(DOLCH) (DE)  "I & II" -digipak 14.00EUR
"Atmospheric and sustained music for the heart, soul and brain. (DOLCH)´s first two demos (Demo I + "Licht. Maschine. Herz." ) showed a very melancholic soundscape, accompanied by sad voices and lyrics. Both were now especially remastered for a re-release and appear with an additionally recorded bass guitar that increases the sound from the tape to become a full album."

11 As In Adversaries (FR)  "The Full Intrepid Experie" -cd 12.00EUR
"It’s all in the name: 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES are here to flip the script and destroy the norm. Existing in a stratosphere where rules no longer apply, 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES features the mastermind of extreme-metal rule-breakers Glorior Belli and fittingly combines dark, moody post-punk with the most avant-garde ends of extreme metal."

1349 (NO)  "Beyond the Apocalypse" -cd 12.00EUR
(Candlelight Records-CANDLE082CD)
"Beyond the Apocalypse once again presents the band’s already respected Blackend Metal that recalls the true glory of the scenes early sounds. Fans of Mayhem, Immortal, Gorgoroth and Dark Throne can take notice – this is quality and modern black metal for the continuing dark times."

1349 (NO)  "Revelations of the Black Flame" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Candlelight Records-CANDLE261)
"1349´s fourth full-length sees them turning a corner into a more experimental area, with lots of dark ambient/haunting noise passages and doom and drone woven into their scathing brand of black metal."

16 (US)  "Bridges to Burn" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Relapse Records-RR-6127)
"The music on Bridges to Burn is driven by Bobby Ferry´s guitars. His thick and heavy riffs are the backbone supporting the behemoth that is 16. Sludgy downtuned doom is sharpened by sharp hardcore edges and periodic breakdowns."

A Storm of Light (US)  "As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2011-Profound Lore)
"By embracing musical templates more associated with traditional metal (i.e. mid-era Metallica) and traditional rock (i.e. AC/DC, QOTSA), while still maintaining the band’s forward thinking progressive vibe, "As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us…2 presents a more song-oriented A STORM OF LIGHT while at the same time, a band that has incorporated a heavier, harder-hitting, and ultimately darker and more crushing vibe to their music."

A.E.P/Black Sea of Infinity  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Sonic Tyranny Productions-STP003)
"Occult ambient/experimental occult anti-music. The unsettling dissonant heretical invocations invoked by A.E.P. have been intertwined with the seething otherworldly secretions of Black Seas of Infinity. To create a basilisk of malignancy to shoot forth its venomous rays unto the souls of the unwary, awakening the otherness of wisdom, and becoming."

Abdullah (US)  "Graveyard Poetry" -cd 12.00EUR
(2002-Meteor City)
"Graveyard Poetry is filled with lots of diversity – a few swirling psychedelics, hooks that grab you and won’t let go and crunching and bluesy guitar work – it’s loud, heavy, rocking songs but the doooooom is also still in full effect."

Abdullah (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2000-Meteor City)
"The first band that Abdullah is associate with is Solitude Aeturnus. Doomy, good vocals and tons of soul and classic twists that are un-expected. But mainly the simplicity is genius in it´s own way."

Abhorrence (FI)  "Completely Vulgar" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2012-Svart Records)
"Death metal."

Abigor (CH)  "Fractal Possession" -digibook 14.00EUR
(***-2007-End All Life Productions)
"“Fractal Possession” is probably the most technical record of the band, blessed by a production of chirurgical precision (courtesy of TT himself) and their new vocalist, AR, delivers a performance of feverish intensity."

Abominator (AU)  "Evil Proclaimed" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Hell´s Headbangers)
"At long last, legendary black/death heretics ABOMINATOR return from suspended animation with their highly anticipated comeback album, Evil Proclaimed."

Abscess (US)  "Bourbon, Blood and Butchery" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Aphelion Prod.)
"After Autopsy reunited Abscess was laid to rest in a stinking coffin full of piss, vomit and bourbon to never rise again. This 24 track collection seeks some retribution (for the dead) with all material from the splits with Bonesaw, Population Reduction and Eat My Fuk along with never before released rehearsal demo 1999 and live tracks from various shows."

Absolutus (BE)  "Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus" -cd 12.00EUR
"Nothing but pure black metal perofrmed in an epic, traditional fashion. Let the hate surround you, and feel the depths of the abyss that is Absolutus! For fans of Hirilorn and old Deathspell Omega."

Absu (US)  "Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L." -digicd 12.00EUR
(***-1993-Osmose Productions-OPCD020)

Absu (US)  "Tara" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2001-Osmose Productions)
"Texas black thrash."

Absu (US)  "The Sun of Tiphareth" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-1995-Osmose Productions-OPCD029)

Absurd (DE)  "Der fünfzehnjährige Krieg" -cd 12.00EUR
(Hammer of Damnation)
"The new album of the Tyrants of German Black Metal, with fourteen re-recorded old classics, one brand new song and one coversong."

Absurd (DE)  "Facta Loquuntur" -cd 12.00EUR
(Hammer of Damnation)
Featuring 7 bonus songs taken from live concert of IN KETTEN, recorded in the state prision of JVA Ichtershausen in 1995 .

Abusus (DE)  "Lichter Gedanken und Lieder..." -digicd 12.00EUR
Black/Doom Metal. Digisleeve, silver print on black rough carton, inlay.

Abysmal Darkening (NL)  "No Light Behind" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Total Rust)
"Depressive torturing Doom/Dark Metal. With unique mix between traditional doom riffing, stoner doom, elements of 70s proto-metal and some blackish influences, Abysmal Darkening managed to create a new form of audio sonic terrorism. Transcendental, sharp, suicidal, old school music."

Abyssion (FI)  "Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki" -cd 11.00EUR
"Finnish black metal psychonauts from the outer limits."

Acheron (US)  "The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God" -digibook 14.00EUR
(2009-Funeral Industries)
Death metal. A5 digibook.

Acherontas/Slidhr  "Split" -digipak cd 13.00EUR

Acid Bath (US)  "Radio Edits II" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-1996-Rotten Records-PRO-2)
"Boundary pushing sludge. Acid Bath has an incredible diversity to their music that lends them the ability to play with bands from almost any other genre, but it would be ludicrous to categorize their sound; the result would be too limiting."

Acrimonious (GR)  "Perdition Gospel" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2007-Salvation Distro)
"Black Metal Terror not quite different from great bands of the genre like Watain, early Mayhem, early Dissection, Deathspell Omega etc. An achievement emanating from the All-Embrasing Death current. The celebration of seperation, the establishment of mundane and macrocosmic slavery, the distortion of cosmic balance."

Acrimonious (GR)  "Purulence" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Ajna Offensive)
"Greek Black Metal…a tool to transcend consciousness to the most obscure realms of the subconscious, a trumpet that claims man’s futile carnality and doom… With Rev. Kriss Hades artwork."

Ad Hominem (FR)  "Climax of hatred" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Avantgarde Music-AV088)
"Third album of one of the most extreme black metal bands from France!"

Adversarial (CA)  "All Idols Fall Before the Hammer" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Dark Descent Records)
"After a successful demo, Canada´s Adversarial returns with their pulverizing debut full-length "All Idols Fall Before the Hammer." Punishing blackened metal of death."

Aeoga (FI)  "Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Aural Hypnox-AH05)
"From beyond the mundane symbolscape, the 2nd album of Aeoga - entitled ´Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus´ - emits aural phenomena from devouring multi-layered elemental ambience to amorphous and hallucinatory sequences entrancing one´s awareness thoroughly."

Affliction Gate (FR)  "Dead to this world" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2008-No Colours)
"French old school Death Metal inspired by early works of UNLEASHED, BENEDICTION, ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER, GRAVE, MORGOTH, MASSACRE."

Agalloch (US)  "Ashes Against the Grain" -cd 11.00EUR
(2006-The End Records)

Agalloch (US)  "The Mantle" -cd 11.00EUR
(The End Records)
"Sophomore release by Agalloch. The Mantle is a grand multi-dimensional opus of 70 minutes featuring their melancholic metal with post rock and neo-folk elements. References range from Pink Floyd, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Sol Invictus, Ulver, Dissection, Fields Of The Nephilim and more."

Agonized (FI)  "Gods" -mcd 8.00EUR
"First time on pro CD for this classic Finnish Death Metal demo from 1991 which was sadly the only material recorded by the band. A must for fans of Demilich, Funebre, early Carcass etc. Original artwork by Chris Moyen has been expanded for this release."

Agrath (US)  "Thy Kingdom Come" -cd 12.00EUR
(2015-Funeral Industries)
Black metal with Negative Plane members.

Aigro Mucifelam (FR)  "Lost Sounds Depraved" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Insidious Poisoning Records-IPR006)
"First album from this obscure French project led as sole member by Maleficum Orgia’s drummer/vocalist. Harsh, relentless and addictive Black Metal. Inexorable pounding and grazed screams for a hallucinatory march. An endless dreadful fall into the deepest darkness."

Akercocke (UK)  "Rape of the Bastard Nazarene" -cd 13.00EUR

Akhkharu (US)  "Celebratum" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Silcharde Records)
"Highly enigmatic, Aeonic dark ritual ambient sound sculptures of a spiritually disturbing nature. An audial ceremonial ritual temple of extreme Nightside Occult cosmology."

Akitsa (CA)  "Grands tyrans" -digipak 16.00EUR
"Five years in the making, Montreal´s Akitsa delivers their fifth album of spirited and inevitable black metal fatalism."

Alcest (FR)  "Le Secret" -cd 13.00EUR
Original version of the mcd + same songs re-recorded.

Alchemyst (DE)  "Nekromanteion" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Necroshrine Records)
"A new brotherhood formed by members of Anael, Hellish Crossfire and Mosaic, crafted a unquie manifesto of Okkvlt Death Metal. Taking the listener back to the ancient mythology around the Aegean Sea. Featuring guest-appearance by Drakh (Katharsis)."

Alghazanth (FI)  "The Three-Faced Pilgrim" -digicd 11.00EUR
"46 minutes of the band´s more or less familiar brand of majestic black metal."

Alien Deviant Circus (FR)  "En To Pan Omegas" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Funeral Industries)
"Alien Deviant Circus is the audial essence of the primordial wave, the Nekro noiz of Khaos through the extatic stasis of Maya. Behind the wall of illusion, stand the opposite up, a state of Sat and Asat where nothing is true."

Alkerdeel (BE)  "De Speenzalvinge" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Universal Tongue)
"The debut full length, a lo-fi black/sludge/doom monster of epic proportions."

Almighty Sathanas/Blasphemophagher/Tyrants Blood  "Tyrannous Mutations Of Sathanas" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Black Vomit Records)
"Three-way split CD featuring three exclusive tracks from each band.Greek bestial black/death metal meets Italian war black/death Canadian oldschool deathrash with member of Blasphemy.Nine hymns of apocalyptic nuclear chaos hailing the Ancient Ones."

Altar of Perversion/Mordaehoth  "Tributo A Der Blutharsch" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-New Era Prod.)
"Unique project on which Italian ALTAR OF PERVERSION and Dutch MORDAEHOTH do Black/Pagan Metal interpretations of Der Blutharsch tracks, a cult Austrian neofolk/martial Group, for those not knowing. CD edition includes the original DER BLUTHARSCH tracks."

Ambush (SE)  "Run Like Hell" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Heavy Chain Records)
"Ambush formed in Sweden in early 1983, and were active until 1985. The band released a 7″ EP and cassette during their time as Ambush, the initial recordings featured on the EP are a killer and unique blend of mystic doomy heavy metal and folky 1970s rock which will appeal to fans of Pagan Altar, Witchfinder General, Ashbury, and Jethro Tull."

Amebix (UK)  "Sonic Mass" -cd 16.00EUR
(***-2011-Amebix Records)

Amnion  "Cryptic Wanderings" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Oniric Records)
"After many years of doubts, wanderings and desolation, the Crypt has opened releasing the funerary hymns sung by the Dead, bringing with them the old breath of the Cryptic and Unholy Black Metal. Feelings, fallen into oblivion and rescued from the river of the Dead thath perished in the middle of the 90s."

Amon (US)  "Liar in Wait" -digipak 13.00EUR
(2014-Possession Prod.)
"AMON was created in 1987 and later turned into DEICIDE. As many know, a few years ago Hoffman brothers left DEICIDE and revived AMON. The result of the reformation was "Liar in Wait" album that showed the world the power and darkness of true underground Satanic Florida Death Metal."

Amon (CZ)  "Return Of The Black Metal" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Barbarian Wrath)
"After the tragic death of 2 members in the wake of the release of "Zrozeni Smrti" AMON have consolidated a new lineup that´s stronger than ever. The return of the Black Metal in their sound!"

AMSG (CA)  "The Principle of Evil becomes the Ideal of the Promethean" -mcd 10.00EUR
(2010-Supremacy Through Intolerance)
"AMSG continues on the fiery path that was paved by OUROBOROS nearly a decade ago presenting 3 crushing tracks of CANADIAN TERRORIST BLACK WITCHING METAL OF DEATH!"

An Extravagance of Norm (PO)  "AEON" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Diachell Musik)
"Extreme Modern Black Metal for fans of VED BUENS ENDE, SATYRICON, THORNS, ZYKLON."

Anaboth (PO)  "Pomiedzy Swiatami" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"16 years after the recording of cult first demo Anaboth returns with a debut full length album. Over 40 minutes of Dark Metal. The Great Old Ones woke up from the Abyss. Limited to 500."

Anael (DE)  "From Arcane Fires" -cd 11.00EUR
(2008-Paragon Records-PRG-36033)
"Third album from this German black metal band. An occult, gloomy, dark sound could draw comparisons to the early ´90s European black metal wave, but Anael are definitely their own band with their own take on the genre."

Anal Blasphemy (FI)  "Perversions of Satan" -cd 13.00EUR
(2012-Hammer of Hate)
"Perversions of Satan is the 3rd full-lenght release from the unholy Finnish bastard ANAL BLASPHEMY. Experienced in a style of filth and primitive Satanism the 3rd full-lenght explores the Darkness of Satan and the Light of Lucifer with the duality of feminine and male opposite attractions."

Anal Blasphemy (FI)  "Profane Fornication Ejaculation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Hate)
"After the disgusting debut ANAL BLASPHEMY attacks with a second full-lenght, continuing the depraved, unholy and ugly bestial Black Metal Filth!"

Anal Blasphemy (FI)  "Sermons of a Sodomite" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2011-Hammer of Hate)
"A theme EP release from ANAL BLASPHEMY featuring 2 songs + one instrumental outro. The strongest and most solid AB release so far presenting the new style of AB with mid-tempo crushing and fast blasting Black Metal accompanied with blasphemous vocal outbursts of violent mockery."

Anal Vomit (PE)  "Depravation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-From Beyond Productions-FBP060CD)
"Undeniably South American in its sound, this album sees Anal Vomit evolving their style of purified and intense alcoholic deathrash. On “Depravation” Anal Vomit deliver a blistering assault of frenetic and fast thrash riffs delivered with bestial intensity at times reminiscent of “Devil’s Force”-era Nifelheim."

Anal Vomit (PE)  "Gathering Of The Putrid Demons" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Black Seed Prod.)
"Third full length album from these Peruvian Demons! Total old school ripping Thrash / Black Metal in the classic South American way."

Ancestors Blood (FI)  "A Dark Passage from the Past" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Ewiges Eis Records)
"70 Mitutes of symphonic Pagan Black Metal from Finland in the vein of old Nokturnal Mortum. 14 tracks, 8 page booklet. Kadotus members."

Ancestors Blood (FI)  "When the forest calls" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Heidens Hart)
"The second album of epic and highly atmospheric pagan black metal. Powerful production, catchy and bombastic keyboard melodies, aggressive guitars and vocals."

Ancient (NO)  "Det Glemte Riket" -cd 13.00EUR
(2005-Sleaszy Rider)

Ancient (NO)  "Eerily Howling Winds - The Antediluvian Tapes" -cd 13.00EUR
(2005-Sleaszy Rider)

And Then You Die (FI)  "Abuse Park" -cd 8.00EUR
"Dark electronic/industrial. ATYD´s music is not the easiest one to place under any genre, you can hear references to Finnish rock, Dark Ambient, trad. Industrial, some Triphop, Acoustic Rock/Pop and more. All these elements mixed with real guitars and bass + various different vocal styles. Really gloomy."

Andramelech/Serpent Noir  "Gateway to the Nightside" -cd 13.00EUR
(2013-Daemon Worship Prod.)

Angelizer (FR)  "Poison Dreams" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-New Death Records)
Aggressive and melodic French Death Metal.

Angry Aryans (US)  "Too White for You" -cd 12.00EUR
(Lonewolf Extremis)
"Violent Classic American Hatecore."

Anguished (FI)  "Cold" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Hate)
"Cold cuts you deep with razors of melancholy and hateful despair! Possessed Demoness, the tortured soul of Anguished, creates and performs hymns of this Finnish one woman howl with a very unique touch!"

Anima Morte (SE)  "The Nightmare Becomes Reality" -digicd 15.50EUR
"Swedish instrumental quartet ANIMA MORTE plays music inspired by the classic Italian horror and giallo soundtracks made famous by Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, Ennio Morricone and many more."

Animo Aeger (DE)  "Impuls" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Ashen Productions-AP025)
"This unique german project merges the majestic, cold harshness of early norwegian BM with thrilling structures, truly memorable riffs and extremely varied, sometimes bizarre vocals into something that is so passionate and compelling that it will keep the listener hooked for many spins."

Animus Mortis (CL)  "Atrabilis (Residues From Verb & Flesh)" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP032)
"On their debut full-length proper, Chilean horde ANIMUS MORTIS present eight ethereal exhibits of shrill, desolate Black Metal laden with an eerie, dark ambience. The bitter misanthropy is laced with a wicked sense of melody but raw darkness prevails throughout, creating an incredible primordial effect."

Antaeus (FR)  "Condemnation" -cd 14.00EUR
Violent black metal.

Antaeus (FR)  "Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2004-Osmose Productions)

Antaeus (FR)  "De Principii Evangelikum" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2002-Osmose Productions)

Antichrist (CA)  "Sacrament of Blood" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"Consisting of 11 tracks of blasphemic annihilation, the “Sacrament of Blood” session epitomizes the horrific and unholy nature of the Ross Bay cult. Chaotic and impure and driven by uncontrollable bestial voices, ANTICHRIST unleashed some of the vilest and Black Metal North America has produced."

Anu (US)  "Opus Funaerum" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Graveless Slumber Records)
"After 9 obscured years, the spirit that is ANU has awakened with the release of the long anticipated full length album "Opus Funaerum". Possibly the coldest release that the USBM underground has ever seen, "Opus Funaerum" is the solitary black candle that illuminates the all-comsuming Darkness of obscurity and mysticism."

Anwyl (US)  "Postmortem apocalypse" -cd 9.00EUR
(2003-Drakkar Productions)
Death Metal with some Thrash influences! Includes also Entombed cover. Drakkar prod.

Apocalypse Command (US)  "Abyss Fiend of Darkness" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Gospels of Death)
"MCD version of the demo. Pure bestial death metal by the Angelcorpse´s guitarist Gene Palubicki. 3 tracks of blasphemy & mayhem. Limited edition, 500 copies."

Apocalypse Command (US)  "Damnation Scythes Of Invincible Abomination" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Invictus Prod.)
"Gene Palubicki strikes back hard with the debut Apocalypse Command album! A demented and tormented amalgamation of harsh old school death metal like classic Morbid Angel, Possessed and Sarcofago, ´Damnation Scythes...´ is a relentless, merciless strike of the beast!"

Apostate (UA)  "Trapped in a Sleep" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Metallic Media)
"Doom Death coming close to early Paradise Lost."

Apostle of Solitude (US)  "Last Sunrise" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Profound Lore)
"In what comes across as a release that mixes the epic and soulful vibes of SOLITUDE AETURNUS and the flat-out pounding drive of THE OBSESSED, “Last Sunrise” takes the momentum from APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s previous album, the lauded “Sincerest Misery”, and brings it to new soaring levels of doom metal glory."

Apostle of Solitude (US)  "Sincerest Misery" -cd 13.00EUR
(2008-Eyes Like Snow)
"Apostle of Solitude, whose sound has been described as "hopelessness, despair, and grief, exorcised from the mind and channeled out in a catharsis of sound", rose from the ashes of The Keep in August of 2004."

Aptorian Demon (NO)  "Libertus" -cd 13.50EUR
(***-2012-Kyrck Prod.)
"The debut of Aptorian Demon. Old school 90´s Norwegian black metal in its full glory."

Archgoat (FI)  "Angelcunt" -digipak mcd 10.00EUR
(***-2015-Debemur Morti)
"Originally released in 1993, this genuinely disturbing piece of work, considered by many as one of the best Black Metal EPs of all time, is the pure quintessence of what the Satanic metal scene has to offer the world."

Ares Kingdom (US)  "Incendiary" -cd 10.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Put simply, "Incendiary" represents yet another peak for AK - a profound accomplishment considering the depth of their magnificent 2006 LP, "Return to Dust." In fact, in terms of both composition and performance, it may now be convincingly argued that they are unequalled."

Ares Kingdom (US)  "Return to Dust" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Storming the frontlines of the underground with an overwhelming thrashing onslaught. 8 tracks, 42 minutes. This is the first full-length album from Ares Kingdom, an American band featuring members of Order From Chaos and Vulpecula."

Ares Kingdom (US)  "Veneration" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"In the hands of veterans like Ares Kingdom, performing a cover song is not hollow reverence. Instead, it is a salute by one group of masters to their peers. Unlike other “tribute” albums, this compilation is successful as a whole because the songs are suitably chosen, and while Ares Kingdom demonstrate their fidelity to the original versions of these songs the recordings on “Veneration” nonetheless bear the band’s unmistakable imprint."

Arfsynd (SE)  "Hesychia" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2013-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"Black metal. "Hesychia" adds new elements to the canvas of ARFSYND, yet the trademark riffing and style are unmistakeably there. Inspired by the teachings of eastern orthodox christianity, it is a manifest of deepest pessimism and awareness of the inexorable Original Sin, that a man carries within."

Arfsynd (SE)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"The first album by ARFSYND, featuring Perditor of the ORCIVUS´ fame! Featuring a variety of tempos, sincere, dark and haunting vocals, Perditor´s exquisite and already well-known melodies, ARFSYND follows a different yet just as noble path."

Arise (SE)  "The Reckoning" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Regain Records)
"Best described as a crossover between Hypocrisy, The Crown and Carcass with a touch of the Bay area style whilst they blend intensity, melody and heaviness/groove together as one and you get what is used to be called Death/Thrash."

Arkha Sva (JP)  "Odo Kikale Qaa I" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2013-Those Opposed Records)
"Compiling the split EP with DROWNING THE LIGHT named IN HIS NAME, the split MLP with CHALICE OF BLOOD, the split MLP with WINTER FUNERAL named MIKALP KHIS BIA OZONGON, the split EP with WOODS OF INFINITY named OLD UGLY TREES and the III-way-split LP named N.O.I.R."

Arkha Sva (JP)  "Odo Kikale Qaa II" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2013-Those Opposed Records)
"Compiling the VI-way-split CD named A SIXTH SENSE OF DARKNESS, the split EP with HYPOTHERMIA and the split LP with BLACK STENCH. Unveils cover track of Darkthrone for the first time as well."

Armagedda (SE)  "I Am" -digimcd 9.00EUR
"Hidden from light in the depths and chambers of mysticism and woe until now, The great gate has finally opened! 4 never before published songs, this EP features a great, lost recording from somewhere back in 2001 - 2002, that will now live forever! "

Armagedda (SE)  "Ond Spiritism" -cd 13.00EUR
"Black Metal sorcerers Armagedda returned with morbid northern witchcraft and haunted darkness, taking you on a journey far back in the ancient nights... Onbound by the laws of life and space, experience the spiritual serpent."

Armatus (DE)  "Armee der Schwarzen Stiefel" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Werewolf Records-EVIL-017)
"From the untouched throne of Satan, Armatus returns. Still in their familiar ultra cruel and barbaric style, with unseen fragments of foul atmosphere. Martial Black Metal terror of evil, darkness, injustice and hate only for the warriors of the most extreme and obscure bestial arts from the deepest morbid and chaotic feelings of a white man."

Armour (FI)  "S/T" -cd 11.00EUR
(2009-Primitive Reaction)
"After rollin´ out several successful EPs, the heavy metal hammer of ARMOUR strikes hard n´ heavy with their highly anticipated debut full-lengther featuring all new high voltage hits. This is no lame retro-joke playing pub tribute nights; these accomplished Finn´s boast the best elements from the great heavy metal 80´s with style n´ class."

Armoured Angel (AU)  "Baptism in Blood" -cd 10.00EUR
(2009-Abysmal Sounds)
"1985 Demo re-release. Presented in the rawest form, capturing the sound and presentation of the original demo release. Black Sabbath, Tank, Venom, Iron Maiden and Robert E. Howard inspired Sinister Heavy Metal!"

Arphaxat (FR)  "Loudun la Maudite" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS028)
"Truly Necro & Morbid Blasphemous hymns, NOT for open-minded idiots who have no idea what true primitive Black Metal is about! Consists of Shaxul (ex-HIRILORN, ex-founding DEATHSPELL OMEGA member, SABBAT (Jpn) session member, etc). and DRAKEN (ex-Putrefactor)."

Ars Diavoli (PT)  "Pro Nihilo Esse" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0040)

Ars Goetia/Old Bones  "Ancient Sorceries and Old Relics" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Aphelion Productions)
"Ars Goetia play early 90’s style Black Metal. Old Bones are the bastard son of Hellhammer/Frost and St Vitus. Raw Black Doom. Limited to 666 copies."

Ars Manifestia (IT)  "The Enchanting Dark´s Arrival" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Black Seed Prod.-SEED011)
"Raw but emotional Black Metal with bloodfreezing riffs and a dak mysterious feeling lasting for near one hour."

Arsonist Lodge (FI)  "Perkele, Antikristus ja Väärä Profeetta" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Hammer of Hate-HOH018)
"Churchburning Black Metal! The arsonists are back and continue even darker than on the "Lihaa Pedolle" EP, reaping the flesh of christians with torches and blades!"

Arvet (FI)  "Aijna" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Saturnian Production)
"Aijna is the desolation of God represented in daunting poetry of Occult Black Metal. Debut album of ARVET lies churning below the metaphysics of Kali Yuga and Black Magick combining the elements of emotional void, elegy and delicate experimentalism into a holistic exposure of Luciferian Arts. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh..."

Ascension (DE)  "The Dead of the World" -cd 12.00EUR
"The Dead of the World is a grandiose work of bold creativity and boundless imagination, of brilliant illumination and obsidian depth, all under the banner of orthodox black metal."

Ascension (DE)  "With Burning Tongues" -digicd 13.00EUR

Ash Pool (US)  "For Which He Plies the Lash" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hospital Productions)
"Thunderous and mystical Black Metal from one USA´s best project. Second album after three years of silence, eight songs of big bang Black Metal."

Asmund (RU)  "К чертогам славы" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Der Schwarze Tod)

Asmund (RU)  "Песнь крови" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Der Schwarze Tod)

Asphyx (NL)  "Depths of Eternity" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2009-Century Media)
This is a double re-release, of sorts. It is their self-titled album and their God Cries album with bonus live and demo tracks.

Asphyx (NL)  "Embrace the Death" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2009-Century Media)
Death Metal. Besides the album, "Mutilating Process" 7inch,"Enter the Domain" demo, "Crush the Cenotaph" demo, Rehearsal 1989-1990, 2-track recording 1989, and rough mix version of the "Mutilating Process" 7" are included.

Asphyx (NL)  "On the Wings of Inferno" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Century Media)
"Their fifth album (or sixth, counting the long-shelved ´Embrace the Death´ debut). Another fine Asphyx work of crushing, authoritative, pure death..."

Astrofaes (UA)  "Dying Emotions Domain" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2011-Negative Existence)
"Thick and heavy guitars and melodic keyboards effectively concoct black metal laced with progression and originality with the direct influence from the old sound. The debut album now available again remastered and presented as a luxurious digipack with new art."

Ataraxie (FR)  "Anhedonie" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Weird Thruth Productions-WT009)
"3 years after their 1st album released in 2005, they deliver us another masterpiece of doom/death! Mixture of emotional melodies and dark majestic riffs. Intense death metal riffs makes dynamism in their music."

Ataraxie (FR)  "L´ Etre et la Nausee" -DCD 14.50EUR
(2013-Weird Truth Prod.)
"3rd album of French doom/death. Solemn and majestic doomed riffs with perfectly controled feedback sounds. Intense death metal riffs with full of aggression. Carefully arranged clean parts. With the contrast of oppressive heaviness, intensity and tranquility, they deliver 5 epic of doomed death metal!"

Ataraxy (SP)  "Curse of the requiem mass" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Memento Mori)
"Six brand new tracks by this young band from Zaragoza (Spain).Expect some putrid and stenchy Death Metal in the purest tradition of bands such as Asphyx, Autopsy, early Morgoth or early Immolation, with a pinch of the Swedish/Finnish old school vibe."

Atavist (UK)  "II : Ruined" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Profound Lore-PFL-025)
"Divided into chapters, but works best as one long song, “II:Ruined” is a massive plunge through crawling and pounding vibes of distorted madness, bass-heavy frequencies, methodically played drums, and utterly painful virulent vocals, all filtered through pure unbridled atmosphere and ambience."

Atomic Aggressor (CL)  "Rise Of The Ancient Ones" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS026)
"Skin-gnawing, ancient RIFF-ORIENTED death/thrash! Previously bootlegged several years ago, this is an official release compiling this obsure cult Chilean bands demos from 1989-1991 plus previously unreleased bonus tracks!"

Atomizer (AU)  "Caustic" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"The bleakest, most powerful ATOMIZER offering, completely evolved and removed from the conjurations of any other thrash or black metal outputs of today."

Attacker (US)  "Soul Taker" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Iron Glory)
"Classic U.S. Metal act reformed in great style on this -04 album! Epic, classic METAL that will go down a storm among fans of MANILLA ROAD, BLACK KNIGHT, BROCAS HELM, MAIDEN etc."

Au Sacre des Nuits (BR)  "Anti-Humain" -cd 12.00EUR
"Experimental & suicidal Black Metal ambient."

Aura Noir (NO)  "The Merciless" -cd 12.00EUR
"The Merciless was the brutal 2004 masterpiece from Aura Noir, and the first release on Darkthrone´s Peaceville imprint, Tyrant Syndicate."

Autopsy (US)  "Acts of the Unspeakable" -digicd 12.00EUR

Autopsy (US)  "All Tomorrow´s Funerals" -cd 15.00EUR
"All Tomorrow´s Funerals, is the latest chapter in the history of the death metal legends. This monstrous release contains new studio tracks recorded late 2011 - including a re-recorded version of classic oldie ´Mauled to Death´ - plus all of Autopsy´s past EP´s & rarities, which have been specially remastered by the band themselves."

Autopsy (US)  "Awakened by Gore" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"This reissue of Autopsy’s legendary demos will be essential for every worshiper of the Bay Areas kings of scum-drenched Death Metal. These demos capture the vile and despicable nature of the band in its most primitive incarnations. In addition to the demo recordings, this release also contains rare and unreleased rehearsal and live recordings."

Autopsy (US)  "Mental Funeral" -cd 13.00EUR
Incl. a DVD.

Autopsy (US)  "Shitfun" -digicd 12.00EUR

Ave Maria (DE)  "Chapter I" -digicd 13.00EUR
Psyched-out Black Metal. Debut album.

Averse Sefira (US)  "Battle´s Clarion" -cd 12.00EUR
"Second album from these occult black metal practitioners. Originally released in 2001, it has been reissued by Candlelight U.S. in 2007"

Avulsed (SP)  "Nullo" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Xtreem Music)
"Long awaited 5th album of these Spanish masters of relentless Death Metal. They never sounded such heavy, brutal and intense! Easily the best album in the band´s career! 100% Death Metal, 100% Avulsed!"

Azaxul (DE)  "Horned Furies" -cd 12.50EUR
(***-2015-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Raw black metal. Features recordings from 2002, drums played by M.K. of Katharsis. 500 copies. Pro-CD with 8 page booklet + sticker. Contains an extra track, length about 47 min."

Azaxul (DE)  "The Fleshly Tomb" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2016-Misanthrophia Discos)
Black metal.

Azaxul (DE)  "The saints impaled" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2017-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Black metal. Old re-recorded and re-arranged Moonblood trax (that never made it on any studio session) + 2 new trax."

Azazel (FI)  "Jesus Perversions" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Werewolf Records)
"After twenty years of chaos and funeral coma, the debute album of Azazel is reality. True Finnish Black Metal unconnected with modern times."

Azazel/Goatmoon (FI)  "Split" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Werewolf Rec.)
"Azazel finally returns after fourteen years of coma, to curse all holyness, rape the virgins and crucify christ again, all in the name of total Satanic Black Metal. Goatmoon howls old songs re-invoked in the name of this morbid conspiracy, in the purest essence of a shameless Nordic Black Metal holocaust."

Azhubham Haani (SE)  "On A Snowy Winternight" -cd 10.00EUR
Black Metal.

Azrael (US)  "Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat" -DCD 14.00EUR
"Post-rock, prog, psychedelia, neo-folk, jazz-fusion, and of course black metal: Post-BM power-trio AZRAEL leave no stone unturned in their quest for the ultimate in forward-thinking, rule-breaking Black Art! These two brand-new albums display the boundless depth of the band’s vast vision."

Azrael (US)  "Into Shadows Act I: Denial" -cd 12.00EUR
"This haunting black metal act from the States offers a sound more in line with obscure Norwegian acts than the more typical style of US bands, sounding like a morbid mixture of Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety and Manes."

Azrael (US)  "into Shadows Act II: Through Horned Shadows Glimpse" -cd 12.00EUR
"Act II´s ominous tempos and textures challenge the conventional standards of music and speak a dialect of despair, 7 darkness draped shadows bolstered by vast epic expressionistic strings and wind swept acoustic guitars coalesce with ice cold riffs and contra bass confirming that even in the grip of winter the creative spirit does not lie dormant."

Azrael (US)  "Obdurate/Unto Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Moribund Records-DEAD118)
"This is where the madness began with Azrael. Long out of print and rare, both recordings are remastered and together for the first time, foully displaying the seeds of ther nightmarish visoin this band would soon master. Recommended for fans of Leviathan, Agalloch and Ulver."

Azrael Rising (FI)  "Anti-Gravity" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Primitive Reaction)
"Deep, spiritual, physical, psychotic, clear, cleansing, depraved, violent, melancholic, vengeful black metal."

Babylon Whores (FI)  "Death of the West" -cd 15.00EUR
Death Rock.

Bahimiron (US)  "Southern Nihilizm" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Moribund Records-DEAD117)
"Southern Nihilizm is a slash of sharp black metal and chaotic war metal with a southern flair, bringing out all that is violent about American culture."

Bain Wolfkind (AU)  "Music for Lovers and Gansters" -cd 15.00EUR
(***-Hau Ruck!-CDXBHR76)
"The perfect prosecution after the Love Letters 7" EP, finally the full length LP by Bain Wolfkind, Music for Lovers & Gangsters! Like a gentleman with a gun, like a lonely bastard, he sings his love for hate and hate for love. Infernal blues, dirty rock, sexual stoner, morbid dub."

Bain Wolfkind (AU)  "The Swamp Angel" -digicd 15.00EUR
(Hau Ruck!-HR!92)
"The Australian songwriter and DER BLUTHARSCH member returns with an album featuring 15 reverb drenched tales of love, loss, betrayal and revenge. The album is guitar driven and features a Motley Crew of guest musicians spanning a sound from Johhny Thunders style balads and rocking numbers to down tempo, psychedelic torch songs."

Bain Wolfkind (AU)  "Wasteland" -mcd 11.00EUR
(2007-Hau Ruck!)
"The music is steeped in noir-Americana, dripping in sleaze, inhabited by low-lifers, pimps, whores, mobmen and killers. Wolfkind´s sand and sawdust vocal recalls Tom Waits and Jim Foetus, while the music touches upon the aforementioned along with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Leather Nun and The Gun Club. It conjures up visions of dark alleyways, night-time streets populated with hazy neon bar room signs and strip joints."

Balance Interruption (UA)  "Era II: Deserts of Ashes" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Vengeful Attakkk)
"The second full-length of Ukrainian BALANCE INTERRUPTION presents post-apocalyptic, hopeless visions of mankind with their twisted, industrialized Black Metal. Recommended for fans of modern DÖDHEIMSGARD, MYSTICUM and TROLLHEIM´S GROTT!"

Baptism (FI)  "Evil Mysteries" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)

Baptism (FI)  "Gloria Tibi Satana" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Northern Heritage)
"Includes all the EP material; ”Black Ceremony” & split 7” EPs, bonus songs, and some rehearsal tapes from between years 2002-2009. Artwork contains pictures between hateful years of worship to illumination. Cover art is from our archives of sacred wisdom by J. Nefastos, made in 2002."

Baptism (FI)  "Morbid Wings of Sathanas" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2005-Northern Heritage)
Eliterian black metal.

Baptism (FI)  "Wisdom & Hate" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2014-Northern Heritage)
"Re-issue of classic Baptism release that was originally very limited mcd and lp. This version includes all material of vinyl version, making both formats equal in length."

Barathrum (FI)  "Infernal" -digipak 15.50EUR
(***-2014-Primitive Reaction)
"Third BARATHRUM album available again after 15 years of waiting. Jet black metal masterpiece."

Barathrum (FI)  "Jetblack Warmetal" -digipak cd 13.50EUR
(***-2014-Saturnal Records)
"Long lost and previously unreleased album of BARATHRUM recorded in the year 1993 even before the cult albums Hailstorm and Eerie served as debut full-lengths at the Barathrum’s career. Now, found from the archives and finally after 21 years it will be officially released. Includes classic Jetblack EP from 1997 as a bonus."

Barbatos (JP)  "Straight Metal War" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Helmed by Abigail mainman Yasuyuki, BARBATOS have become cult legends in the metal underground with their uniquely filthy ´n´ sleazy brand of blackened heavy metal/punk."

Bardoseneticcube & Igor V. Petrov (RU)  "The Perpetuum Mobile Space Vehicle" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2006-Mechanoise Labs-MN029)
"Collaborative material from Bardoseneticcube´s recording sessions with St. Petersburg-based saxophonist Igor V. Petrov. Definitely one of Bardoseneticcube´s most singular and musical works, with a mixture of irradiated electronics, hazy lunar jazz, sedated drones and urban soundscapes. Artwork by STPo."

Baroness (US)  "The Red Album" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Relapse Records-RR-6721)
"The band has always had a knack for prog-like arrangements, and here they explore them more fully. There´s an epic quality to the songs, with riffs that twist and turn yet manage to hit the right notes at the right times."

Barrow Wight (CA)  "Kings in Saurons Service" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Heavy Chain Records)
"From their humble beginnings as a Venom cover band, Barrow Wight have forged a truly unique, and extremely heavy sound that takes it’s cues from the aforementioned metal tyrants, as well as seamlessly incorporating the razor edge of Amebix and Bauhaus, and the the epic psychedelic wanderings of Hawkwind."

Barshasketh (NZ)  "Ophidian Henosis" -cd 12.00EUR
(2015-Blut & Eisen)
"Barshasketh have a sound that resonates with the stripped-bare, nightsky purity of second-wave black metal, from the ancient days when black metal was truly a cult for criminals and die-hards. For however committed to purist black metal BARSHASKETH may be, their journey across Ophidian Henosis is a multi-hued one, recalling the early days of Sacramentum, Kvist, Setherial, and Isvind among others."

Barshasketh (NZ)  "Sitra Achra" -digicd 12.00EUR
"Sitra Achra is the other side. Sitra D’Kedushah’s mirror negative. The ecumenical embrace of impurity and unholiness. Barshasketh’s second album embraces and is immersed in negativity, nihilism, chaos and alienation from humanity."

Bathory (SE)  "Blood on Ice" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-1996-Black Mark-BMCD666-12)

Bathory (SE)  "Blood, Fire, Death" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-1988-Black Mark-BMCD666-4)

Bathory (SE)  "In Memory of Quorthon vol. I" -cd 10.00EUR
(Black Mark-BMCD66623)

Bathory (SE)  "Nordland" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2002-Black Mark-BMCD666-18)

Bathory (SE)  "Nordland II" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2003-Black Mark-BMCD666-20)

Bathory (SE)  "Requiem" -cd 12.00EUR
(1994-Black Mark-BMCD666-10)

Bathory (SE)  "S/T" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-1984-Black Mark-BMCD666-1)

Bathory (SE)  "Under the Sign of Black Mark" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-1987-Black Mark-BMCD666-3)

Battle Dagorath (US)  "Eternal Throne" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Cold Dimensions-DIMENSION014)
"Black Metal. An Opus of Cold Bleak Atmospheres and Intense Glorification of Darkness. The Chilling debut release from this Tolkien inspired horde induces a deathmarch through Cosmic Frozen Landscapes."

Bauda (CL)  "…Oniirica" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Pest Productions-PEST028)
"The debut full-length album from the Chilean Avantgarde Folkish Black Metal act BAUDA. The acoustic passages interlaced with the enchanting sound walls come with fairly exquisite and warm emotions of melancholy painted with wafting and ethereal atmosphere, reflecting the dreamlike inner light to the nines."

Baxter Stockman (FI)  "Punter" -cd 12.00EUR
"Baxter Stockman attacks with a mundane rage, toppling over it’s prey. RAPEMAN at their meanest, SWANS having cramps, G.G. ALLIN’s forgotten grave. This is not art for art’s sake, this is simply rock’n’roll as envisioned by Baxter Stockman."

Beastmilk (FI)  "Climax" -cd 13.50EUR
"Highly anticipated debut album poignantly combines haunting clean vocals, darkly shimmering melodies, and a throbbing rhythmic pulse to create an atmospheric yet energetic journey into post-punk´s past, present, and definitely its future."

Bedemon (US)  "Symphony of Shadows" -cd 10.00EUR
"Nine bone-crushingly heavy slices of pure 70s-flavored doom metal."

Before God (US)  "Under the Blood Banner" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2000-BFG Prod.)
"Second cd of the american death metal gods, 10 songs in the same style like the first masterpiece."

Begrime Exemious (CA)  "Impending Funeral of Man" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Dark Descent Records)
"Bestial death metal from this seasoned Canadian outfit. "Impending Funeral of Man" is Begrime Exemious´ debut full-length and includes nine tracks and 45 minutes of madness."

Beherit (FI)  "At the Devil´s Studio" -cd 15.00EUR
"This is an official BEHERIT debut album, recorded back in 1990 in Ala Ky Studio, Rovaniemi. Because of the problems with Turbo Music album never seen the darkness of the night and the master tape lost 20 for years. Sodomatic Slaughter found the master tape from his personal collection in 2010 and band started to prepare it for releasing."

Beherit (FI)  "Beast of Beherit - Complete Workxxx" -cd 12.00EUR
Compilation with old and rare tracks, cover and live tracks.

Beherit (FI)  "The Oath of Black Blood" -cd 13.50EUR
(***-2005-Season of Mist)

Beherit/Archgoat (FI)  "Split" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2004-Info Black-IS23)
"Beherit "Messe des morts" + Archgoat "Angelcunt (tales of desecration)" on one cd."

Behexen (FIN)  "By the Blessing of Satan" -cd 12.00EUR

Behexen (FI)  "From the Devil´s Chalice" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Woodcut Records)

Bekhira (FR)  "Demo 1996" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-Darker Than Black)
"Elite Black Metal horde from France returns with a vengeance! For those who worship the Cult like it was meant to be."

Belial (FI)  "Never Again" -cd 12.00EUR
"One of the greatest masterpieces in death metal-history. Made in 1993, feat. members of IMPALED NAZARENE. No additional stuff or needless gimmicks at all - just the fucking raw reappearance of a true Death Metal-highlight!"

Belial (FI)  "Wisdom of Darkness" -cd 12.00EUR
"After 17 long years of patient waiting finally the vinyl-version of BELIAL s all-time-classic "Wisdom Of Darkness" is available. Including a big bunch of unreleased live-material as exclusive bonus! Featuring Impaled Nazarene members."

Beneath (IS)  "Hollow Empty Void" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Mordbrann Music)
"Beneath hail from Iceland, playing calculating, apocalyptic death metal. Despite being a new band the members of Beneath have years of experience. Their debut EP, "Hollow Empty Void" will showcase the sound that has taken Iceland by storm to the rest of the world."

Beneath The Frozen Soil/Negative Reaction  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Total Rust Records-TRUST007)
"This split presents a bitter and unforgiving struggle between the raw blackened Doom Metal of Swedish Doomsters Beneath The Frozen Soil, and the well-known hateful Sludge of New York´s gods, Negative Reaction."

Benighted in Sodom (US)  "Benighted in Sodom" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Depressive, raw Black Metal reminiscent of AZRAEL´s ´Obdurate´ MCD and XASTHUR, by the entity hight Thorns, also known for his experimental Doom project, MIDWINTER STORM."

Besatt (PO)  "Czarci Majestat" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Seven Gates of Hell)
"Satanic Black Metal. Crushing crosses demo from 1996 of mighty Besatt. Second edition, limited to 200 copies only..."

Besatt (PO)  "In Nomine Satanas" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Seven Gates of Hell)
"Satanic Black Metal. Debut album [recorded in 1997] of mighty Besatt. Second edition, limited to 200 copies only..."

Bestia Arcana (US)  "To Anabainon Ek Tes Abyssu" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Daemon Worship)
"The Foul Hymns of the Adversary are ready to be unleashed! Dissonant and chaotic Black Metal merged with suffocating Dark Ambient landscapes."

Bestial Mockery (SE)  "Chainsaw Destruction" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Terranis Productions-TP-011)
Compilation of live and unreleased tracks. CD limited to 1000 copies.

Bestial Mockery (SE)  "Slaying the Life" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Season of Mist-SUA001)
"Fourth full-length album from these desecrating, devastating Swedish chainsaw-killers. Noisy black/thrash metal of the sickest kind!"

Bestial Mockery/Destruktor  "Metal of Death" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS012)
"Forged in the sulphur fires of Hades. Cursed in the temple down there. Spoken of in the witches sinful song. Foreseen in all the omens of Doom. Feared even by the catacomb dwellers. BESTIAL MOCKERY and DESTRUKTOR brings you the gut-ripping shard broken of the Reaper´s scythe that is the Metal of Death!"

Bestial Warlust (AU)  "Blood & Valour" -digipak 14.00EUR
(***-2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
Deluxe fold-out digipak.

Bestial Warlust (AU)  "Storming Bestial Legions Live ´96" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Hell´s Headbangers)
""Storming Bestial Legions LIVE ´96" captures these Australian extreme metal pioneers at the height of their powers, not long after their classic second album, "Blood & Valour," was released. As such, the setlist BESTIAL WARLUST storm through here encompasses that album as well as their pivotal debut album, "Vengeance War ´till Death""

Bestial Warlust (AU)  "Vengeance War ´till Death" -digipak 14.00EUR
(***-2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
Deluxe fold-out digipak.

Bethlehem (DE)  "A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog´s Ear" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Katastrophy Records)
"German Dark Metal re-make featuring Kvarforth from SHINING on shrieks and howls. These characteristic, unique and groundbreaking BETHLEHEM tracks (from the S.U.i.Z.i.D. sessions of ´97-´98) have been re-manipulated, re-mixed and re-murdered with new disturbed dialogues in English!"

Bethlehem (DE)  "Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt" -cd 10.00EUR
(2001-Prophecy Productions-PRO041)
"Schatten aus der Alexander Welt is a completely unique and captivating album with seven brand new Bethlehem tracks, an unusual S.U.i.Z.i.D. cover version, as well as monologues over industrial/mechanical atmospheres. The music is a permutation of all Bethlehem albums and well-known mainstream styles, which marks a new epoch for a rare new musical genre."

Bethlehem (DE)  "Stoenkfitzchen" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2010-Red Stream)
"An inspired, distinctive, characteristic product that really sounds like nothing else out there. A long-established mixing of Dark/Black Metal having a not quite ´industrial metal´ feel including many current moments with morose atmosphere."

Beyond (DE)  "Fatal Power of Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Necroshrine Records)
"An insanity-driven trip to the darkest depths of your mental abyss, a nail in DEATH METAL´s rusty coffin."

Beyond Hell (US)  "The Sleeper Awakens" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Dark Descent Records)
"In all, 13 tracks and 40+ minutes of face melting death metal."

Bhleg (SE)  "Draumr Ást" -cd 12.50EUR
"Hailing from Gothenburg, BHLEG chose not to walk the path laid down by their neighbouring elders but instead they stay true to the vein once heralded by early ULVER and BURZUM but with their own blend of unique style added to this particular strain of black metal."

Bilskirnir (DE)  "Hyperborea" -mcd 7.00EUR
(2009-Ancient Nation)
Well-known German black metal.

Bizarre Uproar (FI)  "Perverse Bizarre Humiliation" -cd 12.00EUR
(Freak Animal)
"2013 album of Bizarre Uproar on CD. Most musical and disturbing BU album so far. Minimalistic elements of reverb drenched drums. pulverizing bass and painful repetition of sleazy noises. Sludgy and dark sound escapes from limits of harsh noise or power electronics, but continues same suffocating and violent aura of Bizarre Uproar."

Black Angel (PE)  "Demos" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Witchcraft Records)
"Early demo tapes in one CD. Oldest Peruvian black cult."

Black Boned Angel (NZ)  "The Endless Coming Into Life" -digicd 13.00EUR
"This work is perhaps Kneale’s most obvious combination of the extreme minimalism of his ambient tendencies and the extreme maximalism of his forays into the center of the subterranean metal guitar riff. Consisting of a sole one-hour track, The Endless Coming Into Life sits comfortably alongside the darker end of Kneale’s ever-growing catalog of work dedicated to finding the light (or dark) source of the universal drone."

Black Cilice (PT)  "Summoning the Night" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Hidden Marly Prod.)
"Raw Black Metal. A dark journey to the depths of the night, to invoke chaos and evil." Japanese edition.

Black Cobra (US)  "Chronomega" -cd 17.00EUR
(2009-Southern Lord)
"No longer just another blunt object, Black Cobra’s music is now a razor-sharp weapon and a true force to be reckoned with. Their sound is a crushing mix of High On Fire-tinged bulldozer metal and Buzzov*en’s Southern-fried sludge, with a heaping dash of Melvins-style heaviosity. Chronomega is a raging slab of pure, unadulterated heaviness!"

Black Crucifixion (FI)  "The Fallen One of Flames" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2005-Paragon Records)
"The legendary demo by the pioneers of black metal. Originally released as a demo tape (1992) by the band."

Black Draugwath (RU)  "The true bottomless armageddon" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Heidens Hart)
"Alternate version of album later released under Blackdeath name, unreleased first version. The hardest to find album in the whole Blackdeath discography and probably also the rawest and harshest."

Black Feast/Impurity  "Split" -cd 13.00EUR
"A split release between two bestial black metal bands. Brazil´s Impurity present some of their earliest material and Finland´s Black Feast bring violent new recordings to light."

Black Flame (IT)  "Conquering Purity" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Worship Him Records-WORSHIP005)
"8 Tracks forming a Concept Album regarding the misteries and the boudaries of Death. Everything is presented through a violent and merciless Black Death metal, which reflects the Satanic and Violent aura expressed by the lyrics. The Track "Totalitarian Satanic Monolith" has been written by Peter K. from Abigor / Hellbound / St.Lucifer."

Black Funeral (US)  "Vampyr - Throne Of The Beast" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2005-Drakkar Productions-DKCD037)
"Grim Vampyric Black Metal. Digi version includes exclusive bonus tracks recorded late 2004."

Black Grail (CL)  "Misticismo regresivo" -cd 13.00EUR
"A phantasmagoric allegory reflecting the premises of a philosophic-spiritual perspective that you should discover. Miraculous and terrible, captivating and violent, brilliantly dark and sad debut album. Embarking an atmosphere which turns explosive before becoming ethereal, finally fading away just to be experienced again." Recommended!

Black Magick SS (AU)  "Kaleidoscope Dreams" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2017-Infinite Wisdom)

Black Priest of Satan  "Element of Destruction" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
"6 tracks of satanic black/doom metal."

Black Prophecies (IT)  "Descent into Hell" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Terror From Hell)
"Italian cult Black Grind Metal with rare demos and unreleased tracks recorded between 88 to 91."

Black Pyramid (US)  "Adversarial" -digipak 11.00EUR
"Doom Metal. Adversarial is the first with guitarist/vocalist Darryl Shephard, who replaced original frontman Andy Beresky following a strange set of circumstances. Where many bands wither and die after losing a crucial member, Black Pyramid has survived by altering their sound just enough to differentiate it from their old material, but without forgetting what made the band special in the first place."

Black Pyramid (US)  "Stormbringer+4" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Hydro Phonic)
"Black Pyramid´s second CD collects all the out-of-print and hard to find vinyl only tracks. Stormbringer and Cloud of Unknowing (from the Die Cut 8"), Illumination and Warswine (from the Old One Split) Macedonia (from the S/T LP) and Caravan (from the original s/t 7"). 6 Tracks, 50 mins of DOOM!"

Black Stench (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2009-Tour De Garde)
Raw Black Metal. First full length album.

Black Sun Productions  "Astral Walk" -cd 10.00EUR
(2004-Final Muzik-FM01)
"The soundtrack to an live performance of this darkambient project. CD is limited to 1000 copies. "

Black Vomit (UK)  "Jungle Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Rusty Axe Records-AXE042)
"Black Vomit’s ‘Jungle Death’ is a psychedelic miasma that mixes together so many genres it almost belies description. From the very start the band makes its style evident: words such as ‘black metal’, ‘experimental’ and ‘music’ lose their meaning immediately."

Blackdeath (RU)  "Chronicles of Hellish Circles" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hammer of Damnation)
"One of the oldest Russian Black Metal hordes, known in the mid 90´s as DRAUGWATH and later as BLACK DRAUGWATH. This album is a compilation featuring songs from their vinyl releases as LP bonus and split 7"EPs with HORNA and BLOODHAMMER."

Blackdeath (RU)  "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" -cd 10.00EUR
(2002-Info Black)
Raw black metal.

Blackdeath (RU)  "Katharsis" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Hospital Prod.)
"Violent, angular, and twisting original black metal with disturbing clear voices from the 666 dimension."

Blackdeath (RU)  "Phobos" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Heidens Hart)
"Over the years, their music evolved and new album ´Phobos´ is more or less a continuation of the style on ´Katharsis´. For almost 20 years, Blackdeath remains to carry the banner of true black metal and stays a typical love it or hate band - only for the devoted. "

Blackdeath (RU)  "Totentanz" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Heidens Hart/Hammer of Damnation)
"Raw black metal. Compilation of the two "Totentanz" splits with Leviathan and Mortifera."

Blackdeath/Leviathan  "Split" -cd 10.00EUR
(2005-Info Black-IS30)
"Russian Blackdeath meets US Leviathan in a dark apocalyptic journey. New unreleased tracks from both bands."

Blacklodge (FR)  "MachinatioN" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2012-Season of Mist)

Blackwar (BR)  "Winter Sorrow" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hammer of Damnation)
"More than 1 hour of Cold Unholy Black Metal. Definitely this is the brazilian answer to early SATYRICON and BURZUM albums with deepest cold spirit. "Winter Sorrow" is a musical journey back to the glorious early 90´s era... Features "As the Darkness Prevails" demo 1998 as bonus."

Blackwinged (RU)  "Soul Deconstruction" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Hate)
"BLACKWINGED´s debut mini-album celebrate the fall of a man in ever-expanding flames of Hell. Carefully bred in the shadows traditionalist yet genuine Black Metal leading through audial darkness to where no light is but the one of Lucifer. Raw yet powerful Black Metal expression executed in 4 hymns!"

Blasphemophagher (IT)  "The III Command of the Absolute Chaos" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"As with their previous efforts, the production and songwriting continue to improve with every release. Blasphemophagher create prayers to the ubiquitous nuclear temples being erected around us ushering in the death of the old gods."

Blasphemous Crucifixion (US)  "Crude Burial" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Rusty Axe Records-AXE043)
"Blasphemous Crucifixion "Crude Burial" CD - Fourteen tracks of incredibly crude and unhinged black metal. Blackened Voivod-esque riffing accompanied by frantic drums and even more frantic shrieks and moans. Everything is soaked in a thick sludge which creates an intense and very caustic atmosphere. Limited to 500."

Blasphemy (US)  "Gods of War + Blood Upon the Altar" -digi 13.00EUR
(***-1993-Osmose Productions)
Ross Bay Cult Eternal.

Blessed in Sin/Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis (FR)  "Tu Fui Ego Eris" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Obscure Abhorrence)
French Black Metal.

Blood of the Black Owl (US)  "A Banishing Ritual" -digicd 13.00EUR
"With the union of crippling doom and more ambient segments of travel meant to reach the gods, B.o.t.B.O. will once again amaze and enchant with conviction and a pure heart to cleanse ones inner demons with focused and inspired ritualistic sounds. Featuring one long track, this massive creation has been guaranteed to be nothing like anything anyone has ever heard before."

Blood Red Fog (FI)  "Death Cult" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Those Opposed Records)
"Death Cult EPs explore the eternal empire of majesty death both within and without. Raw, cold and melancholic black metal executed in the finest northern tradition."

Blood Red Fog (FI)  "Harvest" -cd 11.00EUR
(2012-Saturnian Prod.)
"The long-anticipated second full-length of Blood Red Fog has been finally released after many hindrances along the way. What´s been offered here, is melancholic black metal almost in the romantic sense of the word: The Scythe completes the transition from life unto death, inevitably."

Blood Red Fog (FI)  "On Death´s Wings" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Saturnal Records)
"Blood Red Fog´s third full-length album offers a solid crystallization of the band´s ten year career and the vision of the woeful and melancholic Finnish black metal."

Blood Red Fog (FI)  "Radiating Desolation" -mcd 8.00EUR
Almost 30 minutes long EP. More straight-forward, stripped-down and rawer release than the debut album. Simply raw Black Metal. Nothing more, nothing less. Includes one bonus track.

Blood Red Fog/Funerary Bell (FI)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence)
Raw Finnish Black Metal.

Blood Stronghold (AU)  "From Sepulchral Remains..." -cd 11.00EUR
(2014-Witches Sabbat)
"8 nocturnal hymns of medieval Black Metal for those with the darkness of war in heart! Adrift to a higher plane of atmosphere than their previous strikes, ´From Sepulchral Remains...´ is the black dagger of night, The great darkness, Ever-creeping..."

Blood Stronghold (AU)  "The March of Apparitions" -mcd 7.00EUR
(2015-Witches Sabbat)
Black metal.

Bloodhammer (FI)  "Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage-NH-029)
"Extreme old school thrashing black metal. Stronger filthy sound and production." Highly recommended!

Bloodhammer (FI)  "Ancient Kings" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"Re-issue of long sold out debut assault of Bloodhammer! Recordings date back to ´90s and this was published as 10" on Bestial Burst and accompanied with 4 bonus tracks."

Bloodhammer (FI)  "Monastery of Thousand Blackened Lusts" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2010-Northern Heritage)
"Originally 7” on NH back in 1999. Now combined with one extra track of same sessions from NH-006 box set. On this release Bloodhammer offer their most uncivilized and darkest moments of old school black metal blasphemy. If you didn’t buy the 7”, be sure the get this!" Recommended!

Bloodhammer (FI)  "Passion of the Devil" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2005-Breath of Pestilence/Hammer of Hate-BOP017)
"Breath of Pestilence in co-operation with Hammer of Hate unleashes the new strike from Bloodhammer. 5 new tracks of crushing Black Metal!"

Bloodhammer (FI)  "Post-Apocalypse Trilogy" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Primitive Reaction-PR003)
"New full-lenght studio album contains 10 tracks and 35minutes of extremely dirty, frantic and raw black metal with old school influences and trashing vibes."

Bloodhammer/Black Beast (FI)  "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union" -cd 10.00EUR
(2006-Primitive Reaction-PR001)
"Two unholy finnish black metal hordes gathered their blasphemous rituals on this album. Expect primitive nordic black metal with old school influences and insane guitar solos."

Bloodhammer/Incriminated (FI)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2001-Bestial Burst-BEBU-001)
"2012 re-release of the first Bestial Burst release from 2001 (LP was released by Northern Heritage). Raw and filthy, old school Black Metal."

Bloodoline (SP)  "Storm & Brilliance" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Panik Terror Musik-KOMMAND001)
"Traditional Black metal blended with new sounds and disharmonic estructures. Comparable to Zyklon-B, Voivod and Dodheimsgard."

Bloodshed (SE)  "Skullcrusher" -mcd 8.00EUR
"Skullcrushing Swedish Black/Death Metal. Recorded at mighty Sunlight Studio. 6 panel Digipack-CD with booklet."

Bloodthorn (NO)  "Genocide" -cd 9.00EUR
"Tightly packed with unison riffs and a hyperspeed rhythm section, Genocide is at heart fairly textbook death metal, but it´s done with evident skill."

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (US)  "Crows Eat the Eyes from the Leviathans Carcass" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2010-Release the Bats)
"Blackened mayhem from Seattle´s Blue Sabbath Black Cheer. The sound of BSBC is dark and heavy, violently bleak horror-noise: a demon network of scraping nails. ´Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass´ is a collection of several older, long out of print cuts and included is also two unreleased tracks."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "777 - Cosmosophy" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2012-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"Devastatingly restrained, the climactic movement in the monumental "777" trilogy represents the culmination of a rapturous evolutionary process. Arguably BLUT AUS NORD´s most-daring venture yet, the third and final chapter represents both the beginning and the end." Pre-order, release date: September 21st 2012.

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "777 - Sect(s)" -digicd 12.50EUR
(***-2011-Debemur Morti)
"Hypnotic guitars, discomforting beats and alienating voices clash with the ferocity of aural tectonic plates to produce horrific Black Metal decadence for an anonymous, lost, irrelevant generation."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "777 - The Desanctification" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2011-Debemur Morti)
"Unmistakably BLUT AUS NORD, "777 - The Desanctification" is typically swarming, manic and cascading but also more ambient and atmospheric than "777 - Sect(s)". With speed and violence eschewed in favour of morose moods and unsettling soundscapes, this journey is meditative, trancelike and intriguing."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "MoRT" -cd 12.00EUR

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion" -DCD 15.00EUR
(***-2010-Debemur Morti Productions)
"Considered by many to be the band´s greatest work, BLUT AUS NORD´s "The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion" marked a crucial transition from the French enigma´s Black Metal genesis toward a discordant, forward-thinking future. Now buttressed by an entire bonus CD/LP´s worth of new material, BLUT AUS NORD´s "The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion" has become an even taller monolith of obsidian dread."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "The Work Which Transforms God" -digicd 13.50EUR
(2013-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"A trailblazing album widely regarded as a cult classic, Blut Aus Nord’s epiphany distils the sound of urban decay into a loose Black Metal template to conjure a unique and refreshing identity; individualistic, groundbreaking, abstract and altogether different."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "What Once Was... Liber I" -digicd 13.50EUR
(***-2013-Debemur Morti)
"With a cheeky sidestep - nodding appreciatively in the direction of old school Death Metal whilst maintaining BLUT AUS NORD’s own trademark take on Black Metal - the French mavericks bare a previously-undisclosed visage."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "What Once Was... Liber III" -digicd 13.50EUR
(***-2013-Debemur Morti)
"Third chapter from the series of underground recordings released parallel to the band´s main body of work."

Bonesaw/Abscess  "Split" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Aphelion Productions)
"All new studio material from both bands. Abscess, featuring ex members of Autopsy, Von etc., their tracks here present a more down and dirty approach than much of their recent output as they Skulldoze their way through four tracks. Bonesaw play old school DM the way it should be while still throwing enough fresh ideas into the mix to keep thing´s interesting. "

Bonesaw/Haemophagus  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
"Sicko alliance of Scotland and Italy´s finest dealers in old school death and destruction. All new material from both bands."

Bong (UK)  "S/T" -cd 11.00EUR
(Ritual Prod.)
"Their 2009 self-titled album was originally released on vinyl with just two edited album tracks. This revitalised collection will remind people of Bong’s beginnings, when their early meditative hymns were committed to wax. The bonus track is a rare treat too, witness Bong at their darkest, most mournful and most psychedelic."

