vs. US Thrash Metal. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies."

Grenade (AU)  "The Howling Damned" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSLP020)
"A grenade attack of Aussie Black Metal of Fucking Death! Distinctive and harsh Thrashing Black Metal from the Blue Mountains of Australia. Brand new studio songs along with their sold out "Venom of God" and "Hell Song" vinyl only 7" EPs. Pull the pin asshole, Grenade will explode in your fucking face!! Not to be ignored!"

Griftegård (SE)  "The Four Horsemen" -mLP 14.50EUR
Epic and crushing doom metal. Two track EP with a Aphrodite’s Child cover.

Grimnir/Trist/Regnum/Hypothermia  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Raging Bloodlust Records)
"4 times a different style of melancholic and depressive Black Metal, all songs exclusively on this vinyl-only release."

Grunt (FI)  "Myth Of Blood" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Freak Animal)
"New full length album. 10 tracks, 40 minutes. Rugged and fierce sounds, mix of utmost focus on detail and overt brutality. With 12 pages booklet with lyrics and art."

Haemoth (FR)  "In Nomine Odium" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2011-Debemur Morti)
"French aural terrorists HAEMOTH return with seven singeing psalms of uncompromising Satanik supplication." Pre-order, release date November 11th.

Hail (FI)  "Bestial Storms of the Abyssic Pit" -10" 12.00EUR
In the beginning, there was molten lava and insects ruled the Earth. More primitive sounds of the early stages in Hail´s evolution. An unreleased demo from 2001.

Hakaristi (FI)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2010-Legion Blotan)
"Under license from Filth & Violence. Finnish raw black metal hatred."

Hakuja (JP)  "Legacy" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Apparitia Recordings-ARLP002)
"Raw, grim and disturbing black metal material from this Japanese entity. Conceived and performed solely by Hakuja of Funeral Elegy."

Hallowed Butchery (US)  "Funeral Rites for the Living" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Vendetta Records)
“HALLOWED BUTCHERY is the alter-ego of Ryan Scott Fairfield, and his one-man-project brings you bizarre soundscapes between ambient, folk, industrial, progressive rock and heavy doom metal. Instead of the average doom repetitiveness, variety is the bottom line of this symphonic opus, ranging from soft melancholic acoustic passages to pure dark and slow funeral doom marches and weird synth fanfares. Lyrically, he deals with spirituality, religion and individuality vs. society. Altogether this results in a great album taking the listener on a trip into unknown depths of the self. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN."

Hate Forest (UA)  "Temple Forest" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2010-Funeral Industries)
"Re-editon of 2007 demo."

Hate Forest (UA)  "The Curse" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2010-Funeral Industries)
"Re-edition of 2000 demo. Released as 12" LP by Funeral Industries in 2010. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl."

Hate Forest (UA)  "The Gates" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Funeral Industries)
"Re-edition of 2001 EP. Released as 12" LP by Funeral Industries in 2010. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl."

Hatespawn (DE)  "Abyssic conquerors" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2013-Sepulchral Voice)
"Black magic DEATH METAL. Archaic, morbid & sinister. "Abyssic Conquerors" exactly evokes the same atmosphere as back in the days when Death Metal still was dangerous, dark, merciless and not just a mass-entertainment. Both kult demos of Germany´s deadliest on a great looking vinyl version."

Hatespawn/Charon (DE)  "Mass Celebration" -7" 7.50EUR
(***-2011-Sepulchral Voice)
"Two bestial hymns of Germany´s deadliest banned on one split 7" EP."

Havohej (US)  "Purple Cloak" -7" 11.50EUR
(***-2012-Desacration of God Productions)
1994 demo, 2 songs.

Hawkwind (UK)  "Masters of the Universe" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-Rock Classics)

Hawkwind (UK)  "Space Ritual II" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2012-Rock Classics)

HC Minds (US)  "The Beginning of the End" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Blind Date Records-DATE#13)
"H.C. Minds started back in the early 90´s by Isamu (Yob) and Mikey (Aldebaran) and sporadically released a couple of records. Now H.C. Mind is back with 5 of their slowest but not less apocalyptic DOOM songs. "The Beginning of the End" presses your back into the seat. This vinyl LP is ltd. to a total of 380 copies. All records in 350g/m² full colored sleeves (artwork by Tom Denney) incl. double sided leaflet (21x21cm / 10"x10") and full colored, huge sized (43x60cm / 17"x24") poster."

Heatdeath  "Un" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Conspiracy Records-CORE073)
"Heatdeath´s super-limited hellish third endeavor leaves no mortal soul untouched, a stretched horizon for humanoids who dwell in the sounds of Abruptum, Emit, Jim O´Rourke, Sunroof and classic 70´s horror hysteria. Andrew Broder and Tim Glenn reivent their own dismal creation, boldly bending time and injecting alien cells into their conscious void. Their third black oath of titanium plated nighttime buzz reveals strings of abomination and a vulgar in-your-face production where guitars are laced with barbwire and drumkicks sound like mortars. Pollution monsters, smog demons and frightening metal clatter surrounded by pale mutilated bones. Hyperblast warp modes who´s gritty details are engraved in ivory caskets, shredded yet still carrying a torch of mystic vibrations. Imagine eating a bowl of maggots with a digital spoon... Science fiction smeared with dirt and animal blood."

Hebosagil (FI)  "Herätys" -7" 7.50EUR
(***-2011-Kult of Nihilow)
"Tight, violent, abrassive, myllytys. Edition of 330."

Helgedom (SE)  "Svartkonst" -10" 15.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
"Raw and primitive Black Metal dealing with Dark Germanic Heathenism. Incl. bonus tracks."

Hell Militia (FR)  "Jacob´s Ladder" -LP 20.00EUR
(2012-Season of Mist)

Hellvetron (US)  "Death Scroll Of Seven..." -LP 16.00EUR
(2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"A black doom ceremony of death spewing from the Mouth of Hell, Hellvetron´s debut full-length ritual emerges through the threshold into a manifestation of obscure hell psalms of death. "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It´s Infernal Majesties" will be a tribute to the Qliphothic Tree of Death, Seven Hells, and it´s infernal hierarchy. This release will be a curse on all who dare to possess this unholy relic. Praise the ten horns upon the seven headed beast."

Herder (NL)  "S/T" -LP 17.00EUR
(2011-Reflection Records)
"HERDER was conceived from the murky swamps by JB to praise the holy crushing scepter of doom and release the low filthy sludge in a revelation of deep rumbling decibelquakes in the hellish underbelly of a world gone mad! Coming in a stabhappy frenzy from the Westereen, the devotion to the HERDER knives was only natural and instinctive and so was the passion for heavy as fuck drinking! Relentless pounding Stoner Doom with a Sludgy vibe was created to wreak havoc upon mankind´s feeble outcasts and Lotharios: With past / present sexoffenders of DR DOOM, RUSH N ATTACK, ABORTED, OMISSION, URFAUST and THE DEVIL´S BLOOD, you know you are into something furious and fucked up beyond recognition: HERDER IS HARDER, FUCK YOU TILL DEATH!" Take Note: This is a pre-order! Expected shipping date: June 8st.

Heresiarch (NZ)  "Hammer Of Intransigence" -mLP 18.00EUR
(2011-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
"Over 22 minutes of uncompromising devastation from these New Zealand barbarians. This release will crush the weak and watered down underground of degenerate, drunk, "metalhead", cartoon-goat worshipping scum with nothing to offer other than what was done before them. This will set the bar for all to follow. Limited to 500 one sided 12" black vinyl copies."

Heresiarch (NZ)  "Waelwulf" -7" 7.50EUR
(***-2014-Iron Bonehead)
"At long last, New Zealand black/death barbarians HERESIARCH return with the Wælwulf 7" EP, the band´s first new record since 2011´s celebrated Hammer of Intransigence MLP. At three doomed ´n´ deadly songs, Wælwulf displays that HERESIARCH have lost none of their purifying fire in the interim; if anything, their savagery has intensified to almost uncomfortable levels. But within their perpetually churning, gnawing rush of gnarled sound lies nuance and nous that few within the wider "war metal" ranks can match - and Wælwulf is the latest, most devastating proof."

Hetroertzen/Dødsengel  "Capax Infiniti" -LP 27.50EUR
"Majestic essence of Ancient vibrations. Two of the foremost and exciting groups conjoined in one Sacred Work."

High Spirits (US)  "S/T" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Chicago high-energy rockers´ limited 7" single with an exclusive track on side B."

Hirilorn (FR)  "A Hymn to the Ancient Soul" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2009-Vae Victis)
"Black Metal. Includes tracks from "A Hymn to the Ancient Souls" Demo 1997; "Depopulate" 7"EP; "Blasphemous Forces" 7"EP (split with Manitu); "Revenge is Near" Live LP. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies."

Hirilorn (FR)  "Legends of Evil and Eternal Death" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2009-Vae Victis)
"Black Metal. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies."

Hirilorn (FR)  "Prophetic Tales of Armageddon" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2009-Vae Victis)
"Black Metal. Includes tracks from Encyclopedia Pestilentia 3xCD compilation; unreleased 1999 rehearsal tracks. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies."

Holy Hell/Unholy (FI)  "3 x vinyl + booklet" -bundle 48.00EUR
(***-2011-Northern Heritage/Rusty Crowbar)
Holy Hell "Kill Jesus" LP, Unholy "Demo 90/11 - Procession of Black Doom" DLP, Unholy "Trip to Depressive Autumn" LP & free Unholy history booklet. This is not any kind of box set but a special offer to buy all three releases at once.

Homicide (DE)  "Dale of Lost Souls" -LP 13.00EUR
(2007-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records-KNEEL004)
"The second album of German Black Metal horde finally on vinyl. Originally released as a limited cd in 2004. Now you have the chance to get that piece of utter darkness on black gold." Gatefold covers.

Hooded Menace (FI)  "Effigies of Evil" -DLP 24.00EUR
"‘Effigies Of Evil’ is the peak combination of Hooded Menace’s fascination with classic 90s death metal, prototypical 70s doom and cult horror flicks - a collection of obsessions that any heavy-music fan proudly wears for life. ‘Effigies of Evil’ is a triumphant album of filth, sludge, riffs and groove that transforms cult heroes Hooded Menace into legitimate heavy metal icons."

Hooded Menace/Horse Latitudes (FI)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR

Hordes of Satan (UK)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Streaks Records-STREAK#2)
"Sludgy, hypnotising and deep Industrial Doom from Nottingham with members who have been involved with such bands as Pitchshifter or Taken by Wolves. 4 songs of grief and dispair in 50 minutes, creating a very unique gloomy atmosphere with amazing chord changes. This comes with fold out inlay and sticker on inner sleeves."

Horna (FI)  "Adventus Satanae" -7" 6.00EUR
"Latest Horna recordings on a 7" EP. Musically the new material is vicious & poisonous as always. First release with the new line-up."

Horna (Fi)  "Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa" -LP 16.50EUR

Horna (FI)  "Sudentaival" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Blut & Eisen)
"Vinyl-reissue of Horna´s 3rd full length album, Sudentaival, originally released in 2001. To get the best possible result, the original master tapes were obtained from Astia Studio, to completely re-mix & master the album."

Horse Latitudes (FI)  "Black Soil" -LP 16.00EUR
"Horse Latitudes have been known to their few loyal devotes for playing that type of haunting, chilling doom that shrouds you in a black cocoon and doesn´t let you out until the music´s end, and 2013´s Black Soil sees them continuing this trend. No guitars are to be found here: these Finns have deemed them to be for pussies, far too cliché for their monolithic wall of sound. The musical formula on Black Soil is simple, yet well-delivered, and the production has enough of a round and "fat" sound to it to complete that feeling of being suffocated in the heaviness of the music, which is no doubt what Horse Latitudes were going for."

Hour of 13 (US)  " Salt The Dead: The Rare And Unreleased" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2016-Shadow Kingdom Records)
"A long-overdue demos & rarities collection. Across this massive collection, one will find HOUR OF 13´s very first steps into doom metal godhood, alongside alternate recordings of fan favorites."

Hunters Moon (AU)  "The Serpents Lust" -mLP 14.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSMLP014)
"BLOOD FIRE DEATH! After a promising demo tape in 2006, "The Serpents Lust" mini-album is now unleashed featuring epic Black Metal in the spirit of the ancient cults... for die hards of Bathory, Morrigan, Primordial, etc. Played by current & former members of Denouncement Pyre and Nocturnal Graves."

I I (DE)  "Omnivorous Void" -mLP 16.00EUR
"Apocalyptic black death chaos."

IC Rex (FI)  "Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia/Lunar Possession" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2008-AAP/Hammer of Hate)
"A solowork from the frontman of Tunrida legions IC REX presents extremely raw and shredding, freezing Black Metal yet with great melodies & riffs and even a symphonic ambience! With deeply occult and Satanic lyrics in Finnish (and translated to English), IC REX completes as a perfect entirety of supreme Black Metal essence!" Includes Lunar Possession demo as a bonus.

Ichneutic (UK)  "S/T" -7" 6.00EUR
Primitive Black Metal.

Ignivomous (AU)  "Death Transmutation" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH132)
"After releasing one highly regarded demo and a nearly flawless E.P., Ignivomous at last have endeavored to present their first full album. “Death Transmutation” is the brilliant culmination of their work up to this point. Where the EP, while being more compositionally advanced than the demo, suffered slightly from less satisfying production, this album more effectively retains the natural sound of the instruments. Furthermore, Ignivomous have pushed their songwriting to a higher level of complexity and intensity than on either of their previous releases. The only influence one hears on “Death Transmutation” is the untainted traditional death metal of the early 1990’s. Do not be misled into believing that Ignivomous are among the many clones that have been plaguing the scene recently with their impotent and dispassionate worship of the masters. Ignivomous truly embody the essence of the genre and “Death Transmutation” is the most complete proof of their worth in this regard. Reverseboard printed jacket with inside pocket printed, 180 gram heavy vinyl, NWN fest A2 poster, and 12 page 7″x7″ booklet."

Ignivomous (AU)  "Path of Attrition" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"This death metal trio featuring Chris Volcano on drums, released its first demo earlier this year. After it quickly sold out, NWN! agreed to release it on vinyl. This MLP also includes one additional track—a cover of Necrotomy. Along with bands like Dead Congregation, Drowned, and others, Ignivomous are redefining death metal by returning to the essential elements that defined the genre at its inception. Regular version limited to 800 copies on black vinyl."

Ignivomous/Tzun Tzu (AU)  "Split" -7" 6.50EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Australian death metal the old school way. Brand new songs from both bands."

Ildjarn (NO)  "S/T" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Season of Mist)

Ildjarn (NO)  "Strength & Anger" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Season of Mist)

Ildjarn/Hate Forest  "Those Once Mighty Fallen" -DLP 22.00EUR
"Both dead bands are presented with their lost and forgotten recordings, accidentally found not so long ago. ILDJARN´s songs were created in the dark year of 1994 and HATE FOREST´s- during cold winter nights of 2000-2001. Now, carefully re-mixed and re-mastered this audio- terror is available first time."

Ill Omen (AU)  "Enthroning the Bonds of Abhorrence" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2014-Nuclear War Now!)
"Ill Omen is the solo project of the reclusive and mysterious Australian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter known as IV (also recognized for his work in bands such as Nazxul and Temple Nightside as well as a number of other solitary musical endeavors). The music here is predominantly mid-paced and expansive and laced with passages both heavily melancholic and misanthropic. Through the 11 tracks on this album, IV leads the listener into sprawling and cavernous depths."

Ill Omened (RU)  "Conflagration Roaring Hell" -LP 17.50EUR
"Long awaited debut release of vicious black metal from this Russian horde. Features former members of Pseudogod."

Ilsa (US)  "Tutti il Colori del Buio" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2010-Contagion Releasing)
"A rotten slab of vile, crusty filth. Hailing from Washington, DC, ILSA deliver 9 tracks, clocking in at 40 minutes, of blown out, severely down-tuned, crust-injected death-doom. The album has been remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin for total abyssic heaviness. Disgusting horror reigns. Re-press."

Immortal (NO)  "At the Heart of Winter" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-Osmose Productions)

Immortal (NO)  "Battles in the North" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Osmose Productions)

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Latex Cult" -LP 16.00EUR
"The long out of print Latex Cult album was originally released in 1996. Now it has been remastered by mastering guru Mika Jussila (Finnvox studio) and comes with extra live songs and totally new cover and layout."

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Suomi Finland Perkele" -LP 17.00EUR

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Vigorous and Liberating Death" -LP 16.00EUR

Impaler (US)  "The Mutants Rise Again" -PICEP 7.00EUR
(2009-Horror Records)
"The mutant masters of Shock Rock have returned with their gruesome tales of horror and gore! The long sold out 2001 release has now finally been re-released as the long planned picture disc! "The Mutants Rise again" includes 3 own songs as well as their unique interpretation of Alice Cooper´s classick "Dead Babies" and contains no less than 17+ minutes of Impaler´s very own brand of Horror Metal! Limited to 525 hand numbered copies!"

Impious Baptism (AU)  "Wrath Of The Apex Predator" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"The sole creation of longtime scene veteran J. (NOCTURNAL GRAVES, ex-DESTRUKTOR, ex-DESTROYER 666), IMPIOUS BAPTISM bellow forth desecrating black metal in the ancient tradition of the early South American and Finnish masters."

Impurity (BR)  "Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-NWN Prod.)
"Impurity, while not as well known as some of the other, more popular hordes from that time, were instrumental in developing the identity of Brazilian scene, and Impurity, more than any other band, laid claim to Cemiterio do Bonfim. Impurity’s style and delivery has changed and evolved substantially through the years, but unlike so many of the original Belo Horizonte bands, Impurity has never wavered in their sense of extremity, and today Impurity continue to channel the macabre darkness of Bonfim."

Imynvokad (US)  "Ad Ordines Descendens" -7" 7.00EUR
(2010-Pale Horse Recordings-PHR007)
"Ad Ordines Descendens marks the first proper recordings for Imynvokad and the result is truly astounding. Continuing its unique sound borne of shadow and will, Imynvokad forges further its own path through the Void. Limited to 250 copies."

In Ketten (DE)  "Live at JVA Ichtershausen (1995)" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2015-Final Agony Records)
"This is the only recording by IN KETTEN (a.k.a. ABSURD, the true Tyrants of German Black Metal), simply entitled "Live at JVA Ichtershausen (1995)". Without IN KETTEN, "Out of the Dungeon", "Thuringian Pagan Madness" or "Facta Loquuntur" by ABSURD would never have been conceived and/or recorded in the first place."

Incarnator (NO)  "Nordic Holocaust" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2016-Cymophane Records)
Black metal.

Incursus (US)  "Adaestuo" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-2013-Forever Plagued Records)
"In these accursed and despised days where most have betrayed and convoluted black metal with death metal influences or progressive meandering... We the forsaken few turn to INCURSUS to eclipse this trend and place us upon total fucking darkness, cast in the shadows of existence where evil lives and breeds in the contemptuous and parasitic glory of mankind."

Indesinence (UK)  "Neptunian" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"For the first time ever on vinyl come the legendary early recordings of these UK doom/death masters! Indesinence feature current and past members of bands such as Grave Miasma, Adorior, Esoteric, Pantheist and Cruciamentum. This release consists of their "Ecstatic Lethargy" demo and "Neptunian" EP. Gatefold cover with stunning new artwork and additional lyrics insert. Around 44 minutes of crushing heaviness and brooding, sombre atmospheres that sometimes border on the hallucinogenic. Absolutely essential for any fans of Unholy, Dusk (US), Evoken and dISEMBOWELMENT!"

Infestus (DE)  "Chroniken des Ablebens" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0039)
"Charged with eternal darkness and nocturnal might, "Chroniken Des Ablebens" offers forth seven infectious spells, brimful of black magick and oozing a twisted, comforting malice. INFESTUS weave a rare, inimitable alchemy of raging intensity and soothing, omnipresent melody. The insatiable swarm of insidious melodies conspires with raging drums and a cacophony of hideous vocals to generate an addictive yet unique sound, serenading and enticing the enraptured listener yet always reeking deceptively of rotten death. Hopeless melancholy has never seemed so alluring. Prepare to be another statistic in the Chronicles of the Dead..."

Infestus (DE)  "The Reflecting Void" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Debemur Morti)
"With this new imperial offering, INFESTUS transcends its own style at the frontiers of an emphatic and depressive Dark Metal and a refined Black Metal."

Infinitum Obscure (MX)  "Ipsus Universum" -10" 12.00EUR
(2009-Blood Harvest Records)
"Their tracks from the 2003 split CD with ´ANCIENT GODS´. Great Death Metal in the old Mexican spirit. New killer artwork by T. Ketola. With Incantation, The Chasm & Deathevokation members."

Infinitum Obscure (MX)  "Obscuridad Eterna" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Blood Harvest Records)
"Originally to be released on ´Iron, Blood & Death´ Records. Now Blood Harvest was given the honour of doing this release. Truly inspiring Death Metal Darkness from Tijuana, Mexico. Worth checking out for those seeking honest & obscure music with orignal song structures and a vicious storm of riffs."

Inkisitor (FR)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(2007-End All Life)
Raw Black Metal. Extremely expensive to obtain thus high retail price.

Innsmouth (AU)  "Consumed by Elder Sign" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2014-Abysmal Sounds)
"In the Shadow of Innsmouth the goat with a thousand young hath borne a rumbling beast of rustic ye olde death metal from Australia. 2014 offering of old school mid paced doom & gloom in the vein of classics like Samael´s ´Blood Ritual´ & Rotting Christ´s ´Thy Mighty Contract´. Bow down before the great old ones!"

Inquisition (US)  "Anxious Death/Forever Under" -DLP 21.00EUR
(2006-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH042)
"Not many know that Inquisition was based out of Cali Colombia in the late 80s/early 90s and released a self financed 12″ EP in 1991 and a demo in 1993. They also used to play thrash metal in the Sadus/Kreator style! This release combines their 12″ EP and demo on one DLP. Released on double 180 gram black vinyl with gatefold jacket, poster and insert."

Inquisition (US)  "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2016-Season of Mist)
Black vinyl.

Inquisition (US)  "Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)
With two bonus tracks.

Inquisition (US)  "Nefarious Dismal Orations" -DLP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)

Inquisition (US)  "Ominous Doctrines" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)

Interment/Brutally Deceased  "Glory Days, Festering Years" -LP 16.00EUR
"Two different bands, two different generations, two different countries but the same taste for old-school Swedish fucking death-metal."

Intolitarian (US)  "Deathangle Absolution" -LP 26.00EUR
(***-2016-Final Agony Records)
"147 tracks of pure hatred and scorn consisting of 9 spoken word tracks and 137 blasts of the most severe and scathing Berserkergrind Noisecore."

Iron Lamb (SE)  "S/T" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear Winter Records-NWR033)
"Formed in early 2009 to play filthy and hard rock´n´roll. Members have past and/or current duties in bands such as Repugnant, General Surgery, Dismember and Bombstrike. The Tyrant Daniel Ekeroth joined in june. This is the real deal, born & raised in the gutter and they´re here to bring danger back into Rock N..Roll!"

Iron Man (US)  "Black Night" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Shadow Kingdom)
"Very few bands come close to sounding like the classic BLACK SABBATH, but presumably IRON MAN along with WITCHFINDER GENERAL, PENTAGRAM, and PAGAN ALTAR are the closest from the beginning. IRON MAN is a very special band to the underground heavy metal scene which craves for those fans who seek dark/doomy sounds that SABBATH created and really there are not many bands that even dared to try to re-create SABBATH with their own twist, but it´s obvious IRON MAN have done so without being a cut and paste rip off band."

Iron Man (US)  "I Have Returned" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2009-Shadow Kingdom Records)
"Iron Man leader Al Morris III returns refreshed and ready to reinstate his band´s place at the forefront of the doom metal underground. This is the band´s fourth album, and probably their best--certainly a cornerstone in the ongoing history of the fertile Maryland doom scene."

