Ab Imo Pectore (PT)  "The Dissociative Path" -LP 18.00EUR
(2013-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"Experimental Occult Black Metal."

Abigor (AT)  "Time is the Sulpur in the Veins of the Saint" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2018-End All Life)

Absum (US)  "Purgatoire" -mLP 17.00EUR
(2013-Final Agony)
"Funeral Doom belonging to Rhinocervs label and now mastered."

Abysmal Grief (IT)  "The Samhain Feast" -7" 8.00EUR
(2009-Horror Records)
"After the split 7" EP w/Denial Of God, Abysmal Grief return again with a new 7" EP containing the two exclusive tracks "The Samhain Feast" and "Grimorium Verum"! Still horrifying in an occult and gothic way - and probably heavier than ever - Abysmal Grief remains as unique and original as ever! Comes in heavy luxurious gatefold sleeve!"

Abyssion (FI)  "The Best of "Karhun Lähde"/"Siniaaltoja Ja Singulariteetteja"" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2015-Night in Terrors)
"Hard Psychedelic Progressive Music. A compilation of sold-out demos/albums "Karhun Lähde" and "Siniaaltoja ja Singulariteetteja". Ltd. to 300 copies."

Across Tundras (US)  "Dark Songs of the Prairie" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Kreation Records-KR-18)
"Heavy and majestic riffs carved out of a massive syrup of riffage and spacious melodies. It´s almost like hearing some mysterious 70´s country rock outfit thawed out and refitted with mighty amplification, sludgecore tempos, and shoegazey shimmer that conjures up visions of the wide open prairies and looming mountains."

Agrath (US)  "Thy Kingdom Come" -LP 16.00EUR
(2015-Funeral Industries)
Black metal with Negative Plane members.

Ails (US)  "The Unraveling" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2018-Throne Records)
"The Unraveling, Ails´ epic debut album, is more than just the ghost of Ludicra. It stands firmly on its own, offering an intense synthesis of raucous black metal and melodic death metal driven by the formidable dueling vocals of Shanaman and Cather. These are songs of despair, heartache, inner torment, and physical and mental suffering that make an immediate and lasting impression."

Altarage (SP)  "Nihl" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Throne Records)
Bleak, heavy & cacophonous death metal.

Ambevilence (DE)  "S/T" -10"+cd 15.00EUR
(***-2015-Sepulchral Voice)
"Abyssic, boundless & unique Metal of the blackest Death in form of two abundant compositions."

Anal Blasphemy/Necroslut (FI)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Hammer of Hate)
"ANAL BLASPHEMY and NECROSLUT represent the ugly side of Finnish Black Metal full of in-your-face Satanic blasphemy accompanied with primitive bestial cumdripping desecration Black Metal! Full-lenght, full-filth!"

Antaeus (FR)  "Condemnation" -LP 17.00EUR
Violent black metal.

Armatus (DE)  "Blutvolk" -7" 9.50EUR
(2016-Final Agony Records)
"Raw satanic Black Metal. 1998 demo remastered from the original master tape Limited to 300 copies."

Asubha/Attralia  "Invectives" -7" 8.00EUR
(2014-Final Agony)
"Ancient Spirits of European Black Metal in an uncompromising homage to heritage and death. Limited to 150 copies."

Ave Maria (DE)  "Chapter I" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Kult of Nihilow)
"Psyched-out yet focused Black Metal. Debut album. Vinyl version with different artwork & really thick gatefold covers.

Averse Sefira (US)  "Advent Parallax" -DLP 22.00EUR
(2009-Ajna Offensive)
"180 gram black and white splatter vinyl. Exclusive gatefold artwork and printed inserts."

Averse Sefira (US)  "Tetragrammatical Astygmata" -2x10" 22.00EUR
(2006-End All Life Productions)
"Third album of this Extreme Black Metal band from America. AVERSE SEFIRA is one of the oldest and most expressive American band in the Black Metal genre. Luxurious 2x10" packing."

Aytnachr/Sacellum Luciferi (FI)  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
Crude black metal.

Azaxul (DE)  "The Fleshly Tomb" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-Misanthrophia Discos)
Black Metal. Recommended!

B.son (DE)  "Black Shape of Nexus" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Vendetta Records)
"3 songs ( about 45 minutes ) of massive doom. Think Khanate meeting Corrupted. Mastered by JAMES PLOTKIN."

Babylon Whores (FI)  "Pride of the Damned" -BOX 77.00EUR
"A carefully curated box set containing all the available Babylon Whores material ranging from obscure demos and compilation appearances to the three-full length albums on six slabs of brilliance. Completing the box is a 100-page book."

Baptism (FI)  "As the Darkness Enters" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)
""As The Darkness Enters" is logical step higher where every element of band has gained strength. From writing of riffs to composition and balance of sound. 2012 Baptism radiates the confidence of its mastermind to combine freezing melancholy, cold razor sharp fierce aggression, traditions of heavy black metal and atmospheric dark melodies."

Baptism (FI)  "The Beherial Midnight" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Northern Heritage)

Baptism (FI)  "Wisdom & Hate" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-Northern Heritage)

Bathory (SE)  "Under the Sign of Black Mark" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-1987-Black Mark-BMLP666-3)

Baxter Stockman (FI)  "Punter" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2013-Kult of Nihilow)
"PUNTER takes it’s place in the continuum of abrasive music, starting from the destruction and rebuilding of punk rock, progressing toward american noise-rock and finally ending up in the Finnish underground. While BAXTER STOCKMAN respects it’s predecessors, it takes a thorny path of it’s own."

Baxter Stockman (FI)  "Romance" -7" 8.00EUR
(2012-Kult of Nihilow)

Bedemon (US)  "Symphony of Shadows" -DLP 24.00EUR
"Nine bone-crushingly heavy slices of pure 70s-flavored doom metal."

Behemoth (PO)  "Grom" -LP 19.50EUR
(***-Back on Black)

Beyond (DE)  "Enter Transcendence" -7" 6.00EUR
(2012-Iron Bonehead)
Vicious death metal.

Bilskirnir (DE)  "Atavismus des Glaubens" -LP 18.00EUR

Bilskirnir/Front Beast (DE)  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2015-Darker Than Black)

Black Crucifixion (FI)  "Satanic Zeitgeist" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2009-Soulseller Records-SSR021)
"23th of August 1991 wasn´t just an ordinary Friday. That was the date of the Day of Darkness festival where Black Crucifixion, Beherit, Impaled Nazarene, Amorphis, Sentenced, Demigod and Belial shared the same stage for the only time in history. The performance of Black Crucifixion was recorded professionally and now for the first time ever it can be heard."

Black Grail (CL)  "Misticismo Regresivo" -LP 24.00EUR
(***-2016-Final Agony Records)
"A phantasmagoric allegory reflecting the premises of a philosophic-spiritual perspective that you should discover. Miraculous and terrible, captivating and violent, brilliantly dark and sad debut album. Embarking an atmosphere which turns explosive before becoming ethereal, finally fading away just to be experienced again." Recommended!

Black Pyramid (US)  "Stormbringer" -8" 15.50EUR
(2011-Hydro-Phonic Rec.)
"First class US DOOM! Pressed on custom cut 8” yellow wax (die-cut down from a standard 10” record)! Packaged in a special hand assembled Die-cut cover that interacts with the vinyl itself. Limited to only 300 copies."

Black Sun/Throat  "Split" -7" 7.50EUR
(2012-Hell Comes Home)

Blood Red Fog (FI)  "Radiating Desolation" -mLP 12.00EUR
Over 30 minutes long EP. More straight-forward, stripped-down and rawer release than the debut album. Simply raw Black Metal. Nothing more, nothing less. Includes one bonus track.

Bloodhammer (FI)  "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" -DLP 18.00EUR
(2008-Primitive Reaction-PR003)
"This full-lenght studio album contains 10 tracks and 35 minutes of extremely dirty, frantic and raw black metal with old school influences and thrashing vibes. Double LP version comes in noble full coloured gatefold covers with 7 mm spine. Including also one 15 minutes long Abruptum worshipping ritualnoise bonustrack."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "777 - Sect(s)" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2015-Debemur Morti)
"777 – Sects(s) is an organic, cascading volume of deviant, dark art that exhibits Blut Aus Nord’s natural habitat, a cleansing blade amid transitory moments of non-importance. Hypnotic guitars, discomforting beats and alienating voices clash with the ferocity of aural tectonic plates to produce horrific Black Metal decadence for an anonymous, lost, irrelevant generation."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "The Desanctification" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2011-Debemur Morti)
Blue vinyl.

Boar (FI)  "Poseidon" -LP 16.00EUR
"BOAR bends genres and structures and combines all of the best elements of haunting doom, hazy psychedelic meanderings and stomping stoner riffs in the 6 tracks that does "Poseidon" an instant classic of 2018."

Bone Awl (US)  "Almost Dead Man" -LP 16.00EUR
"Black metal. Originally released in an unlimited cassette edition in 2007 as the first recording following the full length album "Meaningless Leaning Mess", these nine songs show a sharper attack and a stern focus when compared to the earlier Bone Awl tapes. "Almost Dead Man" is now available on vinyl for the first time."

Bong (UK)  "We Are, We Were and We Will Have Been" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2015-Ritual Prod.)
"Solemn in its delivery and frightening in its implications, this latest album signifies a point of no return from the Pied Pipers of mesmeric drone, its two near twenty minute tracks will surely loop and envelop indefinitely, freeing the listener from this increasingly unfamiliar material world and mercifully trapping them in the weightlessness of Bong’s sonic void."

Bong/Pyramido  "Split" -LP 16.00EUR
(2013-At War With False Noise)
"Bong´s side of this LP is one long untitled jam, starting off rather innocuously enough, we´re soon into full-on stoner mode. Pyramido take up awhole side with their jam, which is less loose and more circular than the Geordie stoners´; it has a very early Krautrock sound with perhaps more than a nod to the legendary live jam sounds of 13th Floor Elevators, Grateful Dead or perhaps Ozric Tentacles."

Burzum (NO)  "Belus" -DLP 21.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2010-Byelobog Productions)

Burzum (NO)  "Hvis Lysett Tar Oss" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2008-Back On Black)

Cantus Bestiae (FR)  "S/T" -DLP 34.00EUR
"The ultimate canticle from the liturgy of the Beast, 18 hymns to the shades spewed out of Sheol. Ltd. to 250 copies."

Carpathian Forest (NO)  "Black Shining Leather" -LP 25.00EUR

Cauldron Black Ram (AU)  "Slubberdegullion" -LP 16.00EUR
(Blood Harvest)
"Old school death metal for dirty long-haired death metal pirates! Unique heavy riffs making dark atmosphere. Rough and blasphemous dirty vocals." The remaining copies come with a nominally damaged jackets (5mm crease on one of the corners).