Bongripper (US)  "Satan Worshipping Doom" -digicd 10.00EUR
(2012-Great Barrier Records)
"Chicago’s Bongripper return with their sixth release entitled Satan Worshipping Doom. Four tracks clocking slightly under 60 minutes of life-destroying monolithic doom. One of the most enjoyable & heavy pieces of instrumental doom/sludge in a long time. Limited to 400 copies." Recommended!

Bongzilla (US)  "Contamination Festival 2003" -cd 13.00EUR
(2004-Regain Records-RR1002)
"Bongzilla´s complete set from the Relapse Contamination Festival. Most of the tracks move at the speed of decomposition, at a speed tailor made for slow head banging (head nodding, really). But rather than play it simple and repetitive, Bongzilla pad their compositions with different lumbering, pounding riffs."

Bordel Militaire (AU)  "S/T" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Take 2 parts of 50′s lounge, one part Morricone, one part power-electronica, one part neo-loungecore, a twist of exotica and a dash of bitters. Shake well and serve with an afterthought of reverb! Bordel Militaires self-titled debut draws inspiration from classic film soundtracks, lounge and exotica artists, and iconic 60’s production techniques. Featuring contributions from Boyd Rice and John Murphy, among others."

Borgne (CH)  "IV" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Sepulchral Productions-SP013)
"Borgne plays cold, mechanical and inhumane Industrial/Black Metal, as martial as it is hypnotic. Do not expect any lame techno beats here, only blistering Black Metal done in a more “synthetic” way, with a dense, suffocating sound and some dark ambient passages. IV is a methodical, controlled, and surgical assault on your senses."

Boris (JP)  "Smile" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Southern Lord-SUNN92)
"The group plays deeply intense blistering psychedelia with mammoth hooks and truly innovative song-writing on this studio album. Smile is a reinvention of dark heaviness. Smile presents a new sound from Boris which represents everything that is RIGHT NOW."

Born of Sin (SE)  "Let it Begin" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2006-Unexploded Records)
"Traditional Swedish death metal with some black influences."

Bosse-de-Nage (US)  "II" -cd 12.00EUR
"This album features a HUGE sound along with the Louisville-styled post rock (think Slint not Godspeed) and black metal weirdness that made Bosse-de-Nage’s debut a divisive genre defying classic. This is black metal but black metal, but black metal tinged with 20th century minimalism and outlandish vocals."

Bound for Glory (US)  "Death and Defiance" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-PC Records)
New album.

Bound for Glory (US)  "When the Hammer Falls" -cd 10.00EUR
(1991-BFG Prod.)
Pro pressed cd-r even though the band sells the record as a real CD.

Branstock (DE)  "S/T" -cd 8.00EUR
(2006-Raging Bloodlust Records)
NSBM. Compilation of tracks from different split releases + three bonus tracks exclusive to this mcd.

Brethren (US)  "Alienated & Radicalized" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2012-Freak Animal)
"One of the most anticipated albums of American power electronics/harsh industrial! A solid 40-minute album with song after song of memorable and striking assaults. Each track consists of carefully constructed noise loops, rhythms, throbbing synthesizers, spoken word samples and trademark, aggressive vocals. Well-structured and song-like assaults make each individual song stand strong."

Brobdingnagian  "TortureStainedDisaster" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Rusty Axe Records)
"Possibly their most demented effort yet, Brobdingnagian´s new MCD "TortureStainedDisaster" is an insidious crawl through four loathsome tracks of the most nauseating order. Be it vile, pain-fuelled Black Metal or pensive experimentation with the sounds of the bleating masses, each song is guaranteed to bring a new kind mind-tearing agony to the listener."

Bunkur (NL)  "Bludgeon" -cd 10.00EUR
(Nuclear War Now!)
"One mammoth 65 minute song of torturous ultra-doom. Originally planned to be released throught the notorious Selbstmord Services. Now extended and enhanced version of the 2002 Bludgeon. The basis here lies in the combination of authentic Doom with black metal spiced over by hints of Laibach, Carnivore and Autopsy."

Bunkur (NL)  "Nullify" -cd 12.00EUR
"And now the mammoth once more hasarisen from it´s frozen thundra to crush,kill and destroy all weak doom; exploringand crossing the boundaries of the heritageonce abandoned by the mighty Black Sabbath, Hellhammer, Winter, Autopsy, Abruptum and Burzum offering the most punishing Doom ever: bleak, vast and ultra-heavy!"

Burden (DE)  "A Hole In The Shell" -digicd 13.00EUR
"BURDEN create their unique mixture of Rock, Metal, Stoner and Doom. Debut album."

Burial Hordes (GR)  "12 Years of War and Revenge" -cd 10.00EUR
(2012-Those Opposed Records)
"Brutal black metal with a death-oozing aura performed the old school way. 12 years anniversary compilation."

Burzum (NO)  "Belus" -cd 16.00EUR
(***-2010-Byelobog Productions)

Burzum (NO)  "Burzum/Aske" -cd 14.00EUR

Burzum (NO)  "Det Som Engang Var" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-1993-Byelobog Prod.)

Burzum (NO)  "Fallen" -digicd 15.00EUR

Burzum (NO)  "From the Depths of Darkness" -cd 13.50EUR
(2011-Byelobog Prod.)

Burzum (NO)  "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss" -cd 14.00EUR

Burzum (NO)  "Umskiptar" -digibook 18.00EUR
(***-2012-Byelobog Prod.)

Bustum (PO)  "The Return of Hate" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Darker Than Black-DTB032)
"Six tracks in the best tradition of the notorious Temple of Fullmoon -bands. Feat. Necro (Ohtar/Selbstmord) on vocals. Active in the Black Metal -underground since 1992, finally delivering their debut album."

Cacodaemon (FI)  "Tales of Demoncy" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Kaos Propaganda Productions-KAO002)
"Cacodaemon´s 2nd full-length album. Ancient Death Metal with obscure feeling, which is going to reap your soul apart."

Caïna (UK)  "Mourner" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Profound Lore-PFL-026)
"By combining the likes of raw black metal, atmospheric drone, post-rock, and neo-folk, “Mourner” is an otherworldly jaunt that carries the listener to unknown sonic realms that go much beyond the standard paradigm of what constitutes as merely unique or avant-garde."

Caïna (UK)  "S/T" -digimcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Bubonic Productions-BBP010)
"Featuring 4 songs (27 minutes) on pro-digipak, this is the heaviest sounding and most oppressive Caïna release since the early demos."

Caïna (UK)  "Will Over Worlds" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Legion Blotan)
"Reissue of the first releases from English Black Metal Monolith; Caïna. Featuring the full "When We Are Grown, We Will Be Strong", "The Cold Taste of Perdition" and "The King Beneath" demo´s for the first time on CD as well as unreleased tracks from a split that never saw the light of day."

Caïna/White Medal (UK)  "Split" -cd 8.00EUR
(2011-Legion Blotan)
"Two brand new tracks of dedicated Black Metal from England. The last ever recorded work of Caina. First CD release for White Medal."

Candlemass (SE)  "Ancient Dreams" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2001-Powerline Records-PLRCD004)
"Remastered version of the doom classic. With bonus cd including video and previously unreleased live tracks."

Candlemass (SE)  "Death Magic Doom" -cd+dvd 16.00EUR
(Nuclear Blast)
"The doom gods return with their 10th album, and second with Robert Lowe on vocals. Just 100% epic doom metal Candlemass-style! Includes a bonus track."

Candlemass (SE)  "Tales of Creation" -DCD 15.00EUR
"Excellent reissue of Candlemass´ fourth album, originally released in 1989. Features a 2nd CD filled with bonus tracks, including the fascinating 1985 demos for the original ´Tales Of Creation´ concept album, which was shelved in favor of the band´s ´Epicus Doomicus Metallicus´ debut material."

Cannibal Corpse (US)  "Bloodthirst" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-1999-Metal Blade)

Cannibal Corpse (US)  "The Bleeding" -digipak 10.00EUR
(***-1994-Metal Blade)

Cantique Lépreux (CA)  "Cendres Célestes" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
"Inspired by the wilderness of Québec, the Occult, death, and fear, Cantique Lépreux creates music that is at times grim, at other times melancholic; a work born of passion, paying homage to the legends of Black Metal."

Capitis Damnare (DE)  "Ex Regnum Spiritus In Manifestus" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Sadolust Records-LUSTCD15)
"CAPITIS DAMNARE’s second full-length “EX REGNUM SPIRITUS IN MANIFESTUS". 8 tracks of unusual Black/Death Metal! A total mass dealing with necromantical, demonolatric powers and the proclamation of total satanic supremacy."

Castle (US)  "Under Siege" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Castle play heavy metal the old way, but they do it with a modern sensibility that allows them to combine many different styles of this venerated form of music into one distinct sound. You will hear traces of doom, trad metal, and even some prog tendencies in the way the songs are written."

Catacombs (US)  "Echoes Through The Catacombs" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Solitude Productions-SP014)
"Re-release of EP of a cult project leaded by Xathagorra Mlandroth (Hierophant). This mini-album has previously been released on a CD-R only, limited to 500 copies and managed to become a rarity among funeral-doom fans."

Cauldron Black Ram (AU)  "Slubberdegullion" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Weird Truth Prod.)
"Aussie pirates strike again! 6 years after their first assault "Skulduggery", Southern death metal pirates start to conquer the world now! Sailing into the sea with fast 2 beat, then destroy the sides of victim´s ship with heavy middle tempo 2 beat. Old school death metal for dirty long-haired death metal pirates!"

Cauldron Black Ram (AU)  "The Poisoner Maxi EP" -mcd 8.50EUR
(2012-Abysmal Sounds)
""The Poisoner Maxi-EP" will burst open your stereo speakers, stride into your room and molest indiscriminately, bent on the simultaneous pleasure and pain of all in earshot. Olden schooled classic Australian DeatHeavy Metal since 1996."

Celestia (FR)  "A Cave Full of Bats" -cd 12.00EUR
Necromelancholic ethereal Black Metal.

Celestia (FR)  "Retrospectra" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Apparitia Recordings-ARCD004)
"This is a retrospective of Celestia´s musical past with remastered sound. Includes "A Cave Full of Bats" mcd, "The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancee" & "A Dying Out of Ecstacy" demos and more. Slipcase cd & 16 page booklet."

Celestial Bloodshed (NO)  "Omega" -cd 14.00EUR
(2013-Terratur Possessions)
"The closing of a chapter. 13 years after its formation Celestial Bloodshed is releasing their final opus. This is the final breath of a cursed assembly which have stood their ground and never strained from their path which have taken them deeper and further into the unknown than was ever expected."

Cemetery Urn (AU)  "The Conquered Are Burned" -cd 14.00EUR
(2010-Modern Invasion)
"Australia-based death metallers CEMETERY URN (ex-members of Legendary Evil Legend BESTIAL WARLUST + ABOMINATOR) have released their 2nd full length album. This fresh new installment of brutality continues the bands self proclaimed style of "AUSTRALIAN BARBARIC DEATH METAL"."

Centinex (SE)  "Subconscious Lobotomy" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Memento Mori)
"Official re-release of the long out-of-print and very sought-after debut album by the legendary Swedish band. The CD will also include two of their demo tapes, namely "Under the blackened sky" (1993) and "Trascend the dark chaos" (1994), as bonus tracks for a total running time of over sixty minutes of sheer and unadulterated Swedeath."

Centurions Ghost (UK)  "A Sign of Things to Come" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-I Hate Records-IHRCD015)
"Musically CENTURIONS GHOST are a critic´s worst nightmare being heralded as a Doom, Black and Death metal band and in fact, they are a mixture of all of these genres."

Centurions Ghost (UK)  "The Great Work" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-I Hate Records-IHR029)
"Once again audible gold is transformed into grimy lead through pure metalchemy! CATHEDRAL, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, USURPER and ENTOMBED fans rejoice!"

Cerekloth (DK)  "Pandemonium Prayers" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS036)
"No bullshit. Death Metal the way it used to be played. Nothing fancy or technical here, just simple, catchy, non compromising, evil death worship."

Chainerdog (IT)  "Journey to the Omega" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Flamme Noire-FN013)
Twisted Black Metal with slight electronic touch. Limited to 500 copies only.

Chaos Echoes (FR)  "Transient" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"Chaos Echoes established themselves as France’s masters of Avant Garde Death. Combining magnificent complexity, an exceptionally high degree of musicianship, and a distinct sense of experimentalism, Chaos Echoes is among the most captivating bands in the underground – a band truly incapable of simple categorization." Recommended!

Chaos Invocation (DE)  "Black Mirror Hours" -cd 12.00EUR
"Black Mirror Hours without a doubt is a diverse masterpiece and a testimony of the bands devotion to the dark arts."

Chaotic Aeon (CN)  "S/T" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2009-Pest Productions-PEST020)
"The debut EP from the most excellent old-school Death Metal horde in the Chinese scene. 6 darkened hymns of death with ultimate cruelty and darkness. Greatly influenced by legends like Slayer, Morbid Angel and Incantation."

Charnel Winds (FI)  "Der Teufelsbund" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Werewolf Records)
"A revelation of Luciferian light and unbound artistic spirit. The true sovereign granting the phosphorescent flame is revealed here as Lucifer-Shaitan - the Prince. Black Metal with true devotion, creativity and passion."

Charnel Winds (FI)  "Verschränkung" -cd 12.00EUR
(2017-Feuer Publications)
"Apocalyptic heterodox black metal."

Chowder (US)  "Passion Rift" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-I, Voidhanger)
"Nearly two years in the making, “Passion Rift” encompasses everything that makes Chowder a great band: off-kilter arrangements, abrupt time-changes, memorable melodies, creepy dissonances, top-notch songwriting, performances, and arrangements, and a true passion for making heavy music."

Christian Mistress (US)  "Agony & Opium" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-20 Buck Spin)
"On "Agony & Opium" the band unleash 6 ripping tracks of precision-crafted American Heavy Metal that will set the bar for the modern classic sound that doesn’t simply ride the lightning of past scene glories and aesthetics, but brings new fresh ideas to the genre musically and lyrically."

Church Bizarre (DK)  "Sic Luceat Lux" -DCD 14.00EUR
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS027)
"The final death breath from the temple of Church Bizarre. This deluxe 32 track double CD set includes all recorded demo and EP material to date as well as tons of bonus material. A fucking massive overdose of Bizarre, catchy, filthy and fucking Evil black/death metal with a vengeance!"

Church of Misery (JP)  "And Then There Were None..." -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2016-Rise Above)
"And Then There Were None, is another blood-soaked trip through homicidal hell, with songs inspired by killers both infamous and obscure."

Church of Misery (JP)  "Early Works Compilation" -DCD 16.00EUR
(***-2004-Leafhound Records-LHR-004/005)
"Ultimate collection of Japanese serial killer doomster, Church Of Misery. Two hours of songs and improvisation recorded in Tokyo 1998-2000."

Church of Misery (JP)  "Live at Roadburn 2009" -digicd 13.50EUR
(2010-Roadburn Records)
"Church of Misery from Japan gave their best in the Green room resulting 37 minutes of great doom."

Church of Misery (JP)  "Live in Red" -DVD 12.00EUR
(2006-Salvation-SAVE ELEVEN)
"DVD includes a full live set from Saint Etienne, France on October 2, 2005, a documentary on the tour and the "Filth Bitch Boogie" video. More than 2 hours of DOOM!" PAL.

Church of Misery (JP)  "The Second Coming" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2011-Rise Above)
"Church of Misery`s album is reputedly work beyond expectation. It`s full of decisive riffs and groove which are lacking in the present doom scene. New vocalist Hideki fills the songs with sludge energy and sings with a freakier and more powerful voice than the band`s former vocalist."

Church of Misery (JP)  "Thy Kingdom Scum" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Rise Above)

Cianide (US)  "Death, Doom And Destruction" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Metal of Death that´s simple, straightforward, and effectively primitive: blunt-force trauma informed by Hellhammer and Chicago forebears DeathStrike, but with a sewer-dredging atmosphere all its own."

Cianide (US)  "Divide and Conquer" -cd 17.50EUR
(2000-Merciless Records)
"Chicago´s cult Death Metal legends return with their fourth album. Ten tracks of their heaviest and most brutal work to date."

Cianide (US)  "Gods Of Death" -cd 12.50EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Their 6th full-length album is yet another classic under their bullet belts! Expect no frills and no bullshit, only a continuation of the death, doom & destruction maniacs have come to expect over the last 20+ years!"

Circle (FI)  "Meronia" -cd 13.00EUR
"This new version features updated album artwork and has been digitally remastered as well. Meronia´s 70+ minutes of simultaneously mesmerizing and crushing songs laid the foundations for future Circle albums to come."

Circle of Dawn (FI)  "Northern Savonian Black Metal" -cd 13.50EUR
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Avain ja Veitsi" -cd 10.00EUR
"Dreamy metal ambience."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Cast to the Pits" -cd 14.00EUR
"Neofolky soundscapes and nature moods."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Eleven Fingers" -digicd 12.00EUR
(***-2012-Handmade Birds)
"In a complete reinvention of what is comfortable, CoO produce a landmark album within their already prolific catalogue that ranges from moments of post-punk atonality, to subtle melody countered by calculated aggression."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "IPSOS" -cd 10.00EUR
"Dreamy metal ambience."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Islands" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2012-Dark Adversary)
"Melancholic and atmospheric lo-fi metal."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "The Final Egg" -digicd 12.00EUR
(***-2014-Black Bunker)
"The last chapter in the trilogy of ´underwater´ albums from CoO, ´The Final Egg´ completes what ´Eleven Fingers´ and ´Abrahadabra´ started."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "The Lost Entrance of the Just" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2013-Handmade Birds)
"The Lost Entrance Of The Just follows the 2011 modern classic Eleven Fingers, and finds the band continuing their exploration of textures that are at once muffled and cathartic. Layers of sound conditioned in a womb-like reinvention of texture that is truly unlike anything else currently available from any other artists, anywhere."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Unituli" -cd 12.00EUR
"Melancholic metal rock."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Veneration" -cd 12.00EUR

Circle of Ouroborus/Crooked Necks  "Ruins of Resurrection" -digicd 12.00EUR
"Sorrowful and melancholic tunes. Crooked Necks was previously known as Frail."

Circle of Ouroborus/Drowning the Light  "Moonflares" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2011-Dark Adversary)
"Split between these two entities that is not defined by genre, but by occult mysticism, sorrow, melancholy and comradery. Limited to 500 copies."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Archive Vol. I" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2008-Northern Heritage)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Archive Vol. II" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2008-Northern Heritage)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Archive Vol. III" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2008-Northern Heritage)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Church of Atrocity" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2006-Northern Heritage-NH050)
"5th full length album of Clandestine Blaze. c. 45 minutes of black metal."

Clandestine Blaze (FIN)  "Deliverers of Faith" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2004-Northern Heritage)
Raw Northern Black Metal. Recommended!

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Falling Monuments" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2010-Northern Heritage)
"Falling monuments underlines the core of black metal as it has been interpreted by it. Utmost focus on the core elements of riffs, melody, song structures and lyrics, leaving out everything unnecessary. In stripped down simplicity of sound, music and artwork it continues logical journey since Church Of Atrocity, with more distorted, lethal and fierce sound."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Fire Burns in Our Hearts" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-Northern Heritage)

Clandestine Blaze (FIN)  "Fist of the Northern Destroyer" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2002-Northern Heritage)
A classic!

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Harmony of Struggle" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)
"Clandestine Blaze 2013 album is another step widening the concepts started in previous albums. 40 minutes of pure Finnish Black Metal."

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "New Golgotha Rising" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Northern Heritage)

Clandestine Blaze (FI)  "Night of the Unholy Flames" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2005-Northern Heritage-NH009)
"Re-press of the 2nd album. Most straight forward recording of total black metal from Clandestine Blaze."

Claws (FI)  "Absorded in the Nethervoid" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Razorback Records-RR54)
"The debut full-length CD from this dark and deadly old-school Finnish Death Metal band! Fans of early 90´s Death Metal will salivate over this 9 song platter of cryptic darkness! Death Metal was meant to be underground and this is what CLAWS is all about. Features a member from Hooded Menace!"

Cloama (FI)  "Neuroscan Organization/Blood Illumination" -cd 12.00EUR
(2015-Industrial Recollections.)
"Dark and gloomy industrial-soundscapes from Finland. Re-issue of LP and tape on one CD."

Cloama+Blutleuchte (FI)  "S/T" -cd 10.00EUR
(2008-Anima Arctica-AUER-004)
"Collaboration album. This is one strange journey of dark ambient, noise electronics, rhythms, spoken word and eerie soundscapes for dark connoisseurs only. Re-released on pro-pressed cd with 12-page booklet. Limited edition of 300 copies."

Cobalt (US)  "Landfill Breastmilk Beast" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2008-Profound Lore-PFLEP03)

Cobalt (US)  "War Metal" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Hammerheart Records)
"This album will hit you like a thunder-bolt! Cobalt plays a very Australian brand of Black "war" Metal. There´s no bass in the album, only an unrelenting drum and a equally vigorous guitar. It´s unique and that´s what makes this album stand out."

Coffins (JP)  "Ancient Torture" -DCD 13.00EUR
"A definitive collection of Coffins split releases, compilation and vinyl only tracks. Features stunning artwork and layout by Mark and Mike Riddick."

Coffins (JP)  "March of Despair" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2012-Hammerhear Records)

Coffins (JP)  "Mortuary In Darkness" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2012-Osmose Prod.)
Re-release with bonus tracks.

Coffins (JP)  "Sacrifice To Evil Spirit" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2012-Osmose Prod.)
Re-release with bonus tracks.

Coffins (JP)  "Sewage Sludgecore Treatment" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Bones Brigade)

Coffins/Otesanek  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Parasitic Records)
"COFFINS give 2 new tracks plus cover of GOATLORD track "acid orgy" and OTESANEK give us one long track of suffocationg doom somewhat reminiscent of Khanate but with more variation."

Coffins/XXX Maniak  "The Cracks of Doom" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Creeping Vine Productions-CVP002)
"Crushing and misanthropic with a doom-laden groove, Coffins is the nihilistic offspring of old-school death metal. Philadelphia’s XXX Maniak’s insidious hooks are recited in the brain even after creeping through the most resisting of ears. Depravity gains a stronger foothold with each exposure to the hope draining blasts of violence, hatred, and rape."

Coffinworm (US)  "When All Became None" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Profound Lore)
""When All Became None" is a blasphemous testament to the downfall of humanity. A diabolical offering where demented amplifier worship sludge doom and black metal form an unholy alliance to offer an album which literally sounds like death, doom, and destruction, and is inspired by imminent death, poser disposal, and the destruction of Christ."

ColdWorld (DE)  "TheStarsAreDeadNow" -cd 11.00EUR
(2014-Maa Prod.)
Atmospheric ambient black metal.

Communion (CL)  "At the Announcement" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-The Sinister Flame)
"Dark witching metal. 8 tracks of genuinely Dark and Satanic Metal that relies strongly on barbaric old-school elements."

Communion (CL)  "The Communion" -cd 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Dark witching metal."

Convulse (FI)  "Evil Prevails" -cd 13.00EUR
"A fascinating combination of old-school death metal, lightning-fast thrashing parts, some blastbeats here and there, and even ultra-slow doom elements. The CONVULSE of the year 2013 is heavier and meaner than ever before. This album is a rebirth as much as it is continuation of the old-school spirit."

Convulse (FI)  "Inner Evil" -mcd 8.00EUR
"The EP features the first CONVULSE studio recordings since the mid-nineties. Inner Evil EP, recorded in full analog in the autumn of 2012, consists two long exclusive tracks. The band features the original vocalist, guitarist and bass player in their ranks, and their brand of classic old school death metal still sounds like it´s 1991."

Core of the Earth (US)  "Curtains" -cd 12.00EUR
"Second full-length from Colorado trio CoreOfTheEarth. Fans of "StonerWitch"-era Melvins, Black Sabbath and Conan The Barbarian will raise their horns to the heaviosity oftheCore! Contains eight tracks (including "Crom II"), plus the title cut, a lengthy improvised ambient soundscape excursion."

Cornigr (FI)  "Funereal Harvest" -digipak mcd 11.00EUR
(***-2015-Terratur Possessions)
"24 minutes of dark and haunting Black Metal maelstrom."

Cornigr (FI)  "Relics of Inner War" -digicd 12.00EUR
(***-2012-Corpse Incense)
Half an hour of sulphur-reeking dark sound from below, crafted under the sign of Satan through the years of eclipse.

Corpsessed (FI)  "Abysmal Thresholds" -cd 11.00EUR
(2014-Dark Descent Records)
"The band´s debut full-length, "Abysmal Thresholds" is over 47 minutes of death metal the way you´ve come to expect from this hard-hitting Finnish band. No fluff, no hyperbole..."

Corpsessed (FI)  "The Dagger & The Chalice" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"Bone-jarring and chest-crushing; if death had a soundtrack, "The Dagger and the Chalice" would be it. Hailing from Finland, Corpsessed´s brand of spine-tingling death metal will not disappoint. Six tracks, 24 minutes, "The Dagger and the Chalice" is pure death metal. No gimmicks, no keyboards, just rotten death metal the way it should be."

Corpus Christii (PT)  "The Fire God" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Sadolust Records-LUSTCD09)
"Re-release of the long sold out CC´s second album. You can except nothing but true underground Black metal in all its violence and perversion."

Cortisol (CA)  "Meat" -cd 11.00EUR
(2005-Great White North-GWN017)
"Heavy, suicidal doom for fans of SKEPTICISM, KHANATE, THERGOTHON etc."

Cosmic Church/Kêres (FI)  "Lucifer Returns to Heaven" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
Black metal.

Cough (US)  "Ritual Abuse" -cd 16.50EUR
"Richmond’s Cough delivers thoroughly massive, psychedelic doom on their aptly titled Relapse debut ‘Ritual Abuse’. The album´s five epic tracks are impenetrable walls of sludge; at points suffocating and claustrophobic, at others warped and hallucinogenic."

Count Raven (SE)  "Destruction of the Void" -cd 12.00EUR
(1992-Cyclone Empire-CYC004-2)
"Traditional Doom-metal of the highest order with vocals that could be mistaken for Ozzy himself! Count Raven is renowned for its pure doom sound and is known as one of the best traditional doom bands around. The band´s style is closely tied to the well-known sound of their record label Hellhound."

Countess (NL)  "Blazing Flames Of War" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Barbarian Wrath)
"A new year, a new COUNTESS album one might say but this year is different. Orlok has come full circle and has melded the roaring Black Metal insanity of COUNTESS´ days of yore with the more traditional Heavy Metal leanings of later works."

Countess (NL)  "Fires of destiny" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
"The fifteenth album of Countess - except nothing but their own trademark style of cult heavy/black metal. 10 tracks, almost one hour of metal only Countess creates."

Countess (NL)  "Gospel of the Horned One" -cd 11.00EUR
"An official re-release of this true classic. Exactly the same layout as the original, no remastering, but two unreleased bonus tracks from 1996 and 2008."

Countess (NL)  "Sermons of the infidel" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
"Due to popular demand, the band decided to release a physical version from this previous digital-only release. The original eight tracks have been remixed and remastered and seven tracks have been added: five more new versions of Countess classics."

Coven (US)  "Destiny Of The Gods" -cd 10.00EUR
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
"Americans COVEN 13 are a Doom Metal act that come from Detroit. Musically speaking they are an unconventional type of doom with faster songs reminiscent of early classic Metal like JUDAS PRIEST, and at times they have a sort of DEEP PURPLE influence with the use of keyboards."

Coven (US)  "Worship New Gods" -cd 10.00EUR
(2012-Shadow Kingdom Records)
"Unique ´80s Heavy Metal, a rare blend of CANDLEMASS / SABBATH Doomy Heavy Metal with a MERCYFUL FATE / CELTIC FROST black metal charm to it."

Covenant (NO)  "Nexus Polaris" -cd 13.00EUR

Craft (SE)  "Total Soul Rape" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2003-Unexploded Records)

Cremation (CA)  "Black Death Cult" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH134)
"Pre-Conqueror/Revenge Satanic death metal with J. Read on drums. Contains the Demos “Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Lalpor” 1993, “Hail The Rise of Med Pe Gal” 1994 and “The Flames of An Elite Age” 1995."

Crosswrecker (FI)  "Black Flame Divination" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-No Sign of Life)
"A Thrashing Hell Metal act that is ready to crush your pitiful minds. Consisting of five tracks this fiery MCD delivers you more than a decent dose of Black Thrash Metal in the vein of At War, Venom, Sodom, Deströyer 666 and Razor."

Cry Now, Cry Later  "Volumes 1&2" -cd 12.00EUR
(Pessimiser Records-PESS-25)
"This is the first CD re-release of the classic double 7" comps called "Cry Now, Cry Later." These comps were/are masterpieces. The most extreme of the extreme are featured. If it´s noisy and ferocious you should be able to find it here. Featured are 13, Crom, Eyehategod, Grief, 16, Dystopia, Unruh, and plenty of others..."

Cry Now, Cry Later  "Volumes 3&4" -cd 12.00EUR
(Pessimiser Records-PESS-26)
"This is the second CD re-release of the classic double 7" comps called "Cry Now, Cry Later." These comps were/are masterpieces. The most extreme of the extreme are featured. If it´s noisy and ferocious you should be able to find it here. Featured are CROM, CAVITY, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, SOILENT GREEN, SEVEN FOOT SPLEEN, SPAZZ, NOOTHGRUSH, MAN IS THE BASTARD and plenty of others.."

Cryostasium (US)  "S/T" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2005-Bestial Onslaught-ONSLAUGHT011)
"Thick, hypnotic Black Metal riffs, haunting bass, and dark, otherworldly sounds invoke moods of dementia and disturbingly familiar feelings of derangement. Taking sanctuary in the asylum of CRYOSTASIUM is a dangerous endeavor for even the strong-willed, but those who can withstand the narcotic dischord shall revel in its secrets. "

Crypt Vapor (AU)  "Tombe Della Città" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Heavy Chains Records)
"Pulsing horror soundtrack nightmare for fans of Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter."

Csejthe (CA)  "Rèminiscence" -cd 12.00EUR
"Second full length of epic medieval black metal from Québec. Rèminiscence portrays an utterly eerie yet highly dynamic and atmospheric album with powerful melodies, cast spirits of old and transforms ancient rhymes into something new, a skillfully and aesthetically presented black metal vision drenched by the fascination of Elizabeth Bathory."

Cult Of Erinyes (BE)  "A Place To Call My Unknown" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Les acteurs de l´ombre)
"Drawing its energy from the darkest thoughts of its creators, this new extreme and punitive outfit intends to evolve in the realms of Black Metal while pushing its limits a bit further. While not revolutionize the genre, Cult Of Erinyes credits us with a unique visual and auditory experience."

Cult Of Erinyes (BE)  "Golgotha" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Ritualistic black metal fury."

Cultes Des Ghoules (PO)  "Coven" -DCD 19.00EUR
(***-2016-Under the Sign of Garazel)

Cultes Des Ghoules (PO)  "Henbane" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2013-Under the Sign of Garazel)
Black Metal.

Cultes Des Ghoules (PO)  "The Rise of Lucifer" -MCD 8.00EUR
(***-2015-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Cavernous necromantic Black Metal of Death."

D.R.S. (FR)  "" -cd 10.00EUR
"A Death Industrial Ambient debut, which seems to unveil a new and promising project in the genre. This MCD was violently suffocated within a 7"EP cover, and lethally limited to 949 corpses! Fans of BDN and such atrocities, take note!"

Dagon (US)  "In Desolationem Per Nefandum" -cd 9.00EUR
(2008-Fire of Fire)
"Ultra-dark hermetic black metal."

Dakhma (CH)  "Astiwihad-Zohr" -mcd 11.00EUR
"The sound of DAKHMA starts with churning, coruscating bestiality and bleeds into diabolical doom. By way of ghastly ritual incantations rendered in sonic form, DAKHMA espouses the worship of all Daeva, so that they may corrupt and soil the soul of man. This is the audial essence of destruction, as sought by Az; it is the music of death."

Dario Mars And The Guillotines (BE)  "Black Soul" -digicd 12.00EUR
"An intriguing amalgam of 50’s-60’s surf music, rockabilly, 60’s psychedelicrock and 70’s garage rock, but the cherry on top of this all is the cinematic approach."

Dark Ages (UA)  "Twilight of Europe" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Inferna Profundus Records-IPR011)
"DARK AGES was created by Roman of DRUDKH/BLOOD OF KINGU/HATE FOREST in 2004. It´s minimalistic dark ambient with grim aura, which would be a good soundtrack for Middle Ages. Contains exclusive bonus track and released as a deluxe 6 panel digipack."

Dark Fury (PO)  "Semper Fidelis" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Lower Silesian Stronghold)
"Radical black metal. A compilation cd of demo and split material, incl. unreleased tracks."

Dark Fury (PO)  "This Story Happened Before" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Lower Silesian Stronghold)
Radical black metal.

Dark Messiah (GR)  "Rise of Black Dawn" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Full Moon Productions-FMP042)
"This Greek band follows up their 2005 debut album with this 5-song EP of hateful anti-Christian black metal."

Dark Opus (FR)  "Ignominious Fundamentals" -digimcd 8.50EUR
(2012-Battlesk´rs Prod.)
"First release since their 7" EP split with DEMONCY on Spikekult in 2004. 3 tracks of great harsh Black Metal by the French fanatics known also from BAEL and HAEMOTH."

Dark Tribe (DE)  "Archaic Visions" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Black Hate Productions)
"After an overwhelming response from their previous 2 albums, the psychotic trauma continues in the form of ARCHAIC VISIONS. Carefully crafted to audial perfection by Angel of Doom (Katharsis, Eternity, Morrigan...), ARCHAIC VISIONS will truely be for those who dwell in the shadows..."

Darkest Grove (US)  "Coming Of 2012" -digicd 10.00EUR
(2012-Forever Plagued Records)
"Conceptually derived around the 2012 mythos visualizing the end in its many forms known through humanity and into the beyond. Aggressive philosophical black metal."

Darkness Eternal (CA)  "Misantrophic Annihilation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Autopsy Kitchen Records-AKR006)
"Hail the return of raw feelings of evil, darkness, and depression in death metal which have been sorely missed in a scene ravaged by meaningless gore grind over the past decade. It shall be restored by Darkness Eternal. Devotees of classic Incantation, Immolation, Autopsy, Grave, and The Chasm stand up and march towards the mental utopian might of cold occult doom known as Misanthropic Annihilation!"

Darkspace (CH)  "-I" -cd 14.00EUR
Cheap-ass "digipak" version of their re-recorded demo.

Darkspace (CH)  "II" -cd 13.00EUR
Black Metal. Reissue finally available.

Darkthrone (NO)  "Circle the Wagons" -cd 15.00EUR
"Darkthrone´s all-new skull-cracking sonic assault is a fist in the face of conformity. The ever-uncompromising ´lords of Black Metal´ start the new decade with a brilliant collection of their unique brand of Speed Metal-Punk. Super jewel case edition."

Darkthrone (NO)  "Frostland Tapes" -3CD 18.00EUR

Darkthrone (NO)  "Hate Them" -DCD 12.00EUR

Darkthrone (NO)  "Ravishing Grimness" -DCD 12.00EUR

Darkthrone (NO)  "Total Death" -DCD 12.00EUR
Double cd with track by track album commentary by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto.

Darvulia (FR)  "L´Ombre Malicieuse" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Battlesk´rs Productions-SK´R017)
"Obscure, grim and raw Black Metal."

Darvulia (FR)  "Mysticisme Macabre" -cd 12.00EUR
Grim black metal.

Dawn of Winter (DE)  "The Peaceful Dead" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Shadow Kingdom Records-SKR020)
"Dawn Of Winter have been playing Traditional Doom Metal for nearly 20 years now! Riff after hypnotic riff mixed with stellar vocals and catchy choruses is what this album is all about."

Dawnbringer (US)  "Into the Lair of the Sun God" -cd 11.50EUR
(2012-Profound Lore)
"Undoubtedly the most musical and most ambitious DAWNBRINGER opus to date. An album in which finally defined and solidified this veteran American cult heavy metal band as one of the most important American heavy metal bands today."

Daäth Shadow (NL)  "Crown for Kings" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Osmose Productions)
"Classical, yet full of great sharp riffs, Daäth Shadow offer you a great Black Metal album in the old school vein, like early albums of Bathory, Satyricon & Immortal."

De Magia Veterum (NL)  "Migdal Bavel" -digibook 15.00EUR
(2009-Transcendental Creations-TC008)
"Migdal Bavel is the band’s second full-length album, 60 minutes of chaotic, raw, technical, esoteric Black Metal. Let De Magia Veterum guide you as you navigate through Samael´s seas of madness. Packaged in a custom made 3 panel deluxe A5 digipack."

Dead Can Dance (AU)  "Into the Labyrinth" -cd 13.00EUR
"This 1993 release saw Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard embark on individual paths. While this record of all new material was considered a commercial breakthrough, it was also their most divided. They both wrote songs independent of one another, on separate continents."

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Graves of the Archangels" -cd 12.00EUR
"The long awaited re-issue of this Death Metal classic."

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Promulgation of the Fall" -cd 10.50EUR
"The soundtrack to Total Death."

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Purifying Consecrated Ground" -mcd 8.00EUR
Old-school death metal.

Dead Congregation (GR)  "Sombre Doom" -mcd 8.00EUR
"14 minutes of DEATH METAL Somberness and Doom."

Dead in the Water (FI)  " the Ruins" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Dead In The Water slowly shifted from their early hardcore/crust/punk sound to a more slow doom-paced metal, still laced with their crusty beginnings. Now in 2007, DITW offers a depressive, crushing, oppressive full-length debut, pointing the way for a very heavy future."

Dead Raven Choir (PO)  "Selenoclast Wolves" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-God Is Myth-GIM018)
"Creepy, brooding, minimal, even sometimes violent, the melancholy miasma that is Dead Raven Choir is among the most depressive of any artist within the dark/avant/neo-folk area. Also contains the ´Lesbian Corpse Wolves´ material, originally released in a limited edition of a mere 30 copies."

Dead Reptile Shrine (FI)  "Burning Black Infinity" -cd 12.00EUR
"77 minutes of shamanic ritual demon worship and some of the most obscure black metal underground recordings to be ever heard."

Dead? (FR)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Ancient Dreams)
"47 minutes of outstanding Black Metal. Created by Kaiser from Ad Hominem (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and with members from Eternity (Basilik: Drums), Frangar (Il Colonnello: Vocals), Forgotten Tomb (Algol: Vocals) Gosforth (Luxitan: Vocals)."

Deadly Carnage (IT)  "Sentiero II: Ceneri" -cd 12.00EUR
"What if Satyricon would have chosen a different path after the impressive Rebel Extravaganza going deeper into the modern Black Metal? Deadly Carnage may be an answer, where a darkly atmosphere is supported by the usual delicatessen of the black metal misanthropy, gas masks, polluting negativism and all the magnificence of rotten modernity."

Death Breath (SE)  "Stinking up the night" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Inspired by the recent resurgence in the classic old-school death metal sound, Entombed/Nihilist founder and current Hellacopters front man Nicke Andersson has created Deathbreath, the ultimate tribute band to all that was rough, raw and wretched in extreme metal."

Death Citadel (FI)  "Bestial Antaumus" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2013-Last Rites)
Obscure black/death metal worship from the deepest depths of Finnish underground. Definitely not for everyone.

Death Citadel (FI)  "Unland Spidercult" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2011-Last Rites)
"One of utmost Finnish cult demos from past. 50+ minutes of original black/death worship."

Death in June (UK)  "All Pigs Must Die" -cd 18.00EUR
"Whilst the original 2001 release saw the return of the classic Death In June instrumentation of acoustic guitars and trumpet, with the addition of accordion by Andreas Ritter (Forseti), industrial elements also permeate half the album. Out of print for several years, the reissued CD comes in a foil blocked softpak."

Death in June (UK)  "Braun Buch Zwei" -cd 11.00EUR
"This digitally remastered edition was the bonus CD accompanying the 20th Anniversary Stone Circle Edition of Brown Book issued in 2007, and contains 7 songs from the original album coupled with 7 remixed, re-recorded and rare versions of the remaining songs. In effect it is Brown Book II, Braun Buch Zwei!"

Death in June (UK)  "Heaven Street" -mcd 15.00EUR
"Limited edition two song CDEP given to purchasers of tickets to Death In June´s concert in Lisbon, Portugal, on October 15, 2011. Approximately 300 copies were given out at the concert. Another 100 were sold to concert-goers in Barcelona and Rome. Rest available now."

Death in June (UK)  "The Phoenix Has Risen" -cd 16.50EUR
"Whilst some people try to re-write history, Death In June continues to reclaim it. These recently discovered recordings were unknown to members of the group until 2005. They feature a rehearsal studio recording in 1981of nine songs, some of which were never named or released."

Death in June (UK)  "The World That Summer 20th Anniversary Extras" -mcd 13.00EUR
"Available separately for the first time are the six bonus songs from “The World That Summer”, re-recorded in 1989 and 2006. These tracks were last seen for a few short weeks in 2006 as the second disc in the 2xCD stone box edition of the 20th Anniversary Edition of “The World That Summer”."

Death SS (IT)  "Let The Sabbath Begin" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2001-Lucifer Rising Records)

Death SS (IT)  "The 7th Seal" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Regain Records-RR108)

Death SS (IT)  "Transilvania" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2001-Lucifer Rising Records)

Death Strike (US)  "Fuckin´ Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"The CD reissue contains the original eight tracks offered by the 1991 Nuclear Blast edition but adds four never-before-released rehearsal tracks to the mix."

Deathcraft/Unsalvation  "Psalms of Chaotic Darkness" -digipak 8.00EUR
(2015-Elegy Records)
Raw black metal from both.

Deathevokation (US)  "The Chalice of Ages" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Xtreem Music-XM044)
"Awesome debut of this old school Death Metal band from California! This album will become an instant classic! For lovers of DEMIGOD, ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER, UNLEASHED... Over an hour of a truly anticipated masterpiece!"

Deathgate Arkanum (DE)  "Stillhallen" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Amor Fati)
"Deathgate Arkanum stands for creativity, individualism, consequence without any compromise and evolution without standstill. “Stillhallen” is full of dark emotion, your flesh will begin to creep. To say it short: a real Masterpiece!"

Deathronation (DE)  "Hallow the Dead" -digipak 12.00EUR
"Death metal. The soundtrack of cemeteries."

Deathrow (IT)  "Gateways to Oblivion" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Slava Satan Records-SLAVA08)
"On this, the second Deathrow album, Thorns brings a slower, doom-drenched vibe into his brand of chilling black metal."

Deathspawned Destroyer (FI)  "WarBloodMassacre" -cd 7.00EUR
(2005-Bestial Burst-bebu-013)
"Second album of Finland´s heaviest, most brutal and bestial Death Metal unit. With added Death and Doom, Deathspawned Destroyer brings back the merciless inferno of World War II to punish the unworthy!"

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Diabolus Absconditus" -mcd 10.00EUR

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum" -digicd 14.00EUR

Deathspell Omega  "Kenose" -digicd 14.00EUR
"Kenose is the immediate follow-up to Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice, in the sense that it is a conceptual appendix to this release, and that it constitutes a preamble to the actual second chapter of the trilogy."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Mass Grave Aesthetics" -digicd 10.00EUR
"Originally on V/A From entrails to dirt... with Antaeus, Mutiilation and Malicious Secrets. Now released as their own mCD. Digipak with lyric insert."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "Paracletus" -cd 14.00EUR
""Paracletus" is the last chapter of a trilogy which took nine years to complete, a musical and spiritual quest during which everything was put at risk. The record closes the circle to the hallucinated sound of dissonant violence and menacing splendour, exploring the depths of abjection and the corruption of the other worlds on high."

Deathspell Omega (FR)  "The Synarchy of Molten Bones" -cd 14.00EUR

Debauchery (US)  "Dead Scream Symphony" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2003-Blood, Fire, Death-BFD011)
"Ritualistic Black Metal with a strong horrific atmosphere. "Dead Scream Symphony" is a conceptual masterpiece of dark and aggressive emotions."

Decayed (PT)  "The Black Metal Flame" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Black Seed Prod.)
"Lusitanian Black Metal. New full lenght album + extra bonus!"

December Songs  "A Tribute to Katatonia" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2007-Northern Silence Productions-NSP040)
Foscor, Loss, Forest Of Shadows, Beatrik, Helevorn, Forest Stream, Forgotten Tomb, Aeveron, Hel feat. Winterheart, Xasthur, Farsot, Wyrd, Fragile Hollow, Geist, October Falls, Dark Fortress.

Degial (SE)  "Death´s Striking Wings" -cd 14.00EUR
(2012-Sepulchral Voice)
"Dark, rough, skilled authentic. Expect nothing less than a mass of ancient morbid death metal in the vein of old Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Possessed, old Slayer and Repugnant."

Degial (SE)  "Savage Mutiny" -cd 13.00EUR
(2015-Sepulchral Voice)
"Eight new compositions that form a vision of the bottomless pit and a celebration of the entities to be spit out from there. From the most brutal thunderdrumming and ripping guitarshredding to trancelike pounding the album crosses bridges between tradition and innovation multiple times."

Deicide (US)  "Till Death Do Us Part" -cd 13.00EUR
"Till Death Do Us Part is the 2008 album from Death Metal legends Deicide and it is dubbed as their heaviest and most brutal album to date. This is the ninth studio album by Deicide and it promises to deliver the crushing riffs and blasphemous lyrics that fans have come to expect from any Deicide release."

Deiphago (PH)  "Filipino Antichrist" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"In this time of over-saturated bestial metal, Deiphago blaze their own barbaric trail of Satanic Metal with the most punishing, primitive & bestial attack of 2009! No wannabe Fallen Angel Of Doom, no wannabe The Oath Of Black Blood, no Angelcunt or even War Cult Supremacy. Just pure uncompromising, unconventional violence."

Demimonde (CZ)  "Mutant Star" -cd 12.00EUR
(2000-Epidemie Records)
"Avant-garde death - doom - black metal with male / female vocals! Fans of Misanthrope, Nocturnus, Solefald, Arcturus, Lux Occulta will love this."

Demogorgon (FI)  "Et Lacrimatus Est Iesus" -digipak mcd 8.50EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
Raw, unsung black metal. Previously unreleased 2001 demo.

Demoncy (US)  "Enthroned Is The Night" -cd 11.00EUR
(2011-Forever Plagued Records)
"Stronger than ever they summon the power of darkness. Raising The banner of dark black metal again where so many have forgot and left behind its essence. "Enthroned Is The Night" will bring back the essence of true black metal."

Demoncy (US)  "Faustian Dawn / Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost" -DCD 13.00EUR
(2007-Baphoment-BAPH 104)
"Released before Black Metal has become what it is today, these discs are a good representation of the ultra crude and barbaric feelings that are needed in today´s albums. These albums represent the ancient spirit and feelings of Black Metal. They are from that era in time when Black Metal was not quite as widespread as it is today."

Demoncy (US)  "Joined in Darkness" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Negative Existence-NE001)
"One of the darkest USBM albums ever. Re-mastered with one bonus track."

Demoniac (DE)  "Malleus Christianitatis" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Dark sepulchral Metal. Pre-Moonblood. Includes 6 old re-recorded trax originally written in 1993 plus 4 new songs."

Demonic Death Judge/Semtex/Frogskin (FI)  "By the Malice of the Evil Death Comes Vol. 1" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Boue Records)
"Finland has an absolute glut of sludge bands doing the round right now and this collection compiles an hour worth of new music from three of the young guns of the scene. Heavy, feedback-laden and bluesy dirges taking cues from Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Grief and of course BLACK SABBATH. Drop out! 500 copies."

Demonomancy (SP)  "Supremacy Through Intolerance (The last legacy)" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Supremacy Through Intolerance)
"The Final attack of this Spanish War Metal terror machine including 7 new and unreleased tracks of bestial christ desecration + the 4 tracks from their legandary & sold out "Holocaustic Winds of Devastation", limited to 250 copies! ANNIHILATE & DESECRATE!"

Demonomancy (IT)  "Throne of Demonic Proselytism" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"With this album, entitled “Throne of Demonic Proselytism,” Demonomancy settles into its sound focusing on a style that draws upon the dark, mid-paced atmosphere of bands like Demoncy and Archgoat, but delivered with the cutting precision of the first Black Witchery album."

Demons Gate (AU)  "S/T" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2012-Terror From Hell)
"Ooccult heavy doom metal."

Den Saakaldte (NO)  "Øl, Mørke og Depresjon" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-Aesthetic Death)
"DEN SAAKALDTE is a new norwegian project that include Kvarforth (SHINING, DIABOLICUM) on vocals, Sykelig (ex-NAER MATARON, PARADIGMA) on guitars, Seidemann (1349, PANTHEON I) on bass guitar, S. Winter (GEHENNA, AETERNUS) on drums and Jormundgand (DODHEIMSGARD) on keyboards/effects."

Denouncement Pyre (AU)  "World Cremation" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Delving deeper into the realm of the lawless gods whilst offering primitive blackened death metal far darker and more focused than previously displayed on past EPs and demos. Join or suffer..."

Deofel (BY)  "Aposni Rytual" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Thou Shalt Kill-TSK!CD09)
"New album of one of the strongest underground forces from Belarus. Perfectly executed & recorded nihilistic Black Metal."

Der Blutharsch (AT)  "Everything is Alright" -digicd 15.00EUR
A compilation of rare tracks and remixes recorded 2002-2008.

Der Blutharsch (AT)  "First Album" -cd 16.00EUR
"The first ever D.B. album, released as a ltd.250 pict.LP in 1997 now finally on CD."

Der Blutharsch (AT)  "Flying High!" -digicd 17.00EUR
(***-2009-WKN-CDXDWKN34 )
"On their ninth studio album Der Blutharsch continues travelling in the direction they took back in 2005, when the former guru of martial industrial/military pop, Albin Julius, and his band, rocketed towards the deep space of psychedelia."

Der Blutharsch (AT)  "The Pleasures Received" -digicd 15.50EUR
"A milestone in the music of neoclassical industrial music, this is the third Blutharsch album originally released in 1999. Comes in an Digifile cover."

Der Blutharsch (AT)  "When Did Wonderland End?" -DCD 18.00EUR
"Finally the all new strike by Der Blutharsch, hereby assisted by members of Inner Glory, Calle della Morte, Terroritmo, Sieben and Varunna, among others, and encompassing a richer instrumention in this new age of the project. Inc. DVD."

Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand (AT)  "The story about the digging of the hole and the hearing of the sounds from hell" -digicd 18.00EUR
"After reforming under the new/extended name and releasing the stunning collaboration with Aluk Todolo finally Der Blutharsch and the infinite church of the leading hand presents its new album. Dark, dirty, dangerous."

Der Stûrmer/Reek of the Unzen Gas Fumes/Command/Fogged by Fleshflies  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Breath of Pestilence)
"Militant hordes from Hellas, Brazil and Japan join forces for this obscure 4-way split release. New and exclusive material, total of 9 tracks. Comes with a 12 page booklet with ugly lay-out."

Der Stürmer (GR)  "Transcendental Racial Idealism" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2011-Totenkopf Propaganda)
"A relentless bombardment of Hellenic NS Black Metal, glorifying the Traditions of Blood and War! Devoid of modernist manifestations, nine bloodstained cantos to the folk-psyche of Europa, heralding the impending downfall of the age of tolerance and liberalism! Comes with a 20-page booklet."

Der Stürmer/Auschwitz Symphony Orchestra  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Breath of Pestilence)
"Der Stürmer attacks with three new tracks of violent NSBM and a FLAMES cover, ASO side includes 30 new stabs of hateful and offensive grindcore."

Der Stürmer/Capricornus  "Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G.!" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-Pagan War)

DeRais (DE)  "Of Angel´s Seed and Devil´s Harvest" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
"Apocalyptic blackened funeral doom."

Descending Darkness (AT)  "Blutrausch" -digimcd 9.00EUR
(2009-Ashen Productions-AP021)
"After more than 6 years DESCENDING DARKNESS, one of Austria´s veteran BM outfits, have returned with some new material. The tracks featured on ´Blutrausch´ prove that this band is able to easily surpass their ´Gevatter Hein´-demo/CD in terms of insanity, hatred and sheer brutality."

Desolate Shrine (FI)  "Tenebrous Towers" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Hammer of Hate)
"Tenebrous Towers opens up the crushing mysticism of DESOLATE SHRINE, showing that even though the band has no previous releases nor history to show for, their professionalism and devotion are unquestionable after hearing the massive debut album of possessed, blackened Death Metal."

Destruktor (AU)  "Nailed" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Raging for well over a decade in the isolated land of Australia, Destruktor have stood the test of time with a few EPs and a demo under their bullet belts. Now after much anticipation the war beast strikes again with their debut full-length album entitled "Nailed" featuring 10 new tracks of the highest degree."

Deströyer666 (AU)  "Defiance" -digicd 15.00EUR
(***-2009-Season of Mist-SOM204)
Australian warmongers´ DESTROYER 666´s fourth album.

Deströyer666 (AU)  "Unchain The Wolves" -digipak 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Destroyer Records)
A black/thrash metal classic. Their best.

Dethroned Christ (BR)  "Roots of Ancient Evil" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Damnation)
"True Unholy Black Metal. The Unholy Black Metallers are back after more than 15 years of deep and cold silence. 50 minutes of a true and primitive Black Metal, a musical journey between old Motorhead, Mercyful Fate and Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, Sodom, Bulldozer, Possessed and early Darkthrone."

Deus Ignotus (GR)  "Procession Of An Old Religion" -mcd 7.00EUR
(2014-Forever Plagued Records)
"Ultra-aggressive anti-Christian black/death metal. Think Archgoat, but only more aggressive, and thus recommended for fans of Black Witchery or Demoncy.

Devastator (US)  "Morbid Force" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Die Todesrune Records-DTM022)
"Unholy Blasphemous Black Thrash Metal."

Devathorn (GR)  "Diadema" -cd 9.00EUR
Black Metal. Features Acherontas member.

Devil (NO)  "Time to Repent" -cd 15.00EUR
(2011-Soulseller Records)

Devil Doll (IT)  "Sacrilegium" -cd 16.00EUR
(***-1992-Hurdy Gurdy)
Inspired by the "The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms" motion-picture. Progressive, orchestral, metallic and highly unique. Highly recommended!

Devilry (FI)  "Treuelied" -cd 12.50EUR
(***-2017-Breath of Pestilence)
"National Socialist Death Metal."

Devil´s Emissary (PO)  "Evangelic Decimation" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Under the Sign of Garazel)
Polish black metal.

Devil´s Emissary (PO)  "Malignant Invocation" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Pure black metal from Poland. Sinister melodic riffs with scathing heaviness. Debut album from a mysterious sect of devil worshippers."

Deviser (GR)  "Unspeakable Cults" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Kyrck Productions-KCD011)
"One of the best black metal records ever emerged from the land of Hellas , originally released in 1996 and sold out, now rereleased with 4 bonus tracks (Bathory cover + Thy blackest love 1995 demo) and with different artwork, 500 copies print."

DHG (NO)  "666 International" -cd 13.00EUR

DHG (NO)  "Supervillain Outcast" -DCD 8.00EUR

Diaboli (FI)  "Anthems of Sorrow" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"Diaboli is one of the oldest black metal bands of Finland who have never stopped, never wimped out, never compromised. Third album re-issue." Recommended!

Diaboli (FI)  "Mesmerized by Darkness" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
Raw Black Metal. Recommended!

Diaboli (FI)  "Towards Damnation" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"Diaboli is one of the oldest black metal bands of Finland who have never stopped, never wimped out, never compromised. Second album re-issue." Recommended!

Diamatregon (FR)  "The Satanic Devotion" -cd 12.00EUR
"1st full-length from this obscure Black Metal act. This particular release sees the band combining harsher black metal with a lot of noisy rock elements. Certainly a band not of the norm."

Diapsiquir (FR)  "180°" -cd 13.50EUR

Diapsiquir (FR)  "A.N.T.I." -cd 12.00EUR
The last opus. 13 tracks of drug infused metal.

Diapsiquir (FR)  "Lubie Satanique Depravee" -cd 12.00EUR
"7 tracks & 54 minutes of French decadence. Their 1st full-length opus, originally out on EAL in 2003 on LP, now reissue on CD for the 1st time."

Diapsiquir (FR)  "Virus STN" -cd 12.00EUR
"Their 2nd full length, 110 Gr of depravation & nihilism. One of the most extreme and chaotic band."

Diecold (HU)  "Rest in Hell" -cd 11.00EUR
(2006-Info Black-IS37)
"Old school black metal performed by Dusk and Tymah members."

Dimensional Psychosis (NL)  "Architecture Of Realities" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Daemon Worship Prod.-VIRUS001)
"DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS´ "Architecture Of Realities" is a journey beyond the borders of sanity. Madness from the depths of oblivion. Visions of countless galaxies destroyed and reborn. Shizophrenic visions from beyond... Beyond space, beyond time."

Dimensional Psychosis (NL)  "Magical Matrix of Dimensional Continuum" -cd 10.00EUR
(2005-Asphyxiate Records-AR008)
"Indefinable Khaos Metal! That is the only way to put this band! Originally recorded back in 2003. Brutal vokals and insane hypnotik black/industrial metal structures not akin to your other 99.9% black metal bands today."

Disfigured Dead (US)  "Visions of Dead" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Scream Bloody Gore! An asset of old fashion Death Metal torn from the grave while intoxicated on genre pioneering masterpieces like "Severed Survival", "Horrified", "Into the Grave" and "Scream Bloody Gore". Prepare for memorable & heavy tracks of utter horror, pain, gore & death sure to satisfy all deathheads who have the guts to listen."

Disforterror (BR)  "Impalement and Holocaust Stench" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Disforterror plays brutal death metal in the style of early Krisiun meets “Gods of War” era Blasphemy. Cover artwork by Daniel Self Desecrator."

Dishammer (SP)  "Under the Sign of D-Beat mark" -mcd 8.00EUR
"7 unreleased songs from the same recording session as the "Vintage Addiction" album on Hells Headbangers. Sleazy d-beat hell! Sleazy artwork to make your girlfriend jealous."

Disiplin (NO)  "Hostis Humani Generis" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Frent Europa)
"The third full length of renewed Disiplin is unleashed in the late days of April. Expect nothing more than pure Militant Heathenism, violent tunes for the forthcoming heathens. The album contains 13 new tracks, composed by Weltenfeind."

Disiplin (SE)  "Radikale Randgruppe" -digibook 13.00EUR

Disjecta Membrae (FR)  "Taedium Vitae" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Black Mass Records-BMR001)
"Disjecta Membrae performs grotesque vomitive doom, driven by the will and desire to create a darker, sicker atmosphere that would at last be faithful to the medieval visions of hell."

Dissection (SE)  "Live Legacy" -cd 11.00EUR
(2003-Nuclear Blast)

Dissection (SE)  "Reinkaos" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2006-The End Records)

Dissection (SE)  "The Somberlain" -DCD 12.00EUR
(***-2006-The End Records)
Bonus tracks on the second CD: Unreleased live recordings ´95, Into Infinite Obscurity 7" EP 1991, Demo 1992, The Grief Prophecy Demo 1990, Remastered rehearsal 1990 & Satanized (remastered rehearsal 1991.

Do Skonu (RU)  "Womb Of Primeval Darkness" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Forever Plagued Records)
"Do Skonu is a path in search for the wisdom of the occult, a ritualistic journey in depth of Slavonic mysteries and witchcraft. Black metal with meaning not just some egotistic ploy that desires some attention from the mundane. Enter the dark world of ancient Slavic shamanism and black arts."

Dolentia/Tumulum (PT)  "Da Terra Que Comungamos" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Egg of Nihilism-ENP008)
"Violent and raw yet emotional black metal, based on nationalism and occultism vs. black metal forged on relentless strikes of conquest & battlecries for the glory of the ancients." -

Dom Dracul (SE)  "Attack On The Crucified" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2006-Blasphemous Underground-BUP-08)
"Their first full length. DOM DRACUL attacks with raw, hateful, devilish and grim oldschool Black Metal!"

Domains (SP)  "Sinister Ceremonies" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Sinister Flame)
"The long-awaited debut album of Spanish Nine Angles inspired DOMAINS brings you instantly to the abyss of Merciless and Luciferian Black Death Metal. It feels fresh and authentic... because it IS. 43 minutes of ALL the mastery, and ALL the scorn. The abyss has never cried like this."

Domini Inferi (NL)  "Devil Cult" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Sadolust Records-LUSTCD10)
"The full length of Domini inferi, the solo project of Hellchrist XUL founder member of Funeral Winds. Raw and primitive music to praise Satan."

Doodsdrek (BE)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Those Opposed Records)
"Black metal to the bone. A creation of Svein & Barditus from LUGUBRUM. Crude, filthy, raw."

Doom Snake Cult (US)  "Love, Sorrow, Doom" -cd 10.00EUR
(2015-Nuclear war now!)
"In the late 1980s, Doom Snake Cult appeared like a hallucinatory vision in the same Nevada desert that almost simultaneously spawned the likes of their psychotropic substance-consuming brethren, Goatlord. Obvious parallels and direct connections between the two bands exist, not only because of their common location and confessed fondness for psychedelia, but also due to their similar musical output and shared members."

Doomdogs (SE)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Doomentia Records)
"DoomDogs are heavy. And it really means HEAVY, as if you could feel the earth crumbling under your feet every time they strike a chord. It´s doom, it´s stoner, it´s 70 s rock and it´s everything you want as long as it throws in the pot catchy melodic hooks and grooves like a motherfucker."

Doomed (US)  "Doomed to Death and Damned in Hell" -cd 12.00EUR
"Doomed consisted of Chris and Danny from Autopsy along with the Boogieman on vocals. The CD contains both 7" EP´s they released (for Peaceville collector´s club and Relapse) along with a bonus live track they would often do as an encore at Autopsy shows. Fans of Autopsy/Abscess should not miss this great collection of filthy punk fuelled death!"

Drastus (FR)  "Serpent´s Chalice" -digimcd 10.00EUR
(***-2009-End All Life-EAL059)
"Summoning multiple layers of atmospheres and glacial violence for about 23 admirable minutes, Serpent’s Chalice – Materia Prima displays a frantic compositional mastery." Recommended!

Dream Death (US)  "Pittsburgh Sludge Metal" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Short-lived crushing 80´s Doom/Death. Members would later move on to Penance, Pentagram (U.S.) & Cathedral. Features the very first DREAM DEATH gig live at the Electric Banana circa 1986 with excellent soundboard quality audio."

Drengskapur (DE)  "Der Urgewalten Werk" -cd 12.00EUR
Black Metal.

Drengskapur/Nemesis Sopor (DE)  "Rauhnächte" -cd 12.00EUR
Black Metal.

Drephjard (NO)  "Maktdominans" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Frostscald Records)
"Brand new album 2009. Norwegian Black Metal hateful war-machine. Cold and merciless massacre in the classic traditions, greatly upbrought and advanced since their debut on Northern Silence Productions back in 2006."

Drowning the Light (AU)  "A World Long Dead" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.-SDL039)
Raw Black Metal.

Drowning the Light (AU)  "The Blood of the Ancients" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Dark Adversary Productions-DA010)
"The Blood of the Ancients eclipses all work before it and takes you through a dark journey of hatred, melancholy and glory! The dark storm continues to rage as your blood will stir and the darkness will triumph! Drowning the Light continues to pave a blacker future and keeps the spirit of the old alive..."

Drowning the Light (AU)  "The Fading Rays of the Sun" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Obscure Abhorrence)
"Brooding, hateful, majestic & melancholic Black Metal from the darkest depths of the Australian oceans to the heart of its forgotten forests. The newest mini-album. Written & recorded in the fleeting months of ´09 but still capturing the feeling once held in the ´90s, the true essence of Black Metal which for many is long since gone but once again is alive through DTL."

Drudkh (UA)  "Autumn Aurora" -cd 10.50EUR
(***-2009-Underground Acitivists)

Drudkh (UA)  "Eternal Turn of the Wheel" -digicd 15.00EUR
(2012-Season of Mist)

Drudkh (UA)  "Forgotten Legends" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2009-Underground Activists)
"Reissue of Drudkh´s first album, originally released in 2003. Comes with different artwork than the original. Remastered."