Isengard (NO)  "Traditional Doom Cult" -7" 12.50EUR
"Traditional Doom Cult contains two rare and unreleased tracks from Darkthrone´s Fenriz under the Isengard banner."

Isengard (NO)  "Vinterskugge" -DLP 28.00EUR
"The album contains 3 chapters. The first, ‘Vanderen’, features the most recent tracks, from 1993. The second part comprises of ‘Spectres Over Gorgoroth’, an early Isengard recording from 1989, while chapter 3 features tracks from 1991, called ‘Horizons’. This edition of Vinterskugge is presented on double vinyl with gatefold sleeve including additional lyrics & previously unseen photos."

Isenscur (UK)  "Mōnaþfylen" -LP 16.00EUR
"´Mōnaþfylen´, is the powerful and diverse debut from English black metal band ISENSCUR. Surges of pounding, primeval violence flow into soaring, windswept melodies and engulfing atmospheres of oceanic depths..."

Isvind (NO)  "1993-1994 Demos" -LP 22.50EUR
(***-2014-Kyrck Prod.)
"Including the 2 infamous and rare demos from Isvind , Nivelheimen and Herskerinnen harsh and primal black metal for the first time officially released with the best audio sources."

Isvind (NO)  "Daumyra" -LP 22.50EUR
(***-2014-Kyrck Prod.)
"New album from the Norwegian duo, this version has the complete tracks with the extra guitars that wasn’t included in the cd version, expect raw traditional Norwegian BM at its best. Including a 12 page silverprint booklet."

Jarnvidr/Grafvölluðr  "Av germanskt blod" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Black metal.

Jex Thoth (US)  "Blood Moon Rise" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-I Hate Rec.)
On Blood Moon Rise Jex Thoth take the bluesy, psychedelic laced doom from 2008’s self titled release and turn it up a notch.

Jex Thoth (US)  "Circles" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2013-I Hate Rec.)

Jex Thoth (US)  "Witness" -mLP 14.00EUR
(***-2010-I Hate Records)
"This MLP contains three new songs -- two original compositions and a cover song that fluidly flow into 15 minutes of mellow psychedelia and proto-doom metal with influences stemming from the 60s and 70s. Witness is perhaps less guitar oriented than before with the mood becoming more melancholy in the process; the music is heavy yet laid back and openly nostalgic without being sentimental or trite. The band´s biggest strengths are the haunting vocals of Jex and avoiding the usual trap of carbon copying its predecessors. As such this MLP should appeal fans of pastoral, psychedelic rock/metal with a firm footing in the past but not necessarily dwelling there -- timeless, really."

Joyless/Dekadent Aesthetix  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2009-Dismal Cursings)
Covers have a seam split.

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "Resignaatio" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-AAP & Hammer of Hate)
Resignation [re-zig-ˈnā-shən] : unresisting acceptance of something as inescapable; submission, passive acquiescence acceptance, patience, forbearing, sufferance, nonresistance
Circa 40 minutes of adult oriented black metal music.

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "Resitaali" -LP 15.00EUR
Four pieces of minimalistic harmonium music (35:04).

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "Slaughter the Messenger/Initiated into Trivialities" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2012-Hammer of Hate)
"Jumalhämärä´s 2007 mini album "Slaughter the Messenger" and unreleased 2009 EP "Initiated into Trivialities" finally on black wax. Double covers. Limited to 300 copies."

Kadotus (FI)  "Vaienneet Temppelit" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2013-Blut & Eisen)
Black Metal.

Kargvint (DE)  "Seelenwerks Fortgang" -LP 15.00EUR
"Kargvint´s debut album is true to their roots and honest in their portrayal of black metal music. As expected you get 6 songs of atmospheric and cold black metal. 50 minute playing time."

Karnarium/Defiler (SE)  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2009-Nuclear Winter Records-NWR027)
"Two of Sweden´s most twisted bands share sides on this split EP and deliver some of the most fucked up and obscure Death Metal to be found nowadays."

Katatonia (SE)  "Brave Murder Day" -LP 22.00EUR

Katatonia (SE)  "For Funerals to Come" -LP 24.00EUR
"This edition of ‘For Funerals to Come’ contains 2 extra tracks, ‘Black Erotica’ & ‘Love of the Swan’ (both also recorded at Unisound later in 1994), which had previously appeared on an obscure compilation. It is presented on black vinyl & limited to 1500 copies only, and contains new liner notes from co-founding member, writer & guitarist, Anders Nyström."

Katechon (NO)  "Man, God, Giant" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-NWN Prod.)
"Katechon’s sound is an amalgamation of Black, Death, and Thrash metal, but played with a precision and authenticity that avoids dilution. Instead the result is frenetic and possessed, devoid of theatrics and self-indulgent virtuosity, and features highly proficient and intricate songwriting executed with precision. With philosophically oriented lyrics and adorned with an esoteric and surreal visual aesthetic, “Man, God, Giant” presents a unique vision for the future direction of metal in which an equilibrium must be maintained between rote rehashing of past trends and the indiscriminate collision of clashing styles and sounds."

Kathaarian/Norns  "Satanic Mentality" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2007-World Terror Comittee Prod.)
Raw Black Metal from both.

Katharsis (DE)  "Fourth Reich" -LP 18.00EUR
"Black Metal gods Katharsis return in full rotten splendour with a 45 minutes long recording. While the song-writing retains the main ill characteristics of previous full-length VVORLDVVITHOUTEND, the extensive song structures operate as hypnotizing and lethal labyrinths, the murderous and brutal riffing is enhanced by a frontal opposition with a rare and genuine mastery of sheer black magic atmospheres." Shipping starts on 18th May!

Katharsis (DE)  "Kruzifixxion" -LP 18.00EUR

Katharsis (DE)  "WorldWithoutEnd" -LP 18.00EUR

Kawir/Nergal/Embrace of Thorns/Soulskinner (GR)  "Emissaries of a Profane Advent" -10" 11.00EUR
(2012-Hammer of Hate)
"Thundering Black Metal from the cradle of civilization Hellas Greece, gathering 4 great hordes of both the old and newer Greek scene! All new exclusive songs from each."

Kerasphorus (US)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-Hell´s Headbangers)
"A collection of KERASPHORUS´ two EPs. Originally existing between 2009 and 2011, KERASPHORUS combined the razor-throated doctrines of P. Helmkamp (Angelcorpse, Order From Chaos), the savage attack of J. Read (Revenge, Conqueror), and the esoteric manifestations and conjurations of B. Wolaniuk, altogether enacting a violent occult prophecy of supreme bestial art."

Kêres (FI)  "About the Fire" -7" 7.50EUR
Black metal.

Kêres (FI)  "Battle Secrets" -LP 16.00EUR
Black metal.

Khanate (US)  "Clean Hands Go Foul" -PICLP 20.00EUR
(***-2009-Trust No One)
The last Khanate album. Sludge at its best. A "sister" record to the "Capture & Release" album.

Kilte (BE)  "Absence" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2008-Eternity Records)
Black Metal. "More than 2 years after its recording and almost 1 and a half years after the initial CD release, finally the vinyl version of Kilte´s debut ´Absence´ is available. The 12" MLP of this 25 minute mini-album was released by German Eternity Records and comes with a printed innersleeve on heavy (180gr.) vinyl, limited to 333 hand numbered copies. Also important to say is that the vinyl version has a different mix compared to the CD-version. The reason why is explained in a statement on the innersleeve."

King Dude (US)  "Deal with the Devil" -7" 9.00EUR
"The title track "Deal With The Devil" tells the tale of man who lost his love and how he must make a pact with the Devil to get her back, ultimately risking his life in the process… The b-side "You Know My Lord" is a spiritual ballad that showcases a whole new side of King Dude´s songwriting."

King Dude (US)  "Fear" -LP 19.50EUR
"On Fear, the brand-new joint from Seattle’s King Dude, the King summons 13 tales of witches, demons, devils, fast cars, hard drinking, and bottle blondes. In the process, Fear provides a necessary and much appreciated revitalization of dark, spooky folk and rockabilly. 4/4c digipak with cut out (limited edition)."

King Dude (US)  "Sex" -LP 22.00EUR
"King Dude returns with his latest meditation in eleven parts titled "Sex". Following in the tradition of unexpected divination through the good lord Lucifer, the King challenges the listener to explore the theme of sexuality through nothing other than rock n´ roll of course. King Dude is out for blood and sweat and that he wants to drag you down an amphetimine and whiskey soaked joyride in a dune buggy through the darkest depths of his bizarre mind."

King Dude (US)  "Songs of Flesh & Blood" -LP 18.00EUR
"This is the King´s most personal writing to date, although still divined from the spiritual Light of the Lord, Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light is not only a spiritual revelation it is also a revelation of the life of the man behind the music. TJ Cowgill´s own recent real life experiences with love, loss, death, and violence are illuminated and explored on this album, sure to be canonized alongside the rest of his work."

King Dude/(DOLCH)  "Split" -7" 10.00EUR
Neofolk / Rock / Metal

Knelt Rote (US)  "Trespass" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-NWN Prod.)
"While the band’s earliest work veered heavily into Grindcore, the band’s style has broadened considerably over the past several releases as the band has fleshed out the composition of its tracks and added more elements of Death and Black metal into its body of work. Listening to the band’s third full-length, “Trespass,” it is clear that Knelt Rote executes these more nuanced strains of extreme metal with a rare sense of precision and focus. What further separates Knelt Rote from its peers is the heavy Harsh Noise influence that the band incorporates into its work adding additional layers of depth and dimension."

Korgonthurus (FI)  "Marras" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2010-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Finally out now on noble gatefold vinyl the debut album of Finnish black metal band Korgonthurus. Await two long tracks full of hate and despair. Lim. to 350 copies."

Korgonthurus/Musta Kappeli (FI)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Hate-HOH038)
"The two Finnish Black Metal hordes gather on this split with rain and wind of death and despair. Both perform one long, bleak and melancholic track relying on the atmosphere and ambience created by the long, even monotonous elements still burning with hateful expression. Expect raw Black Metal with strong emotions raging from behind the tunes of desolation. Vinyl presented in regular sleeve + insert, limited to 500 copies."

Krieg (US)  "Rise of the Imperial Hordes" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2005-Zerstörungs produktionen-RUINE01)
"Best described as apocalyptic, hate filled war metal, with some of the grimmest and most chaotic vocals yet to be heard. This album is dedicated to the fall of man and the rise of the Imperial Hordes. Now availabe on Gatefold LP handnumbered to 999 copies, with 1 exclusive bonus track."

Krieg (US)  "Sono Lo Scherno" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2006-Zerstörungs produktionen-RUINE05)
Another superb full lenght from Krieg. Now available on vinyl for the first time. Comes with a printed innersleeve and 1 bonus track, limited to 999 hand numbered copies.

Krieg (US)  "The Black House" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2009-Darkland Records)
Black Metal. LP repress. Includes a bonus track.

Krieg/Caïna  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Grief Foundation-GFEP004)
"New Krieg studio material since 2004! The Beast has reawakened in ‘Photographs from an Asylum’. Krieg delivers a track of beauty, structure and purpose, yet the vocals anchor this piece and render its centre static, unrelenting and confrontational. Sure to be enjoyed by fans old and new and piss of naysayers alike. Caina track here is ‘Anung Un Rama’ and it’s the best Caina track ever recorded. Originally slated for a defunct compilation, this track deserved better and is well-deserving of its position here. ‘Anung Un Rama’ was recorded before current release ‘Temporary Antennae’ and is very-heavily rooted in Black Metal, a good point of reference would be SMRC-era Deathspell Omega."

Krieg/Moloch  "Split" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2014-Aphelion Prod.)
"Black Metal. All new material from both acts."

Krohm (US)  "The Haunting Presence" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0023)
"KROHM´s second full length emanation throws open doors to depraved corridors, exploring the darkest recesses of the mind. Meet the phantasmal presence in your psyche and surrender your grip on reality as the host´s tortured visions and nightmare soundscapes lead you to a realm previously unexplored by any entity. Seven prolonged sufferances reveal dreadful pain and distress, introducing a decrepit, hallucinatory and psychotic existence, suffused liberally with infinite inspiration and hollow hopelessness. These intense invocations transmit a profound maturity and sadness, invoking disturbing apparitions and spectral emissions, unsympathetically infecting the subconscious. ´The Haunting Presence´ is a spiritual manifestation of ritualistic bleak art, a harrowing personal voyage through labyrinths lofty, majestic and grand. Supremely individualistic, KROHM is the essence of otherworldly continuance, the re-occuring resonance of lingering energies. Transcendental, paranormal black metal; for lost souls only."

Kult of Azazel (US)  "The World, The Flesh And The Devil" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(2007-Crush Until Madness-CUM002)
"This is the 3rd opus of this brutal u.s band, with a hard satanic concept, more mature than previous releases but still crushing. One step more in blasting fury and violence. Hail Terror ! Limited to 500 copies, it comes with A2 Poster."

Kuolema-Duo (FI)  "S/T" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Jumi Kustannus)
"Traditional Finnish folk/death music."

Kvist (NO)  "For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike" -LP 23.00EUR

Lamp of Thoth (UK)  "No Laughing Matter" -LP 24.00EUR
(2011-Buried By Time And Dust)
"The Lamp of Thoth, what you can say about them? There is quite simply no one like them. Unhinged? Maybe. Eccentric? Possibly. Inebriated? Frequently. The EP features new studio versions of three old demo tracks (Skull Fuel, An Oath Sworn on the Ashlar Stone and The Boggard), Dark World (Saint Vitus cover done the bands own way) and three additional tracks (They Dance, Me Man Me Drink and Drinking Song) that simply defy description. Over 40 minutes of darkness and abuse from the Lamp of Thoth, there is quite simply, no one like them."

Legions of Astaroth (US)  "Death Ascesis" -7" 6.00EUR
Violent, cryptic and occult Black Metal.

Leviathan/Crebain (US)  "Split" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2006-Antixtian Terror Records-ATXR666-004)
"Black Metal. The hard to find SOLD OUT digipak CD FINALLY available on double LP!" Repress.

Lik (SE)  "The Second Wind" -LP 16.00EUR
"Always expect the unexpected: after four years of delusive calm, something stirs in the wide outback of northern Sweden, a wind rises up and sweeps over the land – Lekamen Illusionen Kallet (LIK) is back with a new album, wayward as always! Limited 500 copies."

Loinen (FI)  "" -LP 16.00EUR
"Sludge metal has been experiencing a resurgence in Finland over the past few years, with bands like Fleshpress, Frogskin, Stumm and Hebosagil. The grittiest, nastiest and most obscure of the bunch, however, is Loinen, hailing from the dirtiest ghettos of Karjaa, in downtuned wasteland of southern Finland."

Loinen/Usko (FI)  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2013-Kult of Nihilow)
"Dual bass sludge mayhem title match."

Loits (EE)  "Must Album" -LP 15.00EUR
""Must Album" is a masterpiece about the Estonian heritage, musically written down in their own styled flak ´n´ roll genre. The black and heavy (180g) 12’’ vinyl is packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The singularity of the release is stressed with golden print, picture frames and ornaments, that also adorn the four-page booklet with song lyrics in both Estonian and English, as well as a fair selection of pictures thus far unreleased."

Loits (EE)  "Vere Kutse Kohustab" -LP 15.00EUR
(2004-Ledo Takas)
"Militant patriotic Heathen/Black Metal the northern way, second full album, gatefold edition with exclusive design & inserted foldout poster with lyrics, 140g vinyl."

Lord of Pagathorn (FI)  "Msilihporcen" -mLP 12.00EUR
(***-2013-Satanic Records)
"Black Metal. After 15 years of silence, LOP releases a new demo. The demo includes three first chapters from the upcoming concept album. Now available on vinyl too."

Lord of Pagathorn (FI)  "Shine through my scars, Morning Star" -7" 6.50EUR
"Before the recording work for the first full length, Lord Of Pagathorn has now attacked the studio and recorded one new song and one cover song for "Shine through my scars, Morning Star!" 7” vinyl. These new songs are not to be presented on "Nekros Philia" full length."

Loss/Worship  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
Extreme Doom.

Lost Breed (US)  "Wino Daze" -LP 22.00EUR
(2012-At War With False Noise)
"In 1988 - around the time that Saint Vitus were dropped from SST and in a state of flux - legendary frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich joined the LA metal band Lost Breed as their singer for around nine months. During that time they played a bunch of gigs and recorded a demo. Wino then hooked up again with Vitus for the next couple of years and Lost Breed went on to do two albums thanks to Wino´s connection with Hellhound Records of Germany, Save Yourself and The Evil In You And Me. This recording was bootlegged by Marshall Levy/Mars Hall of Doom/Peace Records of Maryland and has never been widely available until now. Ultra heavy stock gatefold sleeves with other niceties."

Luciation (DK)  "Manifestation in Unholy Blackness" -mLP 15.00EUR
(2011-Analog Worship)
"After a number of well-received tapes and a sought-after 7" on Posh Isolation, Analog Worship is proud to present the first 12" release for this Danish black metal cult, in a blood pact with the Order of the Nonagram. Raw and violent occult black metal, degenerate unholy art at its finest. Members of BLODFEST, NASTRAN, WOLFSLAIR, OFFERKULT, SOLHVERV, etc. All copies come with a high-quality 2.5" x 4.5" embroidered LUCIATION logo patch. This MLP features all new and never released material, some of their strongest to date. A monument to Him."

Lugubrum (BE)  "Albino de Congo" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2014-Aphelion Prod.)
"Belgian Brown Metal pioneer’s 9th studio album available on vinyl for the first time."

Lugubrum (BE)  "De Totem" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2013-Aphelion Prod.)
"First time ever on vinyl for this classic in the long career of the Belgian Farmer Black Metal legends! Contains all tracks from the later CD version (including the bonus tracks) along with bonus exclusive live material."

Lugubrum (BE)  "Face Lion Face Oignon" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-Aphelion Prod.)
"Brand new album of the Belgium cult on 180g black vinyl with 300gsm sleeve and A3 poster."

Lustration (AU)  "Psymbolik" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Forgotten Wisdom)
"The riproaring debut of Aussie Black/Death/Speed/Thrash esoterrorists LUSTRATION. Feat. members of Spear of Longinus & Vilifier. Including 9 primitive & crushing hyperborean ritual warchants. Heavily influenced by Spear of Longinus, Vomitor, Beherit, Sodom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Possessed, Bathory & Blasphemy. Their sold-out 2009 Demo"Goetic Invokator" is included as a bonus."

Lvx Caelis (CL)  "Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII" -LP 21.00EUR
(***-2014-Amor Fati)
"Black Metal darkness from Chile. ´Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII´ is the long-awaited follow-up to the band´s demo, ´Nigredo - The Dead Head´. LvxCælis (‘The Light of Heaven’) will destroy the flock of the blind."

Lyrinx (UK)  "Nihilistic Purity" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Insidious Poisoning Records-IPR009)
"Nihilistic Black Metal filled with depressive and misanthropic visions. Vinyl version including one bonus track."

Lönndom (SE)  "Till Trevaren" -mLP+cd 16.00EUR
"Ancient, rusty rock meets with austere yet peaceful folk. The hypnotic and somewhat majestic atmosphere evoke the times of yore, the toils and pleasures of a life once simpler. Resolutely against the modern world, LÖNNDOM produces three beautiful, offsetting but captivating songs, burning all bridges behind them with no regret. Comes with a 24"x24" fold-out poster and a listening CD copy of the EP, inside a printed cardboard pocket, glued to the innersleeve."

L´acephale  "Book of Lies" -7" 6.00EUR
(2005-Parasitic Records-PR13)
"A blackened holocaust of extremely aggressive,nihilistic black metal with dark ambient and apocaplytic folk influences.2 exclusive tracks clocking in at over 8 minutes per side.features full line up and complete revision of Book of Lies. Additional outro featuring Markus Wolff of Waldteufel and Blood Axis. Flip side is a new song Seventh Gate and epic based on the Voluspa Edda. Crushing production all around Comes in heavy deluxe gatefold sleeve with double sidedprofessionally printed insert and vinyl sticker.Hand numbered and limited to 1,000 copies all on blood red vinyl."

Magnanimus (CL)  "Storms of Chaotic Revelations" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Blood Harvest)
"Fantastic Death Metal from Chile. Their debut album with re-recorded vocals and guitars, plus a new set of songs, quite different to the original CD release. A must for anyone into ANGELCORPSE and the likes!"

Magnanimus (CL)  "Unchaining the Fever and the Plagues" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Blood Harvest Records)
"In the wait for the re-recording of the LP/CD "Storms of chaotic Revelations", Blood Harvest offered the vinyl edition of the 2003 demo. This Chilean horde of impurity serve up 3 tracks of fast, heavy and vicious death metal somewhere between the likes of Morbid Angel and Nile, with a hint of Angelcorpse."

Magnus Pelander (SE)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Svart Records)
"Brand new solo material from Witchcraft leader Magnus Pelander! Heavy jacket, thick printed inner sleeve, quality vinyl."

Malachi (US)  "Wither to Cover the Tread" -LP 16.00EUR
(2008-Siege of Power)
"This sounds like High On Fire, Garmonbozia, and Damad had a private moment together with a tape recorder. Totally crushing riffs lead into noodley guitar solos, haunting crazy cello parts lead in and out of doomy interludes and breakdowns. The lp sleeve is hand-crafted black screened on black with silver, with a cut-out paste on label giving band information and song titles. This music is at once ultimately heavy and metallic, heartbreakingly sad, and rage your guts out angry!"

Maleficum Orgia (FR)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Insidious Poisoning Records-IPR008)
"Long awaited first album from one of the oldest Black Metal bands from France. Old School Black Metal in the vein of Blasphemy, Profanatica, Bestial Summoning and Darkthrone. Artwork by Chris Moyen."

Malevolent Creation (US)  "The Fine Art of Murder" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2014-Hammerheart Records)

Malign (SE)  "A Sun to Scorch" -10" 12.50EUR
Black metal.

Malign (SE)  "Divine Facing" -LP 16.50EUR
Includes previously released minialbum & ep. Red vinyl & lyric sheet.

Malignant Eternal (NO)  "Far Beneath the Sun" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2011-Funeral Industries)
Norwegian black metal in the ´90s fashion.

Malkuth (US)  "Sefirah gevurah" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Hospital Productions-HOS-217)
"Second full length album from this obscure occult black metal outfit. Raw dual guitar black metal. Malkuth continue their decent into the occult with this truly bleak assault. Far from pandering to false antics, Malkuth´s album stands aside Hospital contemporaries such as Ash Pool and Bone Awl and offers their own vision of death. Hail to the coming night that Malkuth brings."

Manes (NO)  "1993-1994" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2005-Kyrck Productions)
Re-press with a new vinyl master.

Manes (NO)  "Be All End All" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Debemur Morti)
"Eagerly awaited by an army of fans fascinated by the mythical albums "Vilosophe" (2003) and "How The World Came To An End" (2007), "Be All End All", the brand new album of the Norwegian legend MANES, is not a simple sequel...this extraodinary release marks, once again, a new step forward along an incredible path of artistic exploration."

Manes (NO)  "Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2014-Debemur Morti)
"´Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets´ is an anthology of eleven unreleased, obscure and hard-to-find tracks / alternate versions culled from the verdant MANES archives. Dating back to the periods of their stellar "Vilosophe" and "How The World Came To An End" full-lengths from 2003 and 2007 respectively, these previous-buried jewels have been exhumed and presented anew for fresh consumption. Much more than mere curios, each of the statements hereon represents a magical moment in its own right … some art is simply too precious to languish on the cutting-room floor! The once-lost songs flow seamlessly into one another to conjure an album proper that those who appreciate MANES’s unique, oblique charms can (re)discover together."

Marduk (SE)  "Blackcrowned" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(2009-Blooddawn Productions-BLOODPLP0111)

Marduk (NO)  "Fuck Me Jesus" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-1999-Osmose Productions-OPLP030)
Inc. three bonus tracks.