Caverne (FR)  "Aux Frontières du Monde" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"The account of a solitary journey through the mire of a dying land, to forge in soil and blood a Black Metal tainted with bitterness and burning Faith."

Chestburster (FI)  "Slime & Guilt" -LP 16.00EUR
"On Slime and Guilt there are roaring guitars that smell like bad sex and even worse mushroom trips, sunburnt slacker afternoon vibes, vocals sounding like death threats, beautiful passages that are washed away by waves of nasty feedback. It’s heavy but not metal, not progressive but too out there to be punk rock. It’s like a bad dream you don’t want to wake up from, outsider music for the lowlife elite."

Church of Misery (JP)  "And Then There Were None..." -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2016-Rise Above)
"And Then There Were None, is another blood-soaked trip through homicidal hell, with songs inspired by killers both infamous and obscure."

Cianide (US)  "A Descent Into Hell + Demos" -3LP 50.00EUR
(2012-The Crypt)
"Cianide´s sophomore masterpiece "A Descent into Hell" coupled with their "CIANIDE... KILLS" demo and “Scourging At the Pillar” unreleased track."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Vangin Laulu" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2018-Final Agony)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Archive Vol. I" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2009-Northern Heritage)
"Incl. complete demo 1998 -On the Mission tape -Blood Stream (from V/A NH 5x7" box) -Hammer & Nails (from Blackmetal blitzkrieg LP)."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Archive Vol. II" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2009-Northern Heritage)
"Incl. complete "Below Surface of.." tape -complete "There comes the day..." demo."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Archive Vol. III" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2009-Northern Heritage)
"Incl. complete "Goat - Creative Alienation" demo -complete "Blood & cum" tape."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Church of Atrocity" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage-NH050)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "City Of Slaughter" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"The most aggressive and ferocious Clandestine Blaze album to this day. Guitars return to early days’ maximum-distortion dirt. Vocals include more force and tone than in the old times. Drums hammer with slightly faster pace, and song structures sometimes break free from traditional templates."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Fire Burns In Our Hearts" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Night of the unholy flames" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)

Coffins (JP)  "Sacrifice To Evil Spirit" -DLP 21.00EUR
(***-2012-Osmose Prod.)
Re-release with bonus tracks.

Convulse (FI)  "Inner Evil" -mLP 13.00EUR
"The EP features the first CONVULSE studio recordings since the mid-nineties. Inner Evil EP, recorded in full analog in the autumn of 2012, consists two long exclusive tracks. The band features the original vocalist, guitarist and bass player in their ranks, and their brand of classic old school death metal still sounds like it´s 1991."

Cornigr (FI)  "Funereal Harvest" -LP 18.50EUR
(***-2016-Terratur Possessions)
"The music to your funeral, CORNIGR disbands with this three track masterpiece of poisonous, rotten, hypnotizing Black Metal. One door closes, seven gates opens. LP comes with a 20 minute long ambient B-side."

Corrupted (JP)  "Loss" -7" 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Crust War Records)
"Long awaited, the first creation from CORRUPTED in four years centers on the theme of Medusa. This new release ushers in the vocals of Mother SII, whose voice creates a swirling chaos of hatred and malice, only to explode in a what can be called apocalyptic witch doom."

Corrupted (JP)  "Nadie" -mLP 15.00EUR
(***-2014-Throne Records-CHAPTER33)
"One of Corrupted´s first recordings, being one of the world´s seminal sludge bands / recordings."

Corrupted (JP)  "Se hace por los suenos asesinos" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2018-Throne Records)
Heavy, bleak & unique. A classic. Exclusively distributed in Finland through us.

Cosmic Church/Kêres (FI)  "Lucifer Returns to Heaven" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2018-Final Agony)

Craft (SE)  "White Noise And Black Metal" -LP 23.50EUR
(***-2018-Season of Mist)

Crowpath/Submerge  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Tetedemort Records)
"Three songs from the last SUBMERGE recording session and a long and heavy song for CROWPATH. Artwork by Stephane Blanquet.

Crowskin/Black Freighter (DE)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Vendetta Records)
"Two heavy-weight doomcore acts from the empty, hopeless landscapes of Eastern Germany team up for a split LP that holds the balance between brutality and depressive bitterness."

Cultes Des Ghoules (PO)  "Coven" -3LP 40.00EUR
(***-2017-Of Crawling Shadows)

Cultes Des Ghoules (PO)  "Henbane" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Arcane rituals, medieval devil worship, black blood spilling forth, screams from the abyss both nameless and numerous...CULTES DES GHOULES unleash their second full-length spell, Henbane."

Curse (SE)  "Ad Futuram Rei Memoriam" -10" 15.00EUR
(2012-Blood Harvest)
"Death metal. One of the most obscure and mysterious bands from Sweden."

Darkthrone (NO)  "Panzerfaust" -LP 22.00EUR

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Promulgation of the Fall" -LP 16.00EUR
"The soundtrack to Total Death."

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Rehearsal 2005" -7" 7.50EUR
"Recorded live on rehearsal sometime in 2005, five tracks of uncompromising Death Metal Darkness with devastating sound."

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Sombre Doom" -mLP 14.50EUR
"14 minutes of DEATH METAL Somberness and Doom."

Dead Register (US)  "Fiber" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Throne Records)
"DEAD REGISTER have accomplished a never-before dreamt blend of Dead Can Dance, Godflesh, Swans, Isis and Fields Of The Nephilim. Yet managing to sound unique and sublime, a delicatessen craft of their own."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Drought" -mLP 14.00EUR
"Drought has the sour taste of the inexorable; it is a musical journey through the last moments before disaster hits. This recording displays some of the most lethal song writing ever witnessed from the band while retaining their unmistakable sound."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Manifestations 2002" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2014-End All Life)

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Paracletus" -LP 19.00EUR
"The record closes the circle to the hallucinated sound of dissonant violence and menacing splendour, exploring the depths of abjection and the corruption of the other worlds on high."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "The Synarchy of Molten Bones" -LP 17.00EUR

Deathspell Omega/S.V.E.S.T. (FR)  "Chaining the Katechon /Le Diable est ma Raison" -LP 18.00EUR
"Summa Divisio, the first of all divisions, the mother of all scissions and the annunciation of woe and affliction to come. The work of both bands can be understood as a variation on a same theme, independent yet complementary."

Deer Creek/Rawradarwar (US)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Game Two Records-GT-34)
"This awesome split features Boston’s brutalizing RawRadarWar and the bleak and punishing heaviness of Denver’s Deer Creek."

Degial (SE)  "Death and Darkness Buries All..." -7" 8.00EUR
(2012-Blood Harvest)
Swedish Death Metal. Repress.

Deliquescence/Neige et Noirceur (CA)  "Split" -7" 9.00EUR
(2015-Final Agony Records)
"Déliquescence delivers another offering of Antinomian Black Metal, honoring the Horned One on this Samhain night. Neige Et Noirceur offers a twisted ritual, exploring new sounds while staying true to it´s reputation; hymns to a dying aeon, where only true believers arise. 200 on black vinyl."

Der Stürmer/Nordwind  "Split" -7" 9.00EUR
(***-2018-Darker Than Black)

Destruktor (AU)  "Nailed" -LP 17.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Harnessing the essential elements of fore founding extreme metal troops, Destruktor deliver a dark brutal desecration of exceptional warring bestial black metal of death that easily rivals those in the same battlefield. Destruktor will win the war... with or without your support!"

Deströyer666 (AU)  "Call Of The Wild" -mLP 19.50EUR
(***-2018-Season of Mist)

Deströyer666 (AU)  "Phoenix Rising" -LP 22.50EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)

Devastator (US)  "The Summoning" -PICLP 15.00EUR
(2009-Necromancer Records)
"Unholy Black Thrashing Heavy Metal. Resurrecting the spirit of the old metal underground. 5ht full length release by these black thrashers from USA. Limited to 300 copies only.

Diaboli (FI)  "Anthems Of Sorrow" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)

Diaboli (FI)  "Mesmerized By Darkness" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)

Diaboli (FI)  "Towards Damnation" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)

Diapsiquir (FR)  "A.N.T.I." -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2011-End All Life)

Domains (SP)  "Sinister Ceremonies" -LP 16.00EUR
(2014-Sinister Flame)
"In an ocean of hollow and insincere releases it might sometimes be challenging to discern what is real. The long-awaited debut album of Spanish Nine Angles inspired DOMAINS brings you instantly to the abyss of Merciless and Luciferian Black Death Metal. It feels fresh and authentic... because it IS."

Doom Throne (DE)  "Skeleton Veiled in Flesh" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2003-Black Goat Productions)
"Two lengthy songs of Doomy, morbid Black metal. The B-side is a cover of German CEMETARY’s (pre-DAWN OF WINTER) “Dancing with the banshee” from 1990. A really cool underground item here, dark, heavy and truly morbid stuff! Limited to 666 hand numbered copies."

Dopefight/The Fucking Wrath  "Split" -7" 7.50EUR
(2012-Hell Comes Home)

Draug (SE)  "In Glorification of Dark Legions" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2009-Darker Than Black)
Black metal.

Drowned (DE)  "Idola Specus" -LP 17.50EUR
(***-2014-Sepulchral Voice)
"The purpose of "Idola Specus is not to present a rehash of times begone, but to add a valid statement to the gospel of Death Metal as it was meant to be played. Emanating an aura of surreal morbidity with hints of doom and prog, "Idola Specus" is as esoteric and introspective as it is dark, heavy, and raw."

Drudkh (UA)  "The Swan Road" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2010-Season of Mist)
Repress including digital download card.

Dødheimsgard (NO)  "Monumental Possession" -LP 26.00EUR

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Black Masses" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2010-Rise Above Records)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Come My Fanatics..." -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2006-Rise Above-RISELP072)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Dopethrone" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2000-Rise Above-RISELP52)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Let Us Prey" -DLP 24.50EUR
(***-2002-Rise Above-RISELP074)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "S/T" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2011-Rise Above-RISELP071)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "We Live" -DLP 24.50EUR
(***-2004-Rise Above-RISELP48)

Emanation (SP)  "Under Magnetic Sleep" -mLP 13.50EUR
(***-2013-Black Mass Records)
"Science and religion. Facts and faith. In early 2013 EMANATION entered the studio to register ´Under Magnetic Sleep´, a one-sided 12´´ for Black Mass Records, focused into the unusual perception developed under artificial inducted sleep as a tool to bridge the great divide that separates the living from the departed." Recommended!

End (GR)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Black Hate Productions-BHPVINYL8)
"Raw sound, minimal artwork, atmosphere and music that will lead you back to years of the true black metal bands with main influences from old Carpathian forest and Darkthrone. One of the best Greek acts. This must be the End of humanity. Embossed front cover."

Enslaved (NO)  "Hordanes Land" -LP 20.00EUR
Incl. a bonus track.