Drunken Bastards (HU)  "Horns Of The Wasted" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Baptized in speed and blood, the toxic oil of the 1980´s is pumping in the veins of DRUNKEN BASTARDS! With their second album Horns of the Wasted, these hungover Hungarian´s blitz the senses with galloping hardcore punk and evil blackthrashing metal, taking all the vilest aspects of the ´80s underground and warping ´em into diabolical anthems."

Dödfödd (SE)  "Demo10" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Darker Than Black)
"Black Metal. Originally recorded version of the demo, including the vocals."

Dödheimsgard (NO)  "Monumental Possession" -cd 12.50EUR
Incl. bonus tracks.

Dødheimsgard (NO)  "A Umbra Omega" -digibook 17.00EUR
"With ´A Umbra Omega´, the boundary-pushing visionaries of the mid-1990´s Norwegian Black Metal evolution take their psychotic Psychedelia-tinged avant-Metal to a new level of creativity. DHG´s first album since 2007´s ´Supervillain Outcast’, it represents the band´s most challenging work to date."

Earth (AU)  "Star Condemn´d" -cd 9.00EUR
(2000-Iron Fist Productions-IFP007)
"Heavily influenced from the swedish scene in the beginning of the 90´s when bands such as Entombed, Carnage, Dismember ruled the world..That is what earth are dealing with music wise.."

Earthride (US)  "Something Wicked" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Something Wicked not only sees Sherman reuniting with his former SPIRIT CARAVAN partner Scott ´Wino´ Weinrich on the epic "Supernatural Illusion" but also serves a proof that those doom-rockers have been digging deeper and deeper their own grave. This is doom-rock, this is EARTHRIDE."

Ebony Lake (UK)  "In Swathes Of Brooding" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Les acteurs de l´ombre)
"Avantgarde Black Metal. Debut release “On The Eve Of The Grimly Inventive” was on Cacophonous Records in 1999. After 12 years of silence, they´re back to the extreme horror, surrealism and decadence. This new album "In Swathes Of Brooding Light" is everything except easy listening and goes beyond what has already been done before."

Echtra (US)  "Paragate" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2011-Temple of Torturous)
"Obliterating genre conventions in favor of the creation of an immerse soundworld, “Echtra’s Paragate” integrates the distortion and vigor of Black Metal sonics with the resolve and earthiness of acoustic songcraft."

Egonoir (DE)  "A New Philosophical Thunder" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-Temple of Torturous)
"COLD EXPERI:ENCE:MENTAL DARK METAL. EgoNoir is already known for its cold and dark atmosphere, this time BinZynisch with his comrades bring you to an even more experimental and darker musical world."

EgoNoir (DE)  "Reste" -digicd 12.00EUR
Black Metal.

Eibon (FR)  "S/T" -digimcd 9.00EUR
(2008-Aesthetic Death-ADCD011)
"Eibon definitely make a marked impact on the listener with their invasive and enveloping style of sludge metal. The two songs on the EP are remarkably well written and sound fantastic, leaving one’s mouth watering for something, anything, more from the band."

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Come My Fanatics..." -cd 13.00EUR
(***-1997-Rise Above-RISECD072)
"Doom/Stoner. Possibly the finest drug-induced haze of musical wonder this side of early-´70s Hawkwind."

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Let Us Prey" -digicd 12.00EUR
(***-2002-Rise Above-RISECD074)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Pre-Electric Wizard 1989-1994" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2006-Rise Above-RISECD070)

Electric Wizard (UK)  "S/T" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-1995-Rise Above-RISECD071)
"Classic first album by Doom´s ultra-legends, Electric Wizard. Remastered digi version also includes an unreleased demo by Doom Chapter, which was the band´s initial name."

Electric Wizard (UK)  "We Live" -digicd 14.50EUR
(***-2004-Rise Above-RISECD075)
"The We Live line-up consists of former Iron Monkey drummer Justin Greaves, crust Doom legend Liz Buckingham formerly of Sourvein on second guitar and Bournemouth native Rob Al-Issa on bass. We Live is one granite fisted smack in the face to all those who didn’t believe. Doom or be doomed!"

Electric Wizard (UK)  "Witchcult Today" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2007-Rise Above Records-RISECD100)
"Electric Wizard´s sixth album saw them making a brilliant return, already regarded by fans as one of the band´s finest."

Elend (FR)  "Sunward the Dead" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2004-Prophecy Productions-PRO071)
"The second album in the Winds Cycle. Orchestral music with post-romanticism undertones, ie. violent neo-classical."

Elhaz (FR)  " Goetic Experience" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Pest Productions-PEST021)
"The French Esoteric Dark Metal act ELHAZ now returns after two years of silence after the highly-praised debut album "Malemort". The brand new album "Goetic Experience" comes with blackened and inclement atmosphere as it is supposed to be. 70 minutes of the true mysterious dark rituals in the eternal chaos!"

Embalmed (MX)  "Exalt The Imperial Beast" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"After 17 years of strategically scattered EPs & demos, EMBALMED finally mark their triumphant return with their very first full-length album. A ceaselessly violent, gnawing torrent of black/death barbarity and sulfurous ritualism that is equally atrocious and dark but still retains a certain Death Metal character in the songwriting."

Embrace of Thorns (GR)  "Darkness Impenetrable" -cd 10.00EUR
(2015-Nuclear war now!)
With “Darkness Impenetrable,” Embrace of Thorn’s fourth full-length offering of black metal death ritual, the band continues the path towards aural oblivion.

Embrace of Thorns (GR)  "Praying for Absolution" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"Characterized by instantaneous transitions between harrowing Death Doom and frenzied Black/Death, Praying for Absolution evokes a sense of endless death and perpetual rebirth. The cycle of destruction and becoming. The nexus point of absolution and ecstatic depravity. Divine blood reawakens the senses in the service of darkness."

EMK (US)  "Existence is Futile" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Numen Malevolum Barathri-NMB002)
Black Metal. "The final labored breath of an agonizing human experience. EMK represents the constant cruelty of man unto man through death, war, and hatred. This album is only cancerous to one´s soul. The vocals are a harmonious mix of cruel emissions and ritualistic chanting."

Emperor (NO)  "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" -cd 10.50EUR

Emperor (NO)  "Wrath of the Tyrant" -cd 12.00EUR

End (GR)  "End II" -cd 10.00EUR
(2003-Info Black-IS19)
"Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Taake... End manages to combine the best from these powerful black metal acts in this brilliant 2nd album with a unique sound."

End (GR)  "III" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Black Hate Productions)
"Black Metal as it should sound! Capturing the early Norwegian spirit."

Enfeus Lodge (FR)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Excellent epic and elitist black from France: new band of Hunferd (O.T.A.L.) and Xaphan (Seigneur Voland, KristallNacht, Finis Gloria Dei)."

Enochian Crescent (FI)  "Black Church" -cd 13.00EUR
(2006-Woodcut Records-CUT041)
"Long awaited new album! Mystical enochian black metal!"

Enochian Crescent (FI)  "NEF.VI.LIM" -digimcd 11.00EUR
(2010-Woodcut Records)
Over 30 minutes long ep. Limited digipack.

Enochian Crescent (FI)  "Telocvovim" -cd 12.00EUR

Ensepulchred (US)  "The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Autopsy Kitchen Records-AKR015)
"Perhaps some of the most melancholy and off the wall black metal released in a while. Most notable of Ensepulchred influences would have to be early Manes though had Emperor had Xasthur as an influence back in the mid 90’s Ensepulchred would likely be the outcome."

Enslaved (NO)  "Below the Lights" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2003-Osmose Productions-OPCD144)

Entartung (DE)  "Krypteia" -cd 11.00EUR
"Black metal in the 90s fashion. Entartung stands for relentless, uncompromising music void of any notion of commercialism, celebrating the true Luciferian spirit."

Entartung (DE)  "Peccata Mortalia" -cd 12.00EUR
"Shadow-draped yet melodic, despite the band´s Teutonic origins, ENTARTUNG forego the mystical/medieval vibe of their country´s usual black metal style and, in fact, slot well alongside Finland´s filthy and emotive idiom of the past decade. By any description, however, Peccata Mortalia is black metal traditionalism par excellence."

Enthral (NO)  "Prophecies of the Dying" -cd 12.00EUR
"Harsh, very fast and aggressive with raw 90s sound, yet full of genuine atmosphere and originality underlined by guitars´ cold melodies, outstanding bass lines, synth parts creating the dark climate and freezing soprano vocals on the background. Imagine SATYRICON "Nemesis Divina" meets LORD BELIAL "Enter the Moonlight Gate" with a weird and morbid twist."

Enthroned (BE)  "Pentagrammaton" -cd 14.00EUR
(2010-Regain Records)
"ENTHRONED from Belgium delivers a blasphemous, blackened storm of blasting beats that cruise along like a launched warhead. Their sinister brand of black metal is powered by a diabolical aura that is truly their own as the group issues a scathing, hate-filled attack to it´s listeners."

Enthroning Silence (IT)  "Unnamed Quintessence of Grimness" -cd 12.00EUR
(2002-Westwall Production)
"In the grim suicidal vein of ABYSSIC HATE, and fellow countrymen FORGOTTEN TOMB! Highly atmospheric, high-density darkness and desolate grimness which is as essential as the current works by similar contemporary outfits XASTHUR, DRUDKH (aka HATE FOREST), LEVIATHAN SF, early SHINING, etc.!"

Entombed (SE)  "Inferno" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2003-Metal Mind Productions-MASSCD1006)

Entombed (SE)  "Unreal Estate" -digicd 10.00EUR
(2005-Threeman Recordings-TRECD015)
"Document of the band´s live appearances at the Royal Opera Hall in Stockholm, Sweden where the band played a 45 minute set surrounded by 30 ballet dancers!"

Entombed (SE)  "When in Sodom" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2006-Threeman Recordings-TRECDEP022)
Crushing Death Metal.

Eskatozoa (FI)  "Cosmic Elements Coalesce" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2014-Bestial Burst)
"Eskatozoa´s sound is rooted in the abyssal depths of the early universe and extends as far as the most distant future. Hurled across millions of ages, experience the darkness of a photon-devouring black hole; the brilliance of the brightest supernovae; the terrifying isolation and endless repetition of empty space."

Esoteric (UK)  "Metamorphogenesis" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-1999-Eibon Records)
"Metamorphogenesis is like an ill-dream: layers of chaos and nightmare dripping all over each other, mind-wrenching walls of noise, psychedelic soundscapes and violent metal. There are long sequences of eastern-flavoured soloing, Doom-laden riffs and noisy outros. The realm of ESOTERIC is filled with death, despair and beauty."

Esoteric (UK)  "Paragon of Dissonance" -cd 18.00EUR
(2011-Season of Mist)

Esoterica (US)  "Aseity" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Forever Plagued Records)
"Debut album "Aseity" is here to bring you down and slowly see to your decay. Fans of "Weakling" will be happy to realize that yet again an entity can capture that aura of poisoning death. Feel the claustrophobic torment that is Aseity and fall victim to its power. With members of Chaos Moon, Acherontas..."

Essenz (DE)  "KVIITIIVZ - Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Amor Fati)
"Pure Occult Metal that combines back-breaking Doom with fast and melting riff-outbreaks accompanied by devoted vocals. Featuring member of DROWNED."

Eternal Elysium (JP)  "Spiritualized" -cd 12.00EUR
(2000-Meteor City)
"Thundering sludge-filled riffs; massively plodding doom rhythms; slicing, soulful, raging vocals; psychedelic, jazz-filled leads; sweeping jams and driving grooves: every song is epic and raw, each note unforced and natural but as powerful as the birth of anger and pain and hope."

Eternity (GER)  "...And The Gruesome Returns With Every Night" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-World Terror Comittee Prod.)

Eternity (DE)  "Funeral Mass" -cd 12.00EUR
"Second full-length from this German black metal band. Cold, wicked, dark and massive, Eternity takes some cues from Darkthrone´s earliest black metal material (´92-´94) and creates something of their own."

Ether (CA)  "Depraved, Repressed Feelings" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Sepulchral Productions-SP007)
"The first album from Ether represents a journey into despair and the deep, negative emotions that grip those who just can´t cope with their surroundings. Sick, twisted, brutal, depressive and eerie at the same time, the Black Metal of Ether is the soundtrack of a nightmare that never seems to stop!"

Evangelivm (RU)  "Nightside of Eden" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Hate)
"This debut release of the coven spreads their new millenia Black Metal to poison the world with the wisdom of the ancient serpent. If we want to avoid the label of ´religious Black Metal´ Evangelivm´s audial propaganda could be described as powerful and dark Black Metal with malicious melodies accompanied with a preaching voice of Satanic terror."

Evil (BR)  "Ashes of Old" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2015-Darker Than Black)
Radical black metal.

Evil (BR)  "To the Fallen and Free" -cd 12.00EUR
(Hammer of Damnation)
"New and old songs originally created in 1994 and recorded in 2013, the beginning of revisited 20 years of history."

Evil Incarnate (US)  "Waiting for His Return" -cd 12.00EUR
"After over 4 years of silence, EVIL INCARNATE has returned to strike the earth with bloodshed. Very blasphemous christ hating Death Metal propaganda inspired by infernal legions such as POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, MASSACRE, DEATH, and CELTIC FROST."

Ewigkeit  "I" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Eternity Records)
"Incl. excklusive songs from: Trist (Ger), Northestront, Horna, Raate, Obscure Anachronism, Myrkwid, Svartnar, Kargvint, & Kältetod."

Excoriate (DE)  "On Pestilent Winds" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2009-Sepulchral Voice Records-SVR02)
Death metal. Recommended!

Exordium (FIN)  "Exordium" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2004-Northern Heritage)
Black metal.

Exordium (FI)  "In Wrath Principle" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Northern Heritage)
"Debut full length finally out! Known from 10"/mCD, 7", live tape, V/A Crushing The Holy Trinity, but in first album Exordium is stronger than ever! Fast and aggressive black metal from Finland!"

Extinction (UK)  "Down Below the Fog" -cd 12.00EUR
"Re-release of the cult demo recorded in the diabolical Summer of 2001. Eight tracks of unrestrained, discordant, obscure, sometimes improvised Black Metal."

Eyehategod (US)  "S/T" -cd 17.00EUR
(2014-Century Media)
"2014 is the year of another amazing return as New Orleans sludge kings EYEHATEGOD present their first studio album in 14 years and show from start to finish that they unquestionably deserve their legendary status. A monstrous sludge/doom manifest. Special edition."

Eyes of Ligeia (US)  "A Fever Which Would Cling to Thee Forever" -cd 11.00EUR
(2006-Paragon Records-PRG-31023)
"Continuing a transformation from a Death/Doom metal band, to an eerie Black Metal band with prominant Doom parts. A bit of a cross between Xasthur, Thergothon, Unholy, and early Ancient Wisdom, while giving a nod to the unique and memorable riffing of the first two Eyes of Ligeia albums."

Faded (IT)  "Essences" -digicd 12.00EUR
"Reissue of Faded´s second album, originally released in 2005. Progressive dark metal with black metal, folk and doom elements - - a must for fans of stuff like Solefald and Ulver."

Fall (PO)  "Samozatracenie" -digicd 10.00EUR
(2010-Temple of Torturous)
"Half year since the first well-composed demo, the new Polish BM horde Fall strikes again, and they do succeed! With more melancholic sounds, a denser atmosphere, a man destructs himself in the falling forest!"

Fall of the Idols (FI)  "The Seance" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-I Hate Records-IHR041)
"The Seance is Finnish Doom in its bleakest, most despairing shape. Decidedly heavier and even more monotonous than The Womb Of The Earth this one has nothing but spite to offer for trendy ears...True Doom played with heartfelt sorrow..."

Fatum Elisum  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Aesthetic Death-ADCD013)
"The debut CD from the killer French dark doom act - FATUM ELISUM. Six tracks (54 mins) of the finest death/doom with an early 90´s feel - mixed with sickening dark metal edges. Tortured, melancholic, depressive doooom."

Faustcoven (NO)  "The Halo Of Burning Wings" -cd 15.00EUR
(***-2003-Barbarian Wrath)
Couple of copies found by an accident. Be quick.

Faustcoven (NO)  "The Priest´s Command" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"This cd is not a new album by Faustcoven. It is a cd-compilation of old and rare material of one of the darkest black doom metal hordes from Norway. This comp. contains both demos, rehearsals and coversongs including Venom, Darkthrone and Cirith Ungol. In total, over 70 minutes of darkness."

Fear Falls Burning (BE)  "Frenzy of the Absolute" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Conspiracy Records-CORE061)
"The new album blends drone with slow-building, repetitive drums and additional guitar layers, manifesting a work that is equally as groundbreaking as it is familiar to those in touch with the Fear Falls Burning world."

Feldgrau (US)  "Mechanized Misanthropy" -cd 6.00EUR
"Industrial Black Death chaos of unmatched heaviness, extremity and violence from Pete Helmkamp. Created by Helmkamp, Bill Taylor from ANGELCORPSE/IMMOLATION and Vhex in 2004, the band created some of the destructive and terrorizing sounds ever heard in underground Extreme Metal."

Fellwoods (UK)  "Wulfram" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-At War With False Noise)
"Portland, Oregon´s Fellwoods give us a slab of bluesey, hard-edged rock with a great vintage 70s sound. It´s very stripped-down, direct and raw blues rock which gives a heavy nod to the proto metal of the self-titled Bang LP, the first Sir Lord Baltimore record and even early Judas Priest."

Fester (NO)  "The commitments that shattered 1991-1992" -cd 13.00EUR
"Re-release of the classic two first demos of old-school Death/Black/Thrash. Includes 3 live trax as well from 1991, and 12 page booklet with liner notes and stories from the band of the Norwegian scene back in 91-92."

Fetid Zombie (US)  "Vomiting in the Baptismal Pool" -cd+booklet 18.00EUR
(2011-Obliteration Records)
"Death Metal. One of the best killustrator Mark Riddick´s FETID ZOMBIE. 10 songs + A5 32 page book. Limited 1000 copies. "

Finnentum (FI)  "Reveries" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Dark Adversary Productions)
"Finnish Black Metal with folk and RAC influences, "Reveries" is an epic bloodpumping hate crime against the modern world! Another masterpiece created by Shatraug. Proud, Epic & uncompromising Black Metal!"

Finngalkn (IS)  "Horns Against Heaven" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Melas Khole Productions-MKPCD01)
"Debut album by this promising Icelandic horde! This album can be described as traditional nordic black metal with a groove, not quite unlike later Darkthrone yet with it´s own distinguishable characteristics."

Firebird (UK)  "Hot Wings" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Rise Above-RISECD118)
"Hot Wings is full of riffs that come directly from singer/guitarist Steers´ guts. A live-in-the-studio recording exposes his bluesy hard rock fire. For everyone familiar with Firebird and late ´60s rock music, you should have this one."

Fjörd (CA)  "Vor Tru" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Totenkopf Propaganda-TPCD15)
"Fjörd’s debut full length album VOR TRU is ready to wage war through the nine worlds with its unique genre of Wotanic folk-metal inspired by legendary bands such as Isengard, Bathory, Storm and Hades. Ten thundering hymns of war and heathen pride, courage and valour, sacrifice and death are sung with clean, deep vocals exclusively and supported by a massive wall of sound and battle drums."

Flagellant (SE)  "Malediktum" -cd 13.50EUR
"Musically "Maledictum" is easily following up where the bands well received debut album "Monuments" stopped, delivering sinister Swedish Black Metal."

Flagellant (SE)  "Monuments" -cd 12.00EUR
"After the release of the “Morbus Nefastus” 12" MLP (via Sigilla Malae), Flagellant from Sweden present their excellent debut full length album, containing six hymns of praise for the Prince of Death and the great Void."

Flame (FI)  "March Into Firelands" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Primitive Reaction)
"Prepare to March Into Firelands - FLAME are here to burn you straight to hell! A cult name in their native Finnish scene, FLAME summon forth triumphant epics of gnarliness that are equal parts ancient blackthrash and just-as-ancient bestial metal."

Flesh (SE)  "Temple of Whores" -cd 11.00EUR
(2006-Iron Fist Productions-IRPCD020)
"The new album is a 9 track twisted, morbid, intense piece of CD..If you are into old school death/black metal the scandinavian way, this is absolutely an album for you.."

Fleshpress (FI)  "Acid Mouth Strangulation" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2011-Svart Records)
"Suffocating home-brewed hypnotic sludge rock from the northern swamps. On their fifth full length album Finnish sludge rockers Fleshpress evolve from their days as a rough, gritty metal machine towards the unknown. These three long tracks ebb and flow with an organic pulse, from slowly meditative passages to black swamp-sludge metal."

Fleshpress (FI)  "Hulluuden Muuri" -digipak cd 12.50EUR
(***-2017-Kult of Nihilow)
""Hulluuden Muuri" is a logical continuum of progression as band has taken more ripping, aggressive and fierce approach on the record. Now the songs are more distorted and progressive and not so psychedelic as before. Additionally, "Hulluuden Muuri" is the first album performed completely in Finnish language, increasing the depth and intensity of the vocals."

Fleshpress (FI)  "Rebuild-Crumble" -mcd 9.00EUR
(***-2010-Kult of Nihilow)
"2 songs, nearly 19 minutes of giant middle fingerism. New mini cd with strongest and heaviest Fleshpress sound!" Recommended.

Fleshpress (FI)  "Tearing Skyholes" -digicd 11.50EUR
(***-2013-Kult of Nihilow)
"Tearing Skyholes, the sixth album by Fleshpress. The years traveled off the beaten path show in the pure vision and determination to deliver the ultimate work of sound thus far. Ironically. the sound now being stripped to bare essentials, the music reveals unprecedented sonic richness and atmosphere."

Floodstain (NL)  "Slave To The Self Feeding Machine" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-BadMoodMan Records)
"New album demonstrates high quality of music and professionalism of the musicians. The followers of Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age on the one hand fit the canons of the genre and, on the other hand, deliver original powerful tracks filled with outstanding riffs and inexhaustible energy."

Fluisterwoud (NL)  "Laat Alle Hoop Varen" -cd 13.00EUR
"Expect Black Metal in purity.... catching, brutal, dark melodies. Second and last strike of the Dutch maniacs. Comes in a super jewel case."

Fluisterwoud (NL)  "Laat Alle Hoop Varen" -digicd 17.00EUR
"Expect Black Metal in purity.... catching, brutal, dark melodies. Second and last strike of the Dutch maniacs. Comes in a DVD size digipack. Limited edition."

Flutwacht (DE)  "Breath" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Mask of the Slave Records-MS015)
"New full length album from the wellknown german Power Electronics/Noise projekt."

Force of Darkness (CL)  "Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness" -mcd 7.00EUR
(2014-Hell´s Headbangers)
"20 shadowy, sepulchral minutes. Just like Darkness Revelation, the influences across the EP are clear and cutting - classic Sarcofago, Kreator, Vulcano, and Sodom, all 1986 vintage - but once again, FORCE OF DARKNESS swarm and sicken with a touch that´s truly their own."

Force of Darkness (CL)  "Darkness Revelation" -cd 12.00EUR
The Force returns, eleven curses of magnificient terror, revelating the Luciferian flames with his Hellish Black Metal horror, a terrible unleashments for the year MMIX Anno Nefandus. One of the unique entities into the real Chilean circle of Darkness and Death."

Fordell Research Unit (UK)  "The Illusion Of Movement" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-At War With False Noise)
"FRU is one of the absolute best drone bands not just in the UK but on the planet playing some of the most dense, suffocatingly heavy drone noise that has only been surpassed by the untouchable Culver. This band is a major force in its own right though and there´s a real foreboding horror movie atmosphere going on here."

Forest of Shadows (SE)  "Six Waves of Woe" -cd 12.00EUR
"Second full-length from this Swedish entity. Finally following up on 2004´s ´Departure´, the mighty ´Six Waves Of Woe´ is hypnotic, gloomy, melancholy metal of the darkest kind."

Forgotten Horror (FI)  "The Serpent Creation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Woodcut Records)

Forgotten Tomb (IT)  "Obscura Arcana Mortis" -digicd 15.00EUR

Forgotten Tomb (IT)  "Under Saturn Retrograde" -cd 15.00EUR

Forgotten Tomb (IT)  "Vol. 5: 1999-2009" -DCD 13.00EUR
"1999-2009: Ten years of existence of FORGOTTEN TOMB. Nowdays undisputed maestros of depressive Black Doom Metal, or as they prefer to call it now, Southern Discomfort Music. To carve history into stone they have re-recorded their finest tracks, this time in one take, one sound and one line-up and burned ´em all on a double-album."

Formloff (NO)  "Spyhorelandet" -cd 11.00EUR
"Where most black metal revels in stories of fictional deities, benign and malignant, Spyhorelandet wallows in everyday themes. Like the cover art, the music contained therein contains the naked truth. When you peel back the skin, no matter how beautiful, what is left is the ugly personal histories each of us carries."

Forsaken (MT)  "After the Fall" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-I Hate Records-IHR062)
""After the Fall" is Forsaken´s fourth opus released by I HATE and is utterly grandiose, heartfelt and compelling epic doom."

Freitod (DE)  "Nebel Der Erinnerungen" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Dark/Black Metal. The name of the band, euphemistic term for "suicide", tells enough about the album. Digipack CD with booklet & slipcase."

Front Beast (DE)  "Black Spells of the Damned" -cd 11.00EUR
(2006-Isengard Productions-ISEN002)
"First fullenght album, 6 hymns to the old way of black metal. Heavily influenced by such bands as MAYHEM, TORMENTOR, GRAND BELIAL´s KEY, BURZUM, INQUISITION, BATHORY, DESTRUCTION, ZEMIAL and HELLHAMMER."

Frozen Graves  "S/T" -digipak cd 12.00EUR NEW
Black metal.

Frozen Shadows (CA)  "Hantises" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2004-Holy Records)
""Hantises" is another monument of darkness, violence and hatred, and sees Frozen Shadows return with its extreme breed of Black Metal. Definitely not for the weak-hearted! Limited edition includes a second disc with a completely re-mastered version of the long sold-out demo, "Empires de Glace""

Fu Manchu (US)  "Signs of Infinite Power" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Century Media)
"The 11th album from the SoCal Alt-Rock quartet. If life is a highway, Fu Manchu is its soundtrack. Although Fu Manchu´s alumni include such decorated names as Brant Bjork (Kyuss, QOTSA), the group´s lineup has been rock-solid since 2001."

Full Decay (RU)  "Famine, War, Disease, Unfair Justice/Warrior of the Beast Born by Flaming Gehenna" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Thou Shalt Kill-TSK!CD08)
"After few years of delays both recordings of this cult Satanic Death Metal band are finally released on CD. Classical debut demo (´97) featuring OLD WAINDS & NAV´ members followed by the crushing album (´02) - all in all 19 trax of morbid brutality in a way it should be."

Funebrarum (US)  "The Sleep of Morbid Dreams" -cd 17.00EUR
(2009-Cyclone Empire)
"Thick masses of distortion and disease permeate every second of this New Jersey´s band´s dominating death metal. A must of fans of early ´90s death gods like Incantation, Grave, Autopsy and Entombed/Nihilist. Features members of Evoken."

Funeral (SE)  "Forgotten Abominations" -digimcd 9.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear Winter)
"Formed in 2002 by members of other ‘prestigious’ bands of the Swedish Death Metal Elite (Karnarium, Nominon, Hypnosia) they shook the world in 2004 when they released their first and only recording to this day ‘Forgotten Abominations’. One of the best Death/Doom bands ever to emerge from Sweden."

Funeral (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
"Funeral were formed by Eric Cutler when Autopsy split along with sometimes Autopsy/Death member Steve Digorgio. The CD contains the never released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal from the same year of tracks done after the demo."

Funeral Goat (NL)  "Mass ov Perversion" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Daemon Worship Prod.-DWP007)
"No beautiful melodies, just pure religious exaltation and Satanic devotion. Influenced by and dedicated to such prophets, as VON, Beherit, Archgoat and War, FUNERAL GOAT spreads the Gospel of Ancient Black / Death. Primitive and raw, yet entrancing and hypnotic chants, played solely for His glory and in His name!"

Funeral Mist (SE)  "Devilry" -cd 14.00EUR
"This re-issue features not only the tracks of the original vinyl version, but also the remastered demo "Havoc"."

Funeral Mist (SE)  "Salvation" -cd 14.00EUR
"Harsh, dissonant chaos worms its way through 60 minutes of hell, Funeral Mist style."

Funeral Moth (JP)  "Dense fog " -digicd 13.00EUR
(2014-Weird Truth Prod.)
"1st album of Japanese extreme doom. Eerie melodies by 2 guitars and 6 strings bass guitar. Extremely slow rhythm and contrast of dark tranquility and extreme aggression. Here´s 4 songs, about 74minutes of extreme doom that should be so! Justin Hartwig from Mournful Congregation contributed excellent lead guitar."

Funeral Moth (JP)  "S/T" -digimcd 9.00EUR
(2008-Weird Thruth Productions-WT009)
"Dark weird doom from Japan. Extremely slow druming, mixture of dark riffs and eerie melodies. Their music is different with "only heavy and loud" doom, there are dynamism in their music. Extreme doom for depression!"

Funeral Procession (DE)  "The Red Vine Litanies" -digi mcd 10.00EUR
"Black Metal. One song, nearly 20 minutes. Exclusive digi sleeve, silver print on black rough carton, fold out inlay with lyrics, black polycarbonate CD."

Funeralium (FR)  "Deceived Idealism" -DCD 14.50EUR
(2013-Weird Truth Prod.)
"Following self titled 1st album, French doom/death Funeralium unleash new album in the world of doom! Dark and heavy doom/death with dynamic drumming with extremely slow rhythm and occasional bursting out fast beat, crushing doom riffs mixing darkening heaviness and melodies, and hysteric intense growling/screaming vocal!"

Funerary Bell (FI)  "Graveyard Séance/Horrific TransCosmic Overture" -digipak cd 10.00EUR
(2015-Saturnal Records)
"Relentless occult black metal from Finland with ethos drawn from horror, mysticism and ´90s black metal. Digipak ´Horrific TransCosmic Overture´ 4-track EP as a bonus."

Funerary Box (US)  "Temporary Interment" -cd 10.00EUR
(2016-Backwoods Butcher)
"Complete discography of Satanic rock n´ roll holocaust for fanatics of true mongoloid black / death metal. Blasphemous underground crudity and uncouth cult weirdness; not another flaccid slice of color-by-numbers clone bologna for new age wimps! Twenty nine studio tracks collected on one disc."

Gallhammer (JP)  "Gloomy Lights" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Bestial Burst-BeBu-018)
"Japanese all female trio influenced by Hellhammer, Burzum and Amebix. Atmospheric and original Metal the way you haven´t heard it before."

Gallhammer (JP)  "Ill Innocence" -digicd 15.00EUR
"Although Gallhammer is known primarily as a Black Metal/punk act, Ill Innocence is an impressively diverse showcase of the band´s brilliant handling of a variety of influences and moods, from both Metal and non-Metal genres."

Gandr (FI)  "Yöllisen Ylistys" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Versets Noir)
"Now unleashed, the material contained here precedes both split tapes released prior. Gandr is a side-project of Vordr vocalist Gand, it´s primal black metal from Finland not unlike Vordr but with a dirtier sound leaning even more towards Ildjarn."

Gangrenator (NO)  "Tales From A Thousand Graves" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Apocalyptic Empire)
"GANGRENATOR is a resurrection of dirty, rotten dystopian sci-fi/ horror, real, true old Grind/Death Metal featuring members from DØDHEIMSGARD, CODE, and THORNS! Their debut-album is a collection of hooded ghouls, mangling murders and heavy gravestones of Grinding Death Metal!"

Gathiens (US)  "Nesh" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Murkhouse Recordings-MHR001)
"Heavy, psychedelic, atmospheric instrumental rock music. Originally planned to be released by Battle Kommand Records, the band and label parted ways prematurely before this was released. Gathiens have been compared to the likes of Boris, Pelican, and Shora, among others, but this is NOT just another post-metal album."

Geïst (DE)  "Kainsmal" -digicd 10.00EUR
(2006-Cold Dimension-DIMENSION5)
"Geïst´s 2nd album veils and unveils grim wistfulness and melancholy as well as gloomy misgivings and the mystic of nature."

Gelsomina (FI)  "Phythogenetics: Collection" -cd 11.00EUR
(Tugrid Animal)
"Having released dozen´s of tapes, CDs and vinyl it was never going to be an easy task to wittle it all down to CD length but through the critical eyes of the man himself, Pekka has managed to pull together 74 minutes of what he considers the best of his Gelsomina. Essential Harsh Noise document by a now defunct but legendary project."

Gelsomina+noXivic (FI)  "Furnace" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Some Place Else-SPECD07044)
"Furnace is an unlikely yet strangely natural union of no Xivic, renowned sculptor of dark electro-acoustic soundscapes, and Gelsomina, Finland´s most prolific harsh noise artist. In addition to this, both artists created exclusive tracks on their own to complete the album."

Genocide (DE)  "Apocalyptic Visions" -cd 12.00EUR
"After the demo "In Abhorrence Of Mankind" and the single "Blasphemic Terrorism" Genocide finally attacks with their first full length album entitled "Apocalyptic Visions"."

Genocide Shrines (LK)  "Devanation Monumentemples" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2012-Cyclopean Eye Prod.)
"Genocide Shrines is a 4 member Occult Death Metal band from Colombo, Sri Lanka drawing its ideological influences from Tantra/Spiritual Warfare, Arrack, and devotion to the Lankan Demon King Raavan. Musically, Genocide Shrines brings to mind bands such as Incantation, Archgoat, Coffins and Teitanblood."

Gentleman´s Pistols (UK)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Rise Above-RISECD098)
"This is an incredible dose of hard rockin retro metal. JIMI HENDRIX and WITCHCRAFT fans pay attention."

Gestapo666  "Nostalgiah" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Black Seed Prod.-SEED010)
"Eight hymns of radical gestapo metal. The Gestapo of Satan returns with their 2nd album."

Ghast (UK)  "May the Curse Bind" -cd 12.00EUR
"May the Curse Bind is GHAST’s debut album, a record that will bring them much deserved attention. No band has collided Doom and Black Metal into such a crushing and bleak recording. As crushing and morbid as it is fierce and aggressive! Ghast’s sound is now crystallized on CD and presented for your agony."

Ghost Kommando (CH)  "Abraxas Rising" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2014-Breath of Pestilence)
"The Swiss Ghost Kommando returns with a new MCD delving into the mysteries of Abraxas. Five new tracks + intro and outro (circa 25 minutes)."

Ghostrider (IT)  "Return of the ghost" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-FOAD Records)
"The ghost is back to spread his unholy shadow of horror and darkness! GHOSTRIDER, the infernal horde that generated the Italian metal legend NECRODEATH over 25 years ago has come back to life with a new desecrating assault of old school blackened Thrash filled with rawness and intensity."

Ghäst/Abandoner  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-At War With False Noise)
"The two Ghäst tracks are painfully slow, heavy and unrelentingly repetitive funeral dirges of ultradoom. Think Moss/Burning Witch/Corrupted etc. Abandoner is Jay and Ryan from Unearthly Trance but this is a different proposition altogether: post-indutrial soundscapes, this is almost like an alternative soundtrack to Eraserhead."

Gloomy Sunday (SE)  "Beyond Good and Evil" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Solitude Records)
"Debut album of Sweden band Gloomy Sunday "Beyond Good And Evil" executed in stoner sludge doom style. Music in vein of Electric Wizard, EyeHateGod and Crowbar will suit all extreme doom-metal fans´ tastes."

Gloria Diaboli (CA)  "Gate to Sheol" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Total Holocaust Records-THR-97)
"A masterful debut for anyone who has a taste for a totally untraditional approach of Orthodox Black Metal. Also the two tracks from Gloria Diaboli´s first EP 7" is added onto this disc."

Glorior Belli (FR)  "Meet Us at the Southern Sign" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Candlelight Records-CANDLE112)
"The French outfit redeems itself with one of the more intriguing black metal records. The production is still precious, but Infestvvs seems to be inspired by his other band, Obscurus Advocam. Thus, mid-paced trudges abound, with occasional blastbeat passages."

Gnome (JP)  "Silent Scream" -cd 10.00EUR
(2012-Zero Dimensional Records)
"Japanese one man nature worship dark metal band from the late 90´s. The CD contains all tracks from 2nd demo "Under the Black Moon", split tape with Nyarlathotep, and unreleased track which was supposed to be released as split EP with Hurosoma on Somber Rec. Mixture of rock based middle tempo riffs and black metal weirdness."

Goat Thrower (US)  "Savage Souls in Sodom" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Bestial Burst)
"Black metal. Sabbatic Goat and The Mad Arab are back! Everything from the band name, pseudonyms, lyrics, vocals to artwork and over all mayhem is crazy and over-the-top! The CD has 9 new tracks + as bonus their song from the split 7"EP with Lisa the Wolfe."

Goatlord (US)  "Demo ’87 / Reh ’88" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"The tracks on Demo ’87 were clearly a necessary stepping stone in the descent towards the black doom death rituals that would later become further explored on subsequent recordings. The “Reh. ’88” recording, which until this point was unavailable to the public, on the other hand is the most primitive document in the band’s archive."

Goatlord (US)  "Reflections of the Solstice" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH054)
"The classic 1991 debut, and only album, from the infamous Las Vegas black death doom band Goatlord." Highly recommended!

Goatlord (US)  "Sodomize the Goat" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"Following the release of their first demo, aptly titled “Demo ’87,” Goatlord made a conscious effort to modify their musical approach in such a way that would eventually lead to their present-day status as visionaries in the subgenre of black doom metal."

Goatlord (US)  "The Last Sodomy of Mary" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH057)
"The last nail in the coffin for Goatlord. The Last Sodom of Mary collects all remaining rehearsals, live recordings and radio show recordings of Goatlord. Many of the songs featured on the release are unreleased and were originally meant to be used on the second album."

Goatmoon (FI)  "S/T" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
(***-2016-Bestial Burst)
"The classic 2009 "owl" tape/vinyl EP coupled with a previously unreleased, raging, rehearsal session from the same year, making it a full length album. Presented in a stunning bright green digipak sleeve. Finnish national romantic black metal that does not compromise."

Goatmoon (FI)  "Son of the Northwind" -mcd 6.00EUR
(2012-Bestial Burst)
National romantic Black Metal.

Goatpenis (BR)  "Alliance for War + Bonus" -cd + dvd 12.00EUR
(Pagan War)
"Re-issue of the long out of print Goatpenis CD/DVD. Essentially 3 old demo tracks re-recorded, with the ´Ill Alliance For War´ DVD."

Goatpenis (BR)  "Apocalypse War" -cd 12.00EUR
(Pagan War)
Not to be confused with EP with the same name.

Goatpenis (BR)  "Apocalypse War" -cd 12.00EUR
(2015-Pagan War)
"This EP contains 5 brand new studio recordings, 6 live songs, and two rehearsal tracks."

Goatpenis/Kurgall  "Satanic Terror Weapons" -cd 12.00EUR
(Pagan War)

Goreaphobia (US)  "Apocalyptic Necromancy" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"Legendary Philadelphia death metal battalion GOREAPHOBIA has forces with Dark Descent Records for the release of the band´s long-anticipated new full-length album, "Apocalyptic Necromancy"."

Gorephilia (FI)  "Ascend to Chaos" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"Twenty-eight minutes from these new Finnish masters of brutality. Six putrid slabs of Death Metal owe as much to old Finnish death legends as they do to prime-time Morbid Angel and Sadistic Intent. Gorephilia´s darkness-soaked brand of death metal is in full-force and "Ascend to Chaos" represents their true introduction to the world."

Gorgon/Ordo Templi Aeternae Luci (FR)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Dernier Bastion)
"After seven long years of curses and waiting this split is now available for the first time. 5 tracks + 1 cover from each band in the purest and mighty Gorgon´s and OTAL´s way. Necromantical Concilium Black Metal. Co-release with D.U.K.E. and Exh Goéthie."

Gorgoroth (NO)  "Bergen 1996" -digimcd 9.00EUR
(2007-Regain Records-RR127)
"Formerly released in 666 copies on Malicious Records as "The last tormentor". Now digitaly remastered."

Gorgoroth (NO)  "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt" -cd 14.50EUR
(2009-Regain Records)
"After a tumultuous three years, Infernus returns with a new Gorgoroth lineup, including the return of Pest on vocals and introducing bassist Boddel (of Obituary). ´Quantos Possunt...´ marks the return of Infernus as main Gorgoroth songwriter, and fans of the band´s previous work will surely not be disappointed."

Gorugoth (JP)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Zero Dimensional Records)
"Japanese one man black metal from the early 90´s. A compilation of demo tracks. Dark, solemn and obscure black metal"

Gospel of the Future (CZ)  "S/T" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2007-Epidemie Records)
"Their debut album of the same title. 8 heavy gloomy sludge / metal evil compositions shall bring pleasure to all lovers of Neurosis, Boris or High on Fire. The album comes out in 6 panels digisleeve."

Grav (SE)  "Dit inget ljus kan nå" -digipak 13.00EUR
(2014-Blut & Eisen)

Grave (SE)  "Back from the Grave" -cd 12.00EUR
(2002-Century Media)
"Regarded as a trailblazer of the Swedish death metal underground, the mighty Grave returned after a 5-year hiatus with a new studio full-length of pummelling vocals, beyond-crunchy guitar tones and no lack of morbid aggression."

Grave (SE)  "Dominion VIII" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Regain Records-RR140)
"The masters of old-school Swedish Death Metal return with a blast!"

Grave (SE)  "Exhumed (A Grave Collection)" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Century Media)
"Some of Sweden´s finest death metal, featuring 18 remastered songs spanning the band´s career, liner notes from Ian Christe, lyrics and photos."

Grave (SE)  "Fiendish Regression" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Century Media)
"Grave are considered by many to be the pioneers of the Swedish Death Metal scene, alongside Entombed and Unleashed. After a six-year recording hiatus, Grave returned with the absolutely menacing comeback album Back From The Grave."

Grave Desecrator (BR)  "Insult" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Foregoing fifth-generation clones of newer hordes, GRAVE DESECRATOR drive deep into the roots of South American darkness with nuclear-powered blackgrind rife with psychotic solos and eldritch dread, all whilst never losing sight of "song" over "chaos." Full-moon rituals and alcoholic rites - GRAVE DESECRATOR spit the gravest "Insult"!"

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Endless Pilgrimage" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
(***-2016-Sepulchral Voice)
"`Endless Pilgrimage´ sees GRAVE MIASMA follow-up their `Odori Sepulcrorum´ milestone album by taking their sound further into darker, more atmospheric and more progressive territory channeling some of their most challenging, aggressive, and most advanced material to date."

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Exalted Emanation" -digimcd 10.00EUR
(***-2009-Sepulchral Voices)
"Insane and awe-inspiring UKDM."

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Odori Sepulcrorum" -cd 13.50EUR
(***-2013-Sepulchral Voice)
"Odori Sepulcrorum promises to mark the next stage of the Death Metal evolution. Contained are eight tracks of the heaviest, darkest and most noxious Death Metal in existence."

Grave Miasma (UK)  "Realm of Evoked Doom" -mcd 10.00EUR
(***-2010-Nuclear Winter Records)
"After poor distribution and incredibly high demand, NWR presents this CD edition featuring improved sound and packaging as well as one outtake and two dungeonic rehearsal tracks – a total of five songs plus intro, clocking at more than 31 minutes. Prepare yourself for true occult death metal darkness and obscurity!"

Grave Upheaval (AU)  "" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"Primeval ritual of cavernous death metal. Emaciated with seeping marrow of fractured bones and murmuring wounds of ruined flesh: VII oblations of miasmal shamanic katabasis. Comes with a booklet."

Gravehill (US)  "When All Roads Lead to Hell" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"Hailing from the urban wasteland of Southern California, Gravehill combines death metal sensibilities with thrash metal madness arriving at a sound which can be described as hellish and punishing."

Graveland (PO)  "Drunemeton" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Forever Plagued Records-FPR016)
"Originally recorded in November 1992, this promo was released after the first demo. This was truly the beginning for what was to become one of the most hateful black metal bands of all time. Filled with absolute passion and disgust, this truly paved the way for the Polish black metal underground."

Graveland (PO)  "Following the Voice of Blood" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2005-No Colours-NC012)

Graveland (PO)  "Immortal Pride" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-Forever Plagued Records)
""Immortal Pride" is the sound track to natural order untainted by the western world. Here only the strong survive and there is no place for political tyranny only survival by the sword and immortalization by valor and honour."

Graveland (PO)  "In The Glare Of Burning Churches" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-Forever Plagued Records)
"The screams on the alternative version which is used on this reissue vibrates straight into the core of the darkest side of your mind. Tracklisting on this reissue has the alternative demo and EP that was used on the No Colours version but also has a few bonus tracks from Epilogue and the regular demo."

Graveland (PO)  "Necromanteion" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2009-Forever Plagued Records-FPR017)
"The demo that started it all for an unknown Polish band, later to become one of the most infamous of all time. Do not support any other release of this on CD as this is the first and only official release for "Necromanteion". This will also include the 92 promo that followed and was released before the "Drunemeton" promo tape."

Graveland (PO)  "Pamięć i przeznaczenie" -cd 12.00EUR

Graveland (PO)  "Prawo Stali" -cd 12.00EUR

Graveland (PO)  "Sharpening the thousand swords" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Those Opposed Records)
"GRAVELAND in the rehearsal room in 1995 preparing the recording of the cult "Thousand Swords" album."

Graveland (PO)  "The Celtic Winter" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-Forever Plagued Records)
"One of the most hateful black metal bands of all time! The sound, atmosphere, lyrics, and raw aggression of Celtic Winter can easily conjure up some of the most hateful emotions, and over most of the highest regarded black metal bands of the last few decades."

Graveland/Honor (PO)  "Raiders of Revenge" -digipak 13.00EUR

Graveland/Nokturnal Mortum/North/Temnozor  "Eastern Hammer" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Stellar Winter Records)
"20 pages booklet with photos and lyrics of the bands. Limited to 999 copies."

Graven (DE)  "The Shadows Eternal Call" -cd 11.00EUR
(2005-Undercover Records-UCR0421)
"GRAVEN anno 2005 focus on what they always did best, which is simple and very grim oldschool Black Metal in the early BATHORY meets DARKTHRONE vein."

Graves at Sea/Sourvein (US)  "Split" -cd 12.50EUR
(2014-Seventh Rule Recordings)
"Two of doom metal´s mightiest of feedback-laden riff worshippers - Portland´s GRAVES AT SEA and Cape Fear´s SOURVEIN - have united in sound, mind and spirit for the ultimate split of earth-smoldering amplifier worship."

Gravewürm (US)  "Black Fire" -cd 12.00EUR
"6th full-length album! Raw and primitive Black/Death Metal! This necromantical masterpiece is fucking recommended to all Nunslaughter, Hellhammer, early Cianide, Profanatica, Slaughter but also Countess and Inquisition maniacs."

Gravewürm (US)  "Funeral Empire" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Time Before Time Records-DEATH049)
"Raw and primitive Black/Death Metal, 5th full-length. Morbid Metal Cult since 1990! Recommended to all Nunslaughter, Hellhammer, early Cianide, Profanatica and Slaughter maniacs!"

Gravewürm (US)  "Into Battle" -cd 12.00EUR
(2003-Barbarian Wrath)
"Ever deeper the GRAVEWÜRM gnaws into the bowels of Death Metal to feast once more..."

Gravewürm (US)  "Under the Banner of War" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Barbarian Wrath)
"Thundering Black Thrash. Another chapter in the GRAVEWÜRM saga."

Graveyard (SE)  "Hisingen Blues" -digicd 15.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear Blast)
"With wide influences spreading throughout different genres, GRAVEYARD always stay top notch in what they do – giving the listener a broadened spectrum of emotions, moods & feelings. BLACK SABBATH meets ROLLING STONES meets LED ZEPPELIN meets JANIS JOPLIN..." Recommended!

Graveyard (SP)  "One with the Dead" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Black Seed Prod.)
"Awaited full-lenght debut album of Graveyard! Pure timeless classic Death Metal masterpiece! Mastered by Dan Swäno at Unisound Studios."

Grief (US)  "Come to Grief" -cd 12.00EUR
"Originally released in 1994 on Century Media records this reissue features expanded artwork and an unreleased track the band recorded for a horror movie. This long out of print masterpiece of Grief´s classic sludge/doom release, is finally available again."

Grift (SE)  "Syner" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
"The harbinger of southern Swedish melancholy has returned! The combination of stripped-down metal music and traditional folk music has since the beginning been the hallmark of GRIFT, and so it continues."

Griftegård (SE)  "Solemn, Sacred, Severe" -digicd 12.00EUR
"Traditional doom ranging from emotionally crushing and melodic to solemn peace. What separates Griftegård from their paragons is that they´re slower, almost moving at a funeral doom pace yet avoiding the usual dullness and lack of cohesion of the representatives of the genre."

Grifteskymfning (SE)  "Demo 2008" -digipak 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Darker Than Black)
"Swedish Black Metal."

Grim Funeral (SP)  "A Grim Funeral to the Soul of This World" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Total Holocaust Records-THR-116)
"An embrace of desolation engulfs the last dying breath of mankind. There are many contenders to the throne, but none that has made such a clear mark with his own sound and distinctive personality. The foremost Funeral Black Metal album that has been spat up on this foul earth. Hang your head low and let death speak for itself."

Grimoire (CA)  "L´aorasie des spectres rêveurs" -mcd 8.00EUR
"Quebecois black metallers GRIMOIRE return with a new EP, L´aorasie des spectres rêveurs. GRIMOIRE might seem like a new band and thus L´aorasie des spectres rêveurs its first proper introduction to the international black metal scene, but the band is the sole vision of erstwhile Forteresse/Csejthe member Fiel."

Gruel (UK)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-At War With False Noise)
"CD issue of this instant classic of avant-sludge. This is the only recording Gruel made, or will ever make since they announced their recent split, and what a testament it is! Like The Melvins playing King Crimson´s "Red" album, this is at both theatrical, beautifully composed, and troglodyte-ianly heavy."

Grunt/Montage  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(Monotype Records-MN005)
"Grunt delivers half & half harsh noise wall and extremely raw and painful power electronics. All studio live recording. Montage delivers also mix of p.e. rhythms and harsh noise."

Gräfestein (DE)  "Silence Endless" -cd 8.00EUR
(2005-Black Hate Productions)
Raw and Hatelful Black Metal.

Guillotine (BR)  "Metal in the Vein" -cd 12.00EUR
"Another new star on the NWOBTM (new wave of Brazilian Thrash metal) sky! Raw thrashing madness In the same league as Violator, Farscape, Bywar, Necronomicon Beast. Songtitles like “Sodomized in Hell”, “Thrashing the Poser”, “Sexthrash”(!) etc. tell enough. These guys are mean business!"

Haar (UK)  "2012 EP" -mcd 8.00EUR
"Haar, named after the North Sea fog that envelops part of Eastern Scotland, are producing some of the most interesting and avant-garde Black Metal in the UK. Their two releases, EP 2010 and EP 2012 have been deservedly compared to two masters of this field – Norway’s Virus and Ved Buens Ende!"

Haare (FI)  "Madon Evankeliumi" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-At War With False Noise)
"New cd out now on At war with false noise. Heavy, psychedelic, chaotic... Some source sounds provided by O.Pearson, D.Finbow and C.Chantler."

Haatstrijd (NL)  "Cacodaemony" -digibook 14.00EUR
(2006-Sadolust Records-LUSTCD666)
"After more then two years of silence, Haatstrijd gave birth to their debut full-length entitled ´Cacodaemony´. Seven new tracks are featured on this pitch black monument of sincere Satanic devotion. To become as the wind that turns the mountain into sand.."

Habsyll (FR)  "S/T" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Odio Sonoro-ODIO-07)
"2 SONGs in 45 minutes of terrible, dark and slow Drone Doom & Kraut Rock. For fans of bands like Khanate, Sunno))), Monarch, Moss, Corrupted, Abruptum, Teeth Of The Lion Rule Divine, etc."

Hades (NO)  "The Dawn Of The Dying Sun" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2014-Hammerheart Records)
"Three years after their excellent debut album …Again Shall Be, these Norwegian masters of raw viking black metal released another excellent effort that can be easily considered as a milestone for the genre and their best album ever."

Hades (NO)  "…Again Shall Be" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-Hammerheart Records)
"The album has melodic structures built upon melodic structures, all of which drift through powerfull rythm progressions, and at base contain the essence of Black/Viking Metal. Undoubtedly the record has one of the best products to come from their scene (which competition was tough to say the least), and the release didn´t quite get the recognition it deserved."

Hades Almighty (NO)  "The Pulse of Decay" -cd 7.00EUR
(2004-Dark Essence)

Haemoth (FR)  "In Nomine Odium" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2011-Debemur Morti)
"French aural terrorists HAEMOTH return with seven singeing psalms of uncompromising Satanik supplication."

Haemoth (FR)  "Mortuales Delecti (The Demonik Prophecies)" -cd 12.00EUR
"Contains material from all demos of the band. Limited to 500 copies only."

Hail (FI)  "Bestial Storms of the Abyssic Pit" -demo cd 6.00EUR
In the beginning, there was molten lava and insects ruled the Earth. More primitive sounds of the early stages in Hail´s evolution. An unreleased demo from 2001. Pro-printed CD.

Hail (FI)  "Inheritance of Evilness" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
(***-2017-Triumphant Transgressions)
Ancient black death metal.

Hail (FI)  "Lawgiver" -mcd 8.00EUR
Black Death Metal. From Möllerian war strategies to Copernican re-evaluations. Originally featured as bonus tracks on "Inheritance of Evilness" DLP (2008).

Hakenkreuz (NZ)  "Axis of Cosmos" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Graveless Slumber Records-GSR008)
"Savage semi-improvised bestial black/death à la Bestial Warlust."

Hallowed Butchery (US)  "Funeral Rites for the Living" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-Vendetta Records)
“This one-man-project brings you bizarre soundscapes between ambient, folk, industrial, progressive rock and heavy doom metal. Instead of the average doom repetitiveness, variety is the bottom line of this symphonic opus, ranging from soft melancholic acoustic passages to pure dark and slow funeral doom marches and weird synth fanfares."

Hammergoat (BR)  "Regeneration through Depopulation... " -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Damnation)
"Bestial War Metal of Death! 30 minutes of Bestial War Metal of Death, the bastard sons of BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT, BESTIAL WARLUST and early SARCOFAGO! Includes a coversion of Sarcofago´s "The Black Vomit"."

Hate Eternal (US)  "I, Monarch" -cd 14.00EUR
"Third album of unbelievable brutality from these vicious, technically-skilled blastattack kings."

Hate Forest (2009)  "Dead But Dreaming" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Primitive Reaction-PR022)
"Slavonic elite black metal! Contains last unreleased material of this band, 3 studio and 4 live tracks. Live tracks are extremely raw and primitive yet fairly good sounding. Dead But Dreaming is the memory of true East-European black metal golden dawn."

Hate Forest (UA)  "The Gates" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2014-Those Opposed Records)
"Official re-release of The Gates mini-album. 2 lengthy tracks of ambient/black metal soundscapes. Re-released with updated artwork on 4-panel digisleeve CD. Included are 3 never-published demo-recordings of HATE FOREST album tracks making this CD 50 minutes long."

Hateful Abandon (UK)  "Famine" -cd 12.00EUR
"With the recording of "Famine (or into the Bellies of Worms)" complete, it is now possible to state with absolute confidence: Hateful Abandon is England’s finest, most unique new band. Dark pop, post-punk and a hint of black metal collide in dream-like anthems of deeply personal and lurid art." Recommended!

Hateful Abandon (UK)  "LIARS/BASTARDS" -cd 12.00EUR
"A work of industrial menace and production line boot stomping violence. Mechanical rhythm, metal and concrete, pipe, wires and soil." Recommended!

Hateful Abandon (UK)  "Move" -cd 12.00EUR
"Move is the long anticipated follow-up to Famine. The music is darker, the lyrics are bleaker. Influence remains from seventies and eighties visionaries Killing Joke, Dead Can Dance, Joy Division, The Cure; and a background in Black Metal, though these are only pointers to the distinctive sound Hateful Abandon have managed to refine on Move."

Havohej (US)  "Kembatinan Premaster" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2009-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS033)
"The second full-length album is now complete! Deemed to be the grand master of unholy darkness and black perversion, "Kembatinan Premaster" destroys all past work & is the definite Havohej ritual to be observed by ALL devotees of the genre."

HAXXAN (US)  "Loch Ness Rising" -cd 12.00EUR
(2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Although "new" in name, HAXXAN features underground legend Killjoy DeSade (Necrophagia) on vocals and synth. Formed by Killjoy and guitarist Shawn Slusarek, the duo decided to write material that had an old-school black metal vibe, citing such influences as Beherit, Archgoat, and Blasphemy with hints of Candlemass and Mercyful Fate."

HAXXAN (US)  "Loch Ness Rising" -digipak 14.00EUR
(2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Although "new" in name, HAXXAN features underground legend Killjoy DeSade (Necrophagia) on vocals and synth. Formed by Killjoy and guitarist Shawn Slusarek, the duo decided to write material that had an old-school black metal vibe, citing such influences as Beherit, Archgoat, and Blasphemy with hints of Candlemass and Mercyful Fate."

Hayras (FR)  "Sombre Destin" -cd 11.00EUR
(2006-Nykta Records-NYKTA017)
"Hayras is the spirit of Rost well known from his contribution in numerous cult French acts (Seigneur Voland, Blessed in Sin...). Sombre Destin brings Black Metal back to 1993, with the sinister way of French expert."

Head of the Demon (SE)  "S/T" -cd 10.00EUR
"HEAD OF THE DEMON´s first CD is a sepulchral, doom-laden slab of occult black/death metal that´s Lovecraftian in intent and aims for the abyss. With Kaamos members."

Headhunter DC (BR)  "...and the Sky Turns to Black... (The Dark Age Has Come)" -cd 11.00EUR
"A masterpiece of blameless, non-trendy and brutal Death Metal."

Headhunter DC (BR)  "God´s Spreading Cancer" -cd 11.00EUR
"Total Death Metal domination. Headhunter plays their death metal solid and vicious, sometimes at a not-quite-breakneck pace, but they’re equally adept at a positively destructive mid-tempo lumber."

Heartless (CN)  "Suicidal Engagement" -cd 13.00EUR
(2008-Pest Productions-PEST010)
"The debut album of the one man depressive black metal band from Shandong, China. Misanthropic depressive riffs and insane voices! This album is also the No.001 product of Pest Prod´s Self-Destruction Series. For all fans of Make A Change Kill Yourself and Bethlehem!"

Heavy Lord (NL)  "Chained To The World" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Solitude Productions-SP016)
"Brand new album by the Dutch riff masters of sludge/doom! Compared to the previous record: From Cosmos to Chaos, the music became more brutal and destructive. Presence of mature musical skills, make the band one of the representatives of the genre."

Heavy Lord (NL)  "The Holy Grail" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Solitude Productions-SP027)
"Re-release of the demo album from 2004 of one of the leading Dutch Sludge-Doom bands. One hour of aggressive, stoned, and ground shaking Sludge. Bonus track "Get Down There You Bitch" has been recorded for this rerelease only."

Hebosagil (FI)  "Colossal" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Kaos Kontrol-K/K013)
"This five-piece from Northern Finland boldly mold their colossus from diverse influences and elements, their approach ranging from slow, crushing doom to violent hardcore bursts and riff-heavy sludge, all forced through unhealthy doses of distortion and performed with fiercely rocking energy."

Hebosagil (FI)  "Cosmic" -mcd 8.00EUR
"A million deaf sludge-freaks cannot be wrong. Alas, the re-release, or the first official release, of Cosmic EP is here. Armed with all new cover art and for the first time a lyrics sheet, this Extended Play is colder, more death metal, more overdriven, and more earth shattering than pretty much anything imaginable. Cosmic indeed."

Hebosagil (FI)  "Lähtö" -cd 12.00EUR
"From the fallout, the radiometers are detecting remnant radiation from Slayer and Melvins, while the cockroaches may still recognise the brutal beat of Radiopuhelimet and Unsane. Musically, Hebosagil’s Lähtö relies equally on their previous material and on turning a new page."

Heimdalls Wacht (DE)  "Nichtorte - Oder die Geistreise des Runenschamanen" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Heidens Hart)
"Highly anticipated proper and deserved release of Heimdalls Wacht´s latest and most important album. Authentic and nostalgic pagan black metal."

Helcaraxë (US)  "Broadsword" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Regimental Records-REG056)
"Heathen Death Metal. Those who like their death metal both heavy and complex should look no further than this! For fans of early Amorphis and Unleashed."

Heldentum (DE)  "Waffenweihe" -cd 12.00EUR
German Pagan Black Metal.

Helel (FR)  "A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh" -digimcd 10.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0046)
"Unleashing a torrent of noise from the decaying landscapes of the modern age, HELEL oppresses the unwary with four brutal tracks of industrialised insanity."

Helgedom (SE)  "Svartkonst" -cd 13.00EUR
(2016-Darker Than Black)
"Raw and primitive Black Metal dealing with Dark Germanic Heathenism. Incl. bonus tracks."

Hell Darkness  "Rockin´ Underground" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Doomentia Records)
"Extremely dirty rockin´ metal, like the most black n’roll riffs of Hellhammer and Darkthrone played by Lemmy in 1980 and sung by ‘Bestial Devastation’-era Max Cavalera! Debut album."

Hell Militia (FR)  "Jacob´s Ladder" -digicd 16.00EUR
(2012-Season of Mist)

Hell Militia (FR)  "last station on the road to death" -digibook 13.00EUR
(2010-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0063)
"Hell Militia has the sole intention of delivering intelligent, dedicated Black Metal. Hell Militia has evolved independently into a genuine, bona-fide band. The sophomore album "last station on the road to death" - is darker, subtler, more focused and more mature than anything the band has recorded hitherto."

Hell Spirit (FI)  "Dawn Under Curse" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Saturnal Records)
"Long-anticipated debut album of HELLSPIRIT is finally here! DAWN UNDER CURSE offers raw, warlike and epic black metal with solid roots in thrash and heavy metal."

Hellbox (FI)  "Infernothing" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Deviance Records-DEV002)
"Black Thrash Metal."

Hellish Crossfire (DE)  "Bloodrust Scythe" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-I Hate Records)
"Germany´s Hellish Crossfire deliver raw, filthy thrashing aggression on their second album. ´Bloodrust Scythe´ does their forefathers like Sodom and Darkness proud, and proves them to be one of the best in Germany´s new breed of traditional thrash metal violence!"

Hellrealm (US)  "Hell is Here on Earth" -cd 5.00EUR
(2006-The Number Thirteen Productions-13001)
"Hellrealm is sickness, hatred, fear, lies, filth, shame, complete corruption and total spiritual destruction. Tainted audio/words/visuals for poisoning hearts, defiling minds & ruining soul. Hear the words of hell. See hell unfold before your eyes. Cast the spell. Fall under the trance. Release the hell within." For VON, Bathory & Scepter fans.

Hellvetron (US)  "Death Scroll Of Seven..." -digicd 13.00EUR
(2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"A black doom ceremony of death spewing from the Mouth of Hell, Hellvetron´s debut full-length ritual emerges through the threshold into a manifestation of obscure hell psalms of death. "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It´s Infernal Majesties" will be a tribute to the Qliphothic Tree of Death, Seven Hells, and it´s infernal hierarchy."

Hellvetron (US)  "Death Scroll Of Seven..." -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"A black doom ceremony of death spewing from the Mouth of Hell, Hellvetron´s debut full-length ritual emerges through the threshold into a manifestation of obscure hell psalms of death. "Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And It´s Infernal Majesties" will be a tribute to the Qliphothic Tree of Death, Seven Hells, and it´s infernal hierarchy."

Helvetespine (NO)  "Frykten og Mennesket" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Stellar Winter Records)
"Painful, Distant and Dismal Black Metal from Norway, with it´s etherial, cold and melancholic atmosphere similiar to STRID, FORGOTTEN WOODS and NARGAROTH´s most haunted creations. A nightmare passage through the depression and torment. This is the long awaited return of the hateful spirit behind the dead ex-MARERITT project."