Marduk (SE)  "Germania" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Blooddawn Productions)

Marduk (SE)  "Heaven Shall Burn" -LP 16.00EUR

Marduk (SE)  "La Grande Danse Macabre" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2014-Century Media)
"After being out of print for quite a while, MARDUK and Century Media joined forces for a reissue of the stunning “La Grande Danse Macabre” album, which presents a more varied and darker approach compared to the Swedish black metal titans’ usual blastbeat-driven full on assault. This re-release features remastered sound, detailed liner notes, unpublished photos, revamped artwork and bonus material: a cover version of “Samhain” and all three tracks from the “Obedience” EP."

Marduk (SE)  "Nightwing" -LP 16.00EUR

Marduk (SE)  "World Funeral" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2014-Century Media)
"After being out of print for quite a while, MARDUK and Century Media joined forces for a reissue of the massive “World Funeral” album (2003), which marked the last opus with singer Legion and to the very day remains a flawless, hateful yet varied Swedish black metal attack. This re-release features remastered sound, detailed liner notes, unpublished photos, revamped artwork and bonus material."

Marduk (SE)  "Wormwood" -PICLP 16.00EUR
(2010-Blooddawn Productions)
300 pieces.

Masacre (CO)  "Metal Medallo Attack" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"For the past 25 years, Masacre have been among the most championed bands in the Colombia Death Metal underground. The first EP on this vinyl, “Ola De Violencia”, was far ahead of its time when it was released, but initially was almost unknown outside of Colombia until Osmose reissued the tracks on a split with Profanatica in 1992. Masacre returned in 1993 and unleashed the “Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo” mLP, the second EP on this vinyl. With that release Masacre refined their approach, tightening the production and adding greater dimension and technicality to the songs without sacrificing any of the brutality. These two releases exemplify what may arguably be characterized as perfect Death Metal production. All copies are accompanied by zine styled booklet with old photos, interviews and flyers."

Master (US)  "On The Seventh Day God Created …Master" -LP 16.00EUR
Death Metal.

Maveth (FI)  "Of Serpent and Shadow" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2012-Blood Harvest)
"´Of Serpent and Shadow´ contains four blasphemous evidences of the bands reign of chaos and unholy blackened death."

Megatomb  "Louder Than a Thousand Deaths" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2012-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"Blackened is the ostentation of death metal the vilest way. But what Megatomb do achieve, is not an orgy of gore but a hasty act of uncontrolled debauchery translated on the mother of all known and future slaughters. An achievement of mass destruction and global demise, inflicted with due fury after being under and exposed to the pernicious influence of the distorted Stockholm riffing meets the bullets and spikes fuck off violation of Nifelheim on hard drugs."

Messiah (CH)  "Psychomorphia" -LP 16.00EUR

Mgla (PO)  "Groza" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)

Mgla (PO)  "Mdlosci + Further Down The Nest" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)
"Northern Heritage presents these two 7"s on one 12" vinyl. Original cover artworks and lyric sheet are included. Polish Black Metal at its best."

Mgla (PO)  "Presence + Bonus" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)
"Old Presence vinyl was 1-side 12" with only couple hundred copies printed. This new version has thicker cover, thicker and better quality vinyl and includes Crushing The Holy Trinity material on b-side."

MGR (US)  "Nova Lux" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Viva Hate Records-VHR45004)
"With Mustard Gas and Roses, guitarist Mike Gallagher (of renowned dirge architects ISIS) unveils a compendium of sparse ruminations culled from years of underground musical experience. An artistic and entirely instrumental music departure from band-based disseminations, Gallagher´s solo debut is nonetheless in accord with the general aesthetic of ISIS, exploring the same telekinetic atmosphere via more personal and austere means."

Miasmal (SE)  "Cursed Redeemer" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Century Media)
"Death metal of punishing intensity from Sweden is what MIASMAL offer on their second album containing eight gloomy, powerful, straight-forward and memorable songs with roaring growls, a punkish drive, massive riffs and stunning guitar melodies. Cursed Redeemer is an unforgettable lesson on what pure, unaffected death metal is about: brutal music with no mercy, no regrets, no ritualistic bullshit, no compromises."

Midnight (US)  "Complete and Total Hell" -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Can´t get enough of MIDNIGHT´s trademark "Lust, Filth, and Sleaze" after last year´s worldwide smash "Satanic Royalty"? Then submit to "Complete and Total Hell"! Exactly what it says on the tin, the exhaustive, 21-track "Complete and Total Hell" collects all of MIDNIGHT´s entire pre-"Satanic Royalty" back catalog, much of it long out-of-print and highly sought-after."

Midnight (US)  "No Mercy for Mayhem" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Whereas Satanic Royalty was the culmination of nearly a decade´s worth of hard slogging in the underground, No Mercy for Mayhem is an intensification of everything its predecessor seemingly perfected: the hooks even more anthemic, the power more piledriving, the dirt dirtier, the sum effect being absolute BLACKOUT."

Militaris-tic (FI)  "Curse of Weapons" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Bestial Burst)
"Raw post apocalyptic old school metal punk from Finland! No modern sound, no filler riffs, no politically correct arseholes. Ten songs equivalent of a nuclear holocaust."

Mills of God (DE)  "Call of the Eastern Moon" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Modus Operandi)
"Monumental 70s flavoured instrumental psychedelic Doom on 180gr Vinyl. 300 copies worldwide. Check ´em out, you won´t be disappointed. Artwork done by Tom Denney (Kylesa, Sourvein, Deadbird) and mastered by Bob Weston (Shellac). For fans of Moss, Sunn O))), Boris, Bongzilla etc."

Minotaur (DE)  "God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-I Hate Records)
"It´s been a long time coming but what MINOTAUR´s new album is ready! Yes, it´s been more than 20 years since "Power of Darkness" but the band has the same righteous and inexorable attitude towards playing real metal, as it was in the 80´s, and it pays to use the same producer as in ´88 because they sound just as raw, intense and uncompromising as they did then. Minotaur Thrash the way only Germans can! No one will be spared!" 500 copies black vinyl.

Mirror of Deception/Garden of Worm  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Church Within Records-CW013)
Doom metal. "12" split LP (180 gram vinly) in fancy front side folder with each 3 exclusive tracks by Mirror of Deception and Garden of Worm."

Mjölnir (DE)  "Hinweg über die Tore" -DLP 27.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Teutonic black metal.

Monarch/Grey Daturas  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Throne Records-CHAPTER32)
"One brand new (long) track each from the masters of Ambient-Drone-Sludge-Noise!!! European cult band Monarch team up with Australia´s best newcomers since AC/DC! Grey Daturas have recently been signed by Neurosis´ own label Neurot Recordings! Comes printed on inside-out cardboard sleeves, with golden ink sparkled over greyscale artwork. Mastering was done by Mr. Scott Hull at Visceral Sound (Nile, Pig Destroyer, etc.). Artwork has been done by Mr. Seldon Hunt (Neurosis, Isis, etc.). This is another essential piece of vinyl for the ones who enjoy Sunno))), Pink Floyd, Neurosis, and Corrupted."

Monarque (CA)  "Fier Heretique" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Fier heretique is a dark and doomed full length album summoning the freezing winds of the north. This time, this masterpiece of blasphemy features real thundering drums. Mysterious and visceral is the kind of black metal you´ll get. Includes 2 bonus tracks. Gatefold sleeve and A3 poster." > Lim. to 500 copies

Monno (DE)  "Ghosts" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Conspiracy Records-CORE070LP)
"Without doubt their most brutal and menacing album to date, etheric yet droning vocals covered in doom frost. Gradually moving into uptempo black metal waters, than backdropping in sludge mystery like a free-jazz bat in the night. Every time catching the listener by surprise and pushing them in warped directions. Like the legendary Kraken, they come out of the blue and in the blink of an eye drag you down in the storm. A globbering beatdown, difficult, dense and heavy on details. No rocket science but heavy riffs, laptop monstrosity and drastic saxophone stabs for folks that have a little black in them. An impaired psychomotor as troublesome as the stars that hang above us, with the reeking odor of a thousand corpses. Think along the abandoned shores of Corrupted, Burning Witch, Noothgrush, Albert Ayler and Ulver. The darkness, it all started in their hearts. As dense as sound can get..."

Mons Veneris/Morte Incandescente (PT)  "Split" -7" 6.50EUR
(***-2013-Legion Blotan)
"A truly evil and all consuming split from two of the greatest hordes of Iberia that should need no introductions."

Moonblood (DE)  "Blut & Krieg/Sob A Lua Do Bode" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2014-Iron Bonehead)
"Black Metal. Offical re-issue mastered from the original master tape including the complete session of " Sob a Lua do Bode" split-LP. Comes with a booklet."

Moonblood (DE)  "The Unholy" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-2016-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Black metal. Contains 2 previously unreleased tracks from 1999."

Moonblood (DE)  "The winter falls over the land" -mLP 20.00EUR
(***-2015-Iron Bonehead)

Moontower/Silberbach  "Satanic March for Victory" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2007-Wotanstahl Klangschmiede)
"NS Black Metal. 2 new tracks from each band."

Morbosidad (US)  "Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno" -PICLP 16.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH101)
"Limited picture disk version of the third bestial black/death assault. Comes with double sided 12″x12″ insert. On December 25, 2007, the notorious Tomas Stench assembled his horde of maniacal priests of darkness to desecrate the day the bastard Nazarene son was born unto the whore of Bethlehem. Recorded in Mexico with a new line-up, the third Morbosidad album is heavily influenced by Brazilian deathrash masters such as the mighty Sarcofago, Sextrash, and Holocausto, yet is still undeniably Morboso Metal. One of the most sacrilegious and blasphemous records in the NWN! catalog, “Profana La Cruz del Nazareno” achieves a primitive savagery and violence never heard before on any Morbosidad recording. And finally, the only artist whose dark visions are sufficiently unholy to adorn such a long-awaited release, the notorious Chris Moyen was summoned by the Morboso Kult to produce another masterpiece of goatworship for the cover."

Morbosidad (US)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-NWN Prod.)
"Morbosidad’s first album represented a sonic departure in some ways from the demo material released many years prior. Morbosidad unleashed an album of savage violence invoking bands such as Blasphemy, Archgoat, and Sarcofago fused with elements of Death/Grind and simultaneously channeling primary influences like Sodom and Bathory."

Morbosidad (US)  "Tortura" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"While still retaining the bestial sound for which the band has long been recognized, the new material featured on this MLP, “Tortura,” is decidedly more Death Metal oriented and, as such, more focused and powerful. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this EP is the guest appearance of the inimitable Chris Reifert on the closing track of the record."

Morbosidad/Perversor  "Invocaciones Demoníacas" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now!)
"The Morbosidad side constitutes the most aggressive tracks that the band has conjured in years. On this release, the putrid vocals of Tomas Stench are accopanied by the devastating fury of members of Hacavitz. The production on these tracks is more refined and the songwriting is more severe than on other recent Morbsidad recordings making it a triumphant return to form for the Morboso demons. For their side, Perversor continues to deliver some of the most vile Deathrash South America has spewed forth in the last two decades. Perversor’s sickness knows no bounds, and these tracks find the band delving ever deeper into alcoholic and Satanic destruction."

Morbosidad/Sadomator  "Rites of Desecration" -7" 6.00EUR
(2011-Iron Bonehead)
"Two unreleased songs from each band. Hosted in a 350g full colored gatefold sleeve."

Morbosidad/Witchrist  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Features two new exclusive tracks from the Bestial Black Metal veterans MORBOSIDAD. Executed in the usual sacrilegious Morboso Metal fashion but with more emphasis on the Death Metal spectrum. New Zealand´s WITCHRIST are a combination of Realm of Chaos-era Bolt Thrower, old Incantation, and militant black metal into a monolithic mass of eerie, shifting riffs and pounding drums."

Morbus Chron (SE)  "Sleepers In The Rift" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"From the swamp lands of Sweden comes the freshly brewed zombies-from-hell squad known as MORBUS CHRON, and with their latest rancid offering with Sleepers In The Rift. Taking us on a time-machine back to the nineties and with every single riff and atmosphere reeking of pure Death Metal bliss, the hellions from MORBUS CHRON reproduce the very crux of vitality in this genre; never has Death Metal manage to sound so gut-fucked for a very long time!"

Mordaehoth (NL)  "Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Heidens Hart)
"Mordaehoth returns from the fog-veiled swamps of the pagan lowlands to present their all new full-length album. Carved, burnt and built during years, ´Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart´ (not to be confused with the same titled 1998 demo) offers the ultimate grim pagan metal opus from The Netherlands: long and dark warhymns, blending bitter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hate for the postmodern world; and pride in taking action in the revolt against it!"

Mordicus (FI)  "Dances From Left" -LP+7" 19.50EUR
"This official 20th anniversary release marks the vinyl debut of Mordicus´ debut album "Dances From Left", originally release by Thrash Records on CD in 1993. As an added bonus the package also features an exact replica of the band´s debut 7" EP "Three Way Dissection" from 1992."

Mortician (US)  "Chainsaw Dismemberment" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Universally recognized as the most brutal band in the universe, infamous horror-lords Mortician disregard any and all pleas for mercy, suffocating the underground with Chainsaw Dismemberment, their 2nd full-length album from 1999! Force-feeding death metal mascochists 28 blood-encrusted slices of menacing, futuristic gore-grind, Will Rahmer and Roger Beaujard eradicate existing musical boundaries, taking truly depraved metal one step further in creating heinously sick, horrific slabs of shocking, decapitating death."

Mortuary Drape (IT)  "Spiritual Independence" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2015-Iron Tyrant)
"After 10 years of hibernation the Drape will cloak the Earth in Darkness once more!"

Mortuary Drape/Necromass (IT)  "Split" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)
"The founders of Italian flagged Black Metal unite..."

Mortuus (SE)  "Grape of the Vine" -LP 17.00EUR
Black Metal.

Mortuus Infradaemoni (DE)  "Imis Avernis" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2009-Cold Dimensions-DIMENSION012)
"MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI was formed in 2005 by Nathaniel and Profanatitas, both of them known for their activities as drummers in Lunar Aurora. The beginning of 2007 saw the release of the band´s debut album "Daemon Qui Fecit Terram", which caused a remarkable stir in the Black Metal underground due to its bleak and hostile atmosphere. With their new album "Imis Avernis" Mortuus Infradaemoni follow up on the path they trod before and deliver nine irritating echoes of the hidden cosmos between life and death."

Moss (UK)  "Moss´ Horrible Night" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Rise Above)
"Horrible Night is the sound of MOSS emerging from its cocoon a much more savage, intelligent and all the more terrifying beast. While no longer obsessed with extremity for its own sake - with weirdly infectious riffs, eccentric vocal melodies and no song over 12 minutes - MOSS remain heavier-than-thou, broadening their horror beyond any imposed ´scene´ expectations."

Moss (UK)  "Tombs of the Blind Drugged" -10" 20.00EUR
(***-Rise Above-RISE10110)
"Already a cult legend, Moss´ unique brand of extremity and terror now reaches new depths as monolithic riffs and gut wrenching vocals wreck and bludgeon but with an added sense for the melodic, and through the use of organ and mysterious chants atmospheres become ever more dense... three tracks alchemically distilled to a total purification of Occult Horror Doom!"

Mount Logan (DE)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Vendetta Records)
"2 songs of the most hopeless and destructive doom / drone you´ve ever heard! These 3 guys from Wuerzburg / Germany mix the destructive atmosphere created by bands such as GRIEF with the monotonous elements used by EARTH! They somehow remind me of Switchblade as well, but more brutal!Mastered by James Plotkin.

Mourner (US)  "Still" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Black Mass Records)
"Bonded by the creation of Doom in its most raw, arcane and nihilistic state... drawing influences from a wide array of musical styles and art, emotions, experiences, the occult & esoteric and an overall bleak and daunting feeling. Featuring members of Loss and Zosimos. People into Burning Witch, Moss, Monarch! and such do not pass this one. Limited edition of 250 copies on black vinyl with silk-screened fold-out sleeve and insert."

Mournful Congregation (AU)  "Concrescence of the Sophia" -mLP 13.00EUR
"Herein find Mournful Congregation advancing their unrivaled and painstaking style of extreme doom, from soaring, majestic beauty straight down into the lowliest somber depths of hell."

Mournful Congregation/Stone Wings (AU)  "Split" -10" 13.00EUR
(2007-Ostra Records)
"The new split between the two Australian Doom legends Mournful Congregation & Stone Wings, gathering 2 eight-minute tracks "Descent of the flames / Ascent of the flames" is a gatefold 10" release. 500 copies were pressed."

Mourning Dawn (FR)  "S/T" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence)
"French black metal with doom influences. 12 Songs of pure darkness and melancholy. Comes in gatefold cover and strictly limited to 300 copies only! Including the The Freezing Hand of Reason EP as a bonus."

Mr.Peter Hayden (FI)  "Born a Trip" -DLP 20.00EUR
"On Born A Trip -album Mr. Peter Hayden‘s space opuses are devoid of the rushes of light and the sun drenched jams present in so many contemporary European psychedelic bands; instead they are all about cosmic travel deep in throes of brown acid!"

Musta Kappeli (FI)  "Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Primitive Reaction)
"Lycanthropic Finnish black metal. Vinyl version with one bonus track. Comes with 180g heavy weight vinyl, once openable sheet and A2 poster. Limited to 300 copies."

Musta Surma/Bloodhammer/Annihilatus (FI)  "Christian Genocide" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)
"3 horrid Finnish black metal bands assault your ears. Musta Surma material is from same session as Crushing The Holy Trinity and 7" on EAL prod. Cold and cruel black metal. Bloodhammer offers 3 tracks from 3 different sessions. From heavy and boneheaded old school brutality to majestic atmospheric midpaced darkness. Annihilatus does what they do the best, brute and offensive declaration of war and annihilation. Also featured a track where members of each 3 bands join forces!"

Myrkr (IR)  "Offspring Of Gathered Foulness" -10" 13.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0050)
"A storm rises from the netherworld, an eternal black eclipse extinguishing all life, cleansing the earth of filth and decay. A congregation of human worthlessness stands in line, ripe for harvest … terrified … trembling … because the end is nigh. MYRKR´s poisonous black mist ushers forth a new consciousness, awakening that which dwells in the shadows, heralding an age of emptiness. Snakes, worms and wolves ravage the rank remains of humanity, heeding the invocation, responding to the dark, persistent incantation. Mythology and reality merge; aeons collide. Plagued by irresistible otherworldly turbulence, the beleaguered world falls, consumed by eternal darkness. The curse of humankind is no more."

Myrkraverk (NO)  "Nordvegen" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Blut & Eisen)
"Myrkgraverk are most probably still an unknown name to most people, but this could change very quickly. Check out the samples and recognize that Norwegian Black Metal isn’t totally lost. For fans of Isengard. Limited to 500 copies."

Mysticum (NO)  "In the Streams of Inferno" -LP 24.00EUR
Incl. two bonus tracks.

Mysticum (NO)  "Planet Satan" -LP 30.00EUR

Mystruin (SE)  "Gånget äro ljuset" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2014-Amor Fati)
"Bizarre Aesthetics and musical blackness."

Mythos (GR)  "Pain Amplifier" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear Winter Records)
"16 years after it´s first release, finally a vinyl version with completely new artwork and design approved by the band plus insert with lyrics and liner notes. Crushing Death Metal Blackness from Finland."

Mütiilation (FR)  "Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn)" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2012-Dark Adversary)

Mütiilation (FR)  "New False Prophet" -7" 7.50EUR

Mörkö (FI)  "Itsensänimeävä" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2013-Vaticanian Roadkill)
35 minutes of unrestrained and bold audial art to shake the contemporary underground metal music movement back to life from its almost stagnant, frivolous, and comatose-like state and to encourage likeminded few to answer the call and to join in pushing the envelope even further. On Itsensänimeävä musical ideas are drawn from a variety of sources: 20th century compositional techniques meet the primitive, straightforward energy of black/death metal pioneers, the main drive and focus still on the genuine discoveries along the search for something more real than predigested cultural patterns. Heikki Kivelä´s drumming gives pounding rhythmic forms to the disturbing mass of Jari-Matti Nurminen´s guitars with martial arts-infused clarity of movement and precision. All three members contributed to the lyrical body from which Harri Talvenmäki with his language-based vision forged litanies of horror for the ordinary mind.

N.M.E. (US)  "Unholy Death / Machine of War" -3LP 50.00EUR
(2012-The Crypt)
"This true obscure gem of from 1986 of black death thrash needs no introduction! Forget the lame BOOTLEG pic LP or spending up to $100+ on ebay for the original LP! For the first time ever, The Crypt presents the only OFFICIAL vinyl re-issue of N.M.E´s cult album "Unholy Death" + "Machine of War" demo as an amazing triple LP set complete with original 1985/1986 recordings for the LP + demo, carefully and painstakingly remastered without compromising the original sound dynamics. Also included will be almost an hour´s worth of unreleased rehearsal tracks, outtakes and never before heard N.M.E. songs dating back to 1985."

Nachtfalke (DE)  "Following the Wanderers Path" -LP 15.00EUR
"Like known from the previous full length albums, the band delivers Pagan Metal in good old Bathory tradition."

Nachtmystium (US)  "Eulogy IV" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Kreation Records-KR-02)
"How the LP was meant to be originally. In color, double sided printed inner sleeve and three colors of wax. The audio has been COMPLETELY remastered for this release by the notorious Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed) and is far superior in sound quality to any previous release of this record. The LP also features the bands live cover of Earth´s "Charioteer (Temple Song)" and " w/Lord Imperial from Krieg on vocals." Small damages on the jacket due to shitty packing by the sender.

Nagelfar (DE)  "Als die Tore sich öffnen" -mLP 17.50EUR
"Black metal. Demo re-release."

Nagelfar (DE)  "Alte Welten" -3LP 30.00EUR
"Black Metal. Compilation with all split and sampler participations, bonus tracks from other releases, rare tracks and live and rehearsal material."

Nagelfar (DE)  "Hünengrab Im Herbst" -DLP 25.00EUR
Black metal.

Nagelfar (DE)  "Jagd" -mLP 17.50EUR
"Black metal. Demo re-release."

Nagelfar (DE)  "Srontgorrth" -DLP 25.00EUR
Black metal.

Nagelfar (DE)  "Virus West" -DLP 25.00EUR
Black metal. Recommended!

Naglfar (SE)  "Harvest" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)

Naglfar (SE)  "Pariah" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)

Nattsol (NO)  "Stemning" -LP 20.00EUR
(2010-Prophecy Productions)
"With their debut "Stemning," the six piece prove that the icy winds that blew from Norway in the early Nineties haven´t calmed down yet, still sending icy chills through the branches in the 21st century. Deeply rooted in the spirit of traditional Black Metal and surrounded by a nature-mystical aura full of grandeur, Nàttsòl offer six timeless compositions bridging the past and the present by marrying highly archaic Black-Metal elements to powerful production values. Ulver´s legendary trilogy may be a pointer towards Nàttsòl´s musical journeys, but the band has always paved its own path through the twilight woods of Norway; their poetic Norse lyrics tell us about elemental experiences of nature, ghastly legends, and timid creatures you can often only perceive as silhouettes between the trees. Again and again, acoustic guitars and evocative clean vocals break up the resounding fury and take you to the solitary vastness of Norwegian nature, to the world of fjords, mountains, forests, and mirror-like lakes, a world as unreal and mysterious as the music of Nàttsòl itself."

Nav´ (RU)  "Halls of Death" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Forever Plagued Records-FPR010)
Black Metal.

Nav´ (RU)  "The Wolf Sun" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Forever Plagued Records)
"Epic thrashing black piece of Russian supremacy. Two years since the CD release "The Wolf Sun" makes its debut on black wax. Limited to 250 copies. W/ member of Old Wainds."

Nawaharjan (DE)  "Into the Void" -LP 20.00EUR
"Black metal. Re-release of the previous demo material + two bonus songs."

Nechochwen (US)  "Heart of Akamon" -LP 18.00EUR
"Without losing site of their acoustic and classical roots “Heart of Akamon” reveals the bands most emotive and aggressive material up to this date. A truly unique outpouring of carefully composed metal intertwined with Folk and Americana elements sets NECHOCHWEN apart from the ever growing metal realm."

