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Bilskirnir (DE)  "Lost Forever" -mcd 7.50EUR NEW
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Craft (SE)  "Terror Propaganda" -cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2000-Unexploded Records)

Craft (SE)  "Total Soul Rape" -cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2003-Unexploded Records)

Judas Iscariot (US)  "Heaven in Flames" -digipak cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Red Stream-FS20)

Leviathan (US)  "A Silhouette in Splinters" -digipak cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK

Leviathan (US)  "Howl Mockery at the Cross" -digipak cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK

Leviathan (US)  "Massive Conspiracy Against All Life" -digipak cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK

Leviathan (US)  "Tentacles Of Whorror" -digipak cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK

Mjölnir (DE)  "Magnet Vektor" -digibook 15.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Root (CZ)  "Hell Symphony" -digipak cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Eternal Death)
"Re-releases of the darkest and most obscure albums conducted by Czech Black metal masterminds Root."

Torturium (FI)  "Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds" -cd 11.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Bestial Burst)
Torturous, harsh and misanthropic Black Metal. Recommended!

Bekhira (FR)  "Demo 1996" -10" 12.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Bilskirnir (GER)  "Atavismus des Glaubens" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Perverted Taste)

Bilskirnir (DE)  "Totenheer/Dem Feind entgegen" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Circle of Dawn (FI)  "Northern Savonian Black Metal" -LP 21.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Darker Than Black)

Gjendųd (NO)  "Nedstigning" -LP 17.00EUR NEW
(***-Darker Than Black)

Goatmoon/Dark Fury  "Split" -7" 8.50EUR NEW
(***-Darker Than Black)

Root (CZ)  "Hell Symphony" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Eternal Death)
"The long overdue vinyl reissue of Root´s 1991 sophomore opus, "Hell Symphony". Hell Symphony helped establish the unique sound that Root is known for."

Eschaton (GR)  "Causa Fortior" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2008-Raging Bloodlust Records)
"Fast Hellenic Black Metal in the tradition of Legion of Doom and Kaiadas. Incl. one bonus track and comes with new artwork."

Vordr (FI)  "" -mLP 13.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2009-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Six new exclusive tracks that stem from recording session of the third album. The same primitive sleaze as usual with one unusually epic track this time."

Unearthly Trance (US)  "In the Red" -LP 18.00EUR RESTOCK
(2004-Rise Above-RISELP055)
"The second ungodly offering from the twisted minds of these sick purveyors of extreme doom. Grim, eerie and outright frightening, this is one black sludge mater piece that you cannot be without. Doom or be fucked! For-the-kids: Melvins meets Darkthrone in a Brooklyn bar under a full moon."


Tatanhammer (FI)  "Promo 2012" -tape 5.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Abandon Tapes)
"Horrific metal of death. Originally Promo 2012 tape was dubbed only for a few friends, but now it´s available for the first time for the audience."

Across Tundras (US)  "Dark Songs of the Prairie" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2008-Kreation Records-KR-18)
"Heavy and majestic riffs carved out of a massive syrup of riffage and spacious melodies. It´s almost like hearing some mysterious 70´s country rock outfit thawed out and refitted with mighty amplification, sludgecore tempos, and shoegazey shimmer that conjures up visions of the wide open prairies and looming mountains of the band´s home terrirtory of Colorado. Across Tundras create a range of emotion and musical stylings from Neil Young to Neurosis and unleash a powerful new statement of rustic, crushing Americana."

Fen (UK)  "Ancient Sorrow" -mLP 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(2008-Northern Silence Productions-NSP058)
"Dark, atmospheric Black Metal with some Post Rock and Doom influences."

Kuolema-Duo (FI)  "S/T" -LP 17.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Jumi Kustannus)
"Traditional Finnish folk/death music."

Ocean Chief (SE)  "Den Förste" -LP 16.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Electric Earth)
"Third and probably best album by this three piece from Mjölby, Sweden. This vinyl only release hosts 3 downtuned arrangements that pass by in 44 minutes. Stunning artwork by Sgraffito. Includes poster, heavy 350 gsm sleeve, heavy 180 gr vinyl. Limited to 400 black copies."