Herem (FI)  "Pulsa diNura" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Rusty Crowbar Records)
Oppressive sludge, riff oriented stoner, laid-back doom and a slight touch of coarse death metal - they´re all here but none of them in a dominant role. Pulsa diNura is the soundtrack of brimstone rain lashing from the sky while avoiding easy classifications and manerisms.

Heretic (NL)  "Black Metal Holocaust" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records-KBTMT-CD003)
"FEAR THE RETURN! After eight years of waiting, the repress of Netherlands most hated Black Metal band is officially released. We will bring chaos to piss you off! 42 minutes of purest black metal desecration with a lot of ROCK N´ ROLL influences. Aggression will remain after listening to that album."

Heretoir (DE)  ".Existenz." -mcd 9.00EUR
(2009-Pest Productions-PEST018)
"5 solitude songs from Black Metal/Shoegaze project "Heretoir" delivering nostalgia, melancholy and a glimmer of hope... You will really be empathized! For fans of Amesoeurs and Lantlôs."

Herrschaft (FR)  "Tesla" -cd 12.00EUR
"Futuristic Electro Metal influenced by Modern Black Metal and Harsh EBM! “TESLA” is here to prove to the fans of Metal and Dark Electro that the union of these atypical genres has found a new name... "

Hesperus Dimension (PO)  "Mental Electricity MMVII" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2008-Diachell Musik)
"Industrial Black Metal for fans of ABORYM, DHG, THORNS. Feat. Faust (ex-Emperor, Aborym) as a guest. Limited & handnumbered to 500 copies. Comes with a slipcase.

Hetroertzen (SE)  "Ain Soph Aur" -cd 12.00EUR
Black metal.

Hetroertzen (CL)  "Exaltation of Wisdom" -cd 12.00EUR
Black Metal.

Hetroertzen/Dødsengel  "Capax Infiniti" -digipak cd 13.50EUR
"Majestic essence of Ancient vibrations. Two of the foremost and exciting groups conjoined in one Sacred Work."

Hetzer (PO)  "The Rise of Abaddon" -cd 12.00EUR
"Old school satanic death metal for fans of Angel Corpse, Necrovore, Sarcofago."

Hexenwald (DE)  "Descent, Rebirth and Black Light" -cd 12.00EUR
"The second chapter of raw doom evoking Occult Black Metal. Channeling diabolical sound frequencies into a serpentine journey of spiritual descent. A Germanic black ceremony, keeping the bands German roots alive in Vinland. The CD is limited to 500 hand numbered copies."

Hierophant (US)  "The Tome" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Solitude Productions-SP012)
"Long awaited re-release of cult Hierophant compilation which has previously been released on CD-R only, limited to 135 copies and became very rare these days. “The Tome” consist of 3EP’s ("Hierophant", "The Weight Of Winter" & "Autumn Dusk") and released on Gold CD with new layout designed by Xathagorra Mlandroth (Catacombs) itself."

Hierophant´s Descent (GR)  "The Apocalypse of Evil" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2014-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Ancient Black Metal following the paths marked out by Thou Art Lord, Necromantia & Rotting Christ. A must for those who worship the old spirit of the Hellenic scene."

Highgate (US)  "Black Frost Fallout" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Total Rust)
"If somehow you managed to miss that band and their hybrid of minimalist yet ultra-powerful doom, noise, sludge and grim black metal, here is your chance to get addicted to captivating and uplifting ugliness. If however you are the surviving victim of their oppressive sound, you know that it is yet another blessing."

Highgate (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Total Rust Records-TRUST010)
"The album of Kentucky sick trio Highgate offers 1 untitled track, but not less then 54 minutes of nasty Hybrid of minimalist Doom, experimental noise and grim Black Metal (think about a crossbreeding between Burzum and Eyehategod). Expect for a loud and heavy production and prepare yourself for the worse!"

Highgate (US)  "Shrines To The Warhead" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Total Rust Music)
"After two years of silence Highgate is back with another grim slab of sickness. Shrines to the Warhead delivers 4 noisy tracks of almost 45 minutes and shows once again their unique Crusty Doom/Black that is nasty, oppressive and suicidal."

Hinsidig (NO)  "I en Tidløs Høst" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2010-Blut & Eisen)
"6 mystical tracks of gloomy and eerie excellently produced Black Metal, with a playing time of over 56 minutes. Hinsidig evokes a reminiscent yet unique and distinct mood and renders homage to the cold northern darkness. Experience this manifold masterwork of grim bitterness, longing melancholy and resigned despair."

Hirilorn (FR)  "Litanies of Annihilation" -3xCD 33.00EUR
Pre-Deathspell Omega. Compilation of whole Hirilorn’s recordings available on CD. Three separate jewel case CDs housed in a box, each with a massive booklet."

Hjarnidaudi (NO)  "Pain:Noise:March" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Avantgarde Music-AV104)
"Norwegian psycho-doom monster HJARNIDAUDI and their 2006 recorded "Pain:Noise:March" album."

Hoath (FI)  "Codex II: Kether" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2006-Hammer of Hate-HOH005)
"HOATH is a manifestation of the occult sciences, teaching and ideologies, reflecting the deepest essence of Heretical Iron Will and Thelema. Musically in the style of Chaotic legends like Blasphemy and Sarcofago with a similar sinister atmosphere as VON reached with their demos!"

Hobb´s Angel of Death (AU)  "Heaven Bled" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Hell´s Headbangers)
"The long-awaited comeback album of HOBBS´ ANGEL OF DEATH. Helmed by one relentless maniac named Peter Hobbs, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH are one of the more unsung cult favorites of ´80s metal. "

Holocaustus/Odelegger  "Split" -cd 11.00EUR
(2005-Nykta-Nykta 10)
"Holocaustus is a sideproject of Flammentod and Odelegger is the work of Widar of Bilskirnir! Lo-fi black metal like Ildjarn etc. without sinking in the sea of mediocre copycats."

Honor (PO)  "Live Unplugged" -cd 12.00EUR

Hooded Menace (FI)  "Effigies of Evil" -digicd 13.00EUR
"‘Effigies Of Evil’ is the peak combination of Hooded Menace’s fascination with classic 90s death metal, prototypical 70s doom and cult horror flicks. ‘Effigies of Evil’ is a triumphant album of filth, sludge, riffs and groove that transforms cult heroes Hooded Menace into legitimate heavy metal icons."

Horna (FI)  "Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa" -cd 13.50EUR

Horna (FI)  "Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Woodcutrecords-CUT 036)

Horna (FI)  "Haudankylmyyden Mailla" -cd 12.00EUR
Raw Black Metal.

Horna (FI)  "Hiidentorni" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Woodcut Records-CUT048)
Black Metal. Re-issue available after being out of print for a long time.

Horna (FI)  "Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Woodcut Records-CUT050)
Black Metal. Re-issue available after being out of print for a long time.

Horna (FI)  "Pimeyden Hehku" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2007-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0029)
"Hideous hymns and hellish hallucinations merge with an indifferent, defiant worldview. No sermons; no eulogies - just pure, raw, inglorious dirt-crusted Finnish filth. That sound you hear is the righteous fleeing for their lives… but nobody will survive this discriminate attack." Recommended!

Horna (FI)  "Sotahuuto" -cd 12.00EUR
"On this album Horna has paid homage to Bathory, one of their inspirators and a legend of his own. The "Sotahuuto" cd features 9 songs in the vein of early Bathory as Horna´s devoted tribute, born through dark Finnish rites."

Horna (FI)  "Viha ja Viikate" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2003-Woodcut Records-CUT027)
Raw Black Metal. Incl. Carpathian Forest cover sung in Finnish. Simply the best Horna release so far.

Horna (FI)  "Vihan Tiellä" -cd 12.00EUR
"Finnish Black Metal pioneers recorded this live ritual in Athens in 2007. Professional sound meets unique track-list with the best songs from "Ääniä Yössä" LP, "Envaatnags Eflos..." LP, "Kohti Yhdeksän Nousua" LP and rare songs from "Viha Ja Viikate" EP, "Perimä Vihassa Ja Verikostossa" EP, "Envaatnags Eflos..." recording sessions."

Horna (FI)  "Ääniä Yössä" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP016)
"Immortalizing here their own vision of the Black Pest with known elements of their own like primitive raw production, catchy yet melancholic riffs and shrieked vocals. Musically speaking, Ääniä Yössä brings forth 43 minutes of a genious, dark & exquisite elixir of mid tempo riffs, finding their way directly under your skin."

Horna/Musta Surma (FI)  "Vihan Vuodet" -cd 12.00EUR
Raw Black Metal.

Horna/Sacrificia Mortuorum  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
"Raw as hell Black Metal by Finnish warmasters and their French companions. This gravedesecrating crime has everything real Black Metal requires: the true necrosound, tortured vocals and masterful melodies of snowclad nocturnal coldness. Near 40 minutes of a dark journey through the haunted old Black Metal cemeteries."

Horned Almighty (DK)  "Contaminating the Divine" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Art of Propaganda)
"After 3 years Horned Almighty has returned with a new album! Great black/thrash metal from Denmark with a powerful production and songs that destroy your mind!"

Horns (CL)  "Im Schein trüben Kerzenlichts" -digicd 14.00EUR
"A compendium of 13 hymns of death based in the old unchangeable art formulae. ´Im Schein Trüben Kerzenlichts´ is only for purists needing the old art to be as raw, moribund, unproduced and bare bone aggressive as it was in the early days."

Horrendous (US)  "The Chills" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Dark Descent Records)
"Horrendous mixes HM-2 sound with unique melody and solos creating memorable and terrific song-writing . This is no "retro" band but a band that has clearly created a nine-song death metal masterpiece which ends with the epic nine-minute closer "The Eye of Madness.""

Horse Latitudes (FI)  "Awakening" -cd 12.00EUR
"Who needs guitars? Apparently Finlands Horse Latitudes don’t. With two bass guitars this band unleashes the DOOM. Slow, heavy, ritualistic, emotional DOOM."

Hour of 13 (US)  "The Ritualist" -cd 15.00EUR
(2010-Northern Silence)
"Mixing elements of traditional Doom & Heavy Metal, Hour Of 13 have crafted a sound well deserved unto them. Result creates a nostalgic aura, reminding the listener of the early 80s and bands such as Pagan Altar, Ritual and old Mercyful Fate."

Hunok/Marblebog (HU)  "Split" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2006-Einsatzkommando Productions-EK05)
"The HUNOK/MARBLEBOG split is available on luxury digipack CD with silver print. The CD is limited to 1000 copies, comparing to the tape version it contains 1-1 bonus tracks from both formations and the whole stuff was remastered. Total playing time is ca. 48 minutes."

Hunters Moon (AU)  "The Serpents Lust" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS037)
"BLOOD FIRE DEATH! After a promising demo tape in 2006, "The Serpents Lust" mini-album is now unleashed featuring epic Black Metal in the spirit of the ancient cults... for die hards of Bathory, Morrigan, Primordial, etc. Played by current & former members of Denouncement Pyre and Nocturnal Graves."

Hyadningar (FR)  "The Weak Creation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Total Rust Records-TRUST014)
"The Weak Creation is the band´s second full-length album and it brings 8 tracks of black metal that is varied and sick (epic, yet raw and chaotic). Complex and unique song structures (lots of rhythm changes and sudden twists), powerful production and another insane vocal performance by Marquis (Bethlehem, Ataraxie, Funeralium)."

Hädanfärd (SE)  "Avoghetens Besvärtade Åkallelser" -digipak 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Darker Than Black)
Bitter Black Metal.

Hädanfärd (SE)  "Smutsiga sinnen" -digipak 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Darker Than Black)
Bitter & hateful Black Metal.

Hädanfärd (SE)  "Vederstyggelsens uppväckelse Part I" -digipak 13.00EUR
(***-2015-Blut & Eisen)

Hädanfärd (SE)  "Vederstyggelsens uppväckelse Part II" -digipak 13.00EUR
(***-2015-Blut & Eisen)

I Shalt Become (US)  "Requiem" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Darker Than Black-DTB015)
"I Shalt Become is back to reclaim the throne with "Requiem". One of the original founders of the USBM sound, I Shalt Become´s latest transcends even that in its haunting, ghostly glory and mind-warping majesty. "Filosofem" for a new generation!"

Ibex Throne (US)  "Total Inversion" -cd 12.00EUR
"Ibex throne has unleashed the next round of artillery and warfare aimed at allreligion and humanity. The future is lost, humanity is worthless, herald the end of existence and obtain this piece of black hatred. 8 new songs of blasphemous, Black Metal is Warfare, Not Music!!!"

IC Rex (FI)  "Vedenjakaja" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hammer of Hate-HOH024)
"The third full length album of IC REX, entitled Vedenjakaja (The Aquarius), is an icy & fiery veneration to the grand architect Lucifer, appearing in the age of Aquarius as the dissolutor of old forms and a giver of a new law. Musically IC REX takes a step into a more guitarbased Black Metal out of the symphonic synth material of the past."

Ignis Uranium (DE)  "Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency" -cd 12.00EUR
"Chaotic necro Thrash/Black Metal. IGNIS URANIUM recorded 9 powerful & well structured tracks for this album with a crushing production that you don´t hear often around. Variously influenced, they mix classic Black Metal with technical Thrash aggression and a heavy sound for the fans of THORNS, SATYRICON and ANGELCORPSE!"

Ignivomous (AU)  "Blood and Mercury" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"This collection contains all of the tracks from the Path of Attrition demo recording and the utterly flawless Eroded Void of Salvation EP as well as their track from the split 7" with Tzun Tzu. Also included is previously an unreleased song entitled Corpse of the Redeemer. Death Metal."

Ignivomous (AU)  "Death Transmutation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH132)
"Where the EP, while being more compositionally advanced than the demo, suffered slightly from less satisfying production, this album more effectively retains the natural sound of the instruments. The only influence one hears on “Death Transmutation” is the untainted traditional death metal of the early 1990’s."

Ildjarn (NO)  "Forest Poetry" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2013-Season of Mist)

Ildjarn (NO)  "Strength & Anger" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2013-Season of Mist)

Ildjarn/Hate Forest  "Those Once Mighty Fallen" -digicd 14.00EUR
"Both dead bands are presented with their lost and forgotten recordings, accidentally found not so long ago. ILDJARN´s songs were created in the dark year of 1994 and HATE FOREST´s- during cold winter nights of 2000-2001. Now, carefully re-mixed and re-mastered this audio- terror is available first time."

Ill Omen (AU)  "Compendium Melificarum – Esoterica" -cd 10.00EUR
(2015-Nuclear war now!)
"Spirit-devouring black metal drenched in bleak atmospheric reverberations. A collection of demo, rehearsal, live, and split tracks from the band’s archive."

Ill Omen (AU)  "Enthroning the Bonds of Abhorrence" -cd 10.00EUR
(2014-Nuclear War Now!)
"Ill Omen is the solo project of Australian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter known as IV (also recognized for his work in bands such as Nazxul and Temple Nightside). The music here is predominantly mid-paced and expansive and laced with passages both heavily melancholic and misanthropic."

Ill Omen (AU)  "Æ.Thy.Rift" -cd 11.00EUR
(2016-NWN! Prod.)
Ominous black metal.

Ill Omened (RU)  "Conflagration Roaring Hell" -cd 13.50EUR
"Long awaited debut release of vicious black metal from this Russian horde. Features former members of Pseudogod."

Imindain (UK)  "And the Living Shall Envy the Dead" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Weird Thruth Productions-WT025)
"1st album of UK mournful doom band Imindain. Dramatic song structure mixing aggression and tranquility. Everything is done in the way should be so. Mourn in despair and be doomed!"

Immolation (US)  "Close to a World Below" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2000-Metal Blade)

Immolation (US)  "Failures for Gods" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-1999-Metal Blade)

Immortal (NO)  "At the Heart of Winter" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-1999-Osmose Productions-OPCD079)

Immortal (NO)  "Battles in the North" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-1995-Osmose Productions-OPCD027)

Immortal (NO)  "Blizzard Beasts" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-1997-Osmose Productions)

Immortal (NO)  "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-1992-Osmose Productions-OPCD007)

Immortal (NO)  "Pure Holocaust" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-1993-Osmose Productions)

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Latex Cult" -digicd 13.00EUR
"The long out of print Latex Cult album was originally released in 1996. Now it has been remastered by mastering guru Mika Jussila and comes with extra live songs and totally new cover and layout."

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Manifest" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Osmose Productions-OPCDL200)

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Nihil" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-Osmose Productions-OPCD093)

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Suomi Finland Perkele - Motörpenis" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2001-Osmose Productions-OPCD118)

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Tol Cormpt Nor Norz Norz" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-1992-Osmose Productions)

Impaled Nazarene (FI)  "Ugra-Karma" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-1993-Osmose Productions-OPCD018)

Impavida (DE)  "Eerie Sceneries" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Ambient Black Metal, summoned the old way..."

Impious Baptism (AU)  "Wrath Of The Apex Predator" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Wrath of the Apex Predator. The sole creation of longtime scene veteran J. (NOCTURNAL GRAVES, ex-DESTRUKTOR, ex-DESTROYER 666), IMPIOUS BAPTISM bellow forth desecrating black metal in the ancient tradition of the early South American and Finnish masters."

Impurity (BR)  "Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis" -digipak 12.00EUR
"Prepare yourself for aggressive, bestial, ancient, dark, Black Death Metal in the truest barbaric Brazilian vein."

In Solitude (SE)  "Sister" -d 13.50EUR
(2013-Metal Blade)

Inarborat (DE)  "Inarborat" -cd 12.00EUR
"As an album having been heavily inspired by the traditional atmospheric black metal of the 90s, it utilizes harsh and cold guitar tunes, storming and thundering drums and carefully used synthesizers to wrest you into a 50 minutes lasting ivory tower dream. This is momotonous and varying, melodic and fightening. It´s black metal and emotion."

Incriminated (FI)  "Death Noize" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Northern Heritage)
"The ugliest and nastiest old school metal of death! For woshippers of filth. The best possible ending for the band to retire at the highest moments of their career. Previously 10” vinyl now also as mCD."

Incriminated (FI)  "Hypocride" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Primitive Reaction-PR017)
"Finally available on CD format. Pure old school death metal with really ugly and filthy touch. This MCD contains 4 tracks, total playing time 15.51 minutes and it comes with exclusive artwork."

Incriminated (FI)  "Possessed in Billnäs -live" -cd 12.00EUR
"Drunkenness, lewdness, blasphemy and profanaty. This album is an uncensored document of all the hell, it´s not technically perfect, but the energy is there... Jewelcase, booklet cover & inlay with gold paint. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies."

Infernal Curse (AR)  "Awakening of the damned" -cd 11.00EUR
(2012-Kill Yourself Prod.)
"Absolutely cavernous & horrific DEATH metal from the deepest Argentinean pits."

Infestus (DE)  "Chroniken des Ablebens" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0039)
"Charged with eternal darkness and nocturnal might, "Chroniken Des Ablebens" offers forth seven infectious spells, brimful of black magick and oozing a twisted, comforting malice."

Infestus (DE)  "The Reflecting Void" -digipak 13.00EUR
(2014-Debemur Morti)
"With this new imperial offering, INFESTUS transcends its own style at the frontiers of an emphatic and depressive Dark Metal and a refined Black Metal."

Inhumane Deathcult (FI)  "On Behalf of Satan" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Descending Towards Damnation)
"Aggression, devotion and varied atmosphere... Inhumane Deathcult returns more sinister and matured than before. From curse to curse you will be lead through nine songs with strong character and passion. Finnish Black Metal with total devotion."

Inkisitor (FR)  "Dysevangelist" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2011-Osmose Productions)
"Inkisitor is the ultimate force of Evil & Darkness. With this majestic album your suffocating pain will be their pleasure. Expect nothing else than PURE DEATH METAL!"

Inkisitor (FR)  "S/T" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Osmose Productions-OPCD223)
"Do not expect a clinical and disinfected record. Inkisitor is Black/Death Metal in the pure tradition, Fast, Dark and Raw!" Recommended!

Innsmouth (AU)  "Consumed by Elder Sign" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2014-Abysmal Sounds)
"In the Shadow of Innsmouth the goat with a thousand young hath borne a rumbling beast of rustic ye olde death metal from Australia. 2014 offering of old school mid paced doom & gloom in the vein of classics like Samael´s ´Blood Ritual´ & Rotting Christ´s ´Thy Mighty Contract´. Bow down before the great old ones!"

Inquisition (US)  "Anxious Death/Forever Under" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH042)
"Not many know that Inquisition was based out of Cali Colombia in the late 80s/early 90s and released a self financed 12″ EP in 1991 and a demo in 1993. They also used to play thrash metal in the Sadus/Kreator style! This release combines their 12″ EP and demo on one cd."

Inquisition (US)  "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial Zenith" -digibox 23.00EUR
(2016-Season of Mist)
"Incl. digipak version of the album with bonus track, flag, and patch."

Inquisition (US)  "Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)

Inquisition (US)  "Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer" -digipak 14.00EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)

Inquisition (US)  "Obscure Verses for The Multiverse" -cd 15.00EUR
(2013-Season of Mist)

Inquisition (US)  "Ominous Doctrines" -digipak 13.00EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
Deluxe custom diecut trifold packaging.

Insidious Omen (CA)  "Anointed with the Blood of Chaos" -mcd 8.00EUR
Anointed with the Blood of Chaos" is a searing monument to an eternal dark spiritual revolution in the meaningless nature of time and the frailty of such opposition. Marked with defiance and vision, their vicious black metal feasts on the wound that bore false light unto the earth and, in bitter devotion, serves only one cause - darkness. The official shipping date is 7th March.

Insidious Omen (CA)  "Upon This Throne of Waste and Decay" -cd 12.00EUR
Aggressive and vicious Canadian Black Metal, resembling the darkest moments of Judas Iscariot. Debut album.

Instinct (UK)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
"Melancholic Black Metal inspired by Pagan spiritualism and nature. Limited to 1000 copies. 2nd album."

Insult (SE)  "Abysmal Incantations" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Daemon Worship Prod.-DWP008)
"Both of the band´s official demos - "Decree" and "Axiom" - are now released on a single CD, to finally make them available to wider audience. Pounding raw hatred combined with haunting melodies, INSULT proudly marches forth, crushing everything to dust! 11 hymns of (im)pure blasphemy."

Interment (SE)  "Scent Of The Buried" -cd 14.00EUR
Swedish Death Metal.

Interment/Glory Days, Festering Years  "Glory Days, Festering Years" -cd 12.00EUR
"Two different bands, two different generations, two different countries but the same taste for old-school Swedish fucking death-metal."

InThyFlesh (PT)  "Lechery Maledictions And Grieving Adjures To The Concerns Of Flesh" -cd 12.00EUR
"The Portuguese bloodstained crew after 3 years of silence returns with their second full length album. A grim pack of raw sound and extreme artistic concept of lyrics with touches of Ravenlord (Woods of Infinity) and Gonius Rex (Onirik)…all painted in deep red!"

Invidious (SE)  "In Death" -cd 11.00EUR
(2014-Sepulchral Voice)
Uppsala Death Metal with Repugnant, In solitude etc. members

Iron Man (US)  "Generation Void" -cd 16.00EUR
(2011-Shadow Kingdom Records)
"Coming into their 3rd full length effort, IRON MAN showed no sign that they ever missed a beat in the early 90´s. This re-issue contains all the original tracks re-mastered plus 4 bonus rehearsal tracks and a full live gig on DVD."

Iron Man (US)  "I Have Returned" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Shadow Kingdom Records-SKR019)
"Iron Man´s guitar player/song writer Al Morris III has been writing the most savage/heaviest sounding guitar riffs for over 2 decades now! If you haven´t heard Iron Man, you´re missing out on some of the most mind-bending groove-laden (Maryland) Doom metal around."

Iron Monkey (UK)  "Our Problem/Iron Monkey" -DCD 13.00EUR
"Two long out of print releases from cult UK aggro-doomsters Iron Monkey, housed in one value packed set. These excellent albums are complemented by 4 bonus tracks; 3 songs from the sought after ´We´ve Learned Nothing´ split with Church of Misery, and a raw Black Sabbath cover version making a total of 18 tracks."

Iron Monkey (UK)  "S/T" -cd 13.00EUR
A sludge classic.

Irreverent (US)  "Blasphemous Crucifix Profanation" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
"Brutal, blasphemous and morbid Death Metal exhumed from the grave after nearly 18 years of rotting in obscurity. The precursor band that was to later evolve into BLACK WITCHERY."

Irritate (FI)  "Ten Stabs of Demented Violence" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Bestial Burst-BEBU-033)
"New full lenght of ugly, filthy, sludgy Death Metal. No trends, no technical masturbation, just pure nihilistic carnage."

Isarnheimr (NO)  "S/T" -cd 7.00EUR
Raw Black Metal.

Isengard (NO)  "Hostmorke" -DCD 14.50EUR

Isenscur (UK)  "Mónaþfylen" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
(***-2016-Maleficentissimus Triumphatus)
"Intense old-school, unorthodox black metal with a 90s spirit."

Isvind (NO)  "Dark Waters Stir" -cd 14.50EUR
(***-2012-Kyrck Prod.)
"One of the best Norwegian underground debuts from the mid 90´s available again with bonus trax the 1994 7" (on cd) and differant artwork. Killer riffs and atmosphere, full speed raw BM."

Isänmaa (FI)  "Yli Peltojen, Vetten ja Tunturien" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Primitive Reaction)
"Long lost Finnish black metal jewel. Some of the tracks were supposed to be on Impaled Nazarene mini album 1996, but Sir Luttinen left the band just before the recordings and recorded them by himself under the name of Isänmaa. Music itself sounds like early Impaled Nazarene."

IXXI (SE)  "Elect Darkness" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Candlelight Records-CANDLE190)
"Brand new album of dirty, filthy, guttural cult Swedish Black/Thrash Metal."

Janvs (IT)  "FVLGVRES" -cd 12.00EUR
"Conceptually the album is based upon the shattering of human limits and condition, upon the longing and the temporary conquest of real moments of awareness and contact with the peaks of trascendence. As already stated musically expect something intense, aggressive, melancholic, solemn."

Jarboe (US)  "Mahakali" -cd 13.00EUR
(Season of Mist-SOM191)
"Digipak of Post-punk vocalist Jarboe with her 2008 album Mahakali which follows on the heels of Jarboe´s highly successful J2 collaboration with Justin K Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu). The album is named after the mythical Indian goddess of death and destruction, as mentioned in the Mahabarata and other Indian epics."

Jesus Chrust (US)  "The Last Temptation of Jesus Chrust" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Bestial Burst)
"Blasphemous grind noise from Massachusetts, USA. Formed in late 80´s, the band´s trademark has always been lyrics lifted from the bible, performed in a very blasphemous manner. Short fast blasts of filthy grind noise combined with slower tracks of the most primitively painful black doom."

Jex Thoth (US)  "Blood Moon Rise" -cd 14.50EUR
(2013-I Hate Rec.)
"On Blood Moon Rise Jex Thoth take the bluesy, psychedelic laced doom from 2008’s self titled release and turn it up a notch."

Jex Thoth (US)  "S/T" -cd 13.00EUR
(2008-I Hate Records-IHR038)
"An ominously beautiful, sonic odyssey through an archipelago of psychedelia, occultism and alchemy with siren Jex at the helm is available on the day that doesn´t exist...Twelve tracks standing effortlessly clear of the mere 60’s/70’s retro tag but that, nevertheless, will shock and shake fans of Black Widow, Jefferson Airplane, Pentagram and Amon Düül 2."

Jex Thoth (SE)  "Totem" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2011-I Hate Records)

Jex Thoth (US)  "Witness" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2010-I Hate Records)
"This MCD contains three new songs -- two original compositions and a cover song that fluidly flow into 15 minutes of mellow psychedelia and proto-doom metal with influences stemming from the 60s and 70s. The band´s biggest strengths are the haunting vocals of Jex and avoiding the usual trap of carbon copying its predecessors."

Johnny Touch (AU)  "Inner City Wolves" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Shadow Kingdom)
"This is a beyond amazing sounding debut album not just for JT, but for any band trying to do something original and leaving a lasting impression on the heavy metal world. Imagine the best parts of JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, and METALLICA, with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN ripping leads that shred your soul!"

Judas Iscariot (US)  "The Heaven in Flames" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2000-Red Stream-RSR-0136)

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "Resignaatio" -digicd 12.00EUR
Resignation [re-zig-ˈnā-shən] : unresisting acceptance of something as inescapable; submission, passive acquiescence acceptance, patience, forbearing, sufferance, nonresistance
Circa 40 minutes of adult oriented black metal music.

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "Resitaali" -digicd 11.00EUR
Four pieces of minimalistic harmonium music (35:04). Limited digipak.

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "Songless Shores" -digimcd 8.00EUR
To celebrate Easter Jumalhämärä presents an 18-minute musical mud bath. Limited digipak.

Jumalhämärä (FI)  "The Black Coming" -digipak mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2017-Triumphant Transgressions)
To celebrate Orion´s celibacy Jumalhämärä presents a 22-minute musical hibernation.

Kadotus (FI)  "Seven Glorifications of Evil" -cd 13.00EUR
(2004-Blut & Eisen)
Raw Black Metal.

Kaevum (DE)  "Kosmos Erwache!" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Darker Than Black)
"Black Metal. Contains the two demos Prakt from 2008 and Nordnorsk Hatmusikk from 2010 plus one bonus song."

Kaihoro (FI)  "Mainheadskull" -cd 10.00EUR
(2004-Sorbus Productions-SORB001)
"Finnish sludgy southern rock/metal. Entombed, Xysma, Grand Magus, Electric Wizard, Mastodon and, of course, BLACK SABBATH are often mentioned when people talk about KAIHORO."

Kampf  "Nothing But Wrath" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Regimental Records-REG037)
"Hellas’ Kampf is pure filth, and their demo, Nothing but Wrath, ostensibly beefed up and issued by Regimental Records, is a short blast of Oi! treading Black Metal heavy on the misanthrope/exterminate-every-last-one-ov-‘em vibe. Fast, intense, passionate, nihilistic."

Kaos Sacramentum (SE)  "Avgrundens Konst" -digicd 11.50EUR
(2014-Darker Than Black)
"True Black Metal with the 90´s spirit. Melodic and well-played."

Kargvint (DE)  "Seelenwerk’s Fortgang" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Fimbul Productions)
"Kargvint´s debut album is true to their roots and honest in their portrayal of black metal music. As expected you get 6 songs of atmospheric and cold black metal. 50 minute playing time."

Karjalan Sissit (SE)  "Karjalasta kajahtaa" -digibook 15.00EUR
(2004-Cyclic Law-8THCYCLE)
"A venture into total melancholy, anti-socialism, bitterness, disintegration and alcoholism. Filled with what has defined KARJALAN SISSIT´s sound thus far; bombastic outbursts of classical arrangements entwined in deep industrial sonorities with the odd tough of traditional Finnish schlager."

Katatonia (SE)  "Brave Murder Day" -cd 12.00EUR

Katatonia (SE)  "Dead End Kings" -cd 13.00EUR

Kataxu (PL)  "Hunger of Elements" -digipak 13.00EUR
"Totally astral and orchestral Black Metal with members of SUNWHEEL. An absolutely immense pilar of strength, rooted in the deep geological past and reaching outwards into the fathomless cosmological darkness." An official repress.

Katechon (NO)  "Man, God, Giant" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"Katechon’s sound is an amalgamation of Black, Death, and Thrash metal, but played with a precision and authenticity that avoids dilution. Instead the result is frenetic and possessed, devoid of theatrics and self-indulgent virtuosity, and features highly proficient and intricate songwriting executed with precision."

Kathaaria (DE)  "The Complex Void of Negativity" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2008-End All Life-EAL056)
"Undoubtedly dwelling within the shadows of Black Metal, Kathaaria go far beyond with intricate compositions that may sometimes remind of weirdos Ved Buens Ende on a brutal trip. The guitarplaying, all in subtle chords and disturbing harmonies is incredibly talented."

Katharsis (DE)  "666" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2004-Noevdia-NED 006)

Katharsis (DE)  "Fourth Reich" -cd 14.00EUR
"Black Metal gods Katharsis return in full rotten splendour with a 45 minutes long recording."

Katharsis (DE)  "WorldWithoutEnd" -cd 14.00EUR

Kawir (GR)  "Arai" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Kill Yourself Prod.)
Hellenic Black Metal.

Kawir (GR)  "Epoptia" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Kill Yourself Prod.)
"Hellenic Black Metal. The magnificent second album available again."

Keep of Kalessin (NO)  "Agnen: A Journey Through the Dark" -cd 12.00EUR

Keep of Kalessin (NO)  "Through Times of War" -cd 12.00EUR

Kenaz (CA)  "Résurgence nordique" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Tour De Garde)
"KENAZ might be an obscure horde to most, but it´s a band consisting of old-schoolers from the Québec underground. KENAZ have managed to combine the spirit of early Polish Black Metal scene with the fury of present-day Heathen acts such as Hate Forest, Graveland and Totenburg."

Ketzer (DE)  "Satan´s Boundaries Unchained" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2013-Necroshrine Records)
" Debut album available once again. Ripping black thrash from Germany for those who are into GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, DESASTER and DESTRÖYER 666."

Key (FI)  "Crown of Winter" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2010-Anima Arctica)
Scruffily played and sung neofolk/pop, debut album.

Key (FI)  "Silver Moon Slumber" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2011-Anima Arctica)
"Hailing from the cold but beautiful climes of Finland, Key are purveyors of dreamy and evocative neofolk. Musically, the album’s architecture is built around jangling acoustic guitars, expressive basswork, and fluid drumming. Resonant and eerie vocals provide the direction for the music, which is also traced by the occasional support instrument such as chimes or fiddle."

Khanate (US)  "Capture & Release" -digicd 17.00EUR
(***-2005-Hydra Head Records-HH666-87)
Torturous Extreme Doom.

Khanate (US)  "Clean Hands Go Foul" -digicd 17.00EUR
(2009-Hydra Head Records)
"2009 release from the extreme Doom Metal group. Clean Hands Go Foul represents the final nail in the Khanate coffin, and a more fitting ending could not have been devised. In past albums the emotional current only went from hate to anger to overt violence, but the new album has a resigned and tender sadness to it; it really resonates with its listeners."

Khanate (US)  "Things Viral" -cd 17.00EUR
(***-2003-Southern Lord-SUNN28)
Torturous Extreme Doom.

Khold (NO)  "Hundre År Gammal" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-TABU Recordings-TABU029)
"Fifth album from this primitive and simplistic Norwegian black metal act who have evolved their sound to a sharp, hypnotic, ultra-dark point."

Khold (NO)  "Mörker Gravers Kammer" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Candlelight USA-CANUS0099)
"Norwegian black metaliers KHOLD unleash the beast again with yet another grim, electric black art! A concept story about a dark, rocky, primitive kind of chamber, the last stop before the souls are taken away. Khold take inspiration from the world surrounding them and crafting mid tempo, groovy, devilish black metal."

Khold (NO)  "Phantom" -cd 12.00EUR

Kill (SE)  "Burning Blood" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Black Seed Prod.)
"A return to their most pestilent and raw round. When Satan calls there is no return."

Kill (SE)  "Horned Holocaust" -cd 12.00EUR
(2003-Invictus Productions-IP008)
"Kill is the aural essence of primitive and dark Black Metal, as it was intended to be. Horned Holocaust emerges a vile and hideous creation of true Black Metal art. The darkness in the music is reminiscent of the Samael masterpiece Worship Him from the early days of Black Metal."

Kilte (BE)  "Absence" -mcd 8.00EUR
"This conceptual piece of art features a new ten minute opus, and two re-recorded demo tracks, with a cleansed line-up and an improved sound. "Absence" takes you into three different dimensions of complete melancholic and misanthropic emptiness."

King Dude (US)  "Songs of Flesh & Blood" -digipak 14.50EUR
"This is the King´s most personal writing to date, although still divined from the spiritual Light of the Lord, Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light is not only a spiritual revelation it is also a revelation of the life of the man behind the music."

Klage (DE)  "Die Weihe des Eises - Eine Grossweise" -digimcd 10.00EUR
(2008-Eternity Records)
"Klage offers a relentless and misanthropic vision of Black Metal. Incredibly minimalistic and cold in its approach, Klage may sound like your typical act, but Klage has something special to offer. Die Weihe des Eises varies from formulaic to experimental in its execution."

Knelt Rote (US)  "Insignificance" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"The music of Knelt Rote defies easy classification. The band is clearly heavily influenced by the darker elements of Death and Black Metal, the more vicious strains of Grindcore and Punk, and the brutal nihilism of Harsh Noise and Industrial Music."

Knelt Rote (US)  "Trespass" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"While the band’s earliest work veered heavily into Grindcore, the band’s style has broadened considerably as the band has fleshed out the composition of its tracks and added more elements of Death and Black metal into its body of work. Knelt Rote executes these more nuanced strains of extreme metal with a rare sense of precision and focus."

Kohort (PO)  "Christian Masquerade" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Icy, hate-filled Polish black metal, originally released in 1995. Includes additional demo tracks. Features WAR 88/Lord of Evil -members."

Kolp (HU)  "The Covered Pure Permanence" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2010-Temple of Torturous)
"Kolp is created to represent permanent death in a sonic way. The raw, unstoppable decease. Where change has no meaning, only the pure permanence exists. The heaviest hammer is striking from the doomy Hungary!"

Korgonthurus (FI)  "Marras" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence)
"The debut album of finnish black metal band Korgonthurus is out now. Two long tracks full of hate and despair."

Kraken Duumvirate  "From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea" -mcd 8.00EUR
Kraken´s tendril reaching out from the great faceless waves, impelling you to take a bow where the heavens meet the waters. Seizing you to your knees, forcing to gaze to the veiled bottomless depths... First part in the series of experiencing the concealed underwater mysteries, manifested through experimental Black Metal. Limited to 800 copies.

Kraken Duumvirate  "The Astroglyphs of the Ritual of Deluge" -mcd 8.00EUR
From the depths, powerful words emerge. Speaking in shapes of mysteries. Directly to the hive-mind. The astroglyphs drawn to flesh and clay. The religious ecstasy. The blind eyes that see again. See all holy shadows. See all holy water. And praise. And hail. The eternal sea. The second Kraken Duumvirate release in a series of mini albums.

Krieg (US)  "Blue Miasma" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-No Colours-NC103)
Black Metal. The last and more melodic album from Krieg. With guestmusicians from Nyktalgia, Satanic Warmaster and Nachtmystium.

Krieg (US)  "Destruction Ritual" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2002-Red Stream)

Krieg (US)  "Patrick Bateman" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Inferna Profundus)
"KRIEG’s definitive black/noise statement from 2003. Based on Bret Easton Ellis’ nihilistic novel "American Psycho", "Patrick Bateman" is close to fifteen minutes of the harshest and most feral material KRIEG ever set to tape." Recommended!

Krieg (US)  "The Black House" -cd 12.00EUR

Krieg (US)  "The Church" -mcd 8.00EUR
"Ultra- nihilistic Black Metal chaos in the old vein of Profanatica, Blasphemy, and Bestial Summoning... The sound of war kills you relentlessly. Features Cryptic Winter of Judas Iscariot on drum-hell. This is extremist and frightening Black Metal done in the most extreme way possible."

Krieg/Morte Incandescente  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
Nine tracks of ripping Black Metal. Goatowarex.

Kriegsmaschine (PO)  "A Thousand Voices" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2011-Malignant Voices)
"Re-release of the cult 2004 mcd. Previously released by Blutreinheit."

Kriegsmaschine (PO)  "Prism" -cd 12.50EUR
(2014-No Solace)
"Compilation CD documenting studio activity of KSM in its early phase: „Flagrum” and „Devotee” demos, split 7” with Szron, Promo 2004 and two previously unreleased pre-production tracks from „Altered states of divinity” album, originally intended as new promo, yet never released and never distributed. 18 tracks, 75 minutes."

Kriegsmaschine/Szron (PO)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Malignant Voice)
Over 40 minutes of blasphemous Black Metal. Recommended.

Kristallnacht (FR)  "Blooddrenched Memorial 1994 - 2002" -cd 12.00EUR
Featuring 21 tracks making their entire discography on CD. Includes an 12 pages booklet with detailed history of the band.

Kroda (UA)  "Varulven" -digipak mcd 7.00EUR
(2013-Purity Through Fire)
"Pagan black metal. This is a compilation of previously unreleased material."

Krohm (US)  "The Haunting Presence" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0023)
"Seven prolonged sufferances reveal dreadful pain and distress, introducing a decrepit, hallucinatory and psychotic existence, suffused liberally with infinite inspiration and hollow hopelessness. Transcendental, paranormal black metal; for lost souls only."

KRV/Foscor  "The Burial´s Flavours" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Diachell Musik)
"Pure Slavic Black Metal / Dark Black Metal."

Kult Of Taurus (GR)  "Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Forever Plagued Records)
"Adversarial Paths: The Sinister Essence harks back to a lost era of ´90s Norwegian avant-garde BM like Fleurety, Ved Buens Ende, and Dodheimsgard."

Kult Of Taurus (GR)  "Divination Labyrinths" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Forever Plagued Records)
"Unholy Luciferian Asceticism presented through a musical machine of elaborate chambers and soundscapes. Experimental black metal with a rage that keeps you through it all. Fans of bands like "Ved Buens Ende" will find Kult Of Taurus to their desire for enriched unholy ascension."

Kylesa (US)  "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Prosthetic Records-10040)
"Kylesa ranges far and wide, using their utter disregard of musical boundaries to bring together avant-garde experimentalism with the pure fury of dirty, sludgy riffs and raw, impassioned male and female vocals. There is a relentless intensity to their music, from the ambient noise interludes that sometimes link songs to the doom-inspired punishment they are capabe of dishing out with dual drop tuned guitars."

Kylesa (US)  "To Walk a Middle Course" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Prosthetic Records-10020)
"To Walk a Middle Course expands on the sound displayed on the No Ending.. EP, putting the band with contemporaries like Rwake, Dove, and Mastodon."

Kythrone (CL)  "Kult Des Todes" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Tyrannus Records-TYR007)
"9 hymns contains this piecea, of cold and devastating Black Metal, with a demolishing sound, in the vein of act like Funeral Mist, Ondskapt, Watain, and old Mayhem. This CD version includes a bonus track from his 2003 Christripper Command Demo. 20 pages B/w Booklet."

Kältetod (DE)  "Leere" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Debut album originally released in 2005. Re-edited with improved sound and bonus Material. Overall 55 minutes of cold, gruel Black Metal. Handnr. digipak."

Kältetod/Veineliis (DE)  "Split" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2008-Temple of Torturous)
"A collaboration between two German cold & grim black metal acts, originally released in LP format and sold out long ago."

Lago (US)  "Marianas" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Pale Horse)
"A unique fusion of Death Metal. Equal parts of the old-school masters Morbid Angel, Immolation, and Deicide collide with a more modern Behemoth and an over-arching original ear for song writing to create a sound that Lago can call their own; the subtle interplay between melody, atonality, and out-and-out brutality is brilliantly realized."

Lantern (FI)  "Below" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Dark Descent Records)
"After letting the dust of their acknowledged 2011 EP settle, Finland´s LANTERN have returned to deliver a new, far more epic slab of dark and atmospheric death metal performed in the ancient vein. LANTERN´s debut album "Below" is a relentless plunge into the unfathomable darkness these compositions are born of, presented in the band´s unique style of carefully crafted yet filthy and morbid metal. "

Lantlôs (DE)  ".Neon" -cd 11.00EUR
(2010-Prophecy Productions)
"In six psychotically gaudy sound studies, Lantlôs unfold a misty array of lost sounds and forlorn words, a depressive manifesto of contemporary Post-Black Metal. Their music could be compared to the French pioneers of Post-Black Metal, Amesoeurs and Alcest."

Lantlôs (DE)  "Agape" -DCD 16.00EUR
(2011-Lupus Lounge)
"While its predecessor ".neon" posited a nearly violently negative reckoning with the trinity of reality – perception – self, and lyrically and musically revelled in surreal, cold visions, Lantlôs harness these visions into new channels on "Agape." Limited 2CD Super Jewelcase."

Lantlôs (DE)  "Agape" -cd 11.00EUR
(2011-Lupus Lounge)
"While its predecessor ".neon" posited a nearly violently negative reckoning with the trinity of reality – perception – self, and lyrically and musically revelled in surreal, cold visions, Lantlôs harness these visions into new channels on "Agape.""

Lantlôs (DE)  "Agape" -box 35.00EUR
(2011-Lupus Lounge)
"While its predecessor ".neon" posited a nearly violently negative reckoning with the trinity of reality – perception – self, and lyrically and musically revelled in surreal, cold visions, Lantlôs harness these visions into new channels on "Agape."

Lantlos (DE)  "S/T" -DCD 14.00EUR
"This re-release in a super jewel case contains a bonus CD with the tracks of the extremely rare demo "Îsern Himel", two previously unreleased demo recordings of "Kalte Tage" (instrumental) and "Þinaz Andawlitjam", as well as the equally unreleased song "Farbensturm"."

Lashblood (RU)  "Philosophy Of Self-Flagellation " -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"LASHBLOOD, influenced by the likes of Sartre and Burgess, dives into the grey, nauseous apathy of the urban socium. Offering a bit of an avantgarde approach to the genre, the band freely utilizes saxophone and clean, sorrowful vocals, which reach the apotheosis on "Gospel Of Death"."

Last Rape (US)  "Maimed Left Arm" -cd 11.00EUR
(Turgid Animal)
"Re-issue of classic Last Rape album from 1995, originally released on E.F. Tapes. Back then Last Rape was a Richard Ramirez and Mary A.D. Harsh Noise project. This tape features two tracks in nearly 50 minutes, of what could be described as lo-fi space noise with that straight to tape 90´s HN-Sound."

Laudanum (US)  "The Coronation" -digicd 13.00EUR
(20 Buck Spin)
"On The Coronation, the two elements that make up the current Laudanum sound, punishing, bruised sludge doom and bleak industrial noise experiments, are fused ever more tightly together into a cohesive soundtrack for the slow collapse of modern life and culture."

LDRTFS/Gate to Void/Æon Nought  "Those Who Dwell Beyond" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Black Mass Records-BMR004)
"Split album between the experimental drone/doom/ambient entity LDRTFS, that delivers another 30 min. long masterpiece moving between extreme Drone Doom, Penderecki or Arvö Part. GTV delivers a brand new track, a cover and a collaboration track with LDRTFS, while Æon Nought delivers 2 new tracks of dark abstract romanticism."

LDRTFS/Miguel Prado  "Aurum Nostrum non est Aurum Vulgi" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Black Mass Records-BMR003)
"Split CD featuring the experimental drone/doom/ambient entity LDRTFS and Miguel Prado, who previously collaborated with Stephen O´Malley or Julien Skrobek, among others. Includes LDRTFS - Synthetic Hybridization recording, Miguel Prado - Descripción de un Combate and a collaboration track recorded by both entities."

Legacies Unchain (FI)  "Satan is Strong and Always Near" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2016-Descending Towards Damnation)
"Barbaryan Black Death Metal Doom."

Legion of Doom (GR)  "For Those of the Blood" -cd 10.00EUR
(1997-Info Black-IS25)
"Sold out for a long time but the 2nd album is available again. With improved layout. Hellenic Black Metal."

Les Chants de Nihil (FR)  "Ma plus Douce Vermine" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Dernier Bastion)
"Very personal and amazing release of blackened doom metal. An introspection in the spirit, the cosmos, travel across the mind... A piece to put aside compared to the discography of LCN."

Let the Night Roar (US)  "S/T" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-MeteorCity Records-MCY051)
"Let the Night Roar lies somewhere between the doom of Internal Void, High on Fire and the elder metallic crunch of Celtic Frost/Venom."

Lethe (NO)  "When Dreams Become Nightmares" -cd 13.00EUR
(2014-Debemur Morti)
"This exceptional first realisation is a delicious and unique experience described as a Metal / Trip-Hop / Electro / Pop / Experimental project. A magical duo formed by the visionary Tor-Helge Skei (MANES) and the hugely talented Anna Murphy (ELUVEITIE), LETHE is, without doubt, the dark and refreshing sensation of the year."

Lethian Dreams (FR)  "Bleak Silver Streams" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Orcynia Records)
"Atmospheric doom metal with members of Remembrance. The CD has a beautiful designed 8 pages booklet."

Leviathan (US)  "A Silhouette in Splinters" -digipak cd 11.00EUR

Leviathan (US)  "Howl Mockery at the Cross" -digipak cd 11.00EUR

Leviathan (US)  "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" -digipak cd 11.00EUR

Leviathan (US)  "Tentacles Of Whorror" -digipak cd 11.00EUR

Leviathan/Crebain (US)  "Split" -digicd 13.00EUR
"This split is another nail in the coffin containing the corpses of the Nordic metal elite, as black metal´s Calfiornia contigent threatens to thaw their frosty corpses with the soul shearing rays of its black sun!"

Leviathan/Sapthuran (US)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Battle Kommand Records-BKR008)
"Two great American bands united on this split. Sapthuran´s material is primal and ugly black metal hmyns, similar to early Judas Iscariot and Black Legions´ material. Leviathan are back with the most devastating tracks they´ve ever recorded. FINALLY recorded with a real drum kit as well."

Lex Rhino (DE)  "With A Little Help From Lucifer" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Funeral Industries)
"Formed in the early year 2008, the band Lex Rhino decided to drown the world into their Heavy Rock Doom influenced music. 6 songs in the vein of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin will summon the past and hold the heritage of old occult Heavy Rock high up into the sky! The devil is our witness..."

Lik (SE)  "Lekamen Illusionen Kallet" -cd 12.00EUR

Limbonic Art (NO)  "Epitome of Illusions" -cd 12.00EUR
(1998-Nocturnal Art-ECLIPSE011)
"The third album by this black metal band from Norway. Epic symphonic up-tempo black metal together with dark ambience and atmosphere."

Litmus (US)  "Planetfall" -cd 6.50EUR
(2007-Rise Above-RISELP083)
"Planetfall´s strong enough of an album to negate the fact that the band´s so blatantly inspired by Hawkwind. Planetfall could´ve been released under the Hawkwind name and nobody would be the wiser. This is more than just an homage to a legendary band – Litmus has done its homework."

Livsnekad (SE)  "Den Sociala Vanförheten" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Katastrophy Records)
"Formed by members of Shining, Svart, Murmurs, Spawn Of Possession and others, Livsnekad play an emotionally-gripping, reality-based form of black metal. Experimental but not exactly existential, this is an interesting and different take on the genre, and a much-needed one at that."

Ljå (NO)  "Vedderbaug" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Aftermath Music-CHAPTER56)
Re-issue of the bands "Vedderbaug" demo + 4 bonustracks.

Loan (SP)  "Kobazuloan Saiakerak" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Odio Sonoro-ODIO-03)
"The long-awaited debut of the promising band euskaldun LOAN. 8 explosive songs, serious and powerful Sludge Noise Rock Psicodelic. For fans of bands like UNSANE, BLACK SABBATH, NEUROSIS, SUMA, ELECTRIC WIZARD or DUT."

Locus Mortis (IT)  "Inter Uterum Et Loculum" -cd 12.00EUR
"As a necromantic practice Locus Mortis unearth the vicious and morbid atmosphere of their debut album, sold out since 2005. The Gnostic path glorifying death and its symbolic meaning take the form of a completely re-recorded and re-arranged album."

Locus Mortis (IT)  "Vous" -cd 12.00EUR
"Locus Mortis´ concept is deeply rooted to the ancient vision of death as it was during medieval times, an everlasting companion in the concrete and spiritual life, not only a mere frightening spectre, but a bringer of wisdom, that reminds in every moment the destiny of wretched human life, a queen of what was and has been, and what´s not dead yet."

Loits (EE)  "Ei Kahetse Midagi" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2005-Nailboard Records-BOARD002)
"A re-release of the legendary debut by the crown jewel of Estonian metal – an album which has successfully sold out four printings by different local and foreign record companies and which, in its darkly poetic manner revived the bonds between modern day man´s courage and the ancient events that defined our identity as an ethnos."

Lord of Doubts (RU)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Sekt ov Gnosis)
"Slow, occult & psychodelic Doom in the vein of ELECTRIC WIZARD."

Lord of Doubts (RU)  "The Gates of Doom" -digimcd 10.00EUR
(2011-Sekt Ov Gnozis)
"About 20 minutes of the Luciferian Shamanic Dance ritual. The LORD OF DOUBTS lends his hand to you, so take His offer and kiss the Goat, transform your flesh into a chapel of voodoo dancefloor and make your home the parlor for the demons, built the Stonehenge within your own house with the help of our Magic Doom Rock."

Lord of Evil (PO)  "Satan`s Soldiers" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Official re-release of the demo tapes of one of the most extreme and controversial Polish Black Metal hordes. Hated by some, adored by others. "Kill for Satan"`93, "Satan`s Soldiers"`94 and reh. 1995 on one CD. Limited to 500."

Lord of the Grave (CH)  "Raunach" -cd 14.00EUR
(2009-Church Within Records-CW015)
"Vintage amplification through cracked up speakers. Earth shattering, air-twisting, soil splashing, heavy,hypnotic riffing with mesmerizing chants, an alcohol fuelled roaring from the grave and beyond, which takes you to the highest levels, casts you in the deepest depths. For fans of Electric Wizard, Church of Misery, Sleep, Saint Vitus..."

Lord Vicar  "Fear No Pain" -cd 14.00EUR
(2008-Church Within Records-CW012)
"LORD VICAR, the new band featuring members of REVEREND BIZARRE, SAINT VITUS and CENTURIONS GHOST. Debut album."

Lordamor (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Descending Towards Damnation-DTD002)
"Excruciatingly slow black/doom metal in the vein of Unholy, Worship, Thergothon and Beherit with lyrical themes involving man´s dark shadow-nature, decay and death."

Lords of Bukkake (SP)  "Desorden Y Rencor" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Total Rust Music)
"Desorden y Rencor is the second album from Spanish trio, Lords of Bukkake, and it brings 40 minutes of sickening slow motion Sludge/DOOM filled with dirty riffs, greasy feedbacks, high-pitched nuts vocals and lots of effects and electronics in the background. Extremely heavy, psychedelic and noisier/weirder than any of their previous material."

Los Natas (AG)  "Corsario Negro" -cd 13.00EUR
(2002-Small Stone Records)
"Four albums, three 10" singles, and eight+ contributions to compilations released on three continents lay the groundwork for their greatest creation yet: "Corsario Negro". "Corsario Negro" reaches dynamic new heights in what can only be described as "LATIN HEAVY PSYCH,"."

Los Natas (AG)  "El Nuevo Orden De La Libertad" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Small Stone Records)
"Some are calling it a return to the olden days of Ciudad. Some point out the hints of Toba Trance that have bled into this new material...but Small Stone just call it bad ass heavy psych rock. Whatever you decide to call it, it´s sure you´ll enjoy the Hell out of it."

Loss (US)  "Despond" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2011-Profound Lore)
"One of the most negative, somber, yet moving and emotionally draining funeral/death doom metal albums of any era, "Despond" is a testament, a musical epoch that will force you to confront what will inevitably await upon the doomed horizon. Featuring four unique interludes that seam the entire discourse of "Despond" together."

Loss (US)  "Life without hope...death without reason" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2005-Deathgasm Records-DG27)
"New doom master from US.Sorrowful harmonies built by melancholic guitar melodies, ultra deep low growl as he unleash his pain from the depth of soul. Contrast between heavy distorted guitar and calm clean tone. Undoubtly, they are the one of inheritor of mournful doom like Worship, Mournful Congregation."

Lotus Circle  "Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Nykta Records-NYKTA020)
"A true underground apocalypse! Tormenting sounds, inhuman screams & distortions in the vein of EARTH & SUNN O))) but in the most extreme mood. This is the Black Metal side of Drone/Doom. 100% depressive and sick project, limited at 500 copies only!"

Lotus Circle/Bosque  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Dunkelheit Produktionen-DP014)
"Lotus Circle´s part is full of occult preaches for the Beast, free drone/doom guitars mixed with black metal and combined with extreme screaming. Bosque serves obsucre atmosphere at it´s best and leaves you a bitter black taste of depressiveness in your mouth. Handnumbered and limited to 500."

Lowrider (SE)  "Ode To Io" -cd 12.00EUR
(2000-Meteor City)
"Many bands have tried to imitate the re-arrival of cosmic heaviness pioneered by Kyuss and Fu Manchu, but Lowrider is the first band after these legends to make the new sound completely their own."

Lucifugum (UA)  "...And the Wheel Keeps Crunching..." -cd 12.00EUR
"Pagan Heavy-Black Metal in the vein of IMMORTAL... Strong atmospheres and war hymns!"

Lugubrum (BE)  "De Totem" -cd 12.00EUR
(2003-Blood, Fire, Death-BFD010)
"Belgian alcholoics long out of print homage to evil, midgets and Darkthrone! They create music for sick minds, out of their own mental illness!"

Lunar Aurora (DE)  "Seelenfeuer" -cd 14.00EUR
(2006-Cold Dimensions-DIMENSION004)
Fast, melodic Black Metal. Re-release with one bonus track.

LURK (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Total Rust)
"A deadly collaboration between doom, death and sludgy black surge. Eccentric mix of grim groove and heady, epic ambiance. It has devoured everyone involved since the first rhythms were pounded down and six tracks have been nailed. Recommended to fans of bands like Autopsy, Celtic Frost, Coffins, Winter and even Crowbar."

Lustmord (US)  "DLVR 4 - A Document of Early Acoustic & Tactical Experimentation" -cd 14.00EUR
(Dark Vinyl)
"After having been deleted for years, Dark Vinyl and Lustmord finally decided to do a re-print of this timeless, real industrial document of their early days! Features J. Balance of Coil and voices by N. Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions) and N. Dunster."

Lustration (AU)  "Psymbolik" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Supremacy Through Intolerance)
"The riproaring debut of Aussie Black/Death/Speed/Thrash esoterrorists LUSTRATION. Feat. members of Spear of Longinus & Vilifier. Including 9 primitive & crushing hyperborean ritual warchants. Heavily influenced by Spear of Longinus, Vomitor, Beherit, Sodom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Possessed, Bathory & Blasphemy."

LvxCælis (CL)  "Mysteria Mystica Maxima XXIII" -digipak 12.00EUR
"‘Mysteria Mystica Maxima’ is the long-awaited follow-up to the band´s demo, ‘Nigredo - The Dead Head’. LvxCælis (‘The Light of Heaven’) will destroy the flock of the blind! ‘This work is considered the raising from the black coffin and the sceptre from the old bones...’"

Lyrinx/Elysian Blaze/D.O.R.  "Universal Absence" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Insidious Poisoning Records-IPR012)
"Second part of Lyrinx’s Nihilism series. This 3-way split concentrates on the universal negativity that is inherent in the universe that we live in. A glorious 77 minutes of music in total that will take you to new places and question things that you have never thought about before. All tracks are exclusive to this CD only release."

Lysergene (UK)  "Critical Mass" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Aesthetic Death-ADCD008)
"The legendary side project from one of Esoteric´s founding members. Lysergene is the electronic manifestation of too many years of abuse and Esoteric decadence. This CD has taken nearly a decade to create - and is a masterpiece of dark techno industrial droning ambient noise. A must for fans of Velvet Acid Christ, Skinny Puppy, Orb, TAGC"

Lythan/Vulto (PT)  "Ritual de Privação" -cd 11.00EUR
"Minimalist, primitive, wintry. Two visions from the same side of discomfort and utter grief, a misanthropic hate catharsis. Utter Black Metal underground for the chosen ones."

Lönndom (SE)  "Fälen Från Norr" -cd 12.00EUR
"New group of S. and A. (Armagedda, Lik) combines Metal with Folk music. Recommended for fans of Isengard, Storm and LIK."

Lönndom (SE)  "Hagkomster fran Nordliga Nejder & Norrskenritual" -digicd 12.00EUR
(***-2010-Those Opposed Records)
"Swedish nature-inspired blackened metal. First two tracks are from the "Hagkomster fran Nordliga Nejder" EP, released for the first time on CD. This material was previously only released with the first 100 copies of the "Falen fran Norr" LP and is a logical anticipation of this masterpiece album since they were recorded shortly beforehand."

Lönndom (SE)  "Viddernas Tolv Kapitel" -cd 12.00EUR
"After a longer time of creation the Swedish duo returns with a complete acoustic album. 12 tracks that witness of great creative force and a wonderful, homogeneous and open-style album of rare beauty. A journey, an honest confession to nature and at the same time an escape from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and modernity."

M8L8TH/Nezhegol (RU)  "WotanJugend" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
(Pagan War)

MAA (FI)  "Tuhkankantajat" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Anima Arctica)
"A synthesis of diverse musical styles and influences, ranging from lounge to folk, from pop to ambient, and yet all the while creating a wholistic work of singular vision and voice. Recorded with analog reel-to-reel tape technology, and using a setup consisting of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, cellos, trumpets, pianos and Fender Rhodes, the result is a rich sonic palette to immerse oneself in, a tapestry of sound to soothe one´s soul."

Macabre Omen (GR)  "Gods Of War - At War" -digipak 15.00EUR
Black Metal.

Macabre Omen (GR)  "The Ancient Returns" -digipak cd 15.00EUR
"Hellenic epic black metal, finally repressed."

Magnum Itiner Interius (US)  " Departure at the Betrayal of Life" -CD 12.00EUR
(2012-Lux Inframundis)
"Atmospheric death metal. Daniel Corchado second instrumental caravan. Limited CD edition of 700 copies."

Magyar Posse (FI)  "We will carry you over the mountains" -cd 12.00EUR
(Verdura Records-VERDU08)
Post-rock from Finland following the footsteps of Ennio Morricone and GY!BE.

Maim (SE)  "From the Womb" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Soulseller Records)
"This is the debut album by this eerie Death Metal band from Sweden. With the death of mighty Repugnant a new force has risen. Total Death Metal!"

Malachi (US)  "S/T/Wither to Cover the Tread" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Siege of Power)
"This sounds like High On Fire, Garmonbozia, and Damad had a private moment together with a tape recorder. Totally crushing riffs lead into noodley guitar solos, haunting crazy cello parts lead in and out of doomy interludes and breakdowns."

Malasangre (IT)  "Inversus" -cd-r 6.00EUR
(2005-NOTHingness REcords-NOTH0017)
"Second full length from the Italian Mafiadoom gang. This cd is slower and heavier than "A bad trip to...". A pure piece of extreme primitive nekro doom. CD-R in slimline DVD-case with full colour cover. About 54 minutes. Limited to 200 copies."

Malasangre (IT)  "Lux Deerit Soli" -cd 12.50EUR
(2012-I, Voidhanger)
"After seven years of hard work and isolation, MALASANGRE are out of their shrine, ready to spread their apocalyptic metal in the form of "Lux Deerit Soli": a concept album featuring 2 long suites, for over 72 minutes of trance-inducing, absolutic black-doom."

Maledicere (US)  "Leave Only What is Fit to Burn" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Antitheist Disseminations)
"MALEDICERE execute their craft of harsh dissonance and patient, brooding occult ambience with a refined approach evoking the archaic and primitive elements of black metal as well as other unconventional influences. The result is a truly haunting experience that staggers between the plains of reality and the void itself."

Maleficés (CA)  "Hurlemort" -cd 10.50EUR
(2015-Final Agony Records)
"The "Hurlemort" rehearsal was recorded in Autumn 2013 in preparation for the exclusive Maléfices gig that was to take place in Chicago. This recording includes tracks from both the 1st and 2nd demo, as well as a track from the split tape and one new song that it´s studio version has not been released, yet. Limited to 300 copies."

Maléfices (CA)  "Sous l´Égide du Dragon Blanc" -digibook 20.00EUR
(***-2015-Darker Than Black)
"21 track compilation that includes material from the 3 demo tapes originally released in 2012/2013, all of them being very limited. Cryptic and haunting black hymns conjured altogether on this A5 size compilation CD."

Maleficum Orgia (FR)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Insidious Poisoning Records-IPR008)
"Long awaited first album from one of the oldest Black Metal bands from France. Old School Black Metal in the vein of Blasphemy, Profanatica, Bestial Summoning and Darkthrone. Artwork by Chris Moyen."