Necrodeath (IT)  "Into the Macabre" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-FOAD Records)
"The classic 1987 album Blackened Thrash Metal."

Necrofago (BR)  "Brutal Mutilation" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
Reh 1988, Brutal Mutilation Demo 1988 &Live Uverlandia MG 1988.

Necromessiah (IT)  "Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSLP034)
"NECROMESSIAH´s second full length is a crushing statement of savage, sacrilegious intent - a declaration of all-out war against pathetic organised religion. Spewing forth ten potent portions of hellish black/thrash metal, ´Anticlerical Terroristik Death Squad´ is the antidote to divinity. Marching forward with raging, furious & deadly intent, these corrupt conspiracies exist to rape and pillage the church, mercilessly invading all those who dare enter. Swarming vengeance, chaotic wrath and focused ferocity combine to create an onslaught of relentless power and irresistible might. Chopping, crunching chords provide the soundtrack to the final obliteration of false worship as God´s fake presence on earth is pulverised amid a maelstrom of devastating satanic terror. This filthy fucking feast offers no sanctuary for the weak."

Necromessiah/Dewarsteiner (IT)  "The Oath of Bacco Militia" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Crush Until Madness-CUM009)
"AlkohoManiaks! When the terror meets alkohol...be ready to hear this new nuclear waepon called "The Oath Of Bacco Militia". Necromessiah is a mix of Black/thrash with strong Venom & Celtic Frost influences, Dewarsteiner is a mix of Gospel Of The Horns & Cutthroat, all around alcohol theme. Get it or Die!"

Necropsy (FI)  "Tomb of the Forgotten - The Complete Demo Recordings" -4LP 37.00EUR
(2013-Century Media)
"The first official demo release, fully authorized by the band. Dark and twisted death metal in the vein of early SENTENCED, early AMORPHIS, CONVULSE, DEMIGOD, PURTENANCE, DEMILICH or ABHORRENCE. 40 Tracks with a total playing time of 167 minutes."

Necros Christos (DE)  "Doom of the Occult" -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2011-Sepulchral Voice)
Death Metal. DLP with full-coloured printwork, booklet & poster.

Necros Christos (DE)  "Nine Graves" -LP 17.00EUR
"Pure Death Metal darkness, played with utter class and perfection. NECROS CHRISTOS succeeded in capturing the most harsh, obscure and wicked material up to date with this EP. Two new exclusive songs, re-recorded yet totally new arranged versions of two old band classics + four interludes and one huge, persian influenced midtro... The most abyssic Death Metal imaginable. Nine Graves to be opened indeed! Running time of slightly over 40 minutes / 9 tracks in total."

Necros Christos (DE)  "One in Darkness, Two in Damnation, Three in Death" -3LP 65.50EUR
(***-2014-Sepulchral Voice)
"The demonology! Including their entire ancient grimoires, namely: Necromantic Doom / Black Mass Desecration / Grave Damnation. Furthermore all tracks from their 7" & splits, an unreleased studio ep & damned additional bonus material. A complete history of the magnificent high priests of necromantic doom Death Metal."

Necrovation (SE)  "Gloria Mortus" -7" 8.00EUR
(2010-Blood Harvest)
"Two brand new tracks of pungent Death Metal."

Necrovation (SE)  "Ovations to Putrefaction" -mLP 16.00EUR
(2012-Blood Harvest)
"Vinyl reissue of their 2004 demo tape. Raw Swedish Death Metal oozing with the stench of rotting human flesh."

Nefandus (SE)  "Reality Cleaver" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"NEFANDUS is back with a 3rd full-length album! For the first time since mid-90´s existing as a full band, they march into the new territories of mid-paced and grim Black Metal."

Nefandus (SE)  "Your God is a Ghost" -mLP 21.00EUR
(***-2014-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"New mLP is out now and the agenda is still the same: to spread the Light of Lucifer and the satanic legacy that has been chosen to the band by the gods and goddesses of Sitra Ahra, proclaiming the lunacy of "God´s" creation, like a fist in the faces of those who deny the wonders and pleasures of the chthonic Lords of Divine "Madness"."

Nefarious (UA)  "Diabolorum" -7" 13.00EUR
"Brilliant harsh black metal from Hungary with synths. Could be compared with Limbonic Art. Handmade product in a box. Ltd. to 500 handnumbered copies with wax sigil."

Nekrasov (AU)  "The Form of Thought from Beast" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Siege of Power)
"Harsh noise textures and a blackened industrial sheen married perfectly to blazing, low-fi black metal, without ever diminishing the black metal core of the music. Amazing stuff, and this new disc explores this sound further with eight tracks that sometimes isolate these elements. This release is limited to 500 copies and includes a 11 x 17 poster."

Nekrofilth (US)  "Worship Destruction" -mLP 15.00EUR
(***-2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Horrified Death Metal punk played the way Slaughter pioneered it back in ´84."

Nekrokrist SS (FI)  "Der Todesking" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2013-Primitive Reaction)
"Raw black metal. Loaded with genuine hatred, an icy atmosphere and some devilish melodies, all trapped inside an ancient (comforting) sound, ‘Der Todesking’ is both spectacularly unspectacular and unspectacularly spectacular. A triumph for the ordinary."

Nemesis Aeterna (ES)  "...And the Trip Begins" -7" 4.00EUR
"NEMESIS AETERNA is not very similar to any band, they have a quite strong personality, but dark and aggressive Death Metal with killer sound."

Neutron Hammer (FI)  "Extermination Kommand" -10" 12.00EUR
(2010-Primitive Reaction)
"Neutron Hammer returns with their demented style and unleashes a doomed mini album of pounding and thrashing Black Metal Death. Only for the damned and sick."

Neutron Hammer (FI)  "Iron Storm Evocation" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Primitive Reaction)
"After nine years of impure existence; Demo, two EPs plus a bunch of fierce and relentless live appearances, Neutron Hammer is finally ready to unleash their debut album upon the worldwide underground. Pounding, twisted and immensely heavy thrashing album full of repugnant perversions and sadistic madness. Only for the damned and sick!"

Nidingr (NO)  "Greatest of Deceivers" -LP 19.00EUR
(2012-Back on Black)
"More like Thorns, Ved Buens Ende, or Ihsahn’s latest noisemaker, Greatest of Deceivers is black metal from another angle. You won’t find grand symphonies about dark castles in deep forests. No, this is raw, urbanly dissonant black. Greatest Of Deceivers continues the theme from Sorrow Infinite And Darkness (2005) based on Enochian texts. As on the previous album, ten Enochian Æthyrs are evoked through the course of the album."

Nidsang (SE)  "Streams of Darkness" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Drakkar Productions-DKEP011)
"2 tracks of extreme & uncompromising black metal."

Night Must Fall (FI)  "Dissonance of Thought" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2007-Rusty Crowbar Records)
Torturous Funeral Doom. Invoking agony & hate and the pleasure in reflecting them towards the humanity - the lethal injection of planet earth - the two lengthy tracks manage to be cruel and mesmerizing and yet still somewhat beautiful in their crudeness. A giant leap after their demos towards the torch bearers of Finland´s Funeral Doom genre. Imagine a mix of eerie funeral doom with the ugly crushing sludge attitude and you´re somewhere close to the sound of this release.

Nihil Nocturne (DE)  "Entheogen" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-End All Life Productions-EAL054)
"New recording, continuing the psychaesthetic martyrdom that has begun with the last album, taking it to a more focused and meditative, sacred state of glorious spiritual tragedy. Witness this great hyperdelusion of flesh, lost in the triarchy of psyche, death and god..."

NKVD (FR)  "Diktatura" -10" 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Flamme Noire-FN011)
"Oppressive industrialized black metal. Layout by Eric Syre. Vocals on "Incipit SSSR" by Eric Syre." Two copies found from the boxes.

Nocternity (GR)  "Harps of the Ancient Temples" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2015-Iron Bonehead)
"Black metal. Whereas the band´s earlier work maintained a windswept, almost cinematic scope and high drama, here on Harps of the Ancient Temples, the pulse is pulled back to a near-catatonic state, dripping with atmosphere and stripping it down to the barest, purest obsidian. Incl. exclusive vinyl only bonus track."

Nocturnal Blood (US)  "Devastated Graves" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Unrelentingly Morbid Black Death Metal, the ancient returns with his highly anticipated full-length debut "Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration." Deflowering the goat vulva, dripping viscous black blood, NOCTURNAL BLOOD pries open the very maw of hell itself and peers deeply into its sweltering depths: essentially, this is the sound of Devastated Graves. Pulsing, pummeling, awe-inspiring primal power... partake in The Morbid Celebration!"

Nocturnal Blood (US)  "Invocation of Spirits" -PICEP 7.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"New picture 7" EP entitled, "Invocation of Spirits" featuring new exclusive tracks of Morbid Black Death Metal with an evil and chaotic lust for darkness in the true and old spirit. For die hards of: Hellhammer, Impurity, Beherit/Diabolus, Blasphemy, Demoncy. Pressed only on picture vinyl with outer cover (circle die cut front side) and 8.5" x 11" insert."

Nocturnal Graves (AU)  "...From The Bloodline Of Cain" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Before they broke up in 2010, NOCTURNAL GRAVES were at the forefront of a fertile Australian underground metal scene that ably mainlined the best elements of black, death, and thrash. With ...From the Bloodline of Cain, the Oz commando show that their first run was no fluke, and are back with a bloody vengeance."

Nocturnal Graves/Hell Spirit  "Grave Spirit Sessions" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"As the sickness of this festering world swells and vice and degeneracy seep out from the cracks and crevices of the continually eroding cities we have built around us. Hatred reigns supreme between men and violence abounds. You can feel it in your blood that the end is at hand. The “Grave Spirit Sessions” LP is the ideal soundtrack to the impending apocalyptic downfall. Nocturnal Graves’ songs on this split seethe with a madness and insane deathlust that drenches the air. Their expert incorporation of melody and their obsessive precision demonstrate clearly that Nocturnal Graves have perfected their craft and their side of this split LP is a testament to their tyrannical reign in the deathrash subgenre. Sharing in this bloodbath is Finland’s Hell Spirit who cover much the same ground. With only two self-released demos to their name, Hell Spirit have remained relatively unknown until now. Yet their driving attack and the impenetrable evil of their riffs render them an ideal and complementary selection for this split LP."

Nocturnal Vomit (GR)  "Cursed relics" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Terror from Hell)
"Obscure Greek death metal."

Nominon (SE)  "Terra Necrosis" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Blood Harvest Records)
"Brand new, third album! 10 tracks of pure Swedish old school Death Metal the way it´s supposed to be done! Comes with an A2 size poster! Recorded by Tore Stjerna at NECROMORBUS STUDIO."

Nuclear Desecration (US)  "Nuclear Demons Attack" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Gasmask Productions-GMK002)
"Live assault recorded at the Summoning of the War Legions Fest, August 4th 2007 in California (headline: Inquisition). Insane black/death hammering in the vein of Manticore, Blasphemy. No melodies here, just taste the nuclear vomit."

Nuclearhammer (CA)  "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2014-NWN Prod.)
"Nuclearhammer’s most potent manifestation to date. Filling the interstitial spaces between the band’s hypnotic and opaque deathscapes are otherworldly electronic drone interludes punctuated by convulsive outbursts of Death/Grind violence such that the entire album dilates and contracts with cosmic grandeur. The resulting sound evinces an extreme sense of intentionality and control."

Nuklear Annihilation (BG)  "Destruktive Warmachine" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Black Hate Productions-BHPVINYL5)
"Total Black Metal. The Destruktive Warmachine is rolling over your burned corpses. The 7 EP will include a inlay and a huge poster with high quality old school layout!"

Nåstrond/Myrkr (SE)  "Split" -10" 12.00EUR
(***-2007-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0025)
Black Metal. "NÅSTROND’s harrowing tales of human harvest march forth relentlessly, awash in foreboding, radiating a dense, strident threat, providing forlorn oratory on a sunken world. Emotionless, detached vocals complement embittered guitars and mocking drumbeats. MYRKR magnifies the fury with two hypnotic odes of resentful antipathy and anguished aversion, a desperate entreaty to the dark forces that have preyed upon us since the beginning. Rhythmic and cyclical, their mild variation on the recurring theme will engulf your wretched, desolate soul. Immerse yourself in these visionary compositions as fevered minds narrate a portent of decline. Travel along dark corridors where reality is drowned in disease and despair."

Obeisance (US)  "Forever Unholy Christian Karnage" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Gasmask Productions-GMK003)
"The new 7´ by black thrash war-mongers OBEISANCE from Hell Paso. Drops 4 new atomik warheads that will destroy all in his path! This Ep is 666 megatons of pure war induced hatred and blasphemy towards all religions! Artwork by Klaudiusz Witczak."

Occultation (US)  "Somber Dawn" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Invictus Prod.)
"Proper 7" version of their cd-r demo. As if Negative Plane was even more eerie, less metal and fronted by a female vocalist, like a 70´s psychedelic rock band on a bad acid trip." Recommended!

Ocean Chief (SE)  "Den Förste" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Electric Earth)
"Third and probably best album by this three piece from Mjölby, Sweden. This vinyl only release hosts 3 downtuned arrangements that pass by in 44 minutes. Stunning artwork by Sgraffito. Includes poster, heavy 350 gsm sleeve, heavy 180 gr vinyl. Limited to 400 black copies."

October Falls (FI)  "Sarastus" -mLP 12.00EUR
(***-2008-No Sign of Life-NSOL003)
"Acoustic MCD from 2007 now pressed onto vinyl. One sided 12" vinyl."

October Falls/Varghkoghargasmal  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
"One acoustic guitar piece from finnish October Falls and a nature inspired drums/guitars/keys only track of Varghkoghargasmal. Don´t expect any metal music from this release."

Ofermod (SE)  "Thaumiel" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-I Hate Records)

Ogdru Jahad (DK)  "I" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Iron Bonehead)
"Doomed and disgusting, OGDRU JAHAD make their full-length debut after two cult demos, fittingly titled I. The first strike is deadly, and this Danish quartet keep it foul and filthy, firmly within the bestial black/death tradition but coruscating to a primitive pulse that yields hypnotic results."

Oksennus (FI)  "Sokea Idiootti" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Bestial Burst)
"Unique and genious Finnish death metal."

Old Wainds (RU)  "Death Nord Kult" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0041)
"This is the sound of freezing winds, glacial isolation and permanent darkness. Like icicles of hate, eight chilly odes consume all within range, harbingers of the deathly coldness that will embrace and cloak us all ultimately. OW´s furious storm of blackness acknowledges the old school but has a trademark, twilight atmosphere unique to this frostbitten horde."

Omega Massif/Mount Logan (DE)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Vendetta Records)
"Summit of the two German masters of instrumental post metal/post rock from North of Bavaria. The former SWITCHBLADE worshippers MOUNT LOGAN surprise with their turn towards weird Albini-esque noise rock deconstructions, occasionally even with vocals added. OMEGA MASSIF, as you would expect from them, once again create a dard, moody and opulent soundscape with heavy crushing guitars and irresistible killer grooves."

Omnizide (SE)  "Pleasure From Death" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2011-Carnal Records)
"The story of Omnizide goes back to 1995 when Nox and Anders formed the black metal band Belzen together. A few years later Belzen split up. Nox joined Craft and Anders started the band Avsky. When Nox did some guest vocals on Avsky’s album "Scorn" Anders and Nox decided to start Belzen again. They changed the name to Omnizide and recruited drummer Gaddur from the band Kafziel. Limited to 500 copies."

Orcultus (SE)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2014-Forever Plagued Records)
"Darkness has consumed Sweden once again as we see a resurgance of traditional black metal coming back to the surface. Orcultus is no exception, totally raw and evil black metal solely created to oppose today´s new standards."

Ordinance (FI)  "Relinquishment" -DLP 24.00EUR
On their debut full-length Ordinance surefootedly steps forth ahead unfathomed nooks of what is in the core of Black Metal. "Relinquishment" lights the lantern of your seeking by intertwining the ominous, bold and versatile musical, lyrical & visual qualities of the album into a 65 minute crescendo of fury.

Ordrhein (US)  "Magnitude of Ancient Fragment" -7" 10.00EUR
(***-2013-Final Agony)
"Raw Black Metal."

Orfvs (FI)  "The Greatest Sacrifice" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Hammer of Hate)
"Orfvs breathes out a whisper from the glorious days of mid 90´s era synth Black Metal in the Norwegian and Finnish vein. This EP might´ve as well been the missing release of GEHENNA between their First and Second Spell. Orfvs´ Black Metal Art is full of mysteries, performed in the slow/mid-tempo pace with haunting synth and eerie vocals."

Organismos (CO)  "Manejos Invisibles" -LP 16.00EUR
(2012-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"Being brought up in the peak of the Colombian underground movement in the eighties is one of those grim enduring scars which both well define the character and is an unmistakable mark impossible to get rid-off. Blending the unbelievable violence of the South American underground sound while allowing the interference of certain and nailed experimental licences, it could shock the listener and results a juxtaposition difficult to believe or understand, but which with truly ends up assembling completely. Determined about being risky and challenging without refusing to voice rude and disconcerting, the philosophical and metaphysical lyrical work of this apocalyptic compendium, spites out a hopeless diatribe which stresses the overall decadent ambience of these 10 exalted tunes."

Ormgård (SE)  "Ormblot" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2013-Final Agony)
"Dark Teutonic ambient and black metal art. Limited to 250 copies with a booklet insert and pro-covers printed on metallic silver ink."

Orne/Blizaro  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(2010-Svart Records)
"Finland´s Orne and Blizaro from Rochester, Usa present a split seven inch vinyl EP. The themes of both songs ("Return of the Sorcerer" from Orne, "One Step Into Oblivion" from Blizaro") are based on the Vincent Price episode of the classic late night horror TV series The Night Gallery. Both songs are new material and not available elsewhere."

Orodruin/Vinterriket  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2002-Aphelion Productions-AP022)
"Finally on vinyl. Vinterriket contributes his mix of mighty atmospheric ambient black metal while Orodruin bring their great lo-fi Black Metal similar to the sole members other band Haat (RIP). Comes in beautiful gatefold sleeve.Limited 500 copies."

OS (US)  "Twelve Truths" -LP 15.00EUR
"A mysterious murky slab of blackened doomic filth, pounding and ominous and harsh and downtuned and hellish, these guys traffic in a sound not that far removed from the black doom faves. Fucking epic stuff, crushing droned out heaviness, that will definitely appeal to doomlords and dronelords alike, way recommended for anyone into Khanate, Wicked King Wicker, Habsyll, Thou, Fleshpress, Atavist, and of course Moss, Monarch and all the above mentioned heavies. Killer packaging, super abstract skeletal / logo cover, folded over to make a partial back cover, printed insert, each one hand numbered, Limited to 400. Mastered by James Plotkin.

Osculum Infame (FR)  "Consuming the Metatron" -mLP 13.00EUR
"Black Metal. Two years after “Quwm”, OSCULUM INFAME comes and brings forth a new opus recorded during 1999 & 2011 at AMSG Studio by Malkira and Deviant."

Our Survival Depends On Us (AT)  "Jumping Once Too Often Into The Ocean That Had Always Been Our Inspiration" -LP 15.00EUR
"The first album of this fantasitic dark-doom-metal band. Slow fading soundwalls with exploding outbursts, pitch-black sound samples, minimum acoustically and the mourning and conjuring vocals of the two singers drag you along into dark spheres of sadness and nihilsm. The seamless change between the single vocal parts is exemplary and extraordinary. Rage, sadness, bitterness, suffering and hate are only a part of the emotions that are processed and thus channelled with OSDOU. Besides mighty slow motion guitar walls roll out of the speakers, so that you are hammered into the ground without warning and try in vane to escape this force. The tribal-like drumming, which disappears into the background time and again, unresistingly pulls you deeper and deeper into the dark abyss and thus into the world of OSDOU. With Jumping Once Too Often OSDOU set an unignorable sign that can also convince completely soundwise and should not leave anything to be desired even for pampered ears. A highly recommended album for fans of Neurosis, Breach, 16 Horsepower and the Melvins."

Ouroboros (CA)  "Invoking The Past" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Iron Bonehead)
A compilation of band´s entire discography prior to the debut album. Includes a huge booklet.

Ouroboros (CA)  "Spear of Destiny" -DLP 26.00EUR
(***-2010-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
"After A.W.´s incarceration after 2005, the release sat dormant with no idea of whether or not it was ever to be released. Immediately upon A.W.´s release from prison 5 years later, the release picked up where it left off. Now unleashed to crush the effeminate liberal fun metal underground with pure Canadian War Metal hatred. Co-released with OUROBOROS´ original EP "Circling the Coils of Chaos which was a limited edition CD-R EP released in 2002. Now fully mastered and including never before released live tracks."

Pain Nail (FI)  "Hengellisiä Lauluja No.2" -7" 8.50EUR
"2nd part to the original 7" Ep "Hengellisiä Lauluja" released on Freak Animal Records in 2009. Pure Industrial darkness."

Pallbearer (US)  "Sorrow and Extinction" -DLP 25.00EUR
(2012-20 Buck Spin)
"A crushingly heavy and beautifully melancholy piece of traditional style Doom Metal, ´Sorrow And Extinction´ reveals more layers with each listen, paradoxically becoming an uplifting, transcedent experience."

Panphage (SE)  "Drengskapr" -LP 20.00EUR
Black metal.

Pantheon of Blood (FI)  "Consociatio Solis et Lunae" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2011-Glorious North Prod.)
"Spiritually elevated occult Finnish Black Metal."

Pantheon of Blood (FI)  "S/T" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
"The essential standpoints of Pantheon of Blood are based upon the idea of realization of that, which is hidden within our blood; making a living contact for those archetypes, which were so real to our ancestors as well. This tape contains two tracks of Traditional Finnish Black Metal fusing the very ideas of national-romanticism & occultic approach concerning the subjects in hand.”

Paradise Lost (UK)  "Lost Paradise" -LP 24.00EUR

Paradise Lost (UK)  "Shades of God" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2015-The End Records)
"This reissue includes brand new liner notes and 2 bonus tracks taken from the original Japanese release." A mandatory purchase if you don´t own this gem yet.

Paria (DE)  "Vermin Race" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Excellent sick and perverted german black metal. Killer gatefold lp with printed innersleeves."

Paria/Prosatanos (DE)  "Split" -LP 13.00EUR
(2007-Undercover Records-UCRLP0542)
"Two German Forces strikes against the World. Fans of Mayhem, Sadistik Execution + DarkThrone will like it. Limited to 500 copies."

Paysage d´Hiver/Drudkh  "Split" -bronze LP 25.50EUR

Paysage d´Hiver/Drudkh  "Split" -white LP 25.50EUR

Paysage d´Hiver/Drudkh  "Split" -black LP 24.50EUR

Pek (BE)  "Preaching Evil" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH125)
"Pek plays blasphemous death metal. Pek was invocated from beyond the boundaries of the perverted underground scene accompanied by legions of evil to inspire the blasphemous death metal spewed forth on all sanctity – holy gods, idols and religion in general. Pek is the embodiment of the dark, obscure and blasphemous aspect of death metal, summoning demons dwelling in the void beyond the gates of death in order to desecrate the flesh of Christ, to crush the cross and to curse the priest…eternally! Officially licensed from Sadolust Records from the Netherlands."

Perdition (CL)  "Piaculum" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Sigilla Malae)
"Ritualistic Black Metal. Abysmal, impure, miserable and full of devotion! The one who reigns in the mind of the mighty ones, is the word of our Black Salvation. Including one newly recorded bonus track."

Perdition Temple (US)  "Edict of the Antichrist Elect" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Osmose Productions)
"Forged of the deathless spirit of the fallen black/death metal tyrants, ANGELCORPSE... PERDITION TEMPLE ascends as the inexorable spearhead of endless Antichrist victory! Invincible...embraced in the war flames and iron splendor of this rising Holocaust Utopia, the debut album, "Edict of the Antichrist Elect" dictates the final condemnation of all structures of impotent, faith riddled degeneracy and the doom of their verminous thrall..."

