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Peste Noire (FR)  "La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénerescence" -cd 12.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-Transcendental Creations)

Peste Noire (FR)  "L´Ordure Á L´état Pur" -cd 13.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2011-Transcendental Creations)
"New Peste Noire album, L’Ordure à l’état Pur, just in time to break your balls and to make you dream of the North. Wormy, Muddy Black Metal for scoundrels, that is, in the usual Peste Noire fashion. A mixed bag of Filth and Tradition brought to you by the one and only, DJ Famine. Jewel Case CD featuring a 24 page colour booklet."

Sort Vokter (NO)  "Folkloric Necro Metal" -digicd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Transcendental Creations-TC004)
"Reissue of this classic 1996 album created by four insane norwegians amongst which Ildjarn and acolyte Nidhogg participated. ´Folkloric Necro Metal´ explores the deepest depths of madness, hatred and rage in a strange brew of majestic soundscapes and buzzing, raw black metal in the typical Ildjarn-Nidhogg style."

Bone Awl (US)  "Almost Dead Man" -LP 16.00EUR NEW
"Black metal. Originally released in an unlimited cassette edition in 2007 as the first recording following the full length album "Meaningless Leaning Mess", these nine songs show a sharper attack and a stern focus when compared to the earlier Bone Awl tapes. "Almost Dead Man" is now available on vinyl for the first time."


Dark Fury (PO)  "W.A.R." -cd 8.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2012-Lower Silesian Stronghold)
Radical Polish BM. Minor scratches, thus the reduced price.

Dark Fury/Poprava  "Furor Slavica" -cd 11.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Lower Silesian Stronghold)
Black metal.

Honor (PL)  "20 Lat Pod Sztandarem Orła 1989-2009" -DCD 18.00EUR NEW
(***-Homo Superior)

Honor (PO)  "Biały front - White Deluxe" -DCD 18.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Homo Superior)

Honor (PL)  "Impuls ´89" -cd 10.00EUR NEW

Sunwheel (PL)  "I Am The One" -cd 11.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-H8 Crimes)
Black metal.

Rundagor (RU)  "The Beastrealm" -cd 21.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Ragnarok Records)
"The album was recorded by Dagorath in 1997 a.y.p.s. at BlazeBirth Hall and hasn´t been released to this day. 6 tracks in the classical BBH style."


Ails (US)  "The Unraveling" -LP 16.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Throne Records)
"The Unraveling, Ails´ epic debut album, is more than just the ghost of Ludicra. It stands firmly on its own, offering an intense synthesis of raucous black metal and melodic death metal driven by the formidable dueling vocals of Shanaman and Cather. These are songs of despair, heartache, inner torment, and physical and mental suffering that make an immediate and lasting impression."

Altarage (SP)  "Nihl" -LP 16.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Throne Records)
Bleak, heavy & cacophonous death metal.

Cénotaphe (FR)  "Horizons" -mLP 12.00EUR NEW
Black metal.

Corrupted (JP)  "Se hace por los suenos asesinos" -LP 17.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Throne Records)
Heavy, bleak & unique. A classic. Exclusively distributed in Finland through us.

Dead Register (US)  "Fiber" -LP 16.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Throne Records)
"DEAD REGISTER have accomplished a never-before dreamt blend of Dead Can Dance, Godflesh, Swans, Isis and Fields Of The Nephilim. Yet managing to sound unique and sublime, a delicatessen craft of their own."

Profetus (FI)  "Coronation Of The Black Sun ~ Saturnine" -DLP 20.00EUR NEW
(***-2017-Throne Records)
"Funeral doom. Both their debut album / demo tape for the first time on vinyl."

Sunwølf (UK)  "Beholden To Nothing And No One" -DLP 20.00EUR NEW
(***-2015-Throne Records)
"Combining elements of ambient, stoner/doom, and drone, their latest double album, Beholden To Nothing And No One, is the kind of record that is perfect for taking you away from wherever you happen to be, transporting your mind to somewhere secluded and alone."

W.A.I.L. (FI)  "Vol. II" -DLP 28.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Triumphant Transgressions)
Eclectic Doom/Black Metal. Special presentation with bulletproof thick jacket, 28-page booklet, peculiar cardboard insert pertaining to the album theme etc.


Arcturus (NO)  "Constellation" -cd 14.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-2012-Kyrck Prod.)
"The legendary mini cd released by Nocturnal Art in 1994 with the original sound and artwork plus the 1991 "My Angel" EP, 2 trax from 1996 (Morax 1996 Ev. + Radiant Star Befallen), 4 pre-constellation rehearsal trax from 94 and a rare preproduction version of Chaos Path."

Limbonic Art (NO)  "1995-1996" -cd 14.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2009-Kyrck Productions-KCD012)
"Gathering their 2 rare promo tapes from 95-96 that were circulated in very low amounts and brought them the contract for “Moon in the scorpio” , Limbonic Art in their more raw and primitive unique material with exclusive unreleased photos from that era, 80 minutes of pure feelling. 1000 copies press."

Thorns (NO)  "Stigma Diabolicum" -cd 14.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2007-Kyrck Productions-KCD005)
"Features Trondertun tape, Grymyrk Demo, Stigma Diabolicum, Lacus De Luna and rehearsal with additional from the LP material."

Ulver (NO)  "Vargnatt" -cd 14.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2009-Kyrck Productions-KCD009)
"The legendary Ulver demo from 1993 for the first time officially on cd with remastered superb sound.. 1000 copies print."

Ved Buens Ende (NO)  "Those Who Caress the Pale" -cd 14.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Kyrck Productions-KCD007)
"Including the pioneer 1994 demo remastered and 5 bonus trax from Manes from Askim (not to be confused with the other more well known Manes from Trondheim) which were the first musical attempts of Vicotnik back in 1993 under the name Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis."

Corrupted (JP)  "Nadie" -mLP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2014-Throne Records-CHAPTER33)
"One of Corrupted´s first recordings, being one of the world´s seminal sludge bands / recordings."


Suojamuoveja 12":lle  "" 4.00EUR RESTOCK