Malevolent Creation (US)  "The Fine Art of Murder" -cd 12.00EUR
(1998-Hammerheart Records)

Malhkebre (FR)  "Prostration" -mcd 8.00EUR
Prostration, the French flagellants´ relinquishing of the individual ego before the supreme entity - to reach the eternal state of spiritual ecstasy. Fierce & relentless Art Noir. Previously released as a 10" via Battlesk´rs.

Malkuth (US)  "Sefirah gevura" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hospital Productions-HOS-217)
"Obscure occult black metal. Raw dual guitar black metal. Malkuth continue their decent into the occult with this truly bleak assault. Far from pandering to false antics, Malkuth´s album stands aside Hospital contemporaries such as Ash Pool and Bone Awl and offers their own vision of death. Hail to the coming night that Malkuth brings."

Mandatory (DE)  "Where They Bleed" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2006-Asphyxiate Records-AR012)
"Agressive old school death metal in the vein of Entombed, Dismember and Grave! Crunching guitar riffs with production very similar to those early Sunlight Studio recordings! Features bonus cover track of Razor´s "Cross Me Fool"! Crush!"

Manes (NO)  "Be All End All" -digipak 13.50EUR
(2014-Debemur Morti)
"Eagerly awaited by an army of fans fascinated by the mythical albums "Vilosophe" and "How The World Came To An End", "Be All End All", the brand new album of the Norwegian legend MANES, is not a simple sequel...this extraodinary release marks, once again, a new step forward along an incredible path of artistic exploration."

Manes (NO)  "Solve Et Coagula" -digibook 26.00EUR
(2008-Kyrck Productions-KCD008)
"New 16 minute track in the black metal vein of the old demo tapes, Vocals done by Niklas of Shinning and M. of Xasthur. It also includes an unreleased version of the "ned..." 1994 demo remixed in lower speed by cernunnos.Total time 45 minutes. 1000 copies print."

Manes (NO)  "Solve Et Coagula" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Kyrck Productions-KCD008)
"New 16 minute track in the black metal vein of the old demo tapes, Vocals done by Niklas of Shinning and M. of Xasthur. It also includes an unreleased version of the "ned..." 1994 demo remixed in lower speed by cernunnos.Total time 45 minutes. 1000 copies print."

Manes (NO)  "Svarte Skoger" -cd 14.00EUR
(2006-Kyrck Productions-KCD001)
Re-press with a new cd master.

Manes (NO)  "Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets" -cd 13.50EUR
(2014-Debemur Morti)
"An anthology of eleven unreleased, obscure and hard-to-find tracks / alternate versions culled from the verdant MANES archives. Dating back to the periods of their stellar "Vilosophe" and "How The World Came To An End" full-lengths respectively, these previous-buried jewels have been exhumed and presented anew for fresh consumption."

Manetheren (US)  "Time" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2012-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"Recorded on two continents, "Time" comprises six mesmerising monuments of cleverly-textured esoteric blackness, creatively crafted and proudly presented over the course of 70+ spellbinding minutes. Fusing melancholic Black Metal and post-rock elements." Pre-order, release date: September 21st 2012.

Maniac Butcher (CZ)  "Masakr" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Negative Existence)
"MANIAC BUTCHER are back after a 10 year hiatus with their 7th full length album. Ruthless and savage black metal that spits at the cross! The CD comes with a 16 page full-color booklet with lyrics in Czech and English."

Maniak (PG)  "Black Thrashing Genocide" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Grief Foundation-GRIEFCD002)
"Killer Satanic Black Thrash they way it should be. Mastered by V666 (Deiphago) / Artwork by Cyclonus."

Manilla Road (US)  "Invasion" -cd 11.00EUR
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
"Debut release of seminal heavy metal from Wichita. Not only an epic starting point for the Wichita legends, but also a mandatory addition to any self-respecting metal fan´s collection."

Manilla Road (US)  "Playground Of The Damned" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Shadow Kingdom Records)

Manticore (US)  "Behold the ascension of the execrated" -cd 9.00EUR
Savage black/death metal.

Manticore (US)  "For Rats & Plague" -cd 12.00EUR
"Too brutal to be called "Black Metal", too Satanic to be called "Death Metal"! Bestial black/death metal in the darkened vein of Beherit, Blasphemy, and Carcass. Absolutely ripping new album! Includes a cover of the almighty ARCHGOAT!"

Marduk (SE)  "Hearse" -cds 6.00EUR
(2003-Blooddawn Productions-BLOOD013)

Marduk (SE)  "La Grande Danse Macabre" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2014-Century Media)
"A more varied and darker approach compared to the Swedish black metal titans’ usual blastbeat-driven full on assault. This re-release features remastered sound, detailed liner notes, unpublished photos, revamped artwork and bonus material: a cover version of “Samhain” and all three tracks from the “Obedience” EP."

Marduk (SE)  "Nightwing" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-Osmose Productions-OPCD064)

Marduk (SE)  "Panzer Division Marduk" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-1999-Osmose Productions)

Marduk (SE)  "Serpent Sermon" -cd 15.50EUR
(2012-Century Media)

Marduk (SE)  "Those of the Unlight" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-1993-Osmose Productions)

Marduk (SE)  "World Funeral" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2014-Century Media-BLOOD012)
"The last opus with singer Legion and to the very day remains a flawless, hateful yet varied Swedish black metal attack. This re-release features remastered sound, detailed liner notes, unpublished photos and bonus material: a cover version of Possessed’s “Phantasm” plus an entirely unreleased rehearsal from 2002 spanning many of the album tracks."

Martwa Aura (PO)  "Contra Mundi Contra Vitae" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Black metal in the homage to death."

Marzuraan (UK)  "Five Years Worth Of Fuck All" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2008-At War With False Noise-ATWAR021)
"Five Years… collects rare and unreleased tracks from Newcastle "post drone" band Marzuraan’s first five years in existence. Showcasing their evolution from minimal drone band to Julian Cope’s favourite psychedelic "metallic shoegaze" band, this is a perfect introduction to one of the UK’s best underground acts."

Masacre (CO)  "Sacro" -cd 12.00EUR
"Colombian God, MASACRE´s kult album "Sacro" album re-issue with bonus trax!"

Massacra (FR)  "Enjoy the Violence" -cd 12.00EUR
"On "Enjoy The Violence" the band was as its musical peak during its Death Metal times. Predominately fast, always aggressive, still heavily Thrash - influenced Death Metal with excellent coarse vocals, murderous riffs and ripping solos, more inventive breaks than on the debut and a production that still kicks ass nowadays."

Massacra (FR)  "Final Holocaust" -cd 12.00EUR
"Magnificent Death / Thrash Metal. Pure rage and madness of the ´90s. Incl. three bonus tracks."

Massacre (US)  "The Second Coming" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSCD021)
"The long lost MASSACRE 1990 studio demo with previously UNRELEASED songs is now unveiled! Kam Lee (original voice of DEATH/MANTAS) together with NunSlaughter Records and Hells Headbangers have unearthed this long buried casket originally not for the public."

Meatjack/Damad (US)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2000-At A Loss Recordings-AAL005B)
"Victoria does some crazy shit with her voice this time around and the band sounds tighter than ever! The songs are in the usual "heavy evil chaotic" tone as Damad is best known for. Also featured is Heavy Neurosis-style apocalyptic noise performed by Meatjack! Nice for those dismal days when you´re feeling like the worthless piece of shit you are."

Melek-Tha (FR)  "Apokalypsia" -cd 12.00EUR
"Melek-Tha continue their descent into and deep fascination with Satanic imagery, war, death and overall human damnation. Omnipresent opression and despair permeate every aural second expressed through music somewhere between apocalyptic orchestral and dark ambient sonics. This is supreme symphonic Occult Black Industrial at its very best."

Memory Driven (US)  "Relative Obscurity" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-I Hate Records)
"The debut album of Memory Driven brings together a blend of styles that moves forward with a certainty that can only be described as "driven" and offers eleven tracks of a specific brand of melodic, heavy and soulful doom metal made by musicians with a desire to create what they always wanted to hear."

Menace Ruine (CA)  "Venus Armata" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Profound Lore)
"With Genevieve’s spellbinding incredible voice becoming even more of a focus this time, “Venus Armata” focuses more on a sense of melancholy and longing through its overbearing wall of pulsating layers of sound and synth heavy noise while not abandoning a sense of song structure and movement."

Mephisto/Front Beast (2006)  "In League with Evil Metal" -cd 11.00EUR
(2006-Iron Tyrant-ITR11CD)
"Another great split release, total (very early) Burzum worship against evil aggression in true Venom/Sodom style!"

Mephisto/The True Endless (IT)  "Too Heavy For Hell" -cd 12.00EUR
"All new recordings from two of the oldest Italian hordes. The true Endless present their great mix of Northern darkness fused with an obscure Mediterranean flavour while Mephisto keep it old school to the bone acknowledging the forefathers with everything from doomy black a la Hellhammer to Teutonic Thrash thrown into the mix."

Mephiztophel (CO)  "For My Your Blood For Satan Your Soul" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Time Before Time Records)
"Long awaited second full-length album of this old South American horde formed back in 1993! Expect only maniacal, occult and deviant old styled Black Metal inspired by Parabellum, Ancient Rites, early Emperor, Sarcofago, Venom, Necromantia and Mortuary Drape! Peverse Devilworship!"

Merca (NL)  "Chup Amela" -cd 12.00EUR
"After producing two of the genre’s most outstanding demos so far, they’re now back with a female drummer, and the band is heavier than ever! Merca are old-school doomsters heavily influenced by St. Vitus, Pentagram, and The Obsessed. Excellent guitar-work, clean vocals in Saint Vitus style, this is high quality slow traditional doom metal."

Merciless Crucifixion (GR)  "Airesis" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2006-Black Seed Productions-SEED008)
"Massive bestial assault of Warlike brutal Black / Death Metal."

Methadrone (US)  "Better Living (Through Chemistry)" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-Consouling Sounds-SOUL0006)
"Craig Pillard (who has been part of Evoken, Incantation, e.a.) gradually expanded his sound through experiment with acoustic guitars and other vocal collaborations. Better Living is pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional doom music, resulting in well balanced atmospheric pieces of music which make this the apogee of Methadrone´s oeuvre this far."

Mgla (PO)  "Exercises In Futility" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Northern Heritage)
"EIF is continuation of bleak, dark and disillusioned Mgła style of black metal. It was meant to be most coherent recording to date, and also turned out to be the rawest (as in: most natural, not necessarily harshest) one."

Mgla (PO)  "Further Down The Nest/Mdlosci" -mcd 8.50EUR
(***-2010-Northern Heritage)
Black Metal. Both Mgla 7"s pressed onto one mCD. 4 tracks, 22 minutes.

Mgla (PO)  "Groza" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Northern Heritage)
"Polish band already reaching worldwide attention in black metal circles. Debut full length on NORTHERN HERITAGE out now! Expect nothing but the Mgla quality they are known for!"

Mgla (PO)  "Presence" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2006-Northern Heritage-NH-047)

Mgla (PO)  "With Hearts Towards None" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2012-Northern Heritage)
Black Metal.

Miasmal (SE)  "Cursed Redeemer" -cd 15.00EUR
(2014-Century Media)
"Death metal of punishing intensity from Sweden is what MIASMAL offer on their second album containing eight gloomy, powerful, straight-forward and memorable songs with roaring growls, a punkish drive, massive riffs and stunning guitar melodies."

Mills of God (DE)  "Call of the Eastern Moon" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Modus Operandi)
"Monumental 70s flavoured instrumental psychedelic Doom. Check ´em out, you won´t be disappointed. Artwork done by Tom Denney (Kylesa, Sourvein, Deadbird) and mastered by Bob Weston (Shellac). This CD version includes as bonus "The Seed", another 20 minutes song from 2005."

Minethorn (UK)  "Junkhive Noir" -cd 13.00EUR
"Minethorn is the side-project of Brooke from the Axis of Perdition. Influenced by the likes of Godflesh, Meshuggah, Cannibal Corpse and Void of Silence, Junk Hive Noir is their long awaited debut album. 8 tracks of biomechanical disturbance metal like ancient alien organic machines scraping life from the face of the earth..."

Minotaur (DE)  "God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-I Hate Records-IHR057)
"Yes, it´s been more than 20 years since "Power of Darkness" but the band has the same righteous and inexorable attitude towards playing real metal, as it was in the 80´s, and it pays to use the same producer as in ´88 because they sound just as raw, intense and uncompromising as they did then. Minotaur Thrash the way only Germans can! No one will be spared!"

Mirkhall  "Like Wolves - Like Heathens" -cd 11.00EUR
(2012-Dark Adversary)
"Barbaric, hateful & wolfish Black Metal with a proud heathen ethos returns after over a decade with their debut full length. The brainchild of Shatraug, with assistance from Blackheart & Nox."

Misanthropic Triumph/Ravendark´s Monarchal Canticle (BR)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hammer of Damnation-HOD002)
"Epic Black Metal / Black War Thrash Metal. The young black blood of southern underground Black Metal! MISANTHROPIC TRIUMPH is the brazilian answer to Dark Fury, Nitberg and Absurd while RAVENDARK´S MONARCHAL CANTICLE plays Blackened War Thrash Metal in the vein of old Holocausto and Goatpenis."

Misantrophic Path (DE)  "A Bluntly Description of the Present" -cd 9.00EUR
(2007-Nihilistische Klang Kunst-NKK001)
Raw Depressive Black Metal. Special price due to the request of the label.

Misantropical Painforest (FI)  "Winds Saturate with Inhumane Longing" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2005-Alpha Draconis Records)
OTT Black Heavy Metal. Recommended!

Mistress of the Dead (CZ)  "Buried" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Epidemie Records-EPR057)
"MISTRESS OF THE DEAD is one-man project covered with mystery, which produces mystical funeral esoteric doom metal of extra high quality. Delicacy for admirers of Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, Until Death Overtakes Me etc. 500 copies limited digisleeve edition."

Mistress of the Dead (CZ)  "Cryptic" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2006-Epidemie Records-EPR058)
"Funeral Doom. Another album of excellent mysterious project. Published in limited digisleeve edition of 500 copies."

Mistress of the Dead (CZ)  "White Ros, White Coffin" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Epidemie Records)
"Four long compositions in 76 minutes. MISTRESS OF THE DEAD is one-man project covered with mystery, which produces mystical funeral esoteric doom metal of extra high quality. Delicacy for admirers of Esoteric, Mournful Congregation, Until Death Overtakes Me, Nortt etc."

Misvita (NO)  "Axis" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2006-Cryptia Productions-LCF-VIII)
"Nihilistic destructive black metal like Aborym!"

Misþyrming (IC)  "Söngvar elds og óreiðu" -digipak 14.00EUR
(***-2015-Terratur Possessions)
"Debut album from Iceland´s MISÞYRMING! Complete in vision and execution, MISÞYRMING utilizes equal parts melody and blunt force to create remarkably compelling black metal! Stunning from start till finish, implementing elements from both the old and the new."

Moder (DE)  "Fields of Devastation" -cd 10.00EUR
(2006-Moder Metal-M001-2)
"Second album of Moder. Raw old-school death madness with German and English lyrics. In the vein of old Asphyx, Sodom, Unleashed etc."

Monarch/Elysiüm  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(Solitude Records)
"Elysiüm fuck you all with 4 amazing tracks of turbo blast violence & Monarch play a one hour long apocalyptic sludge/doom piece."

Monarch/Grey Daturas  "Dawn of the Catalyst" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-20 Buck Spin-SPIN016)
"Australia’s Grey Daturas combination of Sonic Youth style guitar-improv freakouts with more detuned doomed ambience and all out noise has attracted fans from all dank corners of underground music. France’s female-fronted Monarch is that country’s entry into the slo-mo nihilistic utterly oppressive doom genre where they’ve distinguished themselves from their peers in both sound and aesthetics."

Monarque/Sorcier Des Glaces (CA)  "Split" -cd 11.00EUR
(2012-Obscure Abhorrence)
Canadian Black Metal.

Monkeypriest (SP)  "Defending the Tree" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Féretro Records-FR001)
"Vicious, corrosive and primate Sludge in the vein of Grief, Eyehategod, Moho etc. Debut release."

Monno (DE)  "Error" -digicd 13.00EUR
(Conspiracy Records-CORE029)
"Dense, abstract, challenging, and confrontational. Monno stands out from the legacy of doomsayers that includes Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Whitehouse, and more recently Wolf Eyes and Lightning Bolt. Monno are impressively, expertly abrasive in sending atomic blasts of fury, but beneath the shock value of these overwhelming sonic miasmas are throat-grappling melodies evoking a dense, brutal trance."

Monno (DE)  "Ghosts" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Conspiracy Records-CORE070)
"Without doubt their most brutal and menacing album to date, etheric yet droning vocals covered in doom frost. Gradually moving into uptempo black metal waters, than backdropping in sludge mystery like a free-jazz bat in the night. No rocket science but heavy riffs, laptop monstrosity and drastic saxophone stabs for folks that have a little black in them."

Monolithe (FR)  "Monolithe III" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2012-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"Teeming with powerful, crushing, dark-yet-melodic Doom Metal, "Monolithe III" ushers the listener on a journey through time and space, introducing a plethora of moods and twists along the way. The quintessential listening experience; live it."

Mons Veneris (PT)  "Vicit sathanas pater...eum sequamur" -cd 10.00EUR
"Re-release of an older tape release, now with a mix which was originally intended for vinyl version. Black metal coming close to Black legions´ sound. 250 copies."

Monte Penumbra (PT)  "Heirloom of Sullen Fall" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Daemon Worship Prod.)

Mood (UA)  "Slow Down" -cd 13.00EUR
"Mood were probably the first, and definitely the most successful Hungarian doom band during the late nineties. Although their sound was heavily influenced by great predecessors like Black Sabbath, COC and Trouble, the music itself was highly unique." Includes bonus tracks.

Mood (UA)  "The Fourth Ride of Doomanoids" -cd 13.00EUR
(2001-Hammer of Damnation)
"Cult traditional Doom band from Hungary. The music is Sabbath inspired and generally mid-tempo with some more up tempo parts. Still the Mood has always remained largely unknown to the larger doom-metal audience. Perhaps due to the very old-school feel to the music."

Moonblood (DE)  "Dusk Woerot/Taste Our German Steel!" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Contains the "Dusk Woerot" Demo and "Taste Our German Steel!" album plus an extra track of the same session mastered from the original master tapes."

Moonblood (DE)  "Of lunar passion and sombre blood" -cd 13.50EUR
(***-2015-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Contains 2 complete studio sessions from august 1998 and september 1996. Mastered from the original DAT tapes."

Moonblood (DE)  "The winter falls over the land" -cd 12.50EUR
(***-2015-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Contains the "The winter falls over the land" Demo 1995 and a studio session from September 1995. 8 page booklet, length around 58 min."

Moonblood/Ensom Skogen/Forgotten Spell (DE)  "Split" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2015-Misanthrophia Discos)
"Raw black metal. Features exclusive recordings."

Moontower (PO)  "Voices Of The Unholy Land" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2012-Pluton´s Rising)
"The return of veterans of the Polish underground Black Metal scene. There is tradition and freshness. A solid classic base is enriched with more technical arrangement and well played, sometimes thrashy riffs. A knife in the heart of malcontents and the spear in the flank of christ."

Morbid Flesh (SP)  "Reborn in Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Memento Mori)
"Features their 2009 demo, entitled "Impaled Ratzinger", as bonus for a total running time of about 60 minutes of old school Metal of Death that draws its influences from the rottenness that hailed from both Scandinavia and Central Europe, and the U.S. ancient brutality. Think Dismember meets Asphyx meets Death."

Morbid Macabre (CO)  "Hell and Damnation" -cd 12.00EUR
"Asian edition. South American old-school Death Metal! Featuring Alex of MASACRE (col). For all SARCOFAGO fans! 9 studio songs + SARCOFAGO cover!"

Morbosidad (US)  "Morbosidad/Cojete a dios por el culo" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH098)
Morboso Metal. Debut album reissued with the second album.

Morbosidad (US)  "Muerte de Cristo en Golgota" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"Although the Morbosidad catalog is vast, as always, the band’s albums feature the finest moments in the discography and the band’s fourth full-length, “Muerte de Cristo en Golgota,” is no exception."

Morbosidad (US)  "Profana La Cruz del Nazareno" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Recorded in Mexico with a new line-up, the third Morbosidad album is heavily influenced by Brazilian deathrash masters such as the mighty Sarcofago, Sextrash, and Holocausto, yet is still undeniably Morboso Metal. “Profana La Cruz del Nazareno” achieves a primitive savagery and violence never heard before on any Morbosidad recording."

Morbus Chron (SE)  "Sweven" -cd 15.00EUR
(2014-Century Media)
"Sweven takes death metal to the next level with its unique mix of sick Autopsy-like riffs, complex song structures that often remind of Voivod, Coroner, Atheist or later Death and a melodic approach very close to the 70ies epics of Pink Floyd. Sweven marks a monumental development from the band’s debut album towards a highly individual, long-lasting trademark sound."

Mordaehoth (NL)  "Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2010-Heidens Hart)
"Carved, burnt and built during years, ´Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart´ offers the ultimate grim pagan metal opus from The Netherlands: long and dark warhymns, blending bitter melancholy over lost ages with flaming hate for the postmodern world; and pride in taking action in the revolt against it!"

Moriar (IT)  "Burn the Reign of Light" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Fog of the Apocalypse)
"Burn the Reign of Light! This Italian Black Metal horde celebrates an ice-cold and full of hatred fight against the hypocritical human brood with this work. Uncompromisingly, essentially, northern coldly!"

Morne (US)  "Asylum " -digicd 14.00EUR
(2011-Profound Lore)
"Featuring members from GRIEF, DISRUPT, and FILTH OF MANKIND, MORNE’s follow-up to their debut is a vast expansion on their massive and unbelievably heavy sound canvas that had already helped define their sound. More progressive, doomier, more atmospheric and cinematic, Asylum is an observation where crushing all-encompassing heaviness seams itself with sonic beauty."

Morrigan (DE)  "Welcome to Samhain" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Undercover Records-UCRCD0481)

Morte Incandescente (PT)  "Ultimatum" -mcd 8.00EUR
(Sadolust Records-LUSTMCD01)
Hateful Black Metal. Demo reissued on cd. Includes members from Merrimack, Corpus Christii etc.

Mortifera (FR)  "Maledictiih" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2010-Apparitia Recordings)
Black Metal. New album!

Mortifera (FR)  "Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Black Metal, finally reissued! 3 panel digipak."

Mortifera/Be Persecuted  "Split" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2013-Bubonic Prod.)
"Mortifera presents the last two recorded tracks featuring Neige in the line up and a third song from the Meledictiih session, while Be Persecuted presents a long track featuring their typical slow paced sorrowful style. Limited to 500."

Mortify (GR)  "The Way of All Flesh" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Kill Yourself Productions)
"Classic black/death metal from the glorious era of the early-mid ´90s. An official release with the band´s permission, mastered from the original tapes."

Mortualia/Inmitten Des Waldes  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Dunkelheit Produktionen-DP-012)
"An unbelievably melancholic and depressive slow Black Metal. Both bands present 3 new tracks."

Mortuary Drape (IT)  "Into The Drape/All The Witches Dance" -cd 13.00EUR
An official re-release.

Mortuary Drape (IT)  "Secret Sudaria" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"Considered by many as Mortuary Drape´s finest hour, 1997´s "Secret Sudaria" is available once more in this jewel case edition featuring a 12-page full-color booklet. This edition features the same 11 songs from the late 2009 digipak reissue as well as the bonus live edition of "Beyond the Veil.""

Mortuary Drape/Necromass (IT)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2015-Funeral Industries)
"The founders of Italian flagged Black Metal unite..."

Mortuus Infradaemoni (DE)  "Daemon Qui Fecit Terram" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Cold Dimensions-DIMENSION006)
"A dispiteous and adamant masterpiece of rawest and darkest Black Metal." Ex-Lunar Aurora members.

Mortuus Infradaemoni (DE)  "Imis Avernis" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Cold Dimensions-DIMENSION012)
"MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI was formed in 2005 by Nathaniel and Profanatitas, both of them known for their activities as drummers in Lunar Aurora. With their new album "Imis Avernis" Mortuus Infradaemoni follow up on the path they trod before and deliver nine irritating echoes of the hidden cosmos between life and death."

Moss (UK)  "Moss´ Horrible Night" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2013-Rise Above)
"While no longer obsessed with extremity for its own sake - with weirdly infectious riffs, eccentric vocal melodies and no song over 12 minutes - MOSS remain heavier-than-thou, broadening their horror beyond any imposed ´scene´ expectations."

Moss (UK)  "Tombs of the Blind Drugged" -digimcd 10.00EUR
(***-2009-Rise Above-RISECD110)
"Already a cult legend, Moss´ unique brand of extremity and terror now reaches new depths as monolithic riffs and gut wrenching vocals wreck and bludgeon but with an added sense for the melodic, and through the use of organ and mysterious chants atmospheres become ever more dense... three tracks alchemically distilled to a total purification of Occult Horror Doom!"

Mournful Congregation (AU)  "The Book of Kings" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2011-Osmose Prod.)
"‘The Book Of Kings’ is the pinnacle in Mournful Congregation’s long history, dating back nearly 20 years, and an album that will be identified in years to come as the standard by which others will be judged."

Mournful Congregation (AU)  "The June Frost" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Weird Thruth Productions-WT031)
"3rd full-length album of Australian mournful doom god. Emotional melodies become more emotional, majestic heavy riffs become heavier and heavier. This is another masterpiece of doom!"

Mournful Congregation (AU)  "The Monad Of Creation" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2005-Weird Thruth Productions-WT017)
"Extreme slowness and heaviness bring depression to the depth of your mind. Layered sorrowful melodies make your tears shed from your eyes. They deliver 4 sorrowful hymns here to make you mourn."

Mournful Congregation (AU)  "The Unspoken Hymns" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Osmose Prod.)
"A compilation of tracks released previously on limited run vinyl only splits with like-minded, respected funeral doomers Worship, Stabat Mater and Stone Wings. The disc also includes a newer, remixed version of the song ‘Left Unspoken’ which originally appeared in earlier form on the Four Burials split that also featured, among others, Loss."

Mr. Peter Hayden (FI)  "Faster Than Speed" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Using sounds created by guitars, bass, drums, percussion and finished with synthesizers, piano, wind instruments and various acoustic elements. The sound-scapes here are very cinematic as styles from Doom Metal, Drone, Psychedelia, Space Rock to experimental Prog-Rock are interwoven into an endless stream of ambient, flowing hypnotic music."

Murg (SE)  "Gudatall" -cd 14.00EUR
"In a ferocious dance among coal dust and mists "Gudatall" occupies our senses with a strong sense of innovation and loneliness. Far from life itself, barefoot towards our origin, Murg is a raging cloud of soot and sulphur that pollute our lungs with a musical magic without equal. Blackened atmospheric and ferocious Metal."

Murg (SE)  "Varg & Björn" -cd 12.50EUR
Atmospheric Black Metal.

Murkrat (AU)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Aesthetic Death-ADCD010)
"Women in Doom is a rare sight, but an all-female Doom band is even rarer. Instrumentally, this is full-out old school retro Doom. Think St. Vitus, think Pentagram, think Black Sabbath: every riff is a tribute to the Doomsters of yore. The keys, bass and drums follow the path set out by the guitars and add to the weirdly entrancing repetition."

Musta Kappeli (FI)  "Saatanassa Ulvoneet" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Primitive Reaction-PR013)
"New mini album with 23 minutes of new material. Really dark mid tempo black metal with synths and extremely satanic Finnish written lyrics. MCD version comes with 8 pages booklet."

Musta Surma/Bloodhammer/Annihilatus (FI)  "Christian Genocide" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Northern Heritage)
"Musta Surma material is from same session as Crushing The Holy Trinity and 7" on EAL prod. Cold and cruel black metal. Bloodhammer offers 3 tracks from 3 different sessions. From heavy and boneheaded old school brutality to majestic atmospheric midpaced darkness. Annihilatus does what they do the best, brute and offensive declaration of war and annihilation."

Mutant Ape (UK)  "What´s Left" -cd 11.00EUR
(Turgid Animal)
"The first CD release by the Turgid Animal label blurs the lines between rough harsh noise, power electronics and almost industrial soundscapes. More than fifty minutes of blown-out hatred from one of northern England´s most evil. Reissues tracks from the Shift split CDR, the What´s Left? business card set, the No Bodies CDR and the Grunt split tape."

My Shameful (FI)  "Descend" -digibook 12.00EUR
"Fourth album from this great Finnish death/doom band. Hate and romance, no hope. This is the digipak version, in an A5-size case, featuring bonus material."

Myrkr (SE)  "Offsping Gathered Foulness" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2006-Drakkar Productions-DKCD041)
Raw Swedish Black Metal.

Mysticum (NO)  "In the Streams of Inferno" -cd+dvd 14.00EUR
"Includes a bonus DVD containing two live shows from 1996. ‘Grotten’, in Asker, Norway has until now been totally unknown to the masses except for the few that were present at the show. The other show is the more well-known Bradford, UK set from Mysticum’s European tour with Marduk & Gehenna. Additionally the cd includes 2 bonus songs."

Mysticum (NO)  "Planet Satan" -cd 11.50EUR

Mystruin (SE)  "Gånget äro ljuset" -cd 15.00EUR
"Bizarre Aesthetics and musical blackness."

Mütiilation (FR)  "Destroy Your Life for Satan" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Dark Adversary)
"Released on tape in 2001 and limited to 100 copies this rotten piece of dark art is officially being re-released on cd and unleashed upon the modern world to bring you back to a world of sickness and decay!"

Mütiilation (FR)  "Majestas Leprosus" -cd 13.00EUR
(2012-Dark Adversary)
"Once again the leper death returns... Recorded almost a decade ago (2002-2003) "Majestas Leprosus" has stood the test of time as one of the ugliest recordings Mutiilation has created as well as in Black Metal in general."

Mütiilation (FR)  "Rattenköning" -cd 12.50EUR
(2013-Dark Adversary)
"Sick, rotten and depressive Black Metal from this french abomination, remixed by Meyhnach for a darker more suffocating sound."

Mütiilation (FR)  "Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2010-Dark Adversary Productions)
"Dirty, rotten, vile and melancholic black metal. Officially rereleased. The first part of this release are tracks from the "Evil, the Gestalt of Abomination" demo from 1993 which never saw the light of day, the later part of the release is from 1996, following "Vampires...". This is a reflection of the dark past, a travel through sadness, hate and depression."

Mütiilation (FR)  "Sorrow Galaxies" -cd 12.50EUR
(2013-Dark Adversary)
"The final masterpiece from this French cult spewing forth dark, melancholic and tormented Black Metal."

Mörk Gryning (SE)  "S/T" -digicd 15.00EUR
(2005-Black Lodge)

Mörk Gryning (SE)  "Tusen år har gått" -cd 12.00EUR
"Re-release of this often overlooked classic of Scandinavian Black Metal. Jewelcase CD w/ 16 pages booklet including classic pictures, unpublished images and a newly conducted interview."

Möse/Hog Mountin  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
"Hog Mountin, a pissed off sludge band that lies somewhere inbetween Grief, Crowbar and Eyehategod. You can expect pretty heavy "scream the lungs out" sludge throughout most of the music. On the other side of the split you get a couple of killer tunes by the Belgian Mose, a misanthropic sludge-metal outfit. Raw, energetic material."

N.I.L. (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Battle Kommand Records-BKR018)
"Ex-Krieg frontman N. Imperial returns with his new devastating black metal project, N.I.L. Slow, droning dirges mixed with an outstanding vocal performace combine to make one of the coldest, darkest records in years. Features a cover of "Bad Houses" from rock legends Big Black."

Naam (US)  "The Ballad of the Starchild" -digipak mcd 12.00EUR
(***-2012-Tee Pee Records)
"The Ballad of the Starchild showcases NAAM´s most forward-thinking material to date and is the follow up to the group´s 2009 full length "Naam". A 26-minute journey into the recesses of psychedelic groove and mystifying ambience." Recommended!

Naam (US)  "Vow" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
(***-2013-Tee Pee Records)
"Dark melodic tones, vocal harmonies and heavy synthesizer presence accompany the listener in the shift towards NAAM´s new-found astral plane. As deep, doom-ridden tones and tribal drums accompany the acid-casualty grooves and freakouts of NAAM past, NAAM future presents not only a more progressive and developed concept through music, but also through the concept of spirituality."

Nachtmystium (US)  "The First Attacks" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Candlelight Records)
"A collection of the Nachtmystium demos and unreleases songs. This collection was assembled from the original 4 track tapes and remastered for this release."

Nadja/Atavist  "II: Points at Infinity" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Profound Lore-PFL037)
"Definitely taking this experiment between both acts to the next level, albeit creating something wholly new and different when compared to the debut, rather than just continue on from the first release, “Points At Infinity” takes the doom/drone/ambient experiment into new territory as both acts continue to push new sonic ground."

Nadja/Atavist/Satori  "Infernal Procession...And Then Everything Dies" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Cold Spring-CSR111)
"Split release from Canadian Shoegaze / Droners Nadja (Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff), Manchester Doomers Atavist and UK Fortean Electronics / Dark Ambient act Satori. Released to coincide with their UK joint tour. Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel outsized sleeve."

Nagelfar (DE)  "Virus West" -cd 12.00EUR
Fast Black Metal. Reissue finally available. "With "Virus West, the music has become more aggressive and not as complex as the two previous albums. No walks through the park with keyboard interludes while the guitars rest. It´s straight to the brutal, blasting music. As a result of lessened keyboards, the songs are a little shorter."

Nahar (FR)  "La Fascination Du Pire" -cd 12.00EUR
"Still driven by the dark spirit of Shaddar VH (only composer and musician) and Sorghal (of Nehemah´s fame) on vocals, Nahar shortly found an album agreement with Avantgarde Music for the release of this album. "La Fascination du Pire" shows us a very old-style, mid-tempo paced creepy and obscure black metal of Nordic tradition."

Nailgunner (FI)  "Apocalypse. Now or Never" -cd 11.00EUR
(2008-Area Death Productions-ADP020)
"Apocalypse. Now or Never is the debut album of Finnish thrasher NAILGUNNER. A clean production highlights the bands super-fast delivery, you get eight killer tunes, all brimming with the evil, dark, crushing, metallic energy and high-powered riffage that is old school brutal thrash in the vein of early Slayer, Dark Angel, Razor and Sacrifice."

Nattsol (NO)  "Stemning" -cd 16.00EUR
(2010-Lupus Lounge)
"Deeply rooted in the spirit of traditional Black Metal and surrounded by a nature-mystical aura full of grandeur, Nàttsòl offer six timeless compositions bridging the past and the present by marrying highly archaic Black-Metal elements to powerful production values. Ulver´s legendary trilogy may be a pointer towards Nàttsòl´s musical journeys,"

Nazxul (AU)  "Black Seed" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Seance Records-AR006)
"The classic works of Australian black metal with bonus live tracks, lavish 8 page booklet & all lyrics included."

Nazxul (AU)  "Totem" -cd 12.00EUR
"15 year anniversary re-issue from this ICONIC landmark of Australian Black Metal! Crushing brutality and relentless horror spewed forth from the abyss, 10 hymns of everlasting fear with a truly unique and heavy sound."

Near (IT)  "The Opening of the Primordial Whirl" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-De Tenebrarum Principio)
"The Opening of the Primordial Whirl is the new chapter by the Ancient Dolomitic Forests band Near, one of the few bands active today that incarnates the corrupted unholy atmosphere of the early days of the Black Metal. Features Tenebrae in Perpetuum & Beatrik member."

Nebelwerfer (RU)  "The Spirit of Violation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Assavlt Records-007TEETH)
"A new band from Siberia, NEBELWERFER. As the lethal weapon of WW II, NEBELWERFER are here to crush mankind and its dogmas with their missiles in the form of fast, brutal and hellishly convincing songs. This is a challenge! This is war! For fans and admirers of legacy of MARDUK, ANTAEUS, INFERNAL WAR."

Nebula (US)  "Apollo" -cd 14.00EUR
(2006-Sweet Nothing-SNCD047)
"A strong, solid album. The focus, as always, is on Eddie Glass’ playing, and he doesn’t disappoint. It seems like every song is awash with solos, sometimes multiple ones overlapping each other. He’s got a great style that bridges stoner, psychedelia, and garage rock under one sweaty umbrella."

Nebula/Lowrider  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
"This forty-minute, eight-song split EP pairs Southern California trio Nebula with sludgy Swedish quartet Lowrider. Nebula builds its tracks from quiet introductions, shaking the earth with dueling guitar solos, fluid drumming and memorable choruses. No less punishing, Lowrider´s simple, oozing riffs recall the slow groove of Black Sabbath."

Necro Deathmort (UK)  "This Beat Is Necrotronic" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Distraction Records-DIST19)
"Running the full gambit from jittering, skuttering brutal electronics, Earth-style drones (back when they had balls), creamy hiss, turntablist noise pedal effect antics, crushing guitars, elegant ballroom atmopherics, to full-on balls-out full decaying post-apocalyptic doom, this combines analogue and digital noise to devastating effect."

Necroblood (FR)  "The Rite of Evil" -cd 13.00EUR
(2013-Amor Fati)
"This CD is a compilation CD featuring both Necroblood´s long sold out demo "The Rite of Evil" and their 7´´ EP released on Spikekult in 2011. Expect 8 tracks of bestial and primitive Black/Death in the vein of Archgoat, Teitanblood, Von etc."

Necrodeath (IT)  "Fragments of insanity" -cd 12.00EUR
"Italian cult thrash metal. Second album."

Necrodeath/Ghostrider (IT)  "Back to the abyss" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Terror From Hell)
"Pure blacking speed metal. The Shining Pentagram demo ´85 by Necrodeath, Mayhemic Destruction demo ´84 by Ghostrider & unreleased bonus songs from a rehearsal in ´84 by Ghostrider."

Necromantia (GR)  "Ancient Pride" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2005-Black Lotus Records)

Necromantia (GR)  "Scarlet Evil" -digicd 13.00EUR
(1995-Black Lotus Records)
"Originally released in 1995, Necromantia´s second full-length is now reissue as a limited digipak, complete with new artwork and bonus tracks."

Necromass (IT)  "Abyss Calls Life" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Funeral Industries)
Black Metal. Incl. bonus tracks.

Necromass (IT)  "Calix Utero Babalon" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Funeral Industries)
Black Metal.

Necromass (IT)  "Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Funeral Industries)
"Originally born in dark 1994, Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana evolved into a grim, gloomy and black diamond, handcrafted by Italy’s Black Metal-elite NECROMASS. Includes bonus tracks."

Necromessiah (IT)  "Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Blasphemous Underground-BUP-14)
"NECROMESSIAH´s second full length is a crushing statement of savage, sacrilegious intent - a declaration of all-out war against pathetic organised religion. Spewing forth ten potent portions of hellish black/thrash metal, ´Anticlerical Terroristik Death Squad´ is the antidote to divinity."

Necronaut (SE)  "S/T" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Regain Records)
"Fred Estby´s (ex-Dismember/ex-Carnage) solo-project. Old school death/black/doom/heavy metal! Features a outstanding list of guest musicianssuch as Chris Reifert of Autopsy, Nicke Andersson of Imperial State Electric, Erik Danielsson of Watain, Tompa of ex-At The Gates..."

Necrophagia (US)  "Death is Fun" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Red Stream-RSR-0142)
"Black/Death/Thrash originators classic demo recordings finally re-issued! Death is Fun contains some of the earliest death metal from almost fifteen years ago. The new and improved version includes 2 unreleased raw tracks, never heard before."

Necrophagia (US)  "Harvest Ritual" -digicd 15.00EUR
"NECROPHAGIA is a corpse producing machine that will not stop reanimating their eye-gouging audio horror! The Harvest was plentiful this year; give thanks by feasting on the dead!"

Necrophile (JP)  "Mementos in the Misting Woods" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"The definitive Necrophile collection. Playing a style that can be classified as "thrashy death", Necrophile included members of early Japanese pioneering bands such as Criminal Christ, Messiah Death, Transgressor and more."

Necroplasma (SE)  "Gospels of antichristian terror" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Isengard Productions)
Early demos and EP combined! Straightforward Swedish Black Metal. Features Kill member.

Necroplasma (SE)  "Sit Gloria Domini Insecvlvm" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Die Todesrune Records-DTM019)
Raw Devil Worshipping Black Metal from Sweden!

Nécropole (FR)  "S/T" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)
"Power of good songs based on catchy melody and excellent execution. Always stripped down of any gimmicks. Only offering the melancholic and cold melodic riffs on top of intense fast forward hammering of drums that are there only to serve needs of minimalist cold atmosphere."

Necropsy (FI)  "Tomb of the Forgotten - The Complete Demo Recordings" -3CD 18.00EUR
(2013-Century Media)
"The first official demo release, fully authorized by the band. Dark and twisted death metal in the vein of early SENTENCED, early AMORPHIS, CONVULSE, DEMIGOD, PURTENANCE, DEMILICH or ABHORRENCE. 40 Tracks with a total playing time of 167 minutes."

Necros Christos (DE)  "Nine Graves" -cd 12.50EUR
(2014-Sepulchral Voice)
"NECROS CHRISTOS succeeded in capturing the most harsh, obscure and wicked material up to date with this EP. Two new exclusive songs, re-recorded yet totally new arranged versions of two old band classics + four interludes and one huge, persian influenced midtro... The most abyssic Death Metal imaginable."

Necros Christos (DE)  "One in Darkness, Two in Damnation, Three in Death" -DCD 18.00EUR
(***-2014-Sepulchral Voice)
"The demonology! Including their entire ancient grimoires, namely: Necromantic Doom / Black Mass Desecration / Grave Damnation. Furthermore all tracks from their 7" & splits, an unreleased studio ep & damned additional bonus material. A complete history of the magnificent high priests of necromantic doom Death Metal."

Necros Christos (DE)  "Triune Impurity Rites" -cd 13.00EUR
(2007-Sepulchral Voice Records-SVRCD01)
Necromantic Death Metal. Essential!

Necrosadist (UK)  "Abstract Satan" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Daemon Worship)
"A forty-six minute blistering deluge of Raw Necro Violence. Serpentine, dynamic song structures gnarling and twisting together titanic, gargantuan riffs, intense blasting machinegun violence, slit-throat vocals that are vomited - not sung, obscure and hypnotic atmospheres, chaotic, wailing guitar solos screaming from the netherworlds and hints of occult psychedelia."

Necroslut (FI)  "Black Deceiver" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Hate)
"This is a solowork of SS Hellseeker known from his devilous works in HORNA and SARGEIST + others. The debut full-length of NECROSLUT is maybe the ugliest and filthiest creation of SS Hellseeker today! Depraved, morbid fucking Black Metal! Blasphemous, raw and disgusting black vomit from the master of Satanic Black arts."

Nefandus (SE)  "Death Holy Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Left Light Emanations-EMANATION001)
"After 13 silent years, Nefandus are back with their deadliest release ever, "Death Holy Death". 8 hymns of Qliphothic Death Magic with guest appearances from Marduk, Puissance and O.D et A.A."

Nefandus (SE)  "Reality Cleaver" -cd 13.00EUR
(2014-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"NEFANDUS is back with a 3rd full-length album! For the first time since mid-90´s existing as a full band, they march into the new territories of mid-paced and grim Black Metal."

Nefandus (SE)  "Your God is a Ghost" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2012-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"New mcd is out now and the agenda is still the same: to spread the Light of Lucifer and the satanic legacy that has been chosen to the band by the gods and goddesses of Sitra Ahra, proclaiming the lunacy of "God´s" creation, like a fist in the faces of those who deny the wonders and pleasures of the chthonic Lords of Divine "Madness"."

Nefarious (HU)  "The Universal Wrath" -cd 14.00EUR
(2012-Cold Dimensions)
"Finally NEFARIOUS´ long awaited debut album is released. 7 black hymns in NEFARIOUS´ unique style and in high quality yet gloomy sound. THE UNIVERSAL WRATH is what most others just can speak and dream of: Black cold-hearted Metal."

Negative Plane (US)  "Stained Glass Revelations" -cd 12.50EUR
"The new album sees the style of their first album from 2006 ‘Et In Saecula Saeculorum’ expanded upon without forsaking any of the noted occult tinged atmosphere evident on the debut. Reminiscent of a soundtrack to an Edgar Allen Poe piece or HP Lovecraft vision, ‘Stained Glass Revelations’ in in equal measure eerie, occult and morbid."

Negura Bunget (RO)  "From Transylvanian Forests" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2008-Lupus Lounge-WOLF025)
""From Transilvanian Forest" is a re-release of the only demo tape of Wiccan Rede, the legendary predecessor of Negura Bunget. In a unique way it uncoveres the musical roots of Negura Bunget and offers insight into the early days of one of the most respected and creative contemporary black metal bands. Contains two additional bonus tracks!"

Neige et Noirceur (CA)  "Philosophie des Arts Occultes/Thanatonau" -cd 12.00EUR
"Occult ambient black/funeral doom."

Nekrasov (AU)  "Cognition of Splendid Oblivion" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2010-Siege of Power Records)
"This recording marks the third full length from Nekrasov. This release has been crafted intensely in order to hurt and bring about maddening disillusion to the listener. Six signals from the void: In an inverted rotten era that stands for anything, everything and nothing."

Nenavist (PT)  "Inhuman" -cd 11.00EUR
(2009-Egg of Nihilism Prod.)
"Obscure, disturbing Black Metal from the depths of the Bulgarian forest. Inhuman manifests the chtonic natural truths which lie beneath the suffocating damper of "humanism". Six rites about shedding the sking of hypocrisy and rediscovering the purity of the beast."

Neo Inferno 262 (FR)  "Hacking the Holy Code" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Industrial Black Metal to socialize your children. Following the musical path of Aborym, Diabolicum & Mysticum, this French project has nothing to prove with their first full length. Enter in their evil vortex, and join the Neo Inferno 262."

Neutron Hammer (FI)  "Damnation´s Bringer" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2011-Primitive Reaction)
"Blackened Thrashing Metal of Death! This hammering force of metal smashing your brains with total desecration & pure hate!"

Neutron Hammer (FI)  "Extermination Kommand" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Primitive Reaction)
"Blackened thrashing metal of death! Long awaited mini album is finally available. This was supposed to release long time ago as a split with Bloodhammer. After long delays band decided to release it as their very own mini album."

Neutron Hammer (FI)  "Iron Storm Evocation" -cd 13.00EUR
(2012-Primitive Reaction)
"After nine years of impure existence; Demo, two EPs plus a bunch of fierce and relentless live appearances, Neutron Hammer is finally ready to unleash their debut album upon the worldwide underground. Pounding, twisted and immensely heavy thrashing album full of repugnant perversions and sadistic madness. Only for the damned and sick!"

New Keepers of the Water Towers (US)  "Chronicles" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Meteor City)
"New Keepers of the Water Towers is a sonic Swedish collision between the heaviest of metal and the firmest of rock. Wrapped up with the lyrical themes of dwelling beasts and filthy creatures, the sound can only be described as massive."

Nex (SE)  "Zero" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Next Horizon Records-NHZ002)
"The debut album of Swedish doom metal trio Nex. This album has received praise from many different audiences, from your avarage grave desecrating face painter to headspinning growlers. Influenced by bands like Katatonia (the early stuff), Candlemass, My Dying Bride, etc. Don´t miss!"

Nicole 12 (FI)  "Playground" -cd 12.00EUR
(Freak Animal-Freak-CD-017)
"Among the most offensive Freak Animal releases. re-press of the debut album and L01ita Love tape/cdr on same disc. Packaging closer to original edition but now black & white with lyrics printed on cover. Warning: subject matter could be offensive for some listeners."

Nicole 12 (FI)  "Substitute" -cd 12.00EUR
(Freak Animal-Freak-CD-020)
"Possibly among most offensive and horrid Freak Animal Records releses. 2nd full length of Nicole 12 is once again re-released. Most likely final edition of the album is closer to original cd packaging. With cardboard covers and folded insert, all black & white. Atmospheric oscillations and dense electronic textures with the "sugardaddy" vocals. Note: content of release may be offensive for some listeners & your custom agents. Approach with caution."

Nidingr (NO)  "Sorrow Infinite and Darkness" -cd 13.00EUR
(2005-Karisma Records)
"Debut album of cold, dark, experimental black metal, including members of Gorgoroth and Orcustus."

Nidingr (NO)  "Wolf-Father" -mcd 9.50EUR
"Norwegian Nidingr return after a 5 year hiatus with their second album entitled "Wolf-Father", a theme-album based on Norse mythology. Released as a mini-cd, this disc has six metal tracks of the highest standard. No wonder that Garm (Ulver) decided to make this the first black metal release on his very own Jester Records."

Nidsang (SE)  "The Mark of Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Drakkar Productions-DKCD056)
"Harsh and fast Black-Metal in the Swedish way. But not that fast and melodic as you may expect! A bit like what WATAIN did in their earlier works, without the DISSECTION influence. Terrific vocals, a good dose of aggression and harshness this time sustained with powerful production, some more atmospheric parts inbetween, solid songs."

Night Must Fall (FI)  "Dissonance of Thought" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Descending Towards Damnation-DTD-001)
Torturous Funeral Doom. A giant leap after their demos towards the torch bearers of Finland´s Funeral Doom genre. Imagine a mix of eerie funeral doom with the ugly crushing sludge attitude and you´re somewhere close to the sound of this release.

Nightbitch (US)  "Sex & Magic" -digimcd 9.00EUR
"Nightbitch is the Connecticut based, Occult obsessed, NWOBHM worshipping HR/HM band featuring Hour of 13 vocalist Phil Swanson and Ipsissimus guitarist Ryan Adams. Doom influenced Traditional Heavy Metal for fans of Angel Witch, Ritual, and Judas Priest."

Nightbringer/Dødsengel  "Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno" -cd 13.00EUR
(2013-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"Circumambulations of the Solar Inferno is a conceptual split release, based upon the esoteric doctrines of the four quarters of the journey of the "sun" from death, through the underworld, to rebirth and ascendance."

Nightside (FI)  "The End of Christianity" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Black Tower Productions-BT22)
Finnish Black Metal. Re-release with a horrible new lay-out.

Nihil Nocturne (DE)  "Entheogen" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-End All Life Productions-EAL054)
"New recording, continuing the psychaesthetic martyrdom that has begun with the last album, taking it to a more focused and meditative, sacred state of glorious spiritual tragedy. Witness this great hyperdelusion of flesh, lost in the triarchy of psyche, death and god..."

Ninnixu (US)  "Collection" -cd 12.00EUR
"Ancient-sounding barbaric American Black Metal in the vein of VON, old BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, CULT OF DAATH, and pioneer USBM predecessors HAVOHEJ or PROFANATICA! includes all the tracks from band´s demo & split plus three bonus tracks."

Nivathe (US)  "Enveloped In A Diseased Abyss" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Bubonic Prod.)
"Filthy doom/black, in the vein of Senthil and Wormphlegm. Debut full-length, raw claustrophobic doom/black with a sick atmosphere. Heavy distorted guitars and mid paced drums, guided by the insane vocals, clocking in at 44 minutes."

Nocternity (GR)  "Harps of the Ancient Temples" -cd 14.00EUR
"Black Metal. Incl. special CD only bonus song."

Nocternity (GR)  "Onyx" -cd 13.50EUR
(***-2014-Kyrck Prod.)
"Black Metal. 11 years later, Onyx is available again." Recommended!

Noctum (SE)  "The Seance" -cd 14.50EUR
"Swedish 70´s styled Doom Metal."

Nocturnal Blood (US)  "Devastated Graves" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Unrelentingly Morbid Black Death Metal, the ancient returns with his anticipated full-length debut. Deflowering the goat vulva, dripping viscous black blood, NOCTURNAL BLOOD pries open the very maw of hell itself and peers deeply into its sweltering depths: essentially, this is the sound of Devastated Graves."

Nocturnal Graves (AU)  "...From The Bloodline Of Cain" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Before they broke up in 2010, NOCTURNAL GRAVES were at the forefront of a fertile Australian underground metal scene that ably mainlined the best elements of black, death, and thrash. With ...From the Bloodline of Cain, the Oz commando show that their first run was no fluke, and are back with a bloody vengeance."

Nocturnal Vomit (GR)  "Cursed Relics" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Kill Yourself Prod.)
"After many years of strife and death worship Nocturnal Vomit finally unearthed their debut full-length which finds the band climaxing their over 10 year course in the morbid path of REAL DEATH METAL. Expect catchy riffage, a twisted and warped sense of melody and absolutely stunning vocals."

Nocturnal Vomit (GR)  "Divine Profanation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Kill Yourself-KILL009)
"All the demos of this psychotic death metal horde for first time compiled on one cd."

Noktiis Eterna (FR)  "Les Larmes Du Tyran" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Slava Satan Records-SLAVA04)
"This French horde creates melancholic melodies with piano and keys, supported by delayed and droning distorted guitars and painful vocals...a perfect mix between the solitude and anguish of classic Burzum and the distant cold atmospheres of ambient music."

Nokturnal Mortum (UA)  "Коловорот/Kolovorot" -2CD digipak 13.00EUR
(2011-Oriana Music)
Ukrainian symphonic Black Metal.

Nokturnal Mortum/Graveland (PO)  "The Spirit Never Dies" -digipak cd 14.50EUR
(2016-Heritage Records)
"Three new songs from each band, composed and recorded for this release. Graveland with live drums, first time in years."

Nominon (SE)  "Diabolical Bloodshed" -cd 12.00EUR
"Re-issue of NOMINON´s 1st album, which was originally released by Swedish label X-Treme Records back in 1999. Recorded at the infamous Sunlight Studio. Prepare to be crushed!"

Nominon (SE)  "Monumentomb" -cd 12.00EUR
"The fourth studio album from Sweden’s harbingers of TOTAL DEATH! Old school death metal played with conviction and aggression. Recorded at Necromorbus Studio. A new dawn of destruction, damnation, and chaos lies ahead."

Nominon (SE)  "Omen" -mcd 8.00EUR
"In anticipation of NOMINON´s upcoming fourth studio album, Monumentomb, Deathgasm Records has released a four-track teaser entitled Omen. This mCD features a track from the new album plus exclusive and live material. OLD SCHOOL SWEDISH METAL OF DEATH!"

Nominon (SE)  "Terra Necrosis" -cd 12.00EUR
"A masterpiece of old school Swedish Death Metal!"

Noothgrush (US)  "Erode the Person" -digipak 11.00EUR
(2014-Throne Records)
"A re-mastered collection of Noothgrush’s mid 90’s best recordings. Plus a good bunch of re-arranged and unreleased stuff."

Nordmen (CAN)  "Vertus Guerrieres" -cd 11.00EUR
(2004-Nykta-Nykta 08)
"Nordmen´s debut cd, "Vertus Guerrieres", featuring 7 hymns of Pagan Black Metal. In the vein of old Graveland etc. with the fresh spirit of new coming act."

Nordvrede (NO)  "Confrontation" -cd 12.50EUR
(2015-Darker Than Black)
Black metal.

Nox (NL)  "Ixaxaar" -cd 14.00EUR
(2007-Wicked World-WICK21)
"Debut of dark occult death metal mastery from this Dutch band, featuring ex-members of Centurian and Severe Torture. Brutality, technicality, and both new- and old-school approaches make this a death metal highlight of 2007."

noXivic (FI)  "Pyörivä Tierormaa" -3" cdr 6.00EUR
(Total Order Series)
"Evolving ambient soundscapes with an obscure noise touch"

Nuclear Winter (GR)  "Abomination Virginborn" -mcd 8.00EUR
"The 2003 demo for the first time on CD. Old school Death Metal darkness. Previous project of A.V. and V.V. of DEAD CONGREGATION."

Nuclearhammer (CA)  "Obliteration Ritual" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Morbid Moon)
"Nuclearhammer´s first full-length of violent, suffocating, hate-filled Black / Death / Doom / War Metal is unleashed upon wretched humanity. The Ancient Ones have been summoned to reign terror and cause havoc once again as they´ve done in the past since 2005."

Nuclearhammer (CA)  "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" -cd 10.00EUR
(2014-Nuclear War Now!)
"Filling the interstitial spaces between the band’s hypnotic and opaque deathscapes are otherworldly electronic drone interludes punctuated by convulsive outbursts of Death/Grind violence such that the entire album dilates and contracts with cosmic grandeur. The resulting sound evinces an extreme sense of intentionality and control."

Nuclearhammer/Begrime Exemious (CA)  "Heretical Serpent Cult" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"Brand new CD split pairing two of Canada’s most unsung metal forces; Nuclearhammer and Begrime Exemious."

Nucleus Torn (CH)  "Nihil" -A5 digibook 13.00EUR
(2006-Prophecy Productions-PRO086)
"After three years of labor, the Nucleus Torn debut is finally completed. This Swiss band offer a fresh take on adventurous music, blending progressive rock, extreme metal and classical music. A hugely impressive newcomer whose development promises to be extremely interesting..."

Nuit Noire (FR)  "Fantomatic Plenitude" -cd 12.00EUR
"Guitars sound as ethereal as they ever did, Emile joins on vocals as on Infantile Espieglery. The second half of the CD is a live recording from June 16, 2006 - Tapette Fest. Nine tracks taken from Lunar Deflagration, Furibond Elegance EP and some older titles like Nightwind and of course Lutina!"

Numen (SP)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Les acteurs de l´ombre)
"The reissue of the cult classic 3rd album. Melodic and percussive, NUMEN is the Basques answer to the old Norwegians Satyricon. Note that this new edition includes the English translation and a brand new design."

Numinous (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2011-Northern Heritage)
"This work, both musically and lyrically, is completely imbued by the Divine Evil, our living God and Lord. Very rarely is His presence in music so strong and pure as it is here. Hear His voice, read His words and let it change your life. May this opus serve as a stimulant for entering the path of His Laws and may it strengthen and increase the fanaticism of those already walking it."

NunFuckRitual (2011)  "In Bondage To The Serpent" -digicd 10.00EUR
(***-2011-Debemur Morti)
"NUNFUCKRITUAL´s debut album crawls from the gutter like a diseased, decayed and decrepit corpse; a choking dirge; a hideous, malformed infestation of filthy underground Metal that ignores trends, defies categorisation and brings together some of the darkest, blackest, nastiest manifestations ever committed to tape."

Nunslaughter (US)  "Hex" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS019)
"Like blood soaked entrails ripped from the disemboweled body of christ, NunSlaughter rape the heavens with their much awaited third studio album! "Hex" is a pyre of 80´s Devil Metal Death featuring ten new satanic commandments plus the devil´s seven classic cuts on the "Face of Evil" demo finally re-recorded in a proper studio!"

Nyogthaeblisz (US)  "Apex Satanist" -mcd 12.00EUR
(2016-Iron Bonehead)
"This is a release featuring a collection of previously unreleased demo(n)s spanning from post "Progenitors of Mankind´s Annihilation" era to the post "Terroristic Onslaught of Humanicidal Chaos" Goatpenis split campaign."

Nyogthaeblisz (US)  "Apocryphal Progenitors Of Mankind´s Tribulation" -cd 10.00EUR
(2012-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
"The most savage, unrelenting and intense Satanic Black Metal that has ever been unleashed into this world."

O/Black Dawn/Enochian Crescent (FI)  "OBC collection" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Woodcut Records-CUT032)

Obitus (SE)  "The March of the Thrones" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Eerie Art Records-EAR024)
"45 minutes of uninterrupted music all recorded as one seamless arrangement. The style can be described like a mix of WANING for the melodic side, NIDEN DIV. 187 for the non-stop assault, and some ANAAL NATHRAKH for the apocalyptic feeling!"

Obscure Anachronism (AT)  "Metanoia" -cd 12.00EUR
"Four years after the release of "Transcending Mundane Obstacles", Austria’s esoteric & occult Black Metal constitution Obscure Anachronism return with their second full length album. "METANOIA" - a dark and contemplative journey paving the way to the chasms of your own subconsciousness!"

Obscure Anachronism (AT)  "Transcending Mundane Obstacles" -cd 12.00EUR
Trance-inducing Black Metal – performed with utmost passion and dedication – proclaiming the despise to the ill-fated lives yet acknowledging the own succumb to the all-devouring essence of deterioration. To gain and reach the very essence of Obscure Anachronism, one must be willing to give his complete attention and concentration for TMO and it will not be in vain.

Obtained Enslavement (NO)  "Centuries of Sorrow" -cd 14.00EUR
"Formed in 1989, Obtained Enslavement was originally rooted in death metal, but soon changed to symphonic black metal after their two demos while also serving as one of the original Norwegian black metal pioneers."

Occultation (US)  "Somber Dawn" -cd-r 3.50EUR
The cheap presentation (DIY cd-r & covers) doesn´t do justice to the musical content of this demo. As if Negative Plane was even more eerie, less metal and fronted by a female vocalist, like a 70´s psychedelic rock band on a bad acid trip.

Occultation (US)  "Three & Seven" -cd 12.00EUR
"Three & Seven is a psychedelic vortex of audial terror. A true sonic nightmare where references from ancient horror soundtrack, ‘70s prog, classic ‘80s dark rock, classic cult metal (Mercyful Fate, Death SS), and post punk (Mighty Sphincter) bleed together to create one of the most surreal, intriguing, and intimidating releases of the year. Featuring EMM (aka Nameless Void) of Negative Plane."

Octagon (US)  "Artisans of Cruelty" -cd 6.00EUR
(2005-Autopsy Kitchen Records-AKR008)
"This first album is an amalgam of styles stretching outside the typical genre of extreme black metal sounds to embrace melodic and atmospheric misanthropy in a fully realized manner. "Artisans of Cruelty" is conceptually based with personal melancholy yet finds sadomasochistic themes as it´s binding element."

Octagon (US)  "Death Fetish" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Regimental Records-REG052)
"Grueling and transcending sadomasochistic art. Black Metal leather devoid of pity. Slaves of the flesh, mistreated under fearless guidance. In hindsight, the Master´s Whip..."

October Falls (FI)  "A Collapse Of Faith" -digisleeve 12.00EUR
(2010-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0063)
"On third full-length "A Collapse Of Faith", the bipolar Finns return with an epic, rich and wholesome work showcasing their darker, blacker sensibilities. Moving ever-further from those acoustic/folk beginnings, Mikko and co. portray their harshest, bleakest persona."

October Falls (FI)  "The Plague Of A Coming Age" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2013-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"OCTOBER FALLS returns with "The Plague Of A Coming Age", a deeply melancholic, emotive journey through eras gone and yet to come, an ominous album from the soil and of the soil, seeped in the blood of fallen ancestors, paying homage to their struggles, celebrating their honour and acknowledging their sacrifice – the ultimate redemption."

Odem (RU)  "Rape Your God and Pray for Reprieve" -cd 12.00EUR
"Stylistically, the band doesn´t limit itself to a certain frame. Odem is about to maximally extremize the elaboration of the Self-Expansion dynamics, self-destruction, incarnated in a musical shape, vision outwardly through the prism of the negative perception. Odem is the Weapon of Deblindment. Reminding of Antaeus, Arkhon Infaustus etc."

Odor Mortis (RU)  "Coagula" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Thou Shalt Kill-TSK!CD10)
"The final album in the history of the cult Russian formation. Nothing else but Black Metal in the Name of Satan. 616 h/n copies."

Of Darkness  "The Empty Eye / Death" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2010-Black Mass Records-BMR004)
"OF DARKNESS is an experimental Funeral Doom Metal band from Barcelona, Spain,. Their music includes the most representative traits of the genre, along with other varied influences such as ambient, industrial and classical music. Highly atmospheric and deep, their sound is the perfect landscape for their extreme nihilistic beliefs."

Ofermod (SE)  "Sol Nox" -cd 15.00EUR
(***-2017-Shadow Records)

Ogdru Jahad (DK)  "I" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Ancient Darkness Prod.)
"This is the debut album from Ogdru Jahad. They got their own brand of Black metal of death that brings Profanatica, Archgoat and Beherit to mind. Features members of Sadomator, Ligfaerd, Wolfslair and Blodfest. Very lethal and ugly metal."