Essenz (DE)  "Metaphysis" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Amor Fati)
"Be prepared for IV interrelated rituals, which shall provoke the depth of your unknown spirits and lead them to cathartic salvation. Visual illusion by T. of Drowned/Necros Christos. Limited to 500 Copies. Gatefold 12" LP + A2 poster."

Evoke (UK)  "Forever Breeding Evil" -mLP 14.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH127)
"UK “shed” Death Metal. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl."

Fear Falls Burning (BE)  "Frenzy of the Absolute" -DLP 18.00EUR
(2008-Conspiracy Records-CORE061LP)
"This new album blends drone with slow-building, repetitive drums and additional guitar layers, manifesting a work that is equally as groundbreaking as it is familiar to those in touch with the Fear Falls Burning world."

Fermento (SP)  "Recipe for Cremation" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Die Todesrune Records-DTM026)
"Long awaited new album from this Spanish Death Metal legend. Their best effort up to date, crushing old school Brutal Death metal in its purest form. Available in great looking vinyl format limited to 500 copies!"

Fleshpress (FI)  "Acid Mouth Strangulation" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2011-Svart Records)
"Suffocating home-brewed hypnotic sludge rock from the northern swamps. On their fifth full length album Finnish sludge rockers Fleshpress evolve from their days as a rough, gritty metal machine towards the unknown. These three long tracks ebb and flow with an organic pulse, from slowly meditative passages to black swamp-sludge metal."

Fleshpress (FI)  "Hulluuden Muuri" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Rusty Crowbar Records)
"2017 full length album "Hulluuden Muuri" is a logical continuum of progression as band has taken more ripping, aggressive and fierce approach on the record. Now the songs are more distorted and progressive and not so psychedelic as before. Additionally, "Hulluuden Muuri" is the first album performed completely in Finnish language, increasing the depth and intensity of the vocals."

Funeral Mist (SE)  "Devilry" -DLP 19.00EUR

Funeral Mist (SE)  "Maranatha" -DLP 23.50EUR

Funeral Mist (SE)  "Salvation" -DLP 23.50EUR

Goat Messiah/Tiburon (CH)  "Alliance Helvetia" -7" 6.00EUR
(2008-Necromancer Records-NECRO016)
"Two Swiss bands. Tiburon with deathrash and Goatmessiah with sick, morbid thrash metal possessed by Satan & alcohol."

Goat Vomit/Satanic Evil  "Split" -7" 12.50EUR
(***-2011-Desacration of God Productions)
"Different than the first edition with a 3 page Goatvomit interview, Satanic Evil 1 page insert and 2 other inserts. Special orange vinyl limited to 200 copies."

Goatlord (US)  "Demo ’87 / Reh ’88" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"The tracks on Demo ’87, which most obviously reflect the band’s primary influences from the revered likes of entities such as Hellhammer and Sodom, were clearly a necessary stepping stone in the descent towards the black doom death rituals that would later become further explored on subsequent recordings. The “Reh. ’88” recording, which until this point was unavailable to the public, on the other hand is the most primitive document in the band’s archive."

Goatlord (US)  "Sodomize the Goat" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"Following the release of their first demo, aptly titled “Demo ’87,” Goatlord made a conscious effort to modify their musical approach in such a way that would eventually lead to their present-day status as visionaries in the subgenre of black doom metal."

Goatlord (US)  "The Last Sodomy of Mary" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH057)
"The Last Sodom of Mary collects all remaining rehearsals, live recordings and radio show recordings of Goatlord. Many of the songs featured on the release are unreleased and were originally meant to be used on the second album. This is a special treat for the true followers of this cult band and anyone into slow, suffocating black death metal."

Goatlord Corp. (FR)  "Horns of Resurrection" -7" 6.00EUR
"Brutal Black/Death Metal! The second Assault of this fukking Extreme French Horde." Merrimack, Arkhon Infaustus & Hell Militia members.

Goatmoon (FI)  "Stella Polaris" -LP 16.50EUR
(***-2017-Werewolf Records)

Goatreich666/Mefitic (IT)  "Split" -10" 12.00EUR
(2008-Drakkar Productions-DKMLP002)
"Black Metal. Comes with printed inner sleeve. Limited to 500 copies."

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Endless Pilgrimage" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2016-Sepulchral Voice)
" `Endless Pilgrimage´ sees GRAVE MIASMA follow-up their `Odori Sepulcrorum´ milestone album by taking their sound further into darker, more atmospheric and more progressive territory channelling some of their most challenging, aggressive, and most advanced material to date."

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Exalted Emanation" -mLP 16.00EUR
(***-2010-Sepulchral Voice Records)
"The long awaited vinyl release of this 35-minute mini-album! Heavy and obscure occult Death Metal - comes with embossed sleeve, lyric booklet and A3 poster as well."

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Odori Sepulcrorum" -DLP 22.50EUR
(***-2013-Sepulchral Voice)
"Odori Sepulcrorum promises to mark the next stage of the Death Metal evolution. Contained are eight tracks of the heaviest, darkest and most noxious Death Metal in existence. The record contains an experimental streak with traditional instrumentation and chants utilised to transport the listener towards an endless void."

Graves at Sea/Asunder (US)  "" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2008-20 Buck Spin-SPIN002)
"Upon its original release in 2005, the split LP by doom heavyweights Graves at Sea and Asunder was immediately hailed as the greatest doom split LP of all time. It captures both bands at their pinnacle and in fact turned out to be the swan song for the revered Graves at Sea."

Grift (SE)  "Arvet" -LP 21.00EUR

Hail (FI)  "Bestial Storms of the Abyssic Pit" -10" 12.00EUR
In the beginning, there was molten lava and insects ruled the Earth. More primitive sounds of the early stages in Hail´s evolution. An unreleased demo from 2001.

Hatespawn/Charon (DE)  "Mass Celebration" -7" 7.50EUR
(2011-Sepulchral Voice)
"Two bestial hymns of Germany´s deadliest banned on one split 7" EP."

Heatdeath  "Un" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Conspiracy Records-CORE073)
"Heatdeath´s super-limited hellish third endeavor leaves no mortal soul untouched, a stretched horizon for humanoids who dwell in the sounds of Abruptum, Emit, Jim O´Rourke, Sunroof and classic 70´s horror hysteria. Imagine eating a bowl of maggots with a digital spoon... Science fiction smeared with dirt and animal blood."

Hooded Menace (FI)  "Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2018-Season of Mist)

IC Rex (FI)  "Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia/Lunar Possession" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2008-AAP/Hammer of Hate)
"A solowork from the frontman of Tunrida legions IC REX presents extremely raw and shredding, freezing Black Metal yet with great melodies & riffs and even a symphonic ambience! With deeply occult and Satanic lyrics in Finnish (and translated to English), IC REX completes as a perfect entirety of supreme Black Metal essence!" Includes Lunar Possession demo as a bonus.

Ichneutic (UK)  "S/T" -7" 6.00EUR
Primitive Black Metal.

Ildjarn (NO)  "Strength & Anger" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Season of Mist)

Ilsa (US)  "Tutti il Colori del Buio" -LP 18.00EUR
(2010-Contagion Releasing)
"A rotten slab of vile, crusty filth. Hailing from Washington, DC, ILSA deliver 9 tracks, clocking in at 40 minutes, of blown out, severely down-tuned, crust-injected death-doom. The album has been remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin for total abyssic heaviness. Disgusting horror reigns. Re-press."

Immortal (NO)  "Battles in the North" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Osmose Productions)

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Latex Cult" -LP 16.00EUR
"The long out of print Latex Cult album was originally released in 1996. Now it has been remastered by mastering guru Mika Jussila (Finnvox studio) and comes with extra live songs and totally new cover and layout."

Impaler (US)  "The Mutants Rise Again" -PICEP 7.00EUR
(2009-Horror Records)
"The mutant masters of Shock Rock have returned with their gruesome tales of horror and gore! "The Mutants Rise again" includes 3 own songs as well as their unique interpretation of Alice Cooper´s classick "Dead Babies" and contains no less than 17+ minutes of Impaler´s very own brand of Horror Metal!"

Imynvokad (US)  "Ad Ordines Descendens" -7" 7.00EUR
(2010-Pale Horse Recordings-PHR007)
"Ad Ordines Descendens marks the first proper recordings for Imynvokad and the result is truly astounding. Continuing its unique sound borne of shadow and will, Imynvokad forges further its own path through the Void. Limited to 250 copies."

In the Woods... (NO)  "Three Times Seven On A Pilgrimage" -DLP 28.00EUR

Inkisitor (FR)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(2007-End All Life)
Raw Black Metal. Extremely expensive to obtain thus high retail price.

Innsmouth (AU)  "Consumed by Elder Sign" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2014-Abysmal Sounds)
"In the Shadow of Innsmouth the goat with a thousand young hath borne a rumbling beast of rustic ye olde death metal from Australia. 2014 offering of old school mid paced doom & gloom in the vein of classics like Samael´s ´Blood Ritual´ & Rotting Christ´s ´Thy Mighty Contract´. Bow down before the great old ones!"

Interment/Brutally Deceased  "Glory Days, Festering Years" -LP 16.00EUR
"Two different bands, two different generations, two different countries but the same taste for old-school Swedish fucking death-metal."

Iron Lamb (SE)  "S/T" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear Winter Records-NWR033)
"Formed in early 2009 to play filthy and hard rock´n´roll. Members have past and/or current duties in bands such as Repugnant, General Surgery, Dismember and Bombstrike. The Tyrant Daniel Ekeroth joined in june. This is the real deal, born & raised in the gutter and they´re here to bring danger back into Rock N..Roll!"

Isengard (NO)  "Traditional Doom Cult" -7" 12.50EUR
"Traditional Doom Cult contains two rare and unreleased tracks from Darkthrone´s Fenriz under the Isengard banner."

Isenscur (UK)  "Mōnaþfylen" -LP 16.00EUR
"´Mōnaþfylen´, is the powerful and diverse debut from English black metal band ISENSCUR. Surges of pounding, primeval violence flow into soaring, windswept melodies and engulfing atmospheres of oceanic depths..."

Jarnvidr/Grafvölluðr  "Av germanskt blod" -LP 15.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Black metal.

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "La Strada" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Triumphant Transgressions)
30 minutes of soft rock music.

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "Resignaatio" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2011-AAP & Hammer of Hate)
Resignation [re-zig-ˈnā-shən] : unresisting acceptance of something as inescapable; submission, passive acquiescence acceptance, patience, forbearing, sufferance, nonresistance
Circa 40 minutes of adult oriented black metal music.

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "Resitaali" -LP 15.00EUR
Four pieces of minimalistic harmonium music (35:04).

Katatonia (SE)  "For Funerals to Come" -LP 24.00EUR
"This edition of ‘For Funerals to Come’ contains 2 extra tracks, ‘Black Erotica’ & ‘Love of the Swan’ (both also recorded at Unisound later in 1994), which had previously appeared on an obscure compilation. It is presented on black vinyl & limited to 1500 copies only, and contains new liner notes from co-founding member, writer & guitarist, Anders Nyström."