Perversor (CL)  "Demon Metal" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"The mid ´80s are alive... in 2010! Already a cult name in the underground, on their latest Demon Metal" mini album PERVERSOR take the evil surge of classic German blackthrash and bolster it with chaotic undercurrents of archaic Brazilian bestiality. However, these Chilean troops of doom are no "retro" joke band, as they´re more than able to stand ground with modern bands like Revenge and Diocletian in terms of ultraviolence. Fuck your goofy neo-"thrash" - PERVERSOR bleed leather, spikes, and SATANIC METAL! All copies come with a 10-page LP size (12" inch) booklet featuring illustrations & lyrics for each track."

Pestilentia (BY)  "Where the Light Dies" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2016-Final Agony Records)
"Infernal Black Metal from Belarus. Pestilentia return with their second album, six tracks filled of hatred and despair. Limited to 200 copies."

Phantom (DE)  "S/T" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Deathstrike Records-DR052)
"Raw black metal. Influenced by the primitive aura of VON!"

Phlegein (FI)  "S/T" -7" 6.50EUR
(***-2011-Northern Heritage)
"New 7" single with 2 exclusive tracks with great sound! Finnish black metal in the best way!"

Phlegein (FI)  "Silver Veins" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)
"Debute release delivers pure black metal, not so far from some past NH releases (old Deathspell Omega, Musta Surma, etc..). Cold freezing sound, totally gimmick free black metal focusing on basic elements. No subgenre following, no artificial fake ideologies. Only total black metal, nothing less, nothing more! Since 2003, this is first completely new band to be signed on Northern Heritage."

Plague Bearer (US)  "Rise of the Goat" -7" 6.00EUR
(2006-Nuclear Winter Records-NWR016)
"4 songs of Blasphemous Death Metal. Side project of DRAWN & QUARTERED members. Inlay with lyrics, thick cardboard cover."

Porta Nigra (DE)  "Megalomaniac" -7" 7.00EUR
(2012-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"Containing one album track back-to-back with an exclusive song – "Nero" – this analogue introduction is ideal for PORTA NIGRA, whose essence is of a different time and place. Nodding reverently to old works of decadent literature and art, PORTA NIGRA´s music is a direct and angry response to the mindless mechanisation and industrialisation of a world that now exists in moral decay." Pre-order, release date: September 21st 2012.

Possession (BE)  "Anneliese" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2014-Iron Bonehead)
"On the two-song Anneliese 7", POSSESSION boldly prove that their diabolic force extends into more haunting realms. No less hysteric, the reined-in thrust on these two tracks pounds ´n´ plods into the most fucked-up dungeon mortal ears will hear. Less a statement of "heavy metal" and more a ritual of unspeakable horror, Anneliese shows that POSSESSION are just beginning to stoke the hellfires of immortality..."

Prevalent Resistance (FI)  "Eternal Return" -LP 16.00EUR
Straight-forward, riff-based black metal.

Profanatica (US)  "Sickened by Holy Ghost" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"This is NOT the new PROFANATICA album, but rather an intriguing 39-minute DOUBLE 12" mLP recorded in two distinct studio sessions. Both records feature a laser etching around the outer rim on all 4 sides and come in silkscreened picture disc sleeves housed in a matte finish jacket with UV spot gloss."

Profanatica (US)  "The Grand Masters Session" -BOX 56.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Finally available from the original Grand Masters of mesmerizing barbaric black metal filth! Recorded with a full line-up "live in the studio", a raging 2008 session showcasing many of the classics, a few newer hits and an exclusive medley (a conglomerate of 5 songs) all sprawled across three (3x) custom 8" records housed in a branded wooden box set. As reflected in the retail price, only the highest quality materials & printing processes have been utilized. Absolutely mandatory for collectors, vinyl enthusiasts, and those looking for a supplement to the raw rehearsal demos ejaculated in the early 90´s." Ei huomioida postitustarjouksissa.

Profanatica (US)  "Thy Kingdom Cum" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Profaners of the pure, defilers of Dog´s creation, fornicators upon the altar: PROFANATICA return with their most vile and virulent creation yet, Thy Kingdom Cum."

Profanatica (US)  "Years Of Pestilence" -7" 15.00EUR
(***-2010-Desacration of God Productions)
"200 copies only. Repress."

Profetus (FI)  "...to Open the Passages in Dusk" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2012-Contagion Releasing/Rusty Crowbar Records)
Solemn and mournful, crushing and captivating Scandinavian Funeral Doom.

Profundi (SE)  "The Omega Rising" -LP 15.00EUR
""The Omega Rising" the vicious and searing debut from Profundi, the sole vision of ex-NAGELFAR vocalist Jens Rydén, is a hateful plunge into an abysmal musical realm where waves of virulent rhythmic chaos, vicious melody, and unforgiving atmosphere bleed in a vengeful marriage of encompassing triumph. Deluxe vinyl edition Gatefold LP, UV - spot print of details, pockets are flooded black inside, black innersleeve + poster."

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-NWN Prod.)
"Prosanctus Inferi’s 2nd full length album births forth 8 new beasts of pulsating and nightmarish black death metal. Tremendously violent and heavy with complex yet catchy arrangements, these new phantoms of madrigal evil race foward at break neck pace."

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"PROSANCTUS INFERI make their highly anticipated full-length debut with Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation. A bewitching epitaph to fallen warrior / drummer Antichristus, Pandemonic Ululations... retains their blackened barbarity of old but moves away from their earlier Profanatica worship toward a sound that´s inscrutably, idiosyncratically unique. Primitive and pounding and yet laced with labyrinthine, serpentine structures that challenge the mind while bruising the body, PROSANCTUS INFERI invoke the occult through utterly twisted, wholly gnarled violence. Comes in a glossy gatefold cover."

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Red Streams of Flesh" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"With their debut LP last year, Prosanctus Inferi proved that there is still room to expand within the Black/Death subgenre. Indeed, the sound of Prosanctus Inferi is Black/Death in the truest sense. Combining influences from early 90’s U.S. Death Metal and U.S. Black Metal, Prosanctus Inferi formulate a new sound — one in which neither style overshadows the other. The result might represent the median point between Morbid Angel / Necrovore and Profanatica / Demoncy, augmented by warped riffs and unpredictable song structures."

Purest (DE)  "Renascence" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Deviant Records-DEV018)
"German Black Metal. Preaching the pure philosophy of sinister misanthropy! 180g vinyl, 287 handnumbered copies, inside out printed cover, 320g carton, lyric sheet printed on 300g carton, black innersleeve."

Rademassacre (DE)  "Reanimation of the ancient demons" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Deathstrike Records-DR050)
"This is raw old school death metal only with bass, drums and voice! Think of a mix of SLAUGHTER, NUNSLAUGHTER and maybe even a bit of MOTÖRHEAD! Recorded already in 2006 in a studio this breaks all necks! Limited to 300 handnumbered copies in black vinyl."

Rahu (FI)  "The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows" -LP 16.00EUR
Black Metal. Debut album.

Ramesses (UK)  "Baptism of the Walking Dead" -mLP 20.00EUR
(2010-Hydro-Phonic Records)
"Ramesses are back with an LP version of the 2009 release “Baptism of the Walking Dead”. Ramesses are a blacker, doomier, meaner, more dark and nasty version of the members former band, Electric Wizard...mining the Vintage Hammer Horror Classic Films of the 60s and 70s, Nazi occult history, witchcraft lore and Lovecraftian spells...complete with sample soundbites from those sources. Featuring a giant 24 inch fold out upside-down cross that wraps the LP as the cover, revealing the wax through the missing sections. The vinyl contains an additional track not available on the CD version."

Ravencult (GR)  "Morbid Blood" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"The circle of ungodliness marks its return! Proving there´s still creative life left in the abyss of uncanny black/thrash metal, on second album "Morbid Blood," Greece´s RAVENCULT fuck with the paradigm and twist it to their own devilish design. From diabolical thrashing to grim, coruscating gnarliness, RAVENCULT evade easy categorization and channel the forces of uttermost darkness into a unique yet deadly serious soundfield, literally bleeding "Morbid Blood," offering all worshippers of the occult new avenues into Death´s innermost secrets."

Ravens Creed (UK)  "Neon Parasite" -PICEP 6.00EUR
(2009-Doomentia Records)
"You like Venom? You like liquor? Good, go fuck yourself! Members of Orange Goblin, Iron Monkey & Sabbat join forces to break your fucking face. Recorded at the legendary Tenko Studios."

Razor of Occam (AU)  "Homage to Martyrs" -LP 17.50EUR
(2012-Iron Bonehead)
"The Australian/British Black/Thrash Metal band that includes half of the Destroyer 666 lineup and members of Adorior. Homage To Martyrs is a tribute to the great men of science who died in the pursuit of knowledge, from the early astronomers who were burned at the stake for daring to displace man from the center of the universe to the modern theoreticians driven to insanity and suicide by their paradoxical discoveries and the cold denial of their peers."

Realmbuilder (US)  "Summon the Stone Throwers" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2009-I Hate Records)
"The debut album by American epic/heavy/doom metal band REALMBUILDER. Influences comes from such class acts as MANILLA ROAD, DOOMSWORD, CIRITH UNGOL, HEAVY LOAD and DARK QUARTERER. "Summon the Stone Throwers" is limited to 400 copies on GREEN vinyl."

Rebirth of Nefast (IS)  "Tabernaculum" -DLP 29.00EUR
Comes with a 24-page booklet.

Resuscitator (US)  "Iniciation" -LP 16.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Black doom death from LA. Cult classic that was originally released in 1994 by Wild Rags. Finally available on vinyl."

Revenge (CA)  "Retaliation.Doom.Eradication" -7" 7.50EUR

Reverend Bizarre (FI)  "So Long Suckers" -4LP 45.00EUR
"Reverend Bizarre´s final opus is a 130 minute juggernaut, thought by many as impossible to fit on vinyl. Well, you thought wrong. Mastered under the supervision of Albert Witchfinder by Joona Lukala, this four LP package presents the work cut on eight sides of 12 inch vinyl. The set comes with an expanded 20 page booklet and a poster, all packaged in a heavy duty gold foil stamped box."

Reverorum Ib Malacht (SE)  "De Mysteriis Dom Christi" -LP 16.00EUR

Ribspreader (SE)  "The Monolith" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Blood Harvest Records)
"Three songs that reek of rancid death. Plain old school Swedish Death Metal straight from the sewers of hell."

Richard Ramirez Projects  "The Machines Will React" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-Turgid Animal)
"Various project´s of Texan noise legend; Richard Ramirez. This LP includes new material by most of his better known projects including Anal Drill, Gender Sabotage, Release Helen Rytka, SS Electronics, Crash At Every Speed, Private Mouthpiece, Werewolf Jerusalem, Last Rape, 12 Yr Old Proud Parent and The Sick Tour. All Hail Ramirez! Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl."

Ride for Revenge (FI)  "Enter the Gauntlet" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2015-Northern Heritage)
"Monolithic 73 minute album of noisy and heavy, occult black metal from Finland. For those who dare to enter..."

Ride for Revenge (FI)  "The Renegade Temple" -7" 6.50EUR
Bestial ecstasy, primitive barbarism, ritual occultism; that´s what the first 7" from these Finnish goat shepherds is all about. Musically the content comes close to the first full length, paying respect to the traditions set by the masters yet following the own distinguishable path. Re-press.

Ride for Revenge (FI)  "Thy Horrendous Yearning" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Just five months after the last album and without warning, Ride For Revenge offers you their sixth full album Thy Horrendous Yearning. Six new tracks plus very different and much longer version of the song "Sexual Rhythm Of Death". All together 45 minutes of punishing, heavy, ear(th) shattering black metal hell."

Ride for Revenge/Below  "Split" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2016-Final Agony Records)

Ride for Revenge/Bloodhammer (FI)  "Chords of the Left Hand" -LP 19.00EUR
"Two finnish elite black metal bands have united for this unholy split release. BLOODHAMMER continuing with their filthy old school black metal art, offering really strong material again. RIDE FOR REVENGE goes to the new dimension again, this time with extremely bestial and ugly black metal you haven´t hear before. This split is not for you! LP version comes with noble gatefold covers and heavy weight vinyl."

Rites Of Thy Degringolade/Portal  "Our Dreadfull Sphere/The Sweyy" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Ancient Darkness)
"Portal delivers extreme death metal with a fury that we know from Aussie bands mixed with technical efficiency in vein of Immolation. This is like none other. Rites of Thy Degringolade gives us a lethal dose of black metal, and their canadian roots are easily detected. Extremity as we´ve come to know from the Canadian scene."

ROK (AU)  "This is Satanik" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records-KNEEL019)
"Originally released in 1998, more than ten years later that killer album finally got waxed. Expect a brutal and sikk Venom / Bathory worship, additionally influences by the insane mind of ROK (Sadistik Exekution). Vinyls come housed in heavy 350gm cover-jacket with red uv-lacquer print, printed inner-sleeves."

Root (CZ)  "Hell Symphony" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Eternal Death)
"The long overdue vinyl reissue of Root´s 1991 sophomore opus, "Hell Symphony". Hell Symphony helped establish the unique sound that Root is known for."

Root (CZ)  "The Revelation" -DLP 22.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now!)
"Root’s “The Revelation” is unquestionably one of the most mysterious releases in this enigmatic band’s catalog. Although it was originally never intended to be officially released, it was eventually unearthed and released on CD. That CD, however, does no justice to the music it contains and was not even acknowledged as an official release by some band members. The details surrounding the recording of “The Revelation” are nearly as obscure as the music itself. Root’s debut album, “Zjeveni,” was released in 1990 and was recorded entirely in Czech. When Root began recording their second album they chose to present the lyrics in English in order to spread their message of darkness even further. At the same time, the idea was presented to also re-record the “Zjeveni” album with English vocals. Because it was never intended for actual release, this version appears only in a raw, unmixed form. In many ways, this primitive sound is more akin to Root’s sound on their demos than to that of their early albums. Another curious element of “The Revelation” is the inclusion of additional intros recorded and added to the album that are not present on “Zjeveni.”"

Rostorchester  "Vermessenheit" -7" 6.50EUR
(***-2014-Darker Than Black)

Rotting Christ (GR)  "Apokathilosis" -3x7" box 24.00EUR
(***-2013-NWN Prod.)
"This collection of Rotting Christ material represents the genesis of the archetypal Greek Black Metal sound. Recorded after Rotting Christ’s debut MLP “Passage to Arcturo,” these recordings detail the accretion of elements that would ultimately collide in a magnificent manner on the band’s masterpiece “Thy Mighty Contract.”"

Royal Arch Blaspheme (US)  "II" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Once again the vision of PROFANATICA guitarist/songwriter John Gelso and KRIEG mastermind N. Imperial but now expanded into a full lineup, THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME´s highly anticipated "II" expands upon ideas from their original template: the primitivism is cruder, the sludge more volcanic, the blasphemy more vile, the production fuller and more devastating."

Ruins (AU)  "Cauldron" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0047)
"Savage and melancholy, the ominous music of RUINS combines malevolent intensity with stark emotional depth. With these seven hymns to desolation and sorrow the potential heard on 2005´s "Spun Forth As Dark Nets" is brought to brutal perfection as RUINS demonstrate their mastery of baleful Death Metal-inspired insanity; viciously dynamic yet imbued with the genuine despairing darkness of the purest Black Metal. Incubated in the bleak Tasmanian winter, the songs unleashed here personify the savage yet romantic landscapes of that remote island; enshrouded in shadow and drama, yet incisive as a razor to the eyeball, "Cauldron" is an embodiment of the very term ´Black Metal´."

Rytmihäiriö (FI)  "Surman Siipien Havinaa" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Svart Records)
"The Rytmihäiriö debut album turned 20 this year, so it´s high time to reissue it on vinyl! The Svart edition features all the original artwork, but it´s not a facsimile reproduction - instead, they´ve expanded it to a gatefold version and added a big 8 page booklet with unseen photos, all the lyrics plus liner notes."

Rytmihäiriö (FI)  "Surmatyö" -LP 12.50EUR
"Rytmihäiriö´s first 7" appeared in 1989. The original platter had over 15 minutes of furious, total hardcore crammed on a seven inch record. The Svart reissue collects all the tracks from the original EP on one side of a 12-inch LP and several bonus tracks from the same sessions on side B. The reissue also includes the original insert."

S.V.E.S.T. (FR)  "Coagula..." -LP 19.50EUR
(***-2015-End All Life)
"A decade after the CD edition, EAL releases a vinyl edition of these transcendental gems of french Black Metal. Satanas Vobiscum Et Spiritum Tuo."

S.V.E.S.T. (FR)  "Urfaust" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2017-End All Life)
Raw black metal. Comes with a 12 pages booklet. Highly recommended!

Sacrilegious Impalement (FI)  "Exalted Spectres" -LP 16.00EUR
(2012-Hammer of Hate)
"The blood of ἀλήθεια runs deep in the veins of these four Wolves of the Black Moon as they roar out their malice Black Metal with an iron will and precise skill of using their nightmarish weapons of omnipotence. From fast, devouring blastbeat to parts of calm solitude ´Exalted Spectres´ cracks the universe not only through the lyrics full of profound devotion but also the audial razors to shred your soul."

Sacriphyx (AU)  "Lone Pine" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Doom-influenced slow-paced Death Metal feat. members of Misery´s Omen and Grenade. Their 2007 demo pressed on vinyl."

Sacriphyx (AU)  "The Western Front" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-NWN Prod.)
"The band draws upon myriad styles and influences and “The Western Front” presents a broad array of sounds all drawn into the overall fabric of the album. Most notably, Sacriphyx call upon the legacy of Greek Black Metal, but recast the occult Hellenic sound in the service of the band’s melancholy and militaristic narrative quality. One also finds in the songs passages of forlorn doom and frantic black and death metal often intertwined with a traditional heavy metal sensibility."

Sacriphyx/Resuscitator  "Split" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2010-NWN Prod.)
"These bands, though separated by a vast geographic and temporal chasm, nonetheless utter their respective incantations in a similar tongue. Resuscitator’s doom drenched death metal is among the darkest and most atmospheric to emerge from the sick corners of mid-1990′s Southern California. While Resuscitator play death metal in a traditionally North American style, there can also be heard a tremendous influence of early Greek black/death such as Varathron and Rotting Christ. Like Resuscitator, Australia’s Sacriphyx also envelop their sound in one that is largely attributable to traditional Greek influence. Sacriphyx do not rely so heavily on a brooding death metal sound, however. Instead, they construct epic hymns that convey the triumphant and tragic spirit of militaristic combat."

Sacriphyx/StarGazer (AU)  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2009-NWN Prod.)
"This release illustrates the uniqueness and the simultaneous stylistic convergence of the two bands involved. While Sacriphyx continue to refine a sound that is clearly evocative of early Greek black metal such as Varathron and Rotting Christ, StarGazer elaborate further upon their technical death metal that truly resembles no other band."

Sadistik Exekution (AU)  "Fukk" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(2010-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records)
Comes with a jacket.

Sadistik Exekution (AU)  "Fukk II" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(2010-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records)
Comes with a jacket.

Sadistik Exekution/Doomed and Disgusting (AU)  "Split" -7" 7.50EUR
(***-2014-NWN Prod.)
"With Doomed and Disgusting, Dave Slave primarily focuses on doom of the most unconventional variety as only Dave Slave could produce. The track included on this 7", entitled “Murder in the Dark,” is more aggressive and manic than much of the previous Doomed and Disgusting output. Of all the extreme underground metal bands to emerge from Australia, Sadistik Exekution was unquestionably among the most highly respected and generally depraved sounding. This split 7" contains Sadistik Exekution’s monumental “Suspiral” demo – the second release by the band."

Sadogoat (DK)  "Cultus Capriea Ebrositatis" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2012-Ancient Darkness Prod.)
"This release contains all Sadogoat demo material from 1998-2005 52 tracks of goat worshipping Satanic Death metal."

Saint Vitus (US)  "C.O.D." -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2013-Season of Mist)
"“C.O.D.” with Christian Linderson (COUNT RAVEN) on vocals features numerous instant VITUS classics including “Children of Doom” and “Plague of Man” and is now remastered and repackaged with bonus tracks."

Saint Vitus (US)  "Lillie: F-65" -LP 17.50EUR
(2012-Season of Mist)
"Seventeen years after the release of their previous full-length Die Healing, these legends return with yet another masterpiece. Lillie: F-65 includes the trademark song writing style so beloved by SAINT VITUS fans. There is the cataclysmic and unmistakable guitar sound of co-founder Dave Chandler leading to amazing and magical solos. Lillie: F-65 is furthermore graced with the deeply resonant vocals of Scott "Wino" Weinrich who returns to record an album with the band for the first time since the glorious "V" (1989). Despite hiatus and changes over the past years SAINT VITUS remain true icons of Doom."

Saligia (NO)  "Fønix" -LP 17.00EUR
Black metal with Dødsengel member.

Saligia (NO)  "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" -LP 17.00EUR
"Saligia´s ‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi’ (Thus Passes Worldly Glory) – seven burning visions of the journey towards enlightenment, the first steps on the path to find one´s True Will, and to follow that Will."

Samael (CH)  "Worship Him" -LP 17.00EUR

Samothrace (US)  "Life´s Trade" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2008-20 Buck Spin-SPIN024)
"Samothrace plays ultra heavy doom with harsh alcohol-soaked vocals. And yet a somber melodic sense also permeates the 4 long tracks on Life’s Trade. Not in the overused, weepy Euro-doom tradition, but distinctly Midwestern, soulful and blues inflected." First press.

Sapientia (SE)  "Through the First Sphere of Saturnus" -LP 27.00EUR
"Musical art to the Sacred Sophia of the Light Bringer. Deluxe re-release of the already sold-out tape, now on 12" LP. Limited 250 copies."

Sarath (NO)  "Siste Indre" -LP 15.00EUR
"SARATH is a one-man force from Trondheim, Norway, formed in 2001. SARATH has spent the last 5 years slowly but steadily recording the first full-length now unleashed. What you are served is slow, repetative and claustrophobic Black Metal with and all over desperate feeling of total despair and solitude. The music and lyrics is strangulating, hypnotic and with an atmosphere so dense, you can touch it. Enter the world of SARATH...It´s a disturbing journey into the darkness between life and death..."

Sarcofagus (FI)  "Cycle of Life" -LP 15.00EUR
(2011-Svart Records)
"Luxurious reissue of their first studio LP, Cycle of Life, from 1980. The new edition is remastered for vinyl from the original master tapes and wrapped inside a glossy gatefold jacket. Includes a large booklet with all material from the original, rare insert plus new liner notes from band leader Kimmo Kuusniemi, as well as previously unseen photos."

Sargeist (FI)  "Feeding The Crawling Shadows" -LP 16.00EUR
"Feeding the Crawling Shadows is a veritable raison d´etre for these Finnish scene legends: With faith and devotion, through ritual and necromancy, SARGEIST feed the blackest, most Satanic essence at the core of BLACK METAL and, in turn, wield its clandestine powers with sorcerous might."

Sargeist (FI)  "The Rebirth Of A Cursed Existence" -DLP 21.00EUR
"This vinyl features all Sargeist songs which were previously available solely on vinyl, tape and compilation releases. All songs have been carefully re-mastered to keep up the audio quality. Altogether this compilation contains 72 minutes of pure Satanic Black Devotion!"

Sartegos (SP)  "As Fontes Do Negrume" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-2013-I, Voidhanger)
"30 minutes of black/death metal darkness in the vein of old Demoncy, Mystifier, Mortuary Drape, early Rotting Christ, Varathron, and Necros Christos. Ltd 200 copies!"

Satanael (FI)  "S/T" -LP 25.00EUR
(2011-Infinite Wisdom)
"Morbid Satanic Black Metal."