Oksennus (FI)  "Sokea Idiootti" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2017-Bestial Burst)
"Unique and genious Finnish death metal."

Samothrace (US)  "Life´s Trade" -DLP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(2008-20 Buck Spin-SPIN024)
"Samothrace plays ultra heavy doom with harsh alcohol-soaked vocals. And yet a somber melodic sense also permeates the 4 long tracks on Life’s Trade. Not in the overused, weepy Euro-doom tradition, but distinctly Midwestern, soulful and blues inflected." First press.

Witch Tomb (US)  "Crippled Messiah" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Die Todesrune Records)
"Bestial, unholy Black/Death Metal in the impure tradition of Profanatica, Blasphemy, Necrovore, Possessed and other similar ones."


Bloodhammer/Black Beast (FI)  "Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union" -cd 10.00EUR RESTOCK
(2006-Primitive Reaction-PR001)
"Two unholy finnish black metal hordes gathered their blasphemous rituals on this album. Expect primitive nordic black metal with old school influences and insane guitar solos."


Black Flame (IT)  "Conquering Purity" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2006-Worship Him Records-WORSHIP005)
"8 Tracks forming a Concept Album regarding the misteries and the boudaries of Death. Everything is presented through a violent and merciless Black Death metal, which reflects the Satanic and Violent aura expressed by the lyrics. The Track "Totalitarian Satanic Monolith" has been written by Peter K. from Abigor / Hellbound / St.Lucifer."

Diaboli (FI)  "Invocation" -LP 16.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2010-Northern Heritage)
"Diaboli is one of the oldest black metal bands of Finland, who have never stopped, never wimped out, never compromised. Only short time obstacles of prison sentences and suicides in the ranks of band has made few moments of silence. Invocation was already recorded couple years back, but NH has kept delaying the release simply to avoid too many releases appear on short period of time. From Kirous and Antichrist albums, Diaboli heads towards darker and more sinister lethal black metal assault. No keyboard intros. Less of the Nordic thin razor guitars. It is still 100% guaranteed Diaboli, now with heavier guitars, deeper bassier sound quality. Nothing is hidden below the layers of distortion. No emo/shoegazer, but simply amazing great punishing riffs one after another. In the Finnish scene, often dominated by melodies and harmonies, the power of ultimate RIFFS is undeniable! Feel the strength of Diaboli’s Invocation!"

Ilsa (US)  "Tutti il Colori del Buio" -LP 18.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2010-Contagion Releasing)
"A rotten slab of vile, crusty filth. Hailing from Washington, DC, ILSA deliver 9 tracks, clocking in at 40 minutes, of blown out, severely down-tuned, crust-injected death-doom. The album has been remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin for total abyssic heaviness. Disgusting horror reigns. Re-press."

Unearthly Trance (US)  "Electrocution" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Relapse Records-RR7005-1)
"UNEARTHLY TRANCE emerged from the NYC underground a doom outfit and morphed into a distinct metallic beast on their new album Electrocution. An epic, impassioned piece of work, Electrocution oozes with mysticism and a palpable sense of purpose behind an imposing wall of gut-level riffing, canyons of low-end and pounding drums. UNEARTHLY TRANCE gives no quarter in their spiritual war and forges their own sonic path with the awe-inspiring Electrocution."

Victimizer (DK)  "The Final Assault" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2007-Hell´s Headbangers-HELLSLP024)
"Some of the best fucking music out of Denmark since cult Mercyful Fate!! Running wild in nuclear streets over the last 7 years, the band released some underground demos, 7"s and split LPs which now seem like classics from 80-fucking-3. "The Final Assault" is their first & final studio album, a sure lesson in violence... a heavy fucking bulldozer plowing through the wave of newbie friendly fag thrash. This is Rapid Thrashing Violent Speed Metal Hell with an evil edge that cuts like RAZOR!!!!! Face the music, prepare to die!"

Nekrofilth (US)  "Worship Destruction" -mLP 15.00EUR NEW
(***-2011-Hell´s Headbangers)
"Horrified Death Metal punk played the way Slaughter pioneered it back in ´84."