Oizys (AU)  "Hymns to the Furies" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Dark Adversary Productions)
"Desolate, melancholic and haunting black metal from this one woman band from Australia."

Oksennus (FI)  "Sokea Idiootti" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2017-Bestial Burst)
"Unique and genious Finnish death metal."

Old Crone (UK)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
"OLDE CRONE are a psychedelic doom band from the Shire born strong and true to each other out of a glorious haze of weed and Sabbath worship. Their music is classic slow riffing doom combined with elements of spaced out psychedelic rock. High heaviness and loudness factors. Get your doom dosis now!"

Old Man Gloom (US)  "The Ape of God I" -digipak 11.00EUR
(2014-Profound Lore)
"Old Man Gloom released two new albums. Both those albums are called The Ape Of God. Both are roughly the same length (45-or-so minutes apiece). They are not two halves of the same album, or one album split into two parts. They are two distinct albums by one band, each with the same title, released on the same day."

Old Man Gloom (US)  "The Ape of God II" -digipak 11.00EUR
(2014-Profound Lore)
"Old Man Gloom released two new albums. Both those albums are called The Ape Of God. Both are roughly the same length (45-or-so minutes apiece). They are not two halves of the same album, or one album split into two parts. They are two distinct albums by one band, each with the same title, released on the same day."

Old Silver Key (UA)  "Tales of Wanderings" -cd 16.00EUR
(2011-Season of Mist)
"OLD SILVER KEY, the new band born from the hyperactive mind of DRUDKH mainman Roman Sayenko and consisting of four DRUDKH members plus French artist Neige (ALCEST, AMESOEURS) on vocals, named their debut album "Tales of Wanderings". "

Old Wainds (RU)  "Death Nord Kult" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0041)
"Germinated in the lifeless land of one season, infinite sadness and endless hatred, where little else grows but pure primordial evil, this is the sound of freezing winds, glacial isolation and permanent darkness."

Old Wainds (RU)  "Scalding Coldness" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2006-Assault Records-BULLET002)
"The cold creation of the most powerful Black Metal formation of the Northern Russia. The re-edition of the gorgeous album of OLD WAINDS – charge of thunder before a new storm. The limited digipack issue with special artwork. Unholy Nordic Metal."

Old Wainds (RU)  "Where the Snows are Never Gone" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Negative Existence)
"Official re-release of the 1997 album, "Where the Snows are Never Gone". Eight tracks of absolutely heavy and ruthless Nordic black metal!" Recommended.

Old Yron (IT)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Shadow Kingdom Records-SKR016CD)
"OLD YRON towards the end of the 80’s was an unknown forgotten gem of the Italian 80’s metal scene for the time of its release, especially since the tides were changing and this kind of IRON MAIDEN-esque heavy metal was beginning to die out in popularity while new genres started to emerge."

Omega Massif/Mount Logan (DE)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Vendetta Records)
"Summit of two masters of instrumental post metal/post rock. The former SWITCHBLADE worshippers MOUNT LOGAN surprise with their turn towards weird Albini-esque noise rock deconstructions, occasionally even with vocals added. OMEGA MASSIF, as you would expect from them, once again create a dard, moody and opulent soundscape with heavy crushing guitars and irresistible killer grooves."

Ominous (FI)  "Death…The Beginning" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2014-Primitive Reaction)
"Fierce & melodic black metal with former members of Urn and Behexen. Including bonus track Endless Nightmares and different artwork made by Ritual at Nucleart Design."

Ominous Resurrection (US)  "Omniscient" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Funeral Industries)
Black metal with Negative Plane & Agrath members.

Ondskapt (SE)  "Draco Sit Mihi Dux" -digicd 13.00EUR

Ondskapt (SE)  "Dödens Evangelium" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2011-Osmose Productions)

One Master (US)  "Forsaking a Dead World" -cd 11.00EUR
"Raw, powerful and melodic old-school Black Metal."

Ophthalamia (SE)  "Via Dolorosa" -cd 14.00EUR
"Blistering guitar power by IT (also in Abruptum & Vondur) displaying his encyclopedic virtuosity of electric guitar riffage. "Via Dolorosa" signals a new direction for BM that is progressive & thick with highly technical structures. Also included as an added bonus track is a ripping, scathing version of Mayhem´s classic "Deathcrush"."

Oraculum (CL)  "Sorcery of the Damned" -mcd 8.00EUR
"The debut release from one of Chile´s darkest death metal bands! Despite being newcomers, this Chilean power-trio have their sound nailed down, HARD: pulsing, doom-dredging Metal of Death that´s red-eyed and composed in equal measures, manic and maniacal and yet exuding the confidence of veterans."

Oraison (FR)  "Au Commencement..." -cd 11.00EUR
"Neo-folk. Often accompanying Sol Invictus in their French shows, Oraison have been known for their ontributions to various prestigious compilations. "Au Commencement..." includes some of their earlier material, together with various live and demo tracks."

Orange Goblin (UK)  "A Eulogy for the Damned" -cd 13.50EUR
"Seventh album from UK´s stoner doom legends."

Orange Goblin (UK)  "Coup De Grace" -digicd 13.50EUR
(2002-Rise Above)
"Produced by Kyuss / The Obsessed legend Scott Reeder. The Frank Kozik artwork always stood out when the album was first released and now with the re-mastering and bonus tracks, this album looks and sounds better than ever!"

Orange Goblin (UK)  "Healing Through Fire" -DCD 14.00EUR
(2007-Mayan Records-MYNDX058)
"Doom Metal. Sixth album from Orange Goblin sends the listener on what can only be described as a nightmarish tour through London’s ‘orrible ‘istory, as the band recount the day’s of the Great Plague of London and the Great Fire which followed. IncludeslLimited edition DVD video live at the Mean Fiddler plus interview with the band."

Orange Goblin (UK)  "Thieving from the House of God" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2004-Rise Above-RISECD046)
"Thieving from the House of God has mixed up earlier jam styles of The Big Black and Time Traveling Blues and incorporated it into their more stripped down latter sound of Coup de Grace. Awesome production, a more refined sound and just overall these guys keep getting better with time like a fine Scotch. It´s some of the best Rock and Roll out their hands down."

Orcivus (SE)  "Consummatum Est" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Next Horizon Records)
"An extremely strong debut from this Swedish formation that is sure to raise quite a few eyebrows! Orcivus play black metal with intricate melodies and superb arrangements."

Order from Chaos (US)  "Frozen in Steel" -CD box 50.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"“Frozen in Steel” contains all of the material Order From Chaos released during its existence. Included in this 5xCD box set are all the albums, demos and early EPs."

Order of Orias (AU)  "Inverse" -digicd 13.00EUR
"´Inverse´, their 50 minutes long debut album; absolutely has the potential to change that. The album features 7 songs of violent, fierce and above all prideful darkness and deserves all the attention it can get.The CD comes as a Digi pack, inc. booklet, designed by Mestazis."

Order of the Ebon Hand (GR)  "XV: The Devil" -cd 13.00EUR
(2005-Season of Mist-SOM093)
"Formed by members of Septic Flesh and Necromantia, Order Of The Ebon Hand lashes out with warpspeed velocity black metal, given subtle nuance with influences from the realms of death metal and darkwave."

Ordinance (FI)  "Relinquishment" -digipak 12.00EUR
On their debut full-length Ordinance surefootedly steps forth ahead unfathomed nooks of what is in the core of Black Metal. "Relinquishment" lights the lantern of your seeking by intertwining the ominous, bold and versatile musical, lyrical & visual qualities of the album into a 65 minute crescendo of fury. //

Ordo Obsidium (US)  "Orbis Tertius" -cd 11.00EUR
"Mysterius, doomed black metal. Ordo Obsidium debut swims away from the stagnant waters in which black metal now lies. Marching the perilous road between orthodoxy and progress the album will be met with both praise and condemnation."

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (SE)  "Do Angels Never Cry, and Heaven Never Fall?" -mcd 13.00EUR
(2010-Out of Line)
"Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is easily one of the most enigmatic and intense projects to grace the non-mainstream music scene. On its new EP “Do Angels Never Cry And Heaven Never Fall?”, the Swedish duo invokes massive orchestral soundscapes, apocalyptic folk visions and ritual drums, intertwined with haunting, yet memorable melodies."

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (SE)  "ONANI" -cd 17.00EUR
(2009-Cold Meat Industry)
"The music is in the ever-evolving sound of O.R.E., seductive and somber – this time possibly with a more "pop" orientation, which makes the songs all the more poignant, yet continuing in the O.R.E. tradition of opulent depravity and decadent beauty! "

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (SE)  "ONANI [Practice makes Perfect]" -cd 17.00EUR
(2009-Cold Meat Industry)
"The music is in the ever-evolving sound of O.R.E., seductive and somber – this time possibly with a more "pop" orientation, which makes the songs all the more poignant, yet continuing in the O.R.E. tradition of opulent depravity and decadent beauty! Super jewel case version."

Ormgård (SE)  "Ormblot" -digibook 16.00EUR
(2014-Forever Plagued Records)
"Ormgard practice in the dark Teutonic arts and channel through that to create some essentially great black metal music and ritual ambient. Black metal is nothing without philosophy and ideology and Ormgard retain both with the utmost conviction and should not be taken lightly."

Orodruin (US)  "Epicurean Mass" -digicd 13.00EUR
"The classic debut of our favourite US doomsters Orodruin with bonus tracks appearing on the split LP w/ Reverend Bizarre. It comes with reworked artwork and booklet. ORODRUIN are outstanding of the mass of doomy releases! Their songs have an indescribable flair, which combines the best moments of TROUBLE, CATHEDRAL and SAINT VITUS."

Orplid (DE)  "Greifenherz" -digimcd 14.00EUR
Dark folk. "An album filled with pathos, a belligerent and archaic piece of work, infused with a surprisingly hostile and cold atmosphere - a partially menacing and martial sound Orplid haven´t applied since some of the more violent outbursts of their early works."

Orplid (DE)  "Nächtliche Jünger" -cd 12.00EUR
(2002-Prophecy Productions-PRO052)
""Nächtliche Jünger" sets Orplid well ahead of the competition as far as Dark Folk is concerned. A truly stunning work, with rich instrumentation and German lyrics."

Orplid (DE)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2000-Prophecy Productions-PRO028)
"A re-release of their debut album, with some bonus track! Dark Folk from Germany."

Orplid (DE)  "Sterbender Satyr" -digimcd 12.00EUR
"Apart from almost purely acoustic, mostly guitar-based songs, this release sees Orplid increasingly aiming for more ethereal soundscapes, with "Sterbender Satyr" underlining a development that was already apparent in its predecessor."

Osculum Infame (FR)  "Consuming the Metatron" -digicd 13.50EUR
(2012-Battlesk´rs Prod.)
"Two years after “Quwm”, OSCULUM INFAME comes and brings forth a new opus recorded during 1999 & 2011 at AMSG Studio by Malkira and Deviant."

Ossuaire (FR)  "Le Troubadour Necrophagéophile" -mcd 7.00EUR
(2016-Nihilistic Holocaust)
"Old school Death metal with ferocious moments à la old Morbid Angel, heavier war patterns à la old Bolt Thrower, barbaric feelings, obscure atmospheres, and lyrics depicting the horrors and atrocities from the medieval times."

Ossuaire/Ysengrin/Aorlhac/Darkenhöld (FR)  "La Maisniee du Maufe - A Tribute to the Dark Ages" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-De Profundis Éditions)

Otesanek/Loss/Orthodox/Mournful Congregation  "Fo(u)r Burials" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Remastered edition of the legendary doom split with new artwork. Otesanek, Loss, Orthodox and Mournful Congregation each contribute a doomed track pertaining to a unified theme. Housed in a four panel digipack with printing on the inner spine and includes a four panel insert with lyrics from each bands contribution."

Our Survival Depends On Us (AT)  "Jumping Once Too Often Into The Ocean That Had Always Been Our Inspiration" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Womb of Narcotics-WOMB666-001)
"The first album of this fantasitic dark-doom-metal band. Slow fading soundwalls with exploding outbursts, pitch-black sound samples, minimum acoustically and the mourning and conjuring vocals of the two singers drag you along into dark spheres of sadness and nihilsm. A highly recommended album for fans of Neurosis, Breach, 16 Horsepower and the Melvins."

Our Survival Depends On Us (AU)  "Painful Stories Told with a passion for Life" -cd 12.00EUR
"The Austrian sludge masters ́ second full length album. Wonderful acoustic sounds, pitch-black sound samples, and the mourning and conjuring vocals of the two singers. Rage, sadness, bitterness, suffering and hate are only a part of the emotions that are processed and thus channelled with OSDOU. For fans of Neurosis, Breach & The Melvins."

Ouroboros (CA)  "Spear of Destiny" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Supremacy Through Intolerance)
"The unreleased 2003 full-length of these Heretic Supremacist Terrorists containing 7 tracks of Canadian Holocaustik Black Metal as harsh and raw as the Spear in the side of the feeble nazarene pig praising the law of the Promethean Overman plus the tracks of the legendary “Cirlcling the Coils of Chaos” MCD as bonus."

Outcast (AU)  "S/T" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2014-Heavy Chains Records)
"Pure heavy metal power, gritty and played with passion! Especially for those who fiend for the Swedish metal and UK punk of the early 80s."

Outlaw Order (US)  "Dragging Down The Enforcer" -BOX 14.00EUR
(2008-Season of Mist-SOM184)
"Slow, trudging guitars that are doom laden, slathered in sewer sludge and passed through the resinous end of a well used bong dominate Dragging Down the Enforcer, the group’s debut release. The overall feel, besides thick and doomy, is raw with pummeling rhythms and vocals. Outlaw Order thrive on confrontation and will bury you face down in bile ridden sludge without a second thought. Luxurious tin-box."

Pact of Solitude (SP)  "Passion And Pain" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2006-Kyrck Productions-KCD003)
"Featuring depressive doom/black in the vein of early Katatonia and Opthalamia recorded back in 1998 by Primigenium members and never released. Limited at 500 copies."

Pagan Altar (UK)  "Judgement of the Dead" -cd 13.50EUR
(***-2012-Cruz Del Sur)

Pagan Altar (UK)  "The Lords Of Hypocrisy" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2004-Shadow Kingdom Records)
"Classic cult doom New Wave of British Heavy Metal group´s 2004 release featuring all songs written between 1978 and 1983."

Pagan Altar (UK)  "The Time Lord" -cd 9.50EUR
(***-2012-Cruz Del Sur)
“The Time Lord” CD features PAGAN ALTAR’s early material, written and recorded in between 1978 and 1979 across different studios, and later saved for posterity on cassette tape, the top quality audio standard at the time. This release sees the light of day on CD format for the first time ever."

Pagan Skull (FI)  "White Genocide" -cd 12.00EUR
(2015-Europa Erwache!)
"The second full-length of this Finnish hate panzer. More violent, more powerful!"

Paganizer (SE)  "Basic Instructions for Dying " -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Obliteration Records)
"Swedish death metal. This CD contains rare & unreleased materials recorded at various sessions. Pounding drumming without blast beat, strong guitar sound and dark atmosphere. This is really heavy and intense death metal that should be so."

Paganus (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Total Rust Records-TRUST009)
"Paganus full-length features 4 tracks of vicious extreme Doom metal clocking in at almost 50 minutes! A raw Extreme heaviness filled with crushing riffs, "doomy soundscapes", wicked vocals and lots of negative emotions…For fans of Burning Witch, Khanate, High on Fire, Neurosis..."

Pahuus (FI)  "Pahuuden Voitto" -mcd 6.00EUR
"Total d-beat hardcore punk in the lines of Discharge, Mellakka and Kuro. 6 songs in 15 minutes.)"

Pale Chalice (US)  "Afflicting the Dichotomy of Trepid Creation" -cd 12.00EUR
"Their debut EP ‘Afflicting the Dichotomy of Trepid Creation’ brandishing scathing black metal most akin to earlier work of Swedish masters Craft. Hornet’s nest guitars and thick rumbling war drums are coupled with mid-tempo, dissonant grooves that together evoke postapocalyptic madness rooted in traditional black metal ethos."

Pale Divine (US)  "Crimson Tears" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Shadow Kingdom Records-SKR010)
"For well over a decade now, PALE DIVINE have grinded it’s teeth into the ultimate sounds of classic 70’s Rock and Doom Metal."

Pallbearer (US)  "Foundations of Burden" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Profound Lore)
"In the short timespan that they’ve been a band, PALLBEARER have literally defined and set a new standard in the realm of modern-day doom metal. Now, with their new album, PALLBEARER are prepared to take it to the next level unparalleled by creating an album much more advanced, moving, and sonically glorious than their debut."

Pallbearer (US)  "Sorrow and Extinction" -digicd 14.50EUR
(***-2012-Profound Lore)
"By encompassing the more traditional metal style of doom, PALLBEARER’s sound takes cue from such legendary doom metal bands as Candlemass and Trouble along with a classy ‘70s prog vibe and even an inkling of influence taken from "Gothic"/old school Paradise Lost that finds its way into the band’s epic yet sorrowful odes."

Pandemonium (PO)  "Devilri – Extended Edition" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Old Temple)
"Dark, sinister and doomy mid-tempo black/death metal. A re-release of the 1992 demo "Devilri" with the 1990 rehearsal / promo as a bonus." Recommended!

Panopticon (US)  "Roads to the north" -digipak cd 12.50EUR
"With Panopticon´s solid foundation of emotive black metal armed with musical influences that proudly uphold traditional Americana (folk and bluegrass) elements, Roads to the North expands and destroys with melodic death metal harmonies, increased technical proficiency and a full sound that propels this material into new realms of expression for Panopticon."

Panphage (SE)  "Drengskapr" -digipak cd 15.00EUR

Panphage (SE)  "Jord" -cd 13.00EUR

Panphage (SE)  "Storm" -digipak cd 13.00EUR

Pantheist (BE)  "Journey Through Lands Unknown" -cd 12.00EUR
"Third full-length from this Belgian band. A walloping 62 minutes of experimental funeral doom. With Mournful Congregation member."

Paragon Impure (BE)  "To Gaius! (For the Delivery of Agrippina)" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Goatowarex-SDL 013)
"After couple of eps and a tape, finally the debut album of this promising Belgian band. No less than half an hour of Tyrannic Black Metal dedicated to the villains of ancientry. For the ones blinded by his cum."

Paranoia Inducta (PL)  "Gloria Laus" -A5 cd 11.00EUR
(2006-Beast of Prey-BOP 3.5)
"Dark ambient/dark industrial. “Gloria Laus” is the first prat of LUX MUNDI trilogy. Trilogy is a tribute to all those people who died, were killed, deceived, humiliated or stalked by the Catholic Church. It´s homage for all those victims, to whom, instead of love, hope and brotherhood, blood, tortures and death was brought."

Paria (DE)  "Unchain the Unclean" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records)
"Raging and sick Black Metal that sounds like a mixture of old Darkthrone and Sadistik Exekution is what you can expect of that unholy horde. "UtU" definitely is a step forward for the band."

Paria (DE)  "Vermin Race" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Obscure Abhorrence)
"Finally out now the debut album of Germany´s sick cult black metal act Paria. Await uncompromising perverse black metal. Comes in noble digipack format with silverprint and 12 sided booklet."

Paroxysmal Descent (AU)  "Paradigm of Decay" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Total Holocaust Records-THR-119)
"A Virus of dark, suffocating black metal despair. Presenting the decaying world their. Debut full lengthers offering, to scar the wolrd once more... Dead and gone are those before us. And doomed are those to come. For we exist in a generation of decay In a world of neither living nor dead."

Path of Samsara (DE)  "The Fiery Hand" -digipak 15.50EUR
"Through the Black Lotos eleven invocations are brought to those who are willing to listen with their souls and unleash the fire within. As the flame held inside is brought to new life, hymns of dark power are resounding for all who will hear, bound to no world, starless and merged into Black Magick Rock ‘n‘ Roll."

Paysage d´Hiver (CH)  "Das Tor" -digibook 22.00EUR

Paysage d´Hiver (CH)  "Die Festung" -digibook 22.00EUR

Paysage d´Hiver (CH)  "Einsamkeit" -digibook 22.00EUR

Paysage d´Hiver (CH)  "Kerker" -digibook 20.00EUR

Paysage d´Hiver (DE)  "Kristall & Isa" -digibook 22.00EUR

Paysage d´Hiver (CH)  "Nacht" -digibook 22.00EUR

Paysage d´Hiver (CH)  "Schattengang" -digibook 22.00EUR

Paysage d´Hiver (CH)  "Steineiche" -digibook 22.00EUR

Paysage d´Hiver (CH)  "Winterkälte" -digibook 22.00EUR

Pek (BE)  "Preaching Evil" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Sadolust Records-LUSTCD13)
"Pek was invocated from beyond the boundaries of the perverted underground scene accompanied by legions of evil to inspire the blasphemous death metal spewed forth on all sanctity – holy gods, idols and religion in general."

Pentacle (NL)  "Under the Black Cross" -cd 13.00EUR
(2005-Iron Pegasus)
"The Leaders of ancient Death Metal in the Dutch tradition, recorded at Harrows (i.e. ASPHYX, MELECHESH...), bunkercracking and heavy as it can be!"

Pentagram (US)  "Sub-Basement" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Season of Mist-SOM189)
"Fifth album from the U.S. doom metal lords. Originally released in 2001, this U.S. digipak reissue comes with a booklet featuring the original cover art and bonus tracks."

Pentemple  "O))) Presents..." -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Southern Lord-SUNN95)
"CD Documentation of live ritual performance collaboration between, SOMA, The Lord, Attila Csihar, Oren Ambarchi and Striborg (aka Sin-Nanna). Primitive regression incarnate! Animalistic outbreak of unholy aktionz!"

Perdition (PO)  "Antihuman Divinity" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Putrid Prophet Productions-PPP001)
"Nihilistic Black Metal. The mcd comes with 12 pages booklet on thick paper. Includes Zyklon-B cover. Limited to 999copies."

Perdition Winds (FI)  "S/T" -cd 10.00EUR
(2012-Darker Than Black)
"PERDITION WINDS is a new malicious coven of Devil´s advocates from Finland crafting harsh and venomous Black Metal. With members from Neutron Hammer, Desolate Shrine, Lie in Ruins."

Perditor (NL)  "In Signo Suo" -mcd 8.00EUR
"The new PERDITOR release offer us something brutal as hell but also very different then usual stuffs, you can feel a large variety of evil influences from Black/Thrash/Death and even Heavy metal! No less then 5 Demonic raging Satanic tracks!"

Persecutor (PO)  "Wings of Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Time Before Time Records-DEATH045)
"Debut album of these Black/Speed/Death Metal blasphemers! Pure fucking Evilness for maniacs of Witchmaster, Bestial Warlust, Aura Noir, Gospel Of The Horns, Throneum, Necrovore!"

Perversor (CL)  "Cult of Destruction" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"Drawing influence from obscure South American acts such as Pentagram and Death Yell while also giving a nod to bands like early Demoncy, Perversor offers a deadly combination of true black metal while maintaining a foothold in the sounds of Satanic deaththrash that will evoke the primal instincts of all who have the guts to listen."

Perversor (CL)  "Demon Metal" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"The mid ´80s are alive... in 2010! Already a cult name in the underground, on their latest "Demon Metal" mini album PERVERSOR take the evil surge of classic German blackthrash and bolster it with chaotic undercurrents of archaic Brazilian bestiality."

Pest (FI)  "Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial" -cd 12.00EUR
(2003-Blood, Fire, Death)

Pest (SE)  "Rest in Morbid Darkness" -cd 13.00EUR
(2008-Season of Mist-SUA002)
Raw Black Metal. New album.

Peste Noire (FR)  "La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénerescence" -cd 12.50EUR
(***-Transcendental Creations)

Peste Noire (FR)  "L´Ordure Á L´état Pur" -cd 14.50EUR
(***-2011-Transcendental Creations)
"New Peste Noire album, L’Ordure à l’état Pur, just in time to break your balls and to make you dream of the North. Wormy, Muddy Black Metal for scoundrels, that is, in the usual Peste Noire fashion. A mixed bag of Filth and Tradition brought to you by the one and only, DJ Famine. Jewel Case CD featuring a 24 page colour booklet."

Pharao Overlord (FI)  "#4" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Ektro Records)
"The Overlord strikes back! Circle members Lehtisalo, Westerlund and Leppänen formed this art-damaged, ambient stoner rock project in 2000. Following albums for the U.K.´s Riot Season Records and for the American labels Last Visible Dog and No Quarter, Ektro´s kings of ultrarepetitive, instrumental trance have finally returned home!"

Phlegein (FI)  "Ancient Battlegrounds" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Northern Heritage)
"Debute release delivers pure black metal, not so far from some past NH releases (old Deathspell Omega, Musta Surma, etc..). Cold freezing sound, totally gimmick free black metal focusing on basic elements. No subgenre following, no artificial fake ideologies. Only total black metal, nothing less, nothing more!"

Phlegein (FI)  "Silver Veins" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Northern Heritage)
"The time has come to reveal Phlegeins first full length recording. For those who have felt the power of previous mCD/10"/tape and 7", album will provide further experience, following their established style, yet still darker, heavier and thicker approach. Album is filled with nearly 46 minutes of authentic Finnish Black Metal without compromise."

Pimentola (FI)  "Misantropolis" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2007-Cold Meat Industry-CMI167)
"Martial industrial/Neoclassical. Ten ill star prayers from the Black Globe; an end of times sound-work ranging from martial neoclassical to drum n´ bRass and tripjazz. Paralyzing absinthe nightmares morphed with opiatic tunes of the orient." Recommended!

Pogost (RU)  "…from the Eternal Chaos" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Assavlt Records-001TEETH)
"Pogost is the churchyard for the bodies of the christians, this is their final abode where they shall decay and putrefy in complete unanimity with each other and in conformity with their defective canons, they all shall be in the ground. Pogost is the churchyard around the church. Razed to the ground, burnt down, and covered with ashes of biblical stories."

Poisonous (BR)  "Perdition´s Den" -cd 10.00EUR
(2014-Soul Erazer Records)
"Obscure death metal, with Mystifier member. New artwork by Mark Riddick. Incl. bonus material."

Porta Nigra (DE)  "Fin de Siècle" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2012-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"A dark and bizarre smorgasbord of degeneration, PORTA NIGRA draws inspiration from a myriad of sources to conjure a sound that has a life of its own. Pre-order, release date November 16th."

Porta Nigra (DE)  "Kaiserschnitt" -digipak 13.50EUR
(2015-Debemur Morti)
"PORTA NIGRA´s latest temporal tempest, "Kaiserschnitt", is an abstract work of non-conforming Dark Metal art. At once a historical documentation of the past and a leap forward to our bleak future (end), "Kaiserschnitt" stands defiantly alone – a solitary script delivered in a distinct voice."

Positiva (SP)  "Centaur´s Ride" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Odio Sonoro-ODIO-01)
"8 songs of explosive energy Hard Rock 70´s with influences from bands like: Kyuss, Grand funk, Budgie, Captain beyond, Mc5, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Screaming Trees, Ted Nugent, etc."

Power from Hell (BR)  "Sadismo" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Soul Erazer Records)
"Raw, dirty & old-school Black / Speed Metal from Brazil, highly influenced by Bathory, Venom, Bulldozer..."

Power from Hell (BR)  "The True Metal" -cd 12.00EUR
(Soul Erazer Records)
"Primitive Brazilian Black Thrash. Raw, aggressive and like the title indicates, TRUE METAL. With new layout and bonus."

Prevalent Resistance (FI)  "Dynamics of Creation" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2005-Nykta-Nykta 11)
"6 songs, 41 minutes. Elite Black Metal from Finland. Raw, yet skillfully executed attack in the Finnish vein with a noticeable melodic Swedish BM influence."

Primigenium (SP)  "As Eternal as the Night" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2013-Sol Records)
"An official re-release of the first Primigenium demo from 1994. Includes the bonus tracks of the Wild Rags edition from 1996. No re-mastering or any other changes of the music/sound."

Primigenium (SP)  "Faith Through Anguish" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Black Seed Prod.)
"After 8 years of silence, Primigenium returns with "Faith Through Anguish". Musically these new 6 songs (over 40 minutes) continue in the vein of the previous "Intolerance" album but more elaborated and more sicker than ever."

Primordial (IR)  "Redemption at the Puritan´s Hand" -cd+dvd 16.00EUR
(2011-Metal Blade)

Primordial (IR)  "Storm Before Calm" -cd+dvd 18.00EUR
"This album is testament to the fact that while many bands lose direction and focus, Primordial simply get stronger and stronger. Their fire cannot be quenched and ´Storm Before Calm´ brings them further on their journey. Includes a bonus DVD featuring the band´s performance at Summer Breeze 2004."

Proclamation (SP)  "Advent of the Black Omen" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH050)
"10 tracks of merciless and barbaric annihilation with a killer underground production! For maniacs into the most extreme of METAL WARFARE!"

Proclamation (SP)  "Execration of Cruel Bestiality" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH128)
"Proclamation have returned for the third time to spill the blood of the angel of doom. This is perhaps the finest offering Proclamation has yet delivered. The blasphemic cancer has metastasized once again."

Proclamation (SP)  "Nether Tombs of Abaddon" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"Proclamation prophesied their major rituals as four pillars of supreme desecration and unbearable turpitude, being Nether Tombs of Abaddon the last one and the vilest of them all."

Profanatica (US)  "Disgusting Blasphemies Against God" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"One of 2010´s most highly anticipated black metal records, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God cements PROFANATICA´s position as true legends of extreme Black Metal. The original purveyors of bleeding-raw barbarity and mesmerizing filth, unleash filthy black shit across the album´s ten rituals of desecration & destruction, truly becoming Disgusting Blasphemies Against God."

Profanatica (US)  "Disgusting Blasphemies Against God" -DCD 13.50EUR
(***-2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Their 2010 album now re-issued as a GOLD DISC in a noble digipak with a bonus live disc from 1992. Also includes "Once Removed Savior (Disease Infested Cunts Of Dead Nuns)," previously only available on the vinyl LP."

Profanatica (US)  "Profanatitas De Domonatia" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS015)
"Easily the best fucking Black Metal album this year! Much awaited full length studio album from one of the most influential and original godfathers of extreme Black Metal. Spilling holy fucking blood with 10 ruthlessly scouring Profanatica signature style hymns, "Profanatitas De Domonatia" is a continuation from where the black cult vanished in 1992."

Profanatica (US)  "Profanatitas De Domonatia" -DCD 13.50EUR
(***-2017-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Their 2007 debut album now re-issued as a GOLD DISC in a noble digipak with a bonus live disc from 1991 & 1992."

Profanatica (US)  "Sickened by Holy Host/The Grand MastersSession" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"The original purveyors of bleeding-raw Black Metal barbarity & mesmerizing filth; this is NOT the new PROFANATICA album! This oddity features an all new 39 minute mini-album plus the "The Grand Masters Session" Box Set on CD for the very first time. Nearly 80 minutes of true blasphemy & perversion."

Profanatica (US)  "The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2016-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Arguably the band´s crudest and most primitive full-length thus far, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy bulldozes into being with a crushing, blown-out explosion of sound, setting out PROFANATICA´s stall and drawing a very firm line in the sand: you either submit to its gloriously hypnotic blasphemy or get trampled under cloven, obsidian hoof."

Profanatica (US)  "The Enemy Of Virtue" -2xDVD 17.00EUR
"Six full blasphemous rituals from this ignominious black metal horde from the early ´90s. Over three hours of filthy black metal insanity, sinful copulation, and a level of diabolism which has not been reached since this band´s demonic conception. Includes bonus features that are not to be missed."

Profanatica (US)  "Thy Kingdom Cum" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Profaners of the pure, defilers of Dog´s creation, fornicators upon the altar: PROFANATICA return with their most vile and virulent creation yet, Thy Kingdom Cum."

Profetus (FI)  " Open the Passages in Dusk" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2012-Weird Truth Prod.)
Solemn and mournful, crushing and captivating Scandinavian Funeral Doom.

Profetus (FI)  "As All Seasons Die" -digipak 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Weird Truth Prod.)
"As All Seasons Die is new, long awaited 3rd album by Finnish Funeral Doom masters, Profetus. A noble visit to nature´s chapels with 4 songs of honest, crushing Doom Metal, drawing inspiration from the down-hearted side of the Scandinavian mind and Finnish nature in all of its beauty, soulful prosperity and ponderous bleakness."

Profetus (FI)  "Coronation of the Black Sun" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2009-Rusty Crowbar Records)
"Heavens are dropping with black seed of Doom when Profetus´ congregation burdensomely shambles its burial march onwards. Scandinavian Funeral Doom pioneers of the early ´90s have had a big part in the process of shaping Profetus as the embodiment of their despondency. Yet their musical roots in Finnish underground Black/Death Metal scene lay a strong effect of rawness on their solemnly forged sound - finally burying everything under a suffocating blanket of northern snow. "Coronation of the Black Sun" offers 4 tracks & 50 minutes of Funeral Doom in devastation of solitude, saturnine bleakness and despair - guided with lyrical & conceptual luciferian light shed by the author Johannes Nefastos to invoke this majestic and mesmerising journey into oblivion."

Profundi (SE)  "The Omega Rising" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2006-Profound Lore-PFL-020)
"Jens Ryden’s first musical output since leaving legendary Swedish death/black metal band NAGLFAR, and his first solo venture since DEAD SILENT SLUMBER, PROFUNDI sees Ryden take everything into his own hands, and then some, to create some of the most unforgiving, vicious, and abysmal melodic black/death metal to be heard all year."

Profundis (PO)  "Nokturn" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Diachell Musik)
"Black Death Metal for fans of DISSECTION, CHRIST AGONY and DARK FUNERAL."

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"Prosanctus Inferi’s 2nd full length album births forth 8 new beasts of pulsating and nightmarish black death metal. Tremendously violent and heavy with complex yet catchy arrangements, these new phantoms of madrigal evil race foward at break neck pace."

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"A bewitching epitaph to fallen warrior / drummer Antichristus, Pandemonic Ululations... retains their blackened barbarity of old but moves away from their earlier Profanatica worship toward a sound that´s inscrutably, idiosyncratically unique. Primitive and pounding and yet laced with labyrinthine, serpentine structures that challenge the mind while bruising the body, PROSANCTUS INFERI invoke the occult through utterly twisted, wholly gnarled violence."

Prosanctus Inferi (US)  "Red Streams of Flesh" -mcd 7.00EUR
(***-2012-Nuclear War Now!)
"Combining influences from early 90’s U.S. Death Metal and U.S. Black Metal, Prosanctus Inferi formulate a new sound — one in which neither style overshadows the other. The result might represent the median point between Morbid Angel / Necrovore and Profanatica / Demoncy, augmented by warped riffs and unpredictable song structures."

Protector (DE)  "Welcome to Fire" -cd 7.00EUR
(2006-Wroth Emitter Productions-WE010)
"Thrash metal legends call us to the fire of hard-edged thrash metal of 80s. The CD consists of: the first demo of the band (1986), previously unreleased live album recorded in 1988 and the last known recording of the band, "Resurrected" demo (2000)."

Prurient/Kevin Drumm (US)  "All are guests in the house of the lord" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hospital Productions)
"All Are Guests In the House of the Lord, the first collaboration between PRURIENT and KEVIN DRUMM, is one of the darker records in either artist´s discographies. Using source sounds of intense tonal drones supplied by Drumm, the two create a haunted atmosphere that is far removed from noise, exploring minimal junctures, using field recordings and clean, patient vocals to lead the way."

Pseudogod (RU)  "Two Nights of Supremacy and Witchcraft" -DVD 16.00EUR
(2010-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
"Sadistic and Brutal Satanic BlackDeath chaos unleashed through 2 shows filmed exclusively for this release. The manifestation of ritual death summoned by Russia´s carrion worshiping sons of Hell. Comes in black Amaray case with cover and insert. Unparalleled sound and picture, along with full menu and photo gallery."

Psychopathic Terror (FI)  "4: You Shall Not Destroy" -cd 12.00EUR

Psychopathic Terror (FI)  "Revolt" -digicd 13.00EUR
"The 3rd Psychopathic Terror album, "Revolt". Gone is the old DM style, now more industrialized metal reminding Ministry."

Pure Evil (FI)  "Chapter III: Dedication" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hammer of Hate-HOH033)
"Merciless, blackened Satanic Death Metal from PURE EVIL. The worship varies from fast blasting to slow/mid-tempo parts. For fans of the old creations of DEICIDE, MORBID ANGEL and HYPOCRISY, for those who want their death metal Satanic, malicious and pure evil! Includes also a Hypocrisy cover track."

PUS  "S/T" -digimcd 8.00EUR
(2011-Universal Tongue)
"British sludge/crust band that just released their debut MCD on Universal Tongue & Féretro Recs. Thirty minutes of slow and heavy darkness, filled with bassy groove. CD in gatefold wallet, limited to 500 copies."

Pussygut (US)  "She Hid Behind Her Veil..." -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-20 Buck Spin-SPIN026)
"Pussygutt’s new album, She Hid Behind Her Veil…, is comprised of a single track over 45 minutes in length. The sound occupies a dense space where the heavy, metallic drone sound of Black Boned Angel intersects with the minimalist string arrangements of Phillip Glass and the more ambient doom tendencies of Japan’s Corrupted."

Pustulation/Ligfærd (DK)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Ancient Darkness Prod.)
"Pustulation plays ritualistic death metal from the grave. This conjures up images of Beherit and Necros Christos. Ligfærd delivers 4 tracks of haunting black metal, an eerie atmosphere of darkness mixed with the fury of hell."

Pylvanainen (FI)  "Maamme Raunioilla" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Europa Erwache!)
"Debut album of the great RAC/punk band on the rise!"

Pylvanainen (FI)  "Ruoste ja Rappio" -cd 12.00EUR
(2015-Europa Erwache!)
"Return of Pylvanainen Rac´n Roll!"

Pylvanainen (FI)  "Uuden Ajan Koitto" -cd 12.00EUR
(Europa Erwache!)
"Third full-length from Pylvanainen with improved sound and more extreme views. Some demotracks as bonus."

Pyöveli (FI)  "The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Witches Brew)
"Maniacal, neckbreaking Finnish Thrash for fans of the old German sound! Demonically possessed vocals tear through filthy fast riffs and razor sharp solos!"

Quadrivium (NO)  "Adversus" -cd 13.00EUR
(2008-Soulseller Records)
"QUADRIVIUM is best described as an avant-garde symphonic metal band. Maybe the only comparison made can be a mixture of the albums "Constellation" and “La masquerade infernale" in the grand tradition of pioneering countrymen ARCTURUS. Features members from bands like Vidsyn, Sworn and Myrkgrav."

Quorthon (SE)  "Album" -cd 12.00EUR
(1994-Black Mark-BMCD666-9)

Ra Al Dee Experience (DE)  "Diatessaron" -mcd 13.50EUR
"Performing acoustic oriental craftsmanship with strong mystical content in own compositions."

Rahu (FI)  "S/T" -cd 10.00EUR
In myths, Rahu´s chariots appear in the form of darkness, pulled by eight black steeds. Consistently these Finns bring forth the same swarthiness along with their raw Black Metal. This release commends the demos of Rahu, offering an over 40-minute -applause of myths, tales, astrology, strength and power on the same disc. Om Ram Rahve Namah!

Rahu (FI)  "The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows" -digicd 12.00EUR
Black Metal. Debut album.

Ramesses (UK)  "Possessed by the Rise of Magik" -cd 9.00EUR
(***-2011-Ritual Prod.)
"Not just a title, Possessed By The Rise Of Magik is more a statement in response to the cathartic affects of this album, once you submit yourselves, it is impossible to resist its deadly charms. It sees the band capturing the ritualistic side of their nature to great effect without resorting to costumes, props and make-up."

Ramesses (UK)  "Take the Curse" -cd 18.50EUR
(***-2010-Ritual Productions)
"Bristling with malevolence, Ramesses´ crushing grooves induce a hypnotick lethargy: weighed down, beleaguered and enveloped by doom. Much awaited, second full length epic from Ramesses featuring ten tracks filled with majestic riffs and mournful harmonies." Recommended.

Rape Pilage and Burn (US)  "Songs Of Death... Songs Of Hell" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Obliteration Records)
"Featuring TX Kult Death Metal DIVINE EVE member and ex DISMEMBER/GENERAL SURGERY member. Sounds like DISMEMBER + AUTOPSY. True Death Metal."

Raven Dark (RU)  "Foretasting the Death by Birth" -digipak 19.00EUR
BBH black metal.

Ravens Creed (UK)  "Albion Thunder" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Doomentia Records)
"The 39 minutes of hate-filled, Venom-influenced bile and Hell-hammered thrash rip through your speakers and take you back to the glory days of bullet-belts, faded denim, black leather and cheap cider! Recorded at the renowned Moot HQ Studio in Nottingham. Iron Monkey, Orange Goblin, Sabbat etc. members."

Ravens Creed (UK)  "Albion Thunder" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Doomentia Records)
"The 39 minutes of hate-filled, Venom-influenced bile and Hell-hammered thrash rip through your speakers and take you back to the glory days of bullet-belts, faded denim, black leather and cheap cider! Recorded at the renowned Moot HQ Studio in Nottingham. Iron Monkey, Orange Goblin, Sabbat etc. members."

Razor of Occam (AU)  "Homage to Martyrs" -cd 16.00EUR
(2009-Metal Blade)
"2009 release from the British Black/Thrash Metal band that includes half of the Destroyer 666 lineup and members of Adorior." Recommended!

Reactor (US)  "The Real World" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Shadow Kingdom Records-SKR023)
"Back in the late 70’s Richard Kueht and Paul Trowbridge played guitar in PENTAGRAM. They hooked up with Steve Angel and Ronnie Sharpe and formed REACTOR. They ended up only recording a 6 song studio EP which is the first 6 songs off of this release, that was never released until now. Old SABBATH/PENTAGRAM influenced dirty Rock N Roll."

Realmbuilder (US)  "Summon the Stone Throwers" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-I Hate Records)
"The debut album by American epic/heavy/doom metal band REALMBUILDER. Influences comes from such class acts as MANILLA ROAD, DOOMSWORD, CIRITH UNGOL, HEAVY LOAD and DARK QUARTERER."

RedRightHand (UK)  "They Sang and Chanted for Hours, Then the Locked in Hundreds Set Theselves Ablaze" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-At War With False Noise)
"RRH played quite a bit in the UK and built up quite a name for themselves over the years, and this record is a perfect distillation of their sound: incredibly slow, interminably heavy and possessing an atmosphere of complete and utter despair that has been matched since."

Reino Ermitaño (PE)  "Brujas del Mar" -cd 12.00EUR
"The music definitely harkens back to an early time period when the doom genre was just starting to take hold. The sound is equal parts Pentagram and Black Sabbath. Its hard to nail the whole thing, but there´s everything here from Hellhound-label depression to 90s underground hard rock to pop to prog to straight metal to Renaissance madrigals to folk, with lots of epic moments of drama, all wrapped up and stamped DOOM."

Remembrance (FR)  "Silencing the Moments..." -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Firedoom Music)
"French death-DOOM, latest album from 2008. "Silencing The Moments" will not be surprising if you already know the first album but in the genre, this is a really good album of Funeral Doom and a good way to confirm all the hopes that was had for this band."

Resuscitator (US)  "Iniciation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTIGOTH074)
"Old Los Angeles area black/death/doom from 1993. The first press CD version of this was originally released by the infamous Wild Rags Records. This is for fans of old death metal and early 90’s Greek black metal like Varathron and Necromantia."

Reveal (SE)  "Nocturne Of Eyes & Teeth" -cd 12.00EUR
"Reveal have manifested a recording that is evocative, eerie and in their own words "The Nocturne will certainly have an impact on the ones that wants to, and are unbound enough; our take on the same 400 year old rock-current that influenced and changed so many. It is what it is and nothing besides, but there might shine through a bit of The Cramps, Mayhem, Black Hole, Katharsis, Master’s Hammer and a good amount of The Doors"."

Revelation of Doom (PO)  "Shemhamforash" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Pagan Records)
"REVELATION OF DOOM is really how Blackened Death Metal started out in the early days with VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SODOM. Hellish blasphemic brutality Witching Metal! Ugly, chaotic and heavy as fuck - a glorious return to the old school sound."

Revelation of Doom (PO)  "Unholy Goatfuck" -cd 9.00EUR
(2006-Time Before Time Records-DEATH036)
"New face of Polish old school Black/Death Metal underground. Recommended for all fans of Witchmaster, Hellborn and Throneum! Amazing album full of wrath, evil and death!"

Revenge (CA)  "ATTACK.BLOOD.REVENGE" -mcd 10.00EUR
(***-2014-Nuclear War Now!)
"Focused and hostile, relentless and raw. Revenge’s matchless supremacist assault on this EP remains, after all these years, one the most vicious displays of frenzied Bestial Black Death. To augment the material, this new edition contains four additional bonus tracks."

Revenge (CA)  "Behold.Total.Rejection" -digipak 17.00EUR
(2015-Season of Mist)
"Deluxe Digipak made of black board with white hot foil. A 24-page booklet & patch included.

Reverie (US)  "Isolation" -cd 12.00EUR
"The music of reverie was designed purposely not to be placed into a specific category... rather to be a myriad of dark intense music. The goal was to mix pieces of various styles of music while keeping the music always dark, eerie, and full of rage against humanity. Reverie is black/ dark/ doom/ death/ metal."

Reverorum Ib Malacht (SE)  "De Mysteriis Dom Christi" -cd 11.00EUR

Reverorum Ib Malacht (SE)  "Demo09" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Darker Than Black)

Rêx Mündi (US)  "IHVH" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Debemur Morti)
"Laced with religious texts, themes and subplots, the mysterious music on "IHVH" is raw, ancient Black Metal of the highest calibre, conjuring occult sciences from sacred seals to impart secret wisdom and provide a more truthful account of God´s alleged interaction with man."

Rêx Mündi (US)  "Ontology" -cd 10.00EUR
"Atmospheric Black Metal."

Ride for Revenge (FI)  "Ageless Powers Arise" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Bestial Burst)
"Fifth album, seven tracks and 44 minutes journey into heaviest and deepest Hell that black metal can offer. Bitter sweet mixture of occult wisdom and earthly perversions through distorted sound alchemy."

Ride for Revenge (FI)  "Wisdom of the Few" -cd box 13.00EUR
(***-2015-Bestial Burst-BEBU-035)
"Second full length album of ritual Black Metal from Finland. Nine songs in 44 minutes, enter the deeper level of conscience through mystic rhythms of death, raw Black Metal soundscapes and heavy experimental stages."

Ride for Revenge/Bizarre Uproar (FI)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2014-Bestial Burst)
"Rare collaboration album of Finnish black metal and noise. Previously released on cassette limited to only 100 copies, finally available as a limited edition compact disc."

Ride for Revenge/Bloodhammer (FI)  "Chords of the Left Hand" -cd 11.00EUR
"Two Finnish elite black metal bands have united in this unholy split release. BLOODHAMMER continuing with their filthy old school black metal art, offering really strong material again. RIDE FOR REVENGE goes to the new dimension again, this time with extremely bestial and ugly black metal you haven´t hear before. This split is not for you!"

Ride for Revenge/Goatmoon (FI)  "In the Spirit of Ultimate Sacrifice" -digipak 13.00EUR
(***-2014-Bestial Burst)
"Re-release of the long sold out split album. Limited edition six panel digipak with all the artwork featured in the previous cd, cassette and double lp editions."

Ride for Revenge/RxAxPxE  "RxFxRxRxAxPxE" -digipak 13.00EUR
(***-2015-Bestial Burst)
"Finnish raw and heavy black metal ritualists teams up with German occult electronics unit for nearly one hour of total torment. RFR delivers two songs in 30 minutes, second one a 16 minute distorted-beyond-belief hypnotic version of Prevail in Hell. All the way in the style of most repetitive and noisy RfR tracks, not for wimps. RxAxPxE does 27 minutes of very loud, ritualistic and at times rhythmic electronic devil worship, making this album a very strong and extreme concept. Awesome artwork, classy digipak CD limited to 300 copies only."

Ride for Revenge/Torturium (FI)  "Split" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2006-Bestial Burst-BeBu-027)
"Two unique Black Metal units from Finland. Ride For Revenge with three occult Black Metal rituals from the depths of hell, carrying the spirit of early Finnish Black Metal, Torturium with two soulpiercing Black Metal hymns from the torture chambers of the wicked, all together 22 minutes you´ll never forget."

Ride for Revenge/Undor  "Split" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2012-Bestial Burst)
"Extreme underground Black Metal with most epic material from both bands. Finally a luxurous digipak cd version of a sold out LP."

Rise and Shine (SE)  "Empty Hand" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-I Hate Records)
"Fourth album of groovy, psychedelic, doom rock/metal from Sweden´s Rise And Shine."

Rites Of Thy Degringolade/Portal  "Our Dreadfull Sphere/The Sweyy" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Ancient Darkness)
"Portal delivers extreme death metal with a fury that we know from Aussie bands mixed with technical efficiency in vein of Immolation. This is like none other. Rites of Thy Degringolade gives us a lethal dose of black metal, and their canadian roots are easily detected. Extremity as we´ve come to know from the Canadian scene."

Ritual Violence  "S/T" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2015-Bestial Burst)
"A project consisting of members from Bizarre Uproar, Ride For Revenge and Below. Raw sound, heavy riffs repeated ´til you vomit in disgust, some blasphemous total noise + well placed samples about Satanic rituals. Two lengthy tracks in 40 minutes, packaged in delicious looking digipak."

Root (CZ)  "Hell Symphony" -digipak cd 11.00EUR
(***-Eternal Death)
"Re-releases of the darkest and most obscure albums conducted by Czech Black metal masterminds Root."

Root (CZ)  "Kärgeräs" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Paragon Records)
"Epic Dark Metal. Truly one of the most innovative bands to ever exist in the underground metal scene and in the metal genre as well. This also has to be one of their most diverse works to date with a unique feel that only Root can deliver. Features 11 minutes of bonus material."

Root (CZ)  "The Revelation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod)
"When Root began recording their second album they chose to present the lyrics in English in order to spread their message of darkness even further. At the same time, the idea was presented to also re-record the Zjeveni album with English vocals. Because it was never intended for actual release, this version appears only in a raw, unmixed form."

Rotting Heaven (RU)  "Apotheosis of the Apocalypse" -cd 11.00EUR
(2012-Death Knell Prod.)
"Revelation of the forthcoming world´s end in the agony of castrated sun, which is to fall down on Earth to trace HIS nimbus by the flame and ashes. Six acts, soaked with tears of primordial virgin´s hymen and soot of the heavenly city. Six acts, woven from dying cries of the last earth bell. Six acts, spat by his slaves."

Royal Arch Blaspheme (US)  "II" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Once again the vision of PROFANATICA guitarist/songwriter John Gelso and KRIEG mastermind N. Imperial but now expanded into a full lineup, THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME´s highly anticipated "II" expands upon ideas from their original template: the primitivism is cruder, the sludge more volcanic, the blasphemy more vile, the production fuller and more devastating."

Rue/Aldebaran (US)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Parasitic Records-PR11)
"4 new tracks from each band. Rue is southern, sludgy harcore from Ohio and has members of Fistula and x-Sofa King Killer. ALDEBARAN is sludge/doom from Portland, OR, and features x- Tusks of Blood and H.C.Minds."

Ruins (AU)  "Cauldron" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0047)
"Savage and melancholy, the ominous music of RUINS combines malevolent intensity with stark emotional depth. Baleful Death Metal-inspired insanity; viciously dynamic yet imbued with the genuine despairing darkness of the purest Black Metal. "Cauldron" is an embodiment of the very term ´Black Metal´."

Rundagor (RU)  "Elements of Warmonger" -cd 20.00EUR
BBH black metal. Unreleased, exclusive material recorded in 1996.

Räjäyttäjät (FI)  "Awopbopaloopop Alopbam RÄJÄ!" -cd 12.00EUR
"Räjäyttäjät are a rock trio from Jytäskylä, Finland. Some in the Finnish music press think they could be the saviours of rock´n´roll. Whether they are or not is anyone´s guess. But never mind the umlauts, Räjäyttäjät means the ´Detonators´... and they are more likely to explode everything they touch."ÄJÄYTTÄJÄT/315893961770805

S (PO)  "" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2014-Death Knell Prod.)
"An avantgarde effort to transform autumnal process of mental autolysis of melancholy into music by depicting few of its profound shades through mixture of jazz/rock/black metal. Performed on bass guitar and clarinet, supported by drums and oppressive vocals with Polish lyrics expressing gnostic rooted nihilism and its poetical extracts."

Sabbah Navahthani (CY)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Necroterror Records)
"Here´s something you don´t see every day - a metal band from Cyprus that offers an amalgamation of sludge, doom, stoner, crust and d-beat. But this is actually great with six songs of no fucking around and a 20+ minute epic at the end. An obscure gem from the Mediterranean region. With Electric Wizard -member."

Sabbath Assembly (US)  "Ye Are Gods" -digicd 14.00EUR
"Ye Are Gods presents the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a religious movement that emerged in the late 1960s as an apocalyptic shadow-side to the flower power and New Age movements. Ye Are Gods incorporates the ritual text and structure of the Process Church’s highest and holiest mass, the “Sabbath Assembly” liturgy from which the band is named."

Sacreligious Torment/Burning Winds (US)  "Of Holy Sacrament and Semen" -cd-r 12.00EUR
(2002-Desacration of God Productions)
"A split release that sounds like old Beherit, Bathory, and Profanatica. 300 hand numbered copies."

Sacrificia Mortuorum (FR)  "Damnatorium Ferrum" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Apparitia Recordings-ARCD006)
"French Black Metal. Six panel digipack + 16 page booklet - spot UV lacquering."

Sacrilegious Impalement (FI)  "S/T" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Blasphemous Underground-BUP-15)
"Gloriously sadistic Black/Death Metal is what you´ll find on the self-titled debut MCD from Finland´s Sacrilegious Impalement. These four stark and abrasive arrangements display a genuine sense of hatred, ruthlessly crushing the meek with an exhibition of sinister power and passionate fury."

Sacriphyx (AU)  "The Western Front" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"“The Western Front” presents a broad array of sounds all drawn into the overall fabric of the album. Most notably, Sacriphyx call upon the legacy of Greek Black Metal, but recast the occult Hellenic sound in the service of the band’s melancholy and militaristic narrative quality. One also finds in the songs passages of forlorn doom and frantic black and death metal often intertwined with a traditional heavy metal sensibility."

Sadistic Grimness (SE)  "Vicious Torture" -cd 10.00EUR
(2004-Infernus Rex-IR003)
"Almost 60 minutes of sadistic, Blackend Death Metal crushing your testicles!"

Saint Vitus (US)  "C.O.D." -cd 14.00EUR
(2013-Season of Mist)
"“C.O.D.” with Christian Linderson (COUNT RAVEN) on vocals features numerous instant VITUS classics including “Children of Doom” and “Plague of Man” and is now remastered and repackaged with bonus tracks."

Saint Vitus (US)  "Lillie: F-65" -cd+dvd 17.00EUR
(2012-Season of Mist)
"Seventeen years after the release of their previous full-length Die Healing, these legends return with yet another masterpiece. Lillie: F-65 includes the trademark song writing style so beloved by SAINT VITUS fans."

Saiva (SE)  "Markerna bortom" -cd 13.00EUR
"The debut album "Markerna bortom" is a unique opportunity for us to take part in a way of life that is unusual in today´s society. This album isn’t just a nostalgic glimpse at a forgotten time, but a journey to a place forgotten and untraveled by most. Featured guest appearances by J. Kaarna (Tervahäät), Austin Lunn (Panopticon) & Erik Gärdefors (Grift)."

Saligia (NO)  "Fønix" -digipak 14.00EUR
Black metal with Dødsengel member.

Saligia (NO)  "Lvx Aeternae" -digimcd 12.00EUR
Black Metal with Dødsengel-members.

Saligia (NO)  "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi" -digipak 14.00EUR
"Saligia´s ‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi’ (Thus Passes Worldly Glory) – seven burning visions of the journey towards enlightenment, the first steps on the path to find one´s True Will, and to follow that Will."

Samael (CH)  "Telepath" -digimcd 9.00EUR
(2004-Regain Records-RR057)

Samael (CH)  "Worship Him" -digipak cd 13.00EUR

Sanctuaire (CA)  "Helserkr" -digipak 10.00EUR
(2015-Tour De Garde)
"Revamped version the two first demo by Sanctuaire (ex-Monarque). The first half of the CD is a raw yet epic and atmospheric recording praising nature as well as ancient northern mysticism and barbarism. The second half of the CD is like an ancestral voice, it is the wandering of an ancient folklore, fantastical, from another time, another world."

Sanctum (US)  "On the Horizon" -cd 13.00EUR
(2008-20 Buck Spin-SPIN018)
"Along with their comrades in Oakland´s Stormcrow, Seattle´s Sanctum are the new standard for crust obsessed metal, or War Crust as they call it. Raised on a diet of influences such as Bolt Thrower, Extreme Noise Terror, Entombed, Unleashed and Amebix, Sanctum mesh the best aspects of all those bands into a storming, unhinged cacophony of metallic upheavel."

Sanctus Daemoneon (DK)  "Grey Metropolis" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Regimental Records-REG051)
"A fierce mix between dark ambient and Black Metal with an eerie atmosphere that few bands can even dream of coming close to. Spawned with no specific genre in mind yet carrying elements of dark ambient, doom, soundtracks & black metal without sounding like either one of them."

Sanctus Daemoneon (DK)  "Nothingless Nothingness" -mcd 8.00EUR
"Totally unique sound from this Danish band, mixing elements of dark ambient, funeral doom, black metal, dark soundtrack music and things less easily described...a special and mesmerizing EP from one of the Danish underground´s most interesting entities..."

Sanctus Daemoneon (DK)  "The unaVOIDable" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Negative Existence)
"Dark and eerie music composed of limitless elements ranging from black metal, ambient, psychedelia, shoe-gaze to trip hop. Fans of Lurker of Chalice, Goblin and Death in June will agree that SANCTUS DAEMONEON´s music is sickly dark, psychotic and immensely bitter."

Sanctus Nex (UK)  "Aurelia" -cd 12.00EUR
"U.K. based Sanctus Nex are the modern black metal wanderers, their harmonic and disharmonic tunes a current of perception. A trip into usual and unusual shadings starts there, where Black metal is a constant recall but a departure point to develop a new visionary and evocative journey."

Sapientia (SE)  "Through the First Sphere of Saturnus" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
"´...Where the Sun and the Moon collapse and where the first Sphere surrounds us, all we see is death and putrefaction...’ Deluxe digipak CD of SAPIENTIA´s debut album. This CD version features the unreleased demo ´Sapientia Tenebrae´."

Sarath (NO)  "Siste Indre" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2010-Terratur Possessions-VOICE012)
"What you are served is slow, repetative and claustrophobic Black Metal with and all over desperate feeling of total despair and solitude. The music and lyrics is strangulating, hypnotic and with an atmosphere so dense, you can touch it."

Saros (US)  "Acrid Plains" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-Profound Lore)
"Featuring members from revered acts as BASTARD NOISE, Amber Asylum, and the legendary Weakling, Saros meld influences that can be reflected with such genres as extreme progressive metal (later era DEATH), traditional epic metal (“…And Justice For All” era METALLICA), aristocratic metal (Hammers Of Misfortune), with a splash of Ludicra-esque black metal, chamber music (Amber Asylum), along with the neo folk sensibilities found within artists like DEATH IN JUNE and AGALLOCH."

Sartegos (SP)  "As Fontes do Negrume" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2013-Bloody Prod.)
"Ancient death/black metal in the vein of old Demoncy, Profanatica or Embrace of Thorns mixed with the aura of early Varathron."

Satanic Warmaster (FI)  "Fimbulwinter" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2015-Werewolf Records)

Satanic Warmaster (FI)  "Strength & Honour - 2007 version" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2007-Northern Heritage-NH-016B)
"Combining the satanic aggression of early Finnish black metal with the arising militant pagan awareness, this album was instrumental in the subcultural development of Finnish (black) metal."

Satanize (PT)  "Demonic Conquest in Jerusalem" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Tour de garde)
"CD version of the sold out tape on Cocainacopia. Unrelenting satanic black metal from Portugal, full length album."

Satanize (PT)  "Holy Destruction Ritual" -cd 12.00EUR
"This album presents the most violent and bestial set of songs made by Satanize, an intense ritual of punishing black metal, with their characteristic sound and production. Limited to 500 cds."

Satanochio (RO)  "From Beyond" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Diachell Musik)
"Avant-garde Black Metal made by the darkest explorers of infinite madness."

Satan´s Satyrs (US)  "Wild Beyond Belief!" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2012-At War With False Noise)
"Rockin´ Doom Punk influenced by Electric Wizard, Black Flag, Davie Allan & The Arrows etc."

Sathanas (US)  "Hex Nefarious" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Die Todesrune Records-DTM013)
"Black/Death Metal veterans. May the Forces of Hell unleash the wrath of SATHANAS!"

Saturnian Mist (FI)  "Gnostikoi Ha-Shaitan" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Unholy journey of satanic arts and devotion compelling both intelligence and irrationality by stretching the edges way beyond the world of man. Borne in serious contemplation, Saturnian Mist´s debut album provides holistic contiguity between esoteric black metal and occult philosophy."

Saturnian Mist (FI)  "Repellings" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Descending Towards Damnation-DTD004)
"MCD "Repellings" delivers 27 minutes and three psalms of possessed harangue with revolting ascension, atrocious woe & convoyed demonic embrace; where all attempts to understand shall drown into the everlasting chaos while Luciferian truth shines simultaneously through every putrid and impure being without a single word or a form..."

Satyricon (NO)  "Now, Diabolical" -cd 15.00EUR
(2006-Century Media)

Satyricon (NO)  "Shadowthrone" -cd 12.00EUR

Satyricon (NO)  "The Age of Nero" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2008-Roadrunner Records)
"Two CD Special Edition pressing of the Norwegian Metal band´s 2008 album includes a bonus CD with eight bonus tracks and two enhanced videos, housed in a four-panel digipak with spot-silver varnish."

Satyricon (NO)  "The Age of Nero" -cd 15.00EUR
(2008-Roadrunner Records-RR7893-2)

Sauron (NL)  "The Channeling Void" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Carnal Records-CR010)
"Apocalyptic Black Metal. An admirably wide range of riffing styles is present - from harsh and unrelenting speeds with a chaotically dissonant air of noisiness lingering within the distorted textures, to darker midpaced rhythms with that pulsing, pounding sort of edge."

Scene Killer (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2001-MeteorCity Records-MCY-017)
"Scene Killer is a musical document of the New Jersey rock scene, an album of songs co-written and recorded by members of every important group in the region. The result is a collection of flowing riffs and fuzzed-out guitar blasts that unite as the unofficial soundtrack to the as-yet unmade sequel to Dazed & Confused."

Scythe (US)  "Beware The Scythe" -cd 11.00EUR
(2012-Primitive Reaction)
"A perfect mix of old school black, death and thrash metal in the vein of USURPER, CELTIC FROST and VENOM with the attitude of NIFELHEIM."

Secrets of the Moon (DE)  "Antithesis" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2006-Lupus Lounge-WOLF015)
"Antithesis offers something totally different. Music-wise, the album has the most intense and tight tracks SOTM has ever created. Spiritual darkness paired with a very progressive approach. The content of the songs is very direct, sometimes even perversely assaulting and desperate."

Secrets of the Moon (DE)  "Privilegivm" -BOX 35.00EUR
(2009-Lupus Lounge-WOLF035)
"Building upon 2006´s ´Antithesis´, it´s a darkly progressive journey through the stygian fields of black metal, impressive in its ability to evoke both the staple sound of the black metal elite, and a dark oppressive atmosphere that they´ve made their own. Incl. Digipak CD with bonus track "A Million Suns", two vinyl singles incl. four remixes by Esoteric, Melek-Tha, In Slaughter Natives, and Jarboe´s keyboarder, plus a special woven patch."

Secrets of the Moon (DE)  "Seven Bells" -digicd 17.00EUR
(2012-Lupus Lounge)
Digipak with extended booklet and die-cut cover artwork.