Satanic Blood (NL)  "Satan Boven Alles" -LP 14.00EUR
(2006-Sadolust Records-LUSTVINYL05)
"Finally this piece of Utterly Satanic black metal will be released on Vinyl! Originally supposed to be released by Sombre rec. and like everyone must know this never happened, later on it was released on tape format by SPR. Satanic Blood Raised by the impure souls of unholy sodomizer of the virgin lambs, Masturbating god on the stench of burning death and, molester of Jehovah´s horde of decapitated angels. Satanic Blood Does not rehearse, this is Satanic ritual put to audio, it´s about letting the inner Black Flame roar free, Chaos running through mind,body and soul, self mutilation, the instinct of the Beast roars with thunder..."

Satanic Warmaster (FI)  "Bloody Ritual" -7" 11.00EUR
(***-2012-Hospital Prod.)
"First demo on vinyl for the first time."

Satanic Warmaster (FI)  "Fimbulwinter" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2015-Werewolf Records)

Satanic Warmaster (FI)  "Of the Night" -mLP 14.00EUR
(***-2015-No Colours)

Satans Sign of War (DE)  "S/T" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2015-Final Agony)

Satan´s Satyrs (US)  "Don´t Deliver Us" -LP 21.00EUR
(***-2015-Bad Omen Records)
"Don’t Deliver Us’, beamed in from a metaphysical zone of over-amped ’70s power trio action and exploitation-movie malice, may well be the most gory and glorious thing Satan´s Satyrs has thus far wrenched into creation."

Saturnian Mist (FI)  "Chaos Magick" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2015-Saturnal Records)
"Occult black metal magick with utterly exhilarating blast of baleful, arcane savagery - wrapped into uniquely powerful and energetic musical expression."

Saturnian Mist (FI)  "Repellings" -mLP 13.00EUR
27 minutes and three psalms of possessed harangue with revolting ascension, atrocious woe & convoyed demonic embrace; where all attempts to understand shall drown into the everlasting chaos while Luciferian truth shines simultaneously through every putrid and impure being without a single word or a form. One sided mLP, re-mastered audio.

Satyricon (NO)  "S/T" -DLP 20.00EUR

Scarab (UK)  "A Soul for a Soul" -10" 13.00EUR
(2009-The Miskatonic Foundation-REH006)
"Awakened from their Ancient slumber, these four Wargods of Midlands metal are back to usurp the throne and slaughter everything in their path with an unholy mix of Maiden, Priest and Destructor, with singer/guitarist Paul Britton now sounding like Paul D´ianno´s tougher younger brother. Heavier than thou, SCARAB in 2008 is more relevant than ever in the current climate of "designer thrash" and "Eco friendly black metal". Not just music to sack cities to, but the soundtrack to lay waste to entire continents. SCARAB is the musical equivalent of an armored Panzer division smashing you with an iron fist! Limited edition of 500 copies in gatefold heavyweight sleeve!"

Secrets of the Moon (DE)  "Antithesis" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2010-Lupus Lounge)
"Secrets Of The Moon´s third studio album "Antithesis" is available on vinyl for the first time. This album is released as a double LP in gatefold format and will contain the previously unreleased bonus track "Father." Limited to 500 copies!"

Secrets of the Moon (DE)  "Seven Bells" -DLP 24.50EUR
(2012-Lupus Lounge)

Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies (DE)  "Earth Air Spirit Water Fire" -LP 17.50EUR
"This first full length album had, even before its conceptualization, shown itself to be a creature of a different nature altogether. Each one of the 5 songs which comprise its unity seemed a galaxy away from any of the others. Each of their unique structures, stylistic leanings and lyrical content diverged significantly from the rest. Diverging from the same source though and seemingly returning to that same source as well. The emotions of the Madman; depression, desire, demurity, decadence and determination had seemed to veer out from the same point of origin and had found each other in that oft spoken of but rarely understood concept of completion; initiation. 16 paged 12" booklet with all lyrics."

Sentenced (FI)  "Death Metal Orchestra from Finland" -3x10"+3xMC 50.00EUR
(***-2012-Century Media)
"SENTENCED’s entire demo recordings ("When Death Joins Us", "Rotting Ways To Misery" and "Journey To Pohjola") now for the first time available on vinyl. The box includes each demo on 10inch vinyl and on tape (replica of the original tape). This is uncompromising, dark and superbly executed Finnish death metal."

Setherial (SE)  "Lords Of The Nightrealm" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Funeral Industries)
"Vinyl re-issue of the classic Setherial album, black vinyl, gatefold sleeve with printed innersleeve."

Sextrash (BR)  "Sexual Carnage" -LP 17.00EUR

Shadow Of the Torturer (US)  "Dronestown" -LP 16.00EUR
(2013-Blind Date Records)
"Ultra-Doom. On the second full-length LP two veterans of doom team up again! Awesome riffage and ultra-heavy tunes. Features Aldebaran members."

Shadow of the Torturer (US)  "Marching Into Chaos" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Blind Date Records-DATE#16)
"Ultra doom. 5 songs of very slow, epic and thick music with freightening dual vocals. This album absolutely thrills and pushes you on the next rack to crush your mangy head. Project with members of Aldebaran, Yob, H.C. Minds etc. R.I.P.! All copies w/ 9"-sized leaflet. Artwork: scrawled design."

Shadow of the Torturer/Ghost of Wem  "Split" -LP 16.00EUR
(2013-Blind Date Records)
"One epic ultra-doom song in 17 minutes from Seattle and two sludge-songs with heavy-pounding riffs from Freiburg. For Fans of Winter, Loss and Moloch, Thou, Noothgrush."

Shining (SE)  "IX - Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends" -DLP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)

Shub Niggurath (MX)  "Horror Creature" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2011-American Line)
"A Mexican masterpiece of Death Metal. After 20 years of waiting, the demo & EPs are re-released now for the first time on vinyl. Includes Horror Creatures -demo 1989, Unknown Adorer 7" EP & Blasphemies of Nether World 7” EP 1992. An essential release for those who still yearn for the authentic and blasphemous feel of the metal bands of the early 90´s. Limited edition of 300 pieces, includes insert, A2 poster and sticker."

Sick Seed (FI)  "Man And Machine" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-Turgid Animal)
"Many will know Pekka PT´s Sick Seed project under it´s old guise of Gelsomina. Now with a new name and several solid releases under his belt, the Finland native offers up his first 7" release. The 7" features two sides of raw-as-it-gets Power Electronics with true conviction and dedication. Industrial rhythmn supplied via raw steel junk."

Sigh (JP)  "In Somniphobia" -DLP 22.00EUR
(2012-Back on Black)

Sigillum Diaboli/Storming Darkness (RU)  "Split" -LP 13.00EUR
(2006-Blasphemous Underground-BUP-07)
"Vinyl version of SIGILLUM DIABOLI´s debut. This time as split release with their Russian comrades STORMING DARKNESS which offer with "...By Path of Death" the material which was previously released by Orthodox Productions on tape. SIGILLUM DIABOLI offering excellent cold & raw Black Metal in the traditional nordic vein, leading you into a melancholic journey! STORMING DARKNES hails from Russia too, they present harsh, fast and uncompromising Black Metal filled with hate & violence!"

Silmienvaihtajat (FI)  "1985-1986" -DLP 22.00EUR
(2011-Svart Records)

Silmäpuoli (FI)  "S/T" -10" 10.00EUR

Simple Existenz (DE)  "Das Leben vor dem Tod" -LP 15.00EUR
Metal/Rock. "Das Leben vor dem Tod is the first album from Zorn, the former guitarist of German Black Metal band Nagelfar. Stylistically the album is close to Shining´s latter works yet it avoids the ´suicidal´ tag."

Sink (FI)  "Holy Testament 2" -LP 16.00EUR
"Black wall of sound. Throbbing sonic womb. Infinite drone ritual. This is the new studio album "Holy Testament 2", which also acts as a companion piece and a counterpart to 2011´s "Holy Testament 1"."

Sink (FI)  "The Process" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2010-Rusty Crowbar Records)
"There is obscure and then there is Obscure. The difference is subtle, but when you hear Sink, you know the limit between obscure and Obscure has been surpassed. The Process is a beast that drags you below the surface and lets you gasp for air just enough to keep conscious and experience the horror. Monumental wall of sound built from demented vibrations, violent distortion, wailing feedback, reverberating clashes and almost choral (in)human voices echoing in your mind like amplified painful memories; and when the wall collapses, the undertow pulls you deeper into paranoid and disturbing surroundings filled with static drones, scorching electrical trills and gravely impressive Obscurity that defies mental health. You may never reach back to the surface… This is not a sludge record. This is not a drone record. This is not an experimental record. This is The Process." 180g vinyl, cardboard insert, limited run of 250 copies. Cd version by Kaos Kontrol & Kult of Nihilow.

SIXX (US)  "Sister Devil" -PICLP 17.00EUR
(***-2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH136)
"Sister Devil was conceived and executed by the same evil entities that were responsible for VON´s legendary demos. Now 18 years after it was recorded, this lost recording by SIXX is presented for the first time. Although retaining VON´s penchant for darkness and repetition, SIXX deviate from the Black Metal form and opt instead for a sound reminiscent of Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and Samhain."

Skelethal (FR)  "Deathmanicvs Revelation" -mLP 14.00EUR
(***-2014-Iron Bonehead)
"SKELETHAL´s debut MLP "Deathmanicvs Revelation" says everything it needs to in its title: absolute DEATH WORSHIP, wielding the Metal of Death like a scythe, an axe, and blunt hammer simultaneously, all in obeisance to occult forces beyond the mien of man. Despite their young years, SKELETHAL are well learned in the ancient ways of Death Metal, and the resultant sound across Deathmanicvs Revelation is not so much "old school" nor "retro" as it is simply respectful of its traditions, adding their own hideous flair to the form."

Skogen (SE)  "I Döden" -DLP 21.00EUR
"Atmospheric black metal. Incl. three bonus tracks."

Slave Hands/Cicutoxin (FI)  "Split" -10" 12.00EUR
"Slave Hands plays sludge, owing more to the hardcore/punk -based old school sound of Grief, Noothgrush and the like. Cicutoxin rise from the sludge of their previous releases and this time blast a more power violence influenced bunch of songs. "

Slidhr (IR)  "Spit of the Apostate" -mLP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-Terratur Possessions)
"Fiery Black Metal from Ireland. Intricate, yet without straying away from the by now well known Slidhr sound; fresh and unique, something that´s quite an accomplishment in today´s infected Black Metal "scene"."

Slutvomit (US)  "Satanic Slut Metal" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Parasitic Records)
"Filthy old school black metal. Their first demo put to wax. 500 copies black vinyl, w/ insert and vinyl sticker."

Slutvomit (US)  "Swarming Darkness" -LP 15.00EUR
"A compelling mixture of all that is irreverent and utterly unholy from the entire career of Satanic, underground heavy metal, SLUTVOMIT owes its influences to all that made black and death metal truly great in the mid ’80s. Equal parts Possessed, Morbid Angel, Incubus, and Necrovore from their demo glory days, SLUTVOMIT is a hysterical bastard child of these progenitors."

Slutvomit (US)  "Turn The Cross Towards Hell" -7" 6.50EUR
(2011-Iron Bonehead)
"Seattle´s Slutvomit is what the metal underground wants and needs. Dirty, filthy death metal like Necrovore, the Morbid Angel demos, Incubus and so forth. Turning the Cross Towards hell brings out the foul underground death metal mania that still exists...seek and ye shall find!"

Slægt (DK)  "Beautiful and Damned" -mLP 15.00EUR
(***-Iron Bonehead)
"Beautiful and Damned shows SLÆGT shedding its previous skin into something more kaleidoscopic, multi-hued, and yet equally menacing. Gone is the blown-out black metal grimness of old SLÆGT; here, a sort of blackened epic metal emerges."

Snowblood (UK)  "Being and Becoming" -DLP 18.00EUR
(2005-Law Giver Records)
"The Glasgow quartet´s second release, and a quantum leap forward from their debut "The Human Tragedy". A full 68 minutes of epic Godspeed-esque build-ups with crushing Neurosis-style payoffs, with much more in the way of dynamics and a fluid flow between movements."

Sombre Chemin (FR)  "Opus III" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Sabbath´s Fire)
"Last album ever, re-arranged and re-recorded demo tracks + unreleased materials. French heathen black metal art. Vinyl release only."

Sombre Chemin/Eole Noir  "Split" -10" 12.00EUR
(2010-Sabbath´s Fire)
"Great melancholic raw heathen black metal, 3 new tracks: 1 with Warlord from Evil, 1 with Elemental from Vordr and 1 instrumental / 2 old re-recorded tracks (with vocals this time) taken from the first demo ´´Valeurs´´.Comes on snow white vinyl."

Somnivore/Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Golden Blood" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2008-Anima Arctica Productions-AUER-003)
"Two artistic entities offer up an unconventional course of community incorporating wailing post-punk with dream ambience. Moving through the silent parts of thought and speech both parties take their leaps into a shining & redoubtable stream without haste or hesitation. The entirety has a strong sense of unexpectancy & wonder, like a wall with a door you never saw before or the end of a message you thought you´d never receive. Limited edition of 300 copies."

Somrak/Aesthenia  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
"One is American Nietzschean raw Black Metal and the other is anti-christian Black Metal from Slovenia."

Sortilegia (CA)  "Arcane Death Ritual" -DLP 24.00EUR
Black Metal.

Sourvein (US)  "Salvation" -LP 24.00EUR
"The classic, long "lost", southern sludge masterpiece that´s been out of print for over 12 years in any format and never available on vinyl until now. Featuring T-Roy (Hail!Hornet) on vocals and Liz Buckingham (Electric Wizard, 13) on guitar. Fans of BUZZOVEN, EYEHATEGOD, WEEDEATER, FISTULA and Southern Metal in general will not want to miss this classic lost LP. Limited first pressing of 200."

Spear of Longinus (AU)  "Black Sun Society" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)
Black thrash.

Spectral Lore (GR)  "I" -LP 16.00EUR
"Black metal in its most elemental and protean form."

Spektr (FR)  "Mescalyne" -10" 10.00EUR
(2008-AAP/Debemur Morti)
"The mysterious duo returns with 23 minutes of distilled chaos, where manic fury and swarming intensity are regulated and channelled in SPEKTR´s inimitable trademark style. On their first-ever mini-album, the fearless Frenchmen conjure a frightening and twisted vision, utilising regimental discipline and an uncanny appreciation of mood manipulation to create a stark yet alluring atmosphere. Wickedly warped and contorted, "Mescalyne" is one of those perverse pleasures capable of unsettling your mind whilst simultaneously enriching your spirit. A heaving hybrid of raw Black Metal and harsh industrial ambience pulls the listener into a deep vortex of swirling energies where all is one and one is all. Somehow the creators bind disparate sounds seamlessly to deliver a unique, atypical work of stringent, structured obscurity."

Spektr (FR)  "Near Death Experience" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-AAP/Debemur Morti)
"With the release of their second album, “The Near Death Experience”, this two-member band are bound to excite, confuse but ultimately impress any fan of the unusual. Surely black metal in nature, Spektr combine sounds unlike any other. It’s a harsh, disturbing, raw in all matter of sense, but one that is still highly complex and sophisticated within a low-fi environment. Much like friends and label mates Blut Aus Nord, Spektr buck all musical notions." Comes with 180g. white vinyl, printed innersleeves and 30x30cm 12-page booklet.

Stilla (SE)  "Ensamhetens Andar" -LP 16.00EUR
"Bright and ravishing northern metal. More complex as the debut, building up layers over layers. Traditional Scandinavian 90’s black metal but already with the spirit of their own style."

Stilla (SE)  "Skuggflock" -LP 19.00EUR
"With Skuggflock (Shadowpack) Stilla returns with yet another monumental recording that reeks of aggressive, beautiful and melancholic metal. "

Stone Wings (AU)  "Bird of Stone Wings" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2011-Contagion Releasing)
"Grief driven, harmony laden, malice and sorrow filled doom in the Australian tradition."

Stormbane (AU)  "Voracious Manifestations" -7" 6.50EUR
(2012-Bloody Prod.)
"2 tracks of blackened thrash metal in the true Aussie way."

Stumm/Taunt  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-Calculon Records)
Pissed off sludge.

Summoning (AT)  "Old Mornings Dawn" -DLP 24.00EUR

Superchrist (US)  "Defenders of the Filth" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2009-Forgotten Wisdom)
"The master of the riffs is back with 10 tracks of Heavy Metal! As always, the material is heavily tainted with Motörhead and Iron Maiden touches. LP version contains one bonus track."

Suspiral (SP)  "Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Equinox Discos)
"SUSPIRAL is the earthly manifestation of spiritual dimensions existing beyond Death. An amorphous mass of dissonant and chaotic Black Metal that will appeal to those who have stared on the verge of the Abyss. Black metal played in the vein of Katharsis, early Secrets Of The Moon, Grave Miasma..."

Svikt (NO)  "I Elendighetens Selskap" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-Blut & Eisen)
Norwegian black metal in the 90s fashion.

Svolder (CA)  "Desecration of the five holy pillars" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Iron Bonehead)
"Where pests gather, so predators strike. Marked by contemptuous bellows of blasphemy and profaned melodies, SVOLDER unleash a nuclear detonation upon the Kaaba with their first full-length "Desecration of the Five Holy Pillars". Onward SVOLDER march along their unrelenting iron path, spitting curses and offense at those who wander the meaningless journey, blind in their submission to the Five Pillars of Islam."

Swallowed (FI)  "Lunarterial" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2014-Dark Descent Records)
"Death/Doom. Long-awaited debut full-length from Finland´s Swallowed. Bleak and harrowing, Lunarterial shows Swallowed at their tightest and most disturbing."

Swarming/Zombie Ritual  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(2010-Doomentia Records)
"SWARMING sounds like ENTOMBED-meets-MASSACRE-meets-AUTOPSY in a dark alley after midnight, high on crack and cheap alcohol. Joining for this split 7" are zombies-obsessed Tokyo’s ZOMBIE RITUAL. Housed in coated thick 7EP single jacket printed by metallic colour with four panel insert."

Swarþ  "Veneficivm" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2015-Iron Bonehead)
"As obscure as ever, SWARÞ here prove that the mystery surrounding their membership ´n´ means is entirely justified, and that their throbbing, blackened Metal of Death is more potent and ominous than ever."

Taake (NO)  "Nattestid..." -LP 18.50EUR

Taarenes Vaar (NO)  "1996 -1997" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Kyrck Prod.)
"A 20 year old Norwegian lost gem. Eerie early Thorns riffs mixed with 3rd and the Mortal and Ved Buens Ende (also sharing Carl Michael at some point and early Ulver members) could be an accurate description of TV, avant-garde black metal in its true meaning."

Tangorodrim/Salute  "Split" -10" 12.00EUR
"Over 25 minutes of evil made sound."

Technicolor Skull (US)  "S/T" -LP 22.00EUR
"Technicolor Skull is an experiment in light and sound, exploring the psychic impact of a magick ritual in the context of an improvised performance. With Brian Butler on guitar and electronic instruments, and Kenneth Anger on theremin, their collaboration is a performance contained inside a ritual of unknown origin, tapping into occult stories that extend musical language into initiation. Hidden messages escape through gesture and light, manifesting as a one-time-only event. A one-sided, bloodred 180 gram 12" vinyl LP limited to 666 copies."

Teitanblood (SP)  "Accursed Skin" -mLP 15.00EUR

Teitanblood (SP)  "Death" -DLP 20.00EUR
"The second Teitanblood album corrects the misconception about Death Metal being music, mortui vivos docent."

Teitanblood (SP)  "Seven Chalices" -DLP 21.00EUR
"A monument of horrid Death Metal, as macabre as it is disgusting. Obscene violence and suffocating atmospheres entangled in multiple poisoned layers of perception... heretic and perverse scriptures deranged over 16 pages of bottomless perdition. A menacing experience rooted in an ancient past, yet a renewal by its burning extremism."

Tenebrae in Perpetuum (IT)  "Antico Misticismo" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2006-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP013)
"7 hymns of pure cold & hateful Black Metal with an atmosphere few bands managed to put into their anthems. Taking the mysterious and gloomy atmosphere from "Onori Funebri Rituali" into a deeper dimension, "Antico Misticismo" present a higher level of composition and structure of the hymns, in which one can touch the revulsive feelings ingeniously orchestrated by their creator." One copy found from the boxes.

Tenebrae in Perpetuum (FR)  "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0058)
"On "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio", enigmatic Italian Illuminates TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM daub their black rites across a richer, more expansive canvas than hitherto. Supplemented by the ordination of new vocalist Ildanach, the high priests of sombre psalms merge the darkest shades from the colour spectrum into a frenetic fusion teeming with mystical magnificence and dissonant grandeur. The intoxicating result is a diverse hymnary, awash with resonating textures, fertile with eerie reverberations and consecrated in free rhythms. Utilising plainchants and twisted, macabre screeches / chords, the choir of the damned rips through eight opulent liturgies of cold, morose esotericism. Join them at the altar and become enlightened by the darkness!"

Terrorama (SE)  "Omnipotence" -LP 16.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Swedish black thrashers return with a second offering of darkness. Comes with reverseboard printed jacket, A2 poster, 12″ x 12″ double sided lyrics insert and 160 gram vinyl."

Tervahäät (FI)  "Kalmonsäie" -LP 20.00EUR
""Kalmonsäie" continues on the path of the self-titled album. Freezing and eerie avantgarde folk and ambient soundscapes are brought forth with the aid of primitive ritualistic percussions and home-made instruments. On this album the unique wintry sound of Tervahäät collides with solemn and noble chants, resulting in singular aural opus of esoteric Finnish mysticism. Limited to 222 copies."

Tetragrammacide (IN)  "Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulae" -mLP 17.00EUR
(***-2015-Iron Bonehead)
"An overwhelming onslaught of blown-out barbarism, in-the-red frequencies, and holocaustic atmosphere. References to their progenitors can be made - early Nyogthaeblisz, earlier Goatpenis, later Nuclearhammer, any Intolitarian - but TETRAGRAMMACIDE possess a genocidal aura all their own."

Tha-Nor (DE)  "Wolfenzeitalter" -DLP 21.00EUR
(2009-Amor Fati)
"Originally released by Nazgul’s Eyre Productions in 1995, this album became one of the best German BM releases from the mid 90s. The vinyl version comes in a completely new layout and is limited to 500 hand numbered copies. All copies include a square poster of the cover motive. Features Drowned-member."

Thanatos (NL)  "Angelic Encounters" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Century Media)
"Long sold-out album by the Dutch death metal legend THANATOS - remastered by Dan Swanö. Includes liner notes by the band members."

Thanatos (NL)  "Realm of Ecstasy" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2012-Century Media)
"Death Metal heroes THANATOS´ classic release “Realm Of Ecstasy” finally available again."

The Devil´s Blood (DE)  "III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars" -DLP 23.00EUR
Psychedelic Rock.

The Eye (FR)  "Supremacy" -LP 16.50EUR
(2013-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"After years of lying dormant in forgotten silence, the icy menace of THE EYE has risen anew. Originally released in 1997, ´Supremacy´ contained eight unholy canticles of cold, hypnotic black metal in its purest form. Conceived and executed by Vindsval, THE EYE´s sole full-length explored the cruel mythos of Odinism and delved into a poetic worship of nature in its dark, repetitive compositions, foreshadowing its creator´s later work with star-driven black magicians BLUT AUS NORD. THE EYE´s final testament is a lost classic that has been found and elevated to its rightful place."

The Gates of Slumber (US)  "The Wretch" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2011-Rise Above)
"Indiana’s exponents of True Doom Metal, The Gates of Slumber, return with this monstrous slab of poseur crushing heaviness. The Wretch is an uncompromising return to the heavy, slow Saint Vitus inspired all out Doom."

The Gates of Slumber/Crowning Glory  "Split" -7" 6.50EUR
(2008-Rise Above-RISE7114)
Heavy Metal/Traditional Doom.

The Howling Wind (US)  "Vortex" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2015-Throne Records)
"The 4th album from the US Black Metal two-piece. THW is master-minds Ryan´s (Unearthly Trance, Force & Fire, Serpentine Path, Humanless) and Tim´s (Aldebaran, Mournful Congregation) Black Metal incarnation. This is epic, space, ambient Black Metal, and "Vortex" is an album which grows with every listen."