Wreck of the Hesperus (IR)  "The Sunken Threshold" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2008-Streaks Records-STREAK#6)
"Autopsy-esk, filthy and gloomy Doom/Sludge with a weaving drum work. Mental Funeral Doom from Dublin. Thick 350g cardboard gatefold, 4 colored inlay. Übergreat art by Glyn Smith. Limited to 548 copies, 150 handnumbered clear vinyl. Blood ist Liebe!"

Krieg (US)  "The Black House" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2009-Darkland Records)
Black Metal. LP repress. Includes a bonus track.

Musta Surma/Bloodhammer/Annihilatus (FI)  "Christian Genocide" -LP 16.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)
"3 horrid Finnish black metal bands assault your ears. Musta Surma material is from same session as Crushing The Holy Trinity and 7" on EAL prod. Cold and cruel black metal. Bloodhammer offers 3 tracks from 3 different sessions. From heavy and boneheaded old school brutality to majestic atmospheric midpaced darkness. Annihilatus does what they do the best, brute and offensive declaration of war and annihilation. Also featured a track where members of each 3 bands join forces!"

Nachtmystium (US)  "Eulogy IV" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2007-Kreation Records-KR-02)
"How the LP was meant to be originally. In color, double sided printed inner sleeve and three colors of wax. The audio has been COMPLETELY remastered for this release by the notorious Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed) and is far superior in sound quality to any previous release of this record. The LP also features the bands live cover of Earth´s "Charioteer (Temple Song)" and " w/Lord Imperial from Krieg on vocals." Small damages on the jacket due to shitty packing by the sender.

October Falls (FI)  "Sarastus" -mLP 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-No Sign of Life-NSOL003)
"Acoustic MCD from 2007 now pressed onto vinyl. One sided 12" vinyl."

Old Wainds (RU)  "Death Nord Kult" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP0041)
"This is the sound of freezing winds, glacial isolation and permanent darkness. Like icicles of hate, eight chilly odes consume all within range, harbingers of the deathly coldness that will embrace and cloak us all ultimately. OW´s furious storm of blackness acknowledges the old school but has a trademark, twilight atmosphere unique to this frostbitten horde."

Phlegein (FI)  "Silver Veins" -LP 16.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-2013-Northern Heritage)
"Debute release delivers pure black metal, not so far from some past NH releases (old Deathspell Omega, Musta Surma, etc..). Cold freezing sound, totally gimmick free black metal focusing on basic elements. No subgenre following, no artificial fake ideologies. Only total black metal, nothing less, nothing more! Since 2003, this is first completely new band to be signed on Northern Heritage."

The Ruins of Beverast (DE)  "Rain Upon The Impure" -DLP 22.00EUR RESTOCK
Atmospheric Black Metal.

Thunderbolt (PO)  "The Sons of Darkness" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Obscure Abhorrence)
"After 8 years of the original release date, one of the best Polish bands releases the vinyl version of their debut masterpiece "Sons Of Darkness". This is Polish black metal at its best. Fast and atmospheric like Emperor´s "In The Nightside Eclipse". Lim.500 copies in gatefold sleeve."

Abigor/Blacklodge  "Split" -DLP 22.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2010-End All Life)
Black Metal. A conceptual split release with one album from each band.

Azrael Rising (FI)  "Anti-Gravity" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2014-Primitive Reaction)
"Deep, spiritual, physical, psychotic, clear, cleansing, depraved, violent, melancholic, vengeful black metal."

Feldgrau (US)  "Mechanized Misanthropy" -LP 18.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2010-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda)
"Industrial Black Death chaos of unmatched heaviness, extremity and violence from Pete Helmkamp. Created by Helmkamp, Bill Taylor from ANGELCORPSE/IMMOLATION and Vhex in 2004, the band created some of the destructive and terrorizing sounds ever heard in underground Extreme Metal. After creating the sole release "Mechanized Misanthropy" in 2005 on cd, the group disbanded and faded into obscurity, until now. This release, also titled "Mechanized Misanthropy" features the tracks from the original cd, along with additional unreleased tracks, with a new track listing and order, completely different artwork, layout and design, and marks this release as the definitive FELDGRAU onslaught. Over 50 minutes of uncompromising, unforgiving elitist chaos... This release is limited to 500 copies. Standard lp jacket, printed inner sleeve and black vinyl."