Secrets of the Moon (DE)  "Seven Bells" -box 38.00EUR
(2012-Lupus Lounge)
Boxset incl. alternative cover, 80-page hardcover book with additional artwork and liner notes, album CD in a sleeve, bonus DVD with "Nyx" videoclip, and pendant on a rosary; limited to 1.000 copies.

Secrets of the Moon (DE)  "Stronghold of the Inviolables/Thelema Rising" -digicd 16.00EUR
(Lupus Lounge)

Seelengreif (DE)  "Jenseits der Schatten" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Tour De Garde)
"German depressive Black Metal with great accoustic interludes. Originally released on tape (limited to 150) by Irminsul Records and featuring Taaken from the Black Metal horde Odal."

Seges Findere (BR)  "Massacre Supremacista" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Die Todesrune Records)
"Grotesque & intolerant warlike Black Metal from Brazil in the vein of Goatpenis, VON, Revenge, Conqueror, Sarcofago, Holocausto etc."

Sektarism (FR)  "L´Offrande" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Insidious Poisoning Records-IPR011)
"Satanik Funeral Doom in the name of our Lord. Kneel down before our Master feeble human worm. This is time for Offertory. Fear the Apostles of Sektarism. Fear the Apostles of Ignominy."

Selbstmord (PO)  "Dawn of a New Era" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-True Underground Productions)
"Latest hammering from these Polish NSBM Hate desecrators."

Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies (DE)  "Mens Animus Corpus" -digimcd 12.00EUR

Semilanceata (SE)  "Dødhelighaz" -digipak 7.00EUR
(2015-Darker Than Black)
"Dark ambient & acoustic gloom meditations from the Tomhet/Wulkanaz mainman. This monotonous gloom is recieved and recorded in a basement among Swedish trees through 2004-2010."

Semilanceata (SE)  "Jordtron" -digipak 7.00EUR
(2015-Darker Than Black)
"Dark ambient & acoustic gloom meditations from the Tomhet/Wulkanaz mainman. Includes tracks from the 2010 self-released tape "Kaleidoskopiskt DualheRuus". Ltd. to 500 copies."

Semilanceata (SE)  "Wallmoburna" -digipak 7.00EUR
(2015-Darker Than Black)
"Haunting Dark Ambient / Ritual Folk with medieval elements. Throughout the entire oeuvre of Semilanceata, several key aspects appear again and again. The calmness, the overall repetitive character of the art, the dark atmosphere, noises from nature; all those can be found on each of the band´s releases. Ltd to 500 copies."

Sentenced (FI)  "North from Here" -DCD 16.00EUR
(***-2008-Century Media)

Sentenced (FI)  "Shadows of the Past" -DCD 15.00EUR
(***-2008-Century Media)

Septuagint (GR)  "Negative Void Trinity" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2014-Forever Plagued Records)
"The duo plays fast black metal that knows when to pace itself - not much different from some bands under the moniker of orthodox BM, but with their own Mediterranean flair. It´s taken seven years to get all this work together for their debut EP."

Sepulchral Aura (FI)  "Demonstrational CD MMVII" -demo cd 5.00EUR
Not often it´s possible to come across as convincing demo recording as Sepulchral Aura´s Demo MMVII. Intensity, lunacy and bestiality are accompanied with deeply philosophical, esoteric and occult approach. The member behind Sepulchral Aura, J.Partanen, has evoked more than remarkable recording in the Black/Death Metal history. Pro-printed cd.

Sepulchral Throne (PY)  "The sepulchral darkness returns" -mcd 9.00EUR
"Thrashing occult black metal from Paraguay."

Serpent Ascending (FI)  "The Enigma Unsettled" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-I, Voidhanger)
"Occult death metal the old way, featuring Jarno Nurmi of SLUGATHOR, DESECRESY and NERLICH. Serpent Ascending´s music hides a remarkable work on subtle harmonies and flowing songwriting, with atmospheric nuances and intriguing details that crawl unseen into each song as well as in the listener´s subconscious, bringing forth a hallucinating, twisted and occult vibe."

Serpent Noir (GR)  "Sanguis XI" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"Serpent Noir was spawned by the true dark magick, infused with and awakened by the power of the Draconian Current. The true followers of the Left Hand Path, Serpent Noir chose Black Death Metal as its vessel and thus shines in its destructive grace, representing the Cult of Black Metal as it was meant to be!"

Serpent Noir (GR)  "Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2012-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"One more step into the flames of Sitra Ahra... Falling deeper into the Qliphoth, to reach the dream of Red Dragon."

Serpentcult (BE)  "Trident Nor Fire" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2007-I Hate Records-IHRCD030)
"Thee Plague Of Gentlemen is dead. Serpentcult lives. Heavy, downtuned and pummeling with air raid siren vocals courtesy of Michelle this four tracker will run you over!"

Serpentfyre (FI)  "Bestial Mysticism" -cd 11.50EUR
(2016-Darker Than Black)
"Serpentfyre plays traditional black metal with influences taken from varying forms of its rich heritage, sometimes focusing more on aggression, barbarism and hatred, sometimes again more on atmosphere and more premeditated forms of worship."

Shackles (AU)  "Traitors´ Gate" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"HOBBS´ PLAYED VIRGIN METAL, SHACKLES PLAY SLUT METAL!. Ruthlessly headbanging Supreme Sydney deaththrash in a similar alliance as their old country mates Slaughter Lord, Armoured Angel, Hobbs´ Angel Of Death, Destroyer 666, etc. A must for those who crave the Australian sound and/or the old style of black thrashing metal of death!"

Shadows Ground (UK)  "In Eternal Coldness of the Night" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Black Hate Productions-BHPCD012)
"Black Metal that could have been recorded by Darkthrone in 1993! Very raw Black Metal from the depths of the Ukraina! Slipcase Edition limited to 500 hand numbered copies!"

Shining (NO)  "Blackjazz" -cd 16.00EUR
(2010-Indie Rec.)
"The acclaimed Norwegian avant-rock band splits the difference between jazz and metal while still transcending their influences."

Shining (SE)  "VII - Född Förlorare" -cd 17.00EUR

Shores of Ladon (DE)  "Eindringling" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Sol Records)
Black Metal.

Shroud of the Heretic (US)  "Boiled to Death" -cd 10.00EUR
"Their particular brand of dense, doomy death metal makes great neighbors with the likes of Aethyrvorous, Cruciamentum, Encoffination, and Vasaeleth, but often the album has some great mid-tempo chugging sections similar to Undergang."

Shub Niggurath (MX)  "A Deadly Call from the Stars" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2011-Lux Inframundis)
"Death Metal. Shub Niggurath is the project of longtime member of The Chasm Julio Viterbo, and despite having been active since the late 80s, A Deadly Call from the Stars is only the band’s second full-length album, coming fourteen years (!) after a debut album in 1997."

Shub Niggurath (MX)  "Horror Creatures" -cd 12.00EUR
(2002-American Line Productions-LA-082)
"The true infernal Cult from Mexico. Features the first demo, 2 EPs, live & rehearsal tracks all remastered with new art. A Mexican import."

Sick Room 7 (DK)  "Bottomfeeder Central" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Assavlt Records-012BVLLET)
"Strange, slow and morbid music, mysteriously comprising ambient and metal features. In spite of simplicity of melodies and set of instruments it’s just impossible to guess or conjecture how one or another composition will develop or what form will it take. Sick and obscure are the only words that spring to mind."

Siebensünden/Teratologen (SE)  "Split" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-I Hate Records-IHR042)
"CD consists of two extremely slow and brutal songs with a total playing time of 44 minutes on CD and comes in a card board sleeve, the issue being limited to 500 copies. SIEBENSÜNDEN – GLÄD DIG DU KRISTI LUDER/HERRENS DJURISKA NJUTNING. brings you hate and disgust to the limit where no one has taken you before!"

Sigrblot (SE)  "Blodsband" -cd 12.00EUR
"After half a decade of silence, the debut album is finally completed and released, drenched in the darkness that covers our world. Raw, chaotic yet still sophisticated and thought-out metal forged with folkish atmosphere and lyrics in a philosophical vein."

Silexater (DE)  "Mad Sorcer" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-No Colours Records)
"This is pure fucking Armageddon! An amazing tribute to the great old morbid Black Metal Times which does not exist anymore in these days! A Tribute to old Mayhem and Morbid! Including the -Mad Sorcer- Demo from 1996 and the EP from 1997!"

Simple Existenz (DE)  "Das Leben vor dem Tod" -digicd 13.00EUR
Metal/Rock. "Das Leben vor dem Tod is the first album from Zorn, the former guitarist of German Black Metal band Nagelfar. Stylistically the album is close to Shining´s latter works yet it avoids the ´suicidal´ tag."

Sinister Realm (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Shadow Kingdom Records-SKR026)
"Early 80’s styled Heavy / Doom Metal. The album is very catchy with well written, memorable songs, with catchy chorus lines provided by a very talented vocalist. While the music is deeply rooted in the 80´s Heavy and Doom scene, it comes down to the arrangement of the songwriting which in itself lies the unique part of SINISTER REALM."

Sinisterite  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Pest Prod.)
"The first onslaught initiated by another embodiment of hatred of Shatraug, namely SINISTERITE! Old-skull Black Metal as it is meant to be - filthy, sludgy, immense darkness and infused with doom. The lord of chaos is once again reigning the world of hell!"

Sinisterite  "The Unclean Days" -cd 12.00EUR
"Old school dirty and punkish Black Metal with some downtempo passages, featuring Shatraug from Horna, Molestor from Anal Blasphemy and Nox from Forest Grave. Lim. 500."

Sink (FI)  "Holy Testament" -DCD 14.00EUR
"This time the music is more towards psychedelic black metal with plenty of diversity in soundscapes and instrumentation. Their sometimes hostile and mania-driven performances are cathartic and bizarre, uncommon in this genre of static totems." Recommended!

Sink (FI)  "The Process" -digicd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Kult of Nihilow/Kaos Kontrol)
"There is obscure and then there is Obscure. The difference is subtle, but when you hear Sink, you know the limit between obscure and Obscure has been surpassed. This is not a sludge record. This is not a drone record. This is not an experimental record. This is The Process." Highly recommended!

Sinners Burn (SE)  "Mortuary Rendezvous" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-No Colours)
"Dirty old school Death Metal from Sweden! Sinners Burn play that early Entombed, Dismember style violence, and on this, their 2nd full length, really seem to pull it together. Features members of Ribspreader and Pagenizer."

Sixty Watt Shaman (US)  "Ultra Electric" -cd 12.00EUR
(1998-Game Two Records)
"An adrenaline-laced full-length from Baltimore´s Blues-based, whiskey-drenched, Southern-fried, 70´s-influenced Stoner Groove band, Sixty Watt Shaman. Imagine Clutch crossed with Kyuss after a night out with Skynyrd."

Sixx (US)  "Sister Devil" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH136)
"By now, Von’s impact on the development of black metal is undisputed, and their work is universally praised. Shortly after the release of Von’s “Satanic Blood” demo, the members of Von shifted their focus to another project that would come to be known as Sixx. Sixx play a style of music most closely resembling the genre known as death-rock."

Skaur (NO)  "Farvel" -digipak 13.00EUR
(2015-Darker Than Black)
Melodic black metal

Skaur (NO)  "Gravoel" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2014-Darker Than Black)
"Norwegian Black Metal."

Skeletal Augury (CN)  "Victory of the Holocaust" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Pest Productions-PEST027)
"The first attack of the old school black metal maniacs from Beijing China! True late 80s´ evil thrash comes back again! Inspired by lots of 70s´/80s´ kvlt terror movies and old black metal legends, this band will bring you the most brutal music with hate and anger!"

Skepticism (FI)  "Aes" -mcd 9.00EUR
"´Aes´ reached uncharted melodies and the music is bludgeoningly heavy and brutal for the amount of heart crushing feelings it brings with each listening. Skepticism is a respected being by an open minded group of elite funeral doom people that will very much be attracted to the appeal of this unique release."

Skepticism (FI)  "Alloy" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Red Stream-RSR0199)
"After five years, this pioneering funeral doom band returns with their fourth full-length. Transcendental crawling doom hypnosis from one of the gods of the sound."

Skepticism (FI)  "The Process of Farmakon" -mcd 9.00EUR
"Unhurried in its heart tearing outcome, this taster release bludgeons you like the burden of a thousand tragic deaths."

Skirrhus (US)  "Consumed by Misery" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Ixiol Productions-IXP-004)
Black Metal. "The first American band to master, and even expand on the oh-so-loved Swedish sound. 7 track full length."

Skogen (SE)  "Eld" -cd 13.00EUR
""Eld", which was the sequel to the wonderfully atmospheric creation "Svitjod", possesses a darker tone than its´ predecessor and brings us back to an elder era of superstition and witch hunts. Dark & Folky Swedish metal of high quality."

Skogen (SE)  "Svitjod" -cd 13.00EUR
"All nordic forest spirits gathered to bless this masterpiece of Atmospheric Black Metal Art."

Skogen (SE)  "Vittra" -digipak 13.50EUR
"Atmospheric Black Metal. A re-release of their debut album featuring new custom artwork as well as a bonus track "Slutet"."

Skullflower (UK)  "Pure Imperial Reform" -cd 11.00EUR
(2008-Turgid Animal)
"Recorded last year live on an Antwerpen radio station comes this new guitar wall "composition" from Matthew Bower and Lee Stokoe. This is a seriously solid release and is for fans of modern Skullflower recordings and anyone who just loves a good harsh racket."

Slaughter (CA)  "One foot in the grave" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2013-Terror From Hell)
"New collection of rarities. Contains ´86 rehearsal (with "Evil" Chuck Schuldiner), "Nocturnal Hell" and "Bloody Karnage".

Slaughtered Priest (GR)  "World Wide War" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Time Before Time Records)
"Second full length album of this old school Thrash/Black metal horde inspired by Destruction, Kreator, Tormentor (Hun), Bewitched (Swe), Nocturnal Breed and Aura Noir!"

Slave´s Mask (FI)  "Faustian Electronics & Bruise Poetry" -digicd 10.00EUR
Kaarna and SG.7 have poured an absinth-odorish coctail FE&BP into a glass ready to drink, using the finest elements of their several artistic works in the mixture of the potion, consisting of nine organic, polished, pounding and pulsating semen injections to the rubbercunt underlining the attraction not to life, but to its exceeded rate. "Goat has many ways. For you to walk."

Slough Feg (US)  "Ape Uprising" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Cruz Del Sur)

Slough Feg (US)  "Atavism" -cd 15.00EUR
(2005-Cruz Del Sur Music-CRUZ12)
"Leaving behind the ´Lord Weird´ and streamlining their name to just Slough Feg, the music remains modern metal of a very high quality, etching a special niche into the genre´s storied history with one eye looking forward and the other firmly fixed on tried and tested metal traditions."

Slough Feg (US)  "The Slay Stack Grows" -DCD 14.00EUR
(2008-Shadow Kingdom Records-SKR013)
"The release collects their earliest live and demo recordings all put together on one release. If you are a fan of THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG and are used to their clean and crisp sound, you’re not going to find it here. This release is for the ultra diehard fans and you’ll be happy to know there are 6 unreleased songs at the end of the album."

Slugathor (FI)  "Echoes from Beneath" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2009-Drakkar Productions-DKCD061)
Mid-paced Death Metal. Recommended!

Slugathor (FI)  "Reviled, Defamed and Spat Upon" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Time Before Time)
"Demos, promos + EPs of this awesome, old school Death Metal act from Finland."

Slægt (DK)  "Beautiful and Damned" -digipak mcd 11.00EUR
"Beautiful and Damned shows SLÆGT shedding its previous skin into something more kaleidoscopic, multi-hued, and yet equally menacing. Gone is the blown-out black metal grimness of old SLÆGT; here, a sort of blackened epic metal emerges."

Slægt (DK)  "Domus Mysterium" -digipak cd 15.00EUR
"An own blend of Black Heavy Metal. Delve into sophisticated, yet aggressive compositions garnished with brilliant melodies and musicianship."

Slægt (DK)  "Ildsvanger" -cd 13.00EUR
(2016-Tour De Garde)
"Ildsvanger follows the same path as laid out on their earlier releases but the ten tracks that shape their new full length takes us much further into the darkness. With Ildsvanger, SLÆGT manages to deliver some of the hardest hitting anthemic black metal magic that has come out of Denmark in a long time."

Snail (US)  "Blood" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-MeteorCity Records-MCY-050)
"Crushing proto-metal psychedelic fuzz-fests march on with sweet melodies shrouded by psyched-out oscillations. This is an album that should be measured on the Geologic Time Scale."

Snowblood (UK)  "The Human Tragedy" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2003-Law Giver Records-APE002)
"Debut relase for this Glasgow 4 piece, that mixes up crushing doom with quieter, calmer moments. Think Neurosis meets Bob Tilton."

Sol (DK)  "I Am Infinity" -digicd 13.00EUR
"After Sol´s acclaimed debut, mainman Emil Sol Brahe returns with another amazing work of epic death/doom. 20 pages booklet with all lyrics. Limited to 425 copies."

Sol (DK)  "Let There Be A Massacre" -digicd 13.00EUR
"A killer extravagating (Funeral) Doom/Death album. Sol pushes the boundaries and even BM purists should give a try."

Sol Invictus (UK)  "Thrones" -cd 16.00EUR
"Another splendidly majestic Sol Invictus release, ´Thrones´ largely follows in the style of ´Hill of Crosses´. A balance of dark and uplifting songwriting, and the established medieval / industrial / jazz / ballad / folk style played by this talented six piece band."

Solace vs. Solarized (US)  "Jersey Devils" -cd 12.00EUR
(2000-Freebird Records-FMC001)
"This CD is a must-have for the stoner rock fan. Solarized is Spine-era Monster Magnet. Solace is just too heavy for words!"

Soli Diaboli Gloria (RU)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Assavlt Records-003TEETH)
"Young Karelian band that adopted the categorical forms of European Black Metal. Recommended to those who enjoy the first albums of GORGOROTH, ABIGOR, DEATHSPELL OMEGA… those, who prefer heavy, fast, satanic and cruel Black Metal with digressions and deep sound."

Solitude Aeturnus (US)  "Downfall" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Hammerheart Records)
"Downfall is one of the bands most riff centric albums. Sure, they´ve always had a lot of interesting riffs on offer, but also tended to have a lot of sections where the guitars were simply heavy backings to Rob Lowe´s epic voice. But that rarely happens here, resulting in the songs being less epic, and instead are catchier little numbers."

Solitude Aeturnus (US)  "Through the Darkest Hour" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Hammerheart Records)
"This is the third Solitude Aeturnus album, released in 1994. One of their tightest, darkest and most memorable albums. Epic melodic doom of the highest order by one of the greats of the genre."

Solstorm (NO)  "S/T" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2011-Duplicate Records)
"From the weatherbeaten west coast of Norway comes a sound so alarming, dismal and alien, you’d be forgiven for thinking the world had gone under. Solstorm combine riffs sharp as nails, beats heavy as a mammoth and a genuine feeling of sheer hopelessness, resulting in one of the most poignant and captivating doom releases in years."

Sombre Chemin/Ornaments of Sin (FR)  "Split" -cd 10.00EUR
(2005-Info Black-IS29)
"Elitistic pagan black metal from Sombre Chemin vs. strong hateful black metal from Ornaments of Sin."

Sombre Labyrinthe (BE)  "Heptagram rising" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Egg of Nihilism-ENP002)
"Debut album from Sombre Labyrinthe. Seven songs orchestrated for a conspiracy against humanity. Seven tops constituting the rise of this anti-human ritual. Kathaarian Black Metal with raw wrathful hymns and hateful evokations. Limited to 500 copies."

Somnivore (FI)  "Clergy of Oneiros" -cd 10.00EUR
(2007-Anima Arctica Productions-AUER-001)
Eclectic and Spiritual Industrialized Ambient.

Sonne Adam (IL)  "Messengers of Desolate Ways" -cd 15.00EUR
(2012-Century Media)
"Death Metal. Messengers of Desolate Ways contains all tracks of the EPs Armed with Hammers, The Sun is Dead and Doctrines of Dark Devotion as well as three previously unreleased songs."

Sonne Hagal (DE)  "Jordansfrost" -digicd 15.50EUR
"Sonne Hagal´s second full-time album once more bestows the listener with a journey into the unknown realms of poetry, mysteries and enthralling melodies. Closely connected to Europa´s folk-music tradition and the Northern mysteries, the band develops song structures that reach from simple traditional arrangements to complex compositions."

Sonnenbrand (RU)  "В осознании превосходства" -cd 13.00EUR
(2013-Der Schwarze Tod)
Ruthless Black Metal, heavily inspired by the BBH acts.

Sons of Otis (CA)  "X" -cd 13.00EUR
(2005-Small Stone Records)
"Sons of Otis have been pumping out the spacey jams for almost a decade now, hence the album´s title, X. Containing seven slabs of cosmic rock that plays like a monster truck seized in a vat of molasses, the low end rumble and hallucinogenic vocals that this trio wield are definitely the prototype for what every bar band on the planet Mars sounds like."

Sopor Aeternus (DE)  "The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller" -cd 14.00EUR
(Season of Mist)
"An intriguing, frightening and provocative album from Germany´s Sopor Aeturnus. Originally released in 1997, this reissue comes with a revamped 12-page color booklet."

Space Eater (RS)  "Merciful Angel" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-I Hate Records-IHR046)
"Melodic 80’s styled U.S. Thrash Metal maniacs from Belgrade! SPACE EATER offers music from a branch of the genre few bands cling to these days. Influences from TESTAMENT, AGENT STEEL, HEATHEN and even NUCLEAR ASSAULT is to be heard in the catchy-as-hell SPACE EATER tunes."

Spancer (DE)  "Slowly We Rock" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Church Within Records-CW003)
"The master of Nippon-Sludge Doom from Braunschweig City."

Spear of Longinus (AU)  "Domni Satanasi" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2011-Black Sun Society)
"The riproaring debut full-length of the grand masters of hyperborean audioterrorism finally available again. Seven rituals of putrid black death metal mayhem launching a total mental blitzkrieg directed straight from the heart of Lucifer´s black sun."

Spear of Longinus (AU)  "Forever is nothing, and, nothing is forever" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Occult Black Thrash Metal.

Spear of Longinus (AU)  "Nada Brahma" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-2013-Black Sun Society)
"Okkult intercosmic death thrash esoterrorism officially repressed on CD for the first time ever. The multiple CD-versions by Death to Mankind/Die Todesrune/Deathrune were never approved by the band and contain multiple pressing errors as well as fucked up inferior layout."

Spear of Longinus (AU)  "TYONS" -digicd 11.50EUR
"Digipak with new artwork. Sound mastered at correct speed."

Spearhead (UK)  "Decrowning the Irenach" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Invictus Productions-IP016)
"The new UK death metal sensation Spearhead returns with their second full lenght album. Masterful, sophisticated, bombastic Death Metal Art! For fans of classic DM like Morbid Angel, Carcass & Angelcorpse!"

Spektr (FR)  "Mescalyne" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2007-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP030)
"The fearless Frenchmen conjure a frightening and twisted vision, utilising regimental discipline and an uncanny appreciation of mood manipulation to create a stark yet alluring atmosphere. A heaving hybrid of raw Black Metal and harsh industrial ambience pulls the listener into a deep vortex of swirling energies where all is one and one is all."

Spetälsk (SE)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Unexploded Records)
"After the success with their debut EP "Perverted Commandment", the Swedish black metal band Spetälsk is back with their first full length album. Raw black metal with Satanic Slaughter and Terrorama members!."

Spire (AU)  "S/T" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Obscure Abhorrence)
"The debut mini CD of an unknown young band from Australia. The music of Spire is very unique, atmospheric and something special nowadays. 5 songs of atmospheric cold black metal with great melodies and 2 ambient songs, having playing time around 31 minutes."

Splintered (UK)  "Turned Inside Out" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2013-Totuuden Sarvi Levyt)
"Experimental noise-rock. Collection of rare. demo. unreleased. singles."

Spun in Darkness (US)  "Birthright" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Battle Kommand Records-BKR019)
"Awesome old-school death metal. Spun In Darkness features the original drummer of the cult early 90’s death metal outfit Goatlord, Jeff Nardone. (who also performs vocals here) Heavy, punishing and truly a head-banger of a record! Suggested to fans of Goatlord, Nunslaughter, Coffins, Cianide, Throneum, etc."

Srodek (SE)  "Förfall" -cd 12.00EUR
"Like a desperate voice of the lone northern lands, bearing the feeling of the early Burzum’s masterpieces and the visionary transcendence of Svarti Loghin’s debut album, the cold season strikes back like caress of a cold knife."

Stabat Mater (FI)  "Give Them Pain" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)
"Torturous discordant doom. A compilation of all tracks from compilations and split releases plus one unreleased track."

Stabat Mater (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2009-Northern Heritage-NH066)
"Genocidal blackened deadly doom. No groove, no ambient-drone, etc. Just obscure discordant vibrating guitars, bass, drums and vocals creating real songs, pure soundtrack for witnessing crucifixion. This album is all new material and certainly progression forward, yet remaining true to unpleasantly rough production values and non-entertaining approach."

Stalaggh (NL)  "Projekt Terror" -cd 11.00EUR
(2004-New Era Productions/Total Holocaust Records)
"Stalaggh is a Misanthropik-Nihilistik projekt of leading individuals from both the Dutch and Belgian Black Metal and Elektro/Ambient scenes, with as aprior aim propagating the sonic ideology of human genocide."

StarGazer (AU)  "A Merging to the Boundless" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Nuclear war now!)
"In reference to StarGazer one often hears terms like "Progressive Death Metal". While nearly peerless in terms of their technical proficiency and their reliance upon unpredictable arrangements, StarGazer never allow their dedication to craft to be infected by hollow displays of musical prowess."

Stellardrine  "You´ll Never See Your World Again" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Mechanoise Labs-MN027)
"There is a reason that the 50´s are referred to as science fiction´s Golden Age on the silver screen. Fifty minutes of melodic cosmic ambient, catchy lunar beats and space-age guitar ballads, and that´s without even mentioning the manic robo-surf rock of the second track."

Stench of Decay (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
"Beginning in ´04 with fast and aggressive death metal, the band soon evolved into the combination of crushing heaviness and dark melodies that it is known for today. This compilation gathers together the first three releases of the band, from their rare s/t first demo to the later modern classics Where Death and Decay Reign and Visions beyond Death."

Stielas Storhett (RU)  "SKD" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2010-De Profundis-DE05)
"Using fast and mid tempo, this MCD is dark melancholic Black Metal played at high level, with the unique touch of Damien T.G. (Mor, Unhallowed). Recorded at Cerber & Infernal Fields studios, Murmansk, winter 2008, mixed at Rosenkrantz studio and mastered at Finnvox studio."

Stilla (SE)  "Ensamhetens Andar" -cd 13.00EUR
"A carefully and passionately written album with a touch that reminds of great elder Scandinavian acts such as Kvist, Isvind, Tulus but not without a strong identity of its own. With transcendental riffing, immense keyboards, stargazing bass lines & and ghastly vocals STILLA will bring you back to the mystifying days of when “Black Metal” was imbued with the mysteries of the northern nature!" Recommended!

Stilla (SE)  "Skuggflock" -cd 14.00EUR
"With Skuggflock (Shadowpack) Stilla returns with yet another monumental recording that reeks of aggressive, beautiful and melancholic metal. "

Stilla (SE)  "Till Stilla Falla" -cd 12.00EUR

Stone Ship (FI)  "The Eye" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Feuer Publications)
"Finnish Epic Doom Metal loaded with a sense of traditional heavy riffing and progressive rock elements delved out from the inspirational foundation of 60´s / 70´s proge. "The Eye" ascends the listener unto cosmic planes, painting the vision with dark mythological undertones."

Stoned Jesus (UA)  "First Communion" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Solitude Records)
"The long-awaited debut album from Ukrainian stoner doom metal band. Besides the influences by such masters of the genre as Sleep, Electric Wizard and Saint Vitus the band features a powerful load of psychedelic rock and old good blues rock. Groovy guitar riffs, suspension lasting until the last minute of the record."

Storm Legion (PO)  "The Eye of The Prophet" -cd 10.00EUR
"An album invoke the old days of acts such as Dodheimsgard and Darkthrone with dose of blacktrash poison."

Storm Of Capricorn/Paranoia Inducta  "Jama" -A5 cd 11.00EUR
(2006-Beast of Prey-BOP 3.0)
" "Jama": is a story and cd devoted to tragedy of balkan world. Dark history enriched by beauty of balkan folklore. French project STORM OF CAPRICORN presents dark martial ambient and polish project PARANOIA INDUCTA shows music full of folklore. 45min, special packing – format A5"

Stormcrow/Sanctum (US)  "Split" -cd 13.00EUR
(2007-20 Buck Spin-SPIN012)
"Both bands play an impossibly heavy brand of War Crust, influenced primarily by England’s mighty Bolt Thrower with additional direct ties to crust forefathers like the legendary Amebix and Axegrinder. Stormcrow tend to build longer, more epic and metalized songs while Sanctum keep it to shorter, sharper attacks, both utilizing the infamous D-beat to ultimate effect, and tuning low enough to sound like a battalion of warriors charging to battle."

Stormheit (FI)  "Caelic Weold Finnum" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Descending Towards Damnation-DTD003)
"8 songs and 50 minutes of Epic Pagan Metal musically influenced by Bathory, Morrigan & Graveland and ideologically motivated by beauty of the Finnish nature and the will to protect our folk and land!"

Stormheit/Straight Arm Salute (FI)  "Quo Vadis, Europa" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Europa Erwache!)
"Collaboration split of two Finnish nationalists. Acoustic/neofolk material from Stormheit and NS martial ambient from SAS." (FI)  "Divine Legions Beyond Psyche" -A5 cd 13.00EUR
(2008-Malignant Records-TUMORCD32)
"With their fifth full length CD, Finland´s continue to further explore the far regions of power electronics, challenging the confines and stretching the boundary of the genre, sculpting new and innovative creations that are uniquely their own."

Stumm (FI)  "I" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Aesthetic Death-ADCD005)
"Stumm play raw, primitive, nihilistic, regressive depressive, doom/sludge - in the vein of Eyehategod, Khanate, Grief etc...." Recommendable.

Subaudition (FI)  "Light on the Path" -digicd 14.00EUR
""Light On The Path" sees Subaudition move into more acoustic, less ambient sort of approach. The group has brought in beautiful string arrangements which represent a new kind of courage and audacity in their music. An album of beguiling yet oppressive stillness. For fans of Tenhi, Sigur Rós and Anathema!"

Subvertio Deus (UK)  "Psalms of Perdition" -cd 10.00EUR
"Over an hour of intense blazing Black Metal with incredibly numinous atmosphere. Complex and haunting work, a spiritual epitaph. Renewed edition."

Sui Caedere (CA)  "Thrène" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Sepulchral Productions-SP015)
"Summoned by Morphée (Ciel Nordique), and with the presence of Monarque (Monarque) and Lord Efferus (Veneficium), Sui Caedere plays tortured and eerie Black/Doom Metal. A tribute to Quebec’s damned poet Émile Nelligan. Thrène puts into music the poems of this tormented being, whose madness is reflected in the atmospheric and strange passages and Monarque´s voice from beyond."

Suicidal Wings (SE)  "Wrath of God" -cd 12.00EUR
"First full lenght album after leaving No Colours Records. Fucking intense and extreme Black, Thrash, Chaos and Perversion!"

Suma (SE)  "Ashes" -digipak 11.00EUR
(2010-Speakerphone Rec.)
"A massive slab of crushing doom! It’s easy to forget just how much of an influence Neurosis has actually had on heavy music until you encounter a band that evokes that instantly recognisable Neurosis sound like Sweden’s Suma do. Don’t see this observation as a casting of aspersions on Suma however but rather as a compliment."

Sumeria (US)  "All Paths Lead to Insanity" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Graveless Slumber Records-GSR004)
"Raw Occult black metal with a touch of Mercyful Fate. With Ashdautas members."

Superchrist (US)  "Holy Shit" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Chicago´s original beer metal blazers SUPERCHRIST have come staggering back from the studio with "Holy Shit". Featuring such instant classics as "Run to the Night", "Black Thunder", and "Hot Tonight", "Holy Shit" delivers 100% heavy metal rock and roll for the under-dressed and over-served."

Supuration (FR)  "Back from the Crematory" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Xtreem Music)
"The mighty French legend SUPURATION (aka SUP) are back from the crematory in form of a retrospective collection CD which includes all the earliest and most brutal stuff of the band from ´89 /´90 when they were in their most Death Metal shape right before they started to experiment with clean vocals and more varied sounds."

Svart (SE)  "Förlorad" -cd 12.00EUR
"Swedish masters composed 3rd album in unique experimental Depressive Post Metal style based on slow acoustic monotonous waves of indepth solitary psychedelic. Slightly reminds darkest part of CULT OF LUNA. Includes member of APATI, LIVSNEKAD."

Svart (SE)  "Namnlös och bortglömd" -mcd 8.00EUR
"The best Swedish Depressive Black Metal act for the last years presents two brand new slow songs with firm emotional arrangement, negative lead melodies, expressive harsh vocals and piano composition in the vein of early SHINING and SILENCER. Includes member of APATI, LIVSNEKAD."

Svartidauði (IS)  "The Synthesis of Whore and Beast" -digipak mcd 11.50EUR
(***-2015-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"Transmission: Vibrating from the centre of a dead sun and manifested in the terrible shadow cast by the sect´s debut offering, "Flesh Cathedral", "The Synthesis of Whore and Beast" presents two apocalyptic hymns of blinding illumination and iconoclastic orgasms, tantric mantras to end all flesh."

Svartrit (SE)  "II" -digipak 13.00EUR

Svartrit (SE)  "III" -digipak 13.00EUR

Svartrit (SE)  "Svarthetens Ridå" -digipak mcd 10.50EUR
(2015-Darker Than Black)
Nordic black metal.

Svartsyn (SE)  "...His Majesty" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2010-Unexploded Records)
"Re-issue of Svartsyn ...His Majesty album from 2000, which have been sold out for many years. No changes, only the layout is re-newed to digipack."

Svartsyn (SE)  "Bloodline" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Sound Riot-SRP034)
"Svartsyn plays an ancient form of Black Metal commonly associated with bands like Darkthrone, Satyricon, old Mayhem and other Norwegian bands from the first Black Metal wave."

Svartsyn (SE)  "Destruction of man" -cd 12.00EUR
(2003-Sound Riot)
"Evil Black Metal from Sweden."

Svartsyn (SE)  "Nightmarish Sleep" -mcd 10.00EUR
(2014-Carnal Records)
Black Metal. New mcd.

Svartsyn (SE)  "Wrath Upon the Earth" -cd 15.00EUR
"Svartsyn is back with brand new studio album. 7 tracks of dark, grim, misanthropic music. Mid paced, traditional black metal. Brutal and devastating, fast and sinister but still melodic and dynamic."

Svikt (NO)  "I Elendighetens Selskap" -cd 11.00EUR
(2011-Blut & Eisen)
Norwegian black metal in the 90s fashion.

Svolder (CA)  "Desecration of the Five Holy Pillars" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2014-Totenkopf Propaganda)
"Marked by contemptuous bellows of blasphemy and profaned melodies, SVOLDER unleash a nuclear detonation upon the Kaaba with their first full-length "Desecration of the Five Holy Pillars". Onward SVOLDER march along their unrelenting iron path, spitting curses and offense at those who wander the meaningless journey, blind in their submission to the Five Pillars of Islam."

Svyatogor (UA)  "...with Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of Black" -cd 11.00EUR
(2007-Blazing Productions-FIAMMA015)
"Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal. Featuring members of Dub Dub, Thunderkraft, Svarga and Triglav. Comes with coloured artwork and 8 page posterfolded booklet."

Swallow the Sun (FI)  "Hope" -cd 13.00EUR

Swamp (GR)  "Nuclear Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Time Before Time Records)
"Old school Hellenic Black/Death Metal inspired by Zemial/Varathron/Necromantia/Bathory but also Heptameron/Nocturnal Vomit! CD feat. 4 new exclusive tracks and "Praise the Goat" demo as bonus."

Sworn (SE)  "Impious Beast Within" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Nuclear Winter Records-NWR019)
"Filthy and raw Swedish old school Death Metal, with a hint of the Kaamos/Delve/Verminous vibe, yet a bit darker. 5 tracks, special slim-case packaging."

Sühnopfer (FR)  "Offertoire" -cd 12.50EUR
(***-2014-Those Opposed Records)
"Epic medieval black metal by Ardraos, also drummer of Christicide, Aorlhac and Peste Noire."

Syklisk Nedgand (FR)  "Purification through the fall" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Those Opposed Records)
"From the deepest pits of the unknown comes SYKLISK NEDGANG. Debut MCD of twisted, raw and satanic black metal. Icons Blasphemer from INKISITOR is helped in this very dark matter by Fall (ÖRDÖG) on vocals and Spencer Greening (GYIBAAW) on drums."

Sytry (IT)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-De Tenebrarum Principio-DTP002)
"Black metal influenced by the early norwegian wave, including a "Transilvanian Hunger" cover, one of the most promising Italian Black Metal band, in some way similar to Lorn and Tenebrae in Perpetuum"

Szarlem (DE)  "Night of Blood" -cd 12.00EUR
"Raw black metal very influenced by the old Polish bands. Limited to 600 copies."

Szron (PO)  "Pure Slavonic Blasphemy/Cult of Death" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2014-Under the Sign of Garazel)
Harsh Polish BM.

Szron (PO)  "Reign in Frost" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"A compilation of tracks from demo tape "Frost Eternal", split EPs with Kriegsmaschine, Total Genocide and never published bonus song. All the materials have been remastered. Over 50 minutes of pure Black Metal."

Szron (PO)  "The Purifying Flame of Annihilation" -digipak 12.00EUR
(2015-Under the Sign of Garazel)
Raw Polish Black Metal.

Szron/Martwa Aura (PO)  "Temples of Genocide Worship" -cd 9.00EUR
(2013-Under the Sign of Garazel)
Harsh Polish BM.

Taarenes Vaar (NO)  "1996 -1997" -cd 14.50EUR
(2015-Kyrck Prod.)
"A 20 year old Norwegian lost gem. Eerie early Thorns riffs mixed with 3rd and the Mortal and Ved Buens Ende (also sharing Carl Michael at some point and early Ulver members) could be an accurate description of TV, avant-garde black metal in its true meaning."

Tagez (DE)  "Being Dysangelist & Lord Of Universal Nihilism" -cd 11.00EUR
"Share with us this shapeshifting experience of dissolution and drowning in the dark architecture and artistry of subtile tonework, impulse beats and hallucinative oscillation...! This unique recording is limited to 300 handnumbered copies."

Tangorodrim (IL)  "Those Who Unleashed" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Apocalyptic Empire)
"The second alcohol-fueled, dirty and unholy album of TANGORODRIM released almost a decade ago was praised in the underground as the ultimate homage to the first and second wave of Black Metal (Hellhammer/ Bathory and Darkthrone) without drowning in the tsunami of countless ´80´ies clones and so-called "old-school bands"."

Tangorodrim (IL)  "Unholy Metal Way" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Apocalyptic Empire)
"The first alcohol-fueled, dirty and unholy album of TANGORODRIM released almost a decade ago was praised in the underground as the ultimate homage to the first and second wave of Black Metal (Hellhammer/ Bathory and Darkthrone) without drowning in the tsunami of countless ´80´ies clones and so-called "old-school bands"."

Tarot (AU)  "Reflections" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Heavy Chain Records)
"Debut full length album from Australia´s wizards of epic hard rock. Coloured by shades of Deep Purple, Rainbow, and the very heavy sounds of Uriah Heep, all the while forging their own winding path into the beyond, Tarot deliver seven new tracks of majestic hard rock magic!

Tarot (AU)  "Warrior´s Spell" -cd 11.00EUR
(2015-Heavy Chains Records)
"Gathering each of the 2014 cassettes on one disc along with two new songs, this is a world of heavy rock magick!"

Tatir (GR)  "Cave of Ephyras...To the Infernal Fields" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Kill Yourself Productions)
"Classic black/death metal from the glorious era of the early-mid ´90s. An official release with the band´s permission, mastered from the original tapes."

Tauthr (DE)  "Life-Losing" -digicd 12.00EUR
"The debut album of German Tauthr is out now. Expect an outstanding bastard of Death and Black Metal, melodic and harsh, performed by some well known veterans of controversial German Black Metal."

Teitanblood (SP)  "Death" -cd 13.00EUR
"The second Teitanblood album corrects the misconception about Death Metal being music, mortui vivos docent."

Teitanblood (SP)  "Seven Chalices" -cd 14.00EUR
"A monument of horrid Death Metal, as macabre as it is disgusting. Obscene violence and suffocating atmospheres entangled in multiple poisoned layers of perception... heretic and perverse scriptures deranged over 16 pages of bottomless perdition. A menacing experience rooted in an ancient past, yet a renewal by its burning extremism."

Teitanblood (SP)  "Woven Black Arteries" -mcd 10.00EUR
"The detestable acts of idolatry committed after Seven Chalices have been collected in a release of nearly 30 minutes, featuring the “Purging Tongues” EP, and a new song reflecting the most inhuman and twisted Teitanblood piece up to date."

Teitanfyre (RU)  "Morbid Death´s Sceptre" -cd 12.50EUR
(2011-Ridge Ov Drakon)
"The first massacre of the possessed hellish brigade TeitanFyre! Magnificent old-school thrash black metal in the best traditions of the genre. Hail Death! Fuck Life!"

Teloch (FI)  "Morbid Prayer" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Descending Towards Damnation)
"Morbid Prayer is a manifestation of the forces that work within and beyond this entity known as Teloch. Taking the listener from raging Hellfire into the bottomless depths of Tehom. Do not expect "typical" Finnish Black Metal from this album."

Temnohor (SK)  "The Pride of Carpathian Forests" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Egg of Nihilism-ENP008)
"Dare yourself into a journey through deep and forgotten woods, under the shadow of the horns... Unique sound with slight influences of old Root and old Darkthrone. This is Old-school Black metal without nowadays influences. If you expect a new and modern sound don´t waste your time here..."

Temple of Baal (FR)  "Lightslaying Rituals" -cd 15.00EUR
"Third album from this French black metal act, featuring current and/or former members of Hell Militia, Antaeus and Glorior Belli."

Tenebrae in Perpetuum (FR)  "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0058)
"On "L´Eterno Maligno Silenzio", enigmatic Italian Illuminates TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM daub their black rites across a richer, more expansive canvas than hitherto. Utilising plainchants and twisted, macabre screeches / chords, the choir of the damned rips through eight opulent liturgies of cold, morose esotericism."

Tenebrae in Perpetuum (IT)  "Onori Funebri Rituali" -cd 10.00EUR
(2004-Black Seed Prod.)
Raw, hateful and cold Black Metal.

Tenebrous (US)  "Arias Toward the Black Sun" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Deathgasm Records)
"High-calibre USBM with elite-oriented artwork... Razor-sharp and pissed off... imagine GRAVELAND´s "Carpathian Wolves" meets EMPEROR´s "In the Nightside Eclipse" minus synths. Great production, plus killer packaging with great booklet and layout to boot."

Tenhi (FI)  "Kauan" -digibook 18.00EUR
(***-1999-Prophecy Productions)
"The first complete TENHI-album Kauan contains calm and solemn songs, which - typically for TENHI - trepan inevitably into contemplation and prepare an ease of mind. Even on an sunny winter-afternoon melancholy arises, although hopeful parts appear and show us through all this fog, that there´s still light and hope."

Tenhi (FI)  "Saivo" -cd 11.00EUR
"In the cultural world of the Finnish Sami, "Saivo" is one of the realms of the dead where the departed continue their everyday life, content and in the company of their families and forebears. "Saivo" is also the title of the new album by Tenhi that will finally see its release after four years of painstaking work."

Tenhi (FI)  "Väre" -digicd 15.00EUR
(***-2002-Prophecy Productions-PRO053)
"Second full-lenght by the Finnish Tenhi offers a beautiful incursion through Ethnic-tinged Scandinavian soundscapes, where proliferous acoustic instrumentation brings the music to life."

Terminal Death (US)  "S/T" -cd 11.00EUR
(Shadow Kingdom Records)
"When you talk about the earliest Death Metal bands, there were a few ripping bands that quickly fell into obscurity and TERMINAL DEATH is one of those bands. This is a re-mastered collection of their complete and very short-lived career. The collection is another snapshot of that amazing early Slayer-esque Death Metal."

Terrorama (SE)  "Omnipotence" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Nuclear War Now! Prod.-ANTI-GOTH102)
"Swedish black thrashers return with a second offering of darkness. TERRORAMA offers the listeners honest, raw uncompromising Thrash metal, sometimes even bordering on Deathrash, with still plenty of room for hooks and memorable refrains that stick to (morbid) minds."

Tervahäät (FI)  "Kalmonsäie" -digicd 14.00EUR
(***-2012-Anima Arctica)
"Gloomy folk, primordial chants and freezing ritual ambient."

Tervahäät (FI)  "Noitanaama" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
(***-2017-Anima Arctica)
"This could be the most bizarre Tervahäät album so far. Singular rhythmical and melodical presence intertwines to improvisation and sheer madness. Crude home-made instruments and rough-hewn electric manipulation join the more common instruments to invoke ghastly sounds straight from the mists of the graves, deep forests and swamps. Noitanaama staggers around the borders of folk and industrial never really setting its dirty foot on any genre."

Tervahäät (FI)  "Patria" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2012-Anima Arctica)
Traditional neo-folk. Conceptual album dedicated to Tervahäät-duo´s homeland, Finland.

Tetraktys (GR)  "Voreion Sellas" -cd 12.00EUR
"Esoteric ritual art as performed by a member of the Shadow Order. An Abscure soundtrack heralding the new age of a fallen world. And night fell at the halls of hypervorea..."

Thallium (BR)  "Armanenschaft" -cd 12.00EUR
(Hammer of Damnation)
"Brazilian Pagan Black Metal. The 2nd full length. A side project of EVIL."

Thanatos (NL)  "Angelic Encounters" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-Century Media)
"Long sold-out album by the Dutch death metal legend THANATOS - remastered by Dan Swanö. Includes all tracks from the rare “Beyond Terror” EP + liner notes by the band members."

The Arrival of Satan (FR)  "Vexing Verses" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Black Hate Productions-BHPCD014)
"Unlike the forerunner, "Vexing Verses" appears many times more permeated with abnorm hypnotism, fully psychotic emphasis and - now defined more subtly - unexpectedly direct bitterness, whereat all these respects outpour in a misanthropically vomiting melange, whose atmospherically dense as well as profound and morbidly forced essence embraces and grasps one hauntingly."

The Axis of Perdition (UK)  "Urfe" -DCD 15.00EUR
"Cinematic Ambient Metal. A labyrinthine journey through the dark terrain of their subconscious, “Urfe” draws on a wealth of classic industrial, dark ambient and cinematic music and threads it together with a fevered, psychedelic part-narrative part-poetic performance from actor Leslie Simpson (‘Dog Soldiers’, ‘The Descent’, ‘Doomsday’, ‘Beyond The Rave’)."

The Beast of the Apocalypse (NL)  "A Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Altar" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2009-Transcendental Creations-TC011)
"The Beast of the Apocalypse’s first full-length album. Primitive and primeval Black Metal crowned with a deep mystical atmosphere. The Beast of the Apocalypse takes the torch of veteran Black Metal bands Beherit, Samael and Archgoat and bring forth an album divided into six acts that delve straight into the apocryphal texts of ancient times."

The Being (NL)  "From Madness to Mercury" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2010-New Era Prod.)
"A musical style perhaps best described as Satanic neofolk/neocabaret - takes the listener on a journey through a the realms of self-transformation with a strange, unworldly and experimental mixture of moodswings that intentionally shock the mind and purposefully disturb the mental balance. 500 luxorious copies of the digi-CD with 20 page booklet."

The Chasm (MX)  "Farseeing the Paranormal Abysm" -cd 12.00EUR
"Obscure death metal."

The Crown (SE)  "Death Is Not Dead" -digipak 15.00EUR
(2014-Century Media)

The Crown (SE)  "Deathrace King" -cd 10.00EUR
(2000-Metal Blade)

The Crown (SE)  "Hell Is Here" -cd 10.00EUR
(1999-Metal Blade)

The Deep Blue (UK)  "Antarctic Abyss" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Church Within Records-CW006)
Stoner/Sludge. “Their first release was recorded at Above All Studios. An epic 25 minute album called ´ANTARCTIC ABYSS´. Made up of two songs telling a story that takes you from the depths of the ocean, to earths orbit."

The Eye (FR)  "Supremacy" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2013-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"Originally released in 1997, ´Supremacy´ contained eight unholy canticles of cold, hypnotic black metal in its purest form. Conceived and executed by Vindsval, THE EYE´s sole full-length explored the cruel mythos of Odinism and delved into a poetic worship of nature in its dark, repetitive compositions, foreshadowing its creator´s later work with star-driven black magicians BLUT AUS NORD."

The Fog (DE)  "Perpetual Blackness" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Memento Mori)
"Old school death/doom."

The Gates of Slumber (US)  "The Awakening" -cd 13.50EUR
(2004-Final Chapter-FC003)
"Old School Doom with an unsuspected twist to it, think ST:VITUS, PENTAGRAM, SABBATH and add to this a certain amount of CELTIC FROST."

The Howling Wind (US)  "Pestilence & Peril" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Profound Lore-PFL-029)
"In what will go down as a monument within the U.S. black metal scene, “Pestilence & Peril” sees Killusion take his black metal pedigree to a new level of polarization; one in which his true vision of what such music should entail can manifest without compromise."

The Knell (IL)  "Harm" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Total Rust Records-TRUST005)
""Harm" has been mastered by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) and contains 7 tracks for more than 50 minutes of heavy, thick and beefy Doom/Death Metal. This album is not a tribute for the nineties and the glory days of the genre, but a proof that Doom/Death is still kicking in the twenty first century and even more relevant than ever. Doom on!"

The Lamp of Thoth (UK)  "Cauldron of Witchery" -mcd 10.00EUR
(2008-Eyes Like Snow-EYES003)
"Crushing old fashioned occult doom with obscure NWOBHM influences! Reissue of the "Cauldron Of Witchery" 10" MLP under license from the Miskatonic Foundation, including two additional live bonus tracks recorded in 2007."

The Moon and the Nightspirit (HU)  "Regõ Rejtem" -digibook 13.00EUR
(2007-Equilibrium Music-EQM018)
"Second album by the Hungarian Ethereal/Pagan Folk duo, complete with an extensive booklet featuring artwork created exclusively for this release by the band´s singer Agnes Toth."

The Moon Mistress/Snakerider  "Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Pestis Insaniae)
"Debut stuff from promising psyhedelic doom disciples. 38 minutes of raw, deep, slow, stoned tunes with underground atmosphere. Recommended for fans of Electric Wizard, Sleep, Ramesses. Limited to 500 copies."

The Royal Arch Blaspheme (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"From the throne of USBM royalty emerges THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME, a nexus between elevated-mind primitivism and black-hole oblivion... A full-length offering channeling praises of Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG´s N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso."

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Unlock The Shrine" -cd 12.50EUR
Sinister and obscure Black Metal. Recommended.

The Sarcophagus (TR)  "Towards the Eternal Chaos" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Osmose Productions-OPCD234)
"Raw and grim Black Metal with an atmospheric touch + the distinctive vox style of Niklas Kvarforth from Shining."

The Shadow Order (GR)  "Untold" -cd 11.00EUR
"Finally after 3years of silence the Order is back in action... Eight songs to praise the Beast within, an emotional blast of primitive rage & cold bitterness..."

The Sickening (NO)  "Death Devastation Decay" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Xtreem Music)
"Ultra-brutal debut album of this Norwegian band featuring ex-BLOOD RED THRONE drummer. If you´re into relentless brutal Death in the vein of SUFFOCATION, KATAPLEXIA, DISAVOWED, INVERACITY…this will blast your brains out!"

The True Black Dawn (FI)  "Come The Colorless Dawn" -digipak 13.00EUR

The True Frost (DE)  " Eternal Strife" -cd 8.00EUR
(2005-World Terror Comittee Prod.)
German Black Metal legion strikes again!

The True Mayhem (NO)  "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" -cd 14.50EUR

The True Mayhem (NO)  "Pure Fucking Armageddon" -cd 10.00EUR
(2002-Century Blast)

The True Panteon (RU)  "Septum" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Thou Shalt Kill-NSK01)
"By this opus you’ll sink down into Raw Black Metal Art as it should be: totally dedicated, talented and analogue, though featuring lo-fi recording and garage production. Getting obvious inspiration from early Norwegian scene, (the true) PANTEON managed to reach its own identity with inspired riffing and unique sound which could be hardly replicated nowadays."

The Ugly (SE)  "Slaves to the Decay" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Unexploded Records)
"Swedish based THE UGLY´s debut album. Recorded with Sverker Widgren in the legendary Necromorbus Studio (WATAIN, NOMINON, ONDSKAPT). An outstanding debut."

The Wakedead Gathering (US)  "The Gate And The Key" -cd 11.00EUR
(2013-I, Voidhanger)
"A horror/sci-fi concept-album telling the story of a group of dimensional travelers passing through a black hole... Twisted riffs and menacing atmospheres of Cosmic Horror in a perfect equilibrium between the crypt-sounds of early Incantation, and the dissonant death metal of early Morbid Angel, and Timeghoul."

The Walruz (DE)  "One Way Ticket" -cd-r 10.00EUR
(2007-Church Within Records-CW008)
"Re-Release of the classic demo from 2000 remastered with new artwork and special package. lim. to 100 copies More than 42 minutes of raw psychedelic Doom in the vein of Electric Wizard, Goatsnake or Acid King."

The Wandering Midget (FI)  "I Am the Gate" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2007-Eyes Like Snow-EYE003)
"Reissue of the band´s two demos, remastered, with new artwork and including all lyrics. Almost 55min classic old school Doom Metal from a fantastic newcomer, sold for the price of an MCD!"

The Wandering Midget (FI)  "The Serpent Coven" -cd 13.00EUR
(2008-Eyes Like Snow-EYE006)
"The Wandering Midget play traditional Doom Metal...and whatever else they want to! The band´s most notable musical influences can be traced back to traditional Doom and Heavy Metal. The music also carries traces of 70´s Progressive and Psychedelic Rock, while the lyrics deal mostly with horror, fantasy and mythology."

The Wizar´d (AU)  "Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge" -cd 10.00EUR
(2014-Barbarian Wrath)
"Third full length album from Tasmania´s masters of arcane metal magick. Six tracks of total doom for fans of Pagan Altar, Death SS, Manilla Road, Witchfinder General etc."

The Wizar´d (AU)  "Infernal Wizardry" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Rusty Axe Records-AXE038)
"Druken Occultic Doom Metal. The Wizar´d froth into existence out of a foul, black and purple concoction boiling in a cauldron the size of an olympic swimming pool. Take a basic Doom mixture, toss in a handful of NWOBHM, a dash of Space Rock, two ten-ton tungsten guitars, a converted Earthquake device and a time-bomb metronome."

The Wounded Kings (UK)  "In the Chapel of the Black Hand" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-I Hate Records)
"The Wounded Kings have returned from the mist soaked gossima moors of the West Country with a new doom opus In The Chapel Of The Black Hand. This is the heaviest, most inspiring, regal, unapologetic, explorative masterpiece to date. Hail the fallen, hail The Wounded Kings!"

The Wounded Kings (UK)  "The Shadow Over Atlantis" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2010-I Hate Records)
"From its titillating, classic cover aura to the doomed conceptual saga exposed through its lyrical musings, The Shadow Over Atlantis is a solid sophomore offering which has helped fill in the recent rent in the fabric of quality doom metal of late." Recommended!

Thee Plague of Gentlemen (BE)  "Primula Pestis" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-I Hate Records-IHRCD011)
"Inspired by their own genious and morose monster acts such as WINTER, GODFLESH, CELTIC FROST, DREAM DEATH, SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM and THE MELVINS Belgian THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN (TPOG) has forged a unique sound that has taken them deep into the territories of non-trendy music."

TheSyre (CA)  "Exist" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Osmose Productions-OPCD185)
"1 long track of over 32 min, full of power, emotion, and raging Thrash riffs. Very original way to compose and to execute. Fans of Sodom, Voivod, Destruction will enjoy it, just fucking amazing!"

This Empty Flow (FI)  "The Album" -DCD 14.00EUR
"Formerly known as THERGOTHON, the Finnish musicians evolved into an almost unbelievable mixture of Slowdive, Pink Floyd & Cocteau Twins, however with a strong personal touch that makes them recognizable at first sight. Sad, slow, melancholic. In other words, GREAT music."

Thornium (SE)  "Mushroom Clouds and Dusk" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Soulseller Records)
"The wait is over! The follow up to their legendary 1994 debut album “Dominions of the Eclipse” is here! Satanic black metal in the service of hell!"

Thor´s Hammer (PO)  "May the Hammer Smash the Cross" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Supernal Music-FERLY055)
"Re-issue of THOR´S HAMMER´s second strike against cultural Marxism. The music in this album is quite similar to its predecessor (´Fidelity Shall Triumph´), except slightly more progressed: retrogressive Black Metal, played with some Thrashy techniques, complete with synth highlights and Capricornus´ unique, ogreish vocals."

Thor´s Hammer (PO)  "The Fate Worse Than Death" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2002-No Colours-NC054)
"Raw, harsh and primitve Horned Metal filled with hatred!"

Thoth (PO)  "Zamglenie" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Lower Silesian Stronghold)
"Polish Black Metal from Selbtsmord, Ohtar & Graveland members."

Thou Art Lord (GR)  "The Regal Pulse of Lucifer" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"Veterans and pioneers of the Greek Black Metal scene, the current line up consists of members previously or currently involved in such seminal projects as Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Mortify, Nergal, and many others."

Throneum (PO)  "Decade of Necrostuprumical Madness" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2006-Deathgasm Records-GD036)
"10 years of insane thrashing death metal. 10 year anniversary CD highlighting the best of the band´s discography plus rare and unreleased tracks. Nice digipack CD with a poster."

Throneum (PO)  "The Unholy Ones" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2007-Deathgasm Records-DG-037)
"Thrash from the Deepest Dungeons of Hell - Influenced by thousands of 80´s and early 90´s Death/Speed/Black/Thrash Unholy Gods, THRONEUM stands in opposition to all these happy/hippies pseudo death/black metal shit-heads of today! THRONEUM is aggressive, raw and ugly... Metal as it should be - that´s the only goal of this unholy band!"

Throneum/Revelation of Doom (PO)  "Total Regression" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Pagan Records-MOON048)
"Thirteen headsplitting tracks of raw and aggressive Blackened Death Metal including destructive fresh new assaults from each band as well as crushing cover-versions of Morgoth, Destruction, Helhammer, Terrorizer, Blasphemy, Pandemonium, Sodom, Morgoth, Unleashed and Impaled Nazarene..."

Thronum Vrondor (BE)  "II" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Total Holocaust Records-THR-106)
"Their second album is now available and they have gotten better in every aspects since the last time you heard them. Members of Paragon Impure, Grimfaug and Hellewacht is among the ranks of this horde. Comes in a 12 page booklet with all lyrics inside."

Thronum Vrondor (BE)  "Vrondor I: Epitaph of Mass-Destruction" -cd 12.00EUR
"Thronum Vrondor are befouling mankind with their epic,unmatchable raw intelligent black metal. A glorification of Death in all its aspects. Black metal rawness in a deathlike atmosphere.Feature members from some of the best belgian bands such as Grimfaug and Paragon Impure among others."

Thunderkraft (UA)  "The Banner of Victory" -cd 11.00EUR
(2005-Blazing Productions-FIAMMA010)
"Ukrainian Folk / Industrial / Deathcore. Featuring members of Astrofaes, Drudkh and Kolo. Comes with black and white artwork and 8 page posterfolded booklet."

Thy Darkened Shade (GR)  "Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs" -cd 11.00EUR
"A mix of raw yet technical Black Metal, with old school, avant-garde and even some 80s thrash metal influences. A combination of serious-thought-out concept and sheer & sinister brutality."

Thy Only Forgotten (MX)  "Mythos Daemonium" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Lux Inframundis)
"Debut invocation by this Mexican Death/Black Metal ensemble. Limited edition of 300 copies. With The Chasm member."

Thyrane/The Dead Beginners (FI)  "Black Harmony" -cd 10.00EUR
"Thyrane reissues their Black Harmony EP, paired with four songs from the more obscure, complex Dead Beginners."

Thyrfing (SE)  "Hels Vite" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Regain Records-RR155)

Tiamat (SE)  "Deeper kind of Slumber" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-1997-Century Media)

Tiamat (SE)  "The Astral Sleep" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-1991-Century Media)

Tiamat (SE)  "The Scarred People" -digicd 12.50EUR

Tiamat (SE)  "Wildhoney" -cd 10.00EUR
(***-2011-Century Media)
Incl. bonus tracks.

TMK (IT)  "Pilot" -cd 12.00EUR
"Cinematic Avantgarde Music. From the first Morricone inspired track to the urban cowboy synthetic drama on A Gasoline Hero, from the dada blast-o-rama of Microphones & Flies to brain-eating noise pinball in Mauve Molls Moonlanding, from the devilish Texas ride of Zombie Children to the cigar smelling title track, Pilot is a high-profiled crossover work cutting the edge of extreme music."

Todesstoss (DE)  "Abwegnis 121" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Wroth Emitter)
"The new work called ABWEGNIS 121 continues the transformation began in Wurmer Zu Weinen, namely escape from definite structure (padded out melodiousness is the consequence), using more terrific painful vocals and unpredictable sound moves."

Todesstoss (DE)  "Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen" -mcd 8.00EUR
Raw, surrealistic Black Metal. Fragments of Martin Lang´s tainted inner soul forced into audible format. Although sharing some convergences with Burzum and some certain Les Legions Noire bands, Todesstoss hasn´t got any limitations or compromises in their expression."

Todesstoss (DE)  "Spiegel der Urängste/Sehnsucht" -cd 10.00EUR
(2007-Wroth Emitter Productions-W.E.013)
"Current release is re-edition of 2 singles. This music is painful experiments in cryptic black metal. The aggregate of original sound, melody and vocal gives unique music hardly comparable with anything else. But it should be mentioned, that not many will like it. Conciliated madness and experiment are the main constituents of this music´s atmosphere."

Todesstoss (DE)  "Stelldichein" -cd 11.00EUR
Raw Black Metal. New full lenght finally available!

Todesstoss (DE)  "Würmer Zu Weinen" -cd 12.00EUR
"The new album, about 45 minutes of extreme avantgarde black metal art in the true sense. Demonstrating a peculiar, characteristic and intellectually demanding work of stark artistic expressions. In the end only the number speaks to you... Jewelcase CD with 16 pages color booklet incl. english translations of all lyrics."

Toil (US)  "Lullabies for Insects" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Rusty Axe Records-AXE044)
"Dark and dissonant black metal from the middle nowhere. Four tracks including a cover of The Cure´s "Lovesong" on a specially designed CD. Limited to 1000 copies.

Toil (US)  "Obscure Chasm" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Ruin Productions)
"TOIL is eerie, distant, cold and melancholic black metal performed by Lurker (few TOIL demos already released, drummer on Vrolok´s "Soul amputation" album) and Wraith on keyboards (from the Australian band Nazxul). Debut album."

Tombstoned (FI)  "S/T" -cd 13.00EUR
"Funereal directors of rocking doom. Kicking up new dirt in the old graveyard, with a warm vintage sound that´s as fresh as it is genuine. Dragging along truckloads of smoking riffs and coffins of classic, doom-laden heavy rock and roll, these young stalwarts of psychrock have the real magic of a future classic."

Toner Low (NL)  "II" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Freebird Records-FRC028)
"The band has gradually evolved into doomy psychedelic droners that emphasize on repetitive riffing and minimalism with an overwhelming massive and heavy sound. Four epic tracks each fill one side of vinyl, giving you an idea about the sheer size of the droners on this one."

Torka (SI)  "Old Hatred" -cd 12.00EUR
"Necro old school slovenia black metal, previously self released on CDr, now get proper treatment on CD. Great cover artwork by Chris Verwimp. An absolutely killer release that unfortunetaly fall into obscurity."