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Blood Vaults" -DLP 23.00EUR
"Sinister black metal."

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Exuvia" -DLP 26.00EUR
"Exuvia is a vessel of constipated lethal bacteria, loading an atonic fluid, a venomous substance of colours, a marsh of florescence. EXUVIA features 6 psychoabyssal downward spirals in TROBesque paintwork."

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Rain Upon The Impure" -DLP 22.00EUR
Atmospheric Black Metal.

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Takitum Tootem!" -mLP 17.50EUR
"The "Takitum Tootem!"-vinyl is an experimental orgy of spiritual psychedelia beyond the mood and concept of the following album - thus it stands alone as its harbinger."

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Unlock The Shrine" -DLP 22.00EUR
Sinister and obscure Black Metal.

The Sarcophagus (SE)  "Hate Cult" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Osmose Productions)
"Raging Black Metal. An amazing release including 2 tracks. Featuring Kvarforth from Shining as vocalist. Limited to 500 copies."

The True Black Dawn (FI)  "Come The Colorless Dawn" -LP 17.00EUR

The True Frost (DE)  "In Eternal Strife" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-World Terror Comittee)
German Black Metal legion strikes again! The last album of this now defunct band.

The True Werwolf (FI)  "Endless Journeys" -DLP 32.00EUR
(***-2015-Final Agony Records)
Demo comp.

The True Werwolf (FI)  "Vampyric Magick" -10" 15.00EUR

The Whorehouse Massacre (CA)  "IV" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Streaks Records-STREAK#4)
"This has it all: Sludge, Industrial, Noise, but occasional haunting, almost melodic moments. Inspired by the murders of Robert William Pickton this is a sick nightmarish Lucio Fulci soundtrack. Rotten hopelessness and perdition dominate the album, adding blends of violent, grinding outbursts. lo-fi black metal aesthetic, but still produced healthy. The superb artwork for the coversleeve and the 8-paged booklet is from Scott Stearns and transports perfectly the misanthropic brutality. Dip into the sick world of Willy P. 416 copies pressed."

The Wounded Kings (UK)  "The Shadow Over Atlantis" -LP 22.00EUR
Doom metal. Re-released as a special vinyl package.

Thergothon (FI)  "Stream from Heavens" -LP 24.00EUR

TheSyre (CA)  "Duality" -LP 14.00EUR
(2005-Blasphemous Underground)
Black Metal influenced by old school masters Master, Motörhead, Hellhammer etc. with a modern touch TheSyre knows how to create. Comes with a poster.

TheSyre (CA)  "Exist" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Osmose Productions-OPLP185)
"1 long track split into two due to the limitations of vinyl format. Over 32 min, full of power, emotion, and raging Thrash riffs. Very original way to compose and to execute. Fans of Sodom, Voivod, Destruction will enjoy it, just fucking amazing! Limited to 500copies."

TheSyre (CA)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Blasphemous Underground-BUP-12)
"1st album on vinyl. Merciless and powerful oldschool Black/Thrash Metal performed with a big fuck off attitude. Comes in white vinyl."

TheSyre/Audiopain  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Transcendental Creations-TC002)
"Limited to 500 copies. Includes a color printed innersleeve, 1 Thesyre sticker and 1 Audiopain sticker. Vinyl comes in black or beige/brown. Pure metal madness from these two thrashing hordes!"

Thorns (NO)  "S/T" -DLP 26.00EUR
Incl. two bonus tracks.

Thorns (NO)  "Stigma Diabolicum" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Kyrck Prod.)
"New master source for these including Trøndertun and Grymyrk, exactly same tracklist as the first 2007 press."

Thorns vs. Emperor (NO)  "Split" -LP 26.00EUR

Thor´s Hammer (PO)  "Three Weeds from the Same Root" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-IG Farben)
Black metal. Highly recommended!

Thou/Black September (US)  "Thrive & Decay" -7" 6.50EUR
(2009-Gilead Media)
"This split is not only a split between two great bands from two very different parts of the US, it´s an astonishing showing of power by two very young bands. Black September offer “Under The Rising,” a diverse 6 minutes of death metal/thrash with touches of dooming riffage. THOU unveil one of their most politically charged and crushingly heavy sludge tunes thus far, “Smoke Pigs.” Complete with the sample excluded from the first pressing. “Smoke Pigs” and “Under the Rising” really compliment each other despite the fact that they´re sonically very different. Having sold out over the course of a few short months, Gilead stepped up to repress this epic pairing of songs with brand new artwork, remastered audio, and on clear red vinyl. Again limited to 1000 copies. Each copy includes a free download of the entire split. Includes the "Talk to Cops" poster coinciding with the Smoke Pigs song, originally excluded from the first pressing."

Thralldom (US)  "Shaman steering the vessel of vastness" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Parasitic Records-PR16)
"Bare witness to the doomiest, most oppressive, experimental, and harshest sounding artistic statement that the duo of Killusion and Jaldagar have ever unearthed. Like Darkthrone´s Transilvanian Hunger meets the Swans´ Great Annihilator. Once again, experience the audial essence of America´s spiritual and inevitable downfall."

Throat (FI)  "Adult Situations" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2010-Kult of Nihilow)
"2 songs worth of middle fingerism, pissed off ´90s noise rock and feedback mentality. Edition of 330."

Throneum (PO)  "Bestial Antihuman Evil" -mLP 12.00EUR
(***-2004-Worship Him Records-WORSHIP004)
"Black/Death Metal, hailing Ancient Gods of Darkness & Evil such like Necrovore, Blasphemy, Nihilist, Imperator, Bestial Warlust. Death, Terror & Hell!" Includes a Beherit cover as a bonus.

Throneum (PO)  "Mutiny of Death" -LP 13.00EUR
(Pagan Records)
"Barbaric old school blackened Death Metal with influences from ASPHYX, SARGATANAS, ORDER FROM CHAOS, VENOM,SODOM" Limited to 300copies.

Thunderbolt (PO)  "The Sons of Darkness" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence)
"After 8 years of the original release date, one of the best Polish bands releases the vinyl version of their debut masterpiece "Sons Of Darkness". This is Polish black metal at its best. Fast and atmospheric like Emperor´s "In The Nightside Eclipse". Lim.500 copies in gatefold sleeve."

Thy Feeble Saviour/Jhesu Masturbator (US)  "Split" -7" 10.00EUR
(2006-Desacration of God Productions)
"Like old Profanatica and Havohej 3. songs done by each band. Limited to on red vinyl."

Thy Grief Eternal (UK)  "On Blackened Wings" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-Rise Above-RISEMLP056)
"Ever imagined Winter playing at half the speed, then digesting a bucketful of Elephant tranquilisers? Listening to this will have the desired effect! Originally intended for an EP release on Rise Above back in 1991, this was scrapped in favour of waiting for an album that never came. The band (brainchild of Jus Oborn) changed their name to Eternal, who eventually evolved into the band we now know as Electric Wizard!"

Tiamat (SE)  "Judas Christ" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)

Tiamat (SE)  "Prey" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)

Tiamat (SE)  "Skeleton Skeletron" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)

Tiamat (SE)  "The Astral Sleep" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2015-Century Media)
"The 2015 reissue is based on the original LP visually yet adds the 1991 CD-bonus track "A Winter Shadow" and was specially mastered for vinyl."

Tides (US)  "From Silence" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2008-Modus Operandi)
“Tides here, like on Resurface, display a tempered determination not uncommon to the more pensive tendencies of Isis or Pelican and manage to unfurl moments that bring recent Boris material, along with some Mogwai and even Anodyne, to mindcomparisons that highlight how interpretive From Silence can be. The evocative artwork (down to Tides beautifully non-traditional logo) packages appropriately. Although this EP might be relegated to chill time in the average heads rotation, heres to hoping it lands within earshot of those who still reserve all space for deft artistic sensibilities and great fucking songwriting. 80 gram vinyl with a poster and an etching on the B-side. Limited to 600.”

Tile (US)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(2010-Kult of Nihilow)
"Tile describe themselves as "pissed off feedback from PA (Pennsylvania)" and there´s not much to add. Loud, obnoxious, noisy rock with a sludgy bass-heavy foundation, ear-drilling feedback guitars and so pissed off vocals that your eyes will bleed. The band has a few very limited releases under their belts and this is no exception, so get it now or fuck off."

Toil (US)  "Obscure Chasms" -LP 14.00EUR
"Atmospheric, obscure and dark black metal."

Tombeau (CA)  "Méphistophallique" -mLP 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"Tombeau may share some basic foundational elements with those typically considered to form the pillars of the “Metal Noir Québécois” sound, the band’s output could perhaps be described as being considerably more primeval. In fact, Tombeau shares much more in common musically with the death-infused black metal of Demoncy than it does with its regional contemporaries."

Tombstoned (FI)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
"Funereal directors of rocking doom, Tombstoned have committed their first undead body to the earth. Kicking up new dirt in the old graveyard, with a warm vintage sound that´s as fresh as it is genuine. Dragging along truckloads of smoking riffs and coffins of classic, doom-laden heavy rock and roll, these young stalwarts of psychrock have the real magic of a future classic."

Tortorum (NO)  "Katabasis" -DLP 21.00EUR
"Following on from their celebrated Extinctionist debut, TORTORUM waste little time in upping the ante for inventive, widescreen black metal orthodoxy with Katabasis."

Torturium/Dead Reptile Shrine (FI)  "Split" -LP 13.50EUR
(***-2006-Bestial Burst-BEBU-022)
"Black Metal and beyond. Strictly limited to 500 copies." The covers have a small crease, thus the discounted price.

Total Genocide (FR)  "SatanNoiseVomitChaos" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Of Crawling Shadows)
"Ugly Black Metal. 160g vinyl & über heavy, dirty handcrafted cover. Lim. to 300."

Totalselfhatred (FI)  "Apocalypse in Your Heart" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2011-Osmose Productions)

TotalSelfHatred (FI)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
"Over 45min of highly intense atmospheric, melancholic, depressive and desperate black metal! With Horna, Korgonthurus, Night Must Fall etc. members."

Totenburg/Menneskerhat (DE)  "Waffenbrüder" -LP+7" 18.00EUR
"Limited vinyl version of the "Waffenbrüder" split album, including a bonus EP with an additional Totenburg song."

Toxaemia (SE)  "Buried to Rise: 1990-1991" -DLD 30.00EUR
(2011-The Crypt)
"Classic, Cult Swedish Death Metal at its finest! Forged in 1989, TOXAEMIA managed to stay largely under the radar during their short three year career, during which time they released two cult demos and a 7" EP of uncompromising, brutal Swedish death metal. The band had the honor of playing shows with the likes of Entombed, Merciless, Therion and Cadaver back in the day. Citing influences ranging from Morbid Angel, Possessed, Death, Entombed, Bolt Thrower and Cannibal Corpse, TOXAEMIA offers a varied range in their toxic Death Metal formula. Unfortunately they disbanded before they even had a chance to reach their full potential. Now, THE CRYPT is proud to present this cult act´s complete discography plus unreleased tracks on double 12" vinyl, complete with original "Buried to Rot" demo cover, original hand-written lyrics, exclusive liner notes and rare, unpublished band photos. Strictly limited to a one-time only pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies! Included in all 500 copies is a luxurious 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) poster of the cult "Buried to Rot" cover artwork."

Treblinka (SE)  "Shrine of the Pentagram" -5LP box 70.00EUR
(***-2013-Century Media)
"“Shrine Of The Pentagram” marks the first ever official release of TREBLINKA, one of most notorious death / black metal bands of all times. Features loads of never-seen-before photos, a long interview by Daniel Ekeroth (author of “Swedish Death Metal”) with former TREBLINKA members Jörgen Thullberg and Stefan Lagergren and extensive interview by Olivier Badin (writer for Terrorizer and Iron Fist (UK)) with former TREBLINKA member and TIAMAT main man Johan Edlund. Between 1987 and 1989 TREBLINKA released two demo tapes and one 7inch EP. After the release of this infamous “Severe Abominations” EP, the band changed its name to TIAMAT and became one of the biggest and most influential metal bands of the 90ies. This release compiles all demo/rehearsal/live/studio recordings." Won´t be included in the postage campaigns and no further discounts can be given.

Trees (US)  "Light´s Bane" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-20 Buck Spin-SPIN022)
"The darkened sky and rain-soaked soil of Portland, Oregon, gave birth to the sickly black doom of Trees. Their two-track debut is a shivering trudge through murky, thick, sub-bass sludge riffs with an occasional beat or two. Recalling the early days of Sub Pop-era Earth and the diseased doom of Burning Witch, Trees continue in the fine tradition of low-end wreckage that the Pacific Northwest seems to breed in its purest (de)form. With a vocalist who would terrify even Graves At Sea with his depraved screams and oral exorcisms, Trees create an atmosphere of psychic terror, like an acid trip gone horribly awry. The members of the band are all long-time adherents to the art of the slow-motion concussion; some share time in Portland drone wizards Tecumseh. This vinyl version of Light’s Bane is strictly limited to a one-time pressing of only 500 copies."

Trouble (US)  "The Skull" -LP 18.00EUR

Tsjuder (NO)  "Legion Helvete" -LP 20.00EUR
(2011-Season of Mist)

Ufo Gestapo (FR)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Streaks Records)
"Out now is the s/t vinyl rerelease of the first Ufo Gestapo CD that came back in the days on Calculon Records. This first part of the trilogy has more of the cosmic Korg-synths but still extra desperate vocals and violent as a horde of angry aliens devastating your flat. Again the music dwells between Doom and Hardcore, gloomy slow parts alternate with short outbursts of fast HC-Parts."

Unaussprechlichen Kulten (CL)  "People of the Monolith" -LP 16.00EUR
(2012-Blood Harvest)
"Second album from these Occcult Death Metal devotees. More raw and obscure than before. A brutal asphyxiation in the seas of Cthulu, in dark devilish South American way."

Uncelestial (FI)  "Born With Lucifer´s Mark" -mLP 12.00EUR
(***-2010-Northern Heritage)
"With new line-up, ex- Uncreastion´s Dawn continues where they left in "Death´s Tyranny" album. Going further into insanity of obscure and technical guitar riffs and possessed roaring vocals. This is black metal outside the copycat scene and shallow imitators etc. You will hear echoes of Grand Belial´s Key, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, and much more, with result being nothing but 100% Uncelestial. Nearly half an hour of length these days could qualify as "full length", but this 4 tracks + intro recording is 12” pressed on 45rpm with great sound!"

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (UK)  "Pusher Man" -7" 10.00EUR
(***-2016-Rise Above)

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (UK)  "The Night Creeper" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2015-Rise Above)
"Ten tracks of the type of sonic psyche-frazzling heaviness and blood-drenched pop that have made Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats one of Britain’s great cult bands." Black vinyl.

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (UK)  "The Night Creeper" -red DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2015-Rise Above)
"Ten tracks of the type of sonic psyche-frazzling heaviness and blood-drenched pop that have made Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats one of Britain’s great cult bands." Red vinyl.

Unearthly Trance (US)  "Electrocution" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2008-Relapse Records-RR7005-1)
"UNEARTHLY TRANCE emerged from the NYC underground a doom outfit and morphed into a distinct metallic beast on their new album Electrocution. An epic, impassioned piece of work, Electrocution oozes with mysticism and a palpable sense of purpose behind an imposing wall of gut-level riffing, canyons of low-end and pounding drums. UNEARTHLY TRANCE gives no quarter in their spiritual war and forges their own sonic path with the awe-inspiring Electrocution."

Unearthly Trance (US)  "In the Red" -LP 18.00EUR
(2004-Rise Above-RISELP055)
"The second ungodly offering from the twisted minds of these sick purveyors of extreme doom. Grim, eerie and outright frightening, this is one black sludge mater piece that you cannot be without. Doom or be fucked! For-the-kids: Melvins meets Darkthrone in a Brooklyn bar under a full moon."

Unearthly Trance/The Endless Blockade  "Split" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Chrome peeler)
"New York doom metal juggernaut UNEARTHLY TRANCE offer up a side long onslaught of d-beat and doom before plummeting deep into the noise depths while Toronto´s THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE combine power-violence and power-electronics to brutal effect including a Slogun cover."

Ungod/Sacrilegious Rite (DE)  "Sexual Blood Rites" -7" 6.00EUR
(2011-Obscure Abhorrence)
"split ep of these german black metal bands. Limited to 500, comes with printed innersleeves."

Unholy (FI)  "Demo 90/11 - Procession of Black Doom" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2011-Northern Heritage/Rusty Crowbar)
An official re-release of the ´90 demos. Bizarre death/doom metal from Finland. Re-worked artwork & re-mastered audio.

Unholy (FI)  "Trip to Depressive Autumn" -LP 14.00EUR
(***-2011-Northern Heritage/Rusty Crowbar)
An official re-release of the ´91 EP. Bizarre death/doom metal from Finland. Re-worked artwork & re-mastered audio.

Unholy Archangel (GR)  "Obsessed by War" -LP 18.00EUR
(2010-Kill Yourself Productions)
"Barbaric, warlike black metal."

Unholy Cadaver (US)  "S/T" -DLP+cd 22.00EUR
(***-2013-Shadow Kingdom)
"Very unique Epic / Traditional Heavy Metal with Black Metal influences. The release has an entire history of the band, band photos, lyrics, and also a CD version."

Unholy Crucifix (US)  "Vile Odors in the Nave" -7" 11.00EUR
(2011-Desacration of God Productions)
"Total hellish damnation! 306 copies only."

Unleashed (SE)  "Across the Open Sea" -LP 18.00EUR
(2011-Century Media)

Urfaust (NL)  "Apparitions" -mLP 18.00EUR
"Ritual black metal. Incl. a poster."

Urfaust (NL)  "Die Erste Levitation" -7" 8.50EUR
"Ritual black metal. One sided 7" with etching on side B".

Urfaust (NL)  "Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos" -mLP 15.00EUR
"Synthesizer Ultra Doom. Etching on side B, mandala poster A2 size, printed innersleeves."

Urfaust (NL)  "Empty Space Meditation" -LP 22.00EUR
"URFAUST is always going different directions on every release, but this time, they managed to take everything one step further: the revered and praised "URFAUST-Sound" has managed to go further and further into unexplored territories of the dark cosmos, resulting in one hell of a trip consisting of 6 songs that will take you beyond…"

Urfaust (NL)  "Ritual Music For The True Clochard" -DLP 23.00EUR
"The rituals on "Ritual Music For The True Clochard" were previously released under different formats in close cooperation with various bands and labels. Thanks to Herr Deportator for his insane efforts to mix and master them very thoroughly the Urfaust way and compile them to a homogene full length."

Urfaust (NL)  "Voodoo Dust" -mLP 18.00EUR
"The Devil´s Blood tribute the Urfaust way."

Urfaust/Celestial Bloodshed  "Split" -7" 9.00EUR
(***-2011-Terratur Possessions)

Urfaust/Ghoul Cult  "Ghoulfaust" -7" 10.00EUR
(***-2016-Terratur Possessions)
"Vulgar display of camaraderie, the unholy trinity of Urfaust, Ghoul Cult and Terratur Possessions joining forces for this split release after years of talking about it, 12 years after GC last release. Fill up your glasses, light up your pipe and commence violence."

Urfaust/Joyless  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
"Ritualistic Black Metal vs Depressive Rock. Printed innersleeves."

Urfaust/King Dude  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
"Ritual black metal & dark US folk."

Urfaust/Wederganger (NL)  "Split" -LP 17.50EUR

Usko (FI)  "Kullankukkula/Liipola" -7" 6.00EUR
(***-2013-Penny Whistles and Moon Pies)
"Hot on the heels of the well received "Kuusi" tape and right before the release of their split 7" with the mighty Loinen, the Lahti-based Usko pummel us with a two-song 7" vinyl. The bulldozing twin-bass sludge attack has gained more variety compared to the older stuff and while certain influences definitely shine through, it´s almost impossible to name another band that would sound quite like Usko."

V/A  "Grave Command: All Hallowed Hymns" -PICLP 18.00EUR
(2012-Unseen Forces)
"All Hallowed Hymns, a sepulchral compilation picture disc celebrating the thinning of the veils between the living and the (un)dead that occurs under the hungry Harvest Moon! GRAVE COMMAND is an eclectic and sinister assemblage of never-before-heard compositions written and recorded specifically for this collection (plus one mandatory killer from the 1984 XINR recordings!) and showcasing some of the most beloved fiends, necromancers, ravagers and revenants pushing themselves far beyond the pale of limitations. Double-sided 33rpm picture disc comes in a beautiful full-color LP jacket sleeve. GHOUL, XINR, ORCHID, RIDE FOR REVENGE, XANDER HARRIS, GRAVE VIOLATORS, DECEASED, OCCULTATION, VENENUM & DANAVA."

V/A  "NWN! Volume I" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"This compilation was originally released at the NWN Fest in Berlin on November 13th and 14th. The LP features exclusive or rare tracks from Blasphemophager, Revenge, Ares kingdom, Hellias, Bone Awl, Villains, Morbosidad, Embrace of Thorns, Ignivomous, Terrorama."

V/A  "Resurrected in Festering Slime" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2009-Soulseller Records)
"The truly sinister Death Metal compilation. Double sided A2. Heavy fucking vinyl. Featured bands are: Bombs of Hades, Eviscerated, Darkcreed, Rape Pillage & Burn, Feral, Maim, Graveless, Crucifyre, Unspoken, Mr.Death, Stench, Chronic Torment, Morbus Chron and Bonesaw" One copy found from the boxes.

V/A  "The Wine of Satan" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Sinister Flame)
"Originally released in 1993 by M.W. Daoloth of NECROMANTIA on his short-lived Spellbound Records in mere 300 copies, The Wine of Satan LP brought together BEHERIT, MORTUARY DRAPE, PANDEMONIUM, MASTER’S HAMMER, CORPSE MOLESTATION, PERDITION HEARSE, CRUCIFIER and THE BLACK for a unique celebration of darkness. Now TSF reissues the ritual for the first time on vinyl, and it is done under exclusive license from Spellbound Records and with the blessing of featured artists. Pressed straight from a Spellbound master, and with respect to the original artwork and design, this reissue gives you the opportunity to experience the haunting atmosphere of a time when the term “Black Metal” still had a macabre ring to it."

Vapaudenristi (FI)  "Ikuinen Kuolema" -LP 17.00EUR
"2nd full length of Vapaudenristi. Rock´n´roll rebels."

Vapaudenristi (FI)  "Tuomittu Vihaamaan" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2015-This Means War)
"Finnish RAC. 4 new tracks."

Vapaudenristi/Ce Jour Viendra  "Split" -10" 14.00EUR
"Radical Rock Resistance, Finland & Canada. Exclusive material for 10"."

Vapaudenristi/Pyhä Kuolema (FI)  "Split" -LP 17.00EUR
"4 tracks of rough radical rock and 4 tracks of national romantic folk. Finnish language."

Varathron (GR)  "Genesis of the Unaltered Evil" -DLP 27.00EUR
(***-2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"This collection contains all of Varathron’s work leading the band toward the creation of their monumental debut LP, His Majesty at the Swamp. The two demos, “Procreation of the Unaltered Evil” and Genesis of Apocryphal Desire reveal the steps that Varathron took that would later come to fruition on their first album. This collection also contains the more refined tracks that were utilized on their first vinyl releases – the One Step Beyond Dreams EP and The Everlasting Sins tracks from the split LP with Necromantia – and three additional bonus tracks recorded during the early years. Features gatefold jacket with artwork by Manuel Tinnemans and layout by Tilmann Benninghaus as well as a 48 page zine booklet."

Vargsang (DE)  "In The Mist Of Night" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-Obscure Abhorrence)
Raw black metal.