Forgotten Woods (NO)  "Demos" -PICLP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-No Colours-NC0124)

Korgonthurus (FI)  "Marras" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2010-Obscure Abhorrence Prod.)
"Finally out now on noble gatefold vinyl the debut album of Finnish black metal band Korgonthurus. Await two long tracks full of hate and despair. Lim. to 350 copies."

Samael (CH)  "Worship Him" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK


Bedemon (US)  "Symphony of Shadows" -cd 10.00EUR NEW
"Nine bone-crushingly heavy slices of pure 70s-flavored doom metal."

Tribes of Neurot (US)  "Static Migration" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(1998-Relapse Records-RR6972)
"Neurosis side-project collaboration with Pain Teens guitarist Scott Ayers. Features eight tracks of exceptional experimental music."

A.I.D.S. (US)  "Syndrome of the End Approaching" -LP 14.00EUR RESTOCK
(2006-Serpens Caput Prod.-HOLOCAUST006)
"AIDS is a new entity into the extreme metal scene. The music style can be compared with the Ross Bay of bands such as Conqueror and Blasphemy or USA ones like Black Witchery or Thornspawn but in a more evolved way, showing a great songwriting variety, alternating fast killer pieces like "Mourning of Hadadrimmon" and "Necrovore" with more slow and stabbing anthems like "Paranoia and Fevers in Sodom" and "Calling of Hounds". This holocaust is performed in a very old style way, harsh vocals, skilled drumming and razor guitars, everything marked with ugly and dirty sounds. Pure hate in music. "Syndrome of the End Approachingā€¯ features the fullenght + the old songs closing the disc."

Abigor (CH)  "Fractal Possession" -DLP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2007-End All Life Productions)
"“Fractal Possession” is probably the most technical record of the band, blessed by a production of chirurgical precision (courtesy of TT himself) and their new vocalist, AR, delivers a performance of feverish intensity."

Abyssic Hate (AU)  "A Decade of Hate" -DLP 20.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2006-No Colours-NC102)
Suicidal Black Metal. The "Cleansing of an ancient race" Demo + "Eternal Damnation" Mini + 1 Bonustrack on one album. GF jacket.

Acid King (US)  "III" -LP 16.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2007-Kreation Records-KR-03)
"This is how it’s done. Acid King’s III is a testament to the heavy. They’re among the leaders of psychedelic stoner metal. Less spacey than label mates Sons of Otis, more jam-oriented than doom outfits like Ufomammut and Electric Wizard, Acid King exist in a thunderous low-end that shakes foundations even at the lowest volume."

Aluk Todolo (FR)  "Occult Rock" -DLP 22.00EUR RESTOCK
"Consisting of eight hypnotic tracks of timeless and unclassifiable instrumental music, this quintessential double album summarizes and transcends all preceding aspects of the band´s discography and offers new insight into the fundamental principles and formulas of Aluk Todolo, permeating through other forms and resulting in an ultimate entheogenic ceremony. The production takes the side of fidelity in the transcription of the power trio´s live energy and osmosis, revealing the individuality and roughness of each instrument and emphasizing the inter-penetration of all the components of an organic and tetanizing trance ritual. This opus recounts the alchemical transformation of the primordial vibration into matter, through all its elemental phases, leading to the sonic manifestation of the forces of the universe into the octagonal prism of Occult Rock."

Bestial Holocaust (BO)  "Temple of Damnation" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Crush Until Madness)
"Bonebreaking black thrashing madness from the Bolivian pits of hell. "Temple of Damnation" is their highly anticipated second album and totally crushes their debut offering with much more haunting and hasher audio violence backed by witchburning shrieks of sacrifice. Fanatics of the South American spirit and bestial slaying black thrash must join the alcoholocaust! Includes a bonus track."