Kilte (BE)  "Absence" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2008-Eternity Records)
Black Metal.

King Dude (US)  "Deal with the Devil" -7" 10.00EUR
"The title track "Deal With The Devil" tells the tale of man who lost his love and how he must make a pact with the Devil to get her back, ultimately risking his life in the process… The b-side "You Know My Lord" is a spiritual ballad that showcases a whole new side of King Dude´s songwriting."

King Dude (US)  "Sex" -LP 22.00EUR
"Following in the tradition of unexpected divination through the good lord Lucifer, the King challenges the listener to explore the theme of sexuality through nothing other than rock n´ roll of course. King Dude is out for blood and sweat and that he wants to drag you down an amphetimine and whiskey soaked joyride in a dune buggy through the darkest depths of his bizarre mind."

King Dude (US)  "Songs of Flesh & Blood" -LP 18.00EUR
"This is the King´s most personal writing to date, although still divined from the spiritual Light of the Lord, Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light is not only a spiritual revelation it is also a revelation of the life of the man behind the music. TJ Cowgill´s own recent real life experiences with love, loss, death, and violence are illuminated and explored on this album, sure to be canonized alongside the rest of his work."

King Dude/(DOLCH)  "Split" -7" 10.00EUR
Neofolk / Rock / Metal

Knelt Rote (US)  "Trespass" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-NWN Prod.)
"While the band’s earliest work veered heavily into Grindcore, the band’s style has broadened considerably over the past several releases as the band has fleshed out the composition of its tracks and added more elements of Death and Black metal into its body of work."

Kuolema-Duo (FI)  "S/T" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2017-Jumi Kustannus)
"Traditional Finnish folk/death music."

Lamp of Thoth (UK)  "No Laughing Matter" -LP 24.00EUR
(2011-Buried By Time And Dust)
"The EP features new studio versions of three old demo tracks, Dark World (Saint Vitus cover done the bands own way) and three additional tracks that simply defy description. Over 40 minutes of darkness and abuse from the Lamp of Thoth, there is quite simply, no one like them."

Loinen (FI)  "" -LP 16.00EUR
"Sludge metal has been experiencing a resurgence in Finland over the past few years, with bands like Fleshpress, Frogskin, Stumm and Hebosagil. The grittiest, nastiest and most obscure of the bunch, however, is Loinen, hailing from the dirtiest ghettos of Karjaa, in downtuned wasteland of southern Finland."

Loinen/Usko (FI)  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
(***-2013-Kult of Nihilow)
"Dual bass sludge mayhem title match."

Loss/Worship  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
Extreme Doom.

Luciation (DK)  "Manifestation in Unholy Blackness" -mLP 15.00EUR
(2011-Analog Worship)
"Raw and violent occult black metal, degenerate unholy art at its finest. Members of BLODFEST, NASTRAN, WOLFSLAIR, OFFERKULT, SOLHVERV, etc. This MLP features all new and never released material, some of their strongest to date. A monument to Him."

Lvx Caelis (CL)  "Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII" -LP 21.00EUR
(2014-Amor Fati)
"Black Metal darkness from Chile. ´Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII´ is the long-awaited follow-up to the band´s demo, ´Nigredo - The Dead Head´. LvxCælis (‘The Light of Heaven’) will destroy the flock of the blind."

Lyrinx (UK)  "Nihilistic Purity" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Insidious Poisoning Records-IPR009)
"Nihilistic Black Metal filled with depressive and misanthropic visions. Vinyl version including one bonus track."

Lönndom (SE)  "Till Trevaren" -mLP+cd 16.00EUR
"Ancient, rusty rock meets with austere yet peaceful folk. The hypnotic and somewhat majestic atmosphere evoke the times of yore, the toils and pleasures of a life once simpler. Resolutely against the modern world, LÖNNDOM produces three beautiful, offsetting but captivating songs, burning all bridges behind them with no regret. Comes with a a listening CD copy of the EP."

Malachi (US)  "Wither to Cover the Tread" -LP 16.00EUR
(2008-Siege of Power)
"This sounds like High On Fire, Garmonbozia, and Damad had a private moment together with a tape recorder. Totally crushing riffs lead into noodley guitar solos, haunting crazy cello parts lead in and out of doomy interludes and breakdowns. This music is at once ultimately heavy and metallic, heartbreakingly sad, and rage your guts out angry!"

Mana Mana (FI)  "Kuolla Elävänä" -DLP 22.00EUR

Manes (NO)  "1993-1994" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2005-Kyrck Productions)
Re-press with a new vinyl master.

Manes (NO)  "Be All End All" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2014-Debemur Morti)
""Be All End All", the brand new album of the Norwegian legend MANES, is not a simple sequel...this extraodinary release marks, once again, a new step forward along an incredible path of artistic exploration."

Marduk (NO)  "Fuck Me Jesus" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-1999-Osmose Productions-OPLP030)
Inc. three bonus tracks.

Marduk (SE)  "Heaven Shall Burn" -LP 16.00EUR

Marduk (SE)  "La Grande Danse Macabre" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2014-Century Media)
"“La Grande Danse Macabre” presents a more varied and darker approach compared to the Swedish black metal titans’ usual blastbeat-driven full on assault. This re-release features remastered sound, detailed liner notes and bonus material: a cover version of “Samhain” and all three tracks from the “Obedience” EP."

Marduk (SE)  "Those of the Unlight" -PICLP 16.00EUR
(***-2008-Blooddawn Productions-BLOODPLP025)

Marduk (SE)  "Viktoria" -LP 23.00EUR
(***-2018-Century Media)

Marduk (SE)  "World Funeral" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2014-Century Media)
"“World Funeral” album marked the last opus with singer Legion and to the very day remains a flawless, hateful yet varied Swedish black metal attack. This re-release features remastered sound, detailed liner notes, unpublished photos, revamped artwork and bonus material."

MGR (US)  "Nova Lux" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Viva Hate Records-VHR45004)
"With Mustard Gas and Roses, guitarist Mike Gallagher (of renowned dirge architects ISIS) unveils a compendium of sparse ruminations culled from years of underground musical experience. An artistic and entirely instrumental music departure from band-based disseminations, Gallagher´s solo debut is nonetheless in accord with the general aesthetic of ISIS, exploring the same telekinetic atmosphere via more personal and austere means."

Mills of God (DE)  "Call of the Eastern Moon" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Modus Operandi)
"Monumental 70s flavoured instrumental psychedelic Doom on 180gr Vinyl. 300 copies worldwide. Check ´em out, you won´t be disappointed. Artwork done by Tom Denney (Kylesa, Sourvein, Deadbird) and mastered by Bob Weston (Shellac). For fans of Moss, Sunn O))), Boris, Bongzilla etc."

Mirror of Deception/Garden of Worm  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Church Within Records-CW013)
Doom metal. "12" split LP (180 gram vinly) in fancy front side folder with each 3 exclusive tracks by Mirror of Deception and Garden of Worm."

Mjölnir (DE)  "Hinweg über die Tore" -DLP 27.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Teutonic black metal.

Moho (SP)  "He visto la cruz al reves" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Throne Records-CHAPTER25)
"On their second album we can feel the complete consolidation of this three-piece big monster called Moho. Six tracks clocking at almost 50 minutes, starting on where "20 uñas" left off, overwhelming the listener just from the very first guitars´ feedback. These tracks submerge you deep inside a trance of its own, in a mantric loop of repeats, explorations, and all possible variations of the same riff."

Monarch/Grey Daturas  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Throne Records-CHAPTER32)
"One brand new (long) track each from the masters of Ambient-Drone-Sludge-Noise! This is another essential piece of vinyl for the ones who enjoy Sunno))), Pink Floyd, Neurosis, and Corrupted."

Monno (DE)  "Ghosts" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Conspiracy Records-CORE070LP)
"Without doubt their most brutal and menacing album to date, etheric yet droning vocals covered in doom frost. Gradually moving into uptempo black metal waters, than backdropping in sludge mystery like a free-jazz bat in the night. Think along the abandoned shores of Corrupted, Burning Witch, Noothgrush, Albert Ayler and Ulver."

Moonblood (DE)  "Blut & Krieg/Sob A Lua Do Bode" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2014-Iron Bonehead)
"Black Metal. Offical re-issue mastered from the original master tape including the complete session of " Sob a Lua do Bode" split-LP. Comes with a booklet."

Moonblood (DE)  "The Unholy" -mLP 16.00EUR
(***-2016-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Black metal. Contains 2 previously unreleased tracks from 1999."

Morbosidad (US)  "Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno" -PICLP 16.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH101)
"Limited picture disk version of the third bestial black/death assault. The third Morbosidad album is heavily influenced by Brazilian deathrash masters such as the mighty Sarcofago, Sextrash, and Holocausto, yet is still undeniably Morboso Metal. One of the most sacrilegious and blasphemous records in the NWN! catalog."

Mordicus (FI)  "Dances From Left" -LP+7" 21.00EUR
"This official 20th anniversary release marks the vinyl debut of Mordicus´ debut album "Dances From Left", originally release by Thrash Records on CD in 1993. As an added bonus the package also features an exact replica of the band´s debut 7" EP "Three Way Dissection" from 1992."

Mortuary Drape/Necromass (IT)  "Split" -LP 16.00EUR
(2015-Funeral Industries)
"The founders of Italian flagged Black Metal unite..."

Mortuus (SE)  "Grape of the Vine" -LP 17.00EUR
Black Metal.

Moss (UK)  "Moss´ Horrible Night" -DLP 24.00EUR
(***-2013-Rise Above)
"Horrible Night is the sound of MOSS emerging from its cocoon a much more savage, intelligent and all the more terrifying beast. While no longer obsessed with extremity for its own sake - with weirdly infectious riffs, eccentric vocal melodies and no song over 12 minutes - MOSS remain heavier-than-thou, broadening their horror beyond any imposed ´scene´ expectations."

Moss (UK)  "Tombs of the Blind Drugged" -10" 20.00EUR
(***-Rise Above-RISE10110)
"Already a cult legend, Moss´ unique brand of extremity and terror now reaches new depths as monolithic riffs and gut wrenching vocals wreck and bludgeon but with an added sense for the melodic, and through the use of organ and mysterious chants atmospheres become ever more dense... three tracks alchemically distilled to a total purification of Occult Horror Doom!"

Mount Logan (DE)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Vendetta Records)
"2 songs of the most hopeless and destructive doom / drone you´ve ever heard! These 3 guys from Wuerzburg / Germany mix the destructive atmosphere created by bands such as GRIEF with the monotonous elements used by EARTH! They somehow remind me of Switchblade as well, but more brutal!Mastered by James Plotkin.

