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Altar of Obvilion (DK)  "Sinews Of Anguish" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(2009-Shadow Kingdom Records-SKR021)
"ALTAR OF OBLIVION are keeping the Epic Doom torch a flame that was started by the great and well respected bands like CANDLEMASS, SOLSTICE, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, REVELATION, TROUBLE..."

Angry Aryans (US)  "Too White for You" -cd 10.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Lonewolf Extremis)
"Violent Classic American Hatecore."

Anguish (SE)  "Through the Archdemon´s Head" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(2012-Dark Descent Records)
""Through the Archdemon´s Head" is a 56-minute monolithic masterpiece that may leave some questioning the fact that this is their first full-length recording. Riff after crushing riff combine with tortured vocals to bring you what surely will be one of doom metal´s finest releases of 2012."

Antediluvian (CA)  "Watcher´s Reign" -mcd 8.00EUR RESTOCK
"Dark, suffocating death metal from Canada with an atavistic and expressly primitive, practically Neanderthal atmosphere is prevalent throughout. The sound of hell at the bottom of the most cavernous abyss! Includes all material prior to the "Under Wing of Asael" demo."

Atomizer (AU)  "Caustic Music for the Spiritually Bankrupt" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(2008-Hell´s Headbangers Records)
"The bleakest, most powerful ATOMIZER offering, completely evolved and removed from the conjurations of any other thrash or black metal outputs of today."

Beneath The Frozen Soil/Negative Reaction  "Split" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(2007-Total Rust Records-TRUST007)
"This split presents a bitter and unforgiving struggle between the raw blackened Doom Metal of Swedish Doomsters Beneath The Frozen Soil, and the well-known hateful Sludge of New York´s gods, Negative Reaction."

Blood Revolt (CA)  "Indoctrine" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(2010-Invictus Productions)
"Comprised of Primordial vocalist extraordinaire A.A. Nemtheanga, Revenge / Conqueror mastermind J. Read, and C. Ross from the now-defunct and legendary Canadian extreme metal band Axis of Advance, Blood Revolt was formed with the intent to provoke both musically and thematically."

Blut (PT)  "Grief & Incurable Pain" -mcd 6.00EUR NEW
(2011-Bubonic Doom)
"Dense drone/doom in the vein of Profan. Mixing long noisy drone with powerful drum guided heavy doom, Blut presents a strong, crushing full lenght worth to be checked for those into disturbing doom."

Bone Gnawer/Bonesaw  "Split" -mcd 8.00EUR RESTOCK
"Three new studio tracks of old school Death Metal from each band."

Coffins/Anatomia/Grudge  "Doomed to Death, Damned in Hell" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(2007-Grind Mind Records-GRM004)
"13 tracks/60 minutes of pure old school doomed death metal from three of the most killer bands of the underground scene."

Extinction (UK)  "Down Below the Fog" -cd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
"Re-release of the cult demo recorded in the diabolical Summer of 2001. Eight tracks of unrestrained, discordant, obscure, sometimes improvised Black Metal."


Tenebrae in Perpetuum (IT)  "Antico Misticismo" -LP 15.00EUR RESTOCK
(2006-Debemur Morti Productions-DMP013)
"7 hymns of pure cold & hateful Black Metal with an atmosphere few bands managed to put into their anthems. Taking the mysterious and gloomy atmosphere from "Onori Funebri Rituali" into a deeper dimension, "Antico Misticismo" present a higher level of composition and structure of the hymns, in which one can touch the revulsive feelings ingeniously orchestrated by their creator."


Peste Noire (FR)  "La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénerescence" -cd 12.50EUR RESTOCK
(***-Transcendental Creations)

Peste Noire (FR)  "L´Ordure Á L´état Pur" -cd 13.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2011-Transcendental Creations)
"New Peste Noire album, L’Ordure à l’état Pur, just in time to break your balls and to make you dream of the North. Wormy, Muddy Black Metal for scoundrels, that is, in the usual Peste Noire fashion. A mixed bag of Filth and Tradition brought to you by the one and only, DJ Famine. Jewel Case CD featuring a 24 page colour booklet."

Sort Vokter (NO)  "Folkloric Necro Metal" -digicd 12.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2008-Transcendental Creations-TC004)
"Reissue of this classic 1996 album created by four insane norwegians amongst which Ildjarn and acolyte Nidhogg participated. ´Folkloric Necro Metal´ explores the deepest depths of madness, hatred and rage in a strange brew of majestic soundscapes and buzzing, raw black metal in the typical Ildjarn-Nidhogg style."

Bone Awl (US)  "Almost Dead Man" -LP 16.00EUR NEW
"Black metal. Originally released in an unlimited cassette edition in 2007 as the first recording following the full length album "Meaningless Leaning Mess", these nine songs show a sharper attack and a stern focus when compared to the earlier Bone Awl tapes. "Almost Dead Man" is now available on vinyl for the first time."


Dark Fury (PO)  "W.A.R." -cd 8.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-2012-Lower Silesian Stronghold)
Radical Polish BM. Minor scratches, thus the reduced price.

Dark Fury/Poprava  "Furor Slavica" -cd 11.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-Lower Silesian Stronghold)
Black metal.

Honor (PL)  "20 Lat Pod Sztandarem Orła 1989-2009" -DCD 18.00EUR NEW
(***-Homo Superior)

Honor (PO)  "Biały front - White Deluxe" -DCD 18.00EUR RESTOCK
(***-Homo Superior)

Honor (PL)  "Impuls ´89" -cd 10.00EUR NEW

Sunwheel (PL)  "I Am The One" -cd 11.00EUR NEW
(***-2018-H8 Crimes)
Black metal.