Bloody Panda/Kayo Dot (US)  "Split" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2006-Holy Roar Records-HRR002V)
"New York´s Bloody Panda contribute two tracks (19 minutes) that combine funeral sludge with female chanting and Eastern influences to create something utterly menacing but at the same time completely enthralling. Boston´s Kayo Dot, with albums on Tzadik and Robotic Empire, cover a vast and mostly indefinable ground, with everything from orchestrated epic jazz to noise and doom thrown into the mix. Their 11 minute track was recorded for, and is excusive to, this release. Comes on marbled vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, with incredible artwork by Toby Driver of Kayo Dot."

Blut Aus Nord (FR)  "The Desanctification" -LP 18.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2011-Debemur Morti)
Blue vinyl.

Caīna (UK)  "The Heart of The Master" -mLP 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(2007-Grief Foundation-GRIEFLP002)
"The concept for ‘The Heart of the Master’ is based on the pamphlet of the same name, written by Aleister Crowley under the pseudonym ‘Khaled Khan’ and originally published by the O.T.O in 1938. Designed to be simultaneously a logical progression and step away from the ideas explored on previous full-length ‘Mourner’, the single 14 minute track ‘Unfashioned Realms’ combines desolate widescreen cinematic textures, pulsating black metal and twisted programmed beats, held together by Caļna’s signature eerie ambience. 1-sided yellow/gold vinyl with rich brown screen print, maize coloured insert with dark brown screen print and plastic flap & strap sleeve."

Circle of Ouroborus (FI)  "Final Egg" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2013-Black Bunker)
"The last chapter in the trilogy of ´underwater´ albums from CoO, ´The Final Egg´ completes what ´Eleven Fingers´ and ´Abrahadabra´ started."

Coffins (JP)  "Mortuary In Darkness" -DLP 22.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2012-Osmose Prod.)
Re-release with bonus tracks.

Deicide (US)  "S/T" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK

Der Blutharsch (AT)  "When Did Wonderland End?" -LP 18.00EUR RESTOCK
"Finally the all new strike by Der Blutharsch, hereby assisted by members of Inner Glory, Calle della Morte, Terroritmo, Sieben and Varunna, among others, and encompassing a richer instrumention in this new age of the project. "

Destruktor (AU)  "Nailed" -LP 17.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"Raging for well over a decade in the isolated land of Australia, Destruktor have stood the test of time with a few EPs and a demo under their bullet belts. Now after much anticipation the war beast strikes again with their debut full-length album entitled "Nailed" featuring 10 new tracks of the highest degree accompanied by blasphemous Riddick illustrations. Harnessing the essential elements of fore founding extreme metal troops, Destruktor deliver a dark brutal desecration of exceptional warring bestial black metal of death that easily rivals those in the same battlefield. Destruktor will win the war... with or without your support!"

Diocletian (NZ)  "War Of All Against All" -LP 16.00EUR NEW
"The follow up to ´Doom Cult´ sees DIOCLETIAN ramp up the violence, brutality and outright intensity. WOAAA will surely satiate those rabid wolves hungry for bestial and unrelenting, barbaric Death Metal!"

Eternity (DE)  "Funeral Mass" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Blut & Eisen)
"Second full-length from this German black metal band. Cold, wicked, dark and massive, Eternity takes some cues from Darkthrone´s earliest black metal material (´92-´94) and creates something of their own."

Gallhammer (JP)  "Ill Innocence" -DLP 22.00EUR RESTOCK

Hirilorn (FR)  "A Hymn to the Ancient Soul" -DLP 22.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2009-Vae Victis)
"Black Metal. Includes tracks from "A Hymn to the Ancient Souls" Demo 1997; "Depopulate" 7"EP; "Blasphemous Forces" 7"EP (split with Manitu); "Revenge is Near" Live LP. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies."

Hirilorn (FR)  "Legends of Evil and Eternal Death" -DLP 22.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2009-Vae Victis)
"Black Metal. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies."

Hirilorn (FR)  "Prophetic Tales of Armageddon" -DLP 22.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2009-Vae Victis)
"Black Metal. Includes tracks from Encyclopedia Pestilentia 3xCD compilation; unreleased 1999 rehearsal tracks. Limited to 500 hand numbered copies."