Mourner (US)  "Still" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Black Mass Records)
"Bonded by the creation of Doom in its most raw, arcane and nihilistic state... drawing influences from a wide array of musical styles and art, emotions, experiences, the occult & esoteric and an overall bleak and daunting feeling. Featuring members of Loss and Zosimos. People into Burning Witch, Moss, Monarch! and such do not pass this one."

Mournful Congregation (AU)  "Concrescence of the Sophia" -mLP 13.00EUR
"Herein find Mournful Congregation advancing their unrivaled and painstaking style of extreme doom, from soaring, majestic beauty straight down into the lowliest somber depths of hell."

Mr.Peter Hayden (FI)  "Born a Trip" -DLP 20.00EUR
"On Born A Trip -album Mr. Peter Hayden‘s space opuses are devoid of the rushes of light and the sun drenched jams present in so many contemporary European psychedelic bands; instead they are all about cosmic travel deep in throes of brown acid!"

Mysticum (NO)  "Planet Satan" -LP 30.00EUR

Mörkö (FI)  "Itsensänimeävä" -LP 15.00EUR
(2013-Vaticanian Roadkill)
3On Itsensänimeävä musical ideas are drawn from a variety of sources: 20th century compositional techniques meet the primitive, straightforward energy of black/death metal pioneers, the main drive and focus still on the genuine discoveries along the search for something more real than predigested cultural patterns."

N.M.E. (US)  "Unholy Death / Machine of War" -3LP 50.00EUR
(2012-The Crypt)
"This true obscure gem of from 1986 of black death thrash needs no introduction!"

Nagelfar (DE)  "Als die Tore sich öffnen" -mLP 17.50EUR
"Black metal. Demo re-release."

Nagelfar (DE)  "Alte Welten" -3LP 30.00EUR
"Black Metal. Compilation with all split and sampler participations, bonus tracks from other releases, rare tracks and live and rehearsal material."

Nagelfar (DE)  "Hünengrab Im Herbst" -DLP 25.00EUR
Black metal.

Nagelfar (DE)  "Jagd" -mLP 17.50EUR
"Black metal. Demo re-release."

Nagelfar (DE)  "Srontgorrth" -DLP 25.00EUR
Black metal.

Nagelfar (DE)  "Virus West" -DLP 25.00EUR
Black metal. Recommended!

Naglfar (SE)  "Pariah" -LP 16.00EUR
(2015-Funeral Industries)

Nav´ (RU)  "Halls of Death" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Forever Plagued Records-FPR010)
Black Metal.

Necros Christos (DE)  "Doom of the Occult" -DLP 23.00EUR
(***-2011-Sepulchral Voice)
Death Metal. DLP with full-coloured printwork, booklet & poster.

Necros Christos (DE)  "One in Darkness, Two in Damnation, Three in Death" -3LP 70.00EUR
(2014-Sepulchral Voice)
"The demonology! Including their entire ancient grimoires, namely: Necromantic Doom / Black Mass Desecration / Grave Damnation. Furthermore all tracks from their 7" & splits, an unreleased studio ep & damned additional bonus material. A complete history of the magnificent high priests of necromantic doom Death Metal."

Necrovation (SE)  "Gloria Mortus" -7" 8.00EUR
(2010-Blood Harvest)
"Two brand new tracks of pungent Death Metal."

Nefandus (SE)  "Reality Cleaver" -LP 22.00EUR
(2015-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"NEFANDUS is back with a 3rd full-length album! For the first time since mid-90´s existing as a full band, they march into the new territories of mid-paced and grim Black Metal."

Nefandus (SE)  "Your God is a Ghost" -mLP 21.00EUR
(2014-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"New mLP is out now and the agenda is still the same: to spread the Light of Lucifer and the satanic legacy that has been chosen to the band by the gods and goddesses of Sitra Ahra, proclaiming the lunacy of "God´s" creation, like a fist in the faces of those who deny the wonders and pleasures of the chthonic Lords of Divine "Madness"."

Nekrasov (AU)  "The Form of Thought from Beast" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Siege of Power)
"Harsh noise textures and a blackened industrial sheen married perfectly to blazing, low-fi black metal, without ever diminishing the black metal core of the music. Amazing stuff, and this new disc explores this sound further with eight tracks that sometimes isolate these elements. This release is limited to 500 copies and includes a 11 x 17 poster."

Nemesis Aeterna (ES)  "...And the Trip Begins" -7" 4.00EUR
"NEMESIS AETERNA is not very similar to any band, they have a quite strong personality, but dark and aggressive Death Metal with killer sound."

Neutron Hammer (FI)  "Iron Storm Evocation" -LP 16.00EUR
(2012-Primitive Reaction)
"After nine years of impure existence; Demo, two EPs plus a bunch of fierce and relentless live appearances, Neutron Hammer is finally ready to unleash their debut album upon the worldwide underground. Pounding, twisted and immensely heavy thrashing album full of repugnant perversions and sadistic madness. Only for the damned and sick!"

Nidingr (NO)  "Greatest of Deceivers" -LP 19.00EUR
(2012-Back on Black)
"More like Thorns, Ved Buens Ende, or Ihsahn’s latest noisemaker, Greatest of Deceivers is black metal from another angle. You won’t find grand symphonies about dark castles in deep forests. No, this is raw, urbanly dissonant black. Greatest Of Deceivers continues the theme from Sorrow Infinite And Darkness (2005) based on Enochian texts."

Night Must Fall (FI)  "Dissonance of Thought" -mLP 12.00EUR
(2007-Rusty Crowbar Records)
Torturous Funeral Doom. A giant leap after their demos towards the torch bearers of Finland´s Funeral Doom genre. Imagine a mix of eerie funeral doom with the ugly crushing sludge attitude and you´re somewhere close to the sound of this release.

Nihil Nocturne (DE)  "Entheogen" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-End All Life Productions-EAL054)
"New recording, continuing the psychaesthetic martyrdom that has begun with the last album, taking it to a more focused and meditative, sacred state of glorious spiritual tragedy. Witness this great hyperdelusion of flesh, lost in the triarchy of psyche, death and god..."

Nocturnal Blood (US)  "Invocation of Spirits" -PICEP 7.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Featuring new exclusive tracks of Morbid Black Death Metal with an evil and chaotic lust for darkness in the true and old spirit. For die hards of: Hellhammer, Impurity, Beherit/Diabolus, Blasphemy, Demoncy. Pressed only on picture vinyl with outer cover (circle die cut front side) and 8.5" x 11" insert."

Nuclearhammer (CA)  "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" -DLP 22.00EUR
(2014-NWN Prod.)
"Nuclearhammer’s most potent manifestation to date. Filling the interstitial spaces between the band’s hypnotic and opaque deathscapes are otherworldly electronic drone interludes punctuated by convulsive outbursts of Death/Grind violence such that the entire album dilates and contracts with cosmic grandeur."

Nuklear Annihilation (BG)  "Destruktive Warmachine" -7" 6.00EUR
(2007-Black Hate Productions-BHPVINYL5)
"Total Black Metal. The Destruktive Warmachine is rolling over your burned corpses. The 7 EP will include a inlay and a huge poster with high quality old school layout!"

Occultation (US)  "Somber Dawn" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Invictus Prod.)
"Proper 7" version of their cd-r demo. As if Negative Plane was even more eerie, less metal and fronted by a female vocalist, like a 70´s psychedelic rock band on a bad acid trip." Recommended!

Ocean Chief (SE)  "Den Förste" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Electric Earth)
"Third and probably best album by this three piece from Mjölby, Sweden. This vinyl only release hosts 3 downtuned arrangements that pass by in 44 minutes. Stunning artwork by Sgraffito. Includes poster, heavy 350 gsm sleeve, heavy 180 gr vinyl. Limited to 400 black copies."

October Falls (FI)  "A Collapse of Faith" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2010-Debemur Morti Productions)

Ofermod (SE)  "Sol Nox" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2017-Shadow Records)

Ogdru Jahad (DK)  "I" -LP 17.00EUR
(2013-Iron Bonehead)
"Doomed and disgusting, OGDRU JAHAD make their full-length debut after two cult demos, fittingly titled I. The first strike is deadly, and this Danish quartet keep it foul and filthy, firmly within the bestial black/death tradition but coruscating to a primitive pulse that yields hypnotic results."

Oksennus (FI)  "Kolme Toista" -DLP 22.00EUR
"An unfortunate vomit ballet conducted and choreographed for amputated limbs."

Ordinance (FI)  "Relinquishment" -DLP 24.00EUR
On their debut full-length Ordinance surefootedly steps forth ahead unfathomed nooks of what is in the core of Black Metal. "Relinquishment" lights the lantern of your seeking by intertwining the ominous, bold and versatile musical, lyrical & visual qualities of the album into a 65 minute crescendo of fury.

Ordrhein (US)  "Magnitude of Ancient Fragment" -7" 12.00EUR
(2013-Final Agony)
"Raw Black Metal."

Organismos (CO)  "Manejos Invisibles" -LP 16.00EUR
(2012-Me Saco Un Ojo)
"Blending the unbelievable violence of the South American underground sound while allowing the interference of certain and nailed experimental licences, it could shock the listener and results a juxtaposition difficult to believe or understand, but which with truly ends up assembling completely."

Ormgård (SE)  "Ormblot" -LP 20.00EUR
(***-2013-Final Agony)
"Dark Teutonic ambient and black metal art. Limited to 250 copies with a booklet insert and pro-covers printed on metallic silver ink."

OS (US)  "Twelve Truths" -LP 15.00EUR
"A mysterious murky slab of blackened doomic filth, pounding and ominous and harsh and downtuned and hellish, these guys traffic in a sound not that far removed from the black doom faves. Recommended for anyone into Khanate, Wicked King Wicker, Habsyll, Thou, Fleshpress, Atavist, and of course Moss."

Our Survival Depends On Us (AT)  "Jumping Once Too Often Into The Ocean That Had Always Been Our Inspiration" -LP 15.00EUR
"The first album of this fantasitic dark-doom-metal band. Slow fading soundwalls with exploding outbursts, pitch-black sound samples, minimum acoustically and the mourning and conjuring vocals of the two singers drag you along into dark spheres of sadness and nihilsm. Recommended for fans of Neurosis, Breach, 16 Horsepower and the Melvins."

Pain Nail (FI)  "Hengellisiä Lauluja No.2" -7" 8.50EUR
"2nd part to the original 7" Ep "Hengellisiä Lauluja" released on Freak Animal Records in 2009. Pure Industrial darkness."

Pallbearer (US)  "Sorrow and Extinction" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2012-20 Buck Spin)
"A crushingly heavy and beautifully melancholy piece of traditional style Doom Metal, ´Sorrow And Extinction´ reveals more layers with each listen, paradoxically becoming an uplifting, transcedent experience."