Tormenting Legends (2007)  "Part II" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Blut & Eisen)
"The second part of Blut&Eisen’s “Tormenting Legends” Sampler, as a Digi CD (including a 24 page booklet with lyrics etc.) with exclusive contributions from following obscurantists: Puissance, Wolfsmond, Arckanum, Nasheim, Eternity, Katharsis, Bael, Vargsang, Nyktalgia, Klage, Luror, Elite , Sarath, Musta Surma, Sarcophagus"

Tormentor (UA)  "The Recipe Ferrum!" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Second album from this Hungarian cult act. Far, far away from their ´Anno Domini´ cult classic, ´Recipe Ferrum´ is a highly experimental album that drew a wide variety of reactions upon its release in 2001. Features Attila Csihar on vocals."

Torturium (FI)  "Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds" -cd 11.00EUR
(***-Bestial Burst)
Torturous, harsh and misanthropic Black Metal. Recommended!

Totenburg/Menneskerhat (DE)  "Waffenbröder" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Nebelfee Klangwerke)
Two radical BM bands on the same disc.

Toxaemia (SE)  "Buried to Rise: 1990-1991 Discography" -DCD 15.00EUR
(2010-Dark Descent Records)
"After 20 years, Toxaemia´s complete material is finally released on CD. During their tenure from 1989 to 1991, Toxaemia released two demos (Kaleidoscopic Lunacy and Buried to Rot) and one classic 7" on Seraphic Decay titled Beyond the Realm."

Trancelike Void (BE)  "Unveiling the silent arms of despair" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2008-Total Holocaust Records)
"Black Metal on the surface, but there´s a lot more going on underneath, so just calling this depressive Black Metal or whatever, is to fold it together with the faceless crowd of mediocricy. One of the few worthy bands emerging from Belgium."

Trayjen (US)  "Walking among the stones of fire" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Flamme Noire-FN009)
"Full torturated and dark instinctive black metal. Trayjen debut album, limited to 1000 copies."

Treha Sektori (FR)  "Sorieh" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Claustrophobic Ritual Ambient. A soundtrack of mental travels which explore a psychic course with ethereal and nightmarish appearances. A work of layers which hides a true mystery, a cinematic oppression. A unique approach of ambient sickness."

Tribes of Neurot (US)  "Silver Blood Transmission" -digicd 14.00EUR
(Relapse Records-RR6929)
"The long out-of-print Tribes Of Neurot debut is finally back in circulation. Encompassing a myriad of textures of ambience, from minimal walls of soothing soundwaves to disturbing schizophrenic shapes of cranial bombast, ´Silver Blood Transmission´ took these eclectic musicians to territories previously uncharted."

Tribes of Neurot (US)  "Static Migration" -cd 12.00EUR
(1998-Relapse Records-RR6972)
"Neurosis side-project collaboration with Pain Teens guitarist Scott Ayers. Features eight tracks of exceptional experimental music."

Tribulation (SE)  "The Horror" -cd 14.00EUR
"With an acute penchant for merciless yet catchy vile Death Metal; passages that twists and torture slowly but lacerates like a whirlwind, this debut full-length album will blister and cut through like napalm. ‘The Horror’ is a remarkably formidable album of Death Metal holocaust!"

Trident (SE)  "World Destruction" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Regain Records)
"The riffs, ideas and musical arrangements in their blackened minds had grown way too powerful to be thrown into oblivion. Extreme blackened death metal from Sweden. For fans of Dissection, Necrophobic and early Morbid Angel."

Triptykon (CH)  "Melana Chasmata" -digibook 19.00EUR
(2014-Century Media)
"A fierce boulder of abhorrence. 32 page booklet & poster included."

Tronus Abyss (IT)  "Kampf" -digibook cd 13.00EUR
"The repress of the avant-garde but traditionally Indo-European act. Milestone of the Italian Scene in movement, unleashed under the banner of Pagan Moon also in consequence of the split of the label that was supposed to be release it, Varg Vikernes´ (Burzum) Cymophane."

Trunar (BY)  "Christs Not Christians" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Wings of Destruction-WOD008)
"9 tracks of straight-forward, old-school poisonous Black Metal from Belarus."

Truppensturm (DE)  "Fields of devastation" -cd 12.00EUR
"Expect 8 tracks of furious war black metal."

Truppensturm (DE)  "Salute To The Iron Emperors" -cd 12.00EUR
"12 raging tracks of death war metal - imagine early Incantation meets Teitanblood!. CD comes in jewelcase with 12 page booklet incl. lyrics."

Truppensturm/Thorybos  "Approaching Conflict" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
War/Death Metal.

Tsjuder (NO)  "Demonic Possession" -cd 12.00EUR
(2002-Drakkar Productions-DKCD024)
Raw Norwegian Black Metal. Repress. New improved layout.

Tudor (CZ)  "Ultra Black Metal" -DCD 14.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod)
"Double CD collects the bands early demos: Zombie (1990) and Skeletor (1991), released a year before their great debut LP Bloody Mary. Early Black Metal from the Czech Republic along with the legendary Master´s Hammer and Root."

Tuhat Kuolemaa Sekunnissa (FI)  "S/T" -cd 10.00EUR
(2007-Anima Arctica Productions-AUER-002)
Noble & Honest Neo Folk Rooted firmly to the pagan grounds of Finland.

Tulus (NO)  "Evil 1999" -cd 12.00EUR
(1999-Indie Recordings-INDIE002)
"This is the second of two re-releases to mark the return of the legendary Norwegian black metal band Tulus. A sought after cult black metal classic re-mastred by Peter In de Betou at Tailor Maid Production."

Turpista (PO)  "Turpistyczne wizje końca" -cd 11.00EUR
(2014-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Polish BM. The second opus of Evil, musty atmosphere of darkness."

Turpista (PO)  "Turpistyczny Amok" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Under the Sign of Garazel)
"Obscure, evil black metal for the old school worshippers. Limited to 666 copies."

Tyhjyys (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
"Cold, desolate Black Metal filled with the anguish of winter and emotional emptiness..."

Tymah (UA)  "Funeral Fog" -cd 12.00EUR
(No Colours)
"Raw Hungarian Black Metal. Demo CD with bonus track & video. Limited to 666 handnumbered copies!"

Tymah (UA)  "Loquitur Cum Alqo Sathanas" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-No Colours)
"Carpathian Black Metal. The 2nd full length album."

Typhon (CO)  "Unholy Trilogy" -digipak DCD 14.00EUR
"Two obscure, hard to find Black Metal recordings are finally re-mastered & re-released. The legendary 1996 album paired with the complete 1995 demo session. For all those who are envenomed by HELLHAMMER, early DESTRUCTION, SARCOFAGO, (The True) MAYHEM etc."

Tyranny (FI)  "Bleak Vistae" -mcd 8.00EUR
Funeral Doom. Over 40 minutes of playing time. Re-release finally available.Wormphlegm-side project.

Tyrants Blood (CA)  "Prophecy" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Invictus Productions)
"Tyrants Blood developed into a force to be reckoned with. Harsh, uncompromising Death/Thrash Metal with influences from Morbid Angel, Sadus, Possessed & Destruction. Combining sheer Canadian force & power with traditional Death/Thrash to rule you all."

Ufomammut & Lento (IT)  "Supernaturals Record One" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2007-Supernatural Cat-CAT003)
"SUPERNATURALS "record one" is the meeting of two heavy and psychedelic bands: the kings of deep noise Ufomammut and the amazing ambient postcore band Lent0. Supernaturals is a super hypnotic and telluric monster session in which the two bands play around repetitive atmosphere broken by fragile openings."

Ultraphallus (BE)  "Lungville" -cd 12.00EUR
"Lungville is a nasty, mean sounding album. Name dropping other artists is the reviewer´s crutch, but throwing out groups like Melvins, Sunn0))), Toner Low, and Graves at Sea offers a general idea as to what this Belgian four-piece sounds like. Ultraphallus plays slow and heavy, accenting the all-encompassing riffs with deceptive lulls and piercing screams."

Ultraphallus (BE)  "The Clever" -cd 12.00EUR
"Ultraphallus plays slow and heavy, accenting the all-encompassing riffs with deceptive lulls and piercing screams. They approach drone terrority, yet remain fiesty enough to keep their dirges on the angrier side of aggressive. Call it ambient doom, psychedelic drone, or psych-ward sludge – it´s adviced is to sit back, relax, and enjoy what they inflict upon you."

Ulvegr (UA)  "The Call of Glacial Emptiness" -cd 11.00EUR
(2014-Those Opposed Records)
"New 2014 album by the heathen black metal band from Ukraine. Having proved with their previous output "Arctogaia" that they were a new force to be reckoned with, ULVEGR confirms their talent with this new album entitled "The Call of Glacial Emptiness". Razor-sharp sound and ice-cold tunes of brutality and heathen onirism."

Ulver (NO)  "Bergtatt" -cd 14.50EUR
(***-1994-Head Not Found-HNF005)

Ulver (NO)  "Childhood´s End" -cd 18.00EUR
"Childhood´s End sees Ulver re-interpret classic Psychedelic tracks from the late 1960s. The album includes Ulver´s unique versions of tracks from The 13th Floor Elevators, Electric Prunes, Jefferson Airplane, The Pretty Things and more."

Ulver (NO)  "Kveldssanger" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-1996-Head not Found-HNF014)

Ulver (NO)  "Messe I.X-VI.X" -cd 16.00EUR
"Composed and first performed by Ulver, on primarily electronic instruments, with the Tromsø Chamber Orchestra September 21 2012. Much of this was recorded live, yet it is not a live album. Special packaging."

Ulver (NO)  "Perdition City" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2000-Jester Records-TRICK007)

Ulver (NO)  "Themes from William Blake´s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" -DCD 15.00EUR
(***-Jester Records-TRICK001)

Ulver (NO)  "War of the Roses" -digibook 16.00EUR

Umbra Nihil (FI)  "The Borderland Rituals" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Epidemie Records)
"After their debut album Gnoia, the Finnish band UMBRA NIHIL comes with a brand new album The Borderland Rituals. 5 long obscure, frosty compositions of hypnotic doom metal."

Unaussprechlichen Kulten (CL)  "Baphomet Pan Shubniggurath" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Hammer of Damnation)
"People of the Monolith satisfy the hunger for brutal, obscure and Morbid Death Metal. The Chilean answer to Immolation, Incantation, Goreaphobia, early Vital Remains, Sadistic Intent... Reissue of the second album, featuring 1 bonus song."

Unaussprechlichen Kulten (CL)  "People of the Monolith" -cd 12.00EUR
(Hammer of Damnation)
"People of the Monolith satisfy the hunger for brutal, obscure and Morbid Death Metal. The Chilean answer to Immolation, Incantation, Goreaphobia, early Vital Remains, Sadistic Intent... Reissue of the second album, featuring 2 bonus songs."

Uncelestial (FI)  "Born with Lucifer´s Mark" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2009-Northern Heritage-NH-065)
"With new line-up, ex- Uncreastion´s Dawn continues where they left in "Death´s Tyranny" album. Going further into insanity of obscure and technical guitar riffs and possessed roaring vocals. This is black metal outside the copycat scene and shallow imitators etc."

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats (UK)  "Mind Control" -cd 13.50EUR
(2013-Rise Above)
"Imagine the original Alice Cooper band jamming in a cell with early Black Sabbath and the Stooges, whilst sitting on murder charges and you may get a glimpse into their fuzzed up world of exploding tube amps and cymbal smashing mayhem."

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (UK)  "The Night Creeper" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2015-Rise Above)
"Ten tracks of the type of sonic psyche-frazzling heaviness and blood-drenched pop that have made Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats one of Britain’s great cult bands."

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats (UK)  "Vol. I" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2017-Rise Above)
"A true D.I.Y. effort from start to finish. No great ambition, no target audience, no press support. Just a collection of songs for anyone who would listen. With its mix of budget horror lyrics, Everly Brothers obsessed harmonies, downer rock riffs, overly long guitar solos and bizzarre high pitched vocals, Vol 1 had very limited appeal outside a small group of underground fanatics."

Uncreation´s Dawn (FI)  "Deathmarch over gods kingdom" -cd 10.00EUR
(2003-Northern Heritage-NH028)
"Includes 3 new songs, 3 songs of demo 1999 and 3 songs of demo 2000. Offers you much more raw and old school version of UD than actual debut album on Hammer of Hate."

Uncreation´s Dawn (FI)  "Death´s Tyranny" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2006-Northern Heritage-NH048)
Black Metal. Taking another new twist on their musical direction, UD is one of the most interesting acts in Finland of these days.

Uncreation´s Dawn (FI)  "Holy Empire of Rats" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-No Sign of Life)
"Holy Empire of Rats marks the return of the Finnish Black Metal group Uncreation´s Dawn. Striking with new force and renewed line-up the group created their strongest and rawest effort to date. Holy Empire of Rats is strongly recommended to fans of real Black Metal."

Undergang (DK)  "Indhentet af Doden" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Xtreem Music)
"1st album by this Danish band of ultra-heavy Death Metal with influences in the vein of ROTTREVORE, MYTHIC, GRAVE, CREMATORY (swe), AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, MORTICIAN... One of the best newcomers in 2010 in its genre."

Unearthly Trance (US)  "Electrocution" -cd 13.00EUR
(2008-Relapse Records-RR7005)
"UNEARTHLY TRANCE emerged from the NYC underground a doom outfit and morphed into a distinct metallic beast on their new album Electrocution. An epic, impassioned piece of work, Electrocution oozes with mysticism and a palpable sense of purpose behind an imposing wall of gut-level riffing, canyons of low-end and pounding drums."

Unearthly Trance (US)  "In the Red" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Rise Above-RISECD055)
"The second Ungodly offering from the twisted minds of these sick purveyors of extreme Doom. Grim, eerie and outright frightening, this is one black sludge mater piece that you cannot be without. Doom or be fucked! For- the- kids: Melvins meets Darkthrone in a Brooklyn bar under a full moon."

Unearthly Trance (US)  "Ouroboros" -digipak DCD 13.00EUR
(2014-Throne Records)
"Ouroboros is a compilation of songs that were originally released only on analog formats throughout the career of Unearthly Trance, as well as a few unreleased songs. The driving force for these non-album tracks was the D.I.Y. spirit which was always a major part of the Unearthly Trance ethos."

Unearthly Trance (US)  "The Trident" -cd 14.00EUR
"Explore the mind´s third eye; putting to sound the heavy, doom-laden thoughts that are buried deep in the psyche. This is art that´s built from deep-seated misanthropy, the kind that takes a lifetime to perfect."

Unholy (FI)  "From the Shadows" -cd 10.00EUR
"The album is known for its dark textured death/doom metal mixed with some unusual & often avantgarde arrangements. Unholy’s willingness to experiment with sounds & moods helped create a strong & uniquely twisted atmosphere on ‘From the Shadows’ – slow pounding doom metal epics aided by the presence of creeping synths."

Unholy (FI)  "Rapture" -cd 10.00EUR
"Includes eight depressive steps into the weirdest fields of dark doom metal."

Unholy (FI)  "The Second Ring of Power" -cd+dvd 10.00EUR
Re-release with a DVD.

Unholy Archangel (GR)  "Obsessed By War" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Kill Yourself-KiLL010)
"After years of existence the time has come for the debut full length of this black/death warmachine."

Unholy Crucifix (AU)  "Ordo Servorum Satanae" -cd 10.00EUR
(2013-Nuclear War Now!)
"Entitled “Ordo Servorum Satanae,“ this album is cognizably different from most of the band’s previous work, but retains the same blasphemous presence. The accretion of different styles of playing and composition into the band’s repertoire is very apparent on this debut LP."

Unholy Trinity (US)  "Omnimalevolence" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2005-Numen Malevolum Barathri-NMB001)
Black Metal. "Unholy Trinity is a channel for spiritual malevolence and utter hatred. This record was named Omnimalevolence because of the all-encompasing malice that existed within the composer during its final creation. Features ex-members of Nachtmystium."

Unorthodox (US)  "Awaken" -cd 14.00EUR
(2008-Church Within Records-CW010)
"Expect one of the best Maryland Doom Album since ages!"

Urarv (NO)  "Aurum" -cd 12.00EUR
"Arising from the shadow of mental institutions and personal secret corners comes the Norwegian Urarv, the new project spearheaded by avant-metal stalwart Björn Aldrahn Dencker of DHG and The Deathtrip and Thorns fame. While Urarv recognizes the ancient heritage of Norwegian black metal, it also tramples across limitations."

Urfaust (NL)  "Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos" -mcd 9.00EUR
Synthesizer Ultra Doom.

Urfaust (NL)  "Empty Space Meditation" -digipak cd 15.00EUR
"URFAUST is always going different directions on every release, but this time, they managed to take everything one step further: the revered and praised "URFAUST-Sound" has managed to go further and further into unexplored territories of the dark cosmos, resulting in one hell of a trip consisting of 6 songs that will take you beyond…"

Urfaust (NL)  "Geist Ist Teufel" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Ritual Black Metal."

Urfaust (NL)  "IX: Der Einsiedler" -mcd 10.50EUR
"Ritual Black Metal."

Urfaust (NL)  "Ritual Music For The True Clochard" -cd 13.00EUR
"The rituals on "Ritual Music For The True Clochard" were previously released under different formats in close cooperation with various bands and labels. Thanks to Herr Deportator for his insane efforts to mix and master them very thoroughly the Urfaust way and compile them to a homogene full length."

Urgehal (NO)  "Arma Christi" -cd 12.00EUR
(1997-No Colours)
Norwegian Black Metal. Debut album.

Urn (FI)  "Dawn of the Devastation" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-No Sign of Life-NSOL002)
"The Dawn has arisen.. in DEVASTATION!! Nuclear Hellhorde URN have returned with a new full-lenght onslaught! They are back, heavy as Hell, storming with crushing old school Black Trashing Metal and even better than ever before! No mercy for posers, harness your bulletbelts, spikes and leather, lock and load, aim.. DEVASTATE!!!"

Uskonrauha (FI)  "Tympeyden Ylistys" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Bestial Burst)
"Raw, powerful and aggressive Finnish black metal assault by the trio of Harald Mentor, The Unnatural and BlackGoat. Satan worship and deep respect for the laws of nature with a healthy dose of national romanticism and pure scorn for the subhuman scum."

Usupian (DK)  "In Skinless Form" -digimcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear Winter Records)
"Technical Death Metal in the old vein, reminding great albums like DISINCARNATE – ‘Dreams of the carrion kind’, GORGUTS – ‘Erosion of sanity’, SUFFOCATION – ‘Effigy of the forgotten’ while also baring some of the twisted Incantation riffing."

Usurper (US)  "Threshold of the Usurper" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Primitive Reaction-PR015)
"A perfect mix of black-, death- and thrash metal. This re-issue includes 3 unreleased bonus tracks, extensive liner notes, an extensive interview with Rick Scytheand Diabolic General Slaughter , never seenbefore photos and new artwork by Juha Vuorma (Skeletal Season Artist). CD comes with 16 pages booklet."

Usva/Draco (FI)  "Re-Desecrating the South Carelian Graves" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Bestial Burst)
"Pre-Goatmoon material. Classic, cold, aggressive and epic Finnish black metal. Not to be confused with another Finnish act of the same name, USVA line up featured BlackGoat GraveDesecrator, M.V. and Avenger, DRACO featured Emperor Askonen, Namkah and Avenger - folks that later united for classics like "Finnish Steel Storm" and "In The Spirit of Ultimate Sacrifice"."

V/A  "Dreams of what life could have been" -cd 12.00EUR
"The ultimative 80 min long sludge/doom sampler with ten nihilistic sludge-doom songs. Featured bands are: SOULPREACHER (US), FISTULA (US), GRIEF (US), THEE PLAGUE OF GENTLEMEN (B), NEGATIVE REACTION (US), RAMESSES (UK), MOSS (UK)."

V/A (RU)  "Four Wings of Blasphemy and Abomination" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Sekt ov Gnosis)
"Compilation with exclusive tracks from the Orthodox Black/Death Metal hordes of Russia: TEITANFYRE, PSEUDOGOD, GEHANGTER JUDE & ILL OMENED."

V/A  "My Own Wolf: a New Approach to Ulver" -DCD 12.00EUR
(2008-Cold Dimensions-DIMENSION011)

V/A  "Schatten Aus Der...Bethlehem - A tribute to Dictius Te Necare" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Ostra Records-OSR011)
Maïeutiste, Voodoo Planet, Ataraxie, Imindain, Mourning Dawn, Magnum Occultum Innominandum covering Bethlehem.

V/A  "The Night and the Fog pt.III" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Totenkopf Propaganda-TPCD010)

V/A  "The Wine of Satan vol. II" -cd 13.00EUR
"The cults conspiring to spread His words through this infernal compendium are Bestial Mockery, Code, Funeral Winds, Furze, Hell Militia, Irreverent, Root and The One."

V/A  "The World Comes To An End In The End Of A Journey" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Pest Productions-PEST018)
"Leave the bleak city full of solitude, and start a lonely grey journey. Shall we see more hope in the end of the sky far away? Gathering 6 Black Metal/Shoegaze/New Wave bands hailing from 5 different regions, namely: Dopamine/Ethereal Beauty/Dernier Martyr/Heretoir/Soliness/Shyy."

V/A  "To The Triumph Of Evil - Tribute to Judas Iscariot" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Info Black-IS33)
Xasthur, Eternity of Darkness, Frostmoon Eclipse, Sign of Katu-Marus, Nachtmystium, Arkonstone, Krieg, Merrimack, Dead to Earth, The Black Death, Carving to Nenia, Martyr, Leviathan, Birkenau. Total running time 76:32.

V/A  "Tribute to Sarcofago" -cd 12.00EUR
Satyricon, Impaled Nazarene, Black Witchery, Conqueror, Mystifier, Sextrash, Angel Corpse etc.

Vaka (SE)  "Kappa Delta Phi" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2009-Murkhouse Recordings-MHR002)
"Epic and heavy doom rock with a slightly progressive twist from Sweden. With inventive drumming and heavy use of piano, this is a fresh take on the post-metal style that has quickly become overrun by Isis and Pelican clones. On this album, mainman Karl Daniel Liden is joined by an array of guest musicians from around the world to make this a highly collaborative venture."

Valaskjalf/Hrodvitnir  "Under the Banner of Vinlandic Heathen Might" -cd 5.00EUR
(2005-Storms of Steel)
Hateful Black Metal from Valaskjalf and highly epic Black Metal from Hrodvitnir. Limited to 500copies.

Valoton (FI)  "Beastificate" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Hammer of Hate)
"Beastificate is a merciless and cruel Satanic Black Metal assault expressed with rapid artillery; fast and precise strikes against the dogmas of christian beliefs with Satanic rage and hellfire. Valoton represents the theistic way of Satanism in their lyrics and the album depicts the passage of humanity through beast to ascension."

Valtakunta (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2015-Bestial Burst)
"Occult, obscure, raw and primitive black metal from this anonymous Finnish duo. Fits neatly in Bestial Burst catalog with the noisiest and weirdest black-metal-and-beyond releases from Masokismi to Dead Reptile Shrine to Kärsimysnäytelmä! and Mustamaa etc., yet of course Valtakunta has their very own, chaotic yet hypnotic style that will swallow your soul into it´s evil abyss."

Vanderbuyst (NL)  "In Dutch" -digicd 13.00EUR
"The second album from the Dutch hard-rock assaulters."

Vanderbuyst  "Vanderbuyst" -digicd 12.00EUR
"Some say that Vanderbuyst is above all a live band. But with this record that opinion might change. Though Vanderbuyst is still a must see band this record can’t be ignored and will please the genuine Hard Rock and Heavy Metal maniac"

Vanhelgd (SE)  "Church of Death" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"On Church of Death Vanhelgd develops their aggressive aspects as well as a more ominous manifestation with a felling of doom. There are some rather clear differences between “Church of Death” and “Cult of Lazarus” but also a lot of similarities. Both albums have a kind of shattered personality in common, but “Church of death” has a more focused and elaborated arrangement and mood within each song."

Vapaudenristi/Pyhä Kuolema (FI)  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
"4 tracks of rough radical rock and 4 tracks of national romantic folk. Finnish language."

Varghkoghargasmal (DE)  "Drowned in Lakes" -cd 12.00EUR
"A twisted confusional mix of slowed down Dick Dale style surf riffage, stumbling drums, haunting melodies, warbly organs, all wrapped around a simple motorik almost Krautrock groove. It´s like some sort of acoustic black metal, mixed with slowed down surf rock, dark languorous Krautrock, and a distinct Morricone vibe."

Vargsang (DE)  "In The Mist Of Night" -cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Obscure Abhorrence)
Raw black metal.

Vasaeleth (US)  "All Uproarious Darkness" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Profound Lore)
"Presenting their most devastating work to date, VASAELETH´s follow-up to “Crypt Born And Tethered To Ruin” is a maelstrom of primitive atmospheric death metal horror that one can only expect from the reigning ungods of the American death metal underground."

Veér (UA)  "The Measure of Waste" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Neverheard Distro-NHD011)
"Veér plays groovy, morbid Black Metal with a bit of rock ´n´ roll feeling. After 3 demos and a split ep, this is their first full-length. Containing nine songs and an outro."

Veles/Legion  "Blood on my Knife" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2016-Darker Than Black)
Polish black metal.

Velvet Cacoon (US)  "Northsuite" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Full Moon Productions-FMP039)
"Raw and dissonant black metal, hypnotic and droning ambience that washes over thick webs of black noise. This unique and experimental collection of early demos documents the bands progression over the last few years and should tide those over who are awaiting the bands follow-up to "Genevieve"."

Venenum (DE)  "S/T" -digimcd 10.00EUR
(***-2011-Sepulchral Voice)
Death Metal.

Venenum (DE)  "Trance of Death" -digipak cd 13.00EUR
(***-2017-Sepulchral Voice)
"Join a 50 min ride through the deepest depths of ripping death, the wildest wastelands of abominable black and the darkest peaks of sinister rock."

Venuspuls (DE)  "Herzschlag des Endzeit-Architekten" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Wroth Emitter Productions-WE020)
"Since 2004 Martin Lang/TODESSTOSS uses as another, independent artistic platform the expressive electronic art project VENUSPULS, for that he deals with nebulous, occult, apocalyptic, dark erotic, extraterrestrial, eerie and other sensitive and subtle matters, setting them to music finally."

Verbum Verus (NL)  "Melkiresha" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"The great work which was made over several years now finally sees its completion in "Melkiresha"! Six songs of praise - six rituals - six hymns to the Lord to be unleashed upon the world."

Verde (FI)  "Legenda" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2005-Musically Incorrect Records-MIRCD4)
"Legenda is a logical continuum of the 1960s and 1970s wild electronic experiments and general recklessness of Finnish Underground Music. Legenda is a logical continuum of Krautrock as bands like Faust, Can, Neu and Amon Düül presented it for us. The music of Verde is not meant for superficial listening. Verde challenge their listeners instead of trying to please them."

Verge (FI)  "Sex & Violence" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Descending Towards Damnation)
""Sex & Violence" is a concept album of melancholic cold Black Metal; calculated & sharp, yet organic and even raw, supplemented with sublime keyboards & walls of analog ambient/noise." Recommended!

Verge/Blood Red Fog (FI)  "Because it´s Wrong" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Black metal. Over 60 minutes of playing time. 3-panel digipak. Limited to 993 copies."

Vergissmeinnicht (CN)  "Whispering Solitude" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Pest Productions-PEST005)
"This is the debut album from Depressive/Dark folk project from Shandong China. For all fans of EMPYRIUM and Ulver. Vergissmeinnicht is a side project of Lu, the only member of the depressive black metal band Heartless."

Verivala (FI)  "Kalliolle, Kukkulalle" -cd 12.00EUR
"The long awaited second album of VERIVALA is out on NYKTA. 5 years after the sold out debut "Voittomme", this horde from Finland composed 8 new tracks in their blasting Black/Thrash style."

Verloren (BE)  "In Zalvend Onmin" -cd 12.00EUR
"After many delays, finally it comes,the first and last album of the well known belgian cult, destructive and suicidal black metal at highest caliber. Verloren is R.I.P now, no more word needed, anyone who participated the Verloren fests shall remember their wraths eternally."

Vermeth (FR)  "Suicide or Be Killed" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Drakkar Productions-DKCD059)
Black Legions Metal.

Vetala (PT)  "Satanic Morbid Metal" -cd 12.00EUR
"The seed of Vetala has been planted in the ashes of the defunct Black Legions. Thus, giving it all the ritually blood soaked black soil it needed to grow fertile in evilness. Only for true underground Black Metal maniacs."

Vetus Obscurum (US)  "Blood Revelations" -mcd 9.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0059)
"From the darkest recesses of Numinas’ (KROHM) fevered mind come four tracks of grim, pathogenic Black Metal art. The debut EP of VETUS OBSCURUM escorts the listener in vivo on a journey through ancient woods to the palace of untimely death."

Vhernen (FK)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Eerie Art Records-EAR018)
"Funeral black metal, following the roots of the previous work but improving the style and the sound towards something more personal and intimist, more atmospheric with a mature songwriting that in this opus has put in prominence a massive use of his classic electric cello and orchestral harp, to create austere and mystic ambiances."

Vhöl (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.50EUR
(2013-Profound Lore)
"What VHOL have created is a whirlwind of upbeat raw, un-polished vicious cross-pollination where old-school hardcore, dbeat fury and punk collide with classic old-school metal (‘70s era Judas Priest meets “Show No Mercy” era Slayer/”Kill Em All” era Metallic)"

Vicious Art (SE)  "Fire Falls and the Waiting Waters" -cd 12.00EUR
(2004-Threeman Recordings-TRECD017)
Death Metal. "With the intense blastbeat-riffing combined with heavy and -for lack of better words- melodic dark parts together with the aggressiveness of the vocals, the works just smashes through the listener, one after the other. There is certainly a depth and power behind their music. Features ex-Dark Funeral and ex-Grave members."

Victimizer (DK)  "Rapid Thrashing Violence" -mcd 10.00EUR
(2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLS013)
"Rapid Thrashing Violent Speed Metal Hell! 3 brand new studio brass-knuckle hits to your ugly fucking face followed by an old cult SLAYER cover! W/ 11 live bonus tracks! VICTIMIZER raise high the flag of hate with their own signature sound guaranteed to wreck your neck and kick your fucking ass! Guest lyrics from Don of the Dead."

Village of Dead Roads (US)  "Dwelling in Doubt" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Meteor City-MCY995)
"Expanding on the noise-laden pummelling and atmospheric bleakness of their Human Failures debut, PA´s Village of Dead Roads return with an album of crushing, organic soundscapes infested with aggression, and enough psychosis to fuel a dozen killing rampages. A less Sabbathy Grief? A doomier Acid Bath? A tighter Ramesses? Eyehategod meets Pentagram? How about King Crimson for crusties?"

Villains (us)  "Life Code of Decadence" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Nuclear War Now! Prod.)
"This second album strikes with overt rudeness and bizarre new terrritories for Villains. This NY band features ex- Hemlock, Cattlepress and other alcoholic fuckers. Completely devoid of all regulations of whats "cool". Crawl to the cave indeed!"

Villains (US)  "Never Abandon the Slut Train" -cd 10.00EUR
(2014-Nuclear War Now!)
"Villains delivers another sickening display of vile and reprehensible conduct with the sagely titled new album, “Never Abandon the Slut Train.” By now it is safe to say that, with its unique breed of “Street Metal,” Villains has established itself as the most prominent ambassador of urban depravity in the underground."

Villains (US)  "Road to Ruin" -cd 10.00EUR
(2011-Nuclear War Now!)
"“Road to Ruin” presents a new collection of eight hymns to the thieves, sluts, junkies, and degenerates that inhabit that realm and all the rituals of depravity in which they indulge. Here, the band mostly eschews some of the more standard punk elements present on their last album, although the gritty belligerence of the tracks still reveals the same influences."

Vinterthron (BR)  "Reign Ov Opposites" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2008-Ashen Productions-AP017)
"Raw and unprogressive Black Metal from Brazil in the vein of the old gods like BATHORY, CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER or DARKTHRONE, mixed with some thrashing influences and an unhealthy dose of south-american madness."

Violent Hammer (FI)  "Demo 2007" -cd-r 3.00EUR
Mid-paced old-school Death Metal with slight hints of Thrash Metal.

Virta (FI)  "Elon Syvä Lempi" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Anima Arctica)
"This nature-praising and original music draws its influences from folk and progressive folk-rock, and the music of five tracks of this fourty-minute album is woven together with drums, percussions, lively bass, acoustic guitars and woodwind instruments. Skillful instrumentation and the progressive elements and song structures create an atmosphere that is at the same time sophisticated and primitively vigorous."

Virus (NO)  "Black Flux" -digipak cd 11.00EUR
(***-2008-Season of Mist-SOM188)

Virus (NO)  "Carheart" -cd 12.00EUR
"VIRUS features the singular guitar wizardry of Carl-Michael Eide aka Czral´s cult ensemble VED BUENS ENDE, the unchallenged fret talents of AUDIOPAIN´s Petter ´Plenum´ Berntsen and the rhythmic schizo-frenetics of Einar ´Esso´ Sjursø (BEYOND DAWN)." Russian lisence, doesn´t differ from the original in any way.

Virus (NO)  "Memento Collider" -cd 14.00EUR
(***-2016-Karisma Records)
"This time the iconic trio have taken VIRUS’ idiosyncratic trademark sound of unusual flowing bass lines, experimental riffs and groovy rhythms a few steps further, to create a sound that is still very much experimental and progressive in the true sense of those definitions, but at the same time is catchy and melodic."

Virus (NO)  "Oblivion Clock" -digicd 13.00EUR
(***-2012-Duplicate Records)
"Oblivion Clock is a new EP comprising four exclusive tracks that were recorded at various locations and times and were completed just recently. As a bonus, the CD includes the much sought after "die hard" 7" tracks that came with only 250 copies of the Agent...LP + an obscure track from the Carheart sessions in a hitherto unreleased version."

Virus (NO)  "The Agent That Shapes The Desert" -cd 13.00EUR
(2011-Duplicate Records)
The third album from Norwegian avantgarde rock maestros VIRUS.

Vitsaus (FI)  "Sielunmessu" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2010-Hammer of Hate)
Years in the making, Vitsaus´ debut full-length is now available. Rather than widening their weaponary from the previous releases, Vitsaus aims to take the usage of the old arms to a new level within the spectrum of nordic raw Black Metal, sharpening the blades still." Recommended!

Vivus Humare (DE)  "Einkehr" -cd 12.00EUR
"With black metal as the base foundation, VIVUS HUMARE wander through various sonic catacombs - tense and pulsing one moment, doomed and desolate another, dynamic and fluent every step of the way - and take the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride across epic tracks."

Vlad Tepes (FR)  "War Funeral March" -cd 11.50EUR

Void Meditation Cult (US)  "Utter The Tongue Of The Dead" -cd 12.00EUR
(2016-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Ten covenants of death, devil worship and sacrifice are offered beneath the ever-watchful gaze of the Blighting Angel, as the many voices of the damned churn against a down-tuned, pestilential roar. Return to the Devil´s Temple, for the time has come to "Utter the Tongue of the Dead"..."

Voids of Vomit (IT)  "Veritas Vltima Vitae" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2010-Bird of Ill Omen)
"After two years, Voids of Vomit’s modern Death Metal masterpiece entitled “Veritas Vltima Vitae” is finally unleashed. Voids of Vomit play traditional Death Metal that touches the same nerves as classic bands from the early 1990’s."

Volahn (US)  "Aq´ab´al" -digipak 14.00EUR
(***-2015-Iron Bonehead)
"Aq´ab´al proclaims the spirit of indigenous ritual through six tracks of cosmic black metal coming to an hour long. Aq´ab´al captures a professional recording immersed in metaphysical esoteric hysteria."

Volition (UK)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Total Rust Records-TRUST008)
"The full-length album of this British gang delivers eight songs of punishing sick Doom that consist in ultra heavy downtuned guitars, slow pounding drums, guttural vocals (from deep grunts, to fucked up screams) and an excellent dirty, yet crushing production! Recommended for fans of Coffins, Corrupted, Winter, Noothgrush, Toadliquor…"

VOM (UK)  "Primitive Arts" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2009-At War With False Noise)
"First full-length album by this Glasgow-based post-goth trio. Like a hybrid of Scream-era Siouxsie And The Banshees, early X-Mal Deustchland and the first Killing Joke LP, with vocals buried deep in the mix and heavily distorted (think Ramleh´s early post-PE stage), Vom reference a lot of music yet sound nothing like you´ve ever heard."

Vomit (NO)  "Still Rotting" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Lyderhorn Records-LR-004)
"A compilation of demo material from 1986-1988 by this legendary Norwegian band. Vomit is probably best known to most people as one of the first extreme metal bands from Norway (formed in 1984), and they shared members with Mayhem during the 80´s. Vomit spews forth an early mix of death/black/thrash proto-extreme metal."

Vomitor (AU)  "Bleeding the Priest" -cd 12.50EUR
(2010-Invictus Productions)
Death metal or die!

Vomitor (AU)  "Cry From The Underground" -cd 11.00EUR
(2009-Devils Metal Legion)
"DEATH METAL OR DIE! Great sounding live show from Aussie Death Metal dealers recorded live at "The Globe" in Brisbine, Australia on August 02, 2008 with zero overdubs! Includes a new song entitled "Caligula" to be featured on their forthcoming sudio LP "Devils Poison". CD version on Australian import label "Devils Metal Legion"."

Vomitor (AU)  "Devils Poison" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Kneel Before The Master´s Throne Records)
"From the wreckage of their mandatory debut album 8 long years ago, the Vomitor camp take no prisoners with their recipe for disaster of raw n´ gritty thrashing death riffage, rough n´ tough solos, echoed war throat roars and hammering drum demolition. Just complete total fucking madness from beginning to end... DEATH METAL OR DIE!"

Vomitor (AU)  "The Escalation" -cd 11.00EUR
(2012-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Legends in the diehard metal underground, these Aussie hooligans return with their barbaric, ancient Metal of Death: thermonuclear riffing, dive-bombing solos, vocal vomit, and chaotic crunch that´s quintessentially and uniquely VOMITOR!"

Vomitory (SE)  "Blood Rapture" -cd 10.00EUR
(2002-Metal Blade)

Vomitory (SE)  "Primal Massacre" -cd 10.00EUR
(2004-Metal Blade)

VON (US)  "Satanic Blood Ritual" -DVD 15.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now!)
"There is virtually nothing that needs to be said regarding the tremendous importance of the video footage collected on this DVD. For the first time, fans of VON can see the imposing power of their performance. In the same way that VON’s music was simple but effective, the band’s live image was similarly minimal but calculated."

Von Goat (US)  "Septic Illumination" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod)
"Brand new full-length release born from the ashes of the legendary Von. Dark black metal featuring two members of Von in addition to Wrest (Leviathan, Twilight, etc.) on drums."

Vond (NO)  "AIDS To The People" -digibook 14.00EUR
(2017-Funeral Industries)
"AIDS to the People is comprised of two songs from the 1993 debut 7" by Vond (then known as Havard-Vond) and three tracks from an unreleased 1995 EP of the same title."

Vond (NO)  "Green Eyed Demon" -digibook 14.00EUR
(2017-Funeral Industries)
A5 digibook.

Voodoo Gods (US)  "Anticipation for Blood Leveled in Darkness" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
(2014-Saturnal Records)
"Long anticipated debut album of death metal supergroup VOODOO GODS including members of Cannibal Corpse, Dies Irae, Severe Torture and ex-Manowar. Voodoo influenced death metal."

Voor (CA)  "Evil Metal" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Nuclear War Now! Prod)
"After several years of searching for the band members in order to gain permission to disinter the remains of these mysterious recordings, NWN! has at last unearthed the wretched carcass of Voor. Despite their untimely demise of the band, Voor have been worshipped and revered by fans of evil Death/Speed Metal ever since the tape trading days."

Vordr (FI)  "" -mcd 9.00EUR
(***-2009-Nykta Records-NYKTA27)
"Six new tracks in the well known Vordr style including some epic elements and strange vocals. After band´s first trilogy, this mcd is a passage to discover more magic in Vordr´s world. The primitive sound of Vordr expresses in original way North´s cold desolation and perfectly balances the old school Black Metal Noise with Vordr´s philosophy. Strictly limited at 494 copies."

Vordr (FI)  "0" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2004-Autistiartili Rec.)
Raw Black Metal.

Vordr (FI)  "II" -cd 12.00EUR
"Massive sound and heavy attitude by these Finnish Beasts. Not just "another" Black Metal album. Keeping the traditional feeling, Vordr discovers new dimensions into the extreme black cult..." Excellent lay-out.

Vordr (FI)  "III" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Nykta Records)
Raw, primitive Black Metal. Newest output. Recommended!

Vorkreist (FR)  "Sublimation XXIXA" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Xtreem Music-XM034CD)
"Sublimation XXXIA is a massive attack that relentlessly showcases the full potential of the band playing a punishing satanic Death/Black with influences from bands in the vein of ANGEL CORPSE, BELPHEGOR, MORBID ANGEL, BESTIAL WARLUST, IMPALED NAZARENE. With Antaeus/Hell Militia members."

Vorum (FI)  "Current Mouth" -mcd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Sepulchral Voice)
"A reminder of what true Death Metal is all about. On "Current Mouth" VORUM perfectly combine the darkness of "Divus de mortuus", the heaviness of "Abomination of Desolation", the insanity of "Salvation", the brutality of "Critical Madness" and the ignorance of "Horrified"."

Vritra (FI)  "Deinde Signum Mortifera" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Vermines Pestifera)
"Unique and oppressive dark ritual black metal. VRITRA is as dead in the underground as is alive!"

VTTA (RU)  "On the vortex of chasing the desired majesty" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2012-Death Knell Prod.)
"Criminal neglect in hoarse hymns of turtledoves, parched and murdered by the shining of freedom. Digipack mCD, limited to 100 copies."

Vulturine (BR)  "Ossos... Odio & Angustia" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Nomos Dei Productions-LEGIS IV)
"An inspired blend of early Norwegian and Greek styles, performed with sophistication and surprising quality."

Vulturine (BR)  "We Worship Your Death" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2010-Nomos Dei)
"Quality, professionalism, atmosphere and message - all this makes these demo-records surpassing many full-lengths of so called "kults". Black Metal as it was. Black Metal as it should be. Devotion and possession in spite of everything."

Vulvark (DE)  "S/T" -digicd 22.00EUR
"66 minutes of nihilistic black metal. The first edition comes in a clothbound digi like package with embossed logo, a 12 page booklet, silver print on rough black 270g heavy carton. Limited edition of 250 hand numbered copies."

W.A.I.L. (FI)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
The exceptional name accompanies exceptional music and therefore W.A.I.L. gives a mouth to something that absorbs conventions of black, death, doom & heavy metal - but the entity speaks with only one unique voice and that voice does speak indeed, because the wine of Satan has got them drunk.

Wall of Sleep (HU)  "...And Hell Followed With Him" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-I Hate Records-IHR044)
"A piece of utter Doom Metal brilliance. The third WoS album will leave no fan of WOS´ earlier stuff disapointed as it is a feast for those into doom in the melodic and melancholic TROUBLE/SABBATH vein."

Wall of Sleep (HU)  "Slow but not dead" -cd 12.00EUR
"After their band MOOD was put to rest, they resurrected their doom to form Wall fo Sleep. Four albums as MOOD taught them plenty about how to brew the Sabbath stew. They absolutely nail the morose, depressed, crushed spirit doom sound, as you might expect out of five Sabbath devotees from Hungary."

Wall of Sleep (HU)  "Sun Faced Apostles" -cd 12.00EUR
"Classic Doom Metal with huge riffs, and an old school Maryland Doom vibe. These guys really do channel the same spirit as classic OBSESSED and INTERNAL VOID."

Wallachia (NO)  "Shunya" -cd 13.00EUR
(2012-Debemur Morti Prod.)
"The cult of WALLACHIA returns with stunning third full-length, "Shunya", comprising eight exhibits of melancholic Black Metal with a catchy, symphonic touch."

Waning (SE)  "Population control" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Eerie Art Records-EAR019)
"Tons of guitar layers to create a real wall of sound, a thundering rhythmic section and impressive evil vocals. The WANING is a personal way to intend extreme music...martial and depressive, avantguardist and visionary black metal, with slight indus and post-rock vibes. A new wave of fresh and inspired black metal."

War (PO)  "War Horde/Dawn of New Epoch" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Regimental Records-REG048)
"Polish Black Metal. This release combines their second demo, originally released in 1994, and their first album, originally released in 2002. Raw, unpolished, ugly old-school black metal."

Warloghe (FI)  "Dark Ages´ Return" -cd 12.50EUR
(***-2016-Northern Heritage)
"Finnish cult black metal. The CD contains The Black Tower demo, Unlighted 7" and two unreleased songs. "The Black Tower" song never appeared on debut demo. Dark Ages´ Return was originally meant to be on debut 7" but was not used. 7" songs are in their full length and with better sound than originally on the edited vinyl."

Warloghe (FI)  "Lucifer Ascends" -mcd 8.00EUR
(***-2017-Northern Heritage)
"CD ep with exclusive tracks of formerly unheard material. Black metal in the way you don’t often hear it anymore. Tormenting raw sound, eerie cold melodies."

Warloghe (FI)  "The First Possession" -cd 13.00EUR
(***-2008-Northern Heritage)
"Official re-release of the first album! Same material, same cover as original Drakkar version. Cult band from Finland who barely needs introduction."

Warloghe (FI)  "Womb of Pestilence" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2008-Northern Heritage)
"Official re-release of the 2nd album! Same material, same cover as original Illuminating Void prod version. Cult band from Finland who barely needs introduction."

Warmarch (SK)  "Pactum Cum Diabolus" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Hexencave Productions)
"Debut Album out now. Nine blasphemic psalms worshipping His majesty. Satanic Black Metal in its purest form. Cd edition limited to 500 copies."

Watain (SE)  "Lawless Darkness" -cd 17.00EUR
(2010-Season of Mist)

Watain (SE)  "Rabid Death´s Curse" -cd 8.50EUR
(***-2008-Season of Mist-SOM187)
2008 remaster incl. a bonus track and new liner notes.

Watain (SE)  "Wild Hunt" -cd 18.00EUR
(2013-Century Media)
Mediabook version.

Way To End (FR)  "Desecrated Internal Journey" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0057)
"With alchemical magick otherwise elusive to the impoverished, unwashed herds, WAY TO END weave sinuous, disarmingly dissonant spells of elevated-consciousness composition, "Black Metal" the starting point but by no means the end of their journey."

Weapon (CA)  "Drakonian Paradigm" -cd 11.00EUR
(2009-Ajna Offensive)
"7 illuminated works of traditional BLACK Metal. WEAPON bleed for Lucifer; the Chakra is Signvm Armorvm! First full length album from the Canadian devilpigs."

Weapon (CA)  "From the Devil´s Tomb" -digicd 14.00EUR
"The new album From The Devil’s Tomb is a masterpiece of Satanic Black/Death Metal. A perfect balance between Morbid Angel’s Blessed are The Sick & Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Weapon have truly raised the bar with their sophomore release. Noble digipack CD with 12 pages booklet."

Weapon (CA)  "Naga: Daemonum Praeteritum" -cd 12.00EUR
(2013-Daemon Worship Prod.)
"This is the only official compilation that gathers the tri-unity of WEAPON´s pre-album releases - - ´Within The Flesh Of The Satanist´ Demo 2004, ´Violated Hejab´ EP 2005 and ´Para Bhakti... Salvation´ EP 2008."

Weedeater (US)  "...And Justice For Y´All" -cd 12.00EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)

Weedeater (US)  "Goliathan" -cd 8.50EUR
(***-2015-Season of Mist)
"Infamous sludge outlaws WEEDEATER return with their long-awaited fifth full-length ´Goliathan´."

Weedeater (US)  "Jason...the Dragon" -cd 17.00EUR
(2011-Southern Lord)
"After an extended hiatus and some unusual experiences, sludge-metal pioneers Weedeater return with this Steve Albini-produced monolith of deep swamp-blues-nightmare metal."

Wehrhammer (DE)  "Wir ziehen in den Krieg" -cd 12.00EUR
"Re-issue of Wehrhammer’s first full length album from 1998, back then limited to a few CD-R copies. In addition to the original album, the CD includes 8 Bonus songs, resulting in a total playing time of 79:36 minutes. The CD is limited to 500 copies."

Weltbrand (NL)  "The Cloud of Retaliation" -digibook 13.00EUR
(2006-Sadolust Records-LUSTCD08)
"A new sign of death from this Dutch Nihilistic Assault Squad! ten new tracks that will incinerate your soul with devastating atomic violence. Extreme Black Metal with Industrial touches."

Weltmacht (US)  "The Call to Battle" -cd 12.00EUR
(2001-Elegy Records)
Raw USBM. Judas Iscariot & Krieg side project. Recommended!

Westwall (US)  "On My Shield" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-War Machine Records)
"3rd assault of pro-infidel waring death metal excellence."

Whirling (SE)  "Faceless Phenomena" -digipak cd 12.00EUR
"Avantgarde Dark Metal from Sweden. This unconventional brainchild still borrows from the Black Metal range its members bring with it, however it surprises with crafty obscure and complex music, rich with songs and instrumentation. An unconventional and disturbing travel - easily drifting away from the usual metal genres."

White Medal (UK)  "Guthmers Hahl" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2013-Legion Blotan)
"First full length album release by Yorkshire Heathen Black Metal lone wolf; White Medal. Following on from where the "Agbrigg Beast" and "Alone As Owt" demo´s left off, "Guthmers Hahl" presents a dark inward glance and shudder towards this dying world through the medium of raw and oppressive Black Metal art."

Whoredom Rife (NO)  "The Worship of Idols Instead of God; Idolatry" -digipak mcd 12.00EUR
(***-2016-Terratur Possessions)
"Black Metal from Trondheim, drawing inspirations from the early era of classic Norwegian Black Metal."

Wicked King Wicker (US)  "God Is Busy... Save Yourself " -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Cold Spring)
"Wicked King Wicker is pure doom. Their brand of guttural expression strips away the rock n roll base and leaves nothing for the listener than the caustic reality of the darkest side of life. It is heavy, barbaric and void of hope. Wicked King Wicker has taken the power of doom metal and added noise to mix to make its point."

Wind of the Black Mountains (US)  "Black Sun Shall Rise" -cd 12.00EUR
"The second album by the Cult US Black Metal band."

Wintermoon (MX)  "Hellthrone Baphometh" -cd 7.00EUR
(2006-Witchcraft Records-W-09)
"Second CD of this fast/bombastic black metal band from Mexico!"

Witch Mountain (US)  "South of Salem" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2012-Profound Lore)
"This is the first time "South Of Salem" sees its CD release (limited to a pressing of 1000 and featuring the bonus track ‘Iron Long 2010’) to help spread awareness for Witch Mountain’s brand of sludgy, Sabbath-like, dirgy, bluesy, soulful doom even further through Profound Lore Records."

Witch Tomb (US)  "Crippled Messiah" -cd 13.00EUR
(2009-Die Todesrune Records)
"Bestial, unholy Black/Death Metal in the impure tradition of Profanatica, Blasphemy, Necrovore, Possessed and other similar ones."

Witch Tomb (US)  "Past Torture" -cd-r 6.00EUR
"Bestial Black Metal. First three songs originally appeared on Ninnixu/Burning Winds/Witch Tomb/Aiwass split CD-R (now out of print). Rehearsal songs recorded on one microphone, sometime in January 2007."

Witchblood (DE)  "Hail to Lyderhorn" -cd 10.00EUR
(2014-Wolftyr Prod.)
"12 new tracks fueled by witchcraft, ecstatic transcendence, metal intensity, and rawness."

Witchcraft (SE)  "Legend" -digicd 16.00EUR
(2012-Nuclear Blast)

Witchcraft (SE)  "The Alchemist" -cd 13.00EUR
(2007-Rise Above-RISE103)

Witchfinder General (UK)  "Resurrected" -cd 12.00EUR
(2008-Buried by Time and Dust Records-DUST003)
"Brand new album from this legendary doomy New Wave of British Heavy Metal group! You can´t almost call it new cuz the music sounds like it was recorded back in the 80s, it´s truly lost in time. This time around it´s another step further in the dark doomy direction they toyed with on their early records."

Witchmaster (PO)  "Masochistic Devil Worship" -cd 12.00EUR
(2002-Pagan Records)
"Raw and extreme thrash/black metal."

Witchmaster (PO)  "No Peace At All - Thrash Or Die!" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Time Before Time Records)
"Re-edition of both demos of this great Satanic Black/Thrash Metal horde. Witchmaster takes NO SLAVES!"

Witchmaster (PO)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
"3rd full length album of Witchmaster. Black Thrashing sodomy. Filthy, metal in the vein of old Slayer, Sodom... Mixed with the most extreme image one can imagine. Fuck off and die!"

Witchrist (NZ)  "Beheaded Ouroboros" -cd 12.00EUR
(2010-Invictus Productions)
"A ghastly monolith of hideous Death Metal! New Zealand´s WITCHRIST deliver occult delirium at poisonous levels! Prepare to be dragged into a world of doom, death and despair!"

Witchsorrow (UK)  "S/T" -cd 13.00EUR
(2010-Rise Above)
"Influenced by the true greats of Doom Metal like Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Black Sabbath, Reverend Bizarre and Trouble, the band sound closer to Electric Wizard more than anyone else. With slow, pummeling riffs, catchy mid-tempo shifts and lyrics about medieval witch trials, the question remains - what more could you ask for?"

Wither (AU)  "S/T" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2008-Abysmal Sounds)
"Experience the haunting presence of Wither. Bleak and Depressive Black Funeral Doom with an unique atmosphere and distinguished Ambience. Grand malice perfectly served for your sorrow. Known from their split 12" MLP with Worship on Painiac Records."

Wodulf (GR)  "...From the Corpsegates" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Totenkopf Propaganda-TPCD14)
"Wodulf returns with a full-length album of ancient gruesome Black Metal from Hellas, inspired by the darkest passages of Homeric poetry, HellenoRoman Necromancy, Oskoreian Terror & Germanic Werwolf Cults! 8 Stygian Psalms to the Realm of Hades, a dreadful descent to the forgotten catacombs of the old European lore..."

WOLD (CA)  "Freermasonry" -digicd 13.00EUR
(2011-Profound Lore)
"In the bible Lucifer is greatness and spiritual privacy. He confiscates spiritual into private. His noble demeanour extends to enemy factions. Slave orientation and pettiness are foreign to his light. The light of Lucifer is non-conditional. Christ is even given a chance to let go of his sickly ways."

Wolfblood (AU)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(Darker Than Black)
"Compilation includes the demos "A Victory To Echo Through Time (Demo I)" and "Banner Of Might (Demo II)". CD also features live recording of their one and only concert."

Wolfe (US)  "S/T" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Fire of Fire-APEX1)
Black Metal. Features Glorior Belli member.

Wolfhead (SP)  "" -digicd 12.00EUR
"You’d think that a band born in 2008 after some drunk rehearsals in between black/death outfit BETWEEN THE FROST guitarist Iosue and guitar-wizard-cum-producer and leader of old-school death-metal warlords GRAVEYARD would only mean buzzsaw guitars, grinding drums and putrid production wouldn’t you? "

Wolfsmond (DE)  "III" -cd 12.00EUR

Wolfthrone (FI)  "Unleash the Hate" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2009-Art of Propaganda)
"After some months of total inactivity, Wolfthrone are back with their long awaited mini CD called Unleash The Hate. The best material of the band ´till the date without any doubts. 4 songs of black metal how it was meant to be,raw and without compromises. With Kryth of Korgonthurus and ex-Behexen member Lunatic."

Wolok (FR)  "The Silver Cord" -mcd 8.00EUR
(2014-Death Knell Prod.)
"An experiment which has no analogues and the existence of which is undoubtedly the fruit of sensitive perception of underworld by musicians. Digipak CD, limited edition of 300 copies."

Wolvennest  "S/T" -digipak cd 15.00EUR
"Psychedelic / Ambient / Dark / Rock."

Woods of Infinity (SE)  "Förintelse & Libido" -digicd 13.00EUR
"Woods of Infinity Förintelse & Libido was recorded in 2000-2001 and released on tape (2002) and CD (2004). This infamy is now re-released on a limited handmade gatefold digisleeve with embossed effect on the front & 12-page booklet with lyrics in English and Swedish."

Woods of Infinity (SE)  "Förlåt" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Obscure Abhorrence)
"The sons of Umeå, purveyors of alcohol, innocence and decadence have returned. Crowned with the art of Necrolord, blessed with the mouths, strings and rhythm of Melkor and Ravenlord. What once was pure is now purified. All that we love from the the past - refined; present."

Worm Ouroboros (US)  "Come The Thaw" -digicd 14.50EUR
(2012-Profound Lore)
"Following up their eponymous debut with a much more tragic and mournful musical observation, one where the Bay Area trio have heightened their musical craft by creating songs that are more delicate and meticulously woven than their predecessors found on the debut album."

Worms (FI)  "Pelican Songs" -cd 12.00EUR
"Five tracks of beautiful brutality. A dark and wintry, more motorik My Bloody Valentine, mixed with a little Circle and a little Filth-era Swans. Or some Frankensteinian dirge rock band, equal parts Godflesh, My Bloody Valentine, the Shadow Ring, and the Swans."

Worship (DE)  "Terranean Wake" -cd 12.00EUR
(2012-Weird Truth Records)
"German doom cult is back! 5 years passed since the release of their last album "Dooom". Extremely slow rhythm almost 1 snare hit per 7 or more seconds! Combination of majestic heavy riffs and long tone dismal guitar melodies."

Wotan Sølv (RU)  "Baldr´s Dreams" -A5 digipak 19.00EUR
BBH black metal.

Wrath of the Weak (US)  "Alogon" -digicd 12.00EUR
(2008-Profound Lore)
"WRATH OF THE WEAK can be analogized in this kind of scenario: WEAKLING and ILDJARN tearing away and trying to cannibalize each other in the desert while somewhere on the sidelines, VELVET CACOON observe pretentiously stroking their chins... or some shit like that..."

Wrathprayer (CL)  "The Sun of Moloch" -cd 10.00EUR
(2015-Nuclear war now!)
"After the complete merging of ‘In Utter Darkness’ to thy hearts, WRATHPRAYER reveal you the solemn words of the flickering flame. A sacred union of nine elements which incarnate the telluric current of Death and Obscurity in a ceremony of 40 minutes."

Wreck of the Hesperus (IR)  "The Sunken Threshold" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Aesthetic Death-ADCD006)
"After two demos the new Lords of foul, pyretic, mental funeral DOOM arrive to infiltrate and pain you with their repugnant debut. “The Sunken Threshold” has a filthy death metal feel – but is a slow pulverising tomb of Doom. This is the album Autopsy could’ve recorded after 1991 if they’d been on a huge fucked-up opiate and mushroom trip."

Wretched (US)  "Black Ambience" -mcd 8.00EUR
"Wretched were part of the stable of old-school riffing doom bands found on the German Hellhound label in the early 1990s. Featuring vocalist Jon Blank (Wino band) who recently passed away. The band also includes extraordinary drummer Gus Basilika (formerly Iron Man) and Louis Strachan, actual bass player of the mighty Iron Man. Three songs of high quality MD doom metal."

Wulkanaz (SE)  "Paralys" -cd 16.00EUR
(***-2017-Helter Skelter)

Wulkanaz (SE)  "Paúrpura Fræovíbôkôs" -digicd 12.00EUR
Black Metal.

Xenomorph (US)  "Empyreal Regimes" -cd 12.00EUR
(2011-Dark Descent Records)
"During its short lifespan, Xenomorph inflicted their listeners with scars that refused to heal, assaulting the senses with a combination of twisted, technical music and diabolical imagery. Xenomorph´s 1995 out-of-print "Empyreal Regimes" is ressurected complete with the band´s 1993 "Subspecies" demo."

Xibalba (MX)  "Ancients" -cd 12.00EUR
(2007-Guttural Records)
Raw Black Metal. ´92 demo plus ´94 old rare reh/demo.

YOB (US)  "Atma" -digicd 14.00EUR
(2011-Profound Lore)
"America´s most dominant doom metal band returns with another triumphant testament where one will bear witness to the pinnacle of what heavy, epic, monolithic, cinematic doom metal should encompass."

YOB (US)  "The Unreal Never Lived" -cd 12.00EUR
(2005-Metal Blade)
"The ethereal sounds of the doom rock trio YOB continue to entrance and confound. Picking up where bands like Sleep left off in pure rock density, Yob’s space rock subtleties, organic attachment to the riff, and mighty use of metallic elements makes THE UNREAL NEVER LIVED an album of epic proportions. Colossal and essential."

Ysengrin (FR)  "To Endotaton" -cd 13.00EUR
(2012-I, Voidhanger)
"YSENGRIN play hermetic dark metal: esoteric, occult music that reminds of a Middle-Age of metal when there were no boundaries between its sub-genres. With their elegant yet primitive style, YSENGRIN capture the essence of early 90s Hellenic black metal as well as Mortuary Drape´s morbidity and death fascination, dipping everything into the doomy, 70s-tinged heavy metal of Death SS and Mercyful Fate."

Ysengrin (FR)  "Tragedies - Liber Hermetis" -cd 12.50EUR
(2011-De Profundis)
"From the I to the lower point, forces of Elevation and Fall are bounded in the circle of Time, a chemical wedding of exoterism and esoterism. Destroy your chains and praise the Lord; The End is coming soon... Nothing can stop the Luciferian Beast. Nearly 1 hour of Hermetic Dark Metal."

Ysengrin (FR)  "Triade" -cd 12.00EUR
"Dark and melancholic occult Metal from France varying between Doom/Death/Black mostly. The album has been mastered by Tore Stjerna (Necromorbus Studio). 12 page booklet and traycard printed on textured cardstock paper."

Ysengrin/Borgia  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Fiery Path Records)
Black/Death Metal.

Zaimph (US)  "Sexual Infinity" -cd 12.00EUR
(2006-Hospital Productions)
"Comparisons to early 80´s power electronics and industrial acts as Uncommunity, Mauthausen orchestra and Ramleh reside in the underbelly of Zaïmph´s ability to generate ominous, gritty, and doom laden atmosphere cloaked in a thick lush drone. What begins with raw ethereal guitar shadows of longing delight closes with vital gripping electronic tension."

Zatokrev (CH)  "Bury the Ashes" -cd 12.00EUR
"Second album from this Swiss act, merging several shades of sludgy doom and taking inspiration from slo-mo lords as varied as My Dying Bride, Burning Witch, Neurosis and Godflesh."

Zemial (GR)  "Nykta" -cd 13.00EUR
(2013-Hell´s Headbangers)
"From gritty blackthrash to epic heavy metal, from art-music experimentation to moments of prog-inflected psychedelia, from soundscape ambience to realms completely uncategorizable and many mesmerizing points in between, NYKTA displays ZEMIAL in all their austere, multihued glory."

Zépülkr (FR)  "Nécrofrançie " -digipak 12.00EUR
(2015-Those Opposed Records)
"After remarkable demos and splits, in reverence to the most authentic form of black metal, French underground ghouls ZÉPÜLKR release their debut album. Expect nothing else than pure black metal orthodoxy from the Zépülkr ghouls Krhäss & Autumnos."

Zerstörer (DE)  "Declaration of War" -cd 12.00EUR
(2009-Ashen Productions-AP022)
"Extremely massive and brutal Black/Death/Thrash that captures the deranged brutality of the Australian War Metal scene of the mid 90s. Once again, this is not a newcomer band – ZERSTÖRER have been around for more than a decade and they know how to deliver the goods, as “Declaration Of War” will surely prove."

Zombi (US)  "Escape Velocity" -cd 14.00EUR
(Relapse Records)
"Escape Velocity sees ZOMBI return to their roots, using synth, and drums to create stirring melodies and moving cadences. Whereas earlier efforts found the band entrenched in Italian horror scores, Escape Velocity finds Zombi continuing their exploration of famed Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder and legendary Kraut Rock icons Neu and Harmonia."

Zombi (US)  "Spirit Animal" -cd 13.00EUR
"With an outpouring of genuine emotion and melody, Spirit Animal gives instrumental music the punch in the gut it needed by blending a genuine sense of warmth and emotion with the darkness the band is heralded for."