Vargulf/Sagenland  "Split" -LP 12.00EUR
"Sagenland was the project of the members of Meslamtaea and Cultus. The goal was to write unique music in the vein of old school Scandinavian hordes such as Ulver, Helheim, Satyricon, Taake, Emperor, Arckanum. Bands that had a style of their own when they were founded, unlike nowadays bands where everybody keeps on copying each other. The result is three extremely wellwritten and truly unique grim songs with a massive and powerful production. Vargulf has been terrorizing the German underground for many years already and with this release they contribute three killer fanatic old school black metal tracks; their best songs to date. This release is limited to 500 lps and comes with killer artwork."

Vassafor (NZ)  "S/T" -mLP 15.00EUR
(***-2007-Forgotten Wisdom Productions-FWP045)
"Finally the LP version of the great MCD. Exit the Mercyful Fate cover, on this vinyl version you will find a cover of Bethlehem "Dorn Meiner Allmacht". VASSAFOR plays souther vassaforian hell Metal! A great and mature mixture of Death, Black and Doom Metal."

Vassafor/Sinistrous Diabolus (NZ)  "Split" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Iron Bonehead)
"Following their cult debut double-LP, Obsidian Codex, VASSAFOR are up first and offer two double-digit tracks of perpetually pulsing/slithering churn ´n´ spurn, their sepulchral black/death metal verily the sound of a slow descent into Hell - and with a special tribute during second track "Son of Moon." On their side of the split, SINISTROUS DIABOLUS pick up where their hotly tipped debut LP, Total Doom/ /Desecration, left off: a 20-minute monolith that builds from absolutely desolate doom-death into a teeth-gnashing surge of hypnotic bestiality."

Ved Buens Ende (NO)  "Those Who Caress the Pale" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Kyrck Prod.)
"One of the most influential demos finally available again, slightly different edition than the 2007 one at 45 rpm."

Veil (US)  "Dolor/Sombre" -DLP 24.00EUR
"Hypnotic, desolate, cold and depressing Black Metal pain. Comes in oversized reverse-board jacket Tomb containing both black bodies of work, each encased within their own inner sleeve wraps, to be exhumed and absorbed."

Veineliis (DE)  "Strained Movements towards imminent Death" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Midwinter Records)
"After the excellent first CD here´s a new mental violence from the one-man band of M.v.V.! Quite usually with fast drum tempos, but again the same - or higher - level of intense atmospheres. Individual music with a strong philosophical background. Veineliis is no longer a good promise, it´s evidently an importat reality of the nowadays Black Metal."

Vemod (NO)  "Venter På Stormene" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2016-Terratur Possessions)
"Vemod’s critically acclaimed ‘Venter På Stormene’ LP finally available with amazing, elegant artwork done especially for this LP version. Exclusive vinyl comes with detailed booklet and exquisite poster."

Venenum (DE)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2012-Sepulchral Voice)
"Archaic death metal. A brew of four bestial chants boiled in poisoned interludes and ingredients."

Venenum (DE)  "Trance of Death" -LP 18.50EUR
(***-2017-Sepulchral Voice)
"Join a 50 min ride through the deepest depths of ripping death, the wildest wastelands of abominable black and the darkest peaks of sinister rock."

Venomous Skeleton (IL)  "Arcane Chants of Death" -mLP 16.00EUR
"Cryptic death metal, feat. Sonne Adam members."

Venus Star (FI)  "Hand & Head" -LP 16.00EUR
Primitive black & death metal, vinyl issue of two previously released cassette MLPs.

Venus Star (FI)  "Nigredo Expulsion" -LP 16.00EUR
Doomy and mesmerizing black/death metal.

Venus Star (FI)  "SETYPHORUS" -LP 16.00EUR
Primitive black & death metal.

Venus Star (FI)  "The Dark Victor" -LP 16.00EUR
"Primitive occult death / black metal."

Venus Star (FI)  "Viparita Maithuna" -7" 7.50EUR
Death/black metal.

Verhern (DE)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Deviant Records-DEV023)
"Mysterious and emotional Black Metal from Germany! Expect 5 songs in their own style creating an obscure and sombre dimensions. 300 copies on black vinyl, lyric sheet."

Verivala (FI)  "Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" -LP 15.00EUR
"Following the same musical path, as with their debut album „Voittomme“, Verivala’s second full length album “Kalliolle, Kukkulalle “is pure Finnish poison. Printed innersleeve, A4 lyric sheet, heavy vinyl."

Vermeth (FR)  "Suicide or Be Killed" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Drakkar Productions-DKLP017)
Black legions Metal - includes A3 poster.

Victimizer (DK)  "The Final Assault" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSLP024)
"Some of the best fucking music out of Denmark since cult Mercyful Fate!! Running wild in nuclear streets over the last 7 years, the band released some underground demos, 7"s and split LPs which now seem like classics from 80-fucking-3. "The Final Assault" is their first & final studio album, a sure lesson in violence... a heavy fucking bulldozer plowing through the wave of newbie friendly fag thrash. This is Rapid Thrashing Violent Speed Metal Hell with an evil edge that cuts like RAZOR!!!!! Face the music, prepare to die!"

Viisikko (FI)  "IIII" -LP 16.50EUR
"Viisikko, whose name translates as The Famous Five, is not a group of child detectives but a mysterious group of people from Oulu, northern Finland, who among other things create quite a terrifying racket that taps into the same unending source of inpiration bands like Black Flag, Melvins, Radiopuhelimet and Dead Kennedys have drawn from. An amalgam of classic rhythm-based hardcore and slight sludge metal influences, Viisikko´s "IIII" is the first time the band´s music is available to a wider audience."

Villains (US)  "Drenched in the Poisons" -LP 16.00EUR
(2007-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"From the bowels of New York, Villains spews forth one of the most solid and sinister albums of the year, Drenched in the Poisons. In the style of traditional 80’s black metal, Villains’ debut album combs the depths of alcoholic sin and debauchery. Simple but highly effective song construction combined with masterfully written dark riffs and harsh vocals will ensure that this album is regarded as one of the best new releases of the year. Regular version on heavy 180 gram black vinyl. Comes in gatefold jacket and includes poster."

Villains/Fingernails  "Getting Crazy" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Barbaric versions of both bands by both bands. The Iron-Fisted Italians ram down a saucy, glammed up version of the Villains tune, "Getting Cheap" while Villains throw Fingernails´ "Crazy For Blowjobs" down the staircase and light it on fire."

Virus (NO)  "Memento Collider" -LP 23.00EUR
(***-2016-Karisma Records)
"This time the iconic trio have taken VIRUS’ idiosyncratic trademark sound of unusual flowing bass lines, experimental riffs and groovy rhythms a few steps further, to create a sound that is still very much experimental and progressive in the true sense of those definitions, but at the same time is catchy and melodic."

Virus (NO)  "The Black Flux" -LP 16.00EUR
(2012-Duplicate Records)
"At long last, the critically acclaimed, seminal album of Norwegian avant-garde rockers Virus will appear in its rightful substance; vinyl. Sanctioned, approved and overseen by the band for the first time, this release will present The Black Flux as it should be – in one definite, ultimate edition."

Vitsaus (FI)  "Ajan Ja Ihmisen Haudoilla" -LP 15.00EUR
Raw Finnish Black Metal. Originally released as a demo and later on as a double cd release with the previous demo recordings on it as well. The layout is specifically designed for this vinyl release and the small sound problems which were audible on the cd version have been fixed. Red 180g LP & heavy-carton gatefold jacket.

Vivus Humare (DE)  "Einkehr" -LP 16.00EUR
"With black metal as the base foundation, VIVUS HUMARE wander through various sonic catacombs - tense and pulsing one moment, doomed and desolate another, dynamic and fluent every step of the way - and take the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride across epic tracks."

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "Celtic Poetry" -mLP 15.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "Dans Notre Chute..." -mLP 15.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "Into Frosty Madness" -mLP 15.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "Morte... lune" -LP 20.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "The Return of the Unweeping" -mLP 15.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "War Funeral March" -LP 20.00EUR

Void Meditation Cult (US)  "Sulfurous Prayers Of Blight And Darkness" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Together for the first time on one unholy wax offering: The VOID MEDITATION CULT 2010 demo "Sulfurous Prayers", along with the 2009 demo "Blight and Darkness" from VMC´s predecessor, SPERM OF ANTICHRIST. Eight tracks of downtuned, ritualistic hypnosis, invoked by whispers of the damned in homage to the Blighting Angel once more."

Volahn (US)  "Aq´ab´al " -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2014-Iron Bonehead)
"Aq´ab´al proclaims the spirit of indigenous ritual through six tracks of cosmic black metal coming to an hour long. Aq´ab´al captures a professional recording immersed in metaphysical esoteric hysteria."

Volahn/Blue hummingbird on the left (US)  "Split" -7" 9.50EUR
(***-2016-Final Agony Records)
"Mexica/Kiche alliance, native street anthems. Limited to 500 copies."

Volahn/Shataan/Arizmenda/Kallathon (US)  "Desert Dances & Serpent Sermons" -LP 18.50EUR
(***-2016-Iron Bonehead)
"Comprising four exclusive (and epic) tracks from all bands. 43 minutes of Western black metal magick."

Vomitchapel (US)  "Damnatio ad Bestias" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Analog Worship)
"After two years of silence, VOMITCHAPEL return with "Damnatio ad Bestias" (Submission to Beasts), three new tracks of blasphemic, ritualistic bestial metal of death. Compiles the band´s two demos, "Warvomitdeathworship" and "Sodominate", with three new songs recorded for this release."

Vomitor (AU)  "The Escalation" -LP 17.50EUR
(2012-Iron Bonehead)
"The third album from the beast of Sodom! VOMITOR strike back with a brand new punishing and hideously ugly death metal monster. Never straying from the course as devilish metal mayhem, The Escalation sees the band ratchet up the ante this time bringing on board Horror Illogium of Portal fame to twist and further warp the band´s vile sound into the pits of nightmare!"

Von Goat (US)  "Septic Illumination" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now!)

Vond (NO)  "AIDS To The People" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Funeral Industries)
"AIDS to the People is comprised of two songs from the 1993 debut 7" by Vond (then known as Havard-Vond) and three tracks from an unreleased 1995 EP of the same title."

Vond (NO)  "Green Eyed Demon" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-Funeral Industries)

Vond (NO)  "Selvmord" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-Funeral Industries)

Vond (NO)  "The Dark River" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-Funeral Industries)

Vondur (SE)  "No Compromise!" -DLP 21.00EUR
(2011-Osmose Productions)
The complete discography of Vondur. Triple gatefold cover, two 180g vinyls.

Vordr (FI)  "" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-2009-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Six new exclusive tracks that stem from recording session of the third album. The same primitive sleaze as usual with one unusually epic track this time."

Vordr (FI)  "In the Shadow of the Wolf" -LP 16.00EUR
Primitive black metal.

Vordr (FI)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2016-Versets Noirs)
Crude, primal black metal. Second part of the EP trilogy on Versets Noirs.

Vordr (FI)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2016-Versets Noirs)
Crude, primal black metal. Third part of the EP trilogy on Versets Noirs.

Vorkreist (FR)  "Sublimation XXIXA" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Fire of Fire-APEX2)
"Absolute sonic terror and total black violence, this is a true offering of some the most potent and bestial satanic blackdeath. ´Subliminationxxixa´ is a completely relentless assault upon the listener wherein you are constantly bombarded with pummeling and brutalizingly fast drums, shredding and defiling guitar work, disgustingly molested bass and completely decrepit and vomitous vokills."

Vorkreist/Soulskinner  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
"Gallic psychopathic sickos Vorkreist and Hellenic serial-killers Soulskinner unite in filth on this split 7". Vorkreist offer an exclusive track entitled "Soldiers of Satan´s Wrath" which showcases a decidedly different, more old-school side to the band. With Soulskinner however, it´s business as usual, offering a face-searing slab of brutal and evil Death Metal with "In Attrition of a World Collapse", a track recorded exclusively for this release."

Vornat (FI)  "S/T" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Black metal.

Vorum (FI)  "Current Mouth" -mLP 15.00EUR
(***-2015-Sepulchral Voice)
"A reminder of what true Death Metal is all about. On "Current Mouth" VORUM perfectly combine the darkness of "Divus de mortuus", the heaviness of "Abomination of Desolation", the insanity of "Salvation", the brutality of "Critical Madness" and the ignorance of "Horrified"."

Ward (FI)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Rämekuukkeli Records)
"Finland’s downtempo heavyweights WARD have been stirring their unique musical mixture already since 2005, but only after two smaller releases and a reasonable amount of live performances are they ready to bring out their long-awaited debut full-length. Building from the atmospheric melodies of doom metal, raw sound and morbidness of early crust and the primitive force and heaviness of old-school death metal, the self-titled LP of these Tampere-based long runners consists of four tracks and nearly 36 minutes of unnaturally heavy darkness."

Warloghe (FI)  "Dark Ages´ Return" -LP 19.00EUR

Warning (UK)  "Bridges" -mLP 18.00EUR
(2010-Cyclone Empire)
"Limited edition in 180g heavy marbled vinyl, exclusive 8-page booklet in LP-format with song lyrics and texts by Patrick Walker."

Warning (UK)  "The Demo Tapes" -LP 17.00EUR
"Before Warning became one of the most important and genre-shattering doom metal bands of the last decade with their albums "Strength to Dream" and "Watching from a Distance", they gained cult fame in the global tape-trading underground community with their demos Revelation Looms and Blessed By The Sabbath. Long out of print and difficult to obtain on any format, Svart now presents the world premiere of these demos on vinyl. Limited to 600 copies on black vinyl and 400 on clear vinyl, this fully legitimate release includes a selection of vintage photos, all lyrics plus liner notes by Patrick Walker and Stu Springthorpe, as well as a foreword by Peter Vicar."

Watain (SE)  "All That May Bleed" -7" 10.00EUR
(***-2013-Century Media)

Watain (SE)  "Lawless Darkness" -DLP 21.00EUR
(***-2012-Season of Mist)
Includes a bonus track.

Watain (SE)  "Rabid Death´s Curse" -DLP 22.00EUR
(2012-Season of Mist)
Includes a bonus track.

Watain (SE)  "Sworn to the Dark" -DLP 21.00EUR
(***-2012-Season of Mist)

Wehrhammer (DE)  "Der Befehl" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2012-Nebelfee Klangwerke)

Weregoat (US)  "Slave Bitch Of The Black Ram Master" -mLP 15.00EUR
(***-2013-Iron Bonehead)
"Four new songs from these bastards of filth! Portland´s finest deliver another crushing release."

While Heaven Wept (US)  "Fear of Infinity" -DLP 23.50EUR
(2011-Nuclear Blast)
"While Heaven Wept used to be one of the best-kept secrets of the underground. Ever since the band opted to leave the more doomy side of their sound behind and go for timeless, progressive and epic metal structures, they have a huge cult following. Fear Of Infinity is a brillantly beautiful and highly emotional chameleon of an album – one you have to give time and discover new details with every spin! A melancholic and complex masterpiece, and definitely their most stunning effort so far."

White Death/Forlor (FI)  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Black metal.

White Medal (UK)  "Lyke Wake" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Black metal.

White Medal/Caïna (UK)  "Split" -LP 12.00EUR
(***-2011-Legion Blotan)
"Two brand new tracks of dedicated Black Metal from England. The last ever recorded work of Caina."

Whoredom Rife (NO)  "Dommedagskvad" -LP 25.00EUR
(***-2017-Terratur Possessions)
"The idea behind the band is to breathe new life into the art form and lifestyle that we know as so called “True Norwegian Black Metal”. With ‘Dommedagskvad’ they have clearly succeeded to combine all elements of the genre yet perfecting it their own way. It’s nothing new, yet so honest, well crafted and unique sounding it’s hard not to be drawn into the Whoredom Rife universe."

Winterblut (DE)  "Von den Pflichten Schönes zu vernichten" -DLP 22.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"Though NWN! seldom wades in the frigid streams of “pure” black metal, there are occasions when a recording emerges that is as filled with new ideas as it is destitute of light and happiness that a proper vinyl release is necessary. With “Von den Pflichten Schönes Zu Vernichten,” the fifth Winterblut full-length, L’Hiver (The only official member of the band) once again eschews the constraints of any rigid interpretation of black metal."

Witch Tomb (US)  "Crippled Messiah" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Die Todesrune Records)
"Bestial, unholy Black/Death Metal in the impure tradition of Profanatica, Blasphemy, Necrovore, Possessed and other similar ones."

Witch Tomb/Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Split" -7" 6.50EUR
(***-2009-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Shitting on the blessed virgin, comes an alliance of bestial black death filth from Boston´s WITCH TOMB and Ohio´s PROSANCTUS INFERI. Expect new brutal blasphemies reminiscent of the cult North American Black/Death legions of the late 80´s/early 90´s. Comes with an insert, cover artwork by Paul Ledney."

Witchrist (NZ)  "Beheaded Ouroboros" -LP 22.00EUR
(2011-Iron Bonehead)
"A ghastly monolith of hideous Death Metal! New Zealand´s WITCHRIST deliver occult delirium at poisonous levels! Prepare to be dragged into a world of doom, death and despair! 20 page booklet. Full colored poster 24" x 24" in size."

Witchrist/Antediluvian  "Split" -7" 9.00EUR
"Death metal darkness. Exclusive material by both bands."

Wodulf (GR)  "Zerezat" -7" 6.50EUR
(***-2016-Breath of Pestilence)
"True necromantic Black Metal."

Wolfblood (AU)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
"Compilation includes the demos "A Victory To Echo Through Time (Demo I)" and "Banner Of Might (Demo II)"."

Wolfsmond (DE)  "III" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Blut & Eisen)

Wolvennest  "S/T" -DLP 24.00EUR
"Psychedelic / Ambient / Dark / Rock."

Woods of Desolation (AU)  "The Darkest Days" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2012-Obscure Abhorrence)

Woods of Infinity (SE)  "Förlåt" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Obscure Abhorrence)

Woods of Infinity (SE)  "Hamptjärn" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Obscure Abhorrence)

Wormphlegm (FI)  "In an Excruciating Way Inhabited With Vermin and Pests and Violated by Executioners Who Practise Incendiarism and Desanctifying the Pious" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Rusty Crowbar Records)
Torture Doom. Demo re-release on vinyl. A recording of its own kind and quality.

Worship (DE)  "Terranean Wake" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2012-Endzeit Elegies)
"German doom cult is back! 5 years passed since the release of their last album "Dooom". Extremely slow rhythm almost 1 snare hit per 7 or more seconds! Combination of majestic heavy riffs and long tone dismal guitar melodies."

Worship/Persistence In Mourning  "Wood" -7" 7.00EUR
(2008-Endzeit Elegies-ENDE004)
"Interesting about the trilogy is that both bands provide a song about the theme, here "Wood". Worship´s song "Baumvater" is a very old one, written by Satachrist in 1995, so it´s the first non-cover by Worship which was not written by The Doommonger. Also, it provides some interesting new angles, Eps allow for some new one-shot approaches compared to albums. Namely, it has some harder parts and some groove."

Wrathprayer (CL)  "The Sun of Moloch..." -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"After the complete merging of ‘In Utter Darkness’ to thy hearts, WRATHPRAYER reveal you the solemn words of the flickering flame. A sacred union of nine elements which incarnate the telluric current of Death and Obscurity in a ceremony of 40 minutes."

Wreck of the Hesperus (IR)  "The Sunken Threshold" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Streaks Records-STREAK#6)
"Autopsy-esk, filthy and gloomy Doom/Sludge with a weaving drum work. Mental Funeral Doom from Dublin. Thick 350g cardboard gatefold, 4 colored inlay. Übergreat art by Glyn Smith. Limited to 548 copies, 150 handnumbered clear vinyl. Blood ist Liebe!"

Xysma (FI)  "First & Magical" -LP 18.00EUR
(2010-Svart Records)
"Of all the bands born out of the Scandinavian extreme death metal explosion in the late eighties, XYSMA was one of the most innovative. This is the sound of a death metal band pushing forward into uncharted territories. This is a limited, completely remastered vinyl edition of this groundbreaking 1993 album. It comes in thick laminated gatefold covers and includes a large booklet with previously unseen material."

Year of the Goat (SE)  "Angels´ Necropolis" -LP 19.00EUR
"The album Angels’ Necropolis is more than a mere collection of songs; it is a recollection of a fantastic chain of events wrenched from a state of reverie. It is an alternative gospel, a musical reverence to the Master, a harmonious companion to the Light-Bringer, a sublime hymn to Abraxas… For there within the album lies its own mythology: the story of the rise of Lucifer to the throne of the Overworld."

Ysengrin (FR)  "Liber Hermetis" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"Rather than being easily labeled as black, death, or doom metal, Ysengrin seamlessly combines elements of all of these subgenres in the creation of its own brand of Hermetic Dark Metal. With this double-LP release, “Liber Hermetis,” Nuclear War Now! seeks to correct the oversight of the band and its releases by resurrecting the 2011 debut album, “Tragedies – Liber Hermetis,” along with the 2010 demo, “Alchimete,” in order to share their genius with a wider audience. Comes with a booklet"

Zemial (GR)  "I am the Dark" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2009-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Features two exclusive songs never released to date from these Greek black metal masters."

Zemial (GR)  "Nykta" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"One of the most widely respected names in the international metal underground, Greece´s ZEMIAL make their long-awaited return to the full-length front with the vast ´n´ visual NYKTA. Seven years on from their last album, 2006´s towering In Monumentum, ZEMIAL´s highly anticipated NYKTA stylistically ranges the band´s entire, 25-year history but with bold, new strokes entirely fitting with the band´s ever-evolving lyricism. From gritty blackthrash to epic heavy metal, from art-music experimentation to moments of prog-inflected psychedelia, from soundscape ambience to realms completely uncategorizable and many mesmerizing points in between, NYKTA displays ZEMIAL in all their austere, multihued glory."

Ätman Acron (SP)  "108 Luciferian Neutronic Eyes" -7" 7.00EUR
"The members hidden behind the collective mysteriously known as ÄTMAN-ACRON believe in two things: the righteous power of music and our imminent fall. So although they’re all coming from established bands (past and present) they’ve decided to sacrifice their ego and thirst of recognition for the sole glory of the dark forces they worship through this, their first official sign of life. Sure at first, you might think you’ll find round the cradle of two lengthy tracks the usual suspects, such as BLACK SABBATH, TROUBLE or SAINT VITUS. Expect that as the puzzling title or the psychedelic yet disturbing artwork strongly suggest, there far more than meets the eye (and ear) on this spellbinding debut recording."

Ättestupa (SE)  "Musik för tomma rum" -LP 20.00EUR
"The third full length LP release from Ättestupa presents two longer pieces divided into six different segments. Even though you undoubtedly can hear the sound from previous recordings, this is something new. Something different. A more coherent and focused recording. Spared from all excesses. Exploring a more folky and desolate sound. Released in 500 copies."

Ättestupa (SE)  "Vattnet drog sig tillbaka, stenarna blev synliga" -LP 20.00EUR
"Still hanging on to a sound that bears the undisputed characteristics known from earlier releases we are exposed for new elements and musical narrative. The new LP pushes into new territories, moving away from traditional song structures and instrumentations, presenting a distinct and carefully elaborated recording where the two sides constitutes a well integrated totality of stripped down bleakness. The birth of tragedy. Released in 300 copies."

Ævangelist (US)  "Nightmare Flesh Offering" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2013-I, Voidhanger)
"Two new and exclusive tracks of horrifying black/death metal bliss. Comes as a 7" EP in a luxurious gatefold sleeve with expanded artwork by Seeming Watcher. Limited to 250 copies and never to be repressed."

Ævangelist (US)  "Omen Ex Simulacra" -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2013-Debemur Morti)
"Omen Ex Simulacra is a horrid mass of suffering, a horrendous form of sonic deformity painfully entwined at the core of long-haunted compositions. A sepulchral work, brutally laced with primal savagery, unleashing inhuman choirs resounding like the Devil’s voice itself. Vinyl edition includes 2 bonus tracks."

Ødelegger/Ostots  "Split" -7" 6.50EUR
(***-2013-Legion Blotan)
"Primitive and minimal German Punk-influenced Black Metal from Vidar of Bilskirnir meets raw melodic Black Metal from the Basque Mountains."