Panphage (SE)  "Jord" -LP 21.50EUR

Paradise Lost (UK)  "Lost Paradise" -LP 24.00EUR

Paria/Prosatanos (DE)  "Split" -LP 13.00EUR
(2007-Undercover Records-UCRLP0542)
"Two German Forces strikes against the World. Fans of Mayhem, Sadistik Execution + DarkThrone will like it. Limited to 500 copies."

Paysage d´Hiver/Nordlicht (DE)  "Split" -LP 25.00EUR

Perdition (CL)  "Piaculum" -LP 15.00EUR
(2009-Sigilla Malae)
"Ritualistic Black Metal. Abysmal, impure, miserable and full of devotion! The one who reigns in the mind of the mighty ones, is the word of our Black Salvation. Including one newly recorded bonus track."

Peste Noire (FR)  "Ballade cuntre lo anemi Francor" -LP 36.00EUR
(***-2017-La Mesnie Herlequin)

Porta Nigra (DE)  "Megalomaniac" -7" 7.00EUR
(2012-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"Containing one album track back-to-back with an exclusive song this analogue introduction is ideal for PORTA NIGRA, whose essence is of a different time and place. Nodding reverently to old works of decadent literature and art, PORTA NIGRA´s music is a direct and angry response to the mindless mechanisation and industrialisation of a world that now exists in moral decay."

Prevalent Resistance (FI)  "Eternal Return" -LP 16.00EUR
Straight-forward, riff-based black metal.

Profanatica (US)  "Sickened by Holy Ghost" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"This is NOT the new PROFANATICA album, but rather an intriguing 39-minute DOUBLE 12" mLP recorded in two distinct studio sessions. Both records feature a laser etching around the outer rim on all 4 sides and come in silkscreened picture disc sleeves housed in a matte finish jacket with UV spot gloss."

Profanatica (US)  "The Grand Masters Session" -BOX 56.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Mesmerizing barbaric black metal filth! Three (3x) custom 8" records housed in a branded wooden box set. As reflected in the retail price, only the highest quality materials & printing processes have been utilized."

Profanatica (US)  "Thy Kingdom Cum" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Profaners of the pure, defilers of Dog´s creation, fornicators upon the altar: PROFANATICA return with their most vile and virulent creation yet, Thy Kingdom Cum."

Profanatica (US)  "Years Of Pestilence" -7" 15.00EUR
(***-2010-Desacration of God Productions)
"200 copies only. Repress."

Profetus (FI)  "...to Open the Passages in Dusk" -DLP 20.00EUR
(2012-Contagion Releasing/Rusty Crowbar Records)
Solemn and mournful, crushing and captivating Scandinavian Funeral Doom.

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night" -LP 16.00EUR
(2013-NWN Prod.)
"Prosanctus Inferi’s 2nd full length album births forth 8 new beasts of pulsating and nightmarish black death metal. Tremendously violent and heavy with complex yet catchy arrangements, these new phantoms of madrigal evil race foward at break neck pace."

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation" -LP 16.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Pandemonic Ululations... retains their blackened barbarity of old but moves away from their earlier Profanatica worship toward a sound that´s inscrutably, idiosyncratically unique. Primitive and pounding and yet laced with labyrinthine, serpentine structures that challenge the mind while bruising the body, PROSANCTUS INFERI invoke the occult through utterly twisted, wholly gnarled violence."

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Red Streams of Flesh" -mLP 13.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"Combining influences from early 90’s U.S. Death Metal and U.S. Black Metal, Prosanctus Inferi formulate a new sound — one in which neither style overshadows the other. The result might represent the median point between Morbid Angel / Necrovore and Profanatica / Demoncy, augmented by warped riffs and unpredictable song structures."

Ramesses (UK)  "Baptism of the Walking Dead" -mLP 20.00EUR
(***-2010-Hydro-Phonic Records)
"Ramesses are a blacker, doomier, meaner, more dark and nasty version of the members former band, Electric Wizard...mining the Vintage Hammer Horror Classic Films of the 60s and 70s, Nazi occult history, witchcraft lore and Lovecraftian spells...complete with sample soundbites from those sources. The vinyl contains an additional track not available on the CD version."

Ravens Creed (UK)  "Neon Parasite" -PICEP 6.00EUR
(2009-Doomentia Records)
"You like Venom? You like liquor? Good, go fuck yourself! Members of Orange Goblin, Iron Monkey & Sabbat join forces to break your fucking face. Recorded at the legendary Tenko Studios."

Rebirth of Nefast (IS)  "Tabernaculum" -DLP 29.00EUR
Comes with a 24-page booklet.

Ride for Revenge (FI)  "The Renegade Temple" -7" 6.50EUR
Bestial ecstasy, primitive barbarism, ritual occultism; that´s what the first 7" from these Finnish goat shepherds is all about. Musically the content comes close to the first full length, paying respect to the traditions set by the masters yet following the own distinguishable path. Re-press.

Ride for Revenge (FI)  "Thy Horrendous Yearning" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Just five months after the last album and without warning, Ride For Revenge offers you their sixth full album Thy Horrendous Yearning. Six new tracks plus very different and much longer version of the song "Sexual Rhythm Of Death". All together 45 minutes of punishing, heavy, ear(th) shattering black metal hell."

Ride for Revenge/Below  "Split" -LP 18.00EUR
(***-2016-Final Agony Records)

Ride for Revenge/Bloodhammer (FI)  "Chords of the Left Hand" -LP 19.00EUR
"Two finnish elite black metal bands have united for this unholy split release. BLOODHAMMER continuing with their filthy old school black metal art, offering really strong material again. RIDE FOR REVENGE goes to the new dimension again, this time with extremely bestial and ugly black metal you haven´t hear before. This split is not for you!"

Royal Arch Blaspheme (US)  "II" -LP 16.50EUR
(2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Once again the vision of PROFANATICA guitarist/songwriter John Gelso and KRIEG mastermind N. Imperial but now expanded into a full lineup. "II" expands upon ideas from their original template: the primitivism is cruder, the sludge more volcanic, the blasphemy more vile, the production fuller and more devastating."

Ruins (AU)  "Cauldron" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0047)
"With these seven hymns to desolation and sorrow the potential heard on 2005´s "Spun Forth As Dark Nets" is brought to brutal perfection as RUINS demonstrate their mastery of baleful Death Metal-inspired insanity; viciously dynamic yet imbued with the genuine despairing darkness of the purest Black Metal."

S.V.E.S.T. (FR)  "Coagula..." -LP 19.50EUR
(***-2015-End All Life)
"A decade after the CD edition, EAL releases a vinyl edition of these transcendental gems of french Black Metal. Satanas Vobiscum Et Spiritum Tuo."

Sacriphyx (AU)  "Lone Pine" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Doom-influenced slow-paced Death Metal feat. members of Misery´s Omen and Grenade. Their 2007 demo pressed on vinyl."

Sacriphyx (AU)  "The Western Front" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-NWN Prod.)
"The band draws upon myriad styles and influences and “The Western Front” presents a broad array of sounds all drawn into the overall fabric of the album. Most notably, Sacriphyx call upon the legacy of Greek Black Metal, but recast the occult Hellenic sound in the service of the band’s melancholy and militaristic narrative quality."

Sacriphyx/Resuscitator  "Split" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2010-NWN Prod.)
"Resuscitator’s doom drenched death metal is among the darkest and most atmospheric to emerge from the sick corners of mid-1990′s Southern California. Like Resuscitator, Australia’s Sacriphyx also envelop their sound in one that is largely attributable to traditional Greek influence. Sacriphyx do not rely so heavily on a brooding death metal sound, however. Instead, they construct epic hymns that convey the triumphant and tragic spirit of militaristic combat."

Sacriphyx/StarGazer (AU)  "Split" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2009-NWN Prod.)
"This release illustrates the uniqueness and the simultaneous stylistic convergence of the two bands involved. While Sacriphyx continue to refine a sound that is clearly evocative of early Greek black metal such as Varathron and Rotting Christ, StarGazer elaborate further upon their technical death metal that truly resembles no other band."

Sadistik Exekution/Doomed and Disgusting (AU)  "Split" -7" 7.50EUR
(2014-NWN Prod.)
"With Doomed and Disgusting, Dave Slave primarily focuses on doom of the most unconventional variety as only Dave Slave could produce. Of all the extreme underground metal bands to emerge from Australia, Sadistik Exekution was unquestionably among the most highly respected and generally depraved sounding. This split 7" contains Sadistik Exekution’s monumental “Suspiral” demo – the second release by the band."

Saint Vitus (US)  "Lillie: F-65" -LP 17.50EUR
(2012-Season of Mist)
"Lillie: F-65 includes the trademark song writing style so beloved by SAINT VITUS fans. Lillie: F-65 is furthermore graced with the deeply resonant vocals of Scott "Wino" Weinrich who returns to record an album with the band for the first time since the glorious "V" (1989). Despite hiatus and changes over the past years SAINT VITUS remain true icons of Doom."

Saligia (NO)  "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" -LP 17.00EUR
"Saligia´s ‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi’ (Thus Passes Worldly Glory) – seven burning visions of the journey towards enlightenment, the first steps on the path to find one´s True Will, and to follow that Will."

Sarath (NO)  "Siste Indre" -LP 15.00EUR
"What you are served is slow, repetative and claustrophobic Black Metal with and all over desperate feeling of total despair and solitude. The music and lyrics is strangulating, hypnotic and with an atmosphere so dense, you can touch it. Enter the world of SARATH...It´s a disturbing journey into the darkness between life and death..."

Satanael (FI)  "S/T" -LP 25.00EUR
(2011-Infinite Wisdom)
"Morbid Satanic Black Metal."

Satanic Blood (NL)  "Satan Boven Alles" -LP 14.00EUR
(2006-Sadolust Records-LUSTVINYL05)
"Satanic Blood Does not rehearse, this is Satanic ritual put to audio, it´s about letting the inner Black Flame roar free, Chaos running through mind,body and soul, self mutilation, the instinct of the Beast roars with thunder..."

Satanic Warmaster (FI)  "Fimbulwinter" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2015-Werewolf Records)

Satan´s Satyrs (US)  "Don´t Deliver Us" -LP 21.00EUR
(***-2015-Bad Omen Records)
"Don’t Deliver Us’, beamed in from a metaphysical zone of over-amped ’70s power trio action and exploitation-movie malice, may well be the most gory and glorious thing Satan´s Satyrs has thus far wrenched into creation."

Saturnian Mist (FI)  "Repellings" -mLP 13.00EUR
27 minutes and three psalms of possessed harangue with revolting ascension, atrocious woe & convoyed demonic embrace; where all attempts to understand shall drown into the everlasting chaos while Luciferian truth shines simultaneously through every putrid and impure being without a single word or a form. One sided mLP, re-mastered audio.

Silmäpuoli (FI)  "S/T" -10" 10.00EUR

Simple Existenz (DE)  "Das Leben vor dem Tod" -LP 15.00EUR
Metal/Rock. "Das Leben vor dem Tod is the first album from Zorn, the former guitarist of German Black Metal band Nagelfar. Stylistically the album is close to Shining´s latter works yet it avoids the ´suicidal´ tag."

Sink (FI)  "Ark of Contempt and Anger" -LP 16.00EUR
"Prepare yourself for an intrusive psychic AOR sermon. Sink have once again created an oddly compelling and strangely enchanting album that is truly in a league of its own."

SIXX (US)  "Sister Devil" -LP 16.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH136)
"Sister Devil was conceived and executed by the same evil entities that were responsible for VON´s legendary demos. Now 18 years after it was recorded, this lost recording by SIXX is presented for the first time. Although retaining VON´s penchant for darkness and repetition, SIXX deviate from the Black Metal form and opt instead for a sound reminiscent of Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy and Samhain."

Skogen (SE)  "Eld" -DLP 26.00EUR

Slave Hands/Cicutoxin (FI)  "Split" -10" 12.00EUR
"Slave Hands plays sludge, owing more to the hardcore/punk -based old school sound of Grief, Noothgrush and the like. Cicutoxin rise from the sludge of their previous releases and this time blast a more power violence influenced bunch of songs. "

Sleep of Monsters (FI)  "II – Poison Garden" -LP 18.00EUR
"Think of Lee Hazlewood getting drunk with the Abba girls in a Metal bar, slurring some of the most spine-chilling, (mostly) true tales of human tragedy and the occult ever heard in rock’n’roll, and you’ll arrive at the moss-covered gates of Poison Garden."

Slutvomit (US)  "Satanic Slut Metal" -7" 7.00EUR
(2011-Parasitic Records)
"Filthy old school black metal. Their first demo put to wax. 500 copies black vinyl, w/ insert and vinyl sticker."

Slægt (DK)  "Beautiful and Damned" -mLP 15.00EUR
(***-Iron Bonehead)
"Beautiful and Damned shows SLÆGT shedding its previous skin into something more kaleidoscopic, multi-hued, and yet equally menacing. Gone is the blown-out black metal grimness of old SLÆGT; here, a sort of blackened epic metal emerges."

Somrak/Aesthenia  "Split" -7" 6.00EUR
"One is American Nietzschean raw Black Metal and the other is anti-christian Black Metal from Slovenia."

Stilla (SE)  "Ensamhetens Andar" -LP 16.00EUR
"Bright and ravishing northern metal. More complex as the debut, building up layers over layers. Traditional Scandinavian 90’s black metal but already with the spirit of their own style."

Stilla (SE)  "Skuggflock" -LP 19.00EUR
"With Skuggflock (Shadowpack) Stilla returns with yet another monumental recording that reeks of aggressive, beautiful and melancholic metal. "

Stormbane (AU)  "Voracious Manifestations" -7" 6.50EUR
(2012-Bloody Prod.)
"2 tracks of blackened thrash metal in the true Aussie way."

Sunwølf (UK)  "Beholden To Nothing And No One" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2015-Throne Records)
"Combining elements of ambient, stoner/doom, and drone, their latest double album, Beholden To Nothing And No One, is the kind of record that is perfect for taking you away from wherever you happen to be, transporting your mind to somewhere secluded and alone."

Superchrist (US)  "Defenders of the Filth" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Forgotten Wisdom)
"The master of the riffs is back with 10 tracks of Heavy Metal! As always, the material is heavily tainted with Motörhead and Iron Maiden touches. LP version contains one bonus track."

Suspiral (SP)  "Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence" -LP 16.00EUR
(2017-Equinox Discos)
"SUSPIRAL is the earthly manifestation of spiritual dimensions existing beyond Death. An amorphous mass of dissonant and chaotic Black Metal that will appeal to those who have stared on the verge of the Abyss. Black metal played in the vein of Katharsis, early Secrets Of The Moon, Grave Miasma..."

Taarenes Vaar (NO)  "1996 -1997" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Kyrck Prod.)
"A 20 year old Norwegian lost gem. Eerie early Thorns riffs mixed with 3rd and the Mortal and Ved Buens Ende (also sharing Carl Michael at some point and early Ulver members) could be an accurate description of TV, avant-garde black metal in its true meaning."

Technicolor Skull (US)  "S/T" -LP 22.00EUR
"Technicolor Skull is an experiment in light and sound, exploring the psychic impact of a magick ritual in the context of an improvised performance. With Brian Butler on guitar and electronic instruments, and Kenneth Anger on theremin, their collaboration is a performance contained inside a ritual of unknown origin, tapping into occult stories that extend musical language into initiation."

Teitanblood (SP)  "Accursed Skin" -mLP 15.00EUR

Tenebrae in Perpetuum (IT)  "Antico Misticismo" -LP 15.00EUR
(2006-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP013)
"7 hymns of pure cold & hateful Black Metal with an atmosphere few bands managed to put into their anthems. Taking the mysterious and gloomy atmosphere from "Onori Funebri Rituali" into a deeper dimension, "Antico Misticismo" present a higher level of composition and structure of the hymns, in which one can touch the revulsive feelings ingeniously orchestrated by their creator."

Tenebrae in Perpetuum (FR)  "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0058)
"On "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio", enigmatic Italian Illuminates TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM daub their black rites across a richer, more expansive canvas than hitherto. The intoxicating result is a diverse hymnary, awash with resonating textures, fertile with eerie reverberations and consecrated in free rhythms."

Tervahäät (FI)  "Kalmonsäie" -LP 20.00EUR
"Freezing and eerie avantgarde folk and ambient soundscapes are brought forth with the aid of primitive ritualistic percussions and home-made instruments. On this album the unique wintry sound of Tervahäät collides with solemn and noble chants, resulting in singular aural opus of esoteric Finnish mysticism."

Tervahäät (FI)  "S/T" -LP 21.00EUR
"If Tervahäät’s self-titled debut would be a soundtrack, it would be the soundtrack to an old cabin life settled in the solitary of wilderness. It would be the soundtrack to a lonely campfire lit next to a thousand Saivo lakes. It would be the soundtrack to an arctic pilgrimage over the vast planes of the endless north. Tervahäät IS the soundtrack of the wild within us, the longing for becoming one with nature and to be reborn in the purity of its primitive grace. Bound to the earth, drifting the wind, flaring the fire and roaming the water."

The Deathtrip  "Deep Drone Master" -LP 16.00EUR
"The cosmic voice of Aldrahn from Dœdheimsgard and Zyklon B has been set free to echo once again! Those riffs! That voice! Early 90s-era cold Norwegian style minimalist black metal mixed and brought back from the dead by scene originator Snorre Ruch, from the legendary Thorns."

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Takitum Tootem!" -mLP 17.50EUR
"The "Takitum Tootem!"-vinyl is an experimental orgy of spiritual psychedelia beyond the mood and concept of the following album - thus it stands alone as its harbinger."

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Unlock The Shrine" -DLP 22.00EUR
Sinister and obscure Black Metal.

The Sarcophagus (SE)  "Hate Cult" -7" 6.00EUR
(2009-Osmose Productions)
"Raging Black Metal. An amazing release including 2 tracks. Featuring Kvarforth from Shining as vocalist. Limited to 500 copies."

The True Black Dawn (FI)  "Come The Colorless Dawn" -LP 17.00EUR

The Whorehouse Massacre (CA)  "IV" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Streaks Records-STREAK#4)
"This has it all: Sludge, Industrial, Noise, but occasional haunting, almost melodic moments. Inspired by the murders of Robert William Pickton this is a sick nightmarish Lucio Fulci soundtrack. Rotten hopelessness and perdition dominate the album, adding blends of violent, grinding outbursts. lo-fi black metal aesthetic, but still produced healthy."

The Wounded Kings (UK)  "The Shadow Over Atlantis" -LP 22.00EUR
Doom metal. Re-released as a special vinyl package.

Thorns (NO)  "Stigma Diabolicum" -LP 22.00EUR
(***-2015-Kyrck Prod.)
"New master source for these including Trøndertun and Grymyrk, exactly same tracklist as the first 2007 press."

Thor´s Hammer (PO)  "Three Weeds from the Same Root" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2014-IG Farben)
Black metal. Highly recommended!

Throat (FI)  "Adult Situations" -7" 7.00EUR
(2010-Kult of Nihilow)
"2 songs worth of middle fingerism, pissed off ´90s noise rock and feedback mentality. Edition of 330."

Thunderbolt (PO)  "The Sons of Darkness" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence)
"After 8 years of the original release date, one of the best Polish bands releases the vinyl version of their debut masterpiece "Sons Of Darkness". This is Polish black metal at its best. Fast and atmospheric like Emperor´s "In The Nightside Eclipse". Lim.500 copies in gatefold sleeve."

Tiamat (SE)  "Judas Christ" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)

Tiamat (SE)  "Prey" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)

Tiamat (SE)  "Skeleton Skeletron" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2015-Funeral Industries)

Tiamat (SE)  "The Astral Sleep" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2015-Century Media)
"The 2015 reissue is based on the original LP visually yet adds the 1991 CD-bonus track "A Winter Shadow" and was specially mastered for vinyl."

Tile (US)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(2010-Kult of Nihilow)
"Tile describe themselves as "pissed off feedback from PA (Pennsylvania)" and there´s not much to add. Loud, obnoxious, noisy rock with a sludgy bass-heavy foundation, ear-drilling feedback guitars and so pissed off vocals that your eyes will bleed. The band has a few very limited releases under their belts and this is no exception, so get it now or fuck off."

Tähtiportti (FI)  "Eetterimessu" -LP 17.00EUR

Tähtiportti (FI)  "Superdepressio" -LP 17.00EUR

Ufo Gestapo (FR)  "S/T" -LP 15.00EUR
(2010-Streaks Records)
"This first part of the trilogy has more of the cosmic Korg-synths but still extra desperate vocals and violent as a horde of angry aliens devastating your flat. Again the music dwells between Doom and Hardcore, gloomy slow parts alternate with short outbursts of fast HC-Parts."

Ulver (NO)  "The Assassination of Julius Caesar" -LP 26.50EUR
(***-2017-House of Mythology)

Uncelestial (FI)  "Born With Lucifer´s Mark" -mLP 12.00EUR
(***-2010-Northern Heritage)
"With new line-up, ex- Uncreastion´s Dawn continues where they left in "Death´s Tyranny" album. This is black metal outside the copycat scene and shallow imitators etc. You will hear echoes of Grand Belial´s Key, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, and much more, with result being nothing but 100% Uncelestial. "

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (UK)  "Pusher Man" -7" 10.00EUR
(2016-Rise Above)

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (UK)  "The Night Creeper" -DLP 25.00EUR
(***-2015-Rise Above)
"Ten tracks of the type of sonic psyche-frazzling heaviness and blood-drenched pop that have made Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats one of Britain’s great cult bands." Black vinyl.

Unholy (FI)  "Demo 90/11 - Procession of Black Doom" -DLP 20.00EUR
(***-2011-Northern Heritage/Rusty Crowbar)
An official re-release of the ´90 demos. Bizarre death/doom metal from Finland. Re-worked artwork & re-mastered audio. THE VERY LAST COPIES FOR SALE!

Unholy (FI)  "The Second Ring of Power" -DLP 25.00EUR

Unholy Archangel (GR)  "Obsessed by War" -LP 18.00EUR
(2010-Kill Yourself Productions)
"Barbaric, warlike black metal."

Urfaust (NL)  "Apparitions" -mLP 18.00EUR
"Ritual black metal. Incl. a poster."

Urfaust (NL)  "Die Erste Levitation" -7" 8.50EUR
"Ritual black metal. One sided 7" with etching on side B".

Urfaust (NL)  "Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos" -mLP 15.00EUR
"Synthesizer Ultra Doom. Etching on side B, mandala poster A2 size, printed innersleeves."

Urfaust/Ghoul Cult  "Ghoulfaust" -7" 11.00EUR
(2016-Terratur Possessions)
"Vulgar display of camaraderie, the unholy trinity of Urfaust, Ghoul Cult and Terratur Possessions joining forces for this split release after years of talking about it, 12 years after GC last release. Fill up your glasses, light up your pipe and commence violence."

Urfaust/King Dude  "Split" -7" 8.00EUR
"Ritual black metal & dark US folk."

V/A  "Grave Command: All Hallowed Hymns" -PICLP 18.00EUR
(2012-Unseen Forces)
"GRAVE COMMAND is an eclectic and sinister assemblage of never-before-heard compositions written and recorded specifically for this collection (plus one mandatory killer from the 1984 XINR recordings!): GHOUL, XINR, ORCHID, RIDE FOR REVENGE, XANDER HARRIS, GRAVE VIOLATORS, DECEASED, OCCULTATION, VENENUM & DANAVA."

V/A  "NWN! Volume I" -LP 16.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"This compilation was originally released at the NWN Fest in Berlin on November 13th and 14th. The LP features exclusive or rare tracks from Blasphemophager, Revenge, Ares kingdom, Hellias, Bone Awl, Villains, Morbosidad, Embrace of Thorns, Ignivomous, Terrorama."

V/A  "Resurrected in Festering Slime" -LP 18.00EUR
(2009-Soulseller Records)
"The truly sinister Death Metal compilation. Double sided A2. Heavy fucking vinyl. Featured bands are: Bombs of Hades, Eviscerated, Darkcreed, Rape Pillage & Burn, Feral, Maim, Graveless, Crucifyre, Unspoken, Mr.Death, Stench, Chronic Torment, Morbus Chron and Bonesaw"

V/A  "The Wine of Satan" -LP 19.00EUR
(***-2016-Sinister Flame)
"Originally released in 1993 in mere 300 copies, The Wine of Satan LP brought together BEHERIT, MORTUARY DRAPE, PANDEMONIUM, MASTER’S HAMMER, CORPSE MOLESTATION, PERDITION HEARSE, CRUCIFIER and THE BLACK for a unique celebration of darkness."

Veineliis (DE)  "Strained Movements towards imminent Death" -LP 15.00EUR
(2008-Midwinter Records)
"Quite usually with fast drum tempos, but again the same - or higher - level of intense atmospheres. Individual music with a strong philosophical background. Veineliis is no longer a good promise, it´s evidently an importat reality of the nowadays Black Metal."

Venus Star (FI)  "Hand & Head" -LP 16.00EUR
Primitive black & death metal, vinyl issue of two previously released cassette MLPs.

Venus Star (FI)  "Nigredo Expulsion" -LP 16.00EUR
Doomy and mesmerizing black/death metal.

Venus Star (FI)  "SETYPHORUS" -LP 16.00EUR
Primitive black & death metal.

Venus Star (FI)  "The Knot Will Not" -LP 18.00EUR
Mystical death metal.

Venus Star (FI)  "Viparita Maithuna" -7" 7.50EUR
Death/black metal.

Verivala (FI)  "Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" -LP 15.00EUR
"Following the same musical path, as with their debut album „Voittomme“, Verivala’s second full length album “Kalliolle, Kukkulalle “is pure Finnish poison. Printed innersleeve, A4 lyric sheet, heavy vinyl."

Vermyapre Kommando (FR)  "Crache la mort" -LP 16.00EUR

Vermyapre Kommando (FR)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR

Victimizer (DK)  "The Final Assault" -LP 15.00EUR
(2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSLP024)
"Running wild in nuclear streets over the last 7 years, the band released some underground demos, 7"s and split LPs which now seem like classics from 80-fucking-3. "The Final Assault" is their first & final studio album, a sure lesson in violence... a heavy fucking bulldozer plowing through the wave of newbie friendly fag thrash."

Virus (NO)  "Memento Collider" -LP 23.00EUR
(***-2016-Karisma Records)
"This time the iconic trio have taken VIRUS’ idiosyncratic trademark sound of unusual flowing bass lines, experimental riffs and groovy rhythms a few steps further, to create a sound that is still very much experimental and progressive in the true sense of those definitions, but at the same time is catchy and melodic."

Virus (NO)  "The Black Flux" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2012-Duplicate Records)
"At long last, the critically acclaimed, seminal album of Norwegian avant-garde rockers Virus will appear in its rightful substance; vinyl. Sanctioned, approved and overseen by the band for the first time, this release will present The Black Flux as it should be – in one definite, ultimate edition."

Vitsaus (FI)  "Ajan Ja Ihmisen Haudoilla" -LP 15.00EUR
Raw Finnish Black Metal. Originally released as a demo and later on as a double cd release with the previous demo recordings on it as well. The layout is specifically designed for this vinyl release and the small sound problems which were audible on the cd version have been fixed. Red 180g LP & heavy-carton gatefold jacket.

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "Celtic Poetry" -mLP 15.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "Into Frosty Madness" -mLP 15.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "Morte... lune" -LP 20.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "The Return of the Unweeping" -mLP 15.00EUR

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "War Funeral March" -LP 20.00EUR

Volahn/Blue hummingbird on the left (US)  "Split" -7" 11.00EUR
(2016-Final Agony Records)
"Mexica/Kiche alliance, native street anthems. Limited to 500 copies."

Vomitchapel (US)  "Damnatio ad Bestias" -LP 16.00EUR
(2011-Analog Worship)
"After two years of silence, VOMITCHAPEL return with "Damnatio ad Bestias" (Submission to Beasts), three new tracks of blasphemic, ritualistic bestial metal of death. Compiles the band´s two demos, "Warvomitdeathworship" and "Sodominate", with three new songs recorded for this release."

Vordr (FI)  "" -mLP 13.00EUR
(***-2009-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Six new exclusive tracks that stem from recording session of the third album. The same primitive sleaze as usual with one unusually epic track this time."

Vordr (FI)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2016-Versets Noirs)
Crude, primal black metal. Second part of the EP trilogy on Versets Noirs.

Vordr (FI)  "S/T" -7" 7.00EUR
(***-2016-Versets Noirs)
Crude, primal black metal. Third part of the EP trilogy on Versets Noirs.

W.A.I.L. (FI)  "Vol. II" -DLP 28.00EUR
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
Eclectic Doom/Black Metal. Special presentation with bulletproof thick jacket, 28-page booklet, peculiar cardboard insert pertaining to the album theme etc.

Ward (FI)  "S/T" -LP 16.00EUR
(2013-Rämekuukkeli Records)
"Building from the atmospheric melodies of doom metal, raw sound and morbidness of early crust and the primitive force and heaviness of old-school death metal, the self-titled LP of these Tampere-based long runners consists of four tracks and nearly 36 minutes of unnaturally heavy darkness."

Warloghe (FI)  "The First Possession" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2018-Northern Heritage)

Warloghe (FI)  "Womb of Pestilence" -LP 17.00EUR
(***-2018-Northern Heritage)

Watain (SE)  "Casus Luciferi" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2012-Season of Mist)
Re-mastered reissue with a bonus track.

Watain (SE)  "Rabid Death´s Curse" -DLP 22.00EUR
(***-2012-Season of Mist)
Includes a bonus track.

While Heaven Wept (US)  "Fear of Infinity" -DLP 23.50EUR
(2011-Nuclear Blast)
"While Heaven Wept used to be one of the best-kept secrets of the underground. Ever since the band opted to leave the more doomy side of their sound behind and go for timeless, progressive and epic metal structures, they have a huge cult following. A melancholic and complex masterpiece, and definitely their most stunning effort so far."

Woods of Infinity (SE)  "Förlåt" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2013-Obscure Abhorrence)

Wormphlegm (FI)  "In an Excruciating Way Inhabited With Vermin and Pests and Violated by Executioners Who Practise Incendiarism and Desanctifying the Pious" -LP 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Rusty Crowbar Records)
Torture Doom. Demo re-release on vinyl. A recording of its own kind and quality.

Wrathprayer (CL)  "The Sun of Moloch..." -LP 16.00EUR RESTOCK
(2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"After the complete merging of ‘In Utter Darkness’ to thy hearts, WRATHPRAYER reveal you the solemn words of the flickering flame. A sacred union of nine elements which incarnate the telluric current of Death and Obscurity in a ceremony of 40 minutes."

Ysengrin (FR)  "Liber Hermetis" -DLP 24.00EUR
(2015-Nuclear war now!)
"Rather than being easily labeled as black, death, or doom metal, Ysengrin seamlessly combines elements of all of these subgenres in the creation of its own brand of Hermetic Dark Metal."

Zemial (GR)  "I am the Dark" -7" 8.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Features two exclusive songs never released to date from these Greek black metal masters."

Zemial (GR)  "Nykta" -DLP 24.00EUR
(2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"From gritty blackthrash to epic heavy metal, from art-music experimentation to moments of prog-inflected psychedelia, from soundscape ambience to realms completely uncategorizable and many mesmerizing points in between, NYKTA displays ZEMIAL in all their austere, multihued glory."

Ättestupa (SE)  "Musik för tomma rum" -LP 20.00EUR
"The third full length LP release from Ättestupa presents two longer pieces divided into six different segments. Even though you undoubtedly can hear the sound from previous recordings, this is something new. Something different. A more coherent and focused recording. Spared from all excesses. Exploring a more folky and desolate sound."

Ättestupa (SE)  "Vattnet drog sig tillbaka, stenarna blev synliga" -LP 20.00EUR
"Still hanging on to a sound that bears the undisputed characteristics known from earlier releases we are exposed for new elements and musical narrative. The new LP pushes into new territories, moving away from traditional song structures and instrumentations, presenting a distinct and carefully elaborated recording where the two sides constitutes a well integrated totality of stripped down